08 February 2019
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Upcoming Dates
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Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates

8th - 9th February: Relay For Life

12th February: WC Swimming Carnival

13th - 15th February: Clontarf Year 12 Leadership Camp

14th February: Leadership and Year 7 Induction and Welcome Night

20th February: VCE/Year 10 Art Exhibition Excursion

21st - 22nd February: Clontarf Induction Camp

21st February: WD Swimming Carnival

21st February: Year 12 Study Retreat

22nd February: Whole School Assembly

25th - 26th February: VCAL Camp

26th February: WD Intermediate/Senior Summer Sports

26th February: Year 7 Immunisations


Principals Report



One of the aspects of Warrnambool College that I love the most is almost impossible to describe.  It can’t be measured, it’s not explicitly visible and it goes beyond simply experiencing via our five senses.  But I can assure you, I have felt this part our school community on display every hour of every school day since we returned from holidays.  I’m referring to our positive school culture; the intangible vibe that is the addition of so many small acts of kindness, welcomes, smiles and joy.  I hope you’ve felt this culture yourself at Warrnambool College if you’ve visited the campus already in 2019.


With a lot of building works happening at the school last year, it was fantastic to open new facilities for our students to use from the first day of school this year.  New student toilets, a new library, new school foyer, new administration area and a new entrance to the year 12 common room are now complete and it’s been great to see students take care and pride in these new spaces.  A huge thanks goes out to all the school staff and external contractors that worked so hard to bring these projects to life over a number of months.


During 2019 there will be a lot of additional building works happening as part of our department renewal project.  The B wing classrooms that have been under construction since November should be completed in the next month.  I had a walk through earlier this week and am delighted with the enhanced look and feel of the space – it’s amazing what natural light and glazing can do to really lift a space and make it more conducive to learning.  Work will commence on new staff toilets in the coming fortnight and then refurbishment of additional classrooms will start during March.  This will mean that various parts of the school are not accessible to staff and students for extended periods of time throughout this year.  We have been able to arrange our timetable so that all classes will have access to specialised learning resources throughout the year.  We can’t wait to learn and teach in these new spaces as they are handed back to the school.


Yesterday our year 11s had ‘study hall’ for the first time this year during period 4.  I had been at a meeting away from my office and as I wandered through the library on my way back to my desk, I was delighted to see so many students making fantastic use of this time.  The work ethic on display was an inspiration to all others.  As I worked my way down the stairs to our administration area, I discovered more students working in the meeting rooms near my office.  Wow I thought, it’s so great to have so many students involved that we need to offer more spaces for their learning.  Then I got to my office and found three studious year 11s working diligently at my meeting table.  They offered to leave but I insisted they stay and continue with their studies.  We briefly joked about the merits (or otherwise) of being ‘in the Principal’s office’ and then worked and learned alongside each other for the next 40 minutes in relative silence.  What a privilege for me to share in their commitment to learning at this stage of the year.   I hope it continues throughout 2019.


In amongst the busyness of the start of the school year, please take a moment to ask your child how their learning is going.  Many will have learning tasks up on Compass by now, so I invite you to look at these and share in the learning involved with your child.  Education is a partnership between school, home and the wider community.  I look forward to sharing this significant responsibility with you all during 2019.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift


Assistant Principal's Report


It has been another memorable start to the year. Tutorial interviews commenced last Thursday with many eager and happy faces. Friday we had a whole school outdoor assembly, House assemblies and then the resumption of classes. There is a kind of buzz around the place as students reconnect after the summer break, the nervous tension of new classes and teachers, the navigational errors with building works. All in all, it has been a very smooth start and a strong start to the year.

Many families have been taking advantage of the discounted uniform available for sale through the main office. In June of 2018 we switched uniform providers from Dobsons to Buxwear. This resulted in the College having some uniform items in excess. To clear room for new stock we have been selling off the excess stock at heavily reduced prices. Pop in to the admin office if you would like to take advantage of these short lived prices.

A reminder that new uniform items were added to the options last July. There are now a series of different styles and cuts of track pants and shorts that are available for purchase through the uniform shop. This has been designed with different body shapes and types in mind. There are new polo tops in the addition to the blue and white that has always been available. As well as staples such as the Gray academic shorts and pants, kilts and dresses. There is not set uniform for the College and as long as students are warm and comfortable this is all we are concerned with. Students can wear uniform items in any arrangements as long as they are Warrnambool College logo items. We feel that this allows students to have a sense of identity and personality with the way that they dress. For any parent or student wishing to make comments or changes to the uniform we invite you to get involved with our Engagement and Wellbeing committee.

This year we are acknowledging that some of our environmental practices here at the College are ‘rubbish’. This was mentioned at the first whole school assembly and students and staff were encouraged to join in the formation of a new sustainability group at the College. We will be commencing with the large scale visual of waste at the College by completing an audit of a weeks worth of rubbish at the school. Perhaps if we can visually see our contribution we can more actively change our habits. Any student or parent wishing to get involved is most welcome to join us. Names are being collected by Assistant Principal Emma Miller.

The swimming and athletics carnivals will soon be upon us. This year we hope to see just as many families – if not more – coming together to enjoy these memorable days. Year 7 and 8 students will head off on camp – a great opportunity to meet new friends, feel more settled and comfortable at school. Consent forms and payments are currently being accepted at the office. Academy sign ups are just around the corner and with such a wide variety on offer there is certainly something to suit everyone (chess, choir, music, musical, rock band, public speaking, debating, cooking, art, tennis, basketball, hockey, surfing, open water swimming, cricket, football, soccer, golf, netball, table tennis). We strongly encourage everyone to get involved!

School  News

School Council Elections

Parents are invited to nominate for the parent category of the Warrnambool College Council.

There is a nomination form linked below which is to be returned to Karina Said by 4:00pm on 18 February 2019. 

Forms are also available from the main office.

Parent Self Nomination Form


Sustainability News

WAR ON WASTE.... Students are encouraged to SIGN UP to help with our own War on Waste here at the college by giving your name to Ms Miller. Our Whole School Waste Audit event is in the planning....more information to come. Thinking globally, Acting locally 

Art News

We will soon have full Membership with the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Although this has been organised via our Art Department the membership entitles ALL STUDENTS across ALL SUBJECTS free access to any of the seminars and floor talks on offer throughout the year as part of the gallery's education program.

House News


On behalf of our awesome Childers’ Teachers, Tutorial Leaders and House Leadership team, we’d like to welcome all our amazing students to Warrnambool College for 2019. Our Year 7 students are settling in really well. They are a wonderful group of individuals with whom we are looking forward to spending time and witnessing their growth at the college. Our Childers House Leadership team consists of the legendary Robert Dart as our House Leader and we welcome our new House Assistants – Lisa Douglas and Rhonda Simmons. We can be found in our brand new Childers Office located in B wing once building works is complete in a couple of weeks. We are very proud to have been awarded four House Cups for 2018; Philanthropy Cup, Arts Cup, Public Speaking Cup and the Overall Cup. Go Childers! We would like to congratulate two of our Childers students – Meg Reuel and Mitch Colson who have accepted the honour of School Captains for 2019.  We would like to wish everyone the best of luck this year, especially those completing their final year at school – VCAL and VCE Year 12.  We are looking forward to an eventful and exciting 2019!

Community Notices

Junior Squash


Melbourne to Warrnambool Bike Race


Active Sportz

Active Sportz - New Seasons starting soon in Netball (Ladies/Mixed) & Soccer (Ladies/Mixed & Men's)


Enquiries call Raff 55613 666 or message on Facebook. www.facebook.com/activesportz

Art Club


'Four Peaks Challenge'