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07 November 2019
Issue Six
From the Principal Class
From the Principal Class
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From the Principal Class


A warm welcome to Term 4 and a very special welcome to the students and families who are joining our school community for the first time this year. We wish you all the very best for your time at Taylors Lakes Secondary College. If, as parents, you have any questions or concerns about your child’s program or how they are settling in, please feel free to call your son or daughter’s Year Level Leader. We also welcome back Ms Emma Winkel and Ms Gabriella Raponi, who are both returning from leave.


Congratulations to all of students who have successfully involved themselves in a range of different activities over the last month from Homestay Programs, Camps, Sport, Performing Arts, work Experience Leadership Programs and Competitions. So much has occurred at the college during this time and we hope you enjoy reading about them in the college newsletter.

Year 12 Celebrations

At the end of last month, we said farewell to the Year 12 class of 2019. It was a lovely occasion, and a fitting tribute to a really delightful, caring and thoughtful group of young people. Lots of emotions were witnessed from the students as they celebrated their final day of school on Wednesday, October 23rd 2019.


Their costumes were creative and colourful, and the students, although sad at leaving, enjoyed the wonderful celebration of them and their time at the school. After being clapped into school for the last time by Year 7 students in a guard of honour, students participated in a day full of activities. 

After the assembly, they were invited to a 'Last Lunch' where they enjoyed a feast of food and then danced the afternoon. Many, many photos were taken to capture their last official school day, and their treasured friendships.  The last song brought tears to many students and it took them a very long time to exit the grounds once the festivities were over.

Thank you to the senior sub-school team and all of the other teachers that organised a lovely day; and to the Year 12’s who celebrated with joy and respect and, again made us so proud to work with them.

I would like to acknowledge the amazing contributions of Reannan Vella Emma Krasnowsky and James Papafotiou-Mollaj as school captains this year and many thanks also go to all of the Year 12 student leaders. I have been incredibly impressed with the work being done by these student leaders and the wonderful support they continuously provide their peers.


All the best for the upcoming examinations and we look forward to seeing Year 12 students at their families at the Year 12 Graduation on Monday November 26th 2019.

Western Chances Scholarships

We have a number of students who have been rewarded for their hard work. Last week, I was informed the school received its highest number of Western Chances Scholarship offers in a given round. This is due to the hard work of the nominators. In addition to the below list, we also have a high number of students across the College who have their scholarships renewed each year. Below the entire list of students who have received new scholarships in the new round:

  • Alesia Li
  • Creon Chia
  • Daniel Currie
  • Ebonie Cardona
  • Elerie Mendez-Recinos
  • Jai El-Khoury
  • Janice TU
  • Kathleen Li
  • Maddisyn Smeaton
  • Mia Ziebell
  • Nadia Fong
  • Nakeisha Fong
  • Nicolla Vella
  • Sau (Sandy) Wu
  • Raquel Vella
  • Selin Capar
  • Vincent Tu
  • Vivienne Nguyen
  • Ghingmo Luk
  • Olivia Brne
  • Summer Markowicz
  • Taylor Zeballos

Congratulations to all the nominators who supported the above students gaining a scholarship. Thank you to all other nominators this year who helped renew scholarships for students who have received a scholarship in previous years. These scholarships will go a long way to supporting these students next year.

From the Principal Class

Senior School Examinations

As we approach the end of the year our Year 10 to 12 students are busy preparing for the end of year exams. Our Year 12 VCE students had their first VCAA exam on Wednesday, October 30th  2019. This was the English and EAL exam. Their exams will continue for the next three weeks and will finish on Wednesday, November 22nd 2019. VCE teachers have prepared them very well and we wish each and every student well as they complete these exams.


Year 11 VCE students will start their Semester 2 exam on Monday,November 18th. These will be completed on Friday, November 22nd 2019.

Year 10 semester 2 exams will run from Monday, November 25th to Friday, November 29th 2019.

Year 10, 11 and 12 students are only expected to be at school for their exams. It is expected that students use the times between exams when no classes are running for exam revision and preparation. We wish all our students all the very best with their exams. Good luck can be created with good preparation. Year 10 and 11 examinations will be followed up with a week long orientation program where all VCE and VCAL students are expected to attend. 

2020 College Uniform

The college is committed to continuously improving aspects across the school to support student inclusion and learning. At the beginning of 2019, we introduced a new uniform for students that was led from both the student and parent community.  Implementation of the new uniform has been staggered with all Year 7 students and new students to the college purchasing the new uniform. in 2019 with the rest of the school switching to the new uniform next year. It has been fantastic to see though, the amount of students in other year levels who have already began translating to the new uniform. Students and parents should remember that all students will need to be in the new uniform by the commencement of the 2020 school year.

This requirement was approved at the College Council meeting at the end of last year.  The new uniform will include changes to:

  • college polo top (now dark blue in colour)
  • college jumper (now available in 2 types of materials)
  • college jacket
  • college sports uniform (with the polo top now in light blue)
  • college pants and shorts (for both girls and boys)
  • college winter skirt (for girls only)

The girls summer dress has not changed at all and the all black colour shoe policy will remain the same.  As part the of the new uniform, girls will not be allowed to roll up their winter skirts and tie up their summer dress to make them shorter in length and blue track suits will continue to not be accepted as part of the uniform. A college cap and school bag will be also introduced as an optional item. Our uniform supplier, Noone Imagewear will be stocking up the new uniform from now on and secondhand uniform will only be available for the girls summer dress.  All students and parents will be provided with the new college uniform guidelines by the end of the school year.

2020 Student Booklists

Years 7 - 11 students and parents will soon be receiving their booklists for next year. Parents should note that a number of textbooks will be changing across all year levels due to changes to the college's  curriculum in line with the Victorian Curriculum Standards. As a result, parents should also note that there will be limited books across for Years 7 - 10 in the Second Hand Booksale.




And finally, work will be commencing this week on our upgrade to our facilities to our Student Disabilities and Impairments Program. We were awarded a $200,000 inclusion grant from the department at the end of last year and it is expected that the building works will be occurring for the rest of the year. Furthermore, our last set of student toilets to be upgraded has been completed with the refurbishment of the PE student toilets and changing rooms. This also include the installation of student showers to support our Football Academy - Soccer and now AFL (to commence in 2020).  This upgrade has been achieved from college funds and I would like to thank the College Council for their support over the year with this project we have achieved this year.   


Danny Dedes


On Behalf of Assistant Principals - Theresa Burlak Rick Hudson, Sasha Mildenhall and Louisa Norwood.

Soccer Champions

State Champions


Our Year 7 boys won the State Championships

for Soccer which is a feat that we have only achieved once in the history of the college. This competition involved every Government school across the state (almost 250 schools) and even a handful of private schools.


Given the popularity of sports-focused schools around the state, this was a phenomenal effort by all involved. We also had a strong parent contingent who made the trip out to watch that boys coast to victory.


The results went as follows:

Bendigo South-East SC (Win 1-0)

Mount Waverley SC (Loss 3-2)

Princess Hill SC (Win 7-0)

FINAL vs Gleneagles SC (Win 2-1)

Well done boys!


The team consisted of the following players:

Felix A, Omar B, Gianluca C, Joshua F, Daniel G, George G, Benjamin K, Daniel L, Yeshua M, Fernando M, Joshua P, Jasmeet S, Lucas S, Julian T, Romeo T, George T and Lachlan W.


Chris Greechan and Bobbie Gagovski

Soccer Academy Coaches

College Production

The Addams Family: a huge success...!


This year saw a phenomenal feature from the students involved in the production of The Addams Family. With a shorter rehearsal period than previously, the cast were able to create amazing performances of the kooky characters you all know and love and learn all of the musical’s fantastic songs and hilarious dialogue.


For those of you who haven’t met us, we are GJ Productions; a professional independent theatre company and we were invited by Danny Dedes and the Assistant Principals of Taylors Lakes SC to come and run this year’s production. Grace Maddern was the show’s super organised Producer and Choreographer and Jack Wilkinson lead the charge as the Director and Designer. We came twice each week to conduct rehearsals with the students and to organise all the logistics of mounting this production.  


We were so proud to see each student’s progress and improvement not only throughout the rehearsal process, but also with every show! Every cast member brought such enthusiasm and commitment that it’s no wonder they received many glowing reviews! Performing to sold out crowed each night in the school’s theatre was an absolute thrill for the students, so thank you very much to all that attended.


Our thanks must go out to all the students and staff who volunteered backstage, helping to paint faces with the Ancestors ghoulish white make-up and to pin-up hair under wigs - you all did a wonderful job. And also to Danny Dedes, Theresa Burlak & Maria Napoli for taking a chance on our company, and for coming on-board this wild ride that is theatre with such ease. Thank you!


Huge congratulations must go to the cast for their remarkable performances, and especially to our Year 12 students who we will say goodbye to - Tyler Custo, Emily Lee Tet, James Papafotiou-Mollaj & Felicity Van Elst, some who were musical veterans and some complete newbies! Congratulations.


We hope you all enjoyed experience as much as we did and can’t wait to see what the future has in store of the Taylors Lakes Secondary College musical!

Grace & Jack

GJ Productions

College Production

‘The Addams Family’, the 2019 College Production, saw students in Years 7-12 unite under the guidance of GJ Productions to produce a sensational show that captivated audiences.

Students were extraordinarily committed to the show, rehearsing diligently for the better part of this year to bring together an acting, singing and dancing spectacular!


I would like to commend the professionalism and dedication of the cast, who managed to juggle their studies, other extra-curricular activities and the demands of the show with grace. They worked tirelessly, and I know that they were proud to unveil their hard work for their families, friends and the broader College community.


I would also like to thank and congratulate GJ Productions on their phenomenal efforts in bringing the show to life. Grace and Jack were professional, organised and enthusiastic, and the passion they have for drama and productions has been infectious – our students can’t help but emulate their exuberance! We feel very lucky to be able to work with such a passionate, capable and talented team.


The backstage volunteers were also instrumental in ensuring that the show came together seamlessly. A huge body of students and staff came together to support the cast with hair, make up, costume support, snacks, pep talks and encouragement. The vibe backstage can only be described as electric.


The team performed two matinees – one for Taylors Lakes Primary School Students, the other for students from Monmia Primary School. They then followed up with 3 evening performances in what was an exhausting yet exhilarating week.

We are very grateful for the passion and commitment of the team - from cast, to crew and to volunteers – without them the show would not have been the resounding success that it was.

We look forward to doing it all again next year – watch this space!


Theresa Burlak

Assistant Principal

Year 12 Celebration Week

Year 12 Celebration Week 2019

Celebration week begun firstly with students signing the traditional Year 12 banner and mural. Students proudly signed their name to a banner that will become a part of the College’s version of the Year 12 Wall of Fame. In addition, Costume Day saw students arrive to school in some fantastic and creative character costumes. The students enjoyed posing for photos with their peers and classroom teachers.


On the final day, students met in the Gym at 8:45am in the morning for the traditional signing of their uniquely personalized uniforms and the year 12 final walk into school. With varying emotions of excitement, victory and tears the year 12’s walked to school reflecting on the joyful memories of their time at Taylors Lakes Secondary.

As a united team accompanied by their Home Group teachers they marched proudly through the College between the human archways made up of the Year 7 students who celebrated the arrival of the group. The day comprised of the last Year 12 Assembly which included numerous reflective comments from the year 12 Level Leaders, Sub School Leader, Assistant Principal, School Captains, Careers and a Principal Address.


Students reflected on the year with numerous videos highlighting key aspects of their journey through the College. Students then enjoyed a luncheon and celebrated with their peers to the music provided by DJ Christian. As the celebrations came to an end; students left the College with a mixture of tears and laughter.


A special thanks to all those teachers who assisted in the planning and assistance throughout the week, in particular Ms Tarquinio,, Ms Cagrier, Ms Johnson, Ms Damon, Mr. Williams, Ms Tsatalios, Ms McAllister, Ms Burlak, Ms Raponi, Ms Costanzo, Ms Relf, Ms Mildenhall  and Mr. Dedes as well as all the teachers who supervised students on their final day.



We thank you for making this last week a memorable one for all.



Antoniette Massarotto, Joe Laganga &

Rob Findlay


Senior Sub School - Year 12

Italian Homestay Program 

Italian Homestay Program

Finding host families to run this program always seems to be a challenge but the end result is always the same. Some beautiful friendships have been made from people on opposite sides of the world.

It was great to see our 14 families enjoy the time spent with their student from L’instituto d’instruzione Superiore Tommaso Salvini Azzarita e Mameli and the two teachers Cecilia Pisoni and Alessio Bruni for the week.


As well as the activities organised by the school the host families did a fantastic job in showing the students around Melbourne in such a short time.  Students enjoyed coming to school and being able to see the differences between the two education systems – the main one being that in Italy they only get two twenty minute breaks from 8am to 2pm!



The teachers and students fell in love with our school grounds and commented on the space we have and the fact that we have hardly any stairs at the school.  They all connected with their host families and found the experience a great opportunity to build their personal skills in particular areas.


I would like to thank the following students and their families for participating in the program this year:

Joshua Hughes, Emilia & Joel Furfaro, Madeline & Hollie Bennetts, Tasha & Andrija Ivanovic, Melody Hudson, Serafina Tamati, Jayde Jotevski, William & Kavita Andriopoulos, Atara Gunasekara, Ava & Mia Sloan, Nathan & Nadine Pambukoski, James Papafotiou-Mollaj and Mieka & Taj Parkinson.

Danni Deluca

Italian Exchange & Homestay Leader

2020 Italy Study Tour

Expressions of interest are now sought for Taylors Lakes Secondary College students to be part of the trip of a lifetime.


September holidays 2020 and Week 1 Term 4


Complete the attached slip and return to general office or to Mrs Deluca by November 15th 2019.              



Year 10 Gold Coast Trip

Year 10 Gold Coast Trip

On the morning of September 14, 48 excited year 10 students loaded themselves onto a bus heading for the Gold Coast. After 24 long hours, we reached our destination. As exhausted as we were, straight off the bus, our first activity was Wet ‘n’ Wild. Here, we had our first taste of what was in store for us for the next few days – lots of fun. That night, everyone slept like babies.


The following day was a lot slower paced as we visited the Jellurgal Aboriginal Culture Centre and did some shopping at Harbour Town.



As we reached the middle of our week, we hit the beach for some surfing and paddle boarding lessons, which were both new and fun experiences. Our nights were busy with mini golf, movies and playing games.


On our last two days, we prepared ourselves for the reason everyone goes to the Gold Coast, the theme parks. We first went to Dreamworld and then Movie World. Both of these theme parks did not disappoint, with loads of rides and entertainment for everyone. After 5 action packed days, we headed home, exhausted but happy.


A big thank you to Mr Williams for organising this trip and to Mr Karipoglou, Ms Burlak, Ms Johnson and Ms D'Agostino for supporting us during the week.


Anastasia Fonianis - Year 10

Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience Program (WEP)

This Program was formally held in the last week of Term 3 for 5 days. During this time, there were a number of students who attend the Queensland school camp. For those who did not attend the Queensland camp, were to attend work experience. There were 70 students who attend work experience this year and this almost doubled the 40 who attended a WEP in 2018. Participation has almost doubled. Students are expected to plan early to ensure forms are processed in a timely manner.  

Work experience provides students with a different view of their world and the experience can encourage students to make more informed choices about their future pathways. Students are expected to sourced their own work experience. Often this is helped by the networks they have through family friends, their parents working in similar industry fields and if very lucky though pure self-motivation may need to approach businesses of interest to ask to agree to support their work experience. Just as a friendly reminder, the Careers pathway team do not seek work experience for students.


My recommendation: If students are considering to undertake work experience 2020, it really is important to begin planning for work experience often the year before. For example, many industries and businesses often start advertising on line or in their community forums for their 2020 work experience. Some businesses and industries start advertising now from August to November 2019 for the 2020 school work experience and most close their application processes before 2020. Some of the industries that are often advertising through their website (under work experience, carers or human resources) are hospitals (Royal Melbourne, Sunshine, Ronald McDonald), the Victoria Police, the Melbourne and Werribee Zoo, the Melbourne Aquarium (currently open now) and Radio and Television stations (NOVA, etc). Finally, the Sunshine and Melbourne Magistrates offices offering WEP’s. Students who are proactive, in the know and viewing Career compass posts often start their research and initiate contact with companies to ensure their applications are ready well in time for 2020. The Collage have had students arrange work experience with family friends and their industry networks.  These encompassed work experience in legal and accounting firms, Veterinary consultancy rooms, marketing and creative design industries. Please note that some fields like working in the medical industry maybe restrictive due to health and safety measures and patient’s privacy. Often students want to be a social worker or a psychologist, or work in a school office. These fields are not approved due to the confidential nature of the industry.


A noticeable trend that is starting to show this year is that many industries and businesses are more difficult to access due to their industry security policies. For example, there are some government agencies that now require more than just the standard Department of Education work experience legal forms. Sometimes students even have to undertake security checks. Particularly in the defence and the police force and in government employment / centre link stations.

Fast food and Retail industries ask students to do health and safety training on their company’s website portals before being allowed to work on their premises. These organisations would like WEP contracts supplied well in advance as these jobs are competitive to gain ongoing work after the WEP is finished. Processing from a school approach can be highly difficult if students do not follow the industries process or our school’s process.  If unsure students need to check with Ms Damon (Careers) to see if their forms will be valid before assuming that their work experience is approved.  It is important ant to not leave to the last minute as this can frustrate potential employers.


The Trade Industry: The College has had similar experiences for students undertaking work experience with trades and expected to work on large building sites. Often these building sites require a student to have a special access card call the ‘White Card” based on modules completed in health and safety before a student can access a premise. These are actually qualifications and can be costly to undertake in a timely manner. Starting price often for these cards are around $120-$160. Smaller type family own businesses still allow students to undertake work experience without going through these tough approval access processes. My recommendation for anyone planning work experience with a tradesman or trade business / company is to check first the company’s legal processes before assuming that the student’s applications will be approved.


Our Industries and Business 2019: This year we have had a wide range of businesses & industries agreed to take our students for the 5 days. These included: health & community services, trades in plumbing, mechanics, engineering and electrical. Also, Information technology sectors, logistics, legal, medical and sporting companies and aviation.  Students even who undertook primary and secondary teaching experiences supported by local schools in our area. There were some government and not for profit organisations along with the defence force. I have included some photos of students at the work place during September and October of this year. It is important if students go out on placement they have someone take a photo of them in their work place, just in case a teacher can not attend the work place due to time or distance constraints and then send their photo to Ms Damon to add these great experiences to either the newsletter or the end of year college magazine.

New forms for 2020 are in the process of being designed, however students can begin by contacting organisations and businesses to find out what they may need to do to secure a place or even just apply. The dates for 2020 Term 3 for 5 days is Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September. Students can work anywhere between 6:00am to 6:00pm (I suggest only 6-8 hours or within reason). Students must complete approved Safe work Certificates valid for one year from the date of the safe@work assessment.


Students are not allowed to work a Saturday, Sunday or on a Public Holiday. Dates on the forms are important for payment and for the student to be covered in case of accident. I suggest students have their own bank account ready for their employer if they are being paid via the business and their Tax File Number. Government agencies are not required to pay students.   WEP will not be approved straight away or at the last minute of application. Forms need a two-week lead in time. Cut date for all WEP forms is two weeks before the date of the work contract. This allows time to check the validity of the legal form, check for ‘dodgy’ companies / employers, check about the safety of work place. Forms are given to Ms Damon (Careers) for checking before these are given to Mr Dedes to approve. 


More information regarding WEP and other Career programs are always  updated to the compass. Be in the know and keep a look out for these maybe career changing pathway opportunities


Catherine Damon

Careers Leader


Book Club

Writers' Festival

Book Club Excursion to the Writers’ Festival 

On Wednesday September 4th Book Club members from Years 7 and Year 8 boarded the train at Watergardens Station and set off excitedly for the Melbourne Writers Festival. When we arrived in the city, we first went to visit The State Library of Victoria and had a look around at the huge building full of magnificent books! We also had time to browse exhibitions including the history of Ned Kelly and books of many different colours and sizes! Seeing the beautiful dome in The State Library was a fantastic experience.

Our next activity was participating in a question and answer interview with the author of the Aurora Rising Series, Amie Kaufman.  Amie Kaufman is a bestselling Australian author of science fiction and fantasy for young adults and it was interesting to listen to the journey she has undertaken to become a successful writer.

After lunch, we participated in an amazing Writers Workshop at The Wheeler Centre run by Dr. Lee Kofman. Lee is a Russian-born Israeli-Australian author of five books and editor of two anthologies. Lee taught some ideas for introducing how the characters look and show their personality through what they wear and what their body language says. She also trained us to consider how we exist in the world and how our bodies shape the people we become. These were some great ideas to utilise in our own writing.


Lee was impressed with our Book Club and tweeted the following message later in the day:



Day 2 @MelbWritersFest: teaching writing to 12 and 13 year olds. My 1st time to work with such a young age group & I was apprehensive. But I underestimated how intelligent & engaged the kids from Taylors Lakes Secondary College would be. It ended up being much fun (for me, at least…..)

4:43 PM – 4 Sep 2019



Thank you very much to Mrs Earl and Miss Montalto for taking us on such a fantastic excursion.


Lillijana Stagliano   Year 8

Instrumental Music

Music Soirees

On the evenings of September 17 and 19, the cream of Taylors Lakes Music students showcased their talent at the Instrumental Music Soirees.  Staged in three events across two nights, the soirees are an opportunity for students to perform as soloists and in small groups, for parents, families and friends in a formal but low-key setting.  The event provides a platform for the immensely diverse range of instruments and styles offered in the program.  The highlights included year 7 students who performed for the first time, our amazing violinists and saxophonists, and the spectacular event put on by our voice students!


The Instrumental Music Soirees are only one of the many Performing Arts events staged throughout the school calendar.  Next will be the Annual Dance Concert on Thursday November 21 and the End-of-Year Instrumental Dance Concert on Thursday November 28.


The Instrumental Music and Dance program is a large and continually growing program comprising more than 200 enrolments.   Instrumental tuition is available for guitar, bass guitar, piano, voice, flute, saxophone, clarinet, violin, and drums. Dance classes are offered in the styles of classical, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.  Enrolments for 2020 are opening soon.  For all enquiries, please contact me on 9390 3130.

Ric Di Clemente

Instrumental Music and Dance Co-ordinator

Sports Report

Term 3/4 Sport

A big congratulations to our first ever female team representing in an all-boys competition, volleyball! Our fearless year 7 ladies were ‘bumped up’ an age group to give the year 8 volleyball boys teams a good challenge. It was great to see our competitor schools being so inclusive and supportive of our girls.

Thanks Miss Sioukas for officiating the games as Copperfield College and thanks to Miss Clark and Mr Charlton for taking the squads to Gilson College.



This term will also see our first ever female tag rugby team to represent us at the NRL Secondary Girl Tag Cup. They will be competing next week at Elwood Park. Good luck girls!


Well done to our School Athletics Team as well. The Division and Regional Rounds were a great success. Lots of our students placed with great times and distances. Special mention to Adem for qualifying for State Finals for his sprint events.


Thanks to Miss Thomas, Miss Cutler, Mr Hendriks and Miss Sioukas for assisting with the events.


Once again, a big congratulations to our Victorian State Champion Year 7 Boys/Mixed Football (Soccer) team, lead by our very talented coaches, Mr Greechan and Mr Gagovski.


A State title of this calibare is not easy to come by so we are absolutely thrilled. This team of courageous youngsters will be celebrated along with many other star athletes at Presentation Night towards the end of Term 4.


Lastly, the term will finish with the junior futsal and lawn bowls competitions. Students of Year 7 -10 will have the opportunity to partake in a few upcoming sporting excursions and incursions organized by the Sports Program. Watch this space.


Lajos Kozak

Sports Leader

Year 7 & 8 Soccer Academy


On Wednesday 23rd October whilst our Year 12 students were finalising their end of schooling celebrations, our Year 7 and 8 Soccer Academy students were treated to an excursion out to City Vista Court Reserve. The day was planned and facilitated by the a group of Year 11 VET Sport & Recreation students.


We arrived at the ground early which is the training base of the A-League club Western United. We were greeted by officials from the club and welcomed in to witness a tactical training session in preparation for their contest this weekend against Melbourne City. Students watched the session with intent as the players were taken through their paces, mainly working on their shape for the weekend. Added to that, we had an ex-Academy graduate in Aaron Schille trialling with the club.


Pete Bradley, head of Community and Schools programs took us for a tour of the facility allowing students to view the press room, lunch room, changing room and manager’s office. The tour and training session gave students a special insight in to what it feels like to be a professional footballer.


Following this we were joined by players from the Ricki Herbert Academy who are based in Auckland. The VET students then facilitated a 6-team tournament and separate girls tournament on the 20-million dollar facility 5G pitches. We all ate lunch together in the bistro and were addressed by one of the assistant coaches, John Hutchinson. The day then concluded with more small-sided games however had to be cut short due to the heat.


All in all it was a fantastic experience for our students and one that they will not forget.


Western United FC have also continued to support our school program by offering us tickets to their first few home games. I urge all Soccer people within the school community to get behind the club from the West and help build it in to a powerhouse that we can call our own. Memberships are very affordable and more information can be accessed on their website.


Chris Greechan and Bobbie Gagovski

Soccer Academy Teachers

Food Technology

Willy Wonka

Our Year 10 class went to watch the award winning ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ musical. We started the excursion by attending a burger joint call ‘Betty’s Burgers’. After lunch, excitement settled in as we walked into the theatre.


We took our seats and watched an amazing, colour-filled and hilarious show. The music was stunning and catchy. It was overall an amazing experience and we would definitely do it all again.


Tahlia McCowan  and Emily Nheu

Year 10 Students

Yarra Valley Chocolatier

On Wednesday the 9th of October, 7J went to the Yarra Valley Chocolatier and Ice Creamery Factory. We did a very fun master class where we made a chocolate pig, a giant chocolate lollipop and a range of mini chocolate animals/shapes.


After the masterclass we went and did some chocolate tastings. We tasted a variety of chocolate flavours and talked about the ingredients of each chocolate. Some of these were cookies and cream, macadamia and salted caramel and much more. Each flavour was delicious and unique. We came back to school filled with chocolate and joy.


We loved the excursion and highly recommend it to all chocolate lovers.


 Ceana Chia, Zoe Smith and Maddisyn Smeaton Year 7 Students


Cancer Council Pizza Charity Event

On the 18th of October, 2019, all of the year 11 VCAL students donned their ‘apron’ which, in the case of the day, was their Cancer Council golden bow, and began cooking. On the agenda was twenty-four Margheritas and twenty-four Hawaiians. With two periods on the clock and the pizza ingredients set out, the year 11 VCAL students took to the task of pizza making with amazing aplomb! With plenty of laughs, and perhaps too many balloons, they composed the amazing creations, which were then cooked, sliced and plated for lunch. Beyond that they fashioned a few tables, streamers and the aforementioned balloons into a wonderland right outside S3! When the bell struck the group was abuzz; students immediately began trying to snare the attention of emerging peers.

Within twenty minutes the pizzas were all gone.

The look of proud satisfaction for a job well done was well earnt.

Well done year 11 VCAL! We at Taylors Lakes Secondary College and the Cancer Council thank you.

Shefie Demiri

VCAL Work Related Skills Teacher


Year 10 Photography Excursion

As a part of our year ten photography course work we were required to go to the city in order to complete out city shoot assignment.

We spent our day in the city walking around and taking photos to eventually compile together into a photo  story. Before we headed to the city, everyone chose an individual theme and then planned their photographs around it. For example, our themes were Looking Up Photography, and Past, Present, and Future Photography. We used different angles and techniques that we had learnt in class, in order to create high-quality photographs. 

Despite enduring the cold Melbourne weather we were still were able to make the most of our day, complete our photographs and enjoy ourselves. Overall it was a fantastic experience and a great excursion. 

By Amelia Mavrelis and Rylee Morgan

Year 10 Students


Year 7 Science Incursion

Reach For The Stars

On the 14th and 15th of October, VSSEC (Victorian Space Science Education Centre) visited our school to run an outreach program for all year 7 students.  The program was designed to give students in year 7 a strong feel for gravity and other forces and the meaning of Newtons First Law of Motion. It also gave them a good feel for the transformations of energy as they tracked the energy through the launch, flight and landing phases of their rocket. 


Firstly, students built their rockets using the items provided by instructors Luke and Felicia.  The aim of the build was to make the rockets as aerodynamic as possible and to give it a nice trajectory during the flight phase by adding mass at the front of the rocket.  In order for the rockets to launch they had to be filled with 1/3 of water and then attached to the launch pad which was connected to a standing bike pump. 

In twos, student worked together as one would pump the rocket with air until it reached 60-70 psi and the other person would trigger the launch by squeezing a makeshift trigger.  The height and distances which the rockets reached were outstanding and left everybody in awe.  This activity fostered some interesting conversations between students about conservation of energy, forces and pressure. 


We look forward to having VSSEC visit us again later in November as they take the year 8 cohort through an interactive ecology program where students will get hand on and explore different types of rocks and minerals. 



Alexander Michaels

Science Leader


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