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14 August 2019
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Principal's Page

WHSC Production, 'Singing in the Rain'

What a show!  Better than Broadway!  The 2019 WHSC Production of 'Singing in the Rain' was outstanding! 


The quality of the performance was second to none.  Our students were simply amazing given the high quality dancing, acting and singing on display.  We also recognise those students who formed the wider crew, together with those who were involved in the design team - all of our students are to be celebrated for their outstanding achievements.


It must be acknowledged that the opportunity for students to participate in such a high quality production only occurs through the incredible dedication of the staff involved.  The commitment shown by our staff over an extended period of time was phenomenal and we applaud our staff for their efforts.


Whilst it was a team effort amongst students, staff and indeed our families, we must recognise the superb leadership of our Performing Arts Leading Teacher in Genelle Lentini.  It is through Genelle's inspiring and effective leadership that our College Community were once again privileged to see such an outstanding Production; thank you Genelle and well done.


We also thank our Primary School partners in Wheelers Hill Primary School and Waverley Meadows Primary School.  To include students from both primary schools really added that something special to the Production and our College Community enjoyed having them involved.


Like last year, the feedback again from staff, students and families on this year's Production was just so positive and we are pleased that so many people enjoyed our performance of Singing in the Rain.  Again, we congratulate all those involved in what was a truly wonderful event for our College Community.

Principal Awards, 2019

We have developed a new system of awards called the Principal Awards this year.  These awards seek to recognise student achievement from Semester One, 2019, and the Awards align with our key College Values of Excellence, Creativity and Respect.


Our Principal Awards will be presented to students from across all year levels at a special Whole School Assembly on Monday 19th  August.

DET Student Attitudes to School Survey Data, 2019

The Department of Education (or DET) Student Attitudes to School Survey Data for this year has been made available to schools.  We received some great results from the Data with Differentiated Learning Challenges, Stimulating Learning and School Stage Transitions all further improving from 2018.


Leadership, Staff and our Student Voice Committee will carefully analyse the Data over the coming weeks and suggest strategies to make further improvements in key areas.

DET Pilot Program - Connecting with the Indian Community

DET have allowed interested schools to join with them in a Pilot Program to connect more strongly with the Local Indian Community:


"Victoria is proudly home to Australia's largest Indian population, which contributes significantly to the success of the State.  We benefit greatly from the contributions of our Indian communities as they have established solid bridges between Victoria and India in business, academia, health and science."


"The Department of Education and Training aims, through the Connecting Schools with Indian Communities (CSIC) Pilot Program, to provide schools with funding to facilitate activities which harness the knowledge, experience and culture of their local Indian community."  (DET, April, 2019)


The theme of our work in the Pilot is to connect our school and students in the areas of Business Management and the Performing Arts.  Our Year 11 Business Management Classes for example will be working with a successful local business to further their studies, while some of junior students will be engaged with a local performing arts group.  Both the business and performing arts group are lead by prominent members of the local Indian community.


We are looking forward to our further involvement in the Pilot Program and we will keep our College Community informed of developments as they come to hand.

Planning for 2020

Planning for next year has begun in earnest.  The Course Selection Process will tell us more about what our subject requirements may be for the year ahead, and this will assist us with our plans for staffing our curriculum program in 2020.  We are also expecting a similar Year 7 enrolment for 2020 as what we have had in 2019, and this is a pleasing outcome for the College.

DET and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

PLCs set out to improve student learning.  PLCs identify student needs, and then teachers within these teams develop actions to further the learning growth of students.


We are involved in PLC training with DET this semester.  Many schools have already completed this PLC Training and as a result have implemented PLC Programs within their schools.  PLCs can be used within our school context in the future.


A shared sense of purpose and trust, a strong collaborative approach, the use of data and formative assessments, together with the ability to strongly reflect and review, are some of the characteristics of effective PLCs.


For example, a Y8 Science PLC (a group of say 3 – 5 Year 8 Science Teachers) work together to identify and grow student learning needs.   The PLC has identified that Year 8 students find it difficult to form accurate conclusions as part of experimental reports.  Their consideration of Data has shown that this is an identified area for improvement.


The Y8 PLC would use the DET  Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) Improvement Cycle in their work to meet student learning needs.  The FISO Cycle seeks to:


Evaluate and Diagnose

Prioritise and Set Goals

Develop and Plan

Implement and Monitor


The FISO Improvement Cycle would be used over an extended period of time to monitor and assess improvements (eg over a term or even over a Semester).  The Year 8 Science PLC Group in our example would use moderation, formative assessments, data, observations and other strategies to monitor and measure growth in their identified area for improvement (eg forming accurate conclusions as part of experimental reports).  Pre and post assessments, together with proficiency matrices could also be used to gauge improvement.


The Year 8 Science PLC Group would then meet on a regular basis to monitor the success of their work, and identify areas of their practice and approach to further the growth of student learning.


Above is all but a very brief snapshot of how PLCs can operate.  We will continue with our training in the coming weeks and months.  Our PLC Training Team has been asked to identify an area for improvement for our College using an Inquiry Based Approach whereby the FISO Improvement Cycle (see above) together with other tools and resources will be used.


Our PLC Training Team will keep our College Community informed of our work as part of our involvement in the DET Program.  As part of our training, we need to have completed our work by the 2nd of December this year.  More information will be shared with our College Community throughout the Semester.


Sport - Division Athletics, 27th August

We have a huge contingent of students representing the College at the Division Athletics later this month (27/8).  As a College, we achieve very good results when competing against other schools in a range of sporting activities, not to mention Athletics.


The  Division Athletics Competition is an excellent standard of competition and to have so many students qualify at this level is outstanding for our College.


Sport continues to be a very important part of the College and we are pleased to have such a large team representing us at the Division Athletics - we wish all of our students all the very best with their participation.

Value of the Week - Creativity

All of our students in this year's production of 'Singing in the Rain' have demonstrated one of the College's key values in Creativity.  Whether they were performing, assisting as part of the Crew, or indeed a part of the Design Team, all of our students were incredibly Creative in their approach.  Well done to all of the students involved in this year's Production.

And Finally.........

The Course Selection Information Night for our current Year 8 students will be held on the 15th of August, whilst the WHSC Parents and Friends Committee are keen to promote its Trivia Night on Friday 13th September commencing at 7:00pm at the College (more details of the Trivia Night will be shared with our College Community closer to the time).


Thank you everyone and be sure to have a great weekend










Aaron Smith


Assistant Principal's Page

‘About You’ Survey!

We are very privileged at WHSC to have various programs offered to our students. The programs  are targeted to their specific needs so they can grow and essentially Be The Best That They Can Be. In a couple of weeks our Year 7, 8, 10 and 11 students will take part in the 'About You' Survey. We are looking forward to this survey as we will have the opportunity to understand what we can do to support our students and ensure we have the right programs that suits their needs.


What is ‘About You’?

‘About You’ is a survey of Victoria’s young people, conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of the Department of Education and Training. The About You survey takes place in Victorian schools and collects essential information on the health, wellbeing, learning and safety of young people aged 12 to 17.

Government schools with students in year 7, 8, 10 and 11 are being invited to participate in the survey in 2019. The information collected will assist in the development of programs, resources and services aimed at meeting the needs of young Victorians.





Who will participate?

All students in year 7, 8, 10 and 11 will be invited to participate in the survey from our school.

It is up to you and your child as to whether they take part. The school will send an information letter explaining the background and content of the survey, along with a refusal-of-consent form home with your child, and to your email address. If you do not want your child to be included in the study, you should return the refusal-of-consent form to the school, or opt out via the email address that will be supplied. All responses are voluntary and students can opt out at any time.


For further information, please contact Gillian Davenport at the Department of Education and Training via email AboutYou.Survey@edumail.vic.gov.au

Talking about programs . . 

While we look forward to the results of the 'About You’ Survey, we know that our students have just completed a program that will always be meaningful to them. One area of the Performing Arts program has again taken our students on an unforgettable journey. Our production was phenomenal and it was an absolute pleasure to see our students shine either onstage, backstage, designing, filming, taking photos or building props and sets.


What happened on stage last week reminded us of a recent article about the entertainment duo Penn and Teller: 'Teaching: Just Like Performing Magic.' Teller was a teacher before he became an entertainer and he stated:


‘The teacher has a duty to engage, to create romance that can transform apathy into interest, and, if a teacher does their job well, a transference of enthusiasm from teacher to student takes place.’ 


I think we can all agree that our students enthusiastically stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced new opportunities. The dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm of our team has ensured our production was another success for Wheelers Hill. Congratulations to everyone involved. 

VCE Information Evening

Thank you to all parents and students who attended the VCE Information Evening on Thursday 8 August.

Should you have any questions regarding VCE or subject selection, please don't hesitate to contact Ms. Judith Riddoch.

Parents and students currently in Year 10 please remember that Friday 16th August is VCE 2020 Selections Day. All students have received individual appointment times and there will be no Year 10 classes on this date. 

Casual Dress and Bake Sale

On Wednesday 14th August the College will be holding a casual dress day to raise funds for charity. Students are required to make a gold coin donation. We will also be running a bake sale. Students are encouraged to contribute. Prizes will be awarded for the best bakes!


Claire Hanley and Andrew Dixon

Assistant Principals

Mark Your Calendar


  • Year 11 Legal Studies - Magistrates Court 
  • Yr 10 selections due
  • Ski Trip - Year 8


  • Wheelers Hill Primary School Athletics Day
  • Launch to the Future! - Year 7


  • RYDA -Yr 11
  • Physical Education Training Session


  • Physical Education Training Session 
  • Ancient Greece History Incursion - Yr 7
  • Mental Health First Aid - Yr 10
  • World Challenge Launch Meeting
  • Drama Theatre Excursion - Come From Away - 10, 11 & 12 Performing Arts


  • Intermediate Inter-school Sport
  • Yr 12 Parliament Excursion
  • Elephant Education workshop 
  • Physical Education Training Session
  • Year 9 Info Evening (8 into 9)


  • Yr 12 Selections Due
  • Physical Education Training Session
  • Yr 10 into 11 Course Selection Interviews


  • Whole School Assembly
  • Year 10 Immunisation


  • Year 12 Dress Up Day - "Flashback"
  • About You Survey  Yr7 & Yr8


  • Year 8C & 8E Monash Tech School


  • Year 8C & 8E Monash Tech School
  • Primary School Family Morning Tea


  • Year 8C & 8E Monash Tech School
  • Year 9 Selections Due

Performing Arts

What a glorious feelin'...

Productions are a unique experience at high school... it's the one event where students from all year levels, work tirelessly for months on end, on one big creative endeavour. They have a common goal - to put on a show. But the experiences the students gain are so much broader than that. The Production program is so much more than the common perception of a week off of classes. Our students know this, our community know this, and this is what makes the Performing Arts at our College, strong.


The Production provides students the opportunity to work on their creative endeavours - be it acting, singing, dancing, design. It encourages organisational and interpersonal skills. It connects us to the community. It helps our college bond over a common goal - to share a story to a live audience. We learn to work hard and we learn from our mistakes. We learn to be accountable to each other and most importantly, we learn about ourselves. 


Our program is only growing bigger each year. This is why we kept our production at Burrinja Cultural Centre. With incredible ticket sales, and record student involvement, our intimate college theatre space can no longer contain the beast that is "The Production". This year we shared the Burrinja stage with Waverley Meadows and Wheelers Hill Primary - what a privilege to work with the next generation of young performers and artists. 


This is what a Production is. It's not just another event in the calendar. It's an educational phenomenon that is absolutely embraced by our students. And it has been a privilege to work alongside such passionate, unified, Super, students. Congratulations to you all. 


Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader


Numeracy in Robotics and Coding

In this newsletter article, we venture into a Year 9 Robotics and Coding class to explore the use of numeracy in using robots. Students are given a project that requires them to work collaboratively in a small group to create a test robot for NASA that is capable of following a set of commands to explore the planet’s surface. Numeracy is used in many experiments that the test robot needs to undertake before the robot can be proven and given to NASA.

Aarav Purandare and Sean O'Callaghan are working collaboratively to achieve the outcomes of the task.


Some of the tests performed are:

  • Move forward for 2 seconds and record how far the robot traveled
  • Record the circumference of the robot wheel
  • Drive forward 5 rotations slowly and then 1800 degrees backwards as fast as possible
  • Record how far your robot traveled when rotating 360 degrees

Students used Numeracy through angles, measuring distances with a ruler, using a timer, calculating circumference and more. 

Students enjoy the Robotics and Coding unit offered as an elective at Year 9 level at Wheelers Hill Secondary College. Kim Hewlett is a teacher of the STEM program and loves sharing her passion of robotics with the students. I thank Kim for letting us in her class to view Numeracy across the curriculum.


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist


Beyond Year 12

From Term 1 this year and up to this term, all year 12s have had a one to one career appointment where they got a chance to discuss their goals and obtain assistance on their Career Action Plans. It has been a pleasure offering this assistance and guiding them through the career research process.

The time has come where year 12s are starting to apply for courses, apprenticeships or employment. The culmination of 13 years of study has come down to these last decisions that they need to make whilst at secondary school. These decisions can be an exciting time for many and a nervous time for others. Whilst making these final ‘selection’ decisions, it’s important to remember that no career decision is fatal! Year 12s have been encouraged to pursue what they are interested in and advised that if they should change career direction due to life experiences or passions then this is possible. My moto is don’t be afraid to take the first leap of faith because life experiences provides invaluable lessons and a deeper understanding of what we actually want to do.

On Wednesday 31st July, Mrs Riddoch and I attended the 2019 VTAC Briefings in the CBD. The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre is the central point for applications to Victorian universities, TAFES and independent Tertiary Colleges. They are also responsible for calculating the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) The VTAC application process opened on Monday 5th August 2019.

On Wednesday 7th August Mrs Riddoch and I ran a VTAC information session for year 12s which showcased how they can apply for courses, what special considerations they can apply for (known as SEAS), how the offer process works and how the ATAR is calculated. It was pleasing to see so many students engaged in what was being presented and taking responsibility for their own future. Some VTAC application process/key dates are –


VTAC Applications Open                                                        Monday 5th August 2019

Timely Applications Close                                                    Monday 30th September 2019

SEAS & Scholarship Applications Close                          Friday 11th October 2019

Victorian ATAR Released                                                        Thursday 12th December 2019

December Offers Released (New 1st Round)                 Wednesday 18th December 2019

January Offers Released                                                        Wednesday 15th January 2020

Further Offer Rounds                                                               3rd-24th February 2020

Late February 2020                                                                   Most courses commence classes

An extensive list of all dates can be found via the VTAC website (www.vtac.edu.au)


If students and parents would like to learn more on how to apply through VTAC there will be a FREE VTAC Webinar on Wednesday 14th August, 7pm-8pm. The webinar will cover the complete VTAC process, including using CourseSearch, preference system, SEAS, Scholarships, the ATAR and scaling. To register, copy and paste the following link below- https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/applying-for-tertiary-study-in-victoria-free-vtac-webinar-registration-64644620801

I wish all the year 12s the best with their future endeavours and application process and encourage them to see me or Mrs Riddoch if further assistance is required.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator

Middle School Report

Middle School Leaders

The Middle School Leaders have been running a Kahoot competition for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 at lunchtime. The Leaders researched questions and created the Kahoot. We look forward to having the Grand Final next week.


Year 7

The students of 7B and 7D went to Monash Tech School this week. 

Year 7's were in involved in the Superhumans program which involved materials science and advanced manufacturing. 

Superhumans provide Year 7 students with a solid grounding in key concepts relating to materials science and engineering. The program tasks students with designing implants, wearables, smart clothing, and bionic devices as solutions for medical scenarios.

Students were given a disease linked to a certain body party and had to design a cure using laser cutters, 3D printers, and electronics. 

Students were also able to experience diseases such as arthritis and eye problems using different activities.


Year 8

The Year 8 students started this week attending two Expo's that inform the students about the Elective subjects that are on offer for 2020. The students took it very seriously and hopefully will have a discussion with their parents about the choices that they would like to make.

Please save the date 15th August at 6.30pm to inform everyone on how to get on to the program and put in choices.


Year 9

The Year 9 students have had a busy two weeks. Some students were involved in The Production, some students were able to watch a Brainstorm Production called 'Cheap Thrills' and some students stepped up and were presenters at the Expo for the Year 8 students on topics that they had done.

The Year 9's are showing that they are preparing themselves to step up to Senior School and it is very pleasing to see how many students are wanting to be part of our community and offering their time to 'Be the best that they can be'!

Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader


Monash Youth Services 


Thank you, thank you so much for the support from your school in our recent consultations. First estimates have approximately 2,500 surveys completed by young people in the Monash area and we know your help in having us out to your school was a big help with this. As I’m sure you can understand, this is going to take us some time to analyse this amount of data, but the final report will definitely be shared with you, if you’re interested towards the end of the year.



Quiksound Productions is proud to present the annual Monash Film Festival.

This annual event is for all movie fanatics and film-makers alike, and open to young people 10-25 years of age, who live, work, study or play in the City of Monash.

Animé, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Cartoon or anything in between, we want to see it all ON THE BIG SCREEN!

Entries close Sunday 11 August 2019 and shortlisted entries will be screened in front of family and friends on Wednesday 11 September 2019 at Century City Village Cinemas.

To enter and for more info visit www.monashyouth.org.au


Monash Health are running a workshop targeting alcohol related harm and risky drinking. This may be of interest to your school community and/or staff and is a totally free event. More info athttps://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketPurchase?agency=KINGSTON_ARTS&organ_val=30967&schedule=list&event_val=MKDA

RUM – Build a brighter future

Over 100 students attended this engaging and informative event back in May.  Please find a short film produced by Holmesglen showcasing the event: https://holmesglen.ap.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=ec199a13-fafe-4fba-b3fd-aa790184d499

The forum was developed in response to feedback from CALD community leaders and service providers that many young people and parents are unfamiliar with trade vocational options and the benefits of a trade career. There’s a suspicion that taking up a trade means a low-income career and second class post-school education when they should be going to university.   At the 2018 Monash Youth Forum, students identified that they feel great pressure to achieve and respond to expectations, particularly from their parents and peers. Likewise Monash Youth Services’ annual survey completed with local young people continually shows that educational, employment and career stress are key themes of concern for young people in Monash. Hence the message from the forum was that success comes in many different ways and that the key to choosing a career pathway is to be informed of all the options and to follow your interests and passion.


The Forum was an initiative of the Monash Multicultural and Settlement Services Network in partnership with Holmesglen Apprentice Support.  For further information about apprenticeship pathways please contact Apprentice Central on 9564 1888 or email appcentral@holmesglen.edu.au.



Roll outs of Youth and Teen Mental First Aid training across Monash has begun!  If your school is interested in having your year 10 students and/or your staff trained for free in Mental Health First Aid, please contact Karen at Monash Youth Services on 9518 3900.

This roll out is a joint initiative between City of Monash and Glen Waverley Rotary using State Government Pick My Project funding.



Monash Young Person's Reference Group (MYPRG) has identified public transport as an issue for youth at times. We would like feedback on young people’s experience with PTV (Public Transport Victoria). The survey takes 2 minutes to complete and will help improve public transport in the City of Monash.

The survey has a prize of a $50 gift voucher for one lucky person. 

The survey closes on 30 September 2019 and the winner of the voucher announced on 7 October 2019.



Louise Ford

Student Wellbeing Coodinator

Community News

Second-Hand Uniform Shop

Dates for Term 3

  • Thursday 22nd August
  • Monday 2nd September
  • Thursday 19th September

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