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11 February 2020
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Dates to Remember
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Dates to Remember


Monday 10th 

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Tuesday 11th

Get to Know You Parent Teacher Interviews 

Safer Internet Day


Wednesday 12th

Pupil Free Day - Students do not attend school


Thursday 13th

Get to Know You Parent Teacher Interviews 


Monday 17th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Nunawading District Swimming Carnival


Monday 24th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Tuesday 25th

Class Ambassador Meeting - in the staff room 9 am


Thursday 27th 

School Photo Day


Friday 28th

Clean Up Australia Day


Monday 2nd

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Thursday 5th

Classroom Helpers Session 9.30am


Friday 6th

SEDA Cricket Clinics


Monday 9th

Labour Day Public Holiday - Students do not attend school


Friday 13th

SEDA Cricket Clinics


Monday 16th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Thursday 19th

House Cross Country Day


Friday 20th

National day of action against bullying & violence 

SEDA Cricket Clinics


Thursday 26th

Harmony Community Twilight Picnic 5.30 - 7 pm on the oval

Friday 27th

Whole School Assembly - 2 pm in the hall

Early dismissal 2.30 pm 


*  Times/dates may be subject to change

Principal's Report

TERM 1 2020

It has been a most eventful start to 2020. Bush fires across Australia have impacted on families, fire fighters and emergency workers, communities, businesses and our environment and wildlife on scale not seen before. Our thoughts are with those communities and I know our students and families will be keen to fundraise for related causes.


Emails have been sent home to families regarding the updates from the Department of Education and Training (DET) in relation to the coronavirus. As stated in the emails, many families have taken the precautionary action of staying at home for up to 14 days if they have travelled to China or relatives staying with them from China. I will continue to inform families of the updates through Sentral.

It was great to see students and families return to start the 2020 school year.  This year we welcome 111 new Foundation students and 13 students from Level 1-6 to the school.


Staff returned to work on Tuesday, 28th January. 2019 was a highly productive year and 2020 is looking to be an equally exciting and productive school year. We warmly welcome returning staff and new staff starting at Rangeview. We are currently updating the Meet the Teachers page with our 2020 teams on our school website.



This year we have 1 more pupil free day in term 1 on Wednesday, 12th February. We will be working with our literacy consultant Danny Hyndman on aspects of the writing workshop and using a writer’s notebook to develop ideas. Pupil free days are spread throughout the year, targeting different aspects of professional learning. The leadership team returned on Thursday 25th January to look at the 2020 directions in teaching and learning reflected in the School Strategic Plan and the draft AIP (Annual Implementation Plan).


The first pupil free day was Tuesday, 28 January which allowed for AIP time, student wellbeing, start up processes in schools and team meetings, and classroom preparation for the start of the term. It was an invaluable learning time together and also allowed a smooth transition for new and returning students over Wednesday and Thursday.



The school was a busy place in January with a number of projects undertaken. The massive clean-up of the grounds and veggie patches and oval and grass areas mowed- all needed to done in readiness for the start of the year. The installation of the new level 3 and 4 portable was completed and then made ready for the first day. The hall floor was resurfaced. New carpet laid in 6 classrooms and the new vinyl in the STEM room which used to be the computer lab. Maintenance painting has freshened areas around the school and the senior boys and girls toilets have been re-painted. The breezeway areas have also been repainted.


The staff car park boom gate is operational and information was sent home through an email to all families. 


School Council has approved the installation of evaporative cooling in the hall. OSHClub and the Bendigo Bank grant contribution has been combined with successful fundraising for the necessary addition to our facilities used by the community. It is anticipated that the cooling should installed by the end of February.



The final touches to our new STEM room are finished and students are enjoying this great new space.  Mr Evans will be teaching grades 4-6 digitech & robotics. 




Whitehorse City Council have voted to retain the crossings for Rangeview PS. Well done to our families and students and School Council who continue to support this invaluable service to ensure safe pedestrian travel. My message- park away, walk to school and keep using our crossings. It is a great way to start and finish the day!



At the first Monday assembly, the 2020 School Captains, Max and Elodie led their first school assembly.  The 2020 student leaders were also presented with their badges.  These students will meet as a team regularly to develop a greater understanding of the role and set their own personal goals. There will be further opportunities for other students to lead, such as the eagerly awaited Foundation Buddies or on the sporting field as we look at educating the whole child.




We hosted ‘Cheers & Tears’ morning tea for Foundation parents and grandparents on the first day of their school year. This important milestone was celebrated by parents and gave them the opportunity to introduce themselves to other new families and ask any questions they may have had. There certainly were more cheers than tears to celebrate the start of the year and the years ahead as members of our school community.


Reminder: Due to individual testing, Foundation students don’t attend school on the following dates: Wednesday 12th, 19th & 26th February & Wednesday 4th, 11th & 18th March.



The ‘Getting to Know You Interviews’ will be held on Tuesday, 11th February from 3.40 to 5.00pm and Thursday, 13th February from 3.40 to 8.00pm (final interview time 7.50pm) with a 30 minute dinner break.


Families are required to book interviews online through the schools’ online system, Sentral. Information will be sent home with times and access information. New families to Rangeview will receive their unique access number to log onto the Sentral Parent Portal.  ‘Getting to Know You Interviews’ are valued by parents, students and teachers. If you do not have Internet access at home, please ring the school office on 9874 6381 for alternative arrangements to be made.


Foundation Families - Please note: there will be no Foundation interviews due to the interviews undertaken earlier in the year but an ‘Open Rooms’ will be held in the 5 Foundation rooms on Thursday 13th February between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm at which time you are most welcome to attend.



Please be aware of the various parking restrictions and drop off zones around the school. The local council do enforce restrictions with infringement notices. The 5 minute drop off zone does not allow you to walk your child into the school please do not leave your car parked in this zone, it can cause traffic congestion.


The school car park off Churinga Ave, is for staff only, except for OSHClub usage before 8am and after 4pm. The boom gate has been installed for traffic management and as a safety measure as children and cars don’t mix.



If you are interested in supporting your child’s classroom teacher, please complete the online form in the Parents & Friends page of this newsletter by Friday, 21st February 2020.  The first class ambassadors meeting will be held on Tuesday, 25th February in the staff room.



The new community piano is a hit! Students enjoying  playing a tune or two on the new community piano located in the breezeway at the end of the main building.


There has been a collective effort to reduce the litter in our school yard and it is working because students are eating inside and only permitted to take nude food outside. There are grey plastic food bins for lunch boxes near classroom doors for the students who need more time to eat. How do we  use our big rubbish bins if we don't need them for litter.


School Council Elections - Notice of Elections and Call for Nominations 2020- 2021

Wednesday 12 February 2020, Closing date for Nominations Wednesday 19 February 2020.

I am announcing the annual elections for our School Council. School council members are elected (or co-opted in the case of community members) for approximately a two year term. Usually half the membership expires each year creating vacancies for the annual school council election. We have 4 Parent vacancies and 2 DET employee vacancies.


1. The principal arranges and conducts the election. The principal will issue a notice and call for nominations for parent, student and Department employee members in February or early March. The notice will include a nomination form or way to reply and the date to submit the nomination. The election process must be completed by the end of March.

2. Return the nomination form to the principal through the office within the time frame stated on the notice of election. Those who nominate will receive a receipt. Ask at the school for help if you would like to stand for election and are not sure what to do.

3. If there are more nominations than there are vacant positions on council, a ballot (vote) will be conducted after the call for nominations has closed.

4. If you decide to stand for election, you can arrange for someone to nominate you or you can nominate yourself in the appropriate category.

5. Forms are available at the office.


Wellbeing & Engagement

Welcome back to another wonderful year at Rangeview! We are so excited to have all of our students from Foundation to Level 6 learning, playing and engaging here at school. A special welcome to our new Foundation students of 2020.  

The start-up program

In Term 1 teachers focus strongly on the Start-up Program. The Start-up Program is a great way for teachers and students to get to know each other and to make the transition for students into their new levels easier. Lessons are designed to build teamwork and develop character strength. These kinds of activities build trust in the classrooms and allow students to have agency in their classroom agreements and expectations. Teachers discuss learning dispositions with their students and what it means to be a good learner. Many classes have been focussing on a growth mindset, building on students’ self-esteem and resilience when approaching new and challenging tasks. This links strongly with our Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships curriculum.


Cultural Diversity & Ability Diversity

We will look at cultural diversity and ability diversity this term. We are very proud of our cultural diversity here at Rangeview and we celebrate the traditions, customs, costumes and languages of many of our families. We will display a giant world map in the school foyer and each student will be invited to place two coloured dots on this map. These will represent the birthplace of each parent. We will hold a celebration day called Harmony Day on Thursday 26th March and we invite all students to come to school in the traditional dress of their heritage, or in orange which is the Harmony Day colour. More information will come out from your grades about this special day.


Ability diversity is the range of physical, cognitive and emotional abilities that people can experience and we will focus this year on hearing impairment. Students will learn about the challenges and strengths of living with a hearing impairment and we will all learn some AUSLAN. A better understanding of the challenges that face other children, will build our able bodied students empathy, inclusion and gratitude. Maybe you could learn some AUSLAN at home to practice with your child? There is a great website called Signbank. Choose Victoria as there are some variations between states. This website is a search dictionary which provides video instruction for words or phrases..


Buddy Sessions

This week our Foundation classes met their Level 5/6 Buddies. It was a fantastic first meeting with the students playing games, working on puzzles, chatting about their hobbies and just getting to know each other. The enthusiasm was evident in all the grades.



Community Piano

Rangeview has an out of use piano that we have re-purposed into a Community Piano. This is now in the senior breezeway and can be played by students, parents, teachers and other community members. We are asking the students to play this piano respectfully and only in break times. Already it is wonderful to hear the music floating through the playground each day.

Children in Cars

Finally – a reminder of some safety around pickups and drop offs. Last year Ambulance Victoria responded to 1562 calls about kids locked in cars. One in eight were toddlers. One in five needed medical attention. Fifteen were taken to hospital. If it is 30 degrees outside it could be 50 degrees in your car. Please be aware of the dangers and don’t leave any children in cars.


School Photo Day

Student order forms will be sent home over the next few days


Mobile Phones at School

Mobile Phones at School in 2020

The Victorian Government takes the safe and responsible use of digital technologies, student safety and wellbeing, and the development of social skills and positive behaviour, very seriously. On this basis, the Hon.James Merlino MP, Minister for Education, announced that a new mobile phone policy would take effect from Term 1 2020.


Students who choose to bring mobile phones to school must have them switched off and securely stored during all school hours at the school office. They can then be collected at the end of the school day. Phones cannot be in classrooms, bags or carried by the student.





Lego Club

Lego Club 2020


Welcome back to a new year of Lego Club! Over the break, a few of our amazing Lego Club builders were lucky enough to have their work displayed at Brickvention - the premiere Lego exhibition in Victoria. Here, one of our builders Evan Roe stands proudly with an Iron Man he built with Evan Williams, which is quite an impressive build!

Lego Club is a lunch time activity that students are able to attend where they can socialise with other like-minded students as they build to different challenges and fun activities. Lego Club will run during term 1, 2 and 3 with a senior group running every second week and a junior group every other week. At this point, the day has not been finalised, but it is likely to be a Tuesday in term 1 due to Foundation not attending school on Wednesdays.


If your child is interested in attending Lego Club, please complete the below expression of interest form and return to the school office by the Friday 21st of February in order for groups to be sorted and organised. You will then be sent a request via Sentral to grant your child permission to attend and make the $10 contribution.


Looking forward to building some amazing things this year!


Mr Evans





Physical Education - P.E



Dear Parent/Guardian,


At the end of Term 1 Rangeview will be having its annual house cross country day. In preparation for the house cross country a lot of students enjoy training & running laps around the track, which is located in the school grounds.


On Tuesday & Thursday mornings of Term 1 students from levels 3-6 are given the opportunity to run supervised laps around the school from 8.30 am onwards (if a student is in grade 2 or below, they’re more than welcome to join).


Students do not have to commit to every session, but if it’s something they’re passionate about they can. If any parents would like to help out in the mornings, you’re more than welcome to stay around to help motivate the students.


If there are any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me,


Kind Regards,


Mr. Michael Sacchetta.


Chess Club Term 4, 2019

Term one chess classes commence on Thursday 20th February provided by Dark Horse Chess.

Players of all ages and levels are welcome, and prior experience with chess is not necessary. Certificates will be awarded to all players, and trophies will be awarded to the tournament winners. Players may also gain the opportunity to participate an interschool chess competition during the term!


Chess Club will run every Thursday to the end of term 4 from 1.10 pm to 2.00 pm in the Senior Hub.


Science Club

Wanted - Science Club parent helpers

Looking for some way to fill in a handful of Wednesday lunchtimes?


Eager to join a small but awesome team of wonderful, supportive, fun, charismatic and humble parents?  


Have a passing interest in science (or simply happy to pretend to)?  


Science Club is a parent-run, optional, lunchtime activity that operates in Terms 2 & 3 for interested Level 5 & 6 students. We have a lot of fun and the kids enjoy learning.


We are currently planning for Term 2 activities and would love a couple of extra pairs of hands. Please express your interest via the office - we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.  


Julie S, Emma R-W, Sally S-S, Kyla P, Heather S. 

Parents & Friends

2020 Class Ambassadors, Class Contact List and VoluntHeroes

Each year Parents and Friends request information to co-ordinate Class Ambassadors, Class Contact List and VoluntHeroes who are willing to assist.  This is a great way to get to know other families  and to become involved in the school community. 


Please follow the link for further information how to help and to indicate your participation in the schemes.

 Scholastic Book Club 2020

This week your children will be bringing home a copy of the Scholastic Book Club Catalogue that you can order from. Inside you’ll find award winning books and bestsellers, as well as old and new favourites. Not only are there books but stationary and other activity books. They cover a wide range of interests and reading levels, and they are at a great price (some as little as $2).


Each term there will be two issues of Book Club.


Each order helps us earn free books and teaching resources for our Primary School, however there is never any obligation to order.


Orders can only be placed online via or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play (search for ‘scholastic loop’).

No money is taken through the Primary School for Book Club.


If you haven’t ordered before it’s easy: Please register for an account, identify Rangeview Primary School and the class your child is in. Enter the books you would like to order and your payment details.


When orders are returned to School, they will be delivered to your childs’ classroom and then given out to the children to bring home. If you’d like to order books for gifts please tick the “GIFT” box when ordering. These orders will be kept at the Office and you will be notified to collect them.


The due date for orders will be advertised in the School Newsletter / on Sentral / School Facebook page and on the Parents and Friends notice board (near the second hand uniform shop).  This first issue will be due Monday 17th February  (midnight).


Please contact Tracy at if you have any questions.


Please keep this notice as a reference on how to order.



Please Note: Each year we have to set up new Class names and number of Students in each class in the Book Club. This often takes a few issues to get sorted. So if you can’t find your Class please order under another class in that Year level  - I will be able to find you.


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Facebook Page




Families are welcome to visit the Second Hand Uniform Shop on Tuesday or Thursday morning between 8:45 - 9:15 to purchase second hand items.




Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna is off to a great start! The garden is flourishing with fresh produce ready to use during our cooking sessions. Thank you to those who have already offered to help during our sessions on Tuesdays from 11:30am-1:00pm. Your help ensures the program runs smoothly. Please check your child’s communication book and let their classroom teacher know if you are able to help during cooking and gardening sessions.



Student of the Week

Please note we will be informing families of the Student of the Week through the newsletter in advance every fortnight for both Junior and Senior Levels, make sure you keep an eye out!  


The Student of the week awards are presented at assemblies during term alternating between Junior and Senior Classes, commencing at 2:50 pm. 


You are most welcome to attend to see your child receive their award and all the other wonderful celebrations we have at our assemblies.


Happy Birthday to You!



Our Foundation students have had an amazing start to their first year of school! They have settled in and are busy learning about how our school operates. The students have enjoyed their first classes in German, Physical Education, Library, Visual Arts and Music. We are proud of their behaviour, their efforts and of course their enthusiasm!


Thank you for your efforts in preparing your child for school and our classrooms. Your support has ensured that the children have experienced a positive transition to school.


All the best,

Mr Anderson, Miss Bonte, Miss Somerville, Mrs Tzimos and Ms Wilson – Foundation Team.





Level 1/2

We are very excited to be back at school and are ready to learn! Level 1/2 have been participating in start-up activities to start off the year.


We celebrated Chinese New Year - 2020 is the year of the rat. We learnt about this special spring festival by making lanterns, reading stories and listening to class members talk about their Chinese heritage.


Later in the term our science topic is: ‘Look! Listen!’ We will be investigating the senses.


Please remember to pack nude foods or food in reusable containers in lunchboxes.


Kind Regards,

Level 1 & 2 team



Level 1 & 2 Term 1 - News


Level 3/4 

Welcome to Level 3 & 4!


2020 is off to a flying start in levels 3 & 4! We’ve had heaps of fun getting to know our new classmates through lots of exciting activities and games. We looked at how we can show the school’s values in our classrooms, around the school and even in the wider community. The students have begun setting up their reading, writing and maths workshops too, preparing for fantastic year of learning ahead. We can’t wait for all that the coming year has in store for us!


From the Level 3 & 4 Team;

Chloe Tomkins (3T), Kirilee Bell (3B), Khay Lee (3L), Sam Carter (3/4C), Karen Hastie (4H), Anju Mehta (4M), & Steve Atkinson (4A)



Level 3 & 4 Term 1 - News


Level 5/6 

What a fantastic start for our Level 5 and 6 students, teachers and parents. We are excited for such an important year in your children’s lives - a year full of learning, responsibility, leadership, independence,  exciting opportunities and teamwork.

An exciting new opportunity for your children is that all the Level 6 students will be participating in a Martial Arts Therapy (MAT) program with a trained instructor and the Level 5 students will be involved in a specialised well-being program. The MAT program combines the principles of mental wellbeing and emotional regulation with those of therapeutic martial art training techniques, games and stories. The format engages and empowers our students to learn life skills, and to better manage the challenges in their lives. The Level 5 children will be involved in a wellbeing program that focusses on learning about the function of parts of the brain and how these parts impact on regulating our emotional responses and strategies to employ when in challenging situations.

Meet the Level 5/6 team - Meg Hubbard, Lisa O’Connor, Mitch Clark, April Warfield, Ryan Evans, Natalie Low (student teacher), Samantha Potter, Romy Magdis and Lee Giddings.

Bring on a great Term 1!!


Level 6 Printing

Level 6 is a very exciting year with lots of events happening. In Level 6, the students have the opportunity to have all Level 6 student names printed onto their choice of jackets, windcheaters or polo shirts. The cost for printing is $8.00 per item.



Level 5 & 6 Term 1 - News


Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


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