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21 October 2019
Issue Two

  'St James School Community Is Committed To The Victorian Child Safe Standards.’

Dates to note...
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Dates to note...



Wed 23      Children's Mission Mass - selected Yr 6 students

Fri 25         Red Safety Day (wear a touch of red)

Fri 25         World Teachers' Day

Sat 26        Year 1 level Mass   6pm  SJM

Sun 27      Year 1 level Mass   9.45am  SJM

Mon 28      Prep 2020 Information Night   7pm 

Wed 30      Prep 2020 Orientation Session 1   9.20am - 10.50am

Wed 30     Wacky Wheels Day



Fri 1           All Saints Day

Sat 2          All Souls Day

Mon 4       School Closure Day

Tues 5      Melbourne Cup - School Closed

Wed 6       Prep 2020 Orientation Session 2   9.20am - 10.50am

                    Year 6 Excursion

Thurs 7     Year 2 Excursion

Tues 19      Emmaus College Transition Morning 9am - 12.30pm


(Please be aware that dates can change....always check the dates  for confirmation)

Principal's Post

Dear Families,

We are all looking forward to our St James Twilight Sports this afternoon and evening.

Venue: Bill Sewart Athletics Track East Burwood

Arrive: 4pm

First event: 4.20pm

Catering: The food marquee will be located above the grandstand. Items include: BBQ, soft drinks and much more. Thank you to our Grade 4 Champions Katie Mills, Sarah Dowds, Desire Loy and Penny Stewart for coordinating this event.

Students wear: Sports uniform and house coloured Tshirt if they have one (if not then sports top and we can provide a house coloured sash)

If the weather is inclement, we will be attempting to complete the sports unless it becomes dangerous.

School will operate as usual in the morning.

Hopefully today's trial of the optional dismissal was successful for your family.

Please ensure that:

- all students bring along their appropriate medication, hat and drink bottle  

- all students have something substantial to eat prior to the event. Taking food across the track to students during the sports can be problematic. We ask that all parents wait until after the sports to  give your children a sausage or another snack.

Here's an approximate timetable of events

4.00   Arrive at track

4.15   Welcome

4.20   Students commence first rotating event in year level groups and rotate every 15 minutes. Events are: soccer dribble, voetex throw, shuttle relay, long/broad jump, novelty event and sprint.

6.05   Team Circular Relays - selected students from years 4 - 6

6.15   Toddlers Race

6.30   Year 6 long distance 400m

6.45   Team Chants

6.50   Raffle draw, winners announced, final speeches

7.00   Dismissal (pack up)

We will require assistance to pack up marquees and other equipment please.

Claire has prepared a more detailed program, listing where students will be at various rotations. This will be handed out at the sports this evening.

Thank you to all parents who have volunteered to assist either the P & F with catering or Claire Feild with running the evening. 


Staff News

After many, many, many dedicated years to Catholic Education and ten years at St James, Bernadette Bowman has decided to retire. She will finish up at the end of the year. We thank Bernadette for the high quality education she has bestowed upon many within our St James community. We will miss you Bernadette. Best wishes in your retirement!


Alison O'Mara, our Reading Recovery Teacher has also decided to retire. Alison came to St James to help us our for four months and ended up staying for four years!

Alison has made a significant impact on many of our younger students in helping them learn to read. We wish Alison all the best in her retirement too.


We just received notification from Whitefriars College that Mark Murphy (currently Principal at Marcellin college) has been appointed the new Principal of Whitefriars College commencing 2020.

Education Board Updates

At last week's meeting the following topics were discussed

- A draft of our new Home Work Policy 

- 2020 school Fees

- A possible Heathmont Bus which is not going ahead for the time being


With a few members moving on after serving three years on the Board we are inviting applications form interested parents to join the Education Board for a three year period.


There are currently a limited number of vacant positions on the St James Education Board for 2020. Membership on the board is generally for a three year period and will involve committing to an average of 6 (evening) meetings per year. 
St James School Education Board (SEB) is a body which advises the Parish Priest and School Principal on matters assisting St James School to fulfill its mission and vision as a Catholic parish primary school. The Board brings together in a spirit of consultation, collaboration and co-operation individuals and groups having an interest in the well being and effective operation of the school. 
The SEB provides a forum for its members to contribute to the development of the school and parish communities, and to be involved in activities which enhance educational opportunities in the wider community. Occasionally there is the opportunity to be involved in additional meetings. 
If you are interested, please fill in the expression of interest form below, and return it to the school office by Friday 8 November or email office -, ATT:  Education Board, and address the criteria below.  Successful applications will be decided upon after taking into consideration factors such as: overall school representation, number of vacancies and level of expressed interest. Decisions will be made by the Chairperson in consultation with school leadership. 
Name ........................................................... . 
Child/ren and classes .............................................................................. . 
Reasons for wanting to join: 
Relevant experience:


Parish Fete: a great community celebration

We are all looking forward to our St John's Mitcham Parish Fete on Saturday 16 November. The success of this community event depends on all of us in our community's contributions. It is an expectation that ALL St James families contribute in some way whether it be set up, pack up (2 hours on Sunday 17th in the morning would be a BIG help) , coordinating or working on a stall. Please see the fete news and sign up to list the way you can help your community.

Raffle tickets have been sent home and the return rate is good so far. Please return all sold tickets to the school office ASAP.  Once again it is an expectation that being part of our St James school and St John's parish communities, these tickets are returned sold. There will be a few draws for gift vouchers which we will enter all families who have returned tickets early in.

A book of ten tickets raises $20 for our St James school community. Please note that the fete committee has generously decided that money raised from St James families' ticket sales will be directly distributed back to our St James school.

Student Illness

During term three there were many ailments and illnesses throughout our community.

While we all strive for 100% attendance to maximise learning opportunities for our students, there are times when parents need to decide to keep children at home because of genuine illness.  As members of a community we are all obliged to stop the spread of disease and germs and look after one another.

If your child is not well or has vomited, then please do not send them to school. I understand this can be difficult with work and family arrangements but it is an obligation we all have so as to look after all members of our St James community; staff, students and family.

School Closure Days Term Four

Monday 4 November - day prior to Melbourne Cup Day

Friday 15 November - day prior to our Parish Fete

Thursday 5 December - planning day for 2020

Jelly Beans will be running day care sessions here at St James on Fri 15 Nov and Thurs 5 Dec.

Information regarding bookings will be sent home closer to the dates.

2020 Class groupings

We will commence the process of grouping students into their 2020 class groups later on this term. Parents who have a special request  must have this in writing (email is acceptable) to me by the end of this month. Requests must be clear and based on student wellbeing or specific learning issues. Last year I received a number of requests based on friendship preferences rather than specific learning or wellbeing needs. Please keep in mind that the two classes in each level are usually located next to each other and do work closely together at times. It is also good for students to mix with different students from within their cohort rather than maintain a small social circle.

Year One Family Parish  Mass

This Sunday 9.45am and 11.15am.  It would be great to see as many Year One students and their families in attendance as possible.

Concert DVD - Last chance to order

Today is the absolutely last day to order a copy of the concert dvd. The amount is $36.50 for a DVD or Vimeo Streamed copy. 

To order please click on the following link:


Education in Faith

Year 4 Excursion to Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and
St. Patrick's Cathedral

On Tuesday 15th October, the Year 4 students went on an excursion to the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  This excursion helped us link what we had learned about Mary MacKillop, for the concert, to our new Religion unit ‘The History of the Catholic Church in Australia’. Here are some of our thoughts about the excursion:

Hudson: I found it amazing that they had the exact wheelchair Mary Mackillop sat in and had for a few years before she died. I found it really fascinating  how big the Cathedral actually is, and interesting that there was lapis on the altar.


Raphael: I was really fascinated by Mary MacKillop’s Olden Day WheelChair. I also liked how we got to pray in St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Abby: I loved how we had a person that took us on a tour around the Mary MacKillop heritage centre because she told us a lot of information.


Leroy: The cross hatch handwriting that Mary did was really cool. The cross hatch handwriting was used because they had not much paper so when they finished they turned it sided ways and start writing across the page then they did the same thing on the other page.

Ruby: I really love the cathedral because I enjoyed looking at the beautiful stained glass windows and praying. I also liked looking at the detailed structures in the cathedral. 


Sian: We had so much fun learning about Mary MacKillop at the Heritage Centre. It was such a pleasure to see and even touch things that were important to her. We had a sister explain to us about Mary’s life. It was truly intriguing. We learned a lot more about Mary’s family, life, religion and her helping the poor. Afterwards we went to St.Patrick's Cathedral and looked at all the different chapels. We also went to Captain Cook’s cottage and learnt a lot more about his house and differences to our houses today. 

Charlie: Going on the YR 4 excursion to the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and St. Patrick’s Cathedral was tremendously thrilling! The history we learned was a great deal. In the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre we got to see many of Mary MacKillop's possessions. Her old wheelchair was very interesting and if you went there you would be greatly surprised by the design of it. We were very entertained by the sisters who guided us through the Heritage Center. The room I liked most was the Parlour Room. The Parlour Room was a room were she would meet people who had come to see her. I also learned all about the history of the property which Mary MacKillop was asked to buy by the Archbishop of Melbourne. The Archbishop asked Mary MacKillop if she would help the area because at that time the area was very poor. Mary MacKillop used the property for a home for women and their children. I think this was a very interesting part of the excursion and I will remember it for years to come. Whilst we were eating our lunch we got to play around in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens. This was fun! St. Patrick’s Cathedral was a very religious place. The architecture was very interesting. It was a very peaceful place. The gardens were very reflective. The mini chapels were very interesting. I also highly liked the cool altars in the cathedral.

Year 1 Level Mass

A reminder that all Year 1 families are warmly invited to attend their class level Mass this coming weekend- 

Saturday 26th October at 6pm


Sunday 27th October at 9.45am 

at St. John's Mitcham.


If you haven't yet, please RSVP as soon as possible.

October: Pope Francis' Extraordinary Month of Mission

This Wednesday, 23rd October, 10 of our Year 6 students will be attending the Children's Mission Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  We look forward to hearing about this celebration.


Heavenly Father,
when your only begotten Son Jesus Christ rose from the dead,
he commissioned his followers to “go and make disciples of all nations”
and you remind us that through our Baptism we are made sharers in the mission of the Church.
Empower us by the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be courageous and zealous

in bearing witness to the Gospel,
so that the mission entrusted to the Church, which is still very far from completion,
may find new and efficacious expressions that bring life and light to the world.
Help us make it possible for all peoples to experience the saving love
and mercy of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever.


Many thanks to those parents who attended the meeting on “Readiness for the Sacraments” held on October 17. You will receive shortly via email a copy of Indicators of Readiness for both Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

The indicators are a guide for you to use when you are deciding if your child and your family are ready to undertake this journey together. If at any time you have any questions or concerns about our sacramental policy regarding Reconciliation and First Eucharist please feel free to contact me by phone 9873 1341 or you can contact me via email at


In the meantime I hope you will enjoy working through the booklet with your child and I'm sure that you are finding it a very helpful resource. This booklet supports what the children are learning in our school R.E. programs and our Parish R.E. classes on Wednesdays. I look forward to hearing from you to set up a time to chat with you and for you to enrol your child for Reconciliation and First Eucharist if that is your decision.


A reminder that the Parent Information Night for First Reconciliation is on THURSDAY NOVEMBER 21   2019 at 7.30pm in the Coghlan Centre. At this meeting we will explore the sacrament itself and how it will be celebrated with your child next year.


For those parents who were unable to attend the “readiness” meeting and would like their child to celebrate sacraments in 2020, you will need to contact me on 9873 1341 or email to make a time to meet with me and collect a family activity booklet as well as the dates for next year and indicators of readiness.


Many thanks

Maree O'Keefe

Pastoral Associate

Literacy and Numeracy

Helping your child to speak and listen

Talking to your child

As your child moves through primary school, they will speak with greater fluency and with a greater knowledge of the world.

Some tips to foster more fluent speaking include:

  • Continue to involve your child when discussing everyday activities, such as grocery shopping, gardening, cooking dinner, collecting mail from the mailbox, doing house work, and travelling in the car or bus.
  • Try to ask your child specific questions about their day. A general question like “how was your day?” will likely get a single-word response of “good.” Ask specific questions like “what is the book you are reading in class about?” or “what did you do at lunchtime today?”
  • Involve your child in your discussions about the day’s events or current events. Ask their opinion. This helps them understand different perspectives and increases their vocabulary.
  • Show a genuine interest in your child’s reading, writing and viewing of all types of texts. Talking about texts can create meaningful discussions and help your child see them as important.
  • Show interest in topics your child is studying at school. These can be a great springboard into discussions.
  • Encourage your child to discuss their everyday problems and feelings.
  • Use questions and discussion to explore other people’s feelings. This will help your child to develop empathy for others.
  • Use questions and discussion to broaden your child’s experience and knowledge of the world, particularly during new experiences or on outings.

Discussing news and current events

As your child gets older, they become more aware of news and current events. Discussing news and current events can enrich your child’s understanding of the world.

Questions are an effective way to encourage your child to think critically about an event and can help foster empathy. Questions also help your child to develop oral fluency when discussing social issues.

Questions you might ask when discussing a news story or current event include:

  • What do you think caused the event?
  • How do you think people will be affected?
  • Is it fair?
  • Why do you think people think that/do that?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • How could the problem be fixed?

Some other activities to develop your discussion:

  • Read several articles together on the same issue to get different opinions. Then discuss the different opinions.
  • Have a debate on a topic, with you and your child taking different sides of the issue.
  • Download and listen to podcasts on an issue, and discuss.
  • Discuss different “What if?” scenarios. This will help develop your child’s problem solving and imagination.


Mathematics in Year Three
It is fantastic to hear so many students across the year levels talk about their learning in mathematics. Many students are referring to the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria to explain the purpose of the task and what they have achieved. Here is a snapshot of what some of the Year 3 students have been learning about.

Ivy - We are learning what change is and how it can be done.
Anique - We are learning to understand what change is.
Matilda - We are learning how much change we will get if we give someone more than what it costs.
Isabel - We are learning how to take away change using dollars and cents. 
Eva - We are learning about change and how to sort the money into dollars and cents. 





On Friday 25th October students are encouraged to wear a touch of RED. Red Safety Day is about educating children and adults about keeping kids safe through child safety and protection initiatives. It aims to help empower our children to Recognise, React and Report if they feel something is not right. You can support the conversation at home by revisiting or coming up with your family password.

Parent Resources

ParentZone Term 4 Newsletter

Positive Parenting Telephone Service 1800 880 660

Participants complete a workbook or online modules which are supported by weekly 30 minute phone calls with a trained parenting educator. All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.


Parentline 13 22 89

Parentline is available 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. It is a confidential and anonymous phone counselling service for parents and carers of children and teenagers in Victoria.


Click here for access to CatholicCare

It is a social service agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, they offer a range of programs and services that aim to build and strengthen relationships.


Click here for Raising Children Network

Reliable, and up-to-date information to help your family grow and thrive together. 


Click here for access to the Student Well-being Hub Website

It includes sections for parents, teachers and students with practical strategies and resources to support your child's well-being.


Click here for access to Parenting Ideas Blog

It includes articles, testimonials and practical tips on a wide variety of topics.


Click here for Iparent - Office of eSafety Commissioner 

To learn about the digital environment and how to help your child have safe and enjoyable online experiences.

Spotlight on Learning


On the 17th of October the Year One students were lucky enough to venture into the city to visit the Melbourne Museum. During our time at the museum we saw lots of different and interesting things. We learnt about Melbourne’s history as well as the history of our Indigenous Australians.  Here are some things we learnt while we were there:

‘I saw some old toys people played with’ (Asher 1M)

‘I saw some cool fossils. They were dinosaur bones’ (Joseph 1M)

‘I learned about how the dinosaurs looked a long a time ago’ (Buckley 1M)

‘I saw lots of Indigenous basket weaving!’ (Oscar 1D)

‘We listened to the First Peoples creation story and saw Bunjil the eagle.’ (Isla 1D)

‘I learnt that wominjeka means welcome.’ (Natalia 1D)

‘We saw an old house from the past! The toilet was outside and the beds were very little.’ (Flynn 1D)



Last Thursday Luke, Tom and us (Camille and Neiva) represented St James at a STEM MAD convention. STEM MAD is a convention where a bunch of students from different schools came together and tried to make their idea a reality with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 

We had to pitch our idea of the Creative Cubby to many different people. The four of us had to explain our idea in great detail and answer any questions someone asked. 

There were over 50 other schools at this showcase, high schools included. We had made a birds eye view out of lego as well as posters we put on the board behind us. Our setup was a 1.8m trestle table and a 1.8 x 1.2m backing board.

Many different people of all ages came around so we needed to make sure it was pleasing for all. We unfortunately didn’t win a prize but we do have some support to make our Creative Cubby a reality. 

We saw so many other presentations that all would have been worthy of first place and we’re sure the judges had an excruciating time trying to decide the winners.

We were all very grateful for the opportunity to go to this event and have cherished every moment of it. The students who get to have this opportunity next year are definitely going to love every second of it.

All of the attendees and students were all so kind and supportive. Everyone seemed very impressed with our idea and we encourage every child to take an opportunity like this one. We hope in the near future our cubby will be open for the kids to play in at lunchtime and recess. 

Written by Neiva and Camille. (5P)



Congratulations to the following students who received a student of the week award:  Billy, Zac, Layla, Ella, Josie, Mackenzie, Uma, Leroy, Noah, Andy, Henry, Harriet, Sera, Benjamin, Andrea, James and Mia.

and to ......... Sarah, George, Macy, William, Brooke, Spencer, Koby, Tom and Isaiah.


Digital Technologies

TikTok Safety Guide

Many students are using the app "TikTok". 

Here are some safety tips to guard underage users from unwanted comments, mature content, and more.  Click the link below.




Extra Curricular

Ride2School Sticker Design Competition


Do you love to draw or design? Well this is your chance to show off those skills. Ride2School are looking for new National Ride2School Day stickers and need your help!  We want new stickers that celebrate the fun of walking, riding, scooting and skating to school and inspires even more students to get active.  The winning sticker design will become Ride2School’s official stickers and be shared in schools across Australia in time for National Ride2School Day on Freaky Friday 13 March 2020. Plus – if your design is chosen, you’ll win a brand new BYK bike and a healthy breakfast for your school!

Download the form below if you're interested . . .

Walk to School Month - Wacky Wheels Day 

Thank you to all those parents who have made an extra effort to support your children in travelling actively to school. I know it requires extra  planning and time, but with your support it sends a message to your children that you value their health and being active. 


On Wednesday 31st October, St James will be holding a Wacky Wheels day competition, all students are invited decorate their scooters and bikes, there will  be prizes of sports equipment to win!!!!

Farm Yard Fun 


St James students have voted and our baby goats are named.                                                   Boots (our boy)              and              Millie (our girl)


Eggs for Sale:

Most of the girls are back on the lay, so we have plenty of eggs at the moment.

$5.00 per dozen but you can buy a half dozen if you prefer. 

Send money in a named envelope to Wendy.

Farm Duty:



October 26/27th - Bele (Prep O)


Melbourne Cup Weekend...

Saturday Nov 2nd - Galletta 

Sunday Nov 3rd - Heath

Monday Nov 4th - Perera

Tuesday Nov 5th - Kolesnik

Library News

Free eBook access for Year 3-6 students:

We are currently reviewing our subscription for eBooks.  It is a relatively costly subscription and we need to see a lot of children using the service to make it worthwhile.  We will monitor borrowing over this term and then make a decision.  Why not try it out?

To borrow and read books on a mobile device, download the eBook app  (Apple or Android) and tap on "Find your Library".  Type in St James Primary School and start browsing.  Search for a title and tap on the book then click "Sign In". Students use their old school email address and the password 2018sjv and then they can click borrow.


P & F Newsletter

Monday 21 October             Twilight Sports

Friday 1 November              Food Day

Monday 11 November        Morning Tea

Tuesday 19 November       P&F AGM


Twilight Sports – Monday October 21st

Twilight sports is on tonight.  We still need plenty of helpers, particularly between 4.30-5.30pm at the food marquee.  Please come over and offer a hand.  Thanks to our Grade 4 Champions Katie Mills, Sarah Dowds, Desire Loy and Penny Stewart for coordinating this event.


Don’t forget to bring along some change for our raffle draw.  Our Raffle Prizes include:

  • 1st Prize Morfboard Scoot & Skate Combo - valued at $129
  • 2nd Prize $100 Rebel Gift voucher
  • 3rd Prize Kookaburra Lithium Cricket set - valued at $50
  • 4th Prize $50 Rebel Gift Voucher
  • 5th Prize $20 Rebel Gift Voucher

Mango Fundraiser

Please encourage family, friends and work colleagues to place orders too.  Perhaps you could email the order form and link to some work colleagues.  Cost per Tray is: $25.  Order via trybooking by Friday 25th October.  Expected date of delivery: week commencing 25th November.  For Further information contact: Lena Zappia 0423 419 518


Food Day – Friday November 1st

Food Day Order forms went home last week and are due back this Friday 25th October.  This is our second last food day for the year. Kylie will be organising hotdogs, so needs a few helpers to make it all happen.  We require six helpers from 9am-11am and 5 more from 10:15-11.  Please sign up if you are able to help at:




P&F Planning for 2020



Thank you to everyone who has signed up for a role in 2020 in the last week!  We are down to ten roles yet to be filled:

  • Two more for Auskick Tuckshop to help Clemi & Jen
  • One more for Major Fundraiser to help Rosa, Laura and Alexis
  • One for Twilight Sports BBQ to help Bec, Sheleigh and Katie
  • One more for Sponsorship and Donations to help Rachel and Doreen
  • One more Money Counter / Banker to help Rachelle
  • One more for Secondhand Uniform to help Nicole
  • Raffle Ticket organisers; and
  • Two to three Team Leaders

We have an awesome community and P&F at St James, let's keep it up for our new families in 2020.  If you are interested in taking on any of the above roles, please sign up at:  If you have any questions please contact         


Friday Treats

Don’t forget 50c for icypoles each Friday of Term 4.


Our P&F events are only successful through the help of our community.  Please sign up if you can spare some time to help:

Twilight Sports

Friday Treats

2020 P&F Roles:



Parish Fete


Useful Forms



Community Information




Lemon Stall Wrap

The 7th Annual Lemon Stall was held on Sunday.  The sky was cloudy and the weather was a little cool, but that did not stop our fantastic St. James Community from coming out to support us.  So many people came that we nearly ran out of food and our Mum’s were quickly making new lemony treats in the background.  Thanks Mums, you were awesome.

There were lemony games for people to play, lemon bowling was great fun.  We had two competitions, one to put a jigsaw puzzle together faster than any one else and guess how many Lemon Sherbets in the jar. Congratulations to Aaron and Rohan respectively.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us.  For buying lemonade at recess on Friday, for buying food and drinks, and for playing the games.  Thanks also to the mums and dad’s and Nana’s who made all the treats for us to sell and for cleaning it all up!

Congratulations to the children who worked really hard to make the day a success, Maria, Hannah, Alisa, Mia, Ella, Grace, Lily, Joseph, and Ivy.

We raised $1201.80 at the stall, together with Friday’s lemonade sales and with the online donations we have raised over $1500.  

In our 7 years we have now raised over $6000 for the Cancer Council.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit us at the stall but wish to support this worthy cause, you can still donate online at

Issue 7/2019 book orders are due back at school by this:




Thank you to all those using the LOOP system to order and pay. Orders can also be placed by sending your order with payment to the office via the office/class tubs.


Please contact me if you have any questions.


Janine Piper (Aaron 6N & Jacinta 4BH)

Mobile: 0407 336 598

After School Care


St James Newsletter
Term 3 Family Maths Challenge Answers.docx
Bike Contract.pdf
Asthma Action Plan_Puffer and Spacer_2017 (2).pdf
Individual Asthma Risk Minimisation Plan_29062017.pdf
Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plan.pdf
Volunteer Duty Statement.pdf
Existing Volunteer Application Form.pdf
New Volunteer Application Form.pdf
Marathon Club permission.pdf