30 June 2017
Week 2.10 - Issue 10
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From the Prior
From the Dean of Studies
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Year 12 Chemistry
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Heavenly Father, creator of all good things, help us to always recognise your presence in our

lives and to give thanks for the blessings we have received in our school life.

We ask for your blessing and guidance as we celebrate the end of Term Two
of the school year and the beginning of winter holidays. Keep us safe from harm

and grant us rest and rejuvenation for our bodies, minds and spirits.

We ask this in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.
St Norbert, pray for us.


From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of St Norbert College

The last few weeks of this Term have been eventful, including the Year 9 camp currently underway at the Explorus Adventure Camp near Karridale. The Year 9 students left bright and early on Monday 26 July to embark on a challenging experience of team building, abseiling, rock climbing and caving. I look forward to hearing the students’ stories on their return Friday afternoon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Michelle Ronchi for coordinating the Year 9 camp again this year. 


The Year 10 Parent and Student Information Evening was very well attended on Tuesday evening. It is an important time for the Year 10 students and families as they commence the course selection process for senior school. Thank you to Mr Peter Hawke, Deputy Principal, and Mr Michael Openshaw, Head of Careers & VET, for the presentation.


Thank you to all students for their impeccable personal presentation for the College photograph day on Wednesday 21 June. The day ran very smoothly due to the organisation of Mr Roger D’Almeida. The photographs will be available later in Term 3.


A reminder to all families that Term 3 commences for students on Tuesday 18 July. Another date to remember is the Parent/Student/ Teacher interview day on Wednesday 26 July. This is a designated Home Study Day for students to enable staff to conduct interviews into the evening. Students are reminded to attend interviews in full winter school uniform with parents. The parent interview timeslots are to be made online as in previous years. I encourage parents and guardians to meet with teachers in the best interests of your children.


This is my final newsletter as Principal of St Norbert College and I would like to sincerely thank all students, parents and staff for your support throughout the past five and a half years. I am particularly proud of the students’ achievements in all dimensions of the College: academic, spiritual, cultural and sporting. The students and staff have demonstrated that they truly are “prepared for good works”. Whilst it is nice to enjoy contemporary facilities and resources, bricks and mortar do not make a good school community; It is the positive relationships between all members of the College community that makes the difference.


My thanks to Fr Peter and the Norbertine community for the trust they have placed in me to lead the College educational endeavour.  I feel that I have been personally and professionally enriched throughout my time at the College. I wish all members of the St Norbert College community good health, happiness and God’s blessings.


Annette Morey



From the Prior

Inauguration Ceremony


At the Assembly on Wednesday, July 19 we will have an Inauguration Ceremony for the incoming Principal, Mr Simon Harvey. This will be at the beginning of the Assembly. All parents, guardians and members of the College community are invited to attend the ceremony.


Rt Rev Peter Joseph O Praem

From the Dean of Studies


Exam Supervisors

I would like to formally thank and acknowledge the parents and friends who assisted with the supervision of the Year 11 and 12 examinations. We are most grateful for giving up your precious time.


Bonita Hendricks                   Coral Dyson                                Deepa Biju

Inoka Ratnasekera                Madonna Manzanares           Marion Vagg   

Natalie Hodges                       Noel Mancuveni                       Paul Costantino

Sharon Gayski                        Suzanne George                       Sheryl Dabare             

University of Notre Dame Early Offer Program

The University of Notre Dame introduced the Early Offer Program in 2006 to acknowledge and reward the achievements of outstanding Year 12 students. If you have a predicted ATAR above 90 (or, if applying for Bachelor of Law or Bachelor of Physiotherapy, a predicted ATAR above 93) and have made a significant contribution to church, school and community life, then you should consider applying for the Early Offer. The Early Offers are made in September and November. Application forms are available from Mr Hodgen. Applications close on Friday 28 July.


University of Western Australia Early Offer Program

The University of Western Australia is pleased to announce that the Early Offers Program will be available to Year 12 students in 2017. The program launched in 2016 with over 140 students successfully applying for and accepting an early offer into the UWA Engineering Direct Pathway.

Online application for early offers into the Engineering Direct Pathway will open Monday 17 July 2017. To be offered a place, students simply need either:

a) A copy of a mid-year report showing A or B grades for four WACE ATAR subjects including Physics, Mathematics Specialist, Mathematics Methods and Chemistry; or

b) A signed letter from the College confirming a predicted ATAR of 92 or higher.  Applications for an early offer are open until Friday 27 October.


Testing Semester 2

  • Year 9 - Bishops' Literacy Assessment - 2 August, 9.00am - 10.10am.
  • Year 10-12 - Round 2 OLNA: Writing: 4 September, 9.00am - 10.00am. Numeracy: 5 September, 9.00am-10.00am. Reading: 6 September 9.00am - 10.00am.
  • Year 12 - Semester 2 Exams at the College: 2 -10 October.      WACE: 1  - 21 November.
  • Year 11 - Semester 2 Exams: 6-14 November.
  • Year 9 and 10 - Semester 2 Exams: 20-24 November.

Academic Distinctions

A discussion at Academic Board has resulted in a new point system being introduced to calculate Academic Distinctions in Years 8-10. It takes into consideration the stream that a student is studying. Points are now calculated using:

                    Extension      Mainstream      Enrichment      Unstreamed

     A                    10                          7                           4                           10

     B                     9                            6                           3                            9

     C                     8                            5                           1                            8

The cut-off to achieve an Academic Distinction using this new point system is 100 points.

Years 7, 11 and 12 use a majority of A grades (with no grades less than a B) in the Semester Reports for calculation of an Academic Distinction.


College Assembly

Our first College Assembly for Term 3 will be held on Wednesday 19 July at 9am in the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre. Parents are most welcome to attend as students who have achieved Academic Distinctions and Ad Omnia Paratus Awards will be presented with their certificates. The Assembly will commence with the Inauguration of our new Principal – Mr Simon Harvey.


Revision Courses

Year 11 and 12 students studying ATAR Courses can access numerous revision courses in the July holidays. Thanks to the Parent Committee, each student will be subsidised $20 per course that they complete. Invoices need to be given to me early next term for the refund. Students are encouraged to enrol as soon as possible as places are limited. Students who have previously enrolled in these courses have been very positive about the improvement in their understanding.

Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Supporting your young person during the holidays


Holidays can take students away from friends and their usual school supports.


Changes to routine can cause some young people to feel stressed, isolated and alone. Parent support is very important at this time. Below is some information to help you support young people to stay in a healthy headspace in school holidays. There is also some information that may help you to identify when your young person might need some extra support and where to go for help.


There are a number of ways you can support your young person’s mental health and wellbeing in the holidays:


Encourage them to stay connected

Social relationships are important to your young person’s general wellbeing. It is okay if they take time out for themselves at times, but encourage them to keep in contact with friends over the holidays. Friends can provide both play and support, and spending time with friends is also important for keeping and building on existing friendships. If your young person is not feeling up to going out, even a phone call, email, text message or Facebook message can help them to feel connected to friends and family.


Encourage them to stay involved

Encourage involvement with volunteer work, hobbies, clubs or committees, or sports – these can help young people feel connected to their wider community. Participate with them when you can. Involve them in decisions and give them responsibility at home (e.g. deciding what to eat for dinner and helping to prepare it). Help them to identify and set realistic goals. Setting and achieving realistic goals can be incredibly motivating and can help build self-confidence.


Encourage physical activity

Physical activity is important for everyone’s health and wellbeing. If your young person is feeling down or finding things are difficult, physical activity may be the last thing they feel like doing. But even small activities, like walking around the block, can help relieve stress and frustration, provide a good distraction from worrying thoughts, improve concentration and improve mood. If your young person is struggling to get active, find a physical activity that you both enjoy and can do together (e.g. swimming, playing sports with friends or cycling) and make a plan to do it regularly.


Encourage a regular routine

Getting a good night’s sleep helps young people to feel energised, focused and motivated. Adolescence is a time when a number of changes to the “body clock” impact on sleeping patterns and young people are more likely to have problems with sleep. Developing a sleeping routine can help. Encourage your young person to wake up around the same time each day, get out of bed when they wake up, and go to bed around the same time each night. Avoiding caffeine after lunchtime, having a quiet, dark and uncluttered bedroom and shutting down electronic devices before bed can also help them to get a good night’s sleep.


Encourage healthy eating habits

Eating well doesn’t only reduce the risk of physical health problems, like heart disease and diabetes, but it can also help with sleeping patterns, energy levels, mood, and general health and wellbeing.  A good balanced diet with less junk food, sugar and more veggies, fruit, whole grains and plenty of water will ensure your young person has all of the vitamins and minerals to help their body and brain function well.


Encourage play!

Devoting time to just having fun can help to recharge your young person’s battery, revitalise their social networks and reduce stress and anxiety.



The remainder of this article can be viewed at:


The Pastoral Care Team



Year 12 Chemistry

Royal Australian Chemistry Institute Titrations Stakes – Curtin University

The RACI Titration Stakes is a prestigious chemistry competition held in each state every year. The competition is designed to encourage Year 12 students who enjoy Chemistry, particularly its practical side, to develop their skills and to reward those who attain a high level of proficiency. This year St Norbert College had two teams participate in the competition, held at Curtin University on 20 June. Although the teams didn’t place in the rankings, they were exposed to working in a university-style laboratory and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Taking teams to competitions of this nature requires preparation behind the scenes and thanks goes to Ms Nugent our laboratory technician for helping prepare the equipment used on the night.

Miss S Fairhead (Head of Learning Area - Science)




Year 10 Humanities

On Friday 23 June, Year 10 students Iana Benea, Sophie Cotton, Tiana Rigden, Kadijah Brown, Angelo Merlacco and Johna Jose had the privilege of visiting Parliament House and having lunch with the Member for Canning Mr Bill Johnston MLA. Students represented the College to the highest standard as they engaged in meaningful and in-depth conversation with Mr Johnston about a range of issues impacting both the State and the City of Canning. Students found Mr Johnston to be very approachable, engaging and knowledgeable as they were given a detailed insight into the workings of State Parliament and the work of a State politician. Students very much enjoyed their tour of the Parliament and the lunch in the exclusive Members Dining Room was excellent.

Mr A McGoorty (Humanities Teacher)

Year 9 BRLA

Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment 

At the request of the Western Australian Bishops, Year 9 students in Catholic schools in Western Australia will take part in the Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment. At St Norbert College this test is scheduled for Wednesday 2 August (Term 3 Week 3).


The BRLA provides a ‘point in time’ snapshot of student performance in Religious Education. Students’ knowledge and understanding of the content of the RE curriculum is assessed using a combination of multiple choice, short and extended response items. Students’ faith is not assessed.


This year St Norbert College has also been selected to participate in a practice online version of the BRLA. This will take place in Term 3 Week 2 – Tuesday 25 July. Students will need to ensure they have a fully charged laptop for these sessions.


Miss M Ronchi (Head of Learning Area - Religious Education)

Year 9 Retreat

Year 9 Retreat Day

On 13 and 14 June the Year 9s participated in their Retreat Day. The day was run by a team from Net Ministries and the focus of the day was self-discovery on life's journey. The retreat involved students participating in group activities, in games and skits, and in quiet reflection time. Below are some student reflections of the day:


It was a nice experience and I learnt so much about my faith and Jesus. My favourite part would probably be the small groups because we got to know each other and learn a lot about other people's feelings about God.                                                                                                                          Jordyn Davey


I enjoyed the retreat thoroughly and enjoyed how it included a lot of teamwork and perseverance. It showed me how to be a lot closer with Jesus and God.                                                                                    Hayley Connolly


The retreat was a pretty good experience, the thing I liked about the retreat was when we had to reflect. It really gave me time to think about what I wanted to do but I can’t because of people judging me. I also liked the final skit because it made me realise that I can still turn all my sins around, and even though I sin a lot, God is always watching me.                                                                                                                                      Graciano Gacutno


My favourite part of the retreat was listening to the experiences the volunteers had during their lives. Listening to what they went through gave me a better understanding of them and I overall enjoyed all the activities and plays during the retreat.                                                   Rishi Naik


The Year 9 Retreat Day was an enjoyable day that involved many group activities which enabled all of us to deepen our Christian faith.                                                                                                                                      Emereen Moratalla


What I liked about the retreat was that everything that we did and all that we listened to had a meaning which allowed us to learn more about God in a friendly and entertaining way so that what we learnt on that day was not forgotten.                                                                       Shin Bawar


The thing that I liked about the retreat was doing the activities and working as a team and meeting new friends.

Alex Hendricks


I felt as if I grew emotionally and spiritually and mentally connected with Jesus.                                                                                                          Makida Yohans


It was a delightful experience which gave me a stronger belief in myself and my faith.                                                                                               Theresa Titus


My favourite part of the retreat was learning about choices and how they affect us and people we know and doing challenges in our groups.                                                                                                                                      Chris Mendoza


My favourite part of the retreat was when we were in our small group and discussing about choices and how one bad choice can create many problems.                                                                                                              Nibil Roy


                   Miss M Ronchi (Head of Learning Area - Religious Education)

Year 8 Italian

Italian Cooking Lessons


La Pizza Napoletana

In the last week of term, the Year 8 Italian class learned how to make traditional Italian pizza. Courtney made the dough at home and Josh and Sophia helped roll the dough into six small pizzas.


Davide, the Italian assistant from Brescia, Courtney, Josh and Sophia put toppings on the pizzas. The toppings used on “la base” of the pizza were “il pomodoro”, (the tomato sauce), “la mozzarella” and “il basilico”. These are the main ingredients used to make the pizza Margherita, invented in 1889 in Napoli in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoia.


The other pizzas were topped with bacon, “il prosciutto cotto” (ham) and oregano.


We then cooked the pizzas in “il forno” (the oven) for about 10 minutes. We cut up the pizzas and enjoyed authentic Italian pizza. It was “deliziosa”!




La Bruschetta

Year 7 students grilled some Italian “pane” (bread), then rubbed some “aglio” (garlic) on top of the pane.

The topping for the bruschetta was made up of  “pomodori” (tomatoes), “basilico” (basil), “sale marino” (sea salt) and “olio d’oliva extra vergine” (extra virgin olive oil).


We put some pomodoro onto the pane and it was “fantastico”!! We then went back for “il bis” which means ‘seconds’ in Italian.


Grazie also to Davide for helping in the preparation of the bruschetta.

Buone Vacanze a tutti!! (Happy holidays to all!)


Ms D Tersigni (Italian Teacher)


Senior Girls Soccer – 15 June v Emmanuel College

After a convincing first round win the Senior Girls Soccer team headed into their second game against Emmanuel with much enthusiasm. At the five-minute mark the first goal had been scored by Kaitlyn Fashho and the floodgates opened from there. Three more goals were scored by half time, with Tapu and Kaitlyn sharing the scoring. Half time came and the ladies were grateful for the oranges provided by Abbey’s aunty who was spectating from the sidelines.  


With plenty of home crowd support and subs on the bench, the team started the second half in wonderful style. Janodi offered her place in the midfield to Liz our goalkeeper and before long Liz who usually stops the goals had one to her name. Jasmine Perkins who holds a place in the defence also scored a goal at the 45-minute mark of the game.  


In the end the team ran out 8-nil winners, with both Tapu and Kaitlyn contributing hat-tricks. Princess and Latitia deserve special mentions for their performances in the midfield, which was the driver for the outstanding offensive display. For the second game in a row we have conceded no goals and this is testament to our strong backline.


Our next game is an away match against Corpus, who are currently second on the ladder. This represents a big challenge for the team, one I am sure they will rise to in their usual style. Special mention to Jonathan Feleke and Buobo Morna for running the lines.


Miss S Fairhead (Soccer Coach)



Heaps of fun was had by students during Term 2. If you are interested in learning to code, then come along to the dojo on Tuesday afternoons, 3.30pm - 4.15pm in the BP Forum in Term 3. CoderDojo will run every second week (even numbered weeks). Therefore the next Dojo event will be in Week 2 of Term 3.

The Aboroginal Catholic Ministry

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry has two events coming up in the school holidays and they would love you to come along and bring your family and friends!

End of NAIDOC Week Mass: 9 July

The first is our end of NAIDOC Week Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday 9 July. After celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday in your parish and school community we would love you to come along to the Cathedral to celebrate the end of NAIDOC Week. The poster is attached and the details are below.

  • 4.45pm - Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country
  • 5pm - Mass celebrated by Bishop Don
  • 6pm - Aboriginal food, catered by Bindi Bindi Dreaming.

ACM Koorlangka’s/Children’s Day 12 July

Following the success of the Children’s Day in the April school holidays, we are having another one these school holidays focussing on Fun, Faith and Culture. We will have some Noongar language workshops, fun activities, faith stories, food and lots more.

Please pass on the information to kids and families who may be interested. Wednesday 12 July, 11am-2pm, at Holy Trinity Church, 8 Burnett Street, Embleton.


July 2017 Infocus Careers Newsletter


Mathematics Pathway Information Evening


Year 11 ATAR Express Workshops


The Uniform Shop

Opening times Term Two and Three

Monday 8.30am - 11.30am and

Thursday 1.00pm - 4.00pm

We are not able to take any more secondhand clothing until further notice.



Is keen to publish any recent St Norbert College wedding and travel photographs in the next edition. Please send any photographs, along with the relevant details and information, to [email protected] 

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Nathan Bianchini (Class of 2006) during a trip to London.





Ms Erica Bursey married Jaco Dorfling at Mercedes Chapel on 26 September 2015. They welcomed their first child, Grace Milah Dorfling, on 21 February 2017.

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