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11 October 2017
Issue 30
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Upcoming Events

Wednesday 11th October

Year 9 Camp #2 Huntington House to 13/10


Saturday 14th October

IPSHA R7 Summer resumes

Growing Good Men Weekend to 15/10


Monday 16th October

Year 9 Camp #3 Huntington House to 18/10

HSC Begins / Wellbeing Week


Wednesday 18th October

Year 9 Camp #4 Huntington House to 20/10


Friday 20th October

'Book Breakfast' in the Senior Library


Saturday 21st October



Monday 23rd October

Performing Arts Festival Week


Tuesday 24th October

Snowy Hike Practice Hike

Rugby Supporters' Club AGM


Wednesday 25th October

Year 12, 2018 Study Day #1


Thursday 26th October

Investiture 2018 Senior Leaders at The Concourse


Saturday 28th October



Sunday 29th October

College Orchestra Workshop


Monday 30th October

Yr 9 Camp #5 Huntington House to 1/11

Wednesday 1st November

Year 12, 2018 Parent Information Evening







Saturday 4th November

Years 5 & 6 (2018) Orientation Morning

P&F Morning Tea


Monday 6th November

Year 10 Assessment Block begins to 10/11



Tuesday 7th November

Year 7, 2018 Orientation Day


Friday 10th November

Remembrance Day Assembly

Year 12 Formal


Saturday 11th November


New Enrolments 2018 Music Auditions 1


Tuesday 14th November

Years 5-9 Exams begin


Saturday 18th November


New Enrolments 2018 Music Auditions 2


Thursday 23rd November

Year 7 Vaccination Clinic #3


Friday 24th November

Founder's Day Festival


Saturday 25th November



Monday 27th November

Year 10 Immersions / ABW Begins


Thursday 30th November

Year 10 Dinner Dance


Friday 1st December

Year 11 conclude

Snowy Hike departs to 7/12

Christmas Twilight Concert


Monday 4th December

Year 10 Peer Support Training



Tuesday 5th December

Year 10 Peer Support Training

Years 5-10 Reports on Portal


Wednesday 6th December

Junior School Prizegiving Day

Years 5-10 Closing Mass

Term 4 Concludes


Thursday 7th December

Staff Day

P/T Interviews (if requested)


Monday 11th December

College Office open


Thursday 14th December

HSC Results


Friday 15th December

Year 12 BBQ


























From the Acting Principal     

Photo: Year 12 Graduation Mass

  • Prayer for the HSC Class of 2017
  • Year 12 Graduation
  • Holiday Activity
  • School Uniform




God we ask that our students feel your closeness during

the HSC exam period. Give them calm hearts and quiet confidence

in the knowledge that you hold them in the palm of your hand.

Bless them with keen understanding and retentive memory.

Give them the ability to grasp things correctly, be exact in their

explanations and an ability to express themselves clearly.

Point out clearly the beginning, direct their progress and help them

in the completion of each of their responses.

Holy Spirit send them your gifts of wisdom and knowledge.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

    Blessed Edmund Rice             Pray for Us

Live Jesus in Our Hearts         Forever


As a community we keep our Year 12 students warmly in our thoughts and prayers as they prepare to commence their HSC on Monday 16th October. Their first Exam is English – Paper 1. Our prayer and wish is for all of their efforts to be richly rewarded in producing their best over the next four weeks.


Year 12 Graduation 

The Class of 2017 graduated in fine style on the last Thursday and Friday of Term 3. The College celebrated their successes on the Thursday with our Internal Graduation in The Concourse, where each graduand was presented to his College.

Friday commenced with a very moving Mass celebration in Our Lady of Dolours Church where our Class of 2017 celebrated their last Mass together, along with their families. The celebrations continued with the graduands and parents at Miramare Gardens, where their service and achievements were well acknowledged and rewarded.

Please click on the gallery of photos below.



Holiday Activity

Though our College may appear closed over the two week vacation period activity does not cease. The Language Department, led by Ms Kara Manga, Miss Leanne Ho and Mr David Blake, conducted a most successful China Immersion experience. Our young men have returned with so many great stories, equal to the praise they received for their excellent behaviour and involvement. This certainly is a lifetime opportunity for these students.


Our First and Second XI Cricketers had very strong trials against Sydney Green Shield, St Aloysius College and the Shore School. The games provided great experience for our new squad. Our Basketballers were offered a three day Camp and the 1st V and Junior Teams were involved in the Sydney Shootout that we hosted at our excellent facilities at Oxford Falls.


The classrooms did not sit idle with lessons, seminars and workshops being held by our staff for various HSC classes.  Certainly great opportunities for our HSC students’ preparation for the coming exams.


John Couani sends his prayers and best wishes to us all from Johannesburg, South Africa. As t Pius X College is a lead school in the Edmund Rice Beyond Borders Program, John is visiting various Edmund Rice schools and ministries to forge our commitment with our international partners and certainly learn more for us to benefit from as well.


On John’s departure on the first Saturday of the holidays, he bumped into our Chinese Immersion Party at the Airport and then was on the same flight to South Africa as our Wallabies, capturing this photo of two great “Pius Leaders” with our Old Boy and Wallaby Captain, Michael Hooper.



John will return on Monday 16th October with a wealth of stories and opportunities for our young men to benefit from.



School Uniform

The Summer Uniform consists of a regulation grey (Year 5 – 10) or white short sleeve shirt (Years 11 and 12), that does up at the collar and worn with the College tie. The College blue shorts or grey trousers (Years 7 to 12 only) are worn at the waist supported by a black belt.  If wearing shorts our boys wear the College long socks with garters, or black or grey socks with the long pants. Footwear must be black leather lace-up shoes that take a shine.


On colder days the College jumper is able to be worn. The new College rain jacket has been an excellent addition that our students enjoy wearing on wet days and as part of their Sports Uniform.  The College Uniform also includes the College Backpack.


I was very pleased in addressing our young men at Assembly on Monday morning, and then being in the classroom and around the playground, to notice that our boys are in great spirit with a polished appearance in their Summer Uniform. We continue to encourage them in this regard as they have now begun in earnest and vigour to embrace all the College has to offer them.


Mr Mark Casey - Acting Principal

Mission & Social Justice 

Photo: Social Justice - Toiletries for Matthew Talbot Drive

Mission & Identity

Anniversaries are always significant milestones, no matter your situation, and allow us to reflect on what we have achieved. During the holidays Edmund Rice Education had its 10th Anniversary.  In establishing the EREA Council the Christian Brothers gave this Council responsibility for all of its Schools. Although each of our schools has its own identity and Boards it is wonderful to walk into any EREA school and immediately feel a familiarity by seeing evidence of the centrality of Edmund Rice, the EREA Charter and of course our guiding Touchstones.

For many of our EREA schools the presence and contact with Christian Brothers is limited but at St Pius X College we are indeed fortunate to have Brother Carl Sherrin on staff as our Archivist. Brother Carl is also an ‘Old Boy’ of St Pius X College and brings his extensive experience in Christian Brothers Schools to the various roles he has served, including Principal, together with a wealth of historical knowledge of our own heritage and story.

As Paul D. Oakley says on behalf of the Council, ‘The continuing development of EREA has only been possible because of the generous contributions of the Christian Brothers and all our parents, staff, students and administrators.’ (See the document below).


We have begun planning for our Year 10 Immersions. Notes went out this week and students are to return them to Mr Pawlak by Monday 16th October.


Congratulations to all the Years 10 and 11 students who have now completed their CIP hours. Once again these students have been a credit not only to our College but also to the legacy given to us by Edmund Rice.

Our next Mass will be held in the Christian Brothers Chapel at 8.00am on Tuesday the 24th of October.

Ms D Dempsey - Assistant Principal Mission & Identity


Toiletries for Matthew Talbot Drive.

Next Monday we launch the Toiletries for Matthew Talbot Drive and for the next two weeks there will be a collection point in the foyer where you can deposit any men’s toiletries and personal grooming items. These goods will then be collected by the Junior School Edmund Rice Society members and put into Christmas toiletry packs for the men of Matthew Talbot Men’s Hostel.


Mr David Blake – Social Justice Coordinator

Student & Parent Matters

Photo: Year 9 Camp #1 at Huntington House

  • Parent Information Evening - Year 12, 2018
  • From the Head of Student Services:

            -    Year 9 Camps at Huntington House - Weeks 1, 2 and 4 this Term
            -    Boxercise with the Tribal Warrior Redfern All Blacks
            -    Liam Knight Walk
            -    Kings School National Boys Education Conference

  • Book Breakfast in the Senior Resource Centre for Parents:  an inspirational event for fathers, mothers, sons and cricketers!
  • Kokoda Track Expedition 2018
  • Term 4 Parent/Son Bootcamp at SPX Sarto Gym
  • Forest Coachlines - Changes to School Student Travel in Term 4 ​
  • General Notices:  
     St Joseph's College Spring Fair - Sunday 12th November 2017


Parent Information Evening – Year 12 2018

An information evening for parents of students undertaking the HSC in  2018 will be held on Wednesday 1st November in the College Gymnasium commencing at 6.30pm.

Mr A Damo - Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning


From the Head of Student Services

Year 9 Camps at Huntington House - Weeks 1, 2 and 4 this Term

In an exciting first full year group use of the refurbished Huntington House, Mr Ticli’s Year 9 cohort are enjoying the Respectful Men of Honour themed Camp at Terrigal. Featuring team building beach and stand up paddle boarding sessions as well as a walk and yarn with local indigenous elder Stuart McMinn, and reflection of journey and rites of passage, the camp complements the Year 9 Gospel Spirituality theme of Service and Action through the Good Samaritan quote: “Go and do likewise”. Our young men will pursue 14 outcomes through the camp experience:

  1. Demonstrates a positive level of personal organisation, hygiene and empathy for others.
  2. Contributes positively to the outcomes of the St Pius X College Year 9 Camp.
  3. Maintains balance and paddle, turn and propel a stand up paddle board for over 400m.
  4. Participates positively and pro-actively in team building activities.
  5. Completes a character enneagram analysis in good spirit of growth mindset.
  6. Participates authentically in prayer, meditation and mindfulness reflection.
  7. Demonstrates positive awareness, respect and concern for the environment.
  8. Participates in a 6km return hike with respect for the environment and others around him.
  9. Shows respect for integration, inclusiveness and indigenous culture both historical and contemporary.
  10. Contributes positively to learning and practicing principles of food preparation, service for others, packing up of utensils, tools, equipment and areas.
  11. Participates effectively in developing skills, knowledge and fitness in the aquatic environment.
  12. Maintains IC / phone technology free integration and communication with peers over the camp duration.
  13. Reflects positively on place, journey of self, and in community, through participation and completion of a letter to future self.
  14. Shows genuine positive respect, concern and care for others in community through greetings, communication and conduct.

The hope is that our young men of Year 9 will leave a lasting legacy of learning and integrity for generations of St Pius X College students to follow similar to the inclusive rich learning experiences within our pastoral care programs such as the Year 7 Ski Trip, Year 11 Snowy Hike and Year 12 Bush Retreats.


St Pius X College Students and Ms Foord Boxercise with the Tribal Warrior Redfern All Blacks

The College was well represented in an initiative led by Years 9/10 Wellbeing Coordinator Ms Foord on both Friday mornings during the holidays. Year 10 students Chris Pelle, Jack Cooper, Kai Simpson and Joseph Sacre joined Sam Barrell and Daniel Fileman from Year 9 at Boxercise sessions with the “Tribal Warrior” inspired Redfern Community initiative “Clean Slate Without Prejudice”. It was both a great inspiration and a challenge to box with members of the Redfern All Blacks Indigenous Rugby League Team just prior to their Koori Cup Knockout Competition, won by The RAB Women’s Team and Newcastle Yowies Men’s Team.

Police Superintendent Sam Crisafulli (father of Jacob and Mitchell in Year 12) is an advocate for the initiative, ensuring the local community and Police work together for the good of all. The 6.00am sessions, held at Eveleigh Street Block Community Centre and the National Indigenous Centre of Excellence, are concluded by a celebration of “Language” by the youngest children in attendance who can express themselves in native languages, and a circle of shared celebration of inclusive culture. It has been a privilege for the SPX representatives to be welcome and part of such a meaningful expression of positive culture.


Liam Knight Walk

Congratulations to all members of the St Pius X College community who supported Liam Knight’s White Knight Foundation on the first Sunday of the September school holidays. The 250 participants who walked the Spit to Manly Track raised over $12,000, supplemented by $10,000 from major sponsor Amaysim, to support the rehabilitation of victims of violence in the community.

A mix of students, staff, parents and Old Boys attended the Walk and subsequent BBQ at Manly Esplanade.  It was a great event featuring Liam, who continues to improve his mobility and public speaking skills, his mother Mary, brothers Shane, Todd and Kyle and a host of ex-students including Anthony Bradstreet and Nathan Petersen.


Kings School National Boys Education Conference

Congratulations to Senior Studies Coordinator Mr Tony Cunneen and Mindmatters Year 10 Student empowerment Team Facilitator Ms Veronica Kugananthan who presented at the Kings National Boys Education Conference on Monday 9th October. They presented on the highly regarded Year 12 Bush Retreat Program which Mr Cunneen has been successfully running at St Pius X College for over 20 years. The Bush Retreat program has added great value and been a significant rite of passage experience for generations of our students. It is fitting therefore that we share our insights from this element of our Pastoral Care programs with other like-minded educational institutions through Mr Cunneen and Ms Kugananthans’ expertise.

Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


A Special Book Breakfast that will get you in a Spin

Brad Hogg is a spin bowler, Test cricketer and in his forties became a T20 superstar. At 46 he has just re-signed for another Big Bash season with the Melbourne Renegades.

St Pius X College Dad, Greg Growden, a highly regarded former Sydney Morning Herald journalist has ghost written “The wrong 'un : the Brad Hogg story” and is speaking at a very special breakfast for parents and sons organised by the Senior School Library.

Cricketers, coaches and their supporters will find Brad Hogg’s story and aspiring writers will find Greg’s telling of it an inspiration. Hogg waited seven years between his first and 2nd test call up - finding income as the local postie. But Hogg’s love for the game jettisoned him from the back blocks of WA’s bush fields to the WACA and onto the world stage. He also was forced to quit cricket but was determined to return…. which he did in dramatic circumstances.

Greg will discuss the relationship of ghost writer to subject, how this biography came about, Brad Hogg’s humour as well as read from the book and answer questions.

He will also discuss his next book “Wallabies at War”  which is being published next year. This will be his 15th book.

Greg has kindly agreed to sign copies of his book if you’d like to purchase one at the special SPX discount price of $20.

This is the Senior Library’s  first Book Breakfast and fathers, mothers and sons are invited. Enjoy a light breakfast at this fascinating presentation.  Please RSVP here to this event for catering purposes.

Ms K Keighery - Senior Teacher Librarian

Kokoda Track Expedition 2018

Training Begins!

The best thing about daylight saving is that you get to rise an hour earlier! This was put to good use on the weekend with our first practice hike for the upcoming Kokoda Track Expedition. The group of fathers, mothers and students hiked over 13km from Brooklyn to Cowan through the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. All participants demonstrated a good level of fitness and many questions and discussion were had around expectations on the “Track”.

Information for the next practice hike will be advertised shortly.


A big thankyou to Mr S Brannan, Mr D Reay and Mr T Long for their assistance with this hike. If you are interested in joining the expedition please email Mr de Silva at the College.


Mr P de Silva - Outdoor Education Coordinator


Year 11 Snowy Hike Mandatory Training

If your son has completed the initial requirements for selection for this year’s Snowy Hike and if all registration and payments were completed by the due date then you would have received an email with details around the mandatory training to be held at Acron Oval and Oxford Falls. This is a reminder.


The practice hike will take place after school on Tuesday 24th October 2017 from 3.30pm to Wednesday 25th October 2017 at 9.00am, prior to the Study Day at Oxford Falls.

The hike will start at Acron Oval St Ives and end in Frenchs Forest. Your son will travel by coach to Acron Oval after school and will be returned by coach to Oxford Falls. Your son will then camp at Oxford Falls overnight and participate in a number of preparatory workshops. Dinner will be provided. He will remain at Oxford Falls for his Study Day.


An email was sent advising the equipment and other requirements for this activity.  All questions may be directed to Mr P de Silva.

Mr P de Silva - Outdoor Education Coordinator


Term 4 Parent/Son Bootcamp at SPX Sarto Gym

Please see details in the flyer below.



Forest Coachlines: Term 4 Changes to Student Travel 

From Sunday 8th October Frenchs Forest Road and Naree Road will be one-way westbound only between Patanga Road and Forest Way, with on-street parking removed.  Eastbound traffic will need to use alternative routes. Detours and signage will be in place for all vehicles and buses.

The changes will be in place for up to ten months to allow Roads and Maritime Services to carry out essential work on the Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrade project.


Additional traffic is expected on Warringah Road, Forest Way and Wakehurst Parkway while the changes are in place. Parents and staff are encouraged to allow extra time, particularly during the AM and PM peak traffic periods.  Students are advised to allow extra time to travel to their HSC exams during October/November 2017.


Eastbound buses on Frenchs Forest Road will be diverted and use new stops on Warringah Road. This will impact bus routes 136, 169, 173, 280, E69 and L60, as well as the following school specials:

Pedestrian walkways will be available between Frenchs Forest Road and Warringah Road to help customers access the new bus stops.  Please refer to the maps below for details of the bus diversions and alternative stop locations. You can also talk to the transport customer assistance staff wearing pink shirts, who will be at affected stops for three days before and after the changes.  


Mr M Casey - Deputy Principal​

Term 4 Parent/Son Bootcamp at SPX Sarto Gym 

Please see details in the flyer below.


General Notices


St Joseph's College Spring Fair  - Sunday 12th November 2017 


for Students & Families

Photo: 'Tuning into Teens' - Term 4 Parenting Courses at Chatswood and Brookvale

  • 'Tuning into Teens' - Term 4 Parenting Courses at Chatswood and Brookvale
  • Morning Boxercise at SPX


'Tuning into Teens': Emotionally Intelligent Parenting 

Five-session parenting course for parents of TEENS - Chatswood & Brookvale locations

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with your teenager?
  • Understand your teenager?
  • Help your teenager with emotional intelligence and managing emotions?
  • Prevent some teenager behaviour problems?
  • Teach your teenager to deal with conflict?




A reminder that Boxercise is held every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am in the Junior School playground.  This MindMatters initiative provides friendship, fun and fitness to strengthen students’ resilience and general sense of wellbeing.  Classes are free to all students.



Mr R Russo - College Counsellor

P&F Events


  • P&F Annual General Meeting - 6th November 
  • Year 7 Parent Get-Together - Friday 17th November
  • Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December
  • Year 10 Parent Get-Together - Friday 3rd November
  • Founder's Day 24th November 2017 - PARENT HELPERS REQUIRED!


P&F Annual General Meeting - 6th November 2017

The P&F AGM will be held on Monday 6th November 2017 at 7.30pm in the Sarto Centre.  In accordance with the P&F Constitution all positions on the P&F Executive Committee become vacant at the AGM. 


Each current member of the committee is eligible to stand for re-election.  However the P&F always welcomes new members to the committee. Being a committee member is a rewarding way for parents to be more involved in the College, meet new people and to have a direct say in the decisions and outcomes of the P&F, representing all parents of the College and contributing to the College and the students and conducting social activities for the parents. 


The P&F Committee is made of many positions.  It is flexible and thus you can volunteer to any capacity that suits your busy lives. The team is assisted by a significant number of volunteers from within the school community who assist at each event, making it a productive, social and satisfying way of being involved in the school community.


After five years as President, Paul Hunt has decided not to stand for re-election as President at this AGM.  However he will continue to assist the P&F whilst his son is in Year 12 in 2018.  Whilst some parents have already expressed interest, each person interested in the position of President is invited to speak to Paul Hunt on 0400 503 074 (and/or College Principal Mr John Couani). 


Many of the current P&F committee members are in their last year with the College so we are looking for new members to continue the great work and community spirit. If you are interested please feel free to contact any of the current team members (contact numbers are on the P&F website) to discuss what each position entails.


  • President – currently Paul Hunt (Year 11)
  • Vice President – currently Rodger Paino (Year 11)
  • Treasurer – currently Mariano Rossetto (Years 11 & 7)
  • Secretary – Sarah Gillard (Year 6)
  • Assistant Secretary – Nadine Robson (Year 7)
  • Social Coordinator – Braelen Zwart (Years 11 & 7)
  • Communications Team – Viv Raynor (Year 11), Nadine Robson (Year 7), Rodger Paino (Year 11)


The P&F is an integral part of the school community, assisting with many activities your son(s) participate in throughout the year, examples being the Kokoda expedition, Boxercise, Robotics and PAPA to name a few. We look forward to meeting many new faces at the upcoming AGM and throughout the year ahead.



Year 7 Parent Get-Together - Friday 17th November

Join Year 7 parents for a casual Friday night drink and/or a bite to eat at The Greens North Sydney from 6pm (   We have reserved an area but please RSVP to the Year 7 class parents via email before 11th November so we can ensure enough seating for all.


Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December Save the Date

Save the Date!  ​Year 7 Class mums are also organising an end of year picnic for all families on Sunday 3rd December.  More details to follow.  Stay tuned!


Year 10 Parent Get-Together - Friday 3rd November

At The Willoughby Hotel - more details to come!


Founder's Day 24th November - HELPERS REQUIRED

Each November the whole school comes together for the Founder’s Day Festival at Oxford Falls.  We need around 15 Parent Volunteers to assist with the lunch preparation between 8.00am and 11:30am. You can help at any time during those hours so if 8.00am is too early that's OK, come sometime later!


If you can help please put the date in your diary NOW and let me know via [email protected].  I will work out a roster closer to the event.


Nadine Robson

[email protected]

0412 272 056


Department News

Photo: Manly Jazz Festival

  • Performing Arts


Performing Arts  


Congratulations to the Senior Jazz Band and their Director Mr Geoff Power on a wonderful performance at the Manly Jazz Festival during the holidays. The Band presented a 45 minute set to an extremely appreciative audience who were vocal in their praise and admiration of the group. Thank you to the parents of these boys for allowing us to disrupt your holiday plans so that they could participate.



Congratulations to Lachlan Donlevy (Year 10) who performed at this concert last night at the Sydney Opera House. Lachlan is a member of the Young Men’s Choir, which is one of the many Choirs of the Sydney Children’s Choir program. In the final three songs of the concert, Lachlan sang alongside members of the world famous Vienna Boys Choir, which was founded way back in 1296! To add to his accomplishments, Lachlan has also successfully auditioned for the National Choral School, which will see him attend a 2 week residential program during the January school holidays. We wish Lachlan well with his singing studies and look forward to hearing him in the future.



The Annual General Meeting of the Performing Arts Parents Association (PAPA) is taking place TONIGHT, Wednesday 11th October, in the Core Music Room at 7.00pm. Parking is available in the Junior School yard and light refreshments will be served. Parents of boys involved in Drama and Music at the College are encouraged to attend.



Preparations and rehearsals are well underway for this Festival which will take place in Week 3 of this term. Each night starts at 5.30pm and parking is available in the College yard. The specific day for each tutor is listed below, along with the venue. No further entrants can be taken.


Monday 23 October:           Strings and Voice: Talati S and Goodwin: BMR

Monday 23 October:           Woodwind: Andrews and Dollin: Gym

Tuesday 24 October:           Percussion: Lewandowski and Talati I: BMR

Tuesday 24 October:           Brass: Power, Sismey, Blunt, Talati S:, Gym

Wednesday 25 October:    Music Production: Cummins: BMR

Thursday 26 October:         Piano: Gan, Waddington: BMR

Thursday 26 October:         Guitar: Cranney, Cummins, Talati S: Gym

Friday 27 October:                Drama Ensembles: Fernando: Sarto Centre




Congratulations to the following students and their tutor Mr Jonathan Dollin on these excellent results:

  • Patrick Marren (Year 5) Credit Grade 2 Saxophone 
  • Jonathan Webster (Year 6) Honours Grade 1 Saxophone,
  • Romy Koziol (Year 6) Honours Grade 2 Saxophone 
  • David Mooney (Year 8) High Distinction Grade 1 Flute

Congratulations also to Cody Choi (Year 7) who achieved a Credit in his Grade 5 Violin examination. Well done Cody!

Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator


Learning Support
& Enrichment


  • 'Head to Health' - A New Government Mental Health Initiative
  • Touch Typing & Handwriting Courses Term 4 ​
  • Thursday Enrichment Club for interested students in Years 7-10:  STARTS THURSDAY WEEK 1
  • Free vocabulary skill-builder
  • Maths Drop In Centre:  STARTS WEEK 2
  • After School Study Program:  STARTS WEEK 2

‘Head to Health’ - A New Government Mental Health initiative

What is Head to Health?

It is a new website called Head to Health which may be of interest to all our parents and carers:

Head to Health is a new Australian Digital Mental Health Resource. It helps to find useful information, resources, and services that most suit your needs. Whether you want to improve your child’s (or your own) overall sense of wellbeing, this site is ideal — as Head to Health can point you in the right direction for great online mental health resources compiled from over 370 mental health services and resources funded by the Australian Government.

This one-stop shop site will give you access to FREE or low-cost apps, online support communities, parent courses and resources for parents, carers, friends and relatives.


Touch Typing & Handwriting Courses Term 4 

OT AFTER-SCHOOL COURSES START IN WEEK 2:  Limited places are available on Thursday afternoons only

Thank you to all families who have registered their sons in the after-school onsite courses at the College:  Touch Typing Skills and Handwriting Skills. These are intensive small group courses, open to all students in Years 5-10 who are interested in improving vital writing and typing skills.

Touch Typing Classes on Thursday afternoon still have spaces but all other Handwriting and Touch Typing classes for Term 4 are now full. If you missed out this term please be advised that new classes will run again in 2018.

For those still interested in enrolling for this term Anna, our Occupational Therapist, has advised that there are limited places still available on Thursday afternoons.  Please contact Anna as soon as possible if you are interested, via email at [email protected] 



Thursday Enrichment Club

Open to interested students in Years 7 to 10:  STARTS THURSDAY OF WEEK 1 (12th October)

St Pius X College will be running a regular Enrichment Club each Thursday at lunchtime in LC2 to promote opportunities for interested students who want to extend their thinking skills, enjoy learning and research challenges, and would like to mix with other boys who share these interests, in an informal and fun environment.

The Club will provide opportunities for students to work both independently and in teams on various enrichment activities, competitions including Da Vinci, and challenges that draw on a wide range of subject areas, and which will require students to make use of a wide range of skills and interests – including  critical thinking, problem-solving, creative writing, applied maths and science, design and computing skills, philosophy and ethics, politics, religion, history, literature, drama and more.

Activities will include a mix of free choice and structured tasks, vocabulary games, word puzzles and speech-making, optional competition entry opportunities – some requiring pre-selection and trialling, as well as self-generated research questions and topics of interest. There is no cost for joining the Enrichment Club, except for any competition entries which selected students may choose to participate in,  and students will be well advised about these and parent permission notes sent home before time, whenever these opportunities arise.

If interested, please meet Ms Raheb-Mol each Thursday lunchtime in LC2.  See you there boys!

For further queries about Enrichment Club, please contact Ms Raheb-Mol at the College, or via email on [email protected]


Free Vocabulary Skill Builder

To improve vocabulary and spelling skills for students in Years 5 - 12

This is a useful website program and set of resources, called Wordly Wise 3000®. It provides an engaging and graded literacy intervention program that aims to help students learn new vocabulary which they will encounter in school tasks across the curriculum. As a sequential program, it is essentially a companion site for a series of workbooks which target vocabulary mastery, in graded components, from Year 2 (Click on ‘Book 2’) right through to Year 12 (Click on ‘Book 12’). The program contains hundreds of words, definitions (including audio), and games which present and reinforce new vocabulary and correct spelling (allowing for a few unavoidable American spellings). This online program is being offered free of charge, but only until the end of 2017, so the LSE team suggests that interested parents and carers take a look at the program and encourage your boys to make use of this practical resource to boost their writing, speaking and reading skills this semester. Here’s the link: (click into the ‘students’ section)


Maths Drop-In Centre

Maths Drop-in Centre – Monday lunch time and Thursday mornings:  STARTS WEEK 2

What is it? A place to get some extra maths help with difficult concepts, topics or homework. You can also come along for some extension work, so you can revise or get ahead. This is an ideal place where students can come and feel comfortable to ask questions. Students are encouraged to bring along specific queries, tasks, assessments, homework, general revision and problems to work on, with teachers on hand ready to help:  Ms Pence, and other members of the Maths Department on an occasional basis, and Mrs Fileman. The teachers will have resources on hand to help students consolidate their numeracy and mathematics skills.

Please note: Regular attendance will be rewarded.

WHEN – Monday lunch time 12.50 -1.30pm (bring your lunch) and Thursday morning 8.00 - 8.30am each week.

WHO FOR - Open to all students in Years 7 – 9

WHERE - Maths Classroom C1

Queries? Please see or email Ms Pence at: [email protected] or Mrs Fileman at: [email protected]



After-School Study Program

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons:  STARTS WEEK 2


What is it? A quiet time and space where you can get a headstart on your homework and assessments, catch up on missed work, read or study or do research with a friend, or get some one-to-one reading, writing, or other assistance for all subjects. Enjoy the benefits of having supervising teachers on hand to assist if and as needed, namely Ms Raheb-Mol or Ms Leonardi.

Note: Regular attendance will be rewarded.


WHEN - Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon, from 3.15 - 4.30pm

WHO FOR - Open to all students in Years 5 – 10

WHERE - Senior Library, top of A Block (SRC). Library seminar rooms are also available


Queries? Please email Ms Raheb-Mol at: [email protected], or Ms Leonardi at: [email protected]


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator



  • Careers News
  • Careers Newsletter


Careers News

This week is Stay Smart Online Week

At MHSCareers we’re always talking about staying safe online and being smart about your digital presence. And the government has just launched Stay Smart Online Week!  So follow them on Facebook, and check out their website for fantastic tips and ideas about how to keep yourself safe online.


Macquarie University Lecture – How to deal with the stress of the HSC

18th October from 6pm to 8pm at The Australian Hearing Hub, Level 1 Lecture Theatre, Macquarie University.  Learn how to look after yourself and keep your stress levels in check in the lead-up to the HSC.


Apprentice Marine Mechanic / Technician required for a busy waterfront marine centre.


Join the New Brookvale Dedicated Online Supermarket Team


Careers Newsletter

Ms D Janes - Careers Adviser

Senior School Sport

Photo: 'Pink Day' 2017 will take place at Oxford Falls this Saturday 14th October


  • Basketball
  • Cricket:  Pink Day @ Oxford Falls this Saturday
  • Rugby:  Rugby Supporters' Club AGM
  • NSTA Tennis


Score Bench Course: Next Wednesday evening 18th October I will be running a ‘How to Score' Course  in the College Gymnasium from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. It is essential that parents assist with scoring at our home games. Please email me if you will be attending the course and an estimated time of arrival. The basics of scoring should take about 30 minutes to learn. Attached below is a scoring instruction booklet I use for the course. Email: [email protected]


Uniforms: All new players will need to purchase a singlet and shorts from the Uniform shop next week prior to Round 1 on Saturday 21st October. Players are allocated a number when they purchase their singlet. Players must wear the correct shorts. Soccer/Football shorts are not to be worn. Please note that the Uniform shop is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8.00am until 2.00pm.


Game Draws: Below is an overall game schedule for all teams for the full season. I will be sending a full draft schedule with suggested home game times to parents and players in the next few days. Parents and players must check Woodchatta every Wednesday evening for confirmed game times and venues for each Saturday. Round 1 is next Saturday 21st October.


This Saturday our Firsts and Seconds will be competing in the ISA Firsts Round Robin at Oakhill College. Good luck to our players.


Mr N Gibson - Convenor



Pink Day @ Oxford Falls.  This Saturday 14th October will see the final trial teams for the 1st and 2nd XI plus teams from Oakhill College and Blue Mountains Grammar School participate in T20 matches. Players will wear pink hats and special shirts to raise awareness and money for the work of the McGrath Foundation and women’s health.  Everybody is welcome to stop by and witness this now annual event.


Results and Draw:


Match Report:  SPX U13 Black – 23/09/17, Round 2


Mr D Reay - Convenor



Rugby Supporters' Club AGM

The SPX Rugby Supporters’ Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 7.00pm on Tuesday 24th October at The Willoughby Hotel (first floor).

Mr Paul O’Neill - President, St Pius X College Rugby Supporters Club​




The boys will be notified of their teams and divisions by Friday of this week. A reminder that the competition will start on Saturday 21st October.


Could you please make sure that your son has the correct uniform for the start of the tennis season which consists of the College blue sports shirt, plain white shorts, white socks and sports shoes in addition to a College hat.


Ms S Iwatani - NSTA Tennis Convenor

Junior School News & Sport

Photo: • Year 6 will have their surf skills lessons later in the term.

  • Junior School News
  • Junior School Sport 

Junior School News

Welcome back to Term 4.  It is a short but busy term and therefore very important that the boys get back into routines and ‘knuckle down’ so as to make the best of their time.



  • Three Year 6 classes will experience an incursion with John Larkin on Friday.  John is an author and fantastic at teaching children about writing in a fun and informative way.  All the Year 6 classes will have three sessions with John and this will occur on a rotational basis on four Fridays this term.  Please have a conversation with your sons about these sessions as when they recall the event the learning will become more entrenched.  Hopefully this will assist with improving their writing in the future.
  • Year 6 Bakery Excursion on Wednesday 18th October.  A note was emailed out yesterday by Mr Cummins. If your son has an allergy or is anaphylactic please ensure he returns his note as soon as possible. Please note that 6 Blue and 6 Green are in the first group and 6 Red and 6 Gold are in Group 2.
  • Year 6 surf skills lessons later in the term.  Please return the permission note ASAP. 
  • Summer sport resumes this Saturday - Round 7.  Good luck!

Mr Tim Long - Head of Junior School


Junior School Sport

Thursday Sport: We resume our summer training for Basketball, Cricket, Softball and Tennis.

Term 4 Swim Program: All students will take part in this program. It runs as per the schedule above in lieu of regular Thursday Sport. Year 5 attend Macquarie University Aquatic Centre for a pool based program and Year 6 attend Dee Why Beach for a surf skills program. Students are required to return the respective form issued last term – Macquarie Uni Grading Form (Year 5 boys) and SEA Australia Waiver (Year 6 boys). All details, including a detailed information letter, can be found under Junior Swimming on the College website.


Swim Squad: The swim season resumes this term with two more Invitational Carnivals for the squad (Trinity on 3rd November and St Patrick’s on 10th November). More details to follow for those concerned closer to the date .


Basketball: The first game of the six week, Term 4 season (Rd 7) begins this Saturday. Information such as the Season Draw, Information Letter and Team Lists are all on the College website. Please ensure boys are correctly attired in College-only uniform and at their venue 20 minutes prior to tip-off.

  • Basketball Score Bench Course: Next Wednesday evening 18th October Mr Gibson (Senior School Basketball Convenor) will be running a ‘How to Score' Course  in the College Gymnasium from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. It is essential that parents assist with scoring at our home games. Please email Mr Gibson via [email protected] if you will be attending the course and an estimated time of your arrival. The basics of scoring should take about 30 minutes to learn. Attached below is a scoring instruction booklet used for the course. 


Softball: The first game of the six week, Term 4 season (Rd 7) is this Saturday. Wet weather procedures will be in place (as per the season draw and information letter). All relevant information is also on the College website. Please ensure boys are correctly attired in College-only uniform, have protective equipment and are at the venue 20 mins prior to commencement time.

NSTA Tennis: Rd 1 is on Saturday 21st October. Boys will be notified of their team and will be given further team, draw and venue details once the competition grading has been released. The summer competition is graded and run in conjunction with the Senior School. Boys are graded in ability groups and grading may transcend year groups. Please check under NSTA Tennis in the Senior School Sport section for future correspondence.

Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster



Canteen & Uniform Shop

  • Canteen Roster


Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please click below to see the Term 4 2017 Canteen Roster:

Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors


Uniform Shop




The online ordering system  can be accessed via

An updated Price List is now available on the College website.                                       


Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line):

  • Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.
  • Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.

Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   

Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  


Gift Items:  The College Uniform Shop also stocks a range of gift items:


- Golf umbrellas  $30

- Coffee mugs $15

- Lanyards $5

- Aprons $20

- Scarf $20

- Glasses $5 (Tall and Short)           ​









Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor

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