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05 October 2016
Issue Sixteen
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Upcoming Events &  Principal's Report 

Dates to Remember


Thursday 6th   Yr 6 Braeside Bike Ride

Tuesday 11th  'Moving Up' Program - Yr 6

                               Education Sub Committee

Thursday 13th  Student Banking Resumes

                                    Level 2 Soiree               

Friday 14th   Yr 3 Learning By Doing Incursion

Tuesday 18th   'Moving Up' Program - Yr 6

Wednesday 19th Yr2 Scienceworks Excursion

Friday 21st     Yr 4 Hands on Science Incursion

Tuesday 25th      Yr4 Camp Info Night 6pm

Wednesday 26th   Prep Soiree TBC

Monday 31st  Curriculum Day - NO SCHOOL



Tuesday 1st   Public Holiday  -  NO SCHOOL

Thursday 3rd          Whole School Photo Day

Monday 7th             Yr 4 Camp Depart

Tuesday 8th           Education Sub Cmmittee      Wednesday 9th      Yr 4 Camp Return

Thursday 17th     Headlice Checks

Monday 21st  P-Yr 2 Swimming begins TBC

Friday 25th            Twilight Market 5:30pm

Tuesday 29th Yr3 Planetarium/Scienceworks



Wednesday 14th  Yr 6 Graduation Night

Tuesday 20th LAST DAY OF SCHOOL -                                                            1:30pm Dismissal

Curriculum Days 2016

  • Friday 15th July
  • Monday 29th August
  • Monday 31st October

Transition Days for 2017 Preps 

  • Friday  11th November 2016  2:00pm – 3:15pm *An Information Session for parents will be held in the Hall on this day while the children join this year’s Preps and teachers for the activity.
  • Friday 18th November 2016  2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Friday 2nd  December 2016 2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Tuesday 6th December 2016 11:15am – 1:00pm

Public Holidays 2016

  • Tuesday 26th January - Australia Day
  • Monday 14th March - Labour Day
  • Friday 25th March - Good Friday
  • Monday 28th March - Easter Monday
  • Monday 25th April - Anzac Day
  • Monday 13th June - Queens Birthday
  • Friday 30th Spetember - AFL Grand Final Day
  • Tuesday 1st November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Sunday 25th December - Christmas Day

School Council Meetings 2016


  • 19th of October
  • 16th of November
  •  7th of December

2016 Term Dates

Term 1

28th January to 24th March - 2:30pm finish

Term 2

11th April to 24th June - 2:30pm finish

Term 3

11th July to 16th September - 2:30pm finish

Term 4

3rd October to 20th December-1:30pm finish

2017 Term Dates

Term 1

31st January to 31st March - 2:30pm finish

Term 2

18th April to 30th June - 2:30pm finish

Term 3

17th July to 22nd September - 2:30pm finish

Term 4

9th October to 22nd December-1:30pm finish

Principal's Report

Hadyn Collier – Year 5  

Congratulations to Year 5 student, Hadyn Collier, who has achieved great success in the Australian Air League competitions held recently in Ballarat. As leader, Hadyn was very proud of his section as they won the National Trophy for Junior Section Drill (Mixed gender). In addition, Hadyn’s first placed Victorian education display achieved a third place in the national competition. Hadyn’s outstanding leadership and support of his sectional peers is to be commended. Well done!

International Competition and Assessment for Schools – Mathematics University of New South Wales 

All students in Years 3, 4 5 & 6 have recently competed in the ICAS - Mathematics and we are very pleased to acknowledge those students who achieved High Distinctions and Distinction. The certificates for these students will be presented at the assembly next Monday morning.


Year 3 

High Distinction  -  Kevin L

Distinction  -  Siena N, Caelan A, Mair E, Joshua H, Takara S, Zara Z


Year 4

High Distinction  -  Alex Z

Distinction  -  Katherine N, Jason Y, Ewan B


Year 5

High Distinction  -  Clancy W

Distinction  -  Anisha R, Jasmine A, Caitlin L, Liam O’N


Year 6

High Distinction  -  Nicholas J, Philbert Z,  Samuel P, Laura G

Distinction  -  Otto C-M, Ethan H, Jonah R, Thomas T, Jack A, Jennifer H, Joshua L, Rebecca M


Principal’s Award

Nicholas Johnson


Renee Hood - Teacher

We are very pleased to welcome Renee Hood to Ormond Primary School as she takes on a Year 4 class teacher role. Renee replaces Lorraine Bell, who is currently on long service leave.


Twilight Market

Parent volunteers are required in preparation for the Twilight Market to be held on Friday, 25th of November. The event is a Parents & Friends initiative, held every two years, to build on community spirit in support of the school. The support of the wider Ormond parent community is essential for the success of this event.


It’s time to come forward and join the team!

Please complete the attached Volunteer Form and return it to school so that you can be involved in one of the many activities or stalls.


As a student incentive, each week the class with the most new parent volunteers will receive a Gold Ticket which entitles the class to a supervised lunchtime play at Wattle Grove Park. A chance to run and play off site supervised by the Principal and a volunteer teacher!

Enrolments 2017

So far 53 students have been enrolled for Prep in 2017. Please encourage neighbours and friends who intend to enrol their children in any year level at Ormond, but have not yet done so, to contact Brodie promptly.


Planning for 2017

From the start of Term 4 the School Leadership Team will be working on the organization of classes, teacher roles and program budgeting for 2017. This will also involve a comprehensive student transition program during school time.


Curriculum Day

Please note that Monday, 31st of October will be a Curriculum Day when teachers will be involved in student performance data analysis and curriculum planning. This is a student free day.


Education Sub Committee 

The next Education Sub Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th October beginning at 6:30pm.


School Council

The next meeting of School Council will be held on Wednesday 19th of October beginning at 7:00pm.


Glenn Butler


School News

Events now on Compass


Swimming Program

Year 1

Level 2 Soiree

Swimming Program

Year 2


Level 2 Soiree

Swimming Program

Year 3

Learning by Doing

Scienceworks & Planetarium

Year 4

Lady Northcote Camp

Hands on Science 

Year 5

Inter school Sport Term 4

Year 6

Inter school Sport Term 4

Braeside Park Bike Ride

Moving Up Program

Selected Students

Cricket Final


COMPASS Parent Portal


*please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available.

Student Banking

Banking will resume in Term 4 on Thursday 13th October.

Scouts Monster Raffle

Great news! The Scout Association Monster Raffle has raised a total of $2,405.00 for Ormond Primary School. Thank you to the Ormond Community for supported this fundraising initiative. 


The raffle was drawn in September so all the lucky winner should now have been notified. Congratulations if it was anyone from our Ormond Community.

Library News

Scholastic Book Club brochures had been distributed with this week. This will be the last chance to order for 2016 so agreat time to look out for some bargains or great stocking fillers for Christmas. Please place you orders online by visiting scholastic.com.au/LOOP  It is very easy to use and instructions are on the back of the brochure along with other details. If you have any issues please contact Debbie at school on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays. All orders must be placed by Tuesday 11th October for distribution the following week.


Book Week

What an amazing effort everyone put into the Book Week celebrations last term!

Thank you to everyone involved and to all the costume makers, organisers and helpers. It was fantastic to see the variety of characters students came dressed as and a fun and exciting day was had by all. 

Thank you!


Prep News

Last  term the Preps went to the Botanic Gardens  at Cranbourne . It was a wonderful sunny day (luckily)  and we all had a great time The students planted seedlings , saw a wallaby and climbed a look out for a panoramic view of the bay and city. After lots and lots, of walking an extremely tired group of children got on the bus for a sleep and the long drive back to school. A great day out! 


Out of School Hours

After School Hours Activities October 2016

Thursday 6th                Wooden Boomerangs

Friday 7th                      Rain Makers

Monday 10th                Weaving Baskets

Tuesday 11th               Straw pencil holders

Wednesday 12th        Cooking

Thursday 13th             Fridge Magnets

Friday 14th                   Clay creations

Parents & Friends

Father's Day Breakfast

On Friday 9th September, over 325 people enjoyed pancakes in our school hall to celebrate Father’s Day.  The event was again a great success with the kids especially loving being able to eat ice-cream for breakfast! This year the event was coordinated by Grade 2 Class Reps.  Special thanks to all the Grade 2 volunteers, and to Janan Greer, Stephanie Elliot and Fiona Stewart for their amazing efforts!


Twilight Market

Like us on Facebook - Twilight Market 2016


Dads Workshop Working Bee

Sunday 23 October, 9.30am - 12pm

We need volunteers to do some repairs of existing Twilight Market equipment, using very basic carpentry skills.  There are also some painting jobs. A BBQ lunch & refreshments is provided.



Starting now, please start thinking about putting the following Donations aside...


Lucky Jars Stall (like Lucky Dip). 

We need your help to start collecting  empty and filled jars for  the stall.  They will need to be filled with fun items that appeal to children (not junk).  Ideas may include stickers, pencils, jewellery, toys etc.  We then sell the jars for $2 at the market.   There is a box at the front office to drop off jars.


Wine Under Lock and Key

Please start collecting wine, champagne and beer that you may wish to donate to the ‘Wine Under Lock and Key’ raffle prize.  We will advise donation dates closer to the time.


Recycled Clothes/Jewellery/Shoes

Please start putting aside any items of a reasonable quality that you would consider buying yourself.  Donation points and dates will be communicated closer to the date.



Please start collecting second hand books that would be suitable for sale at the market. Donation points and dates will be communicated.


Sponsorship opportunities

If you have, or know of a local business contact,  or Company that might be open to making a donation of product, time or sponsorship money to the school, please let Parents and Friends know .   


Volunteers wanted  

Lots of work  and planning needs to happen prior to the Market night.  If anyone has a couple of spare hours from now and in the weeks leading up to the market we would love to hear from you.   Tasks like sending  donation and sponsors emails out, coordinating Donation day and drop off points, letter box drops, assistance with TM Newsletter and lots more. Please contact us at [email protected]

for assistance or if you are able to help

Community News & Adverts


Global Citizen Awards



Adam C  -  Quality Learning

Adam for having a positive attitude towards his work and remembering to colour in the lines. Well done!  

Adelaide B  -  Quality Learning

Adelaide displays a positive attitude during Literacy tasks and remembers to use her 5 star writing tips to assist her.

Allegra C  -  Quality Learning

Allegra displays a positive attitude during Literacy tasks and remembers to use her 5 star writing tips to assist her.

Winston GC  -  Quality Learning

Always having a positive attitude towards his work and having a fantastic go at sounding out his words during Literacy tasks.

Year 1

Lily W  -  Excellence

An excellent book report on the story of Pippi Longstocking for Book Week. Lily completed her book butterfly in detail giving her story a 4 ½ star rating. Very impressive!

Eric F  -  Excellence

An excellent attitude towards all aspects of his work. He has improved in all domains through focus and hard work. Keep it up!

Morgan N  -  Quality Learning

Morgan is always excited to be challenged in all areas of his learning. He is working hard to make great improvements with his writing. Well done Morgan.

Sam H  -  Quality Learning

Sam has been working hard to improve his writing skills. Well done Sam.

Year 2

Nathan Y  -  Quality Learning

Nathan continuously presents with an excellent attitude towards maths. He continues to challenge himself and always tries his best. Keep it up, Nathan.

Sarah L  -  Quality Learning

Sarah always tries her best in maths and has excelled at counting and calculating money this term. Well done, Sarah

Subira S  -  Quality Learning

Subira continually strives to achieve quality learning through questioning, effort and a consistent positive attitude.

Sasha H  -  Quality Learning

Sasha achieves quality learning outcomes through active listening and a clever application of new knowledge.

Georgia  O’B  -  Quality Learning

Georgia is striving hard to improve her writing. She wrote a detailed recount. Keep up the great work Georgia.

Jakob M  -  Quality Learning

Jakob, for having a positive attitude towards maths. He works very hard to complete tasks and presents his findings to the class.

Year 3

Hugh O’N  -  Q uality Learning

Hugh applies himself to all maths sessions and was particularly impressive with his accurate use of chance language.

Maxwell S  -  Excellence

Max ended term 3 and has begun term 4 with a positive and ‘can do’ attitude toward classroom tasks and school learning.

Georgia M  -  Excellence

Georgia continually strives to achieve her very best in all areas of the curriculum. Her excellent attitude towards challenges is commendable.

Marloe M  -  Persistence

Marloe has shown excellent persistence and dedication with her multiplication facts by moving up a level in Rocket Maths.  

Stuart C  -  Tolerance

Stuart shows tolerance by always helping his peers and assisting his classmates when they are having technological difficulties.  

Takara S  -  Persistence

Takara has shown persistence in all areas of her learning including Rocket Maths, spelling and all of her classwork. She should be commended on producing a fantastic Olympic Project on Volleyball.

Year 4

Elliot L  -  Excellence

Elliot strives for himself and his class members to be their very best by encouraging organisation and responsible behaviour.  

Andy W  -  Quality Learning

Andy displays a positive approach to his learning by working cooperatively and independently.

Charlie G  -  Quality learning

Charlie always approaches new learning with a positive attitude. She asks well considered questions and collaborates with her peers to expand ideas and develop skills. Well done!

Will E  -  Persistance

Will is engaged in class and committed to improving his skills. He persists with challenges in Maths by revisiting tasks from different angles to help find solutions. Well done Will!

Year 5

Phillip P  -  Excellence

Phillip is to be congratulated for his amazing result in the UNSW English test receiving a High Distinction and the Principal's Award. Well done!

Nathan T  -  Tolerance

Nathan displays a high level of persistence and tolerance when helping Mrs Hall-Shulman with any computer issues.Much appreciated!

Arden B  -  Quality Learning

Arden commits her best to all areas of learning. She is quick to engage, sets her goals and focuses on completing tasks to a standard she can be proud of.

Jed M  -  Quality Learning

Jed is a positive learner who is open to challenges and is committed to producing quality work.

Year 6

Dee Dee E  -  Excellence

For always giving 100% effort when working and achieving excellent results across the curriculum.

Oscar L  -  Respect

For always treating his peers and teachers with consideration and courtesy.

Madeleine M  -  Quality Learning

Madi excelled in energetically acquiring knowledge through investigation and utilising her critical and strategic thinking in the Year 6 debating finals.

Kate B  -  Quality Learning

Kate maximised the opportunities offered her during the Year 6 debating program to gain knowledge, skills and develop her critical and strategic thinking.

Darcy S  -  Quality Learning

Darcy gained knowledge through educational experiences in Debating by accepting constructive feedback and using it to improve himself in the very next debate.

Emilia M  -  Respect

Emilia consistently leads the way in showing respect for self and others in the classroom and out in the playground.


Noah S  -  4A  -Persistence

For consistently striving to improve his ‘personal best’.

Tara A  -  2B  -  Persistence

For persevering and finding a solution to the problem with which she was having difficulty.

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