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19 February 2020
Issue Two



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Principal's News

New Website

After a long wait the new website has been launched today.  The address is the same:, but you will notice a change to the layout.  There are a couple of pages still under construction, which will be completed in the near future. 

Staffing for 2020

Principal: Robyn James

Assistant Principal: Dean Napier

Learning Specialists: Andrea Quinn, Ben Parker, Jill Potter

Prep: Teresa Ashton, Caroline Bowler, Jenny Cracknell (Level Leader), Sonia Schinck (Level Leader) and Andie Youren

Year 1: Jana Bennett / Jill Moss, Sarah Duell (Level Leader), Cheryl Saaksjarvi, Brooke Stirling and Tahlia Holsinger

Year 2: Chris De Lange, Deb Hall / Celia Umow, Will Postill (Level Leader) and Andrea Quinn / Lyndal Heywood

Year 3: Sam Amos, Jacki Anderson, Mary Liolios and James Prantzos (Level Leader)

Year 4: Chelsea Bower /  Emma Donaldson, Nick Bugeja (Level Leader), Veronica Moloney and Jill Potter / Lyndal Heywood

Year 5: Barry Gallagher, Joel Nestor (Level Leader), and Helen Recht / Jill Moss

Year 6: Cadell Duke, Sarah Lee (Level Leader) and Ben Parker / Lyndal Heywood

PE: Adam Kelly and Barb Byrt

Art: Kate Jenkinson (Specialists Leader) and Simin Jin

Performing Arts: Barb Byrt and Jo Campbell

Mandarin: Shasha Guo and Simin Jin

Support: Giuliana Bertucci

Nurse:  Aasta Dressel-Debruyn

Office: Jeanette Davies and Craig Kendall

Integration Aides: Clare Blake, Heidi Clark, Fiona Clarke, Kerry Hayley, Noah Sims and Rachael van der Geer

Child Safety

The beginning of the school year is a good time to remind parents of the need to educate their child on keeping safe, particularly when they are in public without an adult supervising or online.

Some of our students walk themselves to school and home again and many of our students have or use devices connected to the online environment and it is important for them to have strategies in place for when they feel unsure, uncomfortable or unsafe.

Teachers cover these conversations several times throughout the year, as part of our cybersafety curriculum, during social skills curriculum (including anti bullying) and other child safety curriculums (including stranger danger), also when we are alerted to potential or possible situations in the local area.

Some of the strategies we will talk to the students about include:

  • Being alert and aware of the environment around you
  • Nothing is ever so awful that you can’t tell someone
  • Recognising the signs your body has to alert you to possible dangers
  • Who are the people you can trust and tell things to
  • The safety of moving in groups
  • Not talking to strangers
  • Not accepting gifts from strangers
  • Not accepting friend requests online from people you don’t know
  • Avoiding online chat rooms
  • Don’t give personal details to anyone over the internet
  • Being assertive
  • Being resilient
  • Being a good friend
  • Inappropriate touching

Parents can also support their child by having regular discussions around personal safety, including online.  There are several websites that provide support material for teachers and parents, please find some of them listed below.

If parents have any questions, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher.

Robyn James

School Council News

School Council Meetings

The first meeting of the new School Council is Monday 16th March. The next sub-committee meetings are as follows:

Education & Policy: Wednesday 4th March – 6.30pm

Traffic: Wednesday 4th March – 6.30pm

Buildings, Grounds & Sustainability: Thursday 5th March – 6.30pm

Finance: Tuesday 10th March – 5.45pm

Parent Association: Wednesday 11th March – 7.30pm (Essie Wine Bar)

Spring Fair – Sunday 15th November 2020

The Malvern Primary School 2020 Spring Fair is in November this year!

You are invited to join us for the first planning meeting on Monday 2nd March at 7.00pm, in the Staff Room.

We are looking forward to another successful community event.

Working Bee – Save the Date

The Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability Committee are holding the first working bee for 2020 on Sunday 26th April – from 12pm to 3pm.  More details to follow.


At the meeting on Monday night the updated Volunteers and Visitors policies were ratified by School Council.  Please visit the school’s website for a copy of our policies.

Traffic Safety

As parents are aware, we have a Traffic Working Party investigating ways of making it safer for our students to arrive at and leave School.  We are fortunate to have Stonnington Council supporting us in our work and one of the first actions for 2020 is to trial a ‘Kiss and Go’ drop off area on Tooronga Road (the exact commencement date is still to be set).

The new drop off arrangements are designed to enable a larger quantity of vehicles to move through the front of the school in order to deliver their children safely.  This zone will only operate in this way in the morning.  The success of this trial is completely dependent upon parents following the directions and using this zone as it is designed.

We encourage parents to make themselves aware of the parking restrictions around the school, and to obey them at all times.

We continue to encourage parents to walk their children to school whenever possible.

Thank You

Monday night was the last meeting for the current School Council.  I would like to thank the School Council and committee members for their work and support over the last 12 months.

The first meeting of the new School Council is Monday 16th March.

Jim Giannopoulos

School News

Excursion Levy and School Fees

The due date for all fees was the 31st  January, we would appreciate parents paying these as soon as possible.

Excursions and Incursions are being charged each term in 2020.  The Term 1 Fees have been sent home  and cover only the activities that students are attending in Term 1.

Curriculum Day

The next Curriculum Day is Tuesday 10th March. On this day staff will be continuing their work on Literacy.  Students do not attend school on the 10th March.

Bringing Valuable Items to School

Parents, students and staff are reminded that personal property brought to school (including mobile phones, iPods, calculators, toys, sporting goods, stationary) are not insured for loss or damage. Students are discouraged from bringing anything to school that is particularly valuable or special. All student electronic devices, including mobile phones, are to be turned off and secured in school bags during school hours.

Student Accident Insurance

Parents are reminded that the school does not hold ambulance or accident insurance for injuries to students. Parents are generally responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injury to students, including any transport costs. There are a number of companies who provide accident insurance policies, please contact the office for their details if interested.

Later Arrivals and Early Leavers

There are times when students arrive at school late or need to leave school before 3.30pm. In these situations we ask that parents come to the office to either sign the child in to school or sign them out through the electronic system. There are two important reasons for this:

1. The late arrival will be entered automatically on COMPASS and

2. If we have an emergency on site we know who to account for.


An important note to this is that children cannot sign themselves in late or out early, they must be accompanied by an authorised adult.


Parents are asked to avoid late arrivals or early dismissal where possible as the students can often miss out on important instruction, which may impact on their ability to complete or fully engage in learning tasks.

Reporting Absences

Parents are asked to go to the COMPASS Portal to enter the reason for their child’s absence before 9.30 am the day of their absence. If parents have not recorded the reason by 9.30am you will receive an automated text, requesting that you go to the COMPASS Portal to record your child’s absence. If parents know in advance that their child will be absent or that the absence will be over several days, it can be entered in advance.

We ask that parents do not email their child’s teacher as sometimes the emails are not read before school.

Harmony Day

As part of Malvern Primary’s Harmony Week celebrations, we are very lucky to have celebrated children’s author Amal Abou-Eid visit our classrooms to read from her books, My Muslim Mate and Why does Mum wear a Hijab? Visits by authors such as Amal offers our students the opportunity to examine the complex processes that have shaped the modern world while recognising that everyone plays a role in our community. This visit during Harmony Week is a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain an insight into different societies and cultures within our community.

Amal Abou-Eid

Passionate educator Amal Abou-Eid is an Australian mother of three boys with a strong connection to her Lebanese heritage. Inspired by her faith, and her wish for people to live harmoniously and without fear, Amal has turned her hand to writing. Supported by her family, and with these values firmly at its core, Amal’s writing is honest and kind, and she hopes to spread acceptance and tolerance through her work. When she’s not busy with her young family or her career, Amal has been known to thoroughly enjoy that Aussie staple, BBQ Shapes, and she has an adventurous streak too – she bungee jumped in New Zealand!   



PE & Sports News

2020 MPS swimming carnival took place on Monday the 10th of February, all students who attended the carnival showed great sportsmanship, team work and enthusiasm to try their best and to never give up. Special thanks to all the parent helpers, supporters and everyone who helped the carnival run so smoothly. Great fun had by all.


- Adam Kelly 


TEM Hockey Club is running hockey clinics with our Grade 3 and 4 students over the next few weeks.

TEM hockey has a hookin2hockey program which starts next Thursday 27th February. It’s an opportunity for any student who is interested to come along for an 8 week program to try  out hockey as a sport.


Merit Certificates

This fortnight’s Merit Certificates were presented to:

Poppy W 1CS

Leo G 1CS

Evan S 1CS

Hugo B 2CU

Gigi H 2CU

Rosie C 2CU

Alexis H 2CU

George W 2CU

Parents' Association News & Events

Family Fiesta

Save the Date 22nd March  Details to come.

Malvern Primary School PA Calendar of Events:

Friday 21st February: Prep Icebreaker 

Sunday 22nd March: Family Fiesta 

Friday 20th March:  MPS Tennis Day 

Saturday 18th April : Day at the Races

Friday 8th May:  Mother’s Day Lunch 

Friday 22nd May/Saturday 23rd May: Art Fair 

Thursday 14th May:  Higgins Bakery and MPS Pie Drive 

Friday 28th August: Father's day Dinner

Wednesday 2nd September:  Footy Day 

Friday 4th September: Father’s Day Breakfast 

Thursday 10th December: Kids Disco

December: Rotary Xmas Trees, Gingerbread Houses 



Camp Australia

Camp Australia @ Malvern Primary School

OSHC Service Phone:   0413 840 965         Camp Australia Head Office:    1300 105 343             

Website:     Coordinator:  Jade    Hours:  BSC 7:15-9:00am   ASC 3:30-6:00pm

Bookings are now open for Autumn Holiday Club.

This Autumn, Holiday Club brings to you a program bursting with flavour, fun, energy and opportunities to grow. Carefully crafted through family feedback, our experiences and adventures will excite your children, engage them and leave them wanting more.

It’s packed with Mexican cooking days, science experiments, sporting events, adventurous excursions and heaps more.


Book now. To find out when these activities are on during the school holidays and to find your nearest service, visit:

We look forward to seeing you at Holiday Club.

The Camp Australia Team                                                                    



Jade on leave

Dear families, 

I will be taking leave from Tuesday 3rd to Friday 13th March.

Divya Nagarajan, who has been an assistant at Malvern Primary OSHC and a Holiday Club, will be coordinating.  Martina will also be working with Divya over this time.

Thank You

Important Dates:

Mon 9th March:  Public Holiday          Tue 10th March:  Curriculum Day (No Program)

Fri 27th March:  Last Day of Term (early finish, ASC will start at 2:30pm)


Important Diary Dates

2020 Term dates

 Term 1:         Wednesday 30th January – Friday 27th March

Term 2:          Tuesday 14th April – Friday 26th June

 Term 3:         Monday 13th July – Friday 18th September

  Term 4:        Monday 5th October – Friday 18th December


21st       Prep Parents Icebreaker 7:30pm Junior Hall



2nd    District Swim Carnival

            Spring Fair Meeting 7pm

3rd     Grade 6 Camp departs 8:15am

4th     Traffic Working Party 6:30pm

            Education and Policy Committee 6:30pm

5th     Building, Grounds and Sustainability 6:30pm

9th     Public Holiday (No School)

10th   Curriculum Day (Students do not attend)

16th    Grade 5 Camp departs (Portsea)

              School Council 7:30pm

20th     MPS Colour Run 

              MPS Parents Tennis Day

22nd    Family Fiesta

23rd     Grade 4 Camp departs (Coonawarra)

26th     Harmony Day

              Parent Teacher Interviews Time TBC

27th     Last Day of Term student dismissed at 2:30pm


14th    First Day Term 2

18th    MPS Parents Race Day 

26th    Working Bee 12 - 3pm


6th     Traffic Working Party 6:30pm

             Education and Policy Committee 6:30pm

7th      Building, Grounds and Sustinability 6:30pm

8th      Mother's Day Lunch

12th    NAPLAN Grade 3 and 5

22nd   Art Fair



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