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22 August 2019
Issue Six

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

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From the Principal

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

Dear Families

Science Week

Last week we celebrated National Science Week and students across both campuses were engaged in many activities throughout the week.  I would like to thank Miss Serena Jordan-Munro for arranging the week’s activities and in particular for organising the incursion from ‘Scientifically Speaking’, this was a wonderful experience for all involved.  Thank you to all the staff for ensuring students were engaged in the activities and for taking us on the journey themed ‘Destination : Moon’.

Book Week

Book week is upon us and the students of both campuses are already busy ready books from the 2019 Book of the Year Awards list and organising their costumes for our parade.  I am really looking forward to seeing all our students and staff dressed in their Book Parade costumes tomorrow, Friday 23 August, which will commence in the Padua Pavilion at 9.15am.  All families are welcome to join in.


Mrs Marina Russo has organised the activities that will take place during the day, in particular inviting children from the Early Learning Centre who will join us in the morning.  Thank you Mrs Marina Russo. 


Of course a special thank you to Mrs Kathy Sansalone who always makes sure that the library not only looks appealing, but ensures that the books and novels are current and engaging for our students.

District Athletics Day

On Thursday 29th August some students from Years 3-6 will be competing in the District Athletics Day at Duncan McKinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena between 9.30am and until approx. 2.30pm.  They will be participating in a range of events across the day and we encourage and welcome families to attend the day and cheer the students on.  They will compete against other Schools in the District.  A CareMonkey form has been sent out to those students participating in the day so please ensure you have replied to that form so your child is able to participate.  We wish these students all the very best and hope they have a fun-filled day.  If you have any questions please contact Mr Simon Addicoat

Fathers' Day

Fathers’ Day is being celebrated with a special Breakfast on Friday 30th August between 7.30 and 8.40am.  We hope to see as many dads, grandads and special friends as possible.  I understand the PFA have arranged for a Coffee Cart to be made available this year as well as a mystery musical guest so it looks to be a wonderful morning. 


The other event to mark Fathers’ Day is the annual Fathers’ Day Stall.  There will be items between $1 and $5 for the students to purchase for dad, grandad or that special friend, so don’t forget to bring your money on Friday 30th August to buy that special gift for Fathers’ Day.


I would like to thank the PFA Presidents, the Class Liaisons and their parent helpers for their tireless efforts in organsing both events.  There is a lot of forward planning, preparing and work done on the day so that these events are always a success and enjoyed by all.


Happy Fathers' Day to all our dads, grandads and special friends.


Margaret Carlei


From the Deputy

Reporting Feedback Parent Survey Responses

Dear Families, 

I am pleased to report that 20 parents were able to complete the survey that was sent out in the last week of Term 2 seeking feedback regarding  our semester school reports.  Below I have included the graphed results which indicate that the majority of those parents responding find the reports useful in communicating aspects of their child's learning and believe that the majority of information included is relevant.  


  Note: 1 = Strongly Disagree to 5 = Strongly Agree

    Note: 1 = Strongly Disagree to 5 = Strongly Agree

Parents also made comments about:

  • providing greater clarity regarding the grading system used 
  • removing unnecessary jargon or technical language
  • the teacher including a comment on each students social development and/or playground behaviour
  • the inclusion of a student comment
  • wanting to know what they could do at home to help their child
  • looking forward to reading the teacher comment section of the report, with one saying, "The teacher’s observations about my child’s social skills and personal attributes is very important for us as parents."

The majority of parents also found the online portal easy to access.  These results are presented below as pie graphs.

I would like to thank all of the parents who were able to take time to complete the survey.  The Leadership team have already begun to analyse the data and look at how we can use this feedback to improve the content of our reports.  Next we will consult with a representative group of students to seek their voice regarding the school reports.

Jump Rope for Heart

Congratulations to our top 5 fundraisers for JRFH! They are:

1 Sam 3/4MR $325.49 $0.00 $325.49
2 Nicholai 5/6EA $107.82 $0.00 $107.82
3 Zoe 5/6 EA $81.28 $0.00 $81.28
4 Rafael 5/6 VW $50.00 $0.00 $50.00
5 Angelo 3/4 TD $50.00 $0.00 $50.00

If you have not signed up yet it is not too late to do so.  Just follow this link:


This cause is as important for everyone today as it has ever been because: 

  • 1 in 4 children (aged 5-17) are overweight or obese

  • 80% don’t get the daily recommended 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity

  • Heart disease is Australia’s biggest killer. Please – watch this space – as our students have fun, learn new skills and improve their heart health…all while demonstrating their compassion and community spirit.

If I can assist in any way with this, or anything else at all, please don't hesitate to ask.


Best wishes,


Peta Overbury

Deputy Principal





St Anthony’s School students along with Sunday School children and De La Salle College students will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation on Thursday 12th September, 2019 at 7pm at St Anthony’s Church, Glen Huntly.  These candidates will be attending a Retreat Day in preparation for their Confirmation. Also in preparation for Confirmation, the candidates with their family and sponsors will celebrate mass on Saturday 7th September, 2019 at 6pm followed by a practice and a shared supper in the Padua Pavilion. 


Confirmation is the second of the Sacraments of Initiation. It is closely related to Baptism and leads to the Eucharist which expresses full belonging to the Church, the body of Christ.  Hence it is called a sacrament of initiation. While Confirmation is often spoken of in relation to the Holy Spirit it is important to realise that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in all the sacraments. The Holy Spirit is called upon the waters of Baptism, the oil (Chrism) of Confirmation and the bread and wine of the Eucharist but each of the sacraments of initiation have their unique emphasis:



  • makes us members of the Church
  • cleanses us from original and past personal sin
  • makes us sharers in the life and identity of Christ


  • seals us with the Holy Spirit
  • strengthens us for service
  • invites us to, and equips us for, witness to Christ


  • signifies and brings about our unity in Christ
  • enables our participation in the sacrifice of the cross
  • feeds and sustains us for continuing Christ’s work in the world


What actually happens at a Confirmation ceremony?

The actions of the sacrament of Confirmation are two-fold. Firstly the bishop extends his hands over the heads of those to be confirmed and calls the Holy Spirit upon them. Then the candidates come before the bishop who anoints each one’s forehead with Chrism (which is consecrated, perfumed olive oil) and pronounces the words: ‘Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit’.

It is usually administered by the local bishop or his delegate, except during the Rite of Christian Initiation of adults when the priest who baptises the candidates, confirms them immediately afterwards. At other times, Confirmation is usually celebrated in the context of the Mass. It is preceded by the Liturgy of the Word and Renewal of Baptismal Promises (to show the relationship with Baptism) and leads into the Liturgy of the Eucharist (which shows how the Eucharist brings to completion the sacraments of initiation).


What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit?


Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Catholic Church believes that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are given at Confirmation.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are:  


Wisdom : The ability to see God in everyone and everything everywhere.


Understanding:  The ability to comprehend that we are followers of Christ.


Right Judgment (Counsel) :  The ability to know right from wrong and to choose to do what is right.


Reverence (Piety):  The ability to have deep respect for God and the church.


Knowledge:  The ability to understand the meaning of God.


Courage (Fortitude):  The ability to overcome our fear and to stand up for what is right in the eyes of God.


Wonder and Awe (Fear of the Lord):  The ability to be aware the God is all-powerful, all-loving, all-perfect.


Fruits of the Holy Spirit


The fruits of the Holy Spirit are: 

  • Self-Control,
  • Faithfulness,
  • Kindness,
  • Goodness,
  • Love,
  • Joy,
  • Peace,
  • Patience and
  • Gentleness.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is a very important event in the life of a Catholic and we pray that the Confirmation candidates will be filled with the Holy Spirit and given courage and strength to understand the significance of this sacrament in their lives.


Toni Dent

Religious Education Leader



How Independence-Building is the Pathway to your Child's Resilience

Children are hardwired for independence. Sometime around the age of fifteen months, give or take three months, most children will make a strong case for self-sufficiency. They demand to do things their own way.


This demand is soon backed by a strong voice – “NOOOO!” – and then more articulate cries of “I can do it!” as their third birthday approaches.

This is the time to harness your child's push for independence and self-sufficiency. Their desire for independence and mastery over their immediate environment will see most children take incredible physical risks in the form of play and exploration of that environment. Concerned parents will naturally minimise risks by moving furniture around, keeping doors closed and hiding sharp implements, to name a few protective measures.


But parents can’t eradicate all risks. Kids will fall and hurt themselves ... but they’ll also get up and go again. In time, they’ll learn to assess situations, stare down their fears and test themselves out in new situations. Falling down, brushing yourself off and trying again is part of the natural learning experience for most young children. Parents don’t have to do much more than assess a situation for real dangers, then stand back and allow their kids to explore their environments, pulling them up only when their play and explorations transgress the rights and peace of others.


So what’s this got to do with resilience? Well, everything really. Independence is the pursuit of mastery over one’s self and one’s environment and rarely happens without mishaps and mistakes. It nearly always involves hurt, hardship, frustration and fear. That’s where resilience comes in. Resilience is the art of bouncing forward after experiencing these hurts, hardships, frustrations and fears. Resilience is what comes from seeking out self-sufficiency and independence.

The language of independence


The fact that there’s a whole genre of language devoted to resilience (mostly cloaked in cliché) is no accident. Terms such as “Get back on the bike/horse when you fall off”, “Come on, brush yourself off and get on with it” or “What doesn’t kill you makes you strong” are built into the pyche of past generations. Many parents today will cringe at these terms as they appear a little callous and out of touch. Conversely most current parents' relationship with risk and adventure – both required for independence-building – is very tenuous at best, non-existent at worst.


Therein lies the challenge. I haven’t met a parent, carer or teacher who doesn’t want the children in their care to develop resilience that will last a lifetime. Yet many of those same adults will block the pathway to children’s resilience by over-indulging them, solving their problems and not giving them real responsibility. In doing so they deny kids the sense of mastery that comes from sorting out their own problems, getting themselves out of jams and getting up after a fall.


You can never love your children too much, but you can love them helplessly. That’s what happens when we deny kids the opportunity to become truly independent and self-sufficient. Deny self-sufficiency and you block a child’s resilience. Develop real independence and you open a pathway to resilience that will last a lifetime.


Michael Grose is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 10 books for parents including 'Thriving!' and the best-selling 'Why First Borns Rule the World' and 'Last Borns Want to Change It', and his latest release 'Spoonfed Generation: How to raise independent children'


Emma Clausen

Wellbeing Leader




Big Dreams Book Week Performance

On Wednesday 14th August, the students gathered in the Padua Pavilion to watch an entertaining
performance by Perform Education called ‘Big Dreams’.

Big Dreams featured a selection of the Children’s Book Council 2019 shortlisted books, while
teaching students not to be discouraged by negative messages in order to follow their heart’s desire.

Filled with humour, suspense and student interaction this educational musical adventure
encouraged students to pursue their ambitions. If you’re going to dream, let them be Big Dreams!


Don’t forget to come dressed up as your favourite book character for our Book Week Parade tomorrow starting at 9:15am in the Padua Pavilion.   All adults and siblings are welcome to dress up.


Marina Russo
English Leader


2019 Book of the Year Winners!



STEAM News : Science Week 2019

Last week, St Anthony’s School celebrated ‘National Science Week.’ Our students engaged in many activities around the theme ‘Destination: Moon.’ Here are some of the highlights!


Stephanie, from ‘Scientifically Speaking’, ran an incursion per class:

  • The Foundation students dispelled stereotypes during ‘What is a Scientist.’ They learned that ANYBODY can be a scientist; people who do science are not just the ones wearing white lab coats and mixing potions! They learned about geologists, paleontologists and more. At the end of the session, they were lucky enough to participate in their own experiments involving chemical reactions!
  • The Year 1/2 students expanded their knowledge of the water cycle during ‘Water World.’ They got hands-on with some different experiments, after learning more about where water can be found and how it moves around the Earth. This tied in with their Integrated Studies Unit, which has been all about water!
  • The Year 3/4s learned about the solar system during ‘Space: Day and Night.’ They looked at some scale models of the Earth and sun, in order to illustrate the Earth’s tilt and rotation. This also springboarded their exploration of the seasons and why we have different weather in different places on our planet.
  • The Year 5/6s delved deeper into astronomy during ‘Space: The Final Frontier.’ They considered space travel and our future in the 21st century, whilst also examining the solar system and the orbits of different planets.

Each year level participated in a STEAM ‘Rocket Building’ activity:

  • The Year 6 leaders presented a ‘Rocket Challenge’ to each class. The task: to create a rocket using recyclable materials! This open-ended task prompted students to use the design process, by first defining the problem and then creating a solution. Collaboration was critical in creating a working model. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to hone their problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

What a fantastic Science Week for 2019! Remember, STEAM is an approach to teaching and learning - not a separate subject. As such, there will be many more open-ended activities to come. The sky’s the limit when we consider all that our students can do!

Serena Jordan-Munro

STEAM Leader



Library News

Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge 2019

The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge 2019 closes on 6th September 2019.


All students have been registered to participate.  In order to complete the challenge students in Years Foundation - 2 must read thirty books, including twenty challenge books.  Students in Years 3-6 must read fifteen books, including ten challenge books.  


Please ensure that the books your child has read have been entered online at the reading challenge website before 5th September 2019 so that their reading list can be verified before the challenge closes.


If you have any questions please contact Kathy in the school office.



Year 3/4 News

Science Week in Year 3/4

On Monday 12th August,  Year 3/4 TD was host to an incursion regarding “Space”.  Stephanie from Scientifically Speaking, who is a geologist and avid space watcher, shared her expertise and knowledge of space.  Stephanie guided the students through the naming of the planets in our Solar System, discussing their unique features and quizzing the students about their distances from the Sun.  The students were taught about our Solar System in relation to the Milky Way and the Universe, Asteroids, Asteroid belts, dwarf planets etc.  The students discussed how Pluto was renamed as a dwarf planet and the reasons for this discovery.  They were absolutely fascinated! 


The students were involved in a few small experiments that taught them about our Solar System, how day and night is created, the seasons and the rotation of the Earth’s Axis, as well as its revolution around the Sun.  They experimented with how a rocket is plunged into space using a test tube, water and aspirin.  These hands-on experiments were a great way for the students to learn about the science of rocket propulsion.


On Wednesday 14th August Year  3/4MR class were given the same lesson regarding “Space” which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Both classes were very excited and very willing to take part in all the activities.  Great Work Grade 3 and 4 students!


Toni Dent, Helen Hardman

Marina Russo, Marie Georgiadis

Year 3/4 Teachers



Year 3-4 Assembly

Year 3/4 Students shared with us their projects on Resilience, The Solar System and Natural Disasters


Student Awards

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students for being presented with their Class Awards at Assembly this week.

  • Finn T
  • Daniel A
  • Rudra P
  • Karina W
  • Illya K
  • Ben A
  • Jadeen B
  • Tommy T
  • Caitlin P
  • Ilana P
  • Olivia S
  • Austin G
  • Flora K


Dates to Remember

Pencil these dates in ......

Friday 23 August

Book Week Parade, Padua Pavilion (9.15am)


Monday 26 August

MFB visit for Foundation (9-10am)

Tuesday 27 August

MFB visit for Year 5/6 (9-10am)

Thursday 29 August

District Athletics Day, Duncan McKinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena (9am-3pm approx.)

Friday 30 August

Fathers’ Day Breakfast, Padua Pavilion (7.30am-8.45am)

Fathers’ Day Stall for Students to purchase gifts (9.00am)

Sunday 1 September

Fathers Day

Parents & Friends (PFA)

Ladies Day Out

Saturday September 14th 2019

Port Phillip Estate Winery

Numbers filling fast so put in your payment to secure your spot



Save the Date

  • Scary themed family disco 11 October 2019
  • Parent’s Trivia Night Friday 15th November 2019
  • Next PFA meeting Tuesday 17th September 7.30pm


Class Liaisons

Foundation – Jo Jeans

1/2EC - Simone Mitchell

1/2MC - Kim Davie

3/4TD - Ali Clohesy/Sharon Stewart

3/4MR - Michelle Kelly

5/6VN - Lina O'Byrne/Donna P

5/6EA - Megan Affinita

Fathers' Day & Special Friends Breakfast 2019

St Anthony's Fathers' Day and Special Friends Breakfast for 2019 is being held on Friday August 30 between 7.30 and 8.40am.

There will be breakfast provided for all dads, grandads and special friends and this year we are lucky enough to have a Coffee Cart.

We also have a special mystery musical guest appearance!!!

You will today receive in school bags and via email raffle tickets for some amazing prizes.  With a special prize for the student who  sells the most tickets.  

We will be holding our very first Annual St Anthony's Dad's Paper Plane Competition, so start your folding!


Community News

Caulfield Bears JFC

What a very proud moment for one of our students, Sophie in Year 5/6, who received the Junior Bear of the Year Award 2019.  Not only is Sophie the first St Anthony's current student to have won the award but she is the first female in the history of the Club to have won the award.

So a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Sophie on an award well won and for pioneering the way for other girls playing junior football.

Dear Families, remember, if your child has an extra curricular hobby and should receive an awards such as Sophie's, please email the office with the details and a jpg photograph, and we would be proud to share the news with the school community.  Email address :  

Parish News


Future Netball Players!


Future Basketball Players!


Our Sponsors

Don't forget our amazing sponsors!!!


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