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24 March 2017
Issue Four
North Geelong Secondary College
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North Geelong, Victoria, 3215


Key Dates

MAR 31      Last Day of Term 1 (1:30pm Finish                                   Time) 

APRIL 17   Easter Monday (public holiday)

APRIL 18   Term 2 Starts

APRIL 24   Whole School Assembly

APRIL 25   Anzac Day(Student Free)

APRIL 26  SEAL Info Night

MAY 24     Curriculum Day (Student Free)

Mr Nicholas Adamou


2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report has been endorsed by School Council and is now available for our community to review. The report consists of data related to student learning, attendance, retention, summary of surveys and much more. We are again, very proud of the results that have been achieved in 2016 across the board. You can access the report via our website

School Council Elections

At the close of the call for nominations in the Parent Category for School Council there were 5 nominees for 5 vacancies. The following parents were therefore, elected for a two year term.

  • Mr Matthew Sheehan
  • Ms Judith Densley
  • Ms Donna Woods
  • Ms Shelley Kitchen
  • Ms Catherine McKenzie

At the close of the call for nominations in the Department of Education & Training (DE&T) Category of School Council there were 3 nominees for 3 vacancies. The following DE&T staff members were, therefore, elected for a two year term.

  • Ms June Bashiruddin
  • Ms Tonia Tigani
  • Ms Connie Romano


Congratulations to the parents and DE&T staff members who have joined our School Council and thank you to all parents/guardians and DE&T staff for showing interest in school governance. Working together makes a huge difference in improved student outcomes and in students’ lives.


I take this opportunity, on behalf of the school community, to thank the outgoing council members (parents: Ms Jan Faulkner and Ms Polly Musgrove & staff: Mr Tobias Bockholt and Ms Katherine Roberts, Co-opted Member; Ms Mary Salazar). Their contribution has been paramount to the life of our College Community.  Thank you very much.



  • Kate Frith – School Leader/Captain

Following the election of office bearers I congratulate and thank the following members:


PRESIDENT:                         Ms Diane Lang

VICE PRESIDENT:   Mr Matthew Sheehan

TREASURER:           Ms Tonia Tigani

Harmony Day Celebration

Harmony Day has been celebrated on 21 March every year since 1999, in Australia.


It is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world.

North Geelong Secondary College community celebrates Harmony Day in many ways – through sport, dance, art, film, music, storytelling, painting, cooking and sharing cultural meals.


One of our school values is DIVERSITY, our student population is very diverse and we do promote all Harmony community activities. We learn from each other and we understand how all Australians from diverse backgrounds equally belong to this nation and make it a better place.


Harmony Day Celebration coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.    


This year, North Geelong SC celebrated Harmony Day with a whole school assembly, where school council members and members of our community were invited to attend. Our student Leaders with the support of Mr Dawson – Assistant Principal and Ms Emily Dowling – Events Coordinator organized and ran the whole school assembly.

Moshtagh Heidari NGSC ex-student was our guest speaker for the day. He shared with us his journey coming to Australia as a refugee and the wonderful opportunities provided to him since he made Australia home. Currently Moshtagh is studying a double degree in Law and Commerce at Latrobe University. 

Grade 6 Information Evening, and School Tours for the 2017 Year 7 intake

The Parent/Guardian/Student information session and school tours for the 2018 Year 7 intake were held on Wednesday 23 March.

Opportunities such as this one ensure that prospective families are aware of what North Geelong SC has to offer to their children in relation to curriculum programs, extra-curricular programs, whole school approach and expectations from student parent and staff. During the evening the following programs were highlighted

  • Select Entry Academic Achievers Program
  • Significant Teacher Program
  • Scholarship Program
  • STAR Literacy and Numeracy intervention Program
  • ACE Literacy and Numeracy intervention Program  
  • iPad and BYOD Programs
  • Sports Program
  • Performing Arts Program
  • Broad VCE Program
  • VCE Tutorial Program
  • EAL and mainstream VCAL Programs
  • VET Program

Since the beginning of last Term, Ms Katina Astles and Mr Allister Hill - Transition Leaders have conducted many personalised tours and information sessions for prospective students and their families. There is much interest in these visits and if parents of current students with a sibling attending next year are interested, or if you know of others potentially new to North Geelong SC who missed out on the information evening, however would like to take a school tour, I encourage you and others to contact the school and book a visit with the Transition leaders or one of the Assistant Principals.


Thank you to all the parents/families who took the time to visit and meet with us to find out what North Geelong has to offer to their children.

A big thank you to Ms Astles, Mr Hill and all staff members who attended the evening and in particular thank you to the students who represented our College to a very high standard.

Geelong Community Foundation FRRR Back to School Program

Executive Officer of Geelong Community Foundation  met with me last week for the FRRR/Sidney Myer Back to School Program for 2017. This year our school received $5500.00 worth of $50.00 vouchers.


North Geelong Secondary College is extremely grateful for the support received over the years from the Geelong Community Foundation through the FRRR/Sidney Myer Back to School Program. This support for students in need, enables them to start the year on the right foot for a successful year.

The $50 Target vouchers make a huge difference to our school community especially as we have a large number of disadvantaged and refugee students. Thank you very much to Andrew Lawson and the Geelong Community Foundation.

NGSC School Captains/Student Leaders work towards the improvement of the school community, contributing to the life of the College:

Kate Frith – School Captain

Oliver Massey – School Captain

Komon Sochali – Sports Captain

Tamara Tabb - Cultural Captain

Weijian Deng – Academic Captain

Courtney Sheppard - Arts Captain

  • improve the school life for all students model appropriate qualities to peers and the school community on a daily basis.
  • support and mentor other students in their team, year level and across the college
  • raise any student concerns and work with the college administration to provide some practical strategies and solutions
  • assist in the running of fund-raising events, whole school assemblies, extracurricular activities, information evenings
  • being involved in school committees such as; school council and council subcommittees and decision making processes
  • assist with the planning of student functions
  • organize team days and assemblies
  • work on events and projects involving other schools and the outside community
  • encourage the leadership of senior students and junior students


Our school captains meet on a regular basis to discuss, plan and evaluate different student or school projects. Their feedback to the Principal team is paramount to the smooth operation of our school community and we really appreciate it.

Student Accident Insurance

Parents and Guardians are reminded that the Department (DE&T) does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and Guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs.


Schools generally do not have whole-of-school accident insurance; however, reasonably low cost accident insurance policies are available from commercial insurers. 

Student Appearance

All students at North Geelong SC are expected to take pride in their personal appearance. Jewellery, make-up, hair colour and style must be discreet as per the school expectations and policies. Earrings must consist only of sleepers or studs in the ears.


It is the school’s preferred position that students do not have facial piercing ie. any facial piercing other than the ears. However, for students who already have facial piercing they have the following options: (i) the facial piercings are removed during the school day, to and from school. (ii) the facial piercing is discreet and clear plastic and (iii) a band aid is applied on the piercing during the school day, including to and from school .


Under no circumstances will metal facial piercings be accepted


Therefore, new facial piercings cannot be obtained during the year due to the healing time which requires the piercing to be metal.

Last Day of the Term 1, Thursday 31 March

The last day of Term 1, is on Friday 31 March. Just a reminder to  parents/guardians that students will finish school at 1.24pm as per End of Term arrangements previously published.


I wish to remind parents that students must attend school on the last day of the term and, if for some legitimate reason they are going to be away, parents/guardians are required to notify the school as per our school attendance policy.


Wishing everyone Happy Easter and a very relaxing break.


Term 2 begins on Tuesday 18 April 2017.


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson and

Mr Brad Headlam

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences, Thursday 23 March

With the launch of the parent portal on Compass, we saw a steady flow of bookings for the conferences. The General Office offered support to parents requiring clarification or assistance with the access to the portal. Once in the portal it seemed that the booking process could be managed without too many problems. On the day, many parents and families took the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers for feedback about academic progress. We trust it was a valuable experience for all.


A team of interpreters was provided, most of whom were available all day.

Year 12 VCE classes continued on the day. Thank you to the Year 12 teachers on Thursday who took their VCE class and participated in the conferences later in the day.


Soon to be available on the Compass parent portal will be the task assessments which are in the ‘Learning Tasks’ area. These will be provided as percentage scores initially with achievement standards according to the Victorian Curriculum provided at the end of each semester. More specific feedback is provided to students in class with a focus on improvements that can be made on future tasks. Learning outcome achievements (S or N) will be provided for VCE and VCAL students on the portal but feedback per task will be offered in class. 


The aim for 2017 is that we replicate the frequent and online reporting from XUNO last year. As we become more aware of the functions of the reporting feature on Compass we may be able to include more detail. The feedback to students on their achievements has not changed.

International Students Update

Recently there were two welcoming celebrations for International Students at  NGSC.  They are a mixed group and have acclimatised to the school and feedback from the student is that they are extremely happy and enjoying their experience at NGSC.


Last week Melbonica, Elizabeth and Yuhao attended Government House in Melbourne to be officially welcomed with a number of other International Students from across Melbourne. The Governor General of Victoria The Honourable Linda Dessau. They then had a tour of Government House as well as a morning tea.

The following day they were coincidently welcomed by the City of Greater Geelong at an event which Wen Wen Xiao also attended.  This was held at Eastern Beach and involved a traditional welcome, a barbecue and a number of sporting activities.


Year Level Captains

Below are the 2017 Year Level Captains who are to be congratulated on this honour and the responsibility that comes with this position.  They have already hit the ground running and chaired a Year Level meeting with all of the other elected home group captains and participated in an Area Meeting with the Year 12 Area captains.  There has been a number of new initiatives that will be reported upon in future meetings.


Caleb Spain 7

Mia Pilling 7

Ryley Lumley 8

Georgia Kitchen 8

Brianna Sheehan 9

Mitch Fraser 9

Angus Reynolds 10

Sarah Diprose 10

Abigail Gardner 11

Tyler George 11

Harmony Day

On March 20th we celebrated Harmony Day with a whole school assembly and lunchtime activities. We had the pleasure of having Moshtagh Heidari as well as a Bollywood


dance performance. Moshtagh is a past student of North Geelong and it was lovely having him back to share his experience. It was fantastic to see students get up and join in the Bollywood performance; it was a highlight of the assembly. The captains, Kate and Tamara sung the national anthem beautifully and the band graced us with the Beatles – All You Need Is Love. The arts department displayed some art works during lunchtime, along with music playing and a canvas was available for students to write messages about harmony. The students enjoyed the photo booth set up as well. The day was a great success and we look forward to the next college event.

Year 7, 2018 Information Night and Tours

On Wednesday 22 March, NGSC welcomed approximately 400 children and parents to the school to gather information about the transition process and the programs and facilities that are offered at NGSC. Thank you to Katina Astles and Allister Hill for organizing the event and to all the many staff members and student leaders who also attended and contributed to the sense of community and pride we have at NGSC.


Over the past few weeks many of the local and Golden Plains Primary Schools have visited NGSC for a taste of secondary school life. Grade 5 and 6 students participated in a range of classes - PE, Science, Food Tech, Woodwork and Art - with students being able to take home mementos of their visit. Thank you to Katina, Allister and especially the students of 9G who supported the primary students with organization duties, and the student leaders who worked closely with each group.


Junior Sub School

Mr Adam Bond

Junior Sub School Manager


Year 8 Home Group Challenge

The year 8 weekly Home Group Challenge is continuing to be a huge success. Since the last newsletter we have had the soccer competition and Tetris challenge. 8F narrowly took out the soccer while Josh Busch from 8A grabbed the honours for the Tetris challenge. The current scores with one week left of challenges are as follows:

8C – 240

8A – 200

8F – 150

8E – 120

8B – 60

8D – 60

The term 1 competition is drawing to an end and a champion will be announced but scores will also be accumulating to an overall 2017 champion.


Year 8 Camp

Whilst discussing Year 8s, the Year 8 camp is approaching. The dates are 15th-18th May and 29th May – 1st June so expect camp letters to be sent home soon.



Just a reminder that students are expected to be in full College uniform unless they have PE. The days when the Year 8 home groups have PE and must wear sports uniform can be found on each students timetable on Compass.


Rippleside Park Excursion

Next Thursday the 30th  we are heading to Rippleside Park to celebrate a successful Term One. Permission forms have been distributed to students and we would like these to be returned on Monday. There is no cost associated with the excursion for students, so if you have not seen a permission form can you please question your child about this and encourage them to collect a form from the Junior Sub School Office.


Rewards Based Incursion

Each term we like to acknowledge different students for their effort and or improvement within the classroom. We have identified two students from each Year 7 and Year 8 class that we will be offering a relaxing afternoon with pizza and a movie on the last day of term. Selected students have also been given permission forms to participate in this incursion. Each term we would like to ensure that we have a variety of different students acknowledged. Well done to those students selected for our first incursion for 2017!


Horrible Histories Excursion

This week we were able to take a small group of students to the Horrible Histories Exhibition at the Wool Museum. All students that attended thoroughly enjoyed this experience. After the exhibition we were able to also view the Wildlife of Gondwana which captured the interest of some students. To have examples of different dinosaurs where artifacts have been found locally is amazing!


Best wishes to all families of the Easter period and stay safe


Senior Sub School News

Ms Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Mananger


VCAL: Students are participating in a variety of activities and programs. It is pleasing to note that some students are starting to go out on work placements and learn about the world of work. VET subjects are progressing well and our students are attending courses with students from a range of secondary schools to learn key skills and knowledge.


VCE: Students are completing SACs across all subject areas and will be getting feedback from teachers about areas to improve upon. The school has recently provided students with access to ‘Edrolo’ an educational platform to enhance student learning.


Thanks to those families who attended the VCE parent forum last week. It is important we are all familiar with the requirements of VCE. This information is available in our Senior Student Handbook provided to students and available on google classroom.


Victorian School of Languages: Some of our students are studying a language on Saturday mornings. VSL offers a variety of languages and these make be undertaken as part of a senior year’s program.  Students are reminded that attendance requirements are the same as NGSC.


Attendance Policy: Students and parents are reminded that NGSC has a 90% attendance policy. This is 90% per subject. Attendance can be monitored via Compass.


Parent Teacher Interviews: This is a great opportunity to seek feedback about how students are progressing and areas for improvement. We hope to see as many students and parents/carers as possible.


Senior Girls Volleyball

Miss Nicole King

On Friday the 10th of March the Senior Girls Volleyball team competed at the Geelong Inter school Sports Competition. The team consisted of Moo K’Phru Say, Nay Kler Paw Htoo, Tha Dah Say, Say K’Pru Gay Dreamer, Shania Allen, Chloe Clissold, Ileen Yodsan, Soraya Dunangjai, Daisy Sheehy and Martine Byose. In the round robin they competed against Matthew Flinders College and Western Heights Secondary College and beat both of these teams in straight sets. They then advanced to the semi final where they beat Lara Secondary College in 3 sets. In the Final of the day, they competed against Northern Bay Secondary College and again beat them in 3 sets. Congratulations to all of the girls who were involved in the day and good luck at the Western Metropolitan Finals on the 8th of May.


Athletics Sports Posponed

Ms Fran Forsyth

Sports Manager

Due to the severe weather warnings for the Geelong region on Tuesday 21st March we made the sensible decision to postpone the event. The safety and comfort of the school community is far more important than sticking to schedule. The new date is Tuesday 2nd May, third week into Term 2.


Reading Initiative

Mr Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Coordinator

North Geelong Secondary College constantly strives to achieve better results, and just as we do with our students we expect progression.


Beginning next term The College is increasing its expectations of reading at home. Students in Years 7-10 are required to read a book or novel each term. English teachers will record each appropriate book/novel at the beginning of each term, with the last week of each term devoted to comprehension tasks, which will further imbed literary understanding.


Every student in years 7-10 should be reading a different book each term. Research suggests consistent broad reading strengthens spelling, the ability to articulate points, express ideas, word recognition and reading comprehension. Nightly reading not only forms good study habits, but it minimises screen time, relaxes the mind and helps promote good sleeping patterns. Please contact Mr Simon Scoullar or the relevant English Teacher for more information.

Parents and Friends

We would like to extend an invitation to the

Parents & Friends

Meet & Greet Evening

Where: Great Western Hotel, 177 Aberdeen St, Newtown
When: Monday March 27th at 6pm
RSVP: Friday March 24th to

We will be having dinner with a chance to discuss ideas for future activities of the group.

All are welcome.


Harmony Day

On March 20th we celebrated Harmony day with a whole school assembly and lunchtime activities. The day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster sense of belonging for everyone. We had the pleasure in having Moshtagh Heidari as well as a Bollywood performance. Moshtagh is a past student of North Geelong and was lovely having him back to share his experience. The next assembly will be held on Monday 24th April.  Hope everyone has a happy and safe holidays.



Bullying is a word that is used with a lot of meaning

  • Keeping someone out of a group (online or offline).
  • Acting in an unpleasant way near or towards someone.
  • Giving nasty looks, making rude gestures, calling names, being rude and impolite, and constantly negative teasing.
  • Spreading rumours or lies, or misrepresenting someone (i.e. using their Facebook account to post messages as if it were them).
  • Mucking about that goes too far.
  • Harassing someone based on their race, sexual orientation, religion, gender or a disability.
  • Intentionally and repeatedly hurting someone physically.
  • Intentionally stalking someone.
  • Taking advantage of any power over someone else like School Captain or a Student Representative.

Parents and carers have a key role to play.

Parents should talk with their child about what bullying is before it happens so children can recognise it and know what to do.

Point out that bullying is not just when someone is mean to you once, but it happens over and over and makes you feel like you can't stop it. Most importantly, let children know how to get help if bullying happens. Parents can help their children identify who they can turn to for assistance at school and in the community such as a Parent, Carer, a Teacher, Year Level Coordinator, Student Wellbeing, Sport Coach or other trusted adult.

You can read more by clicking on the following link:

Bijou Art Workshop

Jewellery making Bijou art workshops are a great way to relax, unwind and learn some new skills to enable students to express their creativity. On Mondays and Thursdays lunch time at the Library. We provide a relaxed environment with lots of support to help students learn and practice their new skills. Sefideh, from Wellbeing office is our instructor. She has a lot of experience with a keen eye for detail and design.


Student wellbeing is happy to run these workshops with all equipment and provide students with material to suit individual skill levels, learning styles and availability. All students are welcome without any booking.



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