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18 April 2017
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Principal's Report

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing it is stupid. (Albert Einstein)


Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope you all got to spend some quality time together as a family during the school holidays. Term 2 is always a very busy and exciting time at school. By this stage of the year, students have well and truly settled into class routines, built relationships with peers and teachers and are ready to make great academic progress.


Term 2 is also a time when we  focus on formal assessment and feedback (NAPLAN, Semester Reports). Continuous assessment and feedback throughout every week of the year is crucial to ensuring student progress and providing differentiated teaching and learning. Then the formal assessment tasks such as NAPLAN and larger tests done before report writing give us a snapshot of student progress over time and how we are going as a school.


With formal assessment and feedback we always want to be mindful of the fact that your child's performance in a test or an assessment task does not define who they are and what they are capable of. Whilst developing highly literate and numerate students is at the core of what we do at Marlborough, we realise that working with parents and carers to build reslience, independence, criticial thinking skills, creativity and empathy are also crucial to giving all of our students the opportunity to succeed in life.


We look forward to a successful term ahead and working together with all the families within our community to provide challenging learning experiences across the full breadth of our curriculum and giving all our students the opportunity to succeed.

Pupils of the Week

These students will be awarded their certificates at the following assemblies:

Monday 24th April

Thomas S (PA) - For always trying his Personal Best. He is a hard worker and always engages in his learning.  Thomas is a wonderful role model to others. Keep it up!

Lenny H (PB) - For his fantastic start to Term 2!  Lenny has been showing Mutual Respect to all his peers and developing his Attentive Listening skills. Well done, Lenny!

Lachlan B (12A) - For doing his Personal Best to follow all of the TRIBES.  Keep it up, Lachlan!

Benji B (12B) - For making an excellent start to Term 2. You are a great role model in our classroom because you show Attentive Listening and Mutual Respect at all times.

Jonathen D (12C) - For showing Attentive Listening and really thinking about what you should be doing in lessons. What a fantastic start to Term 2!!

Austin D (34A) - For preparing and presenting an equivalent fraction class quiz. Austin used his initaitve when he completed his work and challenged the class with his quiz.  Well done, Austin!

Nathan C (34B) - For settling into Term 2 well and completing some great work on his holiday reflection planner.

Kaela V (56A) - For her fantastic Code Red inquiry project about Storms.  Kaela spoke so confidently during her class presentation and it was very engaging.

Ella B (56B) - For her amazing writing piece about some of the stories we saw on BTN.  Great use of words!!

Monday 1st May

Amelia C (PA) - For being a kind and caring friend.  She is always looking out for others and we are very lucky to have her in our class.

Remy S (PB) - For her positive attitude to learning!  Remy always does her Personal Best and perseveres with all tasks that challenge her!  You're a star, Remy!

Isabelle N (12A) - For always doing her Personal Best when reading.  I am so impressed that you use different CAFE strategies to help with your accuracy and comprehension.  Well done!

Jake M (12B) - For all the hard work you put into being a classroom monitor.  12B can always rely on you to do your Personal Best when completing your monitor jobs.

Oscar B (12C) -  For working so hard on your spelling over the school holidays.  Your persistence and hard work are paying off.  We are very proud of you!

Stephanie C (34A) - For using her creative writing style to present her ideas in her 'Zones of Regulation' inquiry project.  Stephanie had the audience fully engaged during her persentation, answering questions and responding to her humor.  Well done!

Rubee P (34B) - For always being a kind, caring and friendly class member! You always have such lovely things to say to make others smile!

Evie T (56A) - For her brilliant Code Red inquiry project presentation.  Evie bravely reported to us about Ash Wednesday despite losing her great grandfather during these fires.  It was very well researched and presented.

Liana D (56B) - For trying her Personal Best and getting all her work finished!  Keep up the hard work, Liana!




Dates to remember

Friday 21st

  • Whole School Cross Country

Tuesday 25th

  • ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Thursday 27th

  • Prep/1/2 Auskick

Monday 8th

  • Mother's Day Stall

Wednesday 10th

  • PA Meeting - 7.30pm

Tuesday 16th

  • Whole School Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 24th

  • District Cross Country

Wednesday 31st

  • Gr 3/4/5/6 EFL Football Clinic

School News

Crochet Night

Alison will be running another Crochet Night on Wednesday 17th May (7 to 9pm) in order to raise money for the new chess/games area in the school playground.  Cost will be $10 per person. Supper provided. Come and learn a new skill and have some fun with the school community.  This night will be for adults only - please let Alison know if you would like to attend.  

Bring your own crochet hook and scissors if you have them already.


2017 Australian Maths Competition

The AMC is a mathematics competition run by the Australian Mathematics Trust for students from year 3 up to year 12. We are inviting all students in years 3 to 6 to participate in the competition that will be held on Thursday 27th July. If you are interested in your child participating, you will need to complete a permission notice that each class teacher has copies of. There is also a cost of $6.00 per student.  


Entry forms and payment need to be returned by Monday 1st May.


The competition is for students of all standards. Students are asked to solve thirty problems in 60 minutes. This year we are going to use the online format with students using laptops to complete the test. The test is designed so that the first problems are easier and all students would be able to attempt them with success. The problems are designed to test mathematical thinking rather than focus on calculations themselves, thus such questions are designed so that they can be answered just as quickly without a calculator as with one.  The problems get progressively more difficult until the end, when they are challenging to the most gifted students. Students of all standards will make progress and find a point of challenge.


Many of the questions are based on problem solving and real life scenarios that the students can relate to. The first 20 questions are intended to be directly familiar to students from their classroom experience and then become more difficult.


 All students will receive a detailed report showing how they went on each problem and receive a certificate indicating their performance later in the year. Last year we had 34 students participate in the competition with pleasing results.


Anna Bondini


Bendigo Bank School Banking

Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.


Parent's Association



Trivia Night
17th June 2017

Thank you to all the families that have made donations of gifts to go towards the hampers we will be creating for the Trivia fundraiser.  Everyone has been very generous and thoughtful.


As well as these items it would also be great if your business or the business of friend or family member could donate an item for the auction.  Please contact me or simply drop it off at the office if you are able to contribute in this way.


 It all adds up to more fun on the night and greater opportunities for our kids!


Thanks once again,


Sarah Riedel  

[email protected]

 0432 241 382

Movie Tickets

Discount Movie tickets are now available online!!  No need to fill out forms or wait for your tickets to be printed  - you can go straight the website and get your tickets instantly (and our school still receives the commission!).



Login: MarlboroughPS

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