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26 June 2018
Issue Ten
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Movie Fundraiser
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Slam Poetry
Grade 5 Camp
BPS Preps visit to Buninyong Preschool
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Community Notice - 'Should I Stay or Go"
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  • 27th June - Scotsburn SC3 Earth Ed Excursion
  • 28th - 29th June - Gr 5 Sovereign Hill (5DS & 5PD)
  • 29th June - Sausage Sizzle and Donuts                                               
  • 29th June - Last day of Term 2, 2:30pm Finish
  • 1st July - Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Fundraiser 
  • 15th July - First Day Term 3


  • 29th June - Whole School Assembly

Uniform News

Our School uniform coats have arrived and ready for sale.   We have sizes 6-8, 8/10, 10/12 & 12-14 in stock at this stage.  Smaller sizes will be available next term.  All sizes are $60 . 


Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Fundraiser

Further details on page 4.


Principal Report


For the past few years we have had Ballarat Specialist School supply school lunches through the canteen on 1 day of each week.  Ballarat Specialist School has found this difficult in recent times and will finish up as our supplier of lunches at the end of this term. 


This has opened up an opportunity for us to run the canteen ourselves and have it operate 2 days each week.  Offering a 2nd day of lunches is something that parents have requested at times, so we’re happy to give this a try.  We’re going to start with Wednesdays and Fridays for both campuses from week 1 of term 3.


Tracey Coats will be employed by the school to be our canteen coordinator.  Tracey is working on a menu, which will look very familiar at first and then will be adjusted over time.  All ordering will be done online through Qkr.  Orders will need to be in by 1:30pm the previous day.


Tracey will need at least 2 helpers each day, so we will be continuing with the process of allocating classes to weeks and having PLPs assist with the finding of helpers for given days.  See attached the canteen roster for term 3.  Having said all of that, parents are not limited to helping on weeks identified for their class.  Tracey will be happy to take any volunteers.


One significant change is going to be the introduction of a coffee machine.  Tracey will have the canteen open each school morning between 8am and 9am, so parents and staff will be able to pop in for a coffee and/or a bite to eat.


The changes explained above, will hopefully tick a number of boxes:

  • Improve the service provided to parents, students and staff.
  • Enable us to make better use of the canteen facilities.
  • Over time, we hope to raise the funds required to give the interior of the canteen a makeover.  The current layout has not been touched in 30 years.
  • Help us brighten what has been a fairly dull and dark pocket of the court yard.

On a side note, the grade 6 Canteen Team has continued to do an amazing job and now have close to $6,000 in their account.  The funds they are raising this year will go towards sprucing up the exterior of the canteen, so expect to see some very noticeable changes during term 3. 



Last week I had the pleasure of attending the grade 5 camp at Norval Lodge in Halls Gap.  Buninyong PS staff and Norval staff did an excellent job planning and running the camp, and as per usual, we were very well supported by a great team of parent helpers.  This camp provides students with opportunities to challenge themselves, but also to think about how they relate to others, work effectively as part of a team and show respect.  The students were terrific and certainly threw themselves into everything, learnt a great deal and had a memorable experience.


There is lots going on every term, but I’m not sure I can remember a term so full of extra-curricula activities and events.  These have included the Story of Buninyong, a Book Fair, our own inter-house cross country & multiple inter-school sporting events, our ANZAC Day ceremony, grade 5 camp, school photos,  the Young Authors program, Japanese Theme Day, preparation for our first trip to the snow (less than 100 days to go), a gymnastics program for the Scotsburn kids, Maestro & Me & the Music on the Mount performance,  NAPLAN, Student Attitude to School Surveys and of course writing reports and the follow up chats with parents.


Much of that has required significant support from parents, for which we are most grateful.


We hope you have the opportunity to take a break and enjoy spending time with your family over the next two weeks and we’ll see you back for the start of term 3 on July 16.

Movie Fundraiser

V.O.T.S Movie Fundraiser

Movie screening – Regent Multiplex

Hotel Transylvania 3

A monster vacation

Sunday 1st July -1.45 pm

Tickets $15.00 ea.

Get your tickets from the office.  Can also be purchased on Qkr (but you still need to collect your tickets from the office)


Official Trailer below


Teaching & Learning

Looking for all Home Readers

As we approach half year we are calling in all home readers for the holiday period. Please take this week to search through your book shelves and return any school home reader books. We will be taking this opportunity to audit the number of books we have available for use during the term.

Thanks in advance of your support with this matter.

Andrea Hillbrick – Back for Round 2… Teaching Maths Effectively

This week we welcome back Andrea Hillbrick who will be working with staff on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to assist in developing the way in which we teach Mathematics. Earlier in the year Andrea worked with teachers to more deeply understand how we can use Talk, Tools and Tasks within a maths session.


Andrea will be spending 90 minutes with each team across the school to model effective teaching practice and discuss with teachers, further development in their area of focus. Your child may be lucky enough to be in one of the modelling classes over the next few days.













Holiday Learning in Disguise

As the holidays approach it is important to rest and recoup, after all 11 weeks of constant goal setting, explicit learning, relentless practice and thought provoking reflection can take its toll. Holiday time can very quickly slip into large amounts of screen time and decreased conversations but here are some ideas to keep your child’s brain ticking over without them feeling like it is learning. (As mentioned on Kidspot)


Get messy in the kitchen and bake                                                                 

Have the kids been learning about fractions in school? Then pull out the baking cups and measuring spoons, because it’s time to bring those classroom lessons to life! Kids just love getting messy, so why not bake a cake with them? Let them do the scooping, measuring and mixing and they’ll be applying their mathematical knowledge, as well as learning about the chemistry of baking. Following a recipe is also good practise for them in following instructions. Check out Kidspot Kitchen for oodles of kid-friendly recipes that range from easy peasy to simple as.


Build a worm farm                                                                                                       

Did you know worms are great for your garden? They also wiggle, squirm and delight kids to no end! Kids can make their own composting worm farm with these easy instructions.  Sure, they might have learnt about recycling and biodegrading at school, but seeing their worms nibble food scraps, that then turn into compost, will have them really grasping the concept. They will also love caring for their worms and learn that even the smallest creature can produce something that contributes to the ecosystem.


Pull out a deck of cards                                                                             

Remember how you loved playing Go Fish and Crazy Eights as a child? Guess what? Your kids will too! Introduce them to the fun world of card games and they’ll be practising their number and pattern recognition skills, without even knowing it.




Thrill them with tongue twisters                                                                     

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers ... and sent all the children into fits of laughter! Tongue twisters are fun, especially when kids say them as fast as they can, but did you know they are also used as a speech therapy exercise? If your child struggles with reading aloud, or stumbles over words, have him practise some tongue twisters in the holidays. Reading may just be a little easier for him when school returns.


Have some fizzy fun                                                                                               

What kid doesn’t love to watch things pop, change colour or fizz? Turn your kitchen into a laboratory over the holidays and have some science fun. Kidspot has over 91 easy science experiments that will wow little ones and cement those scientific principals they’ve been learning at school. Classic ones like the egg in a bottle or the colourful milk swirl experiment are always a hit.


Make alphabet peg dolls                                                                                         

Has your young schoolie been learning the alphabet? This cute craft activity will ensure they don’t forget their A-Zs over the break. Simply paint on some letters and ask your child to line up their peg characters in alphabetical order. Older kids can also practise their spelling by forming word formations, and even older kids will probably extend this game further to words we wished they didn’t know (!).


Go day tripping                                                                                                           

Pack the day packs, drink bottles and sunscreen and go exploring in your city. Day tripping is not only fun, it’s also a great way for kids to discover new things about the world they live in. Check out if there are any exhibitions on to do with topics the kids have been learning at school, or just see where the day takes you! You never know what cool things are down a lane or in a big city park.


Teach them to knit                                                                                                 

Don’t let all that handwriting improvement over the past year go to the wayside over the break. Knitting, hand sewing and crocheting are fun skills for littlies to learn that will also exercise their fine motor skills and help to build finger dexterity. If your kids are too young for needles, try this fun finger knitting activity, which will see them make yarn chains that can be turned into friendship bracelets! Cute.


Rock their world with riddles                                                                             

Kids love riddles but what they don’t realise (while giggling their heads off!), is that they are actually giving their brains quite a workout. Riddles require us to think outside of the square and find solutions to problems that aren’t obvious. When kids do brain teasers or riddles, they are opening up new thought processes that will help to develop their problem solving skills.


Visit the local library                                                                                       

Nothing turns kids off reading more than being forced to do so (think school readers - snore). But when they discover a book or author they love, the joy of reading is born. Encourage them to spend the holidays engrossed in the pages of a book (or 10) by visiting your local library. Let them choose whatever they would like to read, or learn about, and watch their love of reading blossom.


Grow some food                                                                                               

Teaching your kids to grow their own food is a fun way for them to learn about where food really comes from. Building a veggie patch, planting a fruit tree or cultivating a herb garden are all ways for kids to grow edible crops that the whole family can enjoy. Being able to bring their home grown produce to the dinner table will give kids a real sense of accomplishment and, with any luck, a new appreciation for food.


Play board games and puzzles                                                                       

Board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Pictionary or even Snakes and Ladders, are fantastic for exercising little minds. Pull out a boxed game and your kids will be practising their numbers, letters and shape recognition skills, improving their hand-eye coordination, or honing in on their visual perception and colour identification skills. Plus, board games are the perfect, "Mu-um, we're bored" antidote on holiday rainy days.

Physical Education


Term 3 Calendar Events:

Every Wednesday Lunchtime – Lawn Bowls

19 July – State Championships Cross Country

13 August – Interschool Golf Competition (click here to register)

2-7 September – Snow Trip

14 September – Division Athletics


Term 4 Calendar Events:

12 October – Regional Athletics

18 October – P-2 Sports Day

22 Oct – 8 Nov – Life Education

Regional AFL:

Well done to the Grade 6 boys who competed in the Greater Western Region AFL competition on Thursday 21st of June. Every student represented themselves and Buninyong Primary School to the highest standard, demonstrating care, empathy and sportsmanship towards both their opponents and teammates. The boys managed to advance to the Semi Finals but unfortunately were defeated in a close finish. They should all be very proud of themselves.  A huge thank you to Mr Morgan for coaching the team and organising the event.  Super coach!  Thank you also to the parents who came along to support.



Interschool Golf Team:

Any Grade 5 or 6 student interested in signing up for the Interschool Golf Team, who will play on 13 August (9am -1.15pm) at Buninyong Golf Club, will need to complete this registration form before 23 July, 2018. There is a $10 entry fee and transport to and from Buninyong Golf Club needs to be arranged by the parents/guardians (please let Ms Morris know if there are any problems with transport). 

Lunchtime Lawn Bowls:

Any student who is interested in joining in on some fun lawn bowls sessions at lunchtime on Wednesdays in Term 3, meet Ms Morris in the gym at lunchtime and we’ll walk across to the Buninyong Bowls Club for some indoor challenges.


Jump Rope for Heart


  $3064 raised!!

Jump Rope For Heart concludes this term.  Please submit all funds raised online.  Well done to all the students who participated in this worthy cause.  You have all done a fantastic job and many children will benefit from all your efforts.  Prizes will be distributed once they are received.  Our leader board is as follows:



P.E. Shoes:

A reminder as the weather starts to set in that students need to have clean, dry sports shoes for P.E.  We recommend bringing a spare pair to school to ensure maximum participation in class.  To find out when your child has P.E., please check your Compass portal.


Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Last Day of Term 2

The Scotsburn students will start the day at Buninyong on Friday. The students will attend the assembly and then the library and gym. After play they will all make their way back to Scotsburn on the bus. School will finish at 2.30pm on this day.


Holiday Feeding

If you have any food scraps over the break, our chooks would love them if you are in the area.


Looking after Pip

If you would like to take Pip the lizard home for the holidays, please drop in and make the arrangements with Bec.


Lunch Order Changes

It’s looking likely that lunch orders will move from a Thursday to a Wednesday & Friday for Scotsburn from the start of next term. We’ll have more details to come as they are confirmed.


Shopping Bags

Sylvia is collecting plastic shopping bags for the Soup Bus before they go out of production. She would be grateful if families could bring in any unwanted bags to the Old Building.


Enrolment Forms

We have reached that time of the year again where parents are reminded to submit enrolment forms for their children if they are starting Prep next year. Please ensure they are in by the end of the term.


Grade 5 Camp

The Gr 5’s had a wonderful time at Halls Gap last week. A big thanks to Ms Hunter who attended. It’s always great if a familiar face can go along with the students. From all reports, the kids had a great time and Deb got just enough sleep!


Sovereign Hill

The Gr 5’s will be attending Sovereign Hill on Thursday & Friday. Please ensure that you read the information note which explains departure and return details.


Scotsburn PlayPod

With the success of the PlayPod at the Buninyong Campus, we would like to replicate that at the Scotsburn campus. It would be greatly appreciated if families could have a look around home for any of the items below that they no longer require. If you do have any of the following, please being them in after the holiday break.  

Sturdy Trucks and match box cars, small chairs / stools, plastic table and chairs, plastic toys (no furry or material types that will get mouldy when wet please), old clock (no glass), old computers /printers

/keyboards and headphones, plastic tea set, cash register, old kitchen appliances, cable reels, pots, pans and muffin tins, oven trays, PVC pipes, plastic cups, small bikes and trikes, old fishing rods with no hook and line, white board / paint easel, balls / golf balls, small containers, old cutlery, play money (coins), milk and bread crates, milk bottle lids, doll pusher / cradle / high chair, tech decks, small tyres, sand / pool shell, telephones, old microphones / musical instruments and quoits.


ABC & ROCCH Awards

Gr P-2 – Mia

Gr 2-4 – Mercury & Jackson

Specialist Award –  Asher Wenzlick


Term 2 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

Grade 5 two day Sovereign Hill experience – 28th – 29th June

3 Way Conversations – 21st June (4pm-6pm)

3 Way Conversations – 26th June (1pm finish for students)

SC3 to Earth Ed – 27th June

Term 2 Finishes – 29th June


Thanks and enjoy the Break

The Scotsburn staff would like to thank you all for your wonderful support throughout the term. We hope you enjoy a happy and safe break with your families. See you all back on Monday 16th July.

Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry

Our Year 6’s are poets… I wonder if they know it??

This month the Grade 6s have been working on Slam Poetry. Slam Poetry is a way of taking one topic and making it a poem that consists of similes and metaphors. Our topic was to write a Slam Poem about a season.

We were in charge of researching, writing and practising our original poems. The most challenging part was coming up with all the rhymes, similes and metaphors. While performing we had the chance to assess each other which helped us understand what makes a great Slam Poem performance.

We all have enjoyed working on the poems and it was a great experience for all of us. 16 pairs or trios have made it to the grand final out of all of the Grade 6’s [three or more groups from each class.] It has been a challenge but we all loved it.


By Inez and Gordon




Grade 5 Camp

Grade 5 Halls Gap Camp Reflections

The Year 5 camp is all about challenge, courage and leadership. Students travel to Norval School camp in the Grampians to participate in activities that will foster these characteristics in the students. During the activities the students feel a range of emotions as they learn to step off the edge when abseiling, work collaboratively in the initiative games or learn how to take the lead or listen to others as they aspire to create damper in bush cooking. Along with all the wonderful social aspects of being on camp together, we hope the students participation in these activities allow them to return with a greater understanding of how these skills will be used in their future.

Click on the photo album for more photos below.



Cyrus Walter

I loved Grade 5 camp because I was pushed out of my comfort zone. There were 5 activities and there were 3 groups. My group’s first activity was a hike up to Chatauqua Peak. It was about 10kms in the end. We had an awesome time!


Tilly Palmer

When we went to Halls Gap, we did lots of fun activities like abseiling, high ropes, archery, a night walk, hike and more. I really liked this camp because they were all so positive, energetic and encouraging. My favourite activities were abseiling and the hike. I really liked the hike because we got to figure out riddles on the way up. Jess was one of the best instructors, but they were all great. I also really liked abseiling because you got pushed out of your comfort zone. I would say this is one of my favourite camps!


Lachie Johnstone

Our recent camp to Halls Gap was absolutely amazing, including all the activities and the staff. The activities that we did were; abseiling down a small cliff (that was my favourite one), high ropes, bush cooking, archery, initiative games and a hike up Chatauqua Peak.


Gemma Bridges

When we went to Halls Gap camp we did lots of activities. My favourite activity was the high ropes course because we really got to step outside of our comfort zone to try something new. I was scared at first but when I got up there I really enjoyed it. Overall it was definitely the best camp I have ever been on. I think the Grade 5’s next year will also really enjoy it.


Charlie Baradine

I loved Grade Five Camp! It was definitely one of my favourite memories of Grade Five. It was my first two-night camp and it had the best rooms of all the camps I have been on so far. It was really roomy with our own ensuite. The Halls Gap Camp also had high ropes, archery, bush cooking, hiking which were all great. My favourite activity would probably have to be the hike because I had heaps of fun running and jumping all over the rocks. Halls Gap Camp was Fantastic!


BPS Preps visit to Buninyong Preschool

School visit to the Buninyong Preschool

School students wrote to the kindergarten children to say how excited they were about their visit. On the day students loved reading to the children, playing together and making friends. Students spoke about school life showing many photos and answered questions.


We gave the kindergarten a book of all the things we love to do at school.  We are really looking forward to seeing all our kindergarten friends again at school later this year!











“Visiting the kinder children was really fun. I played hairdressers and made new friends” (Evie).


“I played with Ted, Oscar and Lachlan. I built with Lego. It was fun but that is not all there is to tell. I also played with the blocks. It was really fun”. Cohen


School Uniform

School Uniform

Our School uniform coats have arrived and ready for sale. 

 We have sizes 6-8, 8/10, 10/12 & 12-14 in stock at this stage. 

Smaller sizes will be available next term. 

All sizes are $60











Also, If you cant get into the school during school hours, you are able to order and pay over the phone and we will send the items home with your child.  If your unsure of sizes, the ladies in the office are more than happy to assist and get your child to try on the clothing and get the correct sizing.  

Below is the latest uniform price list.


Student Awards

Act of Kindness


Student News

Grade 6 Canteen
Can-team News - Thursday

  • Milo: $1 in your own mug;  $1.50 in a biodegradable cup
  • Choc Chip & Triple Choc biscuits: 50c each

Thursday recess: 11-11:30am

Parent Helpers wanted: 10:30 - 11:30am

We will need helpers to keep milo going through Winter on Fridays.



Scratch & Patch News

This week in Scratch & Patch we made the best pumpkin scones. 

See Photos and the recipe below.


Used children books for mobile library in Central Vietnam

"Calling all students to help the mobile library in Quang Nam- Da Nang, Vietnam"


Tri a Grade 4 student is returning to his hometown Quang Nam- Da Nang in Vietnam these school holidays.  He and his mum Phuong over the last year have been involved in a project to supply the mobile library with some second hand books from Australia.  


If you have any books that you would be able to donate please put them in the box at the front office by Friday.


Community Notice -
'Should I Stay or Go"

Learn To Swim - Fed Uni


School Holiday Netball Clinic


Calling all little chefs


Ballarat Judo Club


Julie Corletto Netball Clinics


AFL Holiday Program


Ballarat Basketball Camp - Skin Ski & Surf


Term 3 - Aussie Hoops


School Holiday Family Yoga


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