Kilsyth Primary School

19 December 2016
Issue Eighteen
Principal's Report
Student Wellbeing 
Kilsyth Primary School
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Principal's Report

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Thank you for a great year


Thank you all for a great year.  We have worked hard as a school community and we have seen great things happen through our efforts.  Our students have made tremendous progress in their learning, particularly in the area of reading  which has been a specific focus this year. We have seen continual growth in our sense of community and I am particularly proud of the work of our volunteers this year - it was great to see so many of them attend our thank-you morning tea last week.   Our student leaders have done a wonderful job modelling the high standards we expect here at Kilsyth Primary and I am looking forward to the future.

Big Achievements for 2016


So many wonderful things have happened this year, it is impossible to capture them all here.  I'll try and highlight just a few:


Grandparents Day and Book Fair -  this was a fantastic day in first term.  We loved having so many family members join us to participate in our learning program.


Whole School Sporting Events -   this year saw our first Whole School Cross Country and Whole School Athletic events.   Having everyone participating together really lifted the sense of community at KPS - a great result!


Indonesian Vistors -  opening our eyes to cultures beyond our own, participating the BRIDGE project and linking up with a school in indonesia helped develop our intercultural understanding.  I am looking forward to next year as we grow these partenerships further.


LLI - the introduction of Levelled Literacy Intervention in the Junior School saw some of our students making almost a years worth of growth in less than a term.  The results we have seen have been far more positive than we could have hoped for and we are extending the program into the middle school in 2017.


Science as a specialist subject -  every student in the school has benefited and learnt a great deal through our science classes in 2016.  Stay tuned as this goes from strength next year.


Fairs, Fairs and More Fairs - our Kilsyth Community Fair was a standout on the 2016 calendar. Such an AWESOME day. This was followed up with our senior students running - All the Fun of the Fair and despite the rain we had a fabulous day.  The money we raised from our Community Fair is building decking and shade shelter near the oval and the profits from All the Fun of the Fair was used to purchase special gifts for the KMart wishing tree.


And this doesn't even touch on the numeracy lessons, learning intentions, success criteria, literacy development, synthetic phonics, positive behaviour supports, primary interventions, maths blaster lessons, developmental play, genius hours, challenge based learning and other terrific learning opportunities we have provided our students.  A truly great year at KPS.

Direction for 2017

In 2017 we have three key focus areas for continued improvement.


We will be promoting ACADEMIC RIGOUR through ensuring CONSISTENT PRACTICES  across the school, particulary in LITERACY & NUMERACY


We will be creating a POSITIVE CLIMATE FOR LEARNING through implementing a  SCHOOL-WIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT approach.


And we will be doing this through further developing LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK and FEEDBACK in our student and staff teams.


A great direction forward for a great school.

Graduating Class of 2016

On behalf of our entire school community I would like to wish our graduating class of 2016 all the very best for the future.  Thank you for the contribution you have made to our school over your time here.  We hope you have a splendid night tonight, a relaxing holiday break and smooth start to your secondary careers!


Go well.

Final Day Arrangements


A reminder that we will be having an assembly beginning at 9am in the hall.  We will be presenting our student leader badges at the beginning of the assembly and then sharing in some of the highlights of the Graduation.

At the end of the day we will assemble on the oval at 1.15pm to farewell our Year 6 students.  We would love our school community to join us for this big event.

Students will be dismissed at 1.30pm.

Office opening Jan 30, 2017

The office will be open on Monday 30th January from 10am to 2pm for paying Parent Payments so you can collect book packs. Uniform orders that have already been placed can be collected at this time.


Staffing in 2017


Leadership Team




Sabrina George (Term 1)

Daniel Gooding (Term 2-4)

Excellence in Learning & Teaching:

Sabrina George (Term 2-4)

Head of Wellbeing:

Kate Thomson

Junior School Team




Blair Blackburn


Karen B (Team Leader)



Sara Jane Vaughan


Shannen May



Craig Couper


Rhonda Sneddon

XXX – To be employed
Jenny Fantin


Middle School Team



Jane Seemann


Lisa Hubbard (Team Leader)



Erin Rinnick


Jenny Fantin


Senior School Team



Karen Donnelly


Fiona Meilak (Team Leader)



Kate Thomson (MTWT)

Chris Roscoe (F)


Wendy Turner

Beck Hambly





Emma Sceberras


Kym Wallace



Kiralee Molnar









Administration  Team


Business Manager

Carolyn Robinson


Janine Batten







Wellbeing Team





Gill Van Der Ende


Students & Volunteers







IT Support






Matt Lima






Have a fantastic Christmas and a safe holiday time...

See you next year



Student Wellbeing 

Chaplain's Chat

‘Peace on Earth’ the cash registers seem to chime as they and we all head into overdrive.

What does this elusive promise of PEACE look like in the midst of all the frenzied activities we are surrounded by?   Maybe it looks like the ‘white helmets’ in Syria or the Muslim café in Melbourne offering free Christmas lunches to the homeless or safe places for girls in countries fraught by conflict to get an education.

But the really important and challenging question is what does it look like for me and for those I spend time with.

For many people I know, peace at Christmas is an alien understanding. Instead of resting in its embrace, Christmas can be a time where entrenched and poisonous emotions flood out from those dark places where they have been seething away.

Sometimes change and confronting the situation will risk inflaming the already toxic atmosphere and yet ‘Peace’ can emerge slowly from the attitude of letting go of past hurts, recognition of your own role in the conflict and through a choice to not be defined by another’s bitterness. 

You may not be able to change others but you can change yourself and what you choose to dwell on in your heart. You also have an amazing opportunity to draw a line under the poisonous script for your own family by modelling an alternative pathway with your children.  Where possible don’t wallow in past hurts with your children; these can become not only the oxygen for your own existence but they can transfer to the next generation denying them the deep experience of peace for themselves, both now and into the future.   In a world that’s hungry for peace, we must choose to work through conflict in our personal relationships.


The personal cost of carrying old wounds around can be relentless and personally taxing and whilst it often doesn’t seem so, each person is important and deserves our understanding.


Christmas Blessings 

Gill Van Der Ende


Kilsyth Primary School