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20 December 2016
December Review
Dates to Remember 
Principal's Report
Striving for Excellence: Presentation Night
Year 9 Camp: Roses Gap
Year 8 Electives
End of Year Activities
Community Announcements & Advertisements
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Dates to Remember 


Monday 30th

Staff Return

General Office Re-opens 10am

















Wednesday 1st

Students Commence


Tuesday 14th 

College Swimming Carnival


Tuesday 21st

Year 7 Family BBQ















Wednesday 1st - Friday 3rd

Year 7 Camp

Senior Forum


Thursday 9th 

School Photos


Thursday 23rd

Open Night


Tuesday 28th 

Parent Teacher Interviews


Wednesday 29th

Year 7 Immunisations


Thursday 30th 

Cyber Safety  Susan McLean -

Parent Information Night 


Friday 31st

Bully Busters - Year 7

Last Day Term 1 - 2pm Finish

Principal's Report

VCE Results

Once again, PRSC's VCE students have achieved excellent results

  • A total of 16 students achieved study scores above 40 (top 5% in the state). 
  • College Dux was Chris McWilliam who achived an ATAR of 95.15.
  • Year 11 student Tom Lucas achieved a study score of 49 for his Year 12 Further Mathematics class, placing him in the top 1% in the state for that subject.

A special mention also goes to English students and teachers who were able to achieve our highest ever mean study score for English, (exceeding 30 for the first time). A mean study score over 30 for a subject is seen as a sign of excellence by Victorian schools.  

Over the last five years, PRSC has embedded a practice of excellence, in which students are obtaining excellent senior results across a broad range of subject areas in a manner that exceeds statistical predictions.  Great pride is taken in the fact that these results are obtained in a school that offers a broad range of programs and activities and values much more than just academic performance at VCE.

Our recent review suggested a number of initiatives that seem to have contributed to our improved VCE results in recent years:

- Ability for Y10's to access a large range of VCE classes

- A large focus on pathways in Y9 L4L including visits to career expos and Monash University

- Ongoing Professional Development for teachers focusing on a range of areas including assessment & feedback. 

- Excellent course counselling processes

- Celebration of student success and involvement of past students at the College.


Congratulations to all of our VCAL & VCE students who have successfully graduated from PRSC. We wish you well for your future endeavors. 


New Staff in 2017

We are excited to welcome a number of new staff to PRSC for 2017. 


Mr Rick Price

Mr Price returns to PRSC in 2017 as a Design & Technology teacher. He was last at PRSC in 2009 teaching in the art department. Mr Price brings a wealth of experience to PRSC, including a background as a lecturer at Monash University and Head of Art at Geelong Grammar. 


Mr Rubel Khan

Mr Khan will be replacing Mr Brown in Design & Technology. He arrives with experience as a Design & Technology, Robotics & Maths teacher. Mr Khan also has experience working with for the Ministry of Education in Singapore. 


I am pleased to announce that a number of staff members have been appointed as 'on-going' employees or had their contracts extended. These include:

Mr Simon Andriessen

Ms Holly Cooper 

Mr Jay Cashmore

Ms Kate Daly

Ms Emma Holden

Ms Molly Lean

B Rooms get a refurbishment

The College Council has assigned funds from the Building Trust to refurbish classrooms in the 'B' Block (B2 B4 B5 B7) so that they can be used as Year 8 home rooms. Year 8 students have spent some of their time in step up helping to consult on colour schemes and furniture choices. In addition, the toilets at the end of the B Block will also be renovated using other funding. Works are planned to be completed for the beginning of the 2017 school year. 



The end of each sees the retirement and departure of a number of staff members and this year is no different. 


Mrs Maree Vinocuroff

Mrs Vinocuroff decided to retire at the conclusion of term 2 this year, following almost 40 years at PRSC/Seaford-Carrum High (15 years as principal). During this time Maree witnessed and was responsible for PRSC positioning itself as a highly successful secondary school. Maree has already taken on roles with Chelsea Rotary and the Down's Estate which will see her continue to have close links with our school community. We thank Maree for invaluable contributions to PRSC and wish her well for retirement. 






Mr Rob Weeks  

Mr Weeks also retired earlier in the year after 20 years of service at PRSC. During his time at the College, Mr Weeks' taught in the maths department along with other roles such as coordination. In addition, he was also one of the founding teachers in the Year 9 Learning 4 Life Program. Prior to teaching at PRSC, Mr Weeks' was involved in the innovative Teaching Unit on the site of the old Bonbeach High. We wish Mr Weeks all the best for his well earned retirement. 


A number of other teachers have taken the opportunity of the end of 2016 to move to schools closer to home:

Mr Rohan Bevan

Mr Rashad Seedeen

Mrs Sam Boyington

Ms Sally Wade

Mr Trevor Brown


Whilst each of the teachers will be missed from the PRSC community, we wish them well for their future endeavors and thank them for their contributions during their time here at PRSC. 



I hope that everybody in our school community has a safe and enjoyable Christmas break with family and friends. I look forward to working with our school community on a range of exciting projects and initiatives in 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 











Mr Daniel Dew 

College Principal


Striving for Excellence: Presentation Night

Congratulations to all our 2016 Award Recipients


Year 7 Dux                                   Pranit Parashar

Year 8 Dux                                   Jenna Howe

Year 9 Dux                                   Aaryan Kulkarni

Year 10 Dux                                Megan Teml

Year 11 Dux                                Jasmine Du and Tom Lucas

Year 11 VCAL Dux                     Jai McGuinness

Year 12 VCAL Dux                     Montana Lloyd


Year 12 Excellence Awards presented to:

                                                      Chris McWilliam

                                                      Ashleigh Foster

                                                      Rani Stubblety

                                                      Saduf Azemi

VCAL Excellence Award:     Kealey O'Dempsey


Year 8 Striving for Excellence Award:      

                                                       Tamika Atwell and Gold Jegede

Tom Henderson  Scholarship                     Kaylah Wainwright

Sue Morris Achievment Award                   Luke O'Dempsey

Sportsman Award                                           Cody Smith

Sportswoman Award                                     Samantha Baillie

Ian Cranage Award                                          Emily Rickards

Dunkley Shield Award                                    Tom Lucas

Seaford/Carrum Downs Rotary Award    Chelsea Ford











Patterson River Fire Brigade Award           Bradley Dwyer

Caltex Best All Rounder Award                    Saduf Azemi

Seaford RSL Citizens Award                          Jaimik Chauhan

Chelsea Rotary Award                                     Amy Hibberd


Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program:          

                                                                                  Victoria Symons

Carrum Electorate Community Leadership Award:        

                                                                                   Amber Curtis

Australian Defence Force "Long Tan" Leadership Award:                                                            Emelia Goray and Brent Chalmers


Knowledge Time Encouragement Awards:

                                                                                   James Bujdoss

                                                                                   Jacinta Buckley

                                                                                   Caitlin Connor

                                                                                   Brittany Manton


Performing Arts Award                                    Tegan Miller


Music Scholarships:

                                                                   Brass - David Lawrie

                                                        Woodwind - Harrison Wain

                                                                Strings - Brittany Manton

                                                       Percussion - Seth McLaughlan



Year 9 Camp: Roses Gap


For our Year 9 Step Up camp, we headed off to Roses Gap Recreational Centre in the Grampians. It was a four hour drive there which included a lunch break before we got there, but let me tell you it was worth the drive! As we unloaded our luggage and all bunched up, we were introduced to the manager of the camp, Drew and all his staff. They told us all the basic rules, tips and guidelines then we were sent off to our cabins to get settled in.

From then on, it was an adventure full of activities such as the giant swing, the pamper pole, raft building, abseiling, canoeing, and the walk up to Beehive Falls. For activities after dinner, we had the night walk, Crowdyaz Trivia and initiative games. We also had a disco on Thursday night which involved options of dancing, playing board games, watching a photo slideshow or chilling on the sidelines having a friendly chat.



The meals we had were very nice and filled the spot left from all the energy we were using during the day. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed their stay at the camp.


Many students tested themselves, stepped out of their comfort zone and overcame fears to try something new. It great to be challenged and see what we really were capable of. Thanks to the year 10 helpers and PRSC staff who came along with us!


Kiara Vann 9C


Year 8 Electives

Year 8 Electives start in Step Up.

Step-up 2017 has been an exciting time for our new year 8 students with the commencement of our new elective program. This has afforded our students the opportunity to select a subject where they can pursue their personal interests. Whilst visiting many classrooms last Wednesday, Mr Robinson and myself were very pleased to see so many of our students engaged in dynamic new subjects. For instance, the public speaking class was hotly debating an important topic, ‘Which pet do you prefer, dogs or cats?’, whilst over in food technology, the edible gifts students were creating a hedgehog slice. In rising stars we enjoyed watching a small snippet of a dance performance by one group of students and a drama performance by another group.  In robotics with Mr Dew, a competitiveness prevailed with a hotly contested soccer match between a number of lego robots. Environmental art students were showing creative flair with their colourful pavement, chalk drawings and the sport excel class was getting ready for a gruelling fitness activity. We look forward to seeing the great work of our students continuing in 2017. From the Year 8 office, we wish all of our current and past year 8 students a very happy holiday period and we hope to see them return ready for a successful year in 2017.


Christine Kloas

Year 8 Coordinator


End of Year Activities

3 days of Fun Activities

Great fun was had by all as students and teachers; shed a tear watching Red Dog Prequel Movie, Kayaked Kananook creek, created gorgeous gingerbread houses, shopped at Vic Market, danced to new choregraphy, made bath bombs, Lasercut Xmas decorations, stitched beautiful Xmas adornments, walked the 1000 steps and Carrum Beach, and played Laser Tag, bowling, and sport games. A wonderful way to finish the year.



Community Announcements & Advertisements

                                     Ready 2 Go Driving School

                                         PAID ADVERTISEMENT












6 & 12km Fun Run or Walk around Patterson River

Come and join the PRSC team. We were the winners of the team event this year and had a number of students on the podium for medals.


Train over the holidays and then register with Mrs Foster and pay to the general office in 2017.


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