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12 December 2019
Bulletin 38

Students are at the Heart of everything we do!

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Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart Community

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Congratulations and Goodbye

The end of each school year is tinged with mixed emotions, excitement about the holidays and a new school year with all its promises, is intertwined with farewelling students, families and staff, who are embarking on the next stage of their life journey. To our Year Six students, thank you for the way you have embraced life at Sacred Heart School. Thank you for your contributions to our school during your time here. Thank you for the leadership you have displayed this year, and the great role models you have been to our younger students. I would like to wish you every happiness, well being and success, as you enter the next very exciting stage of your life journey.


I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge some staff members who will not be returning to Sacred Heart in 2020. Firstly to Tanya who is commencing a very exciting role at Parade College next year, congratulations on your new position and thank you for your passion, diligence and care for the students over your nine years at Sacred Heart. You are a natural educator and have been the epitome of a teacher who has adhered to our school mantra, "Students are at the heart of everything we do". We will miss you Tanya but are excited for you, as you move to Parade College.


To Jia thank you for all your hard work this year and care for your students. As a graduate teacher, you have displayed a real desire to be the best teacher you can be. Your thirst for knowledge and an improved teacher skill set, has been inspiring for we more experienced educators. On behalf of our community, I would like to wish you every success and happiness at St Pius Primary School for next year and beyond.


To Pauline who has been one of our hard working Learning Support Officers the past three years, thank you for the extra care you have given the students you work with, and the support to the teachers whose classes you have worked in. Your patience, calmness and ability to build rapport with your students has been a model for us all. Remember us when your business is featured in the Fortune magazine and you as entrepreneur of the year.


To Angela (Library) and Lory (Year 5/6 one day per fortnight), you have only been at Sacred Heart for one year, but you have both made such an impact in your small time with us. Having worked with you both at Holy Name, I was very keen to have you come across to Sacred Heart,  so our school could experience you enthusiasm and passion for your job. You are leaving  our school with a new cohort of teachers who respect you immensely.


Our students will meet their 2020 classroom teacher/s on Wednesday morning during a transition session. All parents and guardians will receive a letter on Wednesday notifying them of their child's teacher and the class structure for the 2020 school year.

School Leadership

On Tuesday, our Year Six students for 2020, listened to the ten candidates who are running for the school captaincy positions for next year. I would like to congratulate each of the candidates for putting themselves through the challenging process to be elected. Each candidate presented an excellent speech outlining their strengths, love of their school and aspirations to make Sacred Heart an even better school. When I checked the voting yesterday, not surprisingly,  it was very close between all candidates. The four students elected to our school leadership positions will be announced at 9.10 am Mass, on the last day of school.


Choir visits Preston Market

On Wednesday, our school choir was invited to sing at the Preston Market and entertain the shoppers with some Christmas carols. They did a great job as evidenced by the smiles on many elderly peoples faces as they stopped for a listen and the inquisitive faces of toddlers who wanted to listen to more of the choir's music. Well done to our beautiful choir, and Kate on another great performance.

Last Day of School

A reminder that the school year finishes for all our students from Year Prep to Year Five, on Wednesday 18th December at 3.15 pm. We have a whole school Mass in the morning at 9.10 am, and all parents and guardians are warmly welcomed to attend, as we celebrate the 2019 school year. The 2020 school year for all our students begins on Wednesday 29th January.

This newsletter will be our last official newsletter for 2019, however, a shortened version will be sent home next Wednesday, along with some other information regarding the 2020 school year, as mentioned above.

School Fees

After meeting with Father Jan last week and outlining the school's financial situation, he has agreed to a small increase in our school fees for 2020. The fee increase is 3% which allows us to meet the increasing costs of running our school. The 3% increase equates to:

One child: $1,800 (2019) - $1850 (2020)

Two children: $2,780 (2019) - $2,860 (2020)

Three children: $3,130 (2019) - $3,220 (2020)

The fees we charge (although less than nearly all of our neighboring Catholic Schools), play an part in meeting the costs of educating the students in our school. Thank you to all the families for your support with paying our school fees. I would ask that any outstanding fees be paid at the office by Wednesday please.

Yours sincerely

Mark Tierney


Deputy Principal / Religious Education News 

End of School Year Mass.

Wednesday 18th December at 9:10am we will celebrate the end of the school year with a special mass. Everybody is welcome and we will be announcing school captains for 2020 at this mass.

RSL Scholarships 2019.

Congratulations to Jasmine Pham and Aleisha Federico on being awarded the 2019 RSL Scholarships. Both students have shown exemplary leadership this year and we are extremely proud of their commitment and dedication to Sacred Heart School.


Graduation Mass

Year Six Graduation Mass will be held at Sacred Heart Church on Monday 16th December at 7:00pm. Students are to wear neat casual clothes. Year Five students are also attending and are wearing full school uniform. Thank You Jenny Del Prete.

Christmas Carols

A reminder that our Sacred Heart Community Christmas Carols are on Thursday 12th December at 7:00pm. All grades have been given costume instructions from their classroom teachers. We look forward to seeing everyone there to celebrate Christmas.

Classroom News 

P-2 Village News

What a busy term it has been in the Prep-Two Village with so much fantastic learning going on. A visit from Healthy Harold and the Life Education Van, yoga and meditation classes and a session at the Preston Market that focused on Random Acts of Kindness have all been part of our Inquiry Unit 'Healthy Mind, Healthy Body'. All that, together with our successful CD Launch night a month ago, and you can see why it's been quite hectic! 

The students are in the midst of Advent and are preparing for our Carols night, which is this week. Oh yeah, and of course there's swimming. What's the saying "No rest for the wicked!"

Life Education Van

A visit from the Life Education Van shed some light on what sorts of foods we should be eating to live a happy and healthy life. Harold also told us about 'Sometimes' food, which are not good for us and do not help us to grow. Overall, it was a very educational experience and one that all the students enjoyed!

Random Acts of Kindness 

Last Friday the  P-2 village went on an excursion to the Preston Market, where they were given some money to buy something and then choose a random person and give what they had bought to that person. 

The Giving Tree

A big thanks to the Justice Ministry (Leon, Lilly, Jasmine and Alana) for helping the younger students with the Giving Tree over at the Church. Christmas can be a lonely time for some people in our community and the Giving Tree is a gentle reminder for us to do unto others.

Santa Visit

Students in Prep had a special visitor today. It was the man in the big red suit, and the students were so excited to see him. They all received a lovely present and can't wait for holidays and Christmas to come. 


Year 5/6 Orienteering 

Last week, the Year 5/6 students went to the Ray Bramham Gardens. We didn’t go there to go look around, we went there to do Orienteering. It is when you have teams and you have to find controls or in our case ribbons in the area. First we had to use a map to place the ribbons around the park and then we used the map to find another teams ribbons. 


We had a map, a control chart and a pen, we had to sprint to the location where the ribbon was and then you had to run back to your team and tick off the ribbon number or just draw the symbol from the ribbon on your control chart. Then you showed a teacher to check it was the right symbol. Then after that you and your team had to go back out to find the next ribbon, until your team found all the ribbon and you were then finished, with the winning team getting a prize.


It was so much fun, I really want to do it again.   Ilan (Year 6)

Dates to Remember  

Term 4 - 7th October - 18th December



16th December - Monday 

Y6 Graduation 

17th December - Tuesday 

Year 6 Fun day, Last Day. 

18th December - Wednesday 3:15pm 

P- 5 Last Day Term 4.

2020 Dates 


28th January 2020 - Tuesday 

Term 1 starts - teachers only

29th January - Wednesday 

Term 1 starts - All students



9th August - Sunday 10.30 



OHSC by Extend


Next week's activities!….




Art and cooking- Christmas fruit art

Art- DIY Christmas tree bauble 

Art- Christmas card making 


The Extend Superstar is…

Bernice and Ria, for being positive and helpful participants.


 What’s Been Happening?

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Extend...our Christmas cookies as requested by our students were delicious and we decorated them with festive icing. In before school care we painted beautiful butterfly magnets, designed our own mugs, made slime, sun catchers and played lots of games together.


During the soap and milk experiment the students realised when they put their finger in the mixture the colours dispersed and made a rainbow.


We were fascinated and curious by the candy cane experiment we predicted that the vinegar solution would dissolve the candy canes first but it was actually the warm water! 


Wishing all families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year we look forward to seeing you next year. Kartia will be returning as our coordinator for 2020.


Extend Reminder 

We are running our Extend Before and After School service up until and including the last day of term on Wednesday 18th of December.

Sacred Heart Primary School 1 Clifton Grove Preston Newsletter