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22 July 2016
Issue Eight
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

Anything Goes opening night is now only 2 weeks away on August 5th. Rehearsals are progressing well, with a very successful production camp being held last week and full day performance rehearsal. Ticket sales are over 85% for the season and final night is virtually sold out. We expect that most other performances will sell out before opening night.  I would encourage you to book a ticket now for any other performances so you are not disappointed.


Please check out our revised College website at

Some pages are still in progress but I hope you like the new look and feel you can easily navigate through the site.


Our school is participating in the NAPLAN Online 2017 Pilot. As part of this participation, we will also be involved in a trial for NAPLAN Online from 16 to 26 August 2016. The trial is a valuable opportunity to set up and utilise the system, as well as to provide feedback regarding any suggested changes or issues. The trial will also be used to confirm the capacity of schools to participate in the 2017 Pilot.


The Education State targets set out the Government’s commitment to more students reaching the highest levels of achievement in Critical and Creative Thinking. This target highlights the important role of critical and creative thinking skills in helping our students to build problem solving and evaluation capability, the confidence to question, challenge and establish deeper thinking on topics, concepts, events, beliefs, cultures and society.


The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority is running the assessment and data collection for the Education State Critical and Creative Thinking benchmarks in 2016. Our school has been selected, as part of a representative sample of the State, to be involved in the collection of Year 10 baseline assessment data for Critical and Creative Thinking during Term 3 2016.  Participation will involve a pre-selected group of approximately 20 Year 10 students from our school to undertake a new online Critical and Creative Thinking assessment for approximately 60 minutes. This assessment will be self-administered by students within a group setting via computer, laptop or device.


The past 4 weeks have been rather busy with the college building program. Most students have been relocated in terms of their locker areas to allow for construction and this means we are now utilizing both the 500’s and Science Corridor for this purpose. Demolition has been undertaken and fences, site amenities and sheds have been installed. Currently the work includes bulk excavation, provision of incoming services and in-ground services. We should see the first phases of the building rise out of the ground very soon. You may wish to check the photo gallery on our website to see some of the progress.


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos


A number of significant developments have been occurring around the Teaching and Learning program in preparation for the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum next year. Teachers are working in groups to develop curriculum and reach compliance with the Department of Education’s requirements. One of these requirements is that all schools include Digital Technologies in their program in 2017. In addition, the following capabilities must be reflected in the curriculum program: Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural, Ethical and Personal and Social. Opportunities for staff to work in these areas are provided with Curriculum Day on August 5th being one of the days dedicated to this work.

You can access information on the Victorian Curriculum by logging onto the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority website:


Assessment and Reporting

With Semester 1 reports now complete, we are continuing our delivery of continuous feedback to students and parents and fine tuning our processes. Reporting through Compass provides a central repository of reports for parents and through the continuous feedback process, students receive  targeted information about their progress throughout the semester. This term Parent-Teacher -Student interviews will be held on August 18th and provides an opportune time to discuss the progress of your child with their teachers.


NAPLAN online

 I attended the NAPLAN online Training in Coburg this week with one of our Teaching and Learning Leaders, Agatha Fedrizzi. NAPLAN will transition from a paper based test to an online assessment, and it is envisaged that the online platform will deliver a quicker turnover of results to schools and parents. We are one of 199 schools from across the government, independent and catholic sectors that are in the pilot program to trial this online platform and we have already provided a readiness evaluation in order to facilitate the necessary steps to undertake the trial. Communication to parents whose children are part of the trial will be made next week.



On Thursday morning I attended the Outer Eastern Literacy meeting with Anna Russell, our Literacy Support teacher. The purpose of the meeting was to share with other educational professionals an understanding of the current research around literacy processes and pedagogy with a focus on student success and a commitment to instructional consistency. We are keen to further develop our knowledge and understanding in this area with research and activities.


From Mr Barut

This is an exciting time for all our Year 10 students moving into the Senior School. Thus far, the cohort has had several information sessions regarding the make up of the process that involves subject selection for 2017. The opportunity now exists for our students to select subjects that they are passionate about and continue their learning journey in the upcoming years. Please be a part of these conversations that relate to specific subject selections. It is not easy for our young cohort to have a clear vocational direction.


The following information is important for both Year 10 going into Year 11 and Year 11 going into Year 12: 

Year 10 – 11:
Students will each have an individual careers interview between 27th July and 3rd August. At this time, they must present their completed Careers Form (with parent signature). They have been emailed this form. Students will input their subjects into the subject selection website during their interview. They will then need to print the subject confirmation page, have it signed at home, and return to the Senior School office by Wednesday 10th August. 


Year 11 – 12
Students will input their subjects into the subject selection website with the Senior School co-ordinators on Monday 1st August.  Again, once inputted, they will print the subject confirmation page, have it signed at home, and returned to the co-ordinator’s office by Wednesday 10th August. 


Note: Year 11 students have been told to make a careers interview prior to the 26th July if: 

1    They are changing their Maths
2    They are dropping a Science subject (prerequisites need to be checked)
3    If they are making wholesale changes to their subject load
4    If they are changing their English subject

We look forward to a smooth process and kindly request parental support in this matter.


Our Year 12 students have settled well into the new term. They still need to negotiate and do the best they can on all their SACs and coursework as the term unfolds. The College is supporting our students by offering study tips, negotiating time management and providing opportunities for students to revise in study groups in the study centre. As always, relationships and care remain at the forefront of all our dealings with our Year 12 students. 

Good luck to all our senior students who will be involved in the upcoming school production of ‘Anything Goes’

From Mr Rogers

Welcome back to a cold and busy start to term 3. All students have by now been reallocated their lockers due to the beginning of the first stage of the building program. This resulted in the removal of the junior school locker area and a restructure of the entire college. We thank both the maintenance team for their work through the holiday period for moving all of the lockers and the mature way in which our Middle School students have approached this disruption.


Over the break Year 10 students have had the opportunity to reflect on a hectic end to Term 2. As a Middle School Team we were please with the positive comments we receive regarding how well the exams ran with all students arriving prepared and performing well during their scheduled exams. Their results are encouraging and will set them up for a strong performance moving into their VCE years of study.


All year 10 students completed their work experience during the last week of term 2. The feedback we have received from both students and employers has been fantastic and I look forward to continuing these discussions over the coming weeks.


We are firmly in the midst of transition and have been running information evenings. By now year 10 students will have attended their information session for VCE in 2017 and the current Year 9 students will have also attended theirs. Subject selection will occur in the coming weeks. A reminder for current Year 8 students that your information sessions are coming up in early August. Further information is located in the Middle School Handbook located on the college website.


On Tuesday 12th July we were fortunate to have two members from the Maroondah Daylight Lodge, along with Mrs Hollingsworth, attend our Year 10 assembly to award scholarships to two of our Year 10 students. This year the Hollingsworth Scholarship was awarded to Lachlan Griffith and Lily Hualango. Both have shown a high level of dedication towards their studies and we hope that this encourages them and other students to continue to do their best. I would like to thank the Maroondah Daylight Lodge for their generous contribution to our college.


It was great to see so many students being recognised for their efforts during first semester at the Middle School Awards afternoon. In my time here I have never seen so many Year 9 students receiving an award. Thank you to the parents and other family members who also attended.


Please take the time to read the Middle School News for further information about our Sub School.

From Mrs Allison

‘I have always maintained that excepting fools, men did not differ much in intellect, only in zeal and hard work’

Charles Darwin


This is famous quote is from an interesting and worthwhile book to read- ‘The Talent Code’ by Daniel Coyle. Aspiring to greater heights in our lives is important and thoughtful quotes prompt creative and critical thinking about self-improvement and forward planning.


Welcome back!

Despite the bitter cold weather, all students have been keen to catch up with each other and are settling well into study for this semester. It is a very important time of the year for students to reflect on their semester one performance and focus on developing strategies for improved effort and attitude to study. Parent teacher interviews will be held on August 18th. It is a great opportunity for parents to meet teachers and discuss their son or daughter’s progress.


Anything Goes

Congratulations to the junior school students who are cast members or support crew for the musical production ‘Anything Goes’. A large number of students represent the junior school, and the RSC community are very proud of their hard work and dedication in making this production an annual success. Tickets are still available: 


Year 7 and 8 Awards Afternoon

Congratulations to all junior school students who achieved academic awards in semester one. It is always pleasing to see such a large number of positive results. These students will be acknowledged for their positive achievements at the junior school awards afternoon, next Wednesday, July 27th.


Wellbeing days

In the last week of Term 2, all Year 8 students participated in a Wellbeing day, held at EV’s in Croydon, that focused on healthy relationships. The sessions provided students with an awareness of health issues and appropriate management strategies. Thank you to Anna Benson, the Wellbeing team and staff who organised and/or supervised activities on the day.


Roadside safety

It is important for students to understand that crossing roads, especially busy roads like Great Ryrie St and Bedford Road require careful monitoring of traffic flow. Please use designated crossings or select safe places to cross, rather than running behind buses or in front of cars. Parents, could you please remind your son or daughter about correct roadside procedures to ensure their ongoing safety.


Student Absences

A reminder that if, in the future, your son/daughter is unable to attend excursions or organized events e.g. a wellbeing day, please contact the College on the morning of the excursion /event to provide notification and reasons for the absence. Other absences, such as holidays or illness also require notification either by email or telephone.


Music Association Entertainment Book

Please support the Music Association by purchasing an Entertainment Book (order form in this newsletter) $65.


A quote to contemplate:

‘Excellence is a habit’



Around the School

Ringwood Training Open Night


School Council Report

An overview of the 4 Year Strategic Plan. It was finalised in March and is off to a good start & working well.

Council looked at a few Key Actions to have a ‘snapshot’ of progress.

What is working well is

1/ Learning tasks being put onto Compass

2/ More going into continuous reporting which supports continual engagement.


Well Being Study that RSC participated in:

Data is back, results from 1000 students were received.

Pressure points appear to be Years 8 and 10. 

Council will shortly receive a presentation how we compare with others across the local government area.


Council asked about the role of ‘Houses’ at RSC. Is it just focused on sport? Consideration is being given to more diversity with activities & encouraging all sorts of competition, community and fun (academic, team based fun) within the Houses. Will need a leader or mentor to run with this program & get it off the ground.


Principal’s Report:

There has been lots of activity and productivity with the building and they are a couple of days ahead of schedule. Progress is good and we will start to see some things go up soon. Locker move for students was smooth and  trouble free.


Federal Election update:

Michael Sukar re-elected

Funding levels will change (in the future, not our secured funding). Implications are not yet known.

State funding may provide some additional funding but future is unknown on this. 


Year 7 intake for 2017

The largest ever number of applicants was received.

There seems to be an emerging pattern of families buying in the RSC zone to secure a place at RSC.

In future years , more in zone & siblings are likely to be within the yr 7 quota.

This increased demand is all good news for the school.


Signal Lights down at Great Ryrie

Council asked about progress. It has been advised it is unlikely to be finialised until near  the end of 2016 as works and upgrades continue on the rail line.



It was reported that all is on track to achieve budget/good result 



Lots done, including new girl’s change room, new furniture in 802/803, veggie garden & 1st stage of solar install.

Shade cloth funding submitted AGAIN to DET.



Lots done including 2 new fire extinguishers, exit lights and more efficient lighting bar - in Hall. Also the new computerised OH&S system now in operation. It was reported this system is now live. Each area of school has a designated person who is responsible & submits report online. 


Ringwood Training:

We have been working with KPMG to try for a Grant & future funding. Looking well placed to secure some of that funding.


Overseas Odyssey Trip (History/Culture)

Visiting  France, Germany, Poland & Greece in Nov 2017. Open to Yrs 9 to 12. Permission given for teachers to begin some planning to be able to seek expressions of interest. 


Sharon Rogers

School Council Member


Maths Assistance

Students who would like to obtain some extra assistance with their Maths work are welcome to attend the After School Maths Assistance classes. A Maths teacher will be in attendance.


Yrs 7 – 9 Wednesdays room 102, 3:20 – 4:30pm

Yrs 10 – 12 Thursdays room 102, 3:20 – 4:30 pm


There is no requirement to sign up, to come every week, or to stay the whole time. There is no cost.


For further details, contact Mrs Donna MacKinnon, Maths Coordinator, 98702002



Mrs Donna MacKinnon

Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator

School for Student Leadership Update

Students Declan Caldecoat, Portia King-Smith, Georgia Scotto and Gideon Davidson have returned from an entire term away at the Marlo campus of the School for Student Leadership.

In the last week of term 2, liaison teacher Benn Jamieson drove 400kms to Marlo to attend the Community Learning Project presentation day.

The Ringwood Students welcomed Mr Jamieson, and took him on a tour of the wonderful and modern facilities of the Marlo campus, showing the rooms they had to share with other students, the kitchens where they were rostered to cook from, and the laundry where they did their own washing.

The team did an excellent job of their presentation on their plans to raise awareness, funds and goods for the Coldstream Animal Aid Shelter.

Now that they are back at school, the students will be helped to reintegrate back into the school, and then supported to help complete their Community Learning Project. 


The photo above is the Ringwood School for Student Leadership team with their Alpine School teacher Andrew Dooley.


Benn Jamieson


Language News

Last term our Year 7s participated in the Language Perfect World Championships in both French and Indonesian. I want to thank all students for participating in this competition so enthusiastically. We received our results late last term, and they were impressive! These awards will be presented to students at the Year 7 Common assembly on Tuesday 19th July. Well done to everyone who participated!


French Credit Awards

Kate O’Meara

Jassamin Roberts

Audrey Goodman

Mia Brown

Scarlett Cuthbert

Ruby D’Arcy

Nicholas Roe

Flynn Commins

Clinton Bouphasavanh

Brynn Jacka

Asif Ahmed

Aaron Davies

Tia Olsen

Isuri Jayasinghe


French Bronze Awards

Erin Wynne

Megan Rennick

Kieren Tirikawala

Jessie Huang

Samuel Rhodes


French Gold Awards

Joshua Clements


Indonesian Credit Awards

Lachlan Rathbone

Kiara Jackson

Jordan Ross

Jennifer Sobierjaski

K’Baw Lwe

Hamish Szegi

Finlay Wright

Taylah Waugh


Indonesian Bronze Awards

Olivia Henry


Our top achievements included:

405th overall globally (out of 1111 schools)

284th overall in Australia (out of 761 schools)

90th overall in VIC (out of 212 schools)

51st overall in Indonesian (out of 702 schools)

214th overall in French (out of 966 schools)

139th for French in Australia (out of 658 schools)

35th for French in VIC (out of 183 schools)


Year 7 Indonesian!

To celebrate a successful Term 2, Year 7 Indonesian students were invited to participate in an Amazing Race challenge in their last class of the term. Students participated in both Indonesian language and cultural activities. Much to the students’ dismay and in true Amazing Race style, students were also required to complete a cultural eating challenge where they were presented with random Indonesian delicacies! A big thank you to Patrick Cottin, Molly Rigg, Fraya Jordan, Holly Thatcher (from Year 9 Indonesian) and our Indonesian volunteers from Monash University for helping our students with this activity!


Indo Club!

Our Indo Club participants were very excited to have the opportunity to Skype some of our friends at our sister school ‘Sekolah Tunas Unggul’ in Bandung last term. Whilst the time difference was odd, the Internet connection was frustrating and of course the obvious language barriers present, all students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we look forward to many more Skype sessions this term! Just a reminder to all Indonesian students that Indo Club runs each Thursday of week 1 in 509 at lunch time. All are welcome!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

Indonesian Teachers


From the Chaplain

Pokemon Go - by now you’ve probably bumped into someone playing it and by that I mean literally bumped into them as they are walking down the street phone in hand, eyes on screen, searching, searching ;-)


It has been crazy to see how the whole world has embraced the game whether they have had much to do with Pokemon before or not. If you’re not in the loop ‘Pokemon Go’ is a new game where you track and catch virtual Pokemon through your phone as you walk around. You can then find special spots allocated as ‘gyms’ where you can battle other Pokemon with the one’s you have caught.

Whilst there are some risks to this app it is interesting to see how it is also bringing people together. We went out as a family hunting Pokemon over the weekend and people from all walks of life and all ages were connecting. It is a shared interest that is crossing normal social bounds.


It’d be good to see more of this in the future, where technology is actually encouraging people to connect more rather than isolate. I’d love to hear your own experiences of the game (and any tips you have for my family ;-)!

Adam Bryant


Middle School

Middle School News

Middle School Awards

On Thursday 21st July, Ringwood Secondary College proudly presented middle school students their academic awards for high distinction at the annual Middle School Awards afternoon.

It was great to see so many students get recognised for their hard work. The occasion was attended by a packed hall of proud families who were delighted by their students success and also by the music of the Intermediate Stage Band.

The ensuing afternoon tea was full of great vibes as the room celebrated the achievement of the outstanding middle school students.

Congratulations to all.


Michael Kent

Acting Head of Middle School

Early Entry VCE studies for Year 10 students in 2017

Year 10 students wishing to undertake an early entry VCE subject in 2017 were required to complete an Expression of Interest form by Friday 22nd July. 


Subject Selection Parent Information Evenings

Parent information sessions are being held at the College for those who wish to find out more about the process of choosing subjects for 2017. These will be held as follows:


Year 9 in 2017

Monday 1st August, RTF, 7pm for parents of students in 8A-8E

Tuesday 2nd August, RTF, 7pm for parents of students in 8F-8J


Year 10 in 2017 Subject Selections

Year 9 students will meet with the Middle School coordinators next Wednesday 27th of July to receive final course counselling and make their subject selections for 2017 as follows:


9A – 8.50am                           9F – 11.50am

9B – 9.20am                           9G – 12.20pm

9C – 9.50am                           9H – 2.00pm

9D – 10.20am                         9I – 2.20pm

9E – 10.50am                         9J – 2.50pm


Please know that students should already have consulted the Middle School handbook and discussed their choices with their parent/s prior to this appointment. The handbook can be downloaded from the RSC website: (click on the ‘Our College’ tab, ‘Middle School’ and the 2017 MIDDLE SCHOOL HANDOOK link).



Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 students undertook their Work Experience placements during the last week of Term Two. We received numerous positive reports from employers and RSC staff who visited them at their work places. Sarah Foulds had this to say about her experience:


I worked at IDP education in the city, a company that run IELTS testing across the globe. I learnt a lot to do with reception work like preparing tax invoices and ordering couriers. I got to work with the manager of operations, and the marketing team. i adored it and met some very humble and amazing people.

Sarah Foulds, 10D


Keith Hollingsworth Scholarship

We are delighted to congratulate Lachlan Griffiths and Lily Hualango in Year 10 who were selected as this year’s Keith Hollingsworth Scholarship recipients. Representatives from the Freemason Maroondah Daylight Lodge came to the college last week to award Lachlan and Lily with their prize. This annual scholarship recognises the hard work and perseverance of Ringwood Secondary College students, rewarding them with a $500 scholarship to assist with their educational costs. It is named in honour of Keith Hollingsworth, who had an extensive involvement in education in the Ringwood area. His granddaughter Roxanne Funston was a very successful student at Ringwood Secondary College and we are very grateful for the continued support of our students.


InterGREAT News

Term Three – Self in the Global Community

Term Three in InterGREAT shifts its focus from the local community to the global community. Last Tuesday Year 9 students enjoyed a presentation from motivational speaker Martin Heppell about gratitude. Students will now embark on a group project investigating a global issue of their choosing with the goal of developing an awareness campaign.


City Experience

In week 9 of this term all Year 9 students will spend five days exploring the city of Melbourne as part of their City Experience program. Sights will include the Shrine of Remembrance, Eureka Tower, Etihad Stadium, Melbourne Star, Scienceworks, Melbourne Museum and the Big Issue.


A parent information evening will be held on Wednesday 24th August at 7pm. Details will follow in the next newsletter and further information will appear on Compass next month.


Kim Watkins

Middle School Coordinator


Magic Moments Student Summit

On Friday 1st July, we attended a 5 day Leadership and Business Summit run by the Magic Moments Foundation in Sydney.

Amongst a large number of other youth sponsored generously by Bendigo Bank,

we heard from a range of inspirational and experienced speakers from around the world that shared life skills and their own experience on how to achieve success, and find the greatness within yourself.

We built leadership and team working skills, that we can continue on using, as well as the opportunity to start a business, Bizsocial, with our team to help small businesses to connect through social media.


We participated in personal development activities, that allowed us to grow, and learn more about ourselves and to use that in real world situations to help change the world. We also got to make heaps of new friends, that we can call a family and where we can support and care for each other. 


This was one of the few life changing experiences that we will get to experience, and we learnt so much, did so much and grew so much. It was so incredible that we got the opportunity through Bendigo Bank in Ringwood to attend such an amazing experience.


Bec Hall, Priya Manders and

Henry Heather


Nepal News

News from Nepal

A huge thank you to the parents and students who donated to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal last year. Ringwood Secondary College has chosen to help the school that we trek to in the Helambu District in Nepal.

Last year Ringwood Secondary College raised money to help Shree Lokil Primary School in Nepal. This school was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake, as were many of the homes of the students that attend the school.


During the Easter Holidays of 2015 a number of our students and parents trekked the Langtang Valley Trail and then helped with the construction of a new building for the school. The building was incomplete when the quake hit, the roof of the new building was to be constructed on that day. Some sections of the sidewalls fell down and were temporarily fixed with corrugated steel.

I went up to the school during April this year to find out what the school needed the most. This was to make sure the money raised would be spent on what they needed the most. Their number one need was for the students to have access to water. The closest water source was just over 400 metres away. The next priority was to complete the new building. Their old building has been badly damaged and cannot be repaired.

The money has been transferred to the school and the work is currently underway.

We currently have a group of parents and students who are going to Nepal for the First Term Holidays of 2017. There are a couple of spaces available for this trip.


The trip is open to students, past students, parents, fit grandparents and staff


The trip will include the following activities:

  • We will be site seeing in the Kathmandu Valley, seeing medieval buildings and other interesting and historical sites.
  • Trekking the Tamang Heritage Trail, getting up close to some of the mountains of the Himalaya.
  • Spending 2 days helping at a remote underprivileged school.
  • Shopping in the suburb of Thamel in Kathmandu.
  • Flying with Thai Airlines.
  • Helping with some fundraising for Shree Lokil Primary School


The cost of the trip is $4580.00 per person.

This includes :

14 breakfasts, 11 lunches, 10 dinners including all meals on trek, international flights ex Melbourne including fuel and tax
airport transfers
, expert bilingual guide and group medical kit, good quality accommodation in Kathmandu, 
use of a World Expeditions trek pack which includes a quality sleeping bag, down or fibre fill jacket and insulated mat (valued at over US$500). A 
souvenir World Expeditions kit bag, 
all park entrance fees and trekking permits, 
porters to carry all personal and group equipment and porters insurance, sightseeing and sight entrance fees in Kathmandu, 
accommodation in our fully serviced wilderness campsites.

For further information please email;

Mrs C. Ross:  [email protected]

Mrs S. Miriklis:  [email protected]

Mr D. Godfrey:   [email protected]




Busy Few Weeks

The last few weeks, including the school holidays, have saw an amazing amount of work taking place at the College.

The Junior School Building Project is well and truly underway and the full school community is enjoying the daily spectacle of earthmoving machines.  In addition, many other projects have recently been completed as listed below.


We have an upcoming Working Bee on Saturday 30th July, 9am-11am, and the Facilities Committee invites all parents and students. 


Here is a brief summary of works undertaken recently at the College

  • Girls’ changerooms-new floor coating, wall painting and change cubicles installed
  • Oval tiers-bottom level replaced with concrete sleepers
  • Power supply to the main hall increased
  • New furniture in 802 and 803
  • New pump for running recycled water through toilets
  • Servicing of Air Conditioners 
  • Repairs to wood and metal machines
  • Assistance with Vegie garden construction
  • Solar-first stage commissioned
  • Internal signs-redone in most areas
  • Umbrellas for staff!
  • Lockers-moved and students re-allocated



OH & S

  • All fire extinguishers checked and serviced
  • Internal traffic signage improved 
  • Lighting bars in front section of hall –removing all unsafe extension leads


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager



On Tuesday the 14th of June, over 50 Ringwood students competed in the Eastern Region Cross Country Championships at Yarra Glen race course. The commitment of the students involved was very impressive, as the competition was scheduled on the school correction date, when students would not normally be required to attend.


All competitors performed extremely well, resulting in some fantastic achievements throughout the day, with 8 students finishing in the top 10 of their races and two teams claiming gold medals in the team competition. The 15 students listed below, will now progress onto State Championships.


20 Boys

Finley Brown 5th


16 Girls

Sophie Caldwell 4th


15  Girls

Tess Patterson 6th

Ibe Ali 8th


15 Boys

Harry Norman 8th


14 Girls team:

Caitlin Dellow 3rd

Jasmin Hass 5th

Rhian Lumsden 24th

Jasmine Lacy 26th

Tarni Cavanagh 28th


13 Girls team:

Olivia Henry 4th

Keeley Sherar 6th

Scarlett Cuthbert 24th

Tiarna Byrnes  44th

Matilda Wilson 54th


The following students placed in the top 25 places in their races, out of a field of up to 100 students.


Amber Shearn 11th

Jonathan Murphey 18th

Isaac Parlas 21st

Declan Lamb 28th

Maddison Lacy 16th

Sam Middlemast 26th

Nick Day 23rd


The 15 Girls team of Amber Shearn, Tess Patterson, Ibe Ali and Taylor McCall finished second in the team event and narrowly missed qualifying for the state finals. The 16 Girls team of Ciara Lumsden, Madeline Gough, Rebecca Battersby, Sarah Snary and Sophie Caldwell also ran very well, finishing 3rd overall.


On Thursday the 14th of July a team of 13 runners competed at Bundoora Park in the State Cross Country finals. All competitors performed extremely well in the first week back from the school holidays.

Our first competitors of the day were our 13 Girls team, who ran well and placed 7th as a team. The individual results of the team members were Olivia Henry (36), Keeley Sherar (73), Scarlett Cuthbert (76), Tiarna Byrnes (89) and Matilda Wilson (78).


The next term to hit the course was the 14 year girls with Caitlin Dellow (18), Jasmin Hass (28), Jasmine Lacy (73), Rhian Lumsden (77) and Tarni Cavanagh (80) contributing to a team finish of 3rd.


The 15 Girls race featured two Ringwood students, Tess Patterson and Ibtesam Ali, who competed in a strong field of over 80 students. Ibtesam finished in 54th position, while Tess was able to claim a top 20 finish, finishing in 16th place.


Our final runner for the day was Harry Norman, competing in the 15 Boys 3km race. Harry was able to run a very good race, finishing in 35th position.


Congratulations again to all of our competitors, who all acquitted themselves exceptionally well, in what were high quality races.



Monday 25th  – Junior, Intermediate, Senior Boys Eastern Region Netball finals

Tuesday 26th  - Year 7 Boys, Senior Boys Eastern Region Football finals

Wednesday 27th – Year 8 Girls Soccer Eastern Region Finals

Thursday 28th – Senior Boys Basketball Eastern Region finals

Friday 29th – Intermediate Boys Badminton, Senior Boys & Girls Table tennis Eastern Region finals



Monday 1st – Senior Boys Hockey Eastern Region final

Tuesday 2nd – Year 7 Boys and Girls Soccer Eastern Region final

Wednesday 3rd – Year 7 and 8 Girls Netball Eastern Region final

Friday 5th  - Intermediate Girls Netball Eastern Region final

Monday 8th – Senior Girls Hockey Eastern Region final

Thursday 11th – Intermediate Winter 2 Round Robin – Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey

Friday 12th  - Year 7 Boys Badminton Eastern Region final

Friday 19th – Year 8 Boys Badminton Eastern Region final



Friday 2nd – Year 8 Winter 2 Round Robin – Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey

Tuesday 6th – Year 7 Winter 2 Round Robin - Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey

Friday 9th – Maroondah Division Athletics Carnival



Kyle Simkin

Director of Sports




Thank you to all stage band musicians who attended day camps, just prior to the beginning of term, in preparation for Victorian Schools Music Festival (VSMF) and Royal South Street Competitions , Ballarat.


We are about to commence Victorian School Music Festival with Junior Concert Band next week and wish them all the best.


Any families who still wish to purchase an Entertainment Book from our Music Association please complete attached order form and return to the General Office as soon as possible.


It is a very busy term for Music. Please put the following dates in your diary. Victorian Schools Music Festival Events are already up on Compass and Royal South Street Events will be published soon.


Term 3 Dates:

Monday 27 July

VSMF JCB 7.30 – 9.45pm Hawthorn Arts Centre


Thursday 28 July 

TSB Master Class  with Bob Sedergreen


Monday 8 August

VSMF JC  11.15 am – 4pm, SC 7.30- 10.15pm, Hawthorn Arts Centre


Monday 15 August

ISB &SSB Master Class with John Morrison


Tuesday 16 August 

VSMF ICB 7.40 – 10pm Deakin Edge


Wednesday 17 August

VSMF SB 6.10- 9.45pm Deakin Edge


Monday 22 August

Royal South Street JC & SC, Ballarat

Band Tour Auditions ( those in choir audition date TBC)


Tuesday 23 August

VSMF ISB 6.20-9.15pm Australian Institute of Music


Wednesday 24 August

VSMF SSB 7.30-10.30pm Australian Institute of Music


Thursday 25 August

Almost Spring Concert 7.30- 10pm (concert bands, symphony orchestra and strings orchestras)


Friday 26 August 

VSMF TSB 8am – 2pm Australian Institute of Music

VSMF JSB  11am- 5pm Australian Institute of Music

Royal South Street  SO , Ballarat


Saturday 27 August

Royal South Street TS, IS & SS, Ballarat


Monday 29 August 

Royal South Street TB , JCB  & Jazz Combo, Ballarat


Wednesday 31 August

Royal South Street, TSB & JSB, Ballarat


Thursday 1 September

Royal South Street ICB, Ballarat


Friday 2 September

Royal South Street ISB & SSB, Ballarat


Saturday 3 September

Royal South Street SB, Ballarat


Thursday 15 September

Gala Concert 7.30pm Yarra Valley Grammar


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music



Career News

Attention Year 9- 11 students-

Box Hill’s 2017 VET in Schools program has been confirmed and the VETiS Handbook has just been loaded onto their website.   Please visit:

Box Hill 2017 VET in Schools (VETis) applications are now open:


Applications will close on November 1, 2016.

Make sure you get in quick and provide a copy of your application to the RSC careers staff.


Maroondah Careers Expo

Most institutions will be present on the night and students will be able to ask specific questions about courses. For students who have not visited any universities/ TAFEs , it is imperative to attend.


Where: Box Hill Institute, Lilydale Lakeside Campus

When: Tuesday 2nd August 4.00 to 8.00pm


Yr 10 to VCE Course Selection Interviews

We were pleased with the attendance at the VCE/VCAL Parent Evening on the 14 July, as this began the transition program for Year 10 to VCE.  Students have been given an overview of course selection processes, VCE ,VCAL and VET programs. It is important that students explore subject options to ensure that they are meeting the prerequisites for courses they hope to pursue. We remind students of the importance of submitting VCAL/VCE/VET applications on time and attending their scheduled interview.  Interviews for year 10 students begin next Wednesday , at the interview students are required to submit the VCE Planning form which must be signed by parents.


The following websites provide a wealth of information to enable students to explore their options.

Year 12 students need to keep the following dates in mind as the term progresses.


Important Dates 

1 August                                         

VTAC Timely Applications Open


29 September 5.00pm            

La Trobe Aspire Applications close


29 September 5.00pm

VTAC Applications close


29 October 5.00 pm

Personal Statement closes


4 October 5.00pm

SEAS Close


14 October 5.00pm

Scholarship applications close


18 January 2017

First round offers released


Check the application and supplementary forms dates closely as some courses close early: eg Fine Arts (Dance, Film and Television, Animation, Screen Writing)  University of Melbourne)       


Year 12

  • VTAC APPLICATIONS –Applications for university, private providers and VET   
opened on Monday 1 August through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre. Each year 12 student will be interviewed to assist with the process. We expect that students will have their courses submitted on VTAC by week 8 of this term. Timely applications close on 29 Sept. After that the application fee rises from $32 to $100. You can apply for up to 8 courses, placing them in the order you most want them. You will receive an offer in January for the highest course in your list for which you meet the requirements (eg ATAR). Make sure you check out prerequisites and the selection criteria for all courses for which you are applying.

Careers Information Night

Maroondah Careers Group



Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders UR Retreat for Young Women, is coming into its tenth year with over 450 young women already impacted by this long standing program, we look forward to the next 50 young women to have an opportunity to start their journey with the very unique camp experience. With the term three kicking off, we will begin our annual campaign to find 50 young women to fill these spots on camp in the start of term three school holidays.


Creativity  - Thinking of novel and productive ways to conceptualise and do things; includes artistic achievement but is not limited to it.


Classification of Strengths - 

1. Wisdom and Knowledge: 

creativitycuriosityjudgmentlove of learningperspective


2. Courage: 



3. Humanity:

 lovekindnesssocial intelligence


4. Justice: 



5. Temperance: 



6. Transcendence: 

appreciation of beauty and excellence



Learn Your Character Strengths.

The VIA Survey of Character Strengths is a simple self-assessment that takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand your core characteristics. 


Charlie Hetherington

Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator 

Upcoming Events

Gender Acceptance Group

Music Event - Out for the Weekend



Scout Fundraiser Night

3rd Croydon Scouts are putting on a Fund Raiser Night .

 Family & Friends are all welcome .

A cheap fun night .


We hoping to raise funds to redo our Scout Hall .


Kim Atkinson

3rd Croydon Scouts - Fund Raising

Local Photography Competition

Heathmont Uniting Church Community Lifestyle Centre is conducting a local photographic competition. It is open to all ages  with first and second place school-age prizes of $30.00 and $20.00.


The subject matter is the FJC Rogers Reserve in Campbell Street near the station, and the photos may be of the plabt-life, birds, or people in the Reserve. Entry forms are in our term 3 booklet, phone 0437 758 281 oe email [email protected]


Take a snap - someone has to win!


Gerry Robinson

The Basin Girls Football Club


RSC News
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UR Retreat 2016 Participant Pack.pdf
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