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07 November 2019
Issue Thirty One 17th October 2019
Diary Dates
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Diary Dates

October 2019

19th  Victorian Solar Competition at Scienceworks

19th  Pre Fete Working Bee - All School

23rd  Foundation Transition (Launch into Learning)

25th Cricket Gala Day Year 5 students

26th October SSPS  FETE

November 2019

4th  Curriculum Day (no school)

5th  Melbourne Cup Day (no school)

Victorian School Dates 2019

Term 1:  29 (Teachers only) - 30 January - 5 April 2019

Term 2:  23 April - 28 June

Term 3:  15 July - 20 September

Term 4:  7 October - 20 December

Principal's Report


Fete News!

Wow! Only 9 more sleeps until the Fete, how exciting! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who have volunteered their time to assist on stalls and for other jobs on the day. If you haven’t already, we are still seeking volunteers for the activities/stalls below:


Japanese Food -

Chinese Food -

Devonshire Tea's -

Indian/Sri Lankan Food -

Sporting Activities/Kids Ninja Warriors -

General Set up/Pack up -

Plants -



Fete Cake Stall

We are asking for baked goods for the Cake Stall, so please see the PA page for details.


Working Bee this Saturday

Don't forget the pre-Fete working bee this Saturday 19th October from 9-11am.  We need the school to be looking it's best for the Fete.  At the conclusion of the morning there will be the usual Sausage Sizzle and a raffle for those students that attend.



This week we had several students from Year 6 compete in the Divisional Hot Shots Tennis Competition: Max, Ewen, Markas, Athena, Madi, Summer, Eryn, Xavier, Antony, Pete, Linda, Sean, Yiota, Henry, Aroha and Vivian. Congratulations to both teams, with the boys winning their way their way through to the Regional Finals.


End of Year Practices

It is rapidly approaching the time of year when teachers start the formal process of student placement for the following year. However, in reality student placement decisions are shaped during the entire year as teachers observe and listen to students and parents/carers in relation to their wellbeing and learning needs.


Student placement decisions are not made lightly, as we recognise the importance of creating an optimum learning environment.  It is an extremely complex process to ensure that we have a balance and appropriate spread of ability, gender and social dynamics to promote learning and support all our students.


Classroom teachers and specialist teachers are very well-aware of friendship groups and the dynamics within the classes which either enhance or impede the classroom climate.  Teachers will use their extensive knowledge of how students interact and relate to each other when placing students.


We want to reassure all families that the teachers will be ensuring each student is placed in a class with other students with whom they are familiar (but perhaps not best friends with) and are able to build positive relationships to assist with their continued learning. All students are given the opportunity to nominate a selection of friends that they would be happy to be with next year. This process reinforces our values of building relationships and resilience in our students.


We also wish to remind families that in the lead up to the end of the year, through our transition sessions and Meet the Teacher session, students will have opportunities to mix and interact with other students in their year level, but in a different class.


Throughout the entire year, students have had many opportunities to develop relationships with students in their year level. Examples of these include: Interschool Sport, PE, Athletics Days, Cross Country Days, Camps, Excursions, Incursions, Japanese Day, Hoop Time, OSHC, mixed class groups rotating through integrated curriculum activities and classrooms where teachers are able to open the doors to create a larger learning environment incorporating classes.


At the beginning of next year, through classroom activities, students will be supported and encouraged to form new friendships and develop positive working relationships with students in their class to develop a supportive and nurturing learning environment for all.


We will be retaining our practice of accepting written information from parents regarding any specific learning needs which need to be taken into consideration when placing their child.  However, we are not able to take requests for children to be placed together based on friendships or requests for certain teachers as there will be some staffing changes for 2019 as there are in any given year.  Teachers are sensitive to students with friendship concerns, and we ask that you trust your child’s teacher along with past teachers and specialists to make the correct decision on their behalf.


Should you wish to alert us to other learning related concerns, please put this in an email to myself  by Friday 8th November 2019. Emails received after this date cannot be accepted due to the commencement of our process.


Please remember and accept that, whilst parent concerns are noted, there is no guarantee that these concerns can be accommodated through the class placement process.


The SSPS staff would like to thank you in advance for your trust in our professionalism and our ability to create the best learning environment for your child and all our students.


Solar Car/Boat Challenge

Finally, we have Solar Challenge on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October at Scienceworks. The teams have been working extremely hard over a number of months to prepare for this challenge. Mrs Giannone-Perri has been assisting Mr Ian Gardner. Mr Gardner has volunteered his invaluable knowledge and skills to support our teams entering the competition over many years. On behalf of the school community I wish all students competing all the very best.


Mike Larkin Channel 10 Weather Visit -  Thursday 24th October

Students who are able to return to school, must be at school by 5.00 pm and be accompanied by an adult.  Students are to wear school uniform.


The filming will take place in the BER ( Year 5/6 Building).



Notification of Departing Students

Understanding that all our Year 6 students will be heading off to Secondary School in 2020, we need to know as soon as possible if any other students are leaving us. If you could let the Office know as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated.




Student News

From the Library

LOOP BookClub

Issue 7 of LOOP Bookclub is the final catalogue for 2019 and is a bumper Christmas issue! ONLINE orders are due by Friday 25 October 5pm.


Volunteer Parents Needed in the Library!

The school library needs parents to help shelve all the returned books following class library sessions from Monday to Thursday.  Full training will be provided to interested parents who are able to shelve for 15-20 minutes either at the beginning or end of each school day.  Please contact me in the library on a Friday or via email


Overdue Library Books

Please return, replace or pay for any OVERDUE school library books as soon as possible - thank you!

Lost Property

Now that the weather is becoming a lot nicer we are finding a lot more jumpers turning up in our lost property basket.


Please ensure your child's name is on all uniform clothing and don't forgot to regularly check the basket for items. It is located in the 1/2 Building.


Hats On

As the weather is slowly getting warmer and we see a rise in UV levels remember to slip on a hat, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a shirt, seek some shade, and slide on some sunnies!


From the first day of Term 4 hats are required to be worn when outside. Students without hats will be asked to sit in the shade at playtime for their own protection. Remember - NO HAT NO PLAY! 


Hats are available from the office.


ICAS certificates for Digital Technologies, Science and Spelling are being sent in the mail and should arrive in the next fortnight.

Poppy Appeal

Poppy badges and bands are being sold in the office from $2 each.  The money raised by the Poppy Appeal supports current and former service personnel of Australia.

Important Information

Pupil Free Day

There is a Pupil Free Day on Monday 4th November 2019. No students are required at school on this day.

Camp out on the Oval

Come and camp out on the oval and share a BBQ dinner with other families.  Friday 29th November is Camp Out night from 4.00pm onwards.


See attached flyer to book your camp site.


PA Fete Cake Stall

Thank you for baking for the Syndal South Fete Cake Stall on Saturday 26 October 2019.


For this stall we are focussing on wrapped cakes, slices or biscuits only.  We cannot take cupcakes or scones as these will be provided at other dedicated stalls.


Where and When – please  bring wrapped cakes, slices or biscuits to:

  • Conference Room on Friday 25 October, 8:30 am to 10:00 am or
  • Conference Room on Friday 25 October, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm or
  • The cake stall in the school hall on Saturday 26 October, not later than 10am


  • See a volunteer when you drop off your food to register your details.
  • Attach a completed ingredients list to each item.
  • Wrap /package your food – plates and bags are available from the Office if needed.
  • No cupcakes or scones as these will be provided at other dedicated stalls.
  • Small individual items sell very well – if you can make these, please do!
  • Food must be homemade - no purchased cakes or items (items baked at home from cake mix are fine).
  • No items needing refrigeration.

We need helpers to register and price food on Friday 25 October. If you can help, please email with your available times. You can also email us with any other questions. Thank you!


Plates are available for collection from the office.

Student of the Week




  • Care – Being a caring member of the classroom community and always looking out for others.




  • Resilience – By persevering with his reading, Neelay has made amazing progress!  Fantastic effort!




  • Care – By taking wonderful care in her work when creating an Egyptian Pyramid using fractions.




  • Respect – For working beautifully during handwriting on Friday and respecting others around him by working quietly and also staying focused.



  • Care – For looking after her classroom and keeping it tidy.  Not only that, but Jacqueline is always helping her classmates pack up.




  • Resilience – By working hard when writing letters and persevering with her editing of her letter.  Well done Sshyna!



  • Care – By taking his time and putting in his best effort towards completing his historical narrative.  Amazing work Jonah!




  • Care – Aarush has shown more care in his work and an improvement in the respect he shows others.



  • Resilience – For trying your very best when writing, editing and publishing your historical narrative.  Well done!



  • Respect – For always listening to instructions, completing tasks given, moving quickly and quietly, as well as raising your hand and showing respect in school.



  • Resilience – Ostap has been working hard on improving his writing by including character setting descriptions.  Keep it up Ostap!



  • Care – Winston had an excellent first week back.  He showed great care with all of his work tasks.



  • Respect – Holly is a caring student who always shows respect to teachers and fellow students.



  • Respect – Xavier works hard to make sure he catches up with work missed because of his gym commitments.



  • Care – Alex is taking the time to care about the presentation of his written work.



  • Curiosity – Vincent is an active participant in class and group discussions.




  • Care – In your preparation for, and wonderful contributions, in our Socratic Seminar last week.

OSHC - Mischief in the Making!

What's  Happening!

Children's Week 19th - 27th October.  Children's Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood.  It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities.  We would like to involve our OSHC children in this celebration and invite everyone to research activities and bring along details to enable them and others to  participate in over the week.  We will try our best to meet requests within reason and according to the resources we have available.  It should and will be another great week at OSHC.


If parent's would like to volunteer their time and relay details of their profession or any event of cultural interest to the children we would love to encourage you to do so.  It could be at a time when you come to collect or drop off your children.  


PUPIL FREE DAY 4th November 2019

There is a register at the OSHC Parent Desk for you to register your intent to use the Program.  You will be notified on the 25th October if the Program does not have enough children to proceed.


Gallery of events over the past week


Wesley is our Helper of the Week.  Without asking he collected the cricket equipment from the oval as we were about to head inside.  Thank you Wesley for being so thoughtful.


Photo: MW Divisional Champions

From the Sports Desk

Photo: MW Divisional Champions


Year 1/2

Tuesday 22nd October (1.50pm in Hall) -  Shan Zhong, Mikyoung Seo



Thursday 24th October (2.30pm in Hall) - NO PMP next week!

Divisional Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to our boys Hot Shots Tennis Team, who have won their way to the Regional Finals to be held next month.

Go Syndal !!!

Ride2School Day

Our Year 6 student leaders ran some lunchtime activities as part of Ride2School day on Wednesday, including a Snails Race, a Sprint Race and a Biathlon. 




Garden Club

This week Garden Club hosted a planting session with Grade 1/2F. The Environment Ambassadors helped show the Grade 1/2s how to plant and water our new herbs and vegetables. They are now ready to go into the Green House to grow. 


Thank to you all of the families who have donated the plants for Syndal South Fete. We are still accepting donations, we can't wait to see what grows!


Don't forget to look out for the plant stall at our Fete next week.




Community Advertising
















School Community Information

Second Hand Uniform

Our second hand uniform shop is run by volunteer parents and is open monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month from 9.00 to 10.00am. It is located next to the OSHC rooms.


Please note:  payments are now cash only. 


Our uniform is available at the PSW store in Mt Waverley.  Please see attached forms for further details.




School Banking

Thursday is School Banking Day!!

Contribute to the Rocket

For all enquiries please call the office on

03 9802 5277 or email


Ad rates:  

Inserts - $35.00                                                             

Small items for school families -$3.00

Non-profit organisations  - No charge

Lunch Orders

Students are able to order their lunch via Classroom Cuisine – Monday through Friday, except Tuesdays. Classroom Cuisine is an online lunch order provider.

Community Contacts

School Office / Newsletter
Phone: 03 9802 5277


Helen Freeman

Assistant Principal

Rebecca Stonehouse-Melke

School Council President

Aaron Sudholz

Parents' Association President

Lisa Macdermott

Phys Ed Co-ordinator

Charlie Kenez


Maree Sier

Phone: 03 9886 8483

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