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13 March 2019
Issue Three
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From the Principals' Desk

International Womens' Day

As I write this report, thirteen young women from Nossal are on their way to a "Women in STEM" morning tea being held in honour of International Women's Day. It is the end of Week 6, and we are well into the normal business of the school. One of the sources of staff pride at the school is how often our "normal business" takes our students beyond their immediate concerns to consider a host of ways in which the world could be bettered, and how their involvement could enable this. This newsletter, like so many others, offers a glimpse of this diversity and into the sorts of leaders (titled and untitled) that our students may become in the future.

Review and Reflection

Throughout the start of this term, Nossal has been undertaking the reflective work associated with the regular School Review process. Every four years, government schools are asked to reflect on the work they have been doing and on what impact that work has had on their students, before setting goals for the next four years. That process is still ongoing, and may be the source of discussion by our students about observers in their classes or their involvement in various focus groups. Even without completing the review, however, the opportunity to reflect has already proven both valuable and challenging.


Some years ago, we asked our staff to describe their ideal Nossal graduate. This individual has a range of attributes, including the capacity for deep and critical thought, collaborative problem solving and effective communication. They are ethical and compassionate, demonstrating an ability to think creatively and the confidence and organisational skills to take on a leadership role. They are resilient in the face of difficulties, and they have the self-discipline to balance the demands of a complex working life against the challenge of maintaining a fulfilling personal life.


What is striking about this list is how little of it is measurable through traditional academic measures, and how little of it is enabled by traditional learning structures. While it is certainly the case that a reflective learner will have a deeper understanding of their subject matter, and thus would be expected to do better on a traditional test (as our students invariably do when compared to state measures), how can we tell if we are helping our students to be more reflective than they were when they arrived? As a school, how do we find out how resilient our students are and how do we help them to be more resilient? Simply telling them to be so will clearly not do the job.


While the question of how we "measure" our impact on students in these domains is a knotty, one which the school is likely to be grappling with for some time, the question of how we encourage these sorts of capabilities is much more straightforward. In order to develop resilience, it's important that I experience some set-backs and prove to myself that I can survive and overcome them. In order to develop compassion, it's important that I interact with people whose life experiences are very different to my own, and recognise the complexity and validity of their stories. In order to think creatively, I have to be exposed to ideas not just in my own field, but in fields quite different from my own so as to draw inspiration and insight into the different ways of thinking and of breaking down problems and responding to them. It is for this reason that we consider the activities which our students undertake outside the classroom to be so vital. None of them are chosen without careful reflection on what they can bring to our students, and their success depends on the support which they receive both at school and at home as valid (indeed, essential) parts of a true educational journey.

Camps and Pathways Week

From Monday 18 March to Friday 22 March, the whole of the school will be involved in our annual "Camps and Pathways Week". The week is an explicit part of our commitment to developing the whole student, rather than allowing them to become the "unidimensional nerds" which our namesake, Sir Gustav Nossal, once presented to an incoming cohort as a mode to be avoided. While the Year 9 and Year 12 students undertake wellbeing and development activities in an outdoor setting at Roses Gap and Lord Somers, respectively, our Year 10 and 11 cohorts are led through a combination of classroom activities, excursions, aptitude tests and either VET courses or volunteering activities. These activities have been carefully chosen to enhance their job-readiness, encourage reflection on their current abilities and on the gaps in their skill sets, and broaden their understanding of possible pathways after they have finished their VCE. These activities are important, and therefore compulsory, and we would ask that our parents  work with us, both by promptly providing their consent to activities on Compass and, more importantly, by reinforcing the fact that this type of activity is not time "taken" from learning, but rather an essential aspect of it. Our students have the unfortunate tendency to think of school as something to "get through" before their "real life" (when these sorts of activities will take up more of their time and energy) begins. What they forget is that they are having their real life right now, this moment. They don't get to do 2019 again, and the opportunities lost this year will not be presented to them in this particular form a second time. The week has been highly successful in past years thanks to the commitment of the staff and of the students, and we have no doubt that it will be so again this year with your support.

Lycee Felix le Dantec Exchange

Tuesday 5 March was the final day of face-to-face contact with our new friends from the Lycée Félix le Dantec. Thanks to a combination of good will and hard work, both our visitors from France and their Nossal host families had a full and rewarding exchange visit, and more than one student had trouble saying goodbye as the group boarded the bus to take them on to their next adventure. Further reflections on the event appear elsewhere in this newsletter, so I will confine myself to an observation about the week's last formal activity, which was a barbecue dinner in the space between our two buildings on Monday night. I arrived to the sound of laughter and music, and to the sight of a large group learning a dance from the local area of the Lannion. The sense of warmth and inclusion was palpable, and it was clear that all member of the group were enjoying simply spending time with each other, sharing games and stories. The development of such an atmosphere in only a week is a credit to the care and support of Ms Yvonne Sly and her team, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the participants were safe and supported throughout what could have been a challenging encounter but was instead, very clearly, a joyful experience. I would like to formally thank her, Mr Butler, Ms Leslie Cilia, Mr Alban Xavier, and especially our host students and their families, for their outstanding work on the program.


Surf Camp: Unit 1 & 2 Physical Education

While one group of students was introducing their French visitors to some classic parts of Australian life (like cricket in the park!), another group was taking part in an activity just as iconic. On Wednesday 27 March the Unit 1 Physical Education students boarded a bus for Newhaven to attend our annual Surf Camp. In addition to learning to surf (itself an impressive physical feat, especially for the novices in the group!), the students were able to reflect on the different coaching styles the instructors utilised and to make connections between these approaches and the theory about coaching and feedback which they had been encountering in classes at school. It's also an environment that allows our often risk-averse students to move safely outside their comfort zone, with success demanding that they show resilience and adopt a growth mindset (rather than merely talking about these vital concepts).

First FareShare Visit

On Thursday 28 March, the first visit to FareShare was undertaken for 2019. Nossal High School has been sending groups of students to FareShare for several years. They learn about food waste and food rescue, and to help prepare and pack food for members of the Melbourne community who face hunger and need. While the newsletter is likely to include a student reflection on this program later in the year, parents interested in finding out more now might like to watch this clip from the organisation's website:


School Council: Thanks and Welcome

At the time of writing, the voting for our new School Council is underway. I encourage all members of our school community to take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the decision-making structures within the school. Voting closes at 4pm on Friday 15 March and ballot papers were sent home to all families on Thursday 7 March. 


The last meeting of the council, which occurred on Tuesday 26 February, was an opportunity to formally thank the following representatives for their service:

  • Bridget Wong (Outgoing School Council President)
  • Yin Taw Fung
  • Holgar Schultz
  • Abid Hasan
  • Yvonne Sly
  • Jordan Van Rhyn
  • Sam Balasz
  • Grace Archer

It was also an opportunity to thank Jack Kraan, a long-serving member from Berwick Rotary, for his support of the school, and to welcome his replacement, Sam McCurdy. The work of the council is often invisible to the school population, but their oversight and thoughtful decision-making is an essential part of what maintains Nossal's excellence. We thank the outgoing members for their important contributions to the governance of the school, and look forward to welcoming an equally committed group of representatives in the near future.


Tracey Mackin

Assistant Principal

Important Dates


RAAF Hornet Simulator at NHS

Tuesday 12 March


Cardinia Division - Intermediate girls Softball

Tuesday 12 March


GRIP Student Leadership Conference

Tuesday 12 March


OZCLO 2019

Wednesday 13 March


The Yellow Wallpaper - Excursion

Thursday 14 March


District Swimming Carnival

Friday 15 March


Camps and Pathways Week commences

Tuesday 19 March


Digital Delivery Event (Yr 12s)

Tuesday 19 March


Year 9 Camp 2019 - Roses Gap Camp

Tues 19 - Fri 22 March


2019 Year 12 Lord Somers Camp

Wed 20 - Fri 22 March


Morrisby Test - Year 10

Thursday 21 March



EduTest - Year 11

Friday 22 March


Interschool Sport: Intermediate Volleyball, Tennis & Baseball

Monday 25 March


Year 11 Biology (Group 1) Cranbourne Botanical Gardens excursion

Tuesday 26 March


Interschool Sport: Senior Baseball

Tuesday 26 March


Year 11 Biology (Group 2) Cranbourne Botanical Gardens excursion

Wednesday 27 March


SMR Sport: Swimming Carnival

Thursday 28 March


Cate Kennedy in Seminar incursion

Thursday 28 March


Term 1 Reports released and PST Conference Bookings open

Thursday 28 March


Earth Hour (NEST Project)

Period 5, Friday 29 March


Year 9 Healesville Trip 2019

Monday 1 April


House Cross Country

Tuesday 2 April


Literature Club

Tuesday 2 April


Year 9 Legacy ANZAC Excursion to The Shrine

Wednesday 3 April


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Thursday 4 - Friday 5 April


End Term 1

Friday 5 April 


Start of Term 2

Tuesday 23 April 


ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Thursday 25 April

2019 Term Dates

Term 1     29 January - 5 April 

Term 2     23 April - 28 June

Term 3     15 July - 20 September

Term 4     7 October - 20 December

General News

School Council Election 2019

Parents are reminded  that an election is being run for Parent member representation on the Nossal High School Council.

  • Ballot papers were distributed on Thursday 7  March 

If you have not received these please contact the General office on 8762 4600

  • The ballot will close at 4.00pm on Friday 15 March(No late ballot will be accepted)

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact the Principal, Mr Roger Page.

Meet Your Education Support Staff

We would like to introduce our community to our ES staff, without whom we could not run Nossal. Some of the faces you see will be familiar, others work behind the scenes. 

Laboratory Technicians

Leeann Lees

Hi, I am Leeann.

I began working at Nossal in 2013 as a Laboratory Technician. I am responsible for the preparation of Chemistry Practicals and supporting the teachers in practical classes.


My role also includes: Deputy OHS Officer, Science demonstrations, assisting on science excursions, coordinating the Dolphin research  program and Animal Wellbeing.


Jin Chung

My name is Jin. This will be my first year here at Nossal. I will endeavour to make the Science practical classes as efficient as possible by preparing the materials used in each practical class and gathering all required resources for those classes. I also help the students to use the equipment and tools safely and work safely during the practical classes. 


I also look after those school animals, turtle, fish, snake, Lizards, Crabs, frogs, and stick insects. Leeann and I feed them twice a week and try to do them on Monday and Friday. Come and say hello to Nossal’s pets!

Keep up to date with Nossal

Are you following our social media channels?


While we post notifications on Compass, send home emails and/or text messages when important events and information need to be shared with our families and community, and keep you informed about what has happened with our fortnightly newsletter, Nossal also has a number of social media pages which we use for reminders and also to share exciting news.


If you don't already follow us though one of these, please consider joining or liking our pages and get all the reminders and news we share on social media!


Follow us at:




Did you know?

Did you know our newsletter can now be translated into a number of different languages?  This is a relatively new feature of the software program we use and can be turned on or off using the language selector in the lower left corner of each page.

Languages News

Au Revoir Lycée Félix le Dantec

On Tuesday 5 March, we waved a sad farewell to the 20 French students and 2 staff from our potential sister school in France. The previous 11 days had been packed full of exciting travel experiences, sharing of cultural practices as well as language learning for both our students and the exchange students.


Each student from France was hosted by a Nossal student and their family. As the week progressed the intercultural bonds that were being formed between students from opposite sides of the world, quickly became evident. French students attended some classes with their host student as well as participating in an AFL footy clinic and a Food Technology class where they learned to make ANZAC cookies. These experiences were quite unique to them and therefore all the more enjoyable. Another unique experience was that of a school assembly, where each French student introduced themselves to the Nossal community. Whole school assemblies are not common place in France, particularly as Lycée Félix le Dantec consists of approximately 2,000 students.


Highlights of the exchange included a day in the city of Melbourne identifying various places of interest, a trip to Healesville Sanctuary and a day spent at Casey Tech. Our “French day” on Monday 4 March allowed French students from various year levels to participate in special workshops prepared by the exchange students. These included a web quiz about French scientists, a quiz on France, an activity on stereotypical attitudes to French and Australian national identity as well as a video showing the sights of their home town, Lannion in Brittany.


This exchange would not have been successful without the support of the Nossal host students and families who opened up their homes and their hearts to our French guests. On behalf of Nossal High school, I thank these families sincerely for their commitment and generosity to the program.


We now look forward to a return visit to Lycée Félix le Dantec later in the year, as plans are already in progress. Watch this space.


Yvonne Sly

Languages Domain Leader



Careers News

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT)

The aim of the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website to assist students in making informed choices about their higher education options by bringing together survey data from all Australian universities, allowing students to compare student experience and job outcomes. 


Students are able to compare the student experience, whether domestic or international, between universities, and also learn more about employment outcomes of the different institutions.  

The QILT survey program also includes the Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) which is an important survey whereby over 4000 employers are asked to rate their newly employed university graduates, based on several criteria, and thereby ranking universities.



Compass Career News

Items in this Career News includes - 

  • Items in this Career News includes - 

  • ACU Early Entry Programs
    • Passion for Business (P4B)
    • Passion for Law (P4L)
  • Career as an Occupational & Environmental Physician
  • Applications to study at the Australian National University (ANU)
  • Snapshot of the Blue Mountains Hotel School in 2019
  • Snapshot of the International College of Hotel Management in 2019
  • Career in Event Management and Courses on offer in Victoria


Applications to study at Australian National University (ANU)

In 2020 ANU will welcome the first cohort of students under a new national admissions process. The new admissions model will look beyond ATAR scores to consider a student’s all-round character and will be unique in its focus on holistic student assessment. 


Applications open 8:00am, Monday 4 March and close Friday 31 May. Students will apply directly to ANU, via the ANU website. To help, ANU has created a step-by-step process guiding prospective students through the application process.  Students must also read & be mindful of all the information provided in the below document. Students who have any questions or need assistance with their ANU application, please send me a Teams chat, drop by my office to see if I'm free or book an appointment to meet with me via the 'Careers Advisor appt' tab in Teams.


Clarissa Jacques

Careers Advisor

Sporting News

Intermediate Cricket Report

On Tuesday 25 February, the Intermediate Boys headed down to Holm Park Reserve to play in a round robin cricket tournament. Our two oponents for the day were Kambrya and Minaret.


In the first game against Kambrya, we batted first but were in early trouble losing a wicket in the first over. Gradually our batsmen gained the ascendancy, scoring steadily, but a fraction slowly. Our captain Dhanusha sensed that we needed to increase the run rate but in so doing was forced into a false stroke and he was out. This brought Ben to the crease and it was apparent early on that he sensed the urgency but whilst he was scoring fairly quickly we had trouble getting boundaries. Eventually after 11 overs we had made 85. It seemed like a big total but would it be enough?


In the field we struggled to contain the scoring and sadly when the catches came, we were not able to take them. Consequently Kambrya was able to get the winning runs in the 10th over. We had lost.


In the second game, against Minaret, we bowled first and this time we were able to get a few early wickets meaning that Minaret’s scoring rate was severely impeded. They were only able to score 45 from 10 overs. We batted well and were able to pass the total comfortably inside the overs. Yash did particularly well and for his efforts was presented with the Sidchrome award. Minaret were short a few players, so that three of our players volunteered to help Minaret in the fielding. Rohith in particular did a spectacular piece of fielding and was able to throw the stumps down from side on. Luckily for us, our batsman was given not out.


The games were all conducted with an excellent spirit and congratulations must go the students from all the schools present for the outstanding way in which they conducted themselves. Special thanks to Sean Lindsay and Shishir Kulkarni for their work in running the training sessions, and to Shishir for his coaching and umpiring on the day of the match.


Ian Pegram

Cricket Coach



Clubs News

Our Debating Experience

On Thursday 20 February, the Debating Team of 2019 had their Debating Training with the amazing Cree, past student and the first debating captain of Nossal! 


In that room, debating wasn’t a hobby or something we all wanted to do to pass the time, instead, it was roughly twenty students who all craved the adrenaline rush that public speaking has to offer. Throughout the day, the objective was to learn about the roles of various speakers (your first speaker is extremely important!) and what makes a debate outstanding. Nonetheless, Cree’s debating mastermind allowed us to learn so many new and effective techniques to apply in our future debates. She explained every point in detail and answered all our questions with numerous examples to aid our understanding.


Along with all the tips and tricks, we also had the opportunity to watch the Year 12 and 11 students battle it out in an intense debate. This allowed us to pick up new methods that we had no yet learnt and watch how it should be used correctly. It was an entirely new view on debating for the Year 9s, especially since we were so used to the basic structure of debating that we were taught in our previous schools. The session was beneficial as it taught us about our end goals, and how to effectively get our point across.


In the end, we came out of the session smarter, and more importantly with a whole new outlook on debating that will hopefully lead us to a lot of great successes throughout the 2019 debating year! Overall, not a moment in those four periods was tiring, nonetheless, it only left us wanting to learn more!


Namira Rahman & Luca Bogdanovits

Year 9



Parents and Friends Association

The PFA Year is off and running

Hello everyone and a somewhat belated welcome to 2019 at Nossal from the the PFA.


We had our first meeting for the year in the first full week of the year and had a great number in attendance, including lots of new Year 9 parents, which was lovely to see. The PFA meets on the first Wednesday of every month during the school term, at 7:00pm, upstairs in the Jean Russell Centre (above the main office). We are a very friendly bunch and always have a lot of fun together. We would love to see you at our next meeting, which will be held on on the 3 April. If you have any questions about the PFA, please feel free to email our President, Larry Larkins, at: [email protected]We are lucky to have our Principal Mr Page and Assistant Principals, Mr Butler and/or Ms Mackin attend every meeting, so as well as discussing upcoming fundraising events, we also get to hear about what is happening around the school. It is always very interesting and informative and we are very grateful that they all give us their time to do this.


In our first meeting of the year, Mr Page showed us the results of the latest parent survey and discussed how our students are going compared to the other Select Entry schools. It was great to see our kids doing so well, which is also a reflection on the fantastic teachers and Principals we are fortunate to have at Nossal. Mr Butler then gave us a very detailed run-down on what is coming up at the school this year, showing the new parents how to find this information on Compass, which has all events and the dates for the rest of the year.


The next event at school the PFA participated in was the "Meet and Greet" evening for the parents of new Year 9 and students new to other year levels at Nossal in 2019. It was held on Thursday 21 February and it was again wonderful to see so many in attendance, mixing with other new members of the Nossal community. Families enjoyed some light refreshments before breaking off into their child’s House area, where they met their Tutorial teacher and Head of House. The evening concluded with a presentation on the school's assessment and reporting procedures and then for those who were parents of Year 9 students, some more detailed information about the upcoming Roses Gap Camp.

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

The PFA operate a 2nd hand uniform shop at Nossal which from time to time also has a small supply of 2nd hand text books. The shop is open on the first Monday of every month in the school term, with the next date being Monday 1 April, between 8.30 - 9.30am. We have plenty of stock so if you are finding you need one more dress, shirt or bit of sport uniform, come in and see us.


STOP PRESS: We are also able to announce that the PFA 2nd hand Uniform Shop also currently has stock of a number of school blazers in a range of sizes ready for the winter uniform which applies from the start of next term.

Be a "Nossal Celebrity"

In 2019, the PFA are again offering every member of the Nossal High School community, the chance to have their own "celebrity paver" in the school's Walk of Fame, located at the front of the school.

The pavers feature the person's name and the year of their association with the school and are part of the growing and on-going history of of Nossal.  It is a joy to watch returning students and families go to the Walk of Fame area and not only search out their own name, but also those of others they shared their time at Nossal with.


The pavers cost $50.00 each and can be ordered at the school's office.  All money raised from this PFA project goes to facilities at our school.


Order your celebrity paver now, and be remembered as a Nossalonian in the school's Walk of Fame.


Tracey Williams

PFA Newsletter Reporter

Congratulations PFA

I have had many years experience in schools and in those years I have been involved with many PFA groups, but with out a doubt, the Nossal PFA is by far the most enjoyable, supportive and energetic group I have known and had the privilege to be a part of! 



Firstly, unlike the majority of PFAs in existence, Nossal's is well attended with an average of 18-25 people (both male and female) arriving at each meeting.  It is always a friendly and welcoming environment, with the members keen to meet each other and those who are new to the group.  Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month in the school terms and while it is referred to as a meeting, it is fair to say that often the business of the PFA can be finished in a relatively short time and the remainder of the session devoted to fun, fellowship and general chat about what is happening in and around our busy school. 


Except for a small number of attendees, each member is a parent of a current student and therefore the things talked about and responded to, are all about the current students and their needs.  It is testimony though that the group is so effective and so supportive of each other personally, that some of the members are the parents of ex-Nossal students who simply want to continue to give back to our school community.


Naturally, like most similar organisations, one of the key things the Nossal PFA does is to raise funds for the school and in 2018, this was in excess of $10,500.00!  The money was primarily raised through sales of the popular Entertainment Book, Nossal celebrity pavers, second hand uniforms and small sales around Mother's Day, Father's Day and at the South-East Feast.  In addition, the PFA conducted its annual Bunnings BBQ, second hand uniform and book sale, and hosted a meat tasting forum for a Government Department as part of a research program.  The PFA were also supportive of many other events at the school such as the parents' night for The Resilience Project, Careers Expo, school production and a range of other Parent Information nights.  In recent years, the PFA has contributed significant sums of money to:

  • providing the turtle environment for Science
  • develop the popular and well used, Library Courtyard
  • AFL goal post pads and specialist Hockey equipment for PE

and in 2019 has already committed to equipment for our Music Department.


As a school, we are indebted to the PFA for all of their work and the support they provide.  We encourage all families to support the PFA by perhaps attending one of their meetings, or buying a celebrity paver or entertainment book.  Doing this will help your son or daughter not only through your involvement in the school, but through the money raised by the PFA, benefiting all the students at the school when the group provides other resources that would not otherwise be available.


Congratulations to the PFA on your outstanding achievements in 2018!  On behalf of the school community, we thank you for your wonderful support and commitment.


Please support the PFA as they work to support your child's education.


Keith Butler

Assistant Principal 

PFA Meeting Dates for 2019

The PFA will meet at Nossal on the following dates commencing at 7:00pm in The Jean Russell Centre.

  • Wednesday 1 April
  • Wednesday 1 May (Annual General Meeting)
  • Wednesday 5 June
  • Wednesday 7 August
  • Wednesday 4 September
  • Wednesday 6 November
  • Wednesday 4 December

NHS & Community Events and News

Mental Health 101


Casey Cardinia Libraries will tackle the important issue of youth mental health and well-being with an open and interactive free information evening for teenagers, their parents and carers. The editor and founder of Parent Guides, Eileen Berry, with special guests from headspace and PoPsy, will inform and spark open, honest and meaningful conversations about how to manage mental health and emotional well-being. 



Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren

Thursday 28 March

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Bookings essential - Visit


Moonlit Sanctuary Keeper Club


Kids enjoy environmental activities, animal encounters and native animal care.

Day includes: interactions with dingo, python, off-limits animals, feeding animals & food prep, animal enrichment activities. Learn about our animals, their conservation and the environment. For ages 7-14 years.


Autumn 2019 school holiday dates:

  • Week 1: 8 April, 9 April, 10 April, 11 April, 12 April
  • Week 2: 15 April, 16 April, 17 April, 18 April

Cost: $80.00 per day, or $220 for 3 days (pro rata for additional days).

Maximum 16 children per day.


Bookings essential as spaces are limited

Dress for the weather and wear closed-toe shoes, long pants and remember your hat or raincoat.  BYO lunch or purchase at the café.


Moonlit Sanctuary

550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd, Pearcedale

Phone 5978 7935


Open daily between 10am and 5pm


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$25.00 - per fortnightly edition

For further information regarding advertising in Nossal News please contact Ms Juliea Slywka by email at [email protected]

Advertisements published in Nossal News in no way constitute an endorsement of a product or service by Nossal High School.

Connecting with Nossal

Visit Nossal Online

Our webpage is the place to go if you would like to learn more about Nossal High School. Everything from our history, enrolment procedures and curriculum, to coming events, important resources, school tours and frequently asked questions, can be found at

Student absences

Student absences should be reported to our Attendance Officer as soon as possible.

This can be done a number of ways:

Please remember to provide all relevant details when leaving your message and a medical certificate on the student's return.

Contact us

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Check out our Careers Webpage at

Old Nossalonians

Established in 2014, The Old Nossalonians Association is a not-for-profit Alumni organisation committed to the welfare of Nossal High School, its students and teachers.


Find out more about our Alumni at

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