03 November 2017
Week 4.4 - Issue 17
From the Principal
From the Dean of Studies
Pastoral Care
From Student Ministry
Year 9 Humanities
Go for 2 & 5 WA All Schools Championships 2017
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We pray that our school will be filled with love
We pray that our learning will be full of truth
We pray that our playground will be full of joy
We pray that our friendships will be full of forgiveness
We pray that our teachers will be full of wisdom
We pray that our community will be full of hope
May we run with your love
Build on your truth
Play with your joy
Share your forgiveness
Rest in your wisdom every day
St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College

Since the last newsletter, there have been some of the big highlight events on our College calendar.


We farewelled our Year 12 students in Week 2 with a host of Graduation events. The highlight was a beautiful Mass celebrated in St Joseph’s Church, followed by a ceremony and presentation of graduates. The day also included a lovely breakfast cooked by our Year 11 leaders, a spirited assembly and a supper in Ludolph Court following the Mass. Many thanks to all of our staff and students involved in each of these aspects of Graduation and to our families for their ongoing support.

Our annual Presentation Night was held at the Perth Concert Hall on Tuesday this week, reflecting the exquisite talents of our students in the areas of faith, arts, sport, academia and service to others. It is always wonderful to see the level of student involvement in the event. Special commendation to our masters of ceremonies for the evening Darcey Pilkington and Aldric Ratnasekera who did a tremendous job and received many rave reviews. Thanks to Miss Kerri Hilton and Mr Scott Hodgen for their coordination of the evening and the many staff who supported them. Particular congratulations to all students who were acknowledged throughout the evening, as well as three staff who were recognised for 20 years’ service to St Norbert College: Miss Maureen Smith, Mr Mark Van Der Leeden and Mrs Anne Spinks.

The Year 12 WACE examinations commenced with Physics held on Wednesday morning after the Presentation Night. Our prayers are with all of our students who will complete examinations in the coming weeks.


Traditionally at the start of November, we faithfully acknowledge All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, remembering the Saints and those we have loved and lost from this earthly life. We are all touched by death and loss and the marking of these times with solemn occasions such as All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day brings some consolation and a reminder of our eternal life in heaven.


If we spend our earthly pilgrimage filling our minds with thoughts of heaven, when we finally cross over into eternal life, the images we see may not be foreign, startling or strange. We, too might be able to echo those words: 'My God, I know this place. I am home.'” (Fr Thomas Rosica CSB).

God Bless,

Mr S Harvey (Principal)


Year 12 Awards

The following awards were presented at the Year 12 Final Assembly held on Friday 20 October.  Congratulations to the following students:


Presentation Night 2017 - Special Awards


Principal's Medallions were awarded to:


Dux and Proxime Accessit 

Dux, Proxime Accessit, Norbertine Canons' Award and Student Ministry awards were awarded to:



From the Dean of Studies


Our Year 12 students commenced their ATAR Exams this week with our Year 11 examinations commencing on Monday 6 November 2017.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Future exam dates for Year 9 and 10 students are as follows: 


                                                                  Years 9 and 10             20 - 24 November


Timetables have been distributed to Years 9-11 students and are available from SEQTA Documents.

A useful link about revision and study:


Year 11 ATAR students will be required to return to school on Wednesday and Thursday 15 – 16 November to review their exams and Friday 17 November 2017 for an Assembly, Mass and to collect their Statement of Results.


Please contact the College if your child is sick and unable to sit an exam. A medical certificate will be required.

Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Underage Drinking: What Should Parents Know?

As a parent of two young children, I have become increasingly aware of how many questions parents have, as well as the countless conflicting opinions on how to raise a child well. My children are not teenagers yet, so I have not yet had to deal with the delicate topic of alcohol and other drugs with them. Through my work in the field, however, I have come across countless parents trying to find out how to best tackle issues such as underage drinking and other drug use.


These parents often end up with more questions than answers, or feel helpless to do anything to encourage positive behaviour in their young person. I want to make it clear that each parent is absolutely the expert on their young person. However, what do we actually know from the research when it comes to parenting, alcohol, and other drugs?


1. Young people learn from what they see

Parents often underestimate how much influence they have on their young person’s decisions. Young people’s perceptions of social norms are shaped by their parents, and the behaviours that parents model can impact their young person. For example, parental modelling of healthy behaviours (such as moderating or eliminating alcohol consumption) has been shown to reduce the amount that young people drink, both now, and later in life.

2. Parenting style can have a big impact

‘Effective parenting’ incorporates a warm and supportive parent–child relationship that includes setting clear and consistent boundaries and is accepting of the need for psychological autonomy. For example, having open lines of parent-child communication, where a young person is free to explore their views and opinions, helps them feel like their opinion is being heard. A parent is then aware of their young person’s thoughts and concerns, can provide feedback in an open, non-judgemental way and can provide reasons to support the rules that they have in place. This style of parenting, termed ‘authoritative parenting’ has been shown to reduce underage drinking and other drug use in young people, as well as increase various other wellbeing measures.


3. Even ‘just a sip’ may influence drinking habits

There are many contexts in which a parent may allow their child to drink underage. It may be a sip of the parent’s wine, offering a beer over dinner, or sending them to a party with a limited amount of alcohol. From the research, it is clear that the more a young person is permitted to drink by their parents, the more likely they are to engage with underage drinking and drink at risky levels later in life. But what about those little sips? Research in the USA showed that even small sips can contribute to a young person’s later decisions about drinking alcohol. Australian research is currently underway to better understand the effects of parents or others giving sips of alcohol to young people. Given the current evidence, the Australian alcohol guidelines state that for people under the age of 18, no alcohol is the safest option.


Our encouragement to parents is to think about the role of alcohol in their home, what they are modelling to their children, and to provide clear, consistent boundaries about what is expected. The behaviours that parents model, as well as their years of parenting investment, significantly influence the choices young people make, even in the teenage years. As we encourage parents in our Party Safe Education seminars: these years are a time to trust your teen and your parenting!


Written by Andrew Scholefield and taken from Generation Youth website.


More information about Encounter Youth and their Party Safe Education seminars is available from their website


Pastoral Care Team

From Student Ministry

2017 Christmas Appeal

The Student  Ministry Centre is once again running a Christmas Appeal for Shopfront and the Emmaus Community in Queens Park. We are collecting donations of non-perishable food items. The sorts of donations that can be included are Christmas cakes, puddings, long life custard, fruit mince pies, lollies, canned food, chocolate share packs, shortbread biscuits, boxes of chocolates, biscuits and soft drink. All donations can be handed into Reception, Student Ministry or through Homerooms. Staff at the College will deliver the food hampers at the end of the year.


Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)

Year 9 Humanities

Year 9 Humanities Incursion – Electoral Education Centre

On Thursday 2 November, Year 9 students as part of their studies of Civics and Citizenship were visited by the Electoral Education Centre to learn about the process of preferential voting. The incursion allowed students to build upon their knowledge and understanding of what it means to live in a democracy and the freedoms experienced by Australians in exercising their democratic right to vote and thus choosing who will represent their interests in both Federal and State politics. Students thoroughly enjoyed the incursion and were given the opportunity to take part in a mock election to see first-hand how votes are formally counted and how a winner is decided using the preferential voting system.


Mr A McGoorty (Humanities Teacher)

Go for 2 & 5 WA All Schools Championships 2017

Go for 2 & 5

On the weekend of 27-29 October a number of St Norbert College students competed in the Go for 2 & 5 WA All Schools Championships 2017 held at the WA Athletics Centre. I was fortunate to be able to attend on Saturday evening and was proud of the way our students represented themselves in competition and our yellow athletics singlets definitely stood out from the crowd! I saw a number of our students on course whether they were competing or spectating and was delighted to see Alex DeSilva presented with his gold medal in the U/14 Boys Hammer Throw and a bronze medal in the U/14 Boys Shot Put, along with Caleb Yende-Emoko being awarded a bronze medal for the U/14 Boys High Jump – a terrific performance competing in the older age group. Well done to Holly Giles, Zeta Stevens and Francesco Tilli who I saw compete as well. Congratulations to all students who competed over the three days with special mentions to the following students who qualified for the Australian All Schools Championship held in Adelaide in December:

  • MJ Jansen van Rensburg**
  • Jaco Jansen van Rensburg***
  • Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn****
  • Alex De Silva**
  • Caleb Yende-Emoko**
  • Lubin Benedict******
  • Cooper Jenkins**

* = number of events as competitor or reserve (apologies if I have missed anyone!)

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons Reminder – No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term 4, without financial penalty, Music Administration must receive written notice from parents.

Mr C Beins (Director of Music)

Social Media

Follow St Norbert College on Facebook and Twitter!

A reminder to all parents and guardians that St Norbert College has a very active presence on Facebook and Twitter! Like and follow our pages to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events happening at the College, as well as for photos from major College events.





Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)


Humanities International Tour 2017 - "HIT"

It is with great pleasure and sincere excitement that I announce the Humanities International Tour for April 2019, for Senior School students. The year groups involved, will be Year 10s, 11s and 12s in 2019. The Tour will be an unmatchable learning opportunity for all VET and ATAR students. Please see attached document for dates for our Information Night.

Dr A Runco

(Head of Learning Area - Humanites

and Social Science)


Woolworths 'Earn and Learn' Stickers


Thank you for your contribution to the Physical Education Department's Earn and Learn collection this year. Our goal was to beat last year's 5500 stickers. We well and truly did that collecting 9600 stickers. Thank you! We greatly appreciate your contribution to this collection.

With these stickers the PE Department has managed to order more than expected! We have on order: lunchtime equipment such as AFL balls, soccer balls and netballs. With the rapid improvement of our AFL teams this year I have also ordered an AFL target for accuracy practice. Other items include hand-held squeeze whistles so that students can umpire games during PE lessons and co-curricular games while maintaining a high level of hygiene.

Again, thank you for your contributions. I'm sure the students will get great use out of the items we have coming.

Mrs M Robinson (Head of Health and

Physical Education)

College Co-curricular Photographs

The College Co-curricular photographs were taken in Week 9 of Term 3. Thank you for your support in ensuring the organisation and personal presentation standards of your child.

If you wish to purchase copies of these photos, they are available for purchase online through


The following ‘shoot keys’ can be used to view and purchase the photographs taken on the day.


General:          459Y65ZW

Music:              LKHNPYCZ

Year 12:           WT3MRQR8

Athletics:        6EAHDGHL

Basketball:     E87D9YKC

Football:         TYYCP46Q

Netball:           JZV9228R

Soccer:             ABP7LA8J

Other Sport:   F66UT5P2


Please contact me at the College on 9350 5433 or at [email protected], if you have any queries regarding this matter.

Mr R D'Almeida (College Photograph Coordinator)

Thanksgiving Mass

Please be advised that the date and time of the College Thanksgiving Mass has changed:

From: Tuesday 5 December at 7.00pm to  Friday 8 December at 9.15am.  ALL WELCOME!

Mrs N Quinn (Deputy Principal)

Uniform Shop

Opening times Term 4:

 Monday 8.00am - 12.00 noon and

Thursday 1.00pm - 5.00pm.

Uniform Shop is now taking second-hand clothing.

On Sale:   Shelf Bra Bathers  $45.00

                     Normal Bathers     $36.00

                     Crop Tops                 $22.00


Please be aware that the Uniform Shop’s last trading day will be 7 December 2017.

Please check the newsletter and school website for opening times for January.





Thursday 18 January 2018  1.00pm – 6.00pm

Monday 22 January 2018     9.00am – 2.00pm

Monday 29 January 2018     9.00am – 1.00pm


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Youth Women's Team Information


Humanities International Tour.pdf
Youth Womens Team Yr 7 to 8 .pdf