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04 June 2019
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Friends,

Wednesday is widely known as the ‘hump’ day in the week; the hardest day in the week. Just as Wednesday is the ‘hump’ day, weeks five/six are the ‘hump’ weeks in the Term. It can be challenging because of the efforts and energy already expended during the term by teachers and students and challenging because of what is yet to be accomplished. For all students this involves the completion of assessment tasks and for our Years Ten and Eleven students in particular, this means the sitting of exams.  These begin on Wednesday, June 5. Exams are a valid form of assessment, but students should remember that they are not the only form of assessment. While a degree of stress is natural and useful in helping concentration and encouraging effort, being ‘stressed out’ about exams is unhelpful and attributes a disproportionate amount of importance to them.


Although a great deal of attention at the end of semester is directed towards the academic, those events and activities that contribute to our students’ physical, spiritual, personal and social development continue unabated. Last Friday, approximately one hundred of our students participated in the SCSA Athletics at Lakeside Stadium, most as competitors and some as assistants. It was a cold and wet day and our first venture in the competition at the Division One level. At this level the competition is fierce and our students are to be commended for their competitiveness and their vocal support of one another. The staff who trained them are also to be commended for their efforts. This week the Sports Committee ran a range of activities with the aim of promoting incidental physical activity amongst the students. The timing was perfect as we have  all struggled to keep warm. However, it has not been confined to this week; throughout the year the Committee has been running activities at lunchtimes to get the girls up and moving. They also sold healthy foods such as granola and yoghurt and organized a staff versus students volleyball match. 


It was a promising start to National Reconciliation Week with the announcement of Ken Wyatt’s appointment as the Minister for Indigenous Affairs in the recently elected, Liberal Government. He is the first Indigenous Australian to hold this portfolio. The theme of this year’s National Reconciliation Week is, Grounded in Truth; Walk Together in Courage. Courage is a value very familiar to us as a Brigidine and Kildare Education Ministry school. It takes courage to listen to the truth of past injustices and suffering and courage to “… heal historical wounds” (Reconciliation Australia’s CEO, Karen Mundine). Members of the Justice and Democracy Committee demonstrated such courage when they participated in a Reconciliation seminar at Clonard College, Geelong. They listened respectfully and compassionately to the stories of generational loss and returned to school inspired. Although their Reconciliation activities have had to be delayed until next week, it is hoped that all students will participate in the spirit of walking together with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.  Last Friday our Year Nines participated in the SCIP Forum Day. The underlying principles of the program are service and justice. The students were inspired by Urge Dinegde, a former student who established The Village School Project in Ethiopia. It is hoped that like her, our students, through the education in faith and justice, they receive at Killester, will ‘respond to the cries of the earth and the cries of the poor with love and hope… to be a sign of love and justice in our world.”  Best wishes to you all for the week ahead as we brace ourselves for what, if the weather of this week is any indication, promises to be a very cold winter.

Clare Compton, Leadership Team, Student Learning Services Coordinator




Reconciliation Prayer

Holy Father, God of Love,
You are the Creator of all things.
We acknowledge the pain and shame of our history and the sufferings of Our peoples,
and we ask your forgiveness.
We thank you for the survival of Indigenous cultures
Our hope is in you because you gave your Son Jesus to reconcile the world to you.
We pray for your strength and grace to forgive, accept and love one another, as you love us and forgive and accept us in the sacrifice of your Son.
Give us the courage to accept the realities of our history so that we may build a better
future for our Nation.
Teach us to respect all cultures.
Teach us to care for our land and waters.
Help us to share justly the resources of this land. Help us to bring about spiritual and social change to improve the quality of life for all groups in our communities, especially the disadvantaged.
Help young people to find true dignity and self-esteem by your Spirit.
May your power and love be the foundations on which we build our families, our communities and our Nation, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Latest News and Reminders

The Week Ahead

Monday 3rd June

School Tours 9.00am-9.45am

Yr 9 SCIP Program

Peer Support P3

Yr 10-12 Maths Club in BRO3 @ lunchtime (bring your lunch)

SCSA Hockey Training @ Mentone Hockey Center 11.45am-1.30pm

Yr 10 Volunteers to St Joseph's Homework Club

Yr 10 Drama Festival at St John Paul's College 11.45am-8.30pm

Tuesday 4th June

Yr 10 and 11 Pre-Exam Study Day

Yr 9 SCIP Program

Wednesday 5th June

Yr 10/11 Exams

Yr 9 SCIP Program

Thursday 6th June

Yr 10/11 Exams

Yr 9 SCIP Program

Yr 9 OED Camp Departing 7.00am

Friday 7th June

Yr 10/11 Exams

Yr 9 SCIP Program

Yr 9 OED Camp Returning 4.00pm

Out and About

Congratulations to Katie Mills, who works in the Student Support area here at the College, for continuing the terrific Homework Program with St Joseph's Primary Grade 3 students. It is wonderful to see the Year 10 girls interacting with the very enthusiastic St Joseph's students each Monday afternoon.



The exam period for Years 10 and 11 begins next week. Parents are reminded that 10/11s will have a study day on Tuesday June 5th, with exams commencing on Wednesday June 6th. Students are not required to be at school except for their exams and can wear warm casual clothing. Year 12s (and those Year 11s doing a 3/4 subject) sit the GAT on Wednesday June 13.  A reminder that  Friday 14th June is a student free day whilst staff undertake curriculum and assessment tasks.


Year 10 Host Families

As you may be aware, each year we work with Mazenod in hosting students from the Oblate school in Hong Kong. Mazenod takes two boys and we have two girls. This year the students will arrive on Sunday 15th July and leave on Friday 2nd August. During their time in Melbourne they live with their host family and go to school as normal, then spend weekends with their 'family'. We supply them with a uniform. There is also a trip to Healesville and to the city for the students and hosts. There is also a dinner on the last night that is paid for by Mazenod as thanks for hosting. If you are interested in hosting this year, could you please contact me here at the College on  I coordinate the program here at Killester and go on the activities with the girls.

Best wishes for the coming week.

Loreto Cannon, School Organisation and Community Development


Upcoming Events


From the Finance Office

Email address
If you wish to contact the Finance office regarding fees, please use the new email address:

We are still waiting on some fees to be paid, so, if you do not have an instalment arrangement, please forward payment now, or, if there is some difficulty, contact the Business Manager, Sandra Rotunno today, to discuss alternate payment options.

Final notice for the CSEF allowance eligibility, so if you are a current healthcare card holder (not a Medicare card) and have not competed a form, please do so now. 

New bank details
If you have a current automatic instalment arrangement, please check your bank/credit card details and notify us immediately if there have been any changes. 

Community Service

Community Service Committee

This week, Community Service Leaders, Veronica Maroun and Kayla De Silva delivered 'care packages' containing cosmetic and toiletry products to the 'Wellsprings Centre for Women in Dandenong'. ‘Wellsprings’ is  a community centre that celebrates diversity and welcomes women from all cultures, faith backgrounds and abilities  and encourages individuals to fulfil their potential. The 'care packages' contained cosmetic and toiletry products donated by the students, families and staff of Killester College and assembled by the Year 7-12 Community Service Leaders. The staff of 'Wellsprings' and the recipients of our gifts were most grateful. 


Geraldine Nunn, Year 10-12 English Learning Area Leader


Career News

Term 2 has been a busy one with each Year 10 having their individual Pathways Interview to discuss their subject selections for next year and aspirations for the future. Hopefully these, along with their learning during Future Directions week will help them to make some informed decisions about their future directions.  Next term it will be time for the Year 12s to have individual interviews about their next steps beyond the school gate. Some students have already been investigating options and made appointments to see me. Over the next couple of weeks in their Homeroom Pastoral period the Year 12s will have information sessions about applying for post-secondary Special Entry Access Schemes (SEAS) and where to next as they prepare for VTAC registration in August.


2019 VTAC publications

In light of both these big decision making stages of your daughter’s lives please find links below for the 2019 VTAC publications. The following guides are now available in the Publications section of the VTAC website and printed copies will arrive soon for each student in the appropriate year level.

VTAC Year 11 and 12 Guide: Researching courses and applying

The VTAC Year 11 and 12 Guide helps students research tertiary courses and leads Year 12 students through the application process. In 2019, the 30 Minute Mentor interviews have been replaced with a new profile series, Pathways in Focus, which highlights study journeys and careers.


VTAC Year 10 Guide: Choosing senior school studies for the right reasons

The VTAC Year 10 Guide provides information  and activities to help Year 10 students identify  their strengths and interests, research tertiary education and choose their senior school  studies. The Guide also includes example ATAR calculations which  demonstrate the impact of  selecting VCE subjects based on scaling alone.



What’s Uni Like?

If your Year 10-12 daughter is not sure whether university is for her or not, then the 

following site could be useful.  Link:

The site is a self-paced course that helps you answer 3 Questions:

•    Uni – is it for me?

•    Uni – what should I expect?

•    Uni – what academic skills will I need?


Tertiary Open Days

Another good way to explore post-school study options is to attend an Open Day and the season is nearly upon us. Victorian Tertiary Open Days start on the first weekend in August and run nearly every weekend throughout Term 3. The students in years 10-12 have been emailed a summary of the dates for Victorian Tertiary institutions and they can also find a copy on the Careers Team Drive in the relevant folder. They can also find a sheet helping them get the most out of their open day experience. 

I would especially encourage girls in Years 10 to 12 to attend a couple as it may help them decided where they might like to study.  Please refer to the following site for all published Australian Open Day dates: 

Megan Larritt, Careers Counsellor,



Year 9 SCIP Program

On Wednesday 22nd May, the Year 9 students participated in the S.C.I.P (School Community Involvement Program)  Forum Day. S.C.I.P is a program where Year 9 students go out into the community and complete placements, either at Elderly Homes, Special Needs School or an English Language School. The purpose of the day was to introduce us to the program and get an idea of how we could prepare for our placements, so we could try and make a difference within our local communities. One of the activities that the Year 9 students participated in was to create their own display of what gifts they could bring to S.C.I.P. Our Homeroom decided that we were going to do a galaxy. We then decided who was going to do what, so we didn’t double up. Some of us completed a planet, the stars, the moon, or black hole. At the end of the activity, we stuck everything together on black paper and it looked amazing! We then had to wait eagerly to find out who was going to be the winner. It wasn’t until the next day that we found out who the winner was. And to our surprise, it was our homeroom, St Helen. The prize for the competition is a special morning tea organised by Ms Doko. We can’t wait for it! On behalf of all Year 9’s, we would like to thank Ms Doko and the Year 9 team for putting this day together for us.

Natasha Roberts and Rolena Kaka, Year 9, St Helen

HEPE and Sport

SCSA Athletics

On the 24th of May, the Athletics squad made their way to Lakeside stadium to participate in the Division 1 annual SCSA athletics. Whilst the weather was terrible, events continued, with girls giving their best efforts and many receiving wonderful results. Considering it was our first year ever in division one, we were quite pleased with the individual results, juniors finishing 7th, intermediates finishing 8th and seniors finishing 6th, though unfortunately we placed 8th overall. However, the results weren’t a reflection of our efforts, as everyone gave it their all. Best of luck to everyone next year!

Acacia Quinn and Lisa Tran, Year 12 Students

Sports Committee

The Sport Committee held their sports week to celebrate physical activity, sport and participation. The sports committee organised a number of activities that aimed to promote participation in sports. On Tuesday “The Blind Side” was shown to students at lunch to promote inclusion  On Wednesday, students and teachers came to school dressed in their favourite sporting teams gear. On Thursday we sold a healthy snack of yoghurt and granola, which was very successful! The money we made from the yoghurt will go towards our schools chosen charities. To end the week, on Friday we held a Teacher vs Year 12 Student Volleyball game, where the students won. It was great to see such a big turn out of staff and students to our events during the week. Thank you to all who participated, as well as the committee leaders and teachers who helped organise the week.

Isabella Dingli and Lisa Tran, Year 12 Sports Committee  Leaders 

Performing Arts

Winter Music Concert

It's coming folks. You can feel the excitement in the air. The school is starting to build itself physically and mentally for the "one" event of the year. After sell-out performances in 2017 and 2018 tickets are already selling fast for Heroines, Heroes and Villains in 2019 (45% sold) and there is still almost three weeks to the night! Go online at BCMID to get your tickets. $5 per person with interval treats being supplied by our award winning VET Hospitality class.  Performers include our award winning Stage Band, Heartstrings, Senior Vocal group, Swing Sisters, Honk!, Year 7 Choir, Concert Band and our debutant Year 7 and 8 class bands. Don't miss it!



Last Monday and Tuesday night forty five of our music students performed as soloists in front of an

adoring audience of friends and family members. This duet of performance nights has become increasingly important in the development of our girls as performers and musicians. From Hot Cross Buns to Sheherazade, the full gamut of music was performed with confidence and a good dose of nerves as well. All of the girls should be congratulated for having the courage to perform as a soloist. It is not something all would choose to do but the preparation and discipline needed to make it work benefits not only our musical ability but our approach to all of our studies and work practices. Thanks to our hard-working Instrumental staff of Mr. Jeff Vague (Woodwind), Ms. Katy Addis (Brass), Ms. Jenny Vallins (Flute), Ms. Alison Balsom (Flute), Ms Anita Marcou (Piano), Mrs. Sharon Batterham (Voice), Ms. Lizzie Koutnetsova (Strings) for their work in preparing our girls so thoroughly.

Bernie Hickey, Music Learning Area Leader

English and Humanities

Public Speaking
VCAA Plain English Speaking Award

Last Thursday, Julie Lan (Year 12) and Jaskeerat Kaur (Year 11) represented Killester College in a regional final of the VCAA Plain English Speaking Award at St Bede's College, Mentone. The Plain English Speaking Award requires students to speak clearly and convincingly, in Plain English, on an issue that shows an awareness of a world beyond their immediate environment. Competitors presented a six minute prepared speech and a three minute impromptu speech. Julie and Jaskeerat spoke with flair and confidence and were impressive ambassadors for our College. The girls should be commended for not only their exceptional public speaking skills, but also for the time and effort involved in preparing for the competition.

Geraldine Nunn - Year 10-12 English Learning Area Leader 

Justice and Democracy

Last week the Justice and Democracy students, with their leader, Ms Jacquie Dunstan and myself, went to Clonard in Geelong for a Reconciliation seminar. We met with students from all Victorian Kildare Ministries schools and were led in prayer at the start of the day with an Indigenous reflection on listening and awareness. Indigenous students from Clonard then opened the day with a Welcome to Country dance. A local elder, Norm, who talked about Indigenous culture, inventions and history, followed this. He also gave his perspective on why there needs to be greater efforts made to understand Indigenous history and the need for reconciliation. Norm held us spellbound by his stories and insights into Indigenous culture and inventions such as the boomerang.. There were also heartbreaking stories of families that were ripped apart during the Stolen Generation and some wonderful stories of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers being reunited. A shared lunch was followed by planning for each individual school as preparation for Reconciliation Week. Our students were inspired by these talks and have made plans to highlight the week through Indigenous colours, art work, posters and film. Thank you to Kildare Education Ministries for the opportunity to understand more about our first people, the oldest culture in the world, some 60,000 years old. There is still much to do to make things right.

Peter O'Neill, Mission and Identity Leader

Technology Materials

Year 12 Fashion Students Embrace Sustainability

Year 12 Fashion Students prove sustainable alternatives can be awesome. Last week the Year 12 fashion students were visited by Darlene Sosnowski and Pat Anderson-two amazing ladies who between them have at least 60 years experience in the fashion industry. The ladies were invited to visit the students because they had donated a very generous amount of fabric and lace towards the students’ sustainability project. The fabrics ranged from curtain fabric to the softest Chantilly lace. Many rare and vintage pieces were also among the donation. Much of the fabric was off-cuts or scraps that were too precious to be thrown away.


The Year 12 VET VCE Fashion students have been using the fabric as well as other off-the-roll fabric to design and create these beautiful ‘prairie dresses’ that would be a sustainable alternative to today’s fashion.


Inspired by a period in time and by a particular tribe or culture, the students have re-imagined these scraps of fabrics into ornate gowns. Great fashion designers such as: Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior, Alexander McQueen and Valentino from a recent visit to the NGV, also inspired them to bring a modern edge to their designs. 


Each of the students spoke to the ladies about their own work and thanked them profusely for their kind donation. Ms Anderson said she was pleased they were being put to good use and was very exited to see the end product.  The gowns will be on show in October for the Fashion Parade during the Art and Technology show.  


Anna Miha, Fashion Design and Technology Teacher



Maths, Science and STEM

STEM News: 
Monash University WISE Program May 2019

On Saturday, May 18th, Year 10 Killester students, Missy Yalung, Manishka Perika, Anna Eam, Lucy Furlong, Gurleen Bhinder, Leila Tabak, Nicole Kwok and Theresa Nguyen travelled to Monash University Clayton to attend an awe-inspiring workshop called the ‘Internet of Things’. This workshop is the first part of Monash University’s Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) program. The program aims to support and nurture a STEM-based entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation of women. Students will complete a series of workshops at Monash University and compete for the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley in the USA.


The Year 10 students were filled with excitement as they entered the Learning and Teaching Building and met with the Chief Investigator, Chris Gonsalves and their mentors. Michelle Mannering, co-founder of Enova Design, gave a presentation describing what it was like being a woman in the technology field and provided a much-needed motivation and encouragement to the students to pursue a career in technology.


The girls were introduced and guided through the process of developing a startup idea and a pitch. The students were finally allowed to work in their groups to develop and design their idea! This process was interesting and exciting to the girls as they were able to see their idea come to life by creating a prototype and putting their coding skills to the test on a Micro:bit. Their mentors gave supportive feedback, helped to revise their prototype and fine-tune their coding.


Together as a team, the girls worked on their pitch. Their pitch had to be informative, engaging, and exciting and presented in front of a panel of judges and 100 people. The judging panel will select up to 10 teams to attend a bespoke entrepreneurial workshop in September 2019, designed to instill an entrepreneurial mindset and train participants how to turn their concepts into an economically sustainable product. We wish them all the very best.

Daisy Callos, STEM Teacher


Maths Competition     

The Maths competition is on again this year! It is a great opportunity for anyone and everyone to participate. It is a multiple choice quiz with a range of questions to challenge the brain.   I encourage ALL OF YOU to take part in this as it also adds to the list of extracurricular activities you do!!!  It will be held in Term 3 on August the 1st.    All you need to do is give $4 to your Maths teacher with our Name and Homeroom on the envelope.  

Due before the 17th of JUNE.

Maths Club

Years 10-12 Every Monday lunchtime in BRO3 (bring your lunch)

Year 7 Student Profile

Natasha Tran, Year 7 St Elizabeth    

Hi everyone, my name is Natasha Tran for all those who don’t know me. I am in Year 7 in St Elizabeth. When I was younger I started swimming just to know how to swim but never knew it could be my apart of my life when I’m older. I started when I was five years old and every since, I have developed my swimming ability and  love competing in swimming events.  In 2016, I started Badminton for HBP. After one year I started to go to competitions against other clubs. I did it for two years and then stopped. However I have continued with my Badminton by representing Killester in the SCSA and SESG inter school competitions.  I have been elected a Year 7 Chisholm House Representative this year and have been working on promoting sport and physical activity with the students. Meanwhile, I have also played the piano outside of school for around four years. I am on my Grade two piano and the exam is coming up soon so I better get ready and start my practice. Bye, everyone.



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