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22 April 2016
Issue Four
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Upcoming Events

Monday 25 April

Public Holiday - ANZAC Day

Tuesday 26 April

Duke of Ed Camp 26 - 29 April

3.30 Production Rehearsal

Wednesday 27 April

9.00 - 11.00 am Year 7 Immunisations

6.45 - 9.00 pm Open Night for Year 7, 2017

Thursday 28 April

METEC Education 10 A - 10E

Friday 29 April

METEC Education 10F - 10J

Senior Girls AFL

Monday 2 May

Jazz Night - Doncaster

Tuesday 3 May

Market Day - Hall

3.30 Production Rehearsal

Friday 6 May

Generations in Jazz Mt Gambier 6 - 8 May

Saturday 7 May

9.00 Working Bee

Monday 9 May

Yr 11 Study Skills Seminar

Tuesday 10 May

Yr 7 and 9 NAPLAN 10 - 12 May

Principal's Post

Welcome Back

Welcome back to a new term and one where we have had such a variety of activity and learning.


The term started with teachers focusing on Professional Development and extension of the work we have been doing, in sync with the RSC Strategic Plan, particular emphasis was around literacy learning and the role that all teachers can play in adopting practices that better engage students in their learning. Mr Glen Pearsall was an excellent keynote to the day and followed with a further workshop. A major component of the program was also the Victorian Curriculum and preparing for its implementation across Years 7-10 in 2017.


We enjoyed a wonderful day for our Athletics sports on Wednesday and the new banners and many students in house colours and costumes added to the spectacle of the day.

The Performing Arts World Tour homecoming performance of “Made in Melbourne” was a reminder of the fantastic opportunities that are available to our students at Ringwood. The quality of the student performance was outstanding and my thanks to the team of teachers, in Mr Moody, Ms Borlase, Mr Kent, Mrs Stelfox, Mr Mackay and Mr Asbury, who led the tour and ensured that students returned safely after such a great adventure.


Our students led the whole school assembly on Thursday, which was dedicated to recognizing the importance of Anzac day and providing insights into what it was like as a young person just over 100 years ago and to consider how the world has changed since then. The Symphonic Band played beautifully and set a positive tone for such an important occasion. Student leaders from all year levels conducted the readings and hosted all items throughout the assembly.


As winter approaches, it is pleasing to see students sensibly wearing the winter uniform, which needs to be worn by all students by May 1st.


I would like to welcome a number of new staff members to the College in term 2. Ms Jessica Friend (PE and English), Ms Lucy Maxwell (English and Humanities) Ms Naomi Dyer (English), Ms Sarah Forster-Muir (English and Humanities), Ms Cathy Whelan (Food & Technology), Ms Hannah Geng (Multi Cultural Aide International Program),and Mrs Jill Murdoch (Foods Assistant) have all commenced in recent weeks.


Additionally, Mr Kyle Simkin will be acting as Assistant Principal in Term 2 working closely with the middle school team and replacing Mrs Hughes. His role as Director of Sport is being undertaken by Mrs Rachel Edwards. Ms Cathy Menz is the Senior Sub School Leader and Mr Jason Tan has been appointed  to the role of Year 11 Community Coordinator.


Michael Phillips

Assistant Principals

Middle School

Welcome back to what promises to be an exciting term. As Assistant Principal working with Middle school for this term, I’m looking forward to what should be a very productive period for our Year 9 and 10 students, across a number of areas of the college. There was certainly a lot of energy at the Year 10 assembly I attended last week, led by Mr Michael Kent, and I’d like to say a big thank you to the warm welcome I received from the Year 10 students.


Within health classes at Year 10, students have been investigating the risks associated with driving, particularly those most relevant to inexperienced drivers, as well as examining the campaigns which have been used to try and reduce car accidents and fatalities. As part of this program, a large number of our Year 10 students will venture to the Melbourne Eastern Traffic Education Centre next week, where they will be involved in a day long program that will include driver training in a controlled environment.


During Week 8, Year 10 students will sit their mid-year exams, in a very similar format to those experienced by our VCE students at the end of the year. This should provide students with valuable experience in completing assessments under VCAA examination conditions and will hopefully act as a great foundation as they begin to consider their options in Year 11 and beyond. More details, including the timetable and location of these exams, will be forwarded to students in the coming weeks.


Year 9 students have started the term very positively and next week are fortunate to be hearing from Boori Monty Pryor, a multi-talented Aboriginal performer and storyteller, during an English incursion. Having heard Boori Monty Pryor speak previously, I’m confident that the students will gain a great insight into aspects of his life and enjoy his many humorous stories.


In Week 5, students have the opportunity to compete in the Winter Sport round robin, representing the college in Netball, Football, Soccer and Badminton. The following week, from May 10th to 12th, Year 9 students will undertake the NAPLAN tests, which enable students and the school to identify the improvements students have made in their learning over the previous two years.

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee meets twice a term and spends numerous hours working on projects that benefit the college. Their most recent major project, the bollards located near the hall, are a highlight of the space adjacent to the Hub/Quadrangle area and show many significant events, families and individuals that have connected with Ringwood over the decades.


Currently the committee is keen to identify students that are the 2nd or 3rd generation from their family to attend the college. To this end, all families will receive an email in the coming weeks asking if any family members have attended the college in the years gone by.


The Heritage Committee is currently looking at a number of new initiatives and, as always, new members are welcome. Please contact the college if you are interested in assisting them with their work.


I look forward to working with our Middle school students, parents and coordination team during the term ahead.


Kyle Simkin

Acting Assistant Principal

Junior School

Welcome back! 

Term 2 is an important time of the year for students. They need to consolidate their learning in order to move forward and focus in a positive way. By improving time management and organizational skills, they can work towards building their strengths, reflecting on their performance and planning for improvements.


Year Level Leaders
Congratulations to Abbey Hepworth and Nicholas Day who were recently appointed as our Year 7 Level Leaders for 2016. They were actively involved in our ANZAC Day assembly that paid homage to our fallen heroes.


Parent Teacher Afternoon/Evening
It was great to see so many parents and students discussing their Term 1 progress with teachers. It is always beneficial to reflect on academic progress and to look towards future improvements. If you could not attend this evening and you wish to discuss your son/daughters progress do not hesitate to contact the relevant staff via email.


Open Night April 27th 
Open Night 2016, for incoming Year 7 students for 2017, is a whole College event and will be held next Wednesday evening. The first session commences at 7.00pm sharp followed by a repeat session at 8.00pm. Tours will be held on the evening led by staff, junior school ambassadors and Year 12 prefects.

Technology and Cyber Bullying
As the term progresses it is timely to think about the importance of adopting safe practices regarding young people and technology. Most phones and laptops have cameras and video capabilities and parents need to closely monitor the use of technology by their children. It is not uncommon for students to be texting and phoning each other well into the night disturbing sleep patterns. 


Cyber bullying is bullying that is carried out through the Internet or mobile phones. Cyber bullying is bullying that is done through the use of technology. For example, using the Internet, a mobile phone or a camera to hurt or embarrass someone 
is considered cyber bullying. It can be shared widely with a lot of people quickly, which is why it is so dangerous and hurtful.

Being safe from bullies online:
•    Do not share your private information like passwords, name and address, phone numbers 
with people you don’t know. This can also include sharing of photos of yourself, your friends and your family
•    Don’t respond to messages when you are angry or hurt; to strangers or to people you know. This will often encourage them to continue or increase their harassment of you.
•    Log out and stop messaging if you feel you are being harassed.
•    Remember you have the option to block, delete and report anyone who is harassing you online and on your mobile.
•    Find out how to report bullying and harassment on each of the different social networks that you use.
•    Keep a record of calls, messages, posts and emails that may be hurtful or harmful to you.
•    Remember to set up the privacy options on your social networking sites like Facebook in a way you are comfortable.


Other news
Congratulations to energetic and talented students who participated in the State Swimming Schools Championships, a fantastic effort from all participants with our junior girls relay teams finishing third.

Maria Allison
Assistant Principal

From Mrs Stathatos

The term has begun well and while it is a long term there is much to keep us occupied.

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy ( NAPLAN)

NAPLAN will be conducted from Tuesday 10th to Thursday 12th May for Year 7 and 9 students. The timetable is as follows:


Tuesday, 10th May   Literacy (Language Conventions and Writing

Wednesday, 11th May  Literacy (Reading)

Thursday, 12th  May  Numeracy


Further information will be forwarded to students and parents in the coming weeks.


Education week

Get involved, be intrigued and inspired by technology during Education Week from 15th to 21st May


Plans for a special round of activities in Education Week are firming and we are looking forward to celebrating the week with students and staff.


The Victorian Curriculum

A number of meetings have taken place over the past fortnight to discuss the changes schools in the state have to make to implement the new Victorian Curriculum in 2017. It is an interesting time in education, particularly when the Australian Curriculum has been adopted by Victorian schools and now the transition to the Victorian Curriculum must be adopted. A curriculum audit is currently taking place as the first step towards the goal of implementing a comprehensive teaching and learning program next year.



A number of new parents have expressed interest in joining the Parent Citizen Teacher Association. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd May. Please contact Eleni Stathatos via email – [email protected] if you are able to join us.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

Senior School

Welcome back to all our students and parents. Hopefully, for all our VCE students, they have had an opportunity to recharge the batteries for the long term ahead. As studies continue, SACs and SATs occur, folios start coming together and homework becomes the norm, the Senior School team and I ask our students to use the study centre to complete homework after school. There is a real benefit to students if they use after school time for an hour or so to reflect, revise and prepare. Also, working in learning groups can also lift retention rates of knowledge and understanding of subject matter.


On another note, Sonya Karras visited our College during the week to present to all our VCE students. All embraced her presentation on ‘Safe Partying’ as Sonya weaved humorous anecdotes in her delivery that underpinned the importance of all our students being alert and taking care of each other when going out.



You will remember that in our last newsletter, we farewelled Mr Porter and wished him all the best at his new school. As such, there have been some changes to the staffing in leadership positions in the Senior School. Mrs Cathy Menz has been appointed the new Acting Head of Senior School for the remainder of the year and Mr Jason Tan has joined the team as a Year 11 co-ordinator, with Mr Matthew Saunders moving into the Year 12 role.


Congratulations to all.


James Barut

Assistant Principal


 From the Office

First Aid

Year 7 Vaccinations will take place on Wednesday 27th April


If you have not already done so, could you please return your child’s vaccination card as soon as possible as we need a card for every student stating the wishes of their parent or guardian.   Our records show that there are a number of outstanding cards.


Heather Eisermann

College Nurse


The College is buzzing with activity as we prepare for the commencement of the new Junior School building. During the holidays the old portables were moved off site and last weekend the smaller portables were demolished. In addition, many other key projects were undertaken over the break. Enjoy the photos.  


Thanks to the many parents who supported our recent working bee at the College painting the outside of the new Drama room.


A reminder to parents of the upcoming Facilities Committee meeting  scheduled for 7.30pm, 28th April in the main administration block-all are welcome to attend. 


Recent activities 

  • Replacement of Polycarbonate sheeting in the main student toilet block
  • Carpet repairs in several areas
  • Gas heaters- annual service including all hydronic heating systems
  • Rooms 404/405 were re-sited (now 417A/417B) to the oval bank near the cricket nets for the upcoming building works.In addition, new table tops, sprayed table bases, window repairs and steam cleaning of carpets
  • Landscaping of area surrounding new portables
  • Weights portable sold and removed off site
  • Drama stage built in room 413(New designated Drama room)
  • Painting of large classroom and kitchen in Wellbeing
  • Stoves serviced in Food Technology
  • Construction of Air conditioning compressor cage
  • Construction of storage cages for Sports equipment

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager




The partnership between parents/guardians and the college is an important one when it comes to the timely management of student absences.  Better outcomes are achieved if parents and guardians are actively involved in this process on a daily or weekly basis ensuring that unexplained absences are kept to a minimum.


Compass Management

  • Entering and approving absences on line is a quick and efficient method of managing your child’s attendance at school – remember to leave a reason for the absence in the note section             
  • Entering absences on Compass first thing in the morning is a good way of notifying a student’s teachers they will not be in classes that day and the absence is parent approved

This is particularly important for VCE students who have and 80% attendance requirement across all subjects

  • Please enter daily absences via Compass as soon possible before 10am to avoid an SMS message being sent
  • If you do get an SMS message you should contact the school or attendance line as soon as possible so that the reason for the absence can be determined


If for any reason you cannot access Compass – call the attendance line

  • A message can be left on the attendance line 24/7

Kay Priestley

Attendance Officer

From the Chaplain

Children Learn What They Live

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.

If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.


Adam Bryant



Sub Schools

Junior School

"In year 8 this year we have learnt about many things.


At the start of the year we watched a film called "Toy Story 3". After we watched it we learnt many different techniques on how to write a text response.


This helped us learn more about writing techniques and how to improve our writing.


Following on from that we read a book called " Runner" by Robert Newton. It's a really good book that describes what life was like in the 1920's. On the way we answered many questions and understood what life was like back then."


Wendy (Shan) Wang 8I

Around the School

Languages Update

Welcome to Term 2! Term 1 was incredibly busy for the Languages faculty and I hope that all staff and students had a well-earned rest over the Easter break!


A lot happened in Term 1 – our Indonesian students welcomed new friends from Sekolah Tunas Unggul in Bandung West Java and our middle years French students were lucky enough to attend the French Film Festival.

Term 2 is looking just as busy and just as exciting! Year 9 students are booked into the Indonesian Film Festival on Tuesday April 19 where they will view Negeri 5 Menara/The Land of Five Towers.


Year 7 Indonesian students have been entered into the 2016 Language Perfect World Championships. This will take place from May 16 – May 26. More information can be found here:


Of course we are all looking forward to showcasing and celebrating our brilliant student work at the College Open Night on April 27. If you’re around make sure you pop in to room 110 and say ‘selamat malam’ or ‘bonsoir!’


Our Year 9 Indonesian students are running Indonesian Club this year! All Indonesian students are welcome to attend during lunchtime on Thursdays (week 1 only!) Bring your lunch to room 509 as well as your willingness to discuss all things Indonesian!


Finally, both the French and Indonesian departments will spend some time this term engaging with local primary schools and helping with their languages and cultural programs. We are looking forward to building relationships and broadening our connections and we hope that our students enjoy the experience.


Until next time!




Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

Music News

Music Association Raffle

Thank you for your support of the recent Easter Raffle.

Congratulations to the following families on their winning tickets


1st - Helen Sutton

2nd Maidie Graham

3rd Jess Nolan

Music Report

The Music Department has really hit the ground running this term with intensive day camps, the weekend prior to the commencement of term 2, plus master classes, last week and this week, in preparation for Generations in Jazz, Mt Gambier, which is now only 2 weeks away!


Thank you to all students who have been involved in the recent preparation for Mt Gambier and for our upcoming Jazz Night at Shoppingtown Hotel at Doncaster, Monday 2 May. All four Stage Bands, Jazz Studies Combo, Senior Choir and Senior Vocal Ensemble will be performing at Jazz Night. Bookings for Jazz Night are available via Trybooking on the following link:   Ticket costs are Adults $13 and $9 Concession/Child. Book soon as places are limited. Don’t miss this wonderful night of jazz presenting the talents of many up and coming musicians.

All our new year 7 musicians have settled into the program and we look forward to hearing them at their premier performance, the Junior and Intermediate Autumn Concert, Thursday 19 May, RSC Hall, 7.30pm. Tickets costs are $9 Adults, $6 Concession, $22 Family of 4 and booking will be via Trybooking. Details will be up on Compass soon.


The week after GIJ it is our Symphony Orchestra and Intermediate Strings will be preparing for the North Eastern Region’s Youth Concert at Hamer Hall, Tuesday 23 May, 7.30pm. Combined rehearsals with Glen Waverley Secondary College and other capable string players commence for Symphony Orchestra on our return from GIJ, 9 May, with the Intermediate Strings combining with players from other schools the following Monday 16 May.


Symphony Orchestra and Senior Strings will also be performing in the Victorian Schools Music Festival for Strings at Hawthorn Town Hall June 10. More details will be coming out on Compass soon.


The very busy month of May is almost upon us!


Please put the following in your diary and check COMPASS for event details.


Term 2 Upcoming Events:


Wed 20 April:                                        

JSB Master class 3.30-6.30pm


Fri April 15:                                           

SC Master class 3.30-6.30pm


Thurs 21 April:                                     

SVE Master class 3.30 -5.30pm


Mon 2 May:                                            

Jazz Night

Thurs 5 May:                                         

NEVR Concert Rehearsal IS


Fri 6 May - Sun 8 May:                        

Generations in Jazz Stage Band/ Vocal Competitions, Mt   Gambier


Mon 9 May:                                            

Rehearsal for NEVR (Symphony only)


Mon 16 May:                                         

Rehearsal for NEVR Concert (SO)


Wed 18 May:

Unit 1 & 3 Music Performance recitals 6.30pm Room 700


Fri 20 May:                                            

NEVR Concert Rehearsal IS


Thurs 19 May:

Junior Concert/Intermediate Autumn Concert


Sun 22 May:                                           

Flute Guild competition MlC


Mon 23 May:                                         

Rehearsal NEVR Concert SO & GWSC


Tues 24 May:                                         

NEVR CONCERT Hamer Hall 7.30pm


1-8 June:                                                 

Internal Music Assessments


Fri June 3:                                              

Ringwood Probus Club RKe


June 10:

Victorian School Music Festival – Strings – Hawthorn Arts Centre SO & SS


Tues 14 June:                                        

Intermediate Concert Band Terrific Tuesday


12 &13 June:                                         

Clasax Competition RKe  Fintona


Thurs 16 June:                                      

Senior Music Concert


Janine Pero

Director of Music




Sports Report

From Mr Simkin

School Cross Country

The annual school cross country was held on the last day of Term 1, with a huge turn out from all year levels. It was a fantastic afternoon of competition with many amazing runs from students, which bodes well for the Division cross country held later this term. The top 3 finishers for each age group were:


13 boys – Lachlan Sanchez-Legg, Nicholas Day, Lachlan Stewart

13 girls – Keeley Sherar, Scarlett Cuthbert, Holli Budd

14 boys – Jack Benham, Kaileb Monro, Dion Braione

14 girls – Jasmin Hass, Rhian Lumsden, Jasmine Lacy

15 boys – Harry Norman, Samuel Young, Declan Lamb

15 girls – Ibe Ali, Tess Patterson, Amber Shearn

16 boys – Jonathan Murphy, Riley Farrington, Blake Watson-Karpinski

16 girls – Sarah Snary, Ciara Lumsden, Rebecca Battesrby

17-20 boys – Finn Brown, Gai Wal Gai, Taylor Mainard

17-20 girls – Maddison Lacy, Holly Mayne, Georgia Copeland


The winning house was Mabo on 561 points, claiming their first title since the new house system was introduced, who comfortably eclipsed Jacmain on 476, Frazer 458 and Freeman 441.


Students will now progress onto the Division Cross Country championships later this term.



Charlotte Tolliday (Bronze) 14 Girls Medley Gold 14 Girls Free Gold 16 Girls Free Bronze


On Wednesday 23rd of March the Ringwood Swim team competed at the Eastern Region Swimming Championship, held at Aquanation for the first time. 37 swimmers did the school proud, with many fantastic swimming performances on the day. Abbey Hepworth of Year 7 deserves a special mention for filling in at very late notice on the day, due to a late withdrawal from a relay team. Standout individual performances on the day included: Sophie Caldwell (5 gold medals), Tiffany Hayes (1 Gold, 1 Silver), Taylah Demontigne (1 Silver, 2 Bronze), Cameron Radford (2 Silver), Tarni Cavanagh (1 Silver, 1 Bronze), Charlotte Tolliday (1 Bronze).


The 14 Girls team swam brilliantly, claiming gold in the Medley Relay and Freestyle relay and will compete at the State finals. Well done Tarni Cavanagh, Caitlin Dellow, Charlotte Tolliday and Taylah Demontignie. Congratulations also to the 16 Girls freestyle relay team of Ciara Lumsden, Bec Battersby, Sophie Caldwell and Madison Mauchline who won a bronze medal in their race.



Congratulations to Bianca Hansen of Year 12 who recently who has been selected in the Australian team to compete at the World Junior (Under 20) Championships in Poland later this year in discus. After competing at the Commonwealth Youth Games last year, Bianca will head to the Junior Championships in late July to again represent Australia. What an incredible performance!



Congratulations to Connor Carter of Year 9 who was selected in the Under 15 AFL Indigenous Kickstart team that competed during the last school holidays. Connor represented Victoria/Tasmania and had an amazing time playing amongst some fantastic footballers. Well done Connor.



Kyle Simkin

Director of Sports

Netball Results

Snr girls netball. We took 2 teams to the district Comp last week with both teams finishing in the top 4.

Brilliant effort and sportsmanship from our ladies to play off in the grand final going down by 2 goals.


Charlie Hetherington

House Mascots

House mascots unveiled !


The Student Representative Council are very pleased to unveil the new mascots and logos for each house.

The work of the SRC started 12 months ago with a competition for students to design our new mascots and logos.

The whole school then voted on their favourite and the winners were Akanskha Singh (Jackman), Amber Landewee (Mabo), Fraya Jordan (Freeman) and Caitlin Grimmett (Frazer).


Thank you to all students for their contribution. 


Welcome Back!

We are looking forward to another busy term.


Year 11 and 12

Most Year 12 students have had their careers interview and now need to be exploring the different courses and options.  Students need to refer to the Careers Bulletin to ensure that they are up to date with the current information.

Year 11 students will be interviewed throughout this term


VETis Students:(Vocational Education Training in Schools)

All courses are underway and parents are reminded to complete VET Course payments as soon as possible. Please ensure if your son/daughter is absent on any VET day to notify the home school as well as the school delivering the course.


USI (Unique Student Identifier) – All VET students need to register for a USI number. This is vital as students will not be able to get their VET certificate unless this is done. Once you have obtained your USI, you must then email the to Mr Stranger. If you require assistance please drop by the Careers room. For further details


Year 10

This year, Work Experience is from June 20th-24th, the last week of Term 2.  All contracts (paperwork) should have been completed and if students have not yet submitted them, they need to do so as soon as possible. Contact Ms Boutsikakis if you have any queries.


Year 10 interviews are well on the way and students are encouraged to begin exploring options for their future careers. The Ringwood Secondary College Careers website provides a wealth of information and is accessible from the RSC portal.  A good start would be to complete two interest tests. One interest test can be accessed through the student secure area and another through WIRL. 

 WIRL is a great resource for students to explore careers. To access the site use the following log in and password.
Website :
School Login: ringsc Password:galaxy87


Other news

Career Expos: provide a wealth of information for year 10, year 11 and Year 12

  1. The VCE and Career Expo 2015 is on the Thursday 5th May, Friday 6th May, Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May at Caulfield Racecourse, Station Street, Caulfield.


Students apply for a TFN online and have their identity verified in an interview at a participating Australia Post Office. To apply and to find out about participating Post Offices: NOTE: Not only do students need a TFN if employed, Year 12 students need a TFN when they accept an offer of a university or VET place in January 2017.



UMAT: The Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) is developed and used specifically to assist with the selection of students into medicine at Monash University and several courses interstate. Students need to register by 3 June, and the test will take place on the 27 July, 2016.

Please download the for further information.


Swinburne Senior Secondary College

Swinburne Senior Secondary College has an information evening on Tuesday May 3, at 6.00 pm.

The college will consider applications for Year 11 VCE, Semester 2, 2016. Students need to contact the college prior to attending.  Applications for Year 11 and 12 VCE, 2017 need to contact the college to begin the enrolment procedure.

Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School -


Audition applications are now open for Victoria’s premier school for young dancers, musicians and visual artists. Located in Southbank in the Melbourne Arts Precinct, they provide up to six years professional training in dance or music, at a government school, integrated with a full academic education years 7 to 12. For detailed information, FAQ, and the online application form go to their website


Australian Defence Force Academy

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is a unique university where you’ll get paid a salary (up to $47,715 for undergraduates ) to study a degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). You’ll also undertake military leadership training and learn to become an officer in Australia’s Navy, Army or Air Force. In addition to the salary all tuition fees are covered.

Applying for ADFA is a dual application process that can take up to 12 months, so if you are interested it would be best to get started now.


‘Focus On Melbourne’ Series

A reminder to students that during the months of May and June, the University of Melbourne will be hosting a series of free ‘Focus on…’ Information Sessions in the early evening aimed at informing prospective students about the courses on offer; hear from current students, academic staff and recent graduates about what it is like to study that degree or course at Melbourne, and the career and personal development opportunities available to graduates. 
Registrations opened last term, so act quickly!  To register click on the links listed below!

Tuesday 17 May

Focus on Engineering - Engineering Parkville


Wednesday 18 May

Focus on Veterinary Science - Veterinary Science Parkville


Thursday 19 May

Focus on Biomedicine - Biomedicine 



Tuesday 24 May

Focus on Agriculture - Agriculture



Wednesday 25 May

Focus on IT - Information Technology



Tuesday 31 May

Focus on Science - Science Parkville


Wednesday 1 June

Focus on Commerce - Commerce Parkville


Tuesday 7 June

Focus on Arts - Arts Parkville


Wednesday 8 June

Focus on Environments - Environments



Thursday 9 June

Focus on Law - Law Parkville


Tuesday 14 June

Focus on Music - Music Parkville


Wednesday 15 June

Focus on Fine Arts - Fine Arts Parkville





New Bachelor of Design

With the first intake in Semester 1, 2017, the Bachelor of Design will create new pathways for students who are passionate about the use of design and creative approaches across a wide range of disciplines and professions, and give students contemporary opportunities for their graduate study and career prospects.

Eleven majors will available: Architecture, Construction, Computing,  Civil Systems, Digital Media, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Systems, Property,

Spatial Systems, Urban Planning, Visual and Performance




Community Programs

Understanding your Kids

Do you have a teenage son or daughter? Are you finding it hard to
connect with your kids? Are your kids displaying behaviors you don't


Mankind is a fun, experience-based program for young
men aged 14-16 years of age. The program aims to help
participants develop coping skills, enhance self-esteem
and confidence, as well as connect with activities that they

Activ8 Sports for Fun

Activ8 Sports for Fun is a sports based program for people 7-18 years old. This program is ideal for whom competition sports don’t suit as the emphasis is on participation, enjoyment and building skills.


Spark is a not-for-profit, Youth
Without Borders initiative that
provides an opportunity for students
in grades 10-12 from non-traditional
backgrounds to experience
university life and see what
engineering has to offer.


Community News 


Why not try Netball? Mullum are looking for new players.


Pure Talent Performance Evening

The Pure Talent Performance Evening at Karralyka is a must see event this April!
The night promises to entertain you with drama and music performances from some of Maroondah's 2015 VCE students. The evening also includes media and visual communication elements.

Come and support the incredible talents of our local young people.

Ringwood Secondary College student, Justin Thomas will be performing a solo music piece on the night.

The event will commence at 6:30pm on Thursday the 28th of April at Karralyka Theatre (Mines Rd, Ringwood).

Tickets prices are:
Adults $10
Concession $8
Children under 12yrs $5

Book online at or purchase at the door on the night!

Creative, Fitness, Health & Educational Classes

Classes and activities for all ages


Ready 4 The Road

Giving you what it takes to take to the road


Eastland Farmers Market is back!

The new Eastland continues to champion Melbourne’s epicurean spirit, hosting the Eastland Farmers’ Market every Sunday from 9am till 2pm beginning Sunday April 24, 2016.


Croydon Wind Symphony

Come along to the Themed rehearsal

Starts at 8pm


RSC News
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