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From the Principal

How do we define success?

After every weekend of Australian sport there is analysis and interpretation of the winners and losers from preceding games. Invariably if a team performs poorly the coach needs to be replaced, the senior players are getting too old and the recruits are not good enough! We often become Monday’s experts and we make post event judgements on success and failure.


There are similarities in education. Year 12 results are analysed comprehensively and we have our own version of ‘league tables’. The John XXIII College 2017 academic results were excellent but a final league table ranking or Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is only one small measure of a successful John XXIII College education.


At a recent gathering of Loreto Principals and Board Chairs the importance of faith formation programs for students was discussed. I like the way it was expressed - our Religious Education programs provide information; our Masses, Retreats and Sacramental provide formation and our Christian Service opportunities are avenues for transformation. Perhaps our success indicators need to be more reflective of these concepts.


Our Ignatian tradition encourages the development of ‘men and women’ for others. In the early 1980s in the United States, a group of Jesuit Priests met and developed the notion of a ‘grad at grad’. At a time when the number of Jesuit Priests was declining in schools, it was a way of considering what qualities were expected of graduates at graduation.


It was deliberately aspirational but the five qualities were articulated as:

  • Open to Growth
  • Intellectually Competent
  • Religious
  • Loving
  • Committed to Service

Each of these qualities can be expressed in a local context. Maybe these are the real success indicators for a Catholic College in the Ignatian tradition.


Robert Henderson


Around The Primary

Dear Parents

There has been a lot happening around the Primary School this week. I have had the pleasure of visiting various classes to see the students engaging in many different learning opportunities. Here are some student’s responses I received when I asked “what are you learning?”


I am learning to write my name.”

Daisy KGG


I am learning to count to 60.

Alexander PPB


I am learning about contractions. I changed  'I am to I'm.'"

Ruby 1G


I am learning how to write a narrative.”

Samuel 2B


“I am learning about literal and inferential questions.”

Anashe 3G


I am learning how to multiply hundreds by tens and hundreds by hundreds.”

Lauren 4G


I am learning about states of matter.”

Tom 5B


Canberra Fun

I have also been receiving lots of positive reports about our Year 6 Leaders in Canberra, who arrive back to Perth tonight. They have been to many interesting places such as the Australian War Memorial, Government House, The High Court of Australia and the Electoral Centre, just to name a few. One of their highlights was at the National Capital Exhibition. They had to build a new creation for Canberra that they believed would be important for Australia. Lots of energy was released during their time at Questacon and Jungle Golf.


Special thanks to the wonderful staff members that accompanied the students – Miss De Pinto, Miss Graves, Miss Nish, Ms Allen, Mr Fromm, Mrs Gardner and Mr Hauer. Mr Henderson also called in to visit and join in with the activities.


Year 3-6 Cross Country

The first of many cross-country training sessions took place on Tuesday morning. Mr Alderman and Mrs Fontaine were there to meet the students and get them warmed up before they embarked on the cross-country track. It was wonderful to have a large group and see some parents running with their children. Mr Alderman will be running the training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7.30am.


Occupational Therapist


I would like to thank all the Kindy parents that attended the OT evening on Thursday. It was great to have so many come along to hear important information regarding the development of fine motor skills in the early years. We learnt about brain development, with an emphasis on the importance of movement in developing  literacy skills .


A special thanks to Sue Beurteaux from Gymworks on her very informative presentation.



Kind regards


Jodi Joyce
Assistant Principal - Primary


Hands on with Science 

5G had the opportunity to visit a Secondary Science Lab to conduct the first of a series of experiments on ‘States of Matter’. Each science team recorded the experience in a time lapse video and then collated their observations in the ‘Book Creator’ app on their iPads. Special thanks to the fabulous science staff for making this possible. We can’t wait to return!

Jacqui O’Connor
5G Teacher



Years 5-6 Interschool Sport Report

Year 5 and 6 students competed in their first round of winter fixtures against Carmel School on Thursday 17 May. We hosted an AFL game and two games of Netball. Carmel hosted our two Soccer teams. I am pleased to report that all games were played at a high level of skill and played in fantastic spirit by both schools. Although scores are not recorded we acquitted ourselves very well especially in the AFL match where John XXIII College showed that they will be a force in this year’s “Eagles Cup” to be held at the Winter Lightning Carnival in Week 8. Congratulations to all the students who participated. Your effort and great sportsmanship is to be commended.

John Alderman
Primary Sports Coordinator


Dates to Remember


Tuesday 29 May                   Year 3-6 Cross Country Training


Wednesday 30 May           Constable Care Incursion


Thursday 31 May                 Year Three Reconciliation Excursion

                                                        Year 3-6 Cross Country Training

                                                        Winter Fixture v Loreto


Friday 1 June                          Upper Primary Mass (4B)                                                


Year 12 Manresa Retreat

Manresa is the Spanish town where St Ignatius Loyola stopped to pray on his way back from Montserrat in 1522 whilst on his Spiritual Pilgrimage.   The Year 12 Retreat was a place where students had an opportunity for spiritual reflection and to take time out of their busy schedules.


The purpose of Manresa was to deepen the students’ appreciation of themselves as an individual and therefore a person of value to others and a person loved by God.  It was an opportunity for the students to reach out to others in friendship and support whilst deepening their faith and spirituality.   Our theme was be taken from Isaiah 43:1 “I have called you by name, you are mine’. 

Janeen Murphy

Director of Faith and Mission

Perth Careers Expo

Students from Year 10 visited the Perth Careers Expo on Thursday 17 May. The expo featured exhibits from an array of WA tertiary colleges and universities, and institutions from across the country, and a dedicated exhibition of VET providers – from bricklaying to drone operating, hairdressing to multimedia design, flight school to personal training. Students used their time well to gather information and ask questions, reporting that it was an excellent event.

Damian Owen

Assistant Deputy Principal – Year 10

Smartfish Program

Chef Zoe Kumar and staff from Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) joined our Year 12 class as part of the Smartfish program. The Smartfish program is a collaboration between the WAFIC and Prepare Produce Provide. 

The Smartfish program aims to:

  • Create an opportunity to understand the increasing awareness of undervalued seafood in relation to consumer choices linked to sustainability, budget and cooking preparation techniques.
  • Building knowledge and understanding about seafood and WA’s seafood supply chains.
  • Develop knowledge of the Seafood industry as a career choice and pathway.
  • Promote the knowledge with the use of a range of Indigenous spices.

Students prepared a Sardine Pate and eggplant bruschetta using local Fremantle Sardines, attached is the recipe.

Mindy Toleman
Hospitality Teacher

Host families wanted for international exchange

Are you in a position to open your home and share your life for a short period of time with an international visitor from Japan?


Hosting is a wonderful opportunity to develop meaningful relationships and lifelong connections. It is an extraordinarily generous offer that will enrich our exchange student’s understanding of our local culture and customs whilst experiencing life at John XXIII College and learning English.


We are looking for two types of host families for Term Three.

  • Are you able to host for 12 weeks?

 We are looking for a family who will be able to host our Japanese Language Assistant, Hiromi Sensei, and her daughter (in Year 8) for 12 weeks commencing 9 July. Both Hiromi Sensei and her daughter attend John XXIII College each day and participate fully in College life. They willingly contribute to home-life and love to share all this entails. In addition, they contribute to expenses and accommodation costs. They have been here for one term and have settled very well into everyday life.


If you are able to host Hiromi Sensei and her daughter or would like further information, please email Shane Glass:


  • Are you able to host for 2 weeks?

This will be our 20th exchange with Fujimi High School in Tokyo. We have 35 female students arriving for a period of two weeks from 29 July and departing on Saturday 11 August.


The students are approximately 15 years of age and have learnt English for about three years. If you have either a spare bed in a girl’s room or a spare bedroom, we would very much appreciate your willingness to host one of our Japanese exchange students.  The exchange students are here to practice speaking English. They will contribute to expenses.

If you are able to host a Fujimi student, please return a completed Host Family Information Form, available below, or can be accessed in the Documents folder under General Secondary on SEQTA. 

Shane Glass

Head of Learning Area (Languages)

Languages World Championships

Hello, bonjour, buongiorno, konnichi wa, guten tag, nihao, hola selamat siang, hamjambo.

All our students in Italian, French and Japanese from Year 8 through to Year 12 are participating online in the Education Perfect World Championships for Languages over the next two weeks.


After only three days of competing, John XXIII College students have answered 24,500 questions!

Good luck and keep working!

Shane Glass
Head of Learning Area (Languages)

Year 9 Breakfast

Tuesday and Wednesday morning were early starts for many Year 9 Mothers (or significant females), daughters, fathers (or significant males) and sons as they came together to share in a breakfast and listen to guest speakers stories on guiding adolescents during this phase of their life’s journey. Although an early morning start there was a lot of chatter between those who attended.


Our speakers for the girl's breakfast were Jane (mother) and Anabel Beech (2012).  They engaged us from the start sharing their journey through the ups and downs of adolescence.


Jane and Anabel emphasised the importance of communication and being honest with each other. As you build trust with each other it becomes easier to share the things that are going on in your life. Anabel stressed that we sometimes don’t say 'thank you' to our mum’s enough and to say it with love.

Jane spoke to the daughters in the room saying: 'We mothers are trying, we love you and we mothers are all on the same major path. We want you to have a great time at school. We want you to make great friends. We want you to have fun. We want you to do some school work. We love you. We worry about you.'


She also reminded students that it is a big and really exciting world they are entering and there are so many adventures ahead. 'The world is waiting patiently for you. There is no hurry. It is not going anywhere. This lovely school, the fun and the education you are having now is really good. This is a really good place to be.'


A few comments from those who attended on Tuesday morning.


I really enjoyed the mother daughter breakfast! It was a great opportunity to socialise with friends and to share a special moment with mum over breakfast. The guest speakers, mother daughter duo Anabel and Jane Beech, gave an excellent speech about the ups and downs of the path to adulthood which topped off the morning perfectly! Thank you to everyone who helped  organise the event.Audrey Morison (Year 9)


As busy mothers the Mother Daughter breakfast provided a good opportunity to catch up with other parents in the year group, whilst enjoying a nice breakfast and good conversation with them and our own daughters. The mother daughter guest speakers who shared their experience of their relationship during the high school years was both entertaining and confirmed to the rest of us that we are “not alone” in some of the challenges faced by teenagers and families today.   It was a nice way to start the day.Julia Morison (mum)


It was a really nice breakfast where we had the opportunity to spend some nice time together and chat with other mums and daughters. The speakers were great, we could really relate to their stories.” Ella Naismith (Year 9) and Lana Naismith (mum)



Paul entertained us with a few stories of the embarrassing moments between sons and father and the joys that a parent comes to appreciate as they get older. However, his parting words for us were:

Above all, your parents love you more than you know. Indeed, you’ll never know how much your parents love you until you have kids of your own. But always realise that, although your parents can be embarrassing and seem overstrict, they always love you more than anyone and they are always trying to do what is best.  They will ALWAYS be there to help.'


'Yes, adolescence is frustrating and difficult. It’s difficult trying to work out yourself, your mates, girls, the world, everything. On top of that your parents are trying to work you out and you are trying to work them out. However, adolescence is also one of the best times of your life.  It’s fun and it’s finding things out about life.  So, have that fun – but remember your dads are always there to help you along the way.  When the chips are down, they really will be the last man standing!!


Jake reiterated the following:

It is easy to forget that your parents were also the same age as you once and they also had parents who they at times did not agree with; no one’s parents tell them not to do something because they don’t like them having fun.  They are motivated by a desire to do what they perceive is best for you.  People my age don’t even remember the parties that they did or didn’t attend.  What they remember is the friendships and experiences they had along the way. At school you have a unique opportunity to be surrounded by people who are there to support you every day.  Don’t waste that opportunity.  No one should rush towards having the responsibility to pay bills and go to work. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying high school for what it is.


After the breakfast I spoke with a few dads and sons and asked what they thought of the morning. They were grateful for the opportunity to have breakfast and were impressed their sons had to serve them first. They enjoyed the speakers and felt that it was great to know that there are others going through the same things as they are with their sons, especially identifying with the ‘adolescent brain’. We also chatted about the need to be mindful of opening the doors of communication so that boys know they can come and talk to their fathers or significant males especially around issues of mental health.




Ms Gemma Wooltorton

Assistant Deputy Principal: Year 9

Year 10 information

At this week’s Year 10 Assembly, students received information regarding the upcoming exams and the course selection process. Students were then reminded about what constitutes study, and what does not.

I have included a summary of the main points of the assembly below; I am sure this information will assist you in guiding your son or daughter through the critical months ahead.

EXAMS - 6-12 June

The duration of each exam is 90-100 minutes. Teachers have explained the structure of their exam to their classes. Students are to bring their smartrider or other identification card to the exams. If a student has a ‘sickness or misadventure’ that prevents them from getting to an exam, a parent/guardian must contact the College immediately and inform me. As with all assessments, a medical certificate must be provided if an exam is missed due to illness. If a student qualifies for special provisions, they need to speak with Mr Massey in Learning Enrichment to confirm arrangements.


It has been impressed upon students that effective study involves doing something to process and synthesise information. This may include highlighting, underlining, annotating, making notes, using flash cards, etc. Simply reading material is not studying. When given time in class to study, students are required to have course materials, an exercise book or paper for making notes, highlighters, pens and pencils.


There will be a brief presentation of every course on offer for Year 11 2019. They will be scheduled throughout the final two weeks of Term Two.


Add this event to your calendar! 7:00pm in the Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre. Things that will be explained: WACE and WASSA, Foundation, General and ATAR courses, the four pathways through Year 11 and 12, ‘Subject Selection Online’ and much more.



The Year 10 students will hear advice from current Year 12 students and past pupils of the College. Presenters will include inspirational people who have taken interesting and varied career paths.



The event will be held in the College Library. Each student will have a counselling meeting with either an Assistant Deputy, Deputy Principal or the Principal, to discuss their intended pathway. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting with their child; the 15 minute meetings will start at 7:30am and conclude at 7:00pm, to suit parents’ availability.


The Secondary Curriculum and Standards Authority put out a handbook each year that I have attached below.

It is a useful document for learning the current terminology and requirements for Year 11/12 students. Bear in mind though, that the list of courses in the handbook is a complete list of WA courses. Some of those on the list are not available at the College.


Please contact Damian Owen with any queries.


Damian Owen

Assistant Deputy Principal – Year 10


NAS (Northern Associated School) Nominations Term 2 – Winter Sport

This week our NAS sports students had their allocated bye week. Rather than having a week off students trained at the College and had an afternoon BBQ to finish off their session. We also have byes for the next fortnight to coincide with senior (Year 11 and 12) exams.


Our next fixture will be against Sacred Heart College on Monday 11 June. A copy of the fixtures, venues and information regarding NAS Sport is available on the College website. A reminder that students need to inform the teacher in charge of their sport well in advance if they are unavailable to fulfill their commitment.


All results and ladders for the season to date can be found via the following link Use the column on the left of the page to navigate.


SSWA and ACC Cross Country (Year 7 – 12)

A huge congratulations to our interschool cross-country runners, who, with 1800 other students from around Western Australia, competed for John XXIII College with such distinction at the SSWA Cross Country on Friday 18 May. Runners were blessed with perfect weather throughout the day. Students were faced with a challenging 3, 4 or 6 kilometre course depending on their gender and age group. Great result overall with a second place finish for John XXIII College. Results for the day can be accessed via the following link:


From the SSWA cross-country and our house carnival results, the ACC team has been selected to compete on Thursday 31 May at Alderbury Reserve. Students selected will be informed via email and in homeroom.

The 2018 ACC Cross Country program booklet is now available to download. It is also available from the ACC website at . The booklet is also available on the ACC mobile app.

The ACC is a huge event with over 3000 competitors from ACC member schools scheduled to compete. We look forward to seeing how our runners perform and wish them all the best.

Netball Club

Netball season is in full swing and all teams are now heading into their final round of PNA grading. The club will advise after Saturday if your team changes divisions. .
The fixtures are now available via


Details of how to use this website and the My.Netball app for your mobile device can be found on our website.

Code of Conduct

When you signed up for netball you agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct. Some key points are:


  • Bullying of team-mates is not acceptable
  • Play by the rules and spirit of the game
  • Never argue with an official
  • Control your temper
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team
  • Cooperate with your coach.
  • Respect the rights and dignity of all participants
  • Never consider cheating
  • Learn to accept both victory and defeat with good grace
  • Social media comments regarding anyone should always be positive.

Parents & Spectators

  • Support all the players in the team
  • Be positive about the coaches and umpires and behave accordingly 
  • Do not question coaches or umpires decisions if you have an issue contact the coordinator relevant to your age group
  • Do no coach from the side-line
  • Offer help to the coach if the girls are not listening or behaving appropriately
  • If you have an issue regarding the standard or manner of coaching or umpiring speak to the coordinator relevant to your age group to discuss it.

The full Code of Conduct can be found on the Club website.


Terri Thornton

Netball Club Secretary

Music - Week 15

Autumn Soiree

On Sunday, 27 May, we invite all members of the College community to attend the Autumn Soiree – the year’s first large instrumental and vocal ensemble concert! Commencing at 5:30 pm, this fabulous night of entertainment will feature the Concert Band, Wind Band, Chamber Orchestra, Senior Guitar Ensemble, Wanju Voices, Treble Choir and Chamber Choir performing everything from Mozart to Adele. Tickets for this event are free and can be booked via the following link: Refreshments will be served in the Pavilion before the concert. All are welcome! – tickets are going fast!

Music Eisteddfod

The annual John XXIII College Music Eisteddfod will be held on Sunday, 17 June and Monday, 18 June. All students of the College are eligible to enter, with categories for voice, instrument and ensemble from Pre-Primary to Year 12. Entry forms are now available through College Music Tutors and in the Music Office, and are due by Monday 28 May. The Eisteddfod is a fabulous celebration of the College’s incredible talent, and we look forward to another festival of music in every corner of the campus!

Any questions, please contact the Music Department.

AMEB Awards

The Australian Music Examination Board is introducing a new award system for students who undertake AMEB exams and contribute to their school’s Music Program. Any interested students should contact the Music Department or ask their music tutors.


Well done and congratulations to the Year 9 Drama students for their brilliant performances in G’Day Mate, a collection of Australian play extracts. The production on Thursday night went extremely well and the students should be commended for their professionalism, energy and talent. Thank you to the technical crew for the lighting and sound. Thank you to the audience for their support of the performers.

Upcoming events in Drama:

  • Junior House Theatre Sports – Wednesday 13 June, 7pm, GBLT
  • Senior House Theatre Sports – Tuesday 19 June, 7pm, GBLT
  • Year 8 Drama Performance – Monday 25 June, 5pm, Roncalli Hall
  • Year 10 Drama Performance – Wednesday 27 June, 7pm, Roncalli Hall

George Tsakisiris

Head of Drama


Community Liturgy

Next Friday’s Community Mass will be prepared by students in Year 10, and family and friends are very welcome to celebrate with the students.


The Friday community liturgies are open to all. They are usually prepared by a year group or a House group, and if you would like advance notice, the roster is on the website. However, the community liturgies are open to all – not just the groups responsible for preparation. 


When: Fridays in Term Time

Time: 8:00-8:30am

Where: College Chapel

If you have any queries about Community Liturgy, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.

Sacrament program


Congratulations to the Year 6 students who were confirmed in their parishes last weekend.

This Sunday, and in the coming weeks, some of our Year 4 students will be making their First Holy Communion in their parishes. 

Let us hold in our hearts and in our prayer all the students who are preparing with their families for Sacraments this year.


Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6 and have not yet enrolled in the Sacrament program in your ‘home’ parish?

  • Contact your Parish Priest or Sacrament Coordinator.
  • Contact Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison or 9383 0513.
  • Locate information from your parish on the archdiocesan website
  • Use the College website to find information, including diary dates, supplied by some local parishes

GOOD NEWS for Trinity Sunday​

Matthew 28:16-20

Baptise them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel is from Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard, and is printed here with kind permission. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.


One of the things we often hear in times of domestic, local or international crisis is that ‘everyone pulled together’. We are rightly proud, and a few times amazed, at how people can set aside their differences and strive for the common good. Sometimes this experience of working together has the long-lasting benefit of breaking down boundaries. Other times, sadly, old enmities, prejudices and suspicions return when the crisis is over.


Trinity Sunday celebrates that whether we are in crisis or not, in season and out of season, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit do nothing but ‘pull together’ to love and save us. What we glimpse as the best attribute of our family, town or nation defines who our Christian God is, and what they see, how they judge and the way they act toward the world.


A famous icon of the Trinity depicts the three persons at a table where there are four place settings. The final place, in the lower half of the painting, invites the viewer to take the seat and join them. It’s profound theology and masterful art, but we can quickly misunderstand it.  We are not just personally invited to join in the very life of God, and pull together with them in their loving and saving of the world. The seat at the table is reserved for all of humanity.


In practical terms it is impossible to profess belief in the Trinity, on the one hand, and then work at things which pull the human family apart, on the other. It is scandalous to hold to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and be known as racist, bigoted and sexist, to not care about refugees or those who die each day of starvation. We cannot keep signing ourselves in the name of a Triune God and then work hard at getting richer and more secure while the rest of humanity grow poorer and lack the necessities for human dignity. Ghandi once said, ‘I love the New Testament and the Christian ideas about God and I would take the waters of Christian baptism tomorrow if I saw Christians practise what they the preach.’


Trinity Sunday is not about theological mathematics, working out how three goes into one. It’s about gaining the strength at this Eucharist to pull together to see that all of God’s children have the opportunity to hear the good news of how much God loves us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and so can take their privileged place at God’s table. Most people will learn about the saving love of God primarily through the way they observe us seeing, judging and acting.


It’s not by accident that in our Catholic tradition the usual moment we invoke the Trinity is when we make the sign of the cross. It reminds us that ‘we cannot have our cake and eat it too’. Every time we profess the Trinity we recommit ourselves to die to self so that God’s saving love may be realised for everyone, everywhere.


So let’s not only profess our belief in the three persons that make up our one God, but live the life that goes with it, ‘In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.’

© Richard Leonard SJ

Pathways and Transition

Important dates 


  • 6 June  Curtin Uni Parent Info Evening
  • 14 June Melbourne University Information Evening, Hyatt, Perth
  • 2 July  30 September NIDA (NSW) Applications for 2019 Bachelor & Diploma Courses are open 
  • 6 July  A Day in the Life of a Uni student, The University of Notre Dame
  • 9-13 July Course Advice Sessions, The University of Notre Dame 
  • 10 July  ECU Mt Lawley Campus Tour 
  • 11 July  ECU Joondalup Campus Tour      
  • 20 July  Notre Dame Early Offers
  • 22 July  ECU (Joondalup) Uni Open Day 
  • 27 & 28 July Clarkson Trade Campus Open Day            
  • 28 July Murdoch Uni Open Day 
  • 29 July  Curtin Uni Open Day      
  • 12 August  UWA Uni Open Day        
  • 12 August ECU (Mt Lawley) Uni Open Day 
  • 23 August  CQU Open Day 
    Download the PDF below for a more detailed list of events and registration details.


Year 12 - Registration for UMAT

A friendly reminder for those students who are interested in applying for a Direct Pathway to the Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dental Medicine at UWA, registrations for the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT) close on 1 June 2018. To register for UMAT and for access to UMAT preparation materials, click here.

Year 12 - University of Notre Dame: Early Offer Program 2018

High achieving Year 12 students can apply for Notre Dame’s Early Offer Program. This program is open to Year 12 students who have demonstrated academic excellence and/or are making a significant contribution to their school, community or church. The program rewards academic and non-academic achievements by issuing university offers prior to the final WACE exams. Applicants will need to demonstrate a predicted benchmark ATAR of 93 for the Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Physiotherapy; and a predicted benchmark ATAR of 90 for all other undergraduate programs. For academic capability, all offers are made based on Year 11 and Year 12 reports to date.


To apply for the Early Offer Program, you must be nominated by your school and application packs will be available for students in June.


All applications must be handed in to Mr Bostelman no later than the 20 July.  The College will forward all applications to Notre Dame.  For more information about Early Offer, go to

Year 12 Exit Plans

All Year 12 students will be meeting individually with the Career Counsellor after the May exams.  The meeting will be to discuss their plans for next year and to offer any guidance or additional information concerning their options.  Please discuss your child’s exit plans with him or her now and encourage those who have vague plans to see me prior to the exams so we can work together on developing clear goals and action steps.  

Year 10 students - online Career Assessment tool

This term Year 10 students will complete an online Career Assessment tool that will help them match their strengths and personality with an array of jobs.   Personality is only one consideration in finding a rewarding career, other personal characteristics such as interests, values, natural ability, skills and academic are also important.  Students will also complete their individual resume and look at the different options and pathways available to them after Year 12.  This information will assist them with their Year 11 and Year 12 course selection at the end of the term.

New Jobs and Skills Centres in WA

The Department of Training and Workforce Development have opened five new Jobs and Skills Centres at North and South Metropolitan TAFE campuses. 


The JSCs offer free career, training and employment services to students, jobseekers and career changers, and employers and businesses.


Visit the Jobs & Skills WA website for more information.


Charles Sturt Uni Engineering Course Named Top Four in WORLD by MIT

Students don't sit a single exam throughout their degree and instead of lectures, engineering students at Charles Sturt University have Netflix-style on-demand classes.


The students spend four years of their five-and-a-half-year degree doing paid engineering work and are assessed on portfolios of their real-world projects.


Find out more -


Future job openings for new entrants by industry and occupation

New research shows that while employment continues to shift towards higher skilled jobs such as professionals and managers, many other job openings in the Australian labour market are due to the need to replace departing employees.


Some of these jobs traditionally have low entry requirements and a high turnover, such as checkout operators and fast food workers. However, some of this attrition is also due to older workers retiring or moving on to different careers, potentially creating a shortage of experienced workers able to supervise and train younger employees.


Information on future job opportunities can help students make choices about training pathways.


Australia’s Booming Industries

SEEK has revealed the Australian industries that boomed in the last 12 months. We look to the data and speak to industry experts about the trends that will shape the year ahead.


Read the article -


They’ve also got a resource that shows how hard it is for employers to fill jobs across lots of different industries -





Sports physios need strengths in the following areas:

  • Patience to deal with multiple clients and both players and coaches under stress
  • Strong interest in sports and physical fitness
  • Ability to handle the physical demands of the job, including treating clients
  • Good communication skills

Become a volunteer Club Trainer

Sports Trainers and First Aiders volunteer and provide player support and safety. While most AFL and NRL Sports Trainers already have qualifications in the medical field, your local clubs are likely to depend on volunteers with basic first aid qualifications.


Find out more -

Tips for getting a sports physio job for the team of your choice from My Health Career


Margi Watson

Career Counsellor


Congratulations to Kinia O’Brien on representing the College with distinction in the Royal Commonwealth Society’s Speech and Leadership Competition at the Constitution Centre last Friday.  This came after her excellent performances in winning the John XXIII College Year 12 Public Speaking and finishing equal first in the Creative Writing. 


The Mock Trial team  excelled with a superb victory over Guildford Grammar School on Wednesday evening. Congratulations to all team members and special thanks to teachers  Ms Rita De Faria, Ms Daisy Farley, and Ms Morgan Ball for their splendid support for the team.


World Scholars Teams are working on preparation for this prestigious event which will be held at Sacred Heart College Sorrento next Friday and Saturday 1 and 2 June. John XXIII College is fielding seven teams by far the largest contingent we have fielded. Best wishes to all teams, and special thanks to Nick Brennan who has been assisting the Year 10 team, and Mr Mark Doran who will assist with judging of debating next Friday.


Preparations are now under way for the Jesuit Schools’ Debating championship which will be held at St Ignatius College, Riverview in the middle week of the July holidays.  Nomination forms and information sheets are now available from the Magis office, and preference will be given to students who are currently representing St Brigid’s in the Year 11 or 12  WADL interschool debating competition.


Mental Mathematics is the current Magis Academic Challenge in progress, and students have one more week to complete this.  Following is the current leaderboard for the inaugural Magis Award for each year group. Points are gained from the Magis academic challenges, Intra-school College competitions such as the Magis Public Speaking and Short Story writing, academic performances in Semester One, and from up to three interschool events such as Da Vinci Decathlon, Mock Trials, interschool debating, and WA or national academic competitions associated with any learning area.


Year  12

1. Kinia O’Brien

2. Amelia MacMillan

3. Roberto Vitali


Year  11

1. Rory Hewson

2. Charlie Richards

3. Cullen Binet


Year 10

1. Nick Brennan

2. Elisabeth Hughes

3. Sean Raj


Year 9     

1. Grace Barbour

      1. McKenzie Richardson

       3. Gabriel Kaye

Year 8

1. Patrick Browne

2. Alice O’Sullivan

3. Elinor Webster

3. Genevieve Fergusson-A


 Year 7

1. Ruby Kaye

2. Yvette Rigg

3. Ava Kwei


Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator



Congratulations to our Mock Trial team that participated this week in the Supreme Court. They faced Guildford Grammar School in Round 2 of the competition and experienced their second win!

Our students put up a great case for the Defence against our “boating incident”. Great work by the students who, despite their busy schedules, enthusiastically attended lunch meetings in preparation of the case. 

The team was as follows: 

  • Barrister 1: Cullen Binet
  • Barrister 2: Roberto Vitali-Lawn
  • Solicitor: Rory Hewson
  • Judge’s Associate:  Toby Morgan
  • Witness 1: Charlie Richards
  • Witness 2:  Liam Hurley
  • Reserve: Samuel Falzu

A thank you to Jim Miller and to family members who came along on the night to offer support.

Daisy Farley
Morgan Ball

Rita de Faria


Head injury / facial injury alert 

Should your child be referred to a Medical Practitioner or Emergency Department during school, after school, on the weekend or during school holidays following a head injury, neck or facial injury and your child is diagnosed with concussion, it is imperative that parents inform the College nurse. Parents must submit a Medical Clearance Certificate to the College nurse stating when your child can return to sport or other activities at the College.


For more detailed information on concussion, refer to the AFL brochure Management of Concussion in Australian Football under the AFL Community Development website:


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Parents' Association

As previously advertised, the Parents’ Association meeting for Term Two will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 5 June in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre. All parents and guardians of John XXIII College students are invited to attend. Please come along to hear updates from the school leadership team and have your say on how our Parents' Association funds are allocated.


The deadline for submission of Funding Proposals at this Term’s meeting has now passed: all further funding proposals will be considered at the Term Three meeting. All funding proposals or special agenda items to be presented at our Term Two meeting will be advertised in next week’s newsletter.

We hope to see you at the meeting on Tuesday 5 June.


Your 2018 Parents’ Association Committee


Inigo Parent Talks

Ignatian Induction Program for Parents

All John XXIII College staff and parents are given the opportunity to participate in the Ignatian Induction Program.

The modules aim to provide staff and parents with the essence of the ethos of John XXIII College. They are a great opportunity to learn about lgnatian Spirituality and meet other parents to explore spirituality within an lgnatian context.


The program consists of six independent content modules with a certificate issued upon completion of all six modules.



If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or phone 9383 0444.





Men Of John XXIII College

Tonight's Event 25 May – The Online World

A Presentation by Paul Litherland, who has 20 years’ experience in the Western Australian Police Force as a Technology Crime Investigation Officer, working with children and families of online crime.

  • Gain an insight into the pitfalls of an online world and take precautions with your family.
  • Location - Cambridge Bowling Club 7 – 10pm
  • Cost - $20 entry includes pizza and pasta
  • Bring your best dad jokes for more prizes.

Calendar Dates for the 2018 Fathering Presentations

Put them into your calendar now!

  • Term 3 - 24 Aug
  • Term 4 - 9 Nov

Year Group Father Liaison still sought

The Men of John XXIII College Committee is looking to improve communication across the school. Often this is done best by the people who know the year group. If you are available, or know someone, then email me their details for inclusion in Committee emails so that they can keep situational awareness and support for upcoming events.

John XXIII College Alumni 

Loreto Nedlands Past Pupils Event


Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

  • Monday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 11:45 am

The Uniform Shop is now accepting secondhand uniform items. Please remember that all items must be freshly cleaned and ironed and in perfect condition to be accepted for sale.


Bev Sainsbury

Uniform Shop Coordinator

Charter Bus

College Charter Bus



Term 2 winter menu

Our Term 2 winter menu is available for download.

Our Online Canteen is an online ordering system that is a safe and convenient way to order school meals and now you can use your Smart Rider to order from the canteen. 

  • Place your canteen order online
  • Mobile friendly site.

For more information visit the College website.

Dianne Combrink
Canteen Manager

Founders' Parent Party - All welcome


Entertainment Books

Help John XXIII College raise much needed funds

Help us raise funds for our fundraising by buying an Entertainment Membership from us. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time. Hurry, Entertainment Memberships sell out quickly.


Order here:


Community Notices

Driving and parking safely near our school

The beginning and end of the school day are busy times for pedestrians and drivers outside our school.

You can help keep children safe by remembering the following:

  • slow down around schools and drive safely
  • be aware, be courteous and be responsible
  • drop your child off and pick them up on the school side of the road in designated pick-up areas
  • always take extra care in 40km school zones
  • observe and adhere to all regulatory signage and follow all parking signs - these help keep your child as safe as possible
  • park responsibly even if it means you have to walk further to the school 
  • never double park - it is illegal and puts children at risk
  • model safe and considerate pedestrian and driver behaviours to your child
  • always give way to pedestrians particularly when entering and leaving driveways.

We would like to remind you to be cautious when dropping off or collecting students near Heritage Lane.  Construction work at the top of  the street continues and there is added traffic and heavy load vehicles movement which increases risks and the need to be more vigilant.  Your assistance in keeping our students and staff safe is greatly appreciated.

Rotary Cambridge guest speaker will be talking about Autism Spectrum Disorders


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