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20 November 2017
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Out and about!

Japan Trip

During September, an excited group of 6 students, 3 staff members and one parent travelled to Japan for ten days.  During this time we visited Osaka, Kyoto, Hamamatsu and Tokyo.

While in Hamamatsu we homestayed with families from Shijimizuka Junior High School.  For most, this was the most memorable part of our trip as we experienced firsthand the lifestyle of a Japanese family. 


Term 4 Outdoor Education

This has been a busy and exciting term of outdoor education. Our Year 11 VET & OES students visited the Murray for a 3-day paddle trip from Cobram to Barmah Forest. This was a massive paddling feat as students not only learnt about the surrounding environment and user groups but also made time to relax and enjoy each other’s company and still find time to paddle the HUGE 86 KM distance. Earlier in the term the Year 9 Projects class embarked on a similar journey on homemade rafts. This trip was run in conjunction with Latrobe University. Our Year 9 Steiner students have headed off to the Otway’s for the week for their annual farming camp. With one camp only to go for Outdoor Education involving our year 10 Steiner students finishing off  Unit 1 of Outdoor and Environmental Studies. I wish to thank parents for their continued support of our programs and look forward to taking more students into the wilderness next year!


Principal Update

Appointment of new Assistant Principal


I am pleased to announce that Justin Hird has been appointed as our new Assistant Principal from the start of 2018. Justin is currently a Leading Teacher at Weeroona College, and he was also previously a Leading Teacher and Acting Assistant Principal at Kyneton Secondary College. In addition to teaching and holding various leadership positions at Kyneton and Weeroona, Justin has taught at schools in London. He will bring to CSC excellent skills and experience in student learning, curriculum development, and student wellbeing.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the excellent work undertaken by Judith McLean this year. Judith was appointed as our Acting Assistant Principal during the first half of the year while I was Acting Principal at Winter’s Flat Primary School, and she has continued in the Acting Assistant Principal role for the remainder of 2017 after my return to CSC as Principal in July. Judith has been the one “constant” within our Principal Team in 2017, supporting Mary McPherson (Term 1), Noel Claridge (Term 2) and myself for the remainder of 2017. She has worked tirelessly to support CSC through a major transition period, and she has consistently exercised calm, wise and supportive leadership. I am extremely grateful for Judith’s valuable leadership this year. Next year, Judith will return to her Leading Teacher role at CSC with a specific focus on leading our student wellbeing team.

Paul Frye



Congratulations Kath Coff

I recently received exciting news about some well-deserved recognition for Kath Coff, who has worked at our school in a few different roles promoting indigenous education. Kath was recently presented with a highly significant award for her work with indigenous education in our community. This award is an Indigenous Fellowship for Leaders as an Emerging Leader, which allows her to access some valuable professional learning and networking opportunities as well as a substantial bursary.  Congratulations Kath!


Building Update

Construction of our Performing Arts Building is now very close to complete. At our most recent site meeting on Tuesday I was able observe the final painting and plastering works being undertaken. We are now looking forward to building works being finished within a few weeks. This means that our students will have access to this wonderful new facility from the start of the 2018 school year.







2017 Learning Festival


What is it a Learning Festival?

The Learning Festival is an opportunity for students to learn in a more collaborative, competitive and constructive way than is normally possible by setting daily challenges for teams within each of the 4 Precincts to meet. Each daily challenge is set by a pair of Learning Areas and is based on a theme each year that gives the week a sense of cohesion. It is also a great opportunity for staff to work together in different ways and to allow for a Professional Development Program based on Learning Areas. You can see details of past year’s Learning Festivals on the Moodle under Special Programs (Learning Festival 2016, and, Learning Festival 7-9) as well as for this year (Learning Festival 2017)


When is it?

The learning festival will run in Week 9 of Term 4 Monday 4h to Friday 8th of December during regular class times.

The following week will be Activities Week with a range of additional activities that student will elect to participate in each day (details to follow).


What else is happening in the end of year program?

In addition to the Learning Festival every second year, students will be given an opportunity to commit to participating in one of various State Festival Preparation activities. Next year is not a State Festival Year so alternate programs may be arranged with Sarah Cook from “Xtreme Inc”. Students will self-select to be involved in these through an online survey. After the Learning Festival, students will participate in Activities Week (Mon 11th to Thu 15th Dec). In the past, this has included the Fair Go Sports Day and has culminated with the Movies and Pool Days on during the last week of term (dates yet to be finalised).


What is the theme this year?

The theme of 2014 was “Cuba & Repurposing” in line with the Castlemaine State Festival, which only happens every second year. The 2015 theme of “Back to the Future” was developed in consultation with the SRC and teaching staff through feedback from Learning Areas. The theme for 2016 was again in line with the following year’s State Festival and was focused on “Steampunk: The Future of things Past”. This year’s theme is the “Commonwealth Games” and it will help determine the focus of Immersion Activities that teachers will be guiding students through before students take on Daily Challenges that focus on achieving some product/performance that epitomises the theme.


What happens each day of the Learning Festival?

Each day begins with an assembly in W2B followed by students and staff breaking up into Precincts and proceeding to the following areas of the Wellbeing Centre (the home base rooms are indicated in bold underline):

On the first day All Staff are to be present at the assembly at 9:00 am to observe the opening and introduction of the Learning Festival. The leadership team is currently working with local indigenous elders and students to develop a Koori Games day for this first day of the Learning Festival.



SRC Elections 2018


As 2017 quickly comes to an end, it is a time for the SRC to begin to look forward to the new school year. All students have participated in the SRC Elections for the 2018 SRC. It is a huge congratulations to the following students for being elected by their peers.


2018 Year 8 reps are Holly Brook, Alina Graeve, Fionn Kennedy and Henry Tremlett-Davies.


2018 Year 9 reps are Elijah Larwill, Maisie Mellick-Cooper, Tjalurri Russell, Nellie Wilsher.


2018 Year 10 reps are Amy Ferguson, Gabe Gaunt, Lloyd Meadows, Shanti Steventon-Lorenzen.


2018 Year 11 reps are Ella Hayes, Bodie Maffescioni, Abigail Meadows and Cohen Saunders.


The 2018 School Captains are Des Cook and Nioka Mellick-Cooper. The Vice-Captains are Murray Hammersley and Sidney Showell.

The 2017 SRC under the leadership of Meaghan Ferguson and Ben Reid has seen the consolidation of the SRC with many exciting initiatives. A huge thanks to all the representatives who participated in the SRC.

Diversity Mural

All are invited to be part of this mural.  This is a Community Event. Something symbolic to your family. Please send a draft in so we can make room for it. Then times will be sent out if you would like to be involved in painting our symbol on.


This is a mural that we would like to incorporate every ones story. This mural is an initiative that we hope is seen through the eyes and hearts of Reconciliation.  This is what was created at La Trobe University in Bendigo by the Aboriginal Community. However we would love ours to be about everyone’s history or what is symbolic to your family.


Find attached your download copy to do a draft copy for your family. Drop them into the school office when completed.



Whats cooking -Cake ...


Admin Update

Yearbook 2017

We are just about to place our order for the 2017 Yearbook which highlights our school's achievements for this year. If you have not yet paid for your copy please do so by the 24th November.



Getting ready for 2018

Check your mailboxes from Thursday, 17 November for a bumper pack of information for preparing for the 2018 school year.


Included in this pack will be the following main items:


Resource Lists

As mentioned in the last newsletter a new free delivery service will be offered by Campion Education to CSC families purchasing resources for 2018.  Due to this new service, CSC will no longer be running Bookseller Day (where families were able to collect and pay for, or just collect their books and resources for that year).  Please note to obtain the free delivery, resource lists must be returned to CSC (including payment details) or ordered and paid for online by Tuesday, 6 December.


Parent Payment Schedules 2018

In order to help families understand the Parent Payment Schedules some additional resources will be included in the pack.  These are also available on and include the CSC Parent Payment Policy, Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Understanding Parent Payments Diagram.


Uniform Policy and Uniform Shop details and pricelists

With the move to one site at Blakeley Road, the new uniform policy explains the timeline of senior students transitioning into uniform from 2018.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

This information will assist families in making an informed choice on an appropriate device to aid their child/rens learning at CSC.  Recommendations of devices include three price points.


Finance Assistance Options

Including Camps, Sport and Excursion Fund (CSEF) and Centrepay forms.  Parents can also contact Karen Burton on 5479 1111 to discuss options for payment plans.





Precinct allocation and individual student timetables for 2018 will also be handed out directly to students next week in preparation for Step Up starting on Monday, 21 November.


I wish all the Year 10 and 11 students the best of luck for their exams next week.


Elissa O’Connor

Business Manager

Second-hand Books & Uniform Sale 2017

When:             Saturday 2 December 2017


Where:            Wellbeing Centre, Castlemaine Secondary College


How does it work? 

It is a trading place run by CSC families between CSC families. We got this idea from other schools who have used it successfully to exchange books and uniforms. It means that CSC does not handle any money or get stuck storing any out-of-date leftovers. Last year was our first attempt and we think we have ironed out some glitches ready for another crack! 


If you have something to sell:

  • Arrive 9.00am to set up your items on a sale table 
  • Double check your books are current for 2018
  • Price your items 

If you want to buy something:

  • Arrive from 9.30am when trading will start
  • Bring cash
  • Find what you want and pay the person selling the item the agreed price 
  • Go home feeling satisfied about how much you just saved! 

What sort of prices will items be?

Current Book lists for all year levels plus a uniform shop list with prices will be available 

Pricing is up to you but we can offer the following recommendations:

  • As new/ never worn 50-60% of original price
  • Used/ Good condition 30-40% of original price

What if I can't go?

Why not team up with another family? Last year we had one parent selling books for 4 different people.  Otherwise follow the Facebook Page for more trading (Castlemaine and District School Uniform and Books)


Can I donate items?

Yes please! As long as they are current books and clean uniforms, you can place them in the basket on the day for use at the school and sharing with our most disadvantaged students.


Can I help? 

Sure can. Please get in touch with Belinda if you have time or ideas on 0400 180 516 or email [email protected]

Students are busy..

Maths Competition

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the maths competition this year.


James Glasgow, Obie Adam, Oliver Daldy, Fionn Kennedy, Elwyn Carlile, Jessica Chandler, Lily Cook, Amy Ferguson, Alex Marney, Niamh O’Connor Smith, Ruben McDougal DiManno and Sidney Showell.


Well done to James Glasgow who was awarded a Distinction which placed him in the top 13% of the state.


Year 11 Drama  

An enthusiastic and captivated, sometimes literally, group of students from year 7 -12, witnessed a truly awesome spectacle in an excursion to see the Pop Up Globe performance of ‘As you like it’, at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Friday November 10. Stage fighting , interactive scenes and the odd tooth into the front row made sure we were all on our toes for the duration, some two and a half hours, as we witnessed Shakespeare as it was intended to be performed, popular and mass entertainment. Our peasant viewing spots actually enhanced the experience, and these students will now have first hand knowledge of the power of The Bard, up close and personal!

A fabulous experience.


Darren Lowe- Drama Teacher.

Digit IT Program

Elwyn Carlile of year 8 was one of 60 people invited to apply to participate in the Digit IT program for 2018.  This was because of her impressive results on both the Maths Competition and the Computational and Algorithmic Competition.

‘Digit is an awesome program designed to introduce students with potential to algorithmic thinking, coding and other aspects of ICT, and to encourage the continuance of ICT studies in senior secondary school and at tertiary level. It will combine two residential camps with a mentoring program over a six-month period.’

We wish Elwyn all the best with this exciting event.





Sharron Rossiter 

Maths Coordinator 

Year 7 Excursion

On Friday the 3rd of November, all year 7 students were invited to a community screening of the movie ‘Just Eat It’ a food waste story. We thank the Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group for providing the movie screening and buses and a huge thank you to the teachers involved.


Just Eat It, A Food Waste Documentary

By Sally Freeman-Smith,

Chloe Wrzesinski and Alina Greave


We arrived after a bus ride of trying to find a place that started with X, which finally resulted in us asking our Humanities teacher. We were then promptly kicked off the bus in town. Our journey to the town hall was just beginning, as it ended. We were there. We were introduced to two of the people involved in the prevention of food waste and the showing of the film. We sat down and began watching the film.


The documentary mainly focused on a couple who were trying to live off food that was wasted by other people and companies. They did this for six months. The couple  went digging through bins and through fruit and veggies that had not been sold or where not good enough to put on market and came back with their fridges, freezes and pantries full and sometimes found boxes full of chocolate or massive bags of chicken. Though the film was American many of the facts still applied to our lifestyles. We learnt that we were wasting one third of the food we bought. Many of us were surprised to see just how much food we were wasting.

Step Up..

Step-up Week

Step-up is on next week, November 27th till December 1st. Throughout the course of this semester, students and their families have gone on the journey of picking their subjects for next year, for Years 10-12, and electives for Year 7-9. The semester started with information sessions, subject selection day, and next week students complete a week of 2018 subjects.


Why is Step-up week so important? It allows students to hear what the course will be like next year, tryout some elements of the subject, and most importantly, inform students if they have picked the right subjects for them. We encourage students to talk with their teachers and past students, to learn as much as possible about each of their subjects.


Can a student change their subject? Yes. A student can change subjects now, during Step-up Week and in the first two weeks of each semester. Precinct leaders and the Assistant Principal finialise all subject changes in partnership with students and their families.


School Uniform

Summer is nearly here and the warm weather has arrived! Our school uniform protects our students from the sun; shirts with collars, long sleeve light shirts and our school hat. Our uniform is also very flexible allowing students to mix and match various elements to match the weather and their preference, including gender identity inclusive. The uniform is regularly reviewed with students and next year we see the introduction of modern, gender neutral dark blue pants.



SOAR Adventures

Dave Tolpett and his team have recently had the Graduation Ceremony of 2017 SOAR Adventures students. SOAR Adventures is for developing leaders and supports student in participating safely in outdoor adventure activities, building resilience and social emotional skills. The highlight adventure for 2017, was the huge trip to Central Australia. For approximately a week, students visited Alice Springs, Uluru and Hermannsburg, some of Australia’s most remote places. Students worked with volunteers to support other people who have less. An amazing experience for our staff and students and something they may never get to experience again.

Judith McLean

Assistant Principal 

School Council

WHAT WE’RE DOING - School Council is winding up for the year. The last bits of business we will have to jump into is approving budgets for next year, finalising our Camps and Excursions Review, approving specifications for a new website in our communications strategy, and getting ready for a new canteen service.


CANTEEN - You would have heard that Growing Abundance is no longer able to provide our canteen service. GA is hired by Council on a departmental contract. We were very committed to having healthy and local foods in our canteen and as part of the school culture, but GA is not in a position to renew their contract.


School Council will meet on the 22 Nov and discuss the  options for the Canteen operations in 2018.


NUDE FOOD - Speaking of food, please try and ensure that students are bringing NUDE FOODS to school in preparation for our Resource Smart school program, and as part of our Environmental Policy and drive to reduce waste.


NEW BUILDINGS - The new performance centre is going to be finished soon, and will be open for next year. Council is continuing to lobby the state government for funding for the last building in the Master Plan, the artisan space. As we told the education minister recently, this is Castlemaine, of course we need an art space! But we need to finish this last building so that we have a whole new school, and it remains a priority for us.


SUPPORT GROUPS - Council is responsible for supporting friends and parent groups at CSC. We have the Music Support Group, the Drama Support Group, Steiner Support Group, there is the Parent Teacher Support Group, and there is a Learning Difficulties Support Group which is not currently active. The good news is that we now have a Sports Support Group.


SPORTS SUPPORT GROUP - The Sports Support Group is being set up to help the sports teachers at CSC. It is a way for parents and friends to get involved, to help at events, and to create a variety of programs that support the curriculum eg parent-run sporting activities in the lunch time. Please enquire with the office staff for the parent contact. This will be featured in the newsletter for 2018.


Beth Mellick

School Council President

Sweet Tunes

2018 Musician of the Year.


What a fantastic night of amazing performances from Emmanuel and Eli Hall, Martineau Byrne,

Nioka Mellick-Cooper, Eva and Palmira Demaria O'Sullivan and Dante Michielin. The students presented 2 contrasting pieces to showcase their talents to this years adjudicator Dr Barry Bignell, who had the difficult job of deciding who would win the $150 first prize and $100 each for 2nd and 3rd prize. About 70 people attended the Musician of the Year Competition and all enjoyed refreshments provided by the Music Support Group while Barry took time to think through the students performances and  contribution to the school music program. In the end it was Emmanuel-1st Place, Dante-2nd Place and Eva-3rd Place. The students each received a medal on the night and will receive their prize money at Awards Night. Congratulations to all who participated.



Pop up Globe Excursion


An enthusiastic and captivated, sometimes literally, group of students from year 7 -12, witnessed a truly awesome spectacle in an excursion to see the Pop Up Globe performance of ‘As you like it’, at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Friday November 10. Stage fighting , interactive scenes and the odd tooth into the front row made sure we were all on our toes for the duration, some two and a half hours, as we witnessed Shakespeare as it was intended to be performed, popular and mass entertainment. Our peasant viewing spots actually enhanced the experience, and these students will now have first hand knowledge of the power of The Bard, up close and personal!

A fabulous experience.

Darren Lowe- DramaTeacher

Recital Night Year 9



Year 11 Drama  

Major performance for Unit 2, an extended piece on the theme of Australian Immigration, using Shaun Tans ‘The Arrival’, as stimulus.

Performed Tuesday , November 14.

Darren Lowe- Drama Teacher.


Year 7/8 T20 Cricket Reports

On Wednesday 1st November the Year 7/8 cricket teams went to Ballarat to play in the T20 Milo Cricket Carnival. This was a modified version of cricket ran by Cricket Victoria aimed at increased participation and everyone having fun while playing cricket.


Year 7 Girls

On Wednesday 1st November we went to cricket and had lots of fun. We went to Victoria Park in Ballarat. The Year seven girls won all three of their games and made it to the grand final. Our team included Tia Davidge, Jemma Cole, Jess Rhone, Abby Franklin, Ashley Pertzel, Rena Addollahi, Hayley Colquhoun and Maisie Taylor.

Our First game against Beaufort Secondary College was really good and both teams did well. Our second game against Damascus College was a little harder but luckily we still won. Our last game before the final was tough and a close match but we won against Ballarat Secondary.

In the Grandfinal we played Ballarat Secondary again, the same team as the last round and unfortunately we lost.
Overall it was a great day and everyone had fun. Thanks to Tarni Williams who came along to score.

Written by Jemma Cole and Jess Rhone.

Year 7 Boys

The Year Seven boys team consisted of Fionn Kennedy, Daniel Chaplin, Tyson Jackson, Kody Girvan, Campbell McLennan, Oliver Daldy, Kohen Williams and Olando Demaria- O’Sullivan.

In the first game against Damascus we played really well. We won the toss and selected to bowl. In our eight overs we got five wickets for 58 runs. Then we batted and made 125..
In the Second game we played Beaufort. We won the toss and selected to bowl again. They made 71. We batted next and made 139. We won by 68 runs.

In our last game which was the Grandfinal, we made 169 and Beaufort made 117.

Next stop is Melton for the Western finals!

Written by Daniel Chaplin


Year 8 Girls

The Year Eight girls had to play three games on the day against Damascus College, Beaufort Secondary and Ballarat Secondary.  The team consisted of Shae Clifford, Holly Giddings, Abi Gunter, Gemma Papadimos, Jacqui Roberts, Georgia Roberts and Kasey Button.

The girls won all their games. When it was announced we were in the finals everyone was so pleased. We played Ballarat Secondary College in the final and got five wickets, while they got six. We ended up making more runs so we won by twelve runs.

We are now off to the Western finals In Melton to be played on the 22nd November.

Community Notices


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