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02 September 2016
Issue Thirteen
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Principal's Report

 From The Principal

The Presentation Ball held last Friday evening was a very successful night.  Our couples were presented in front of their families and friends.  Everyone had a most enjoyable time and the participants did an outstanding job performing the dances that they have learned.  Thanks to Sally Ross and Natasha Tzilantonis, ably supported by other staff and parents, for their hard work in preparation for the ball.


Our fundraising committee has been extremely busy again, organising a range of events for Fathers’ Day, including our Fathers’ day stall, raffle and our highly successful Fathers’ Day breakfast.   Particular thanks must go to Michelle Coxhill, Ann Copley, Sally Ryan, Cheree Ellis, Caroline Sykalios and other parent helpers who have worked tirelessly to organise these events.  Thank you also to students Aw Le Ya Paw, Sandra Obana, Nathan Pimentel and Nathaniel Maea for assisting with the breakfast.


Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 are currently involved in the process of selecting courses for next year. We are entering the third year of our successful V3 program, which sees all of our senior students study their VCE over 3 years.   Thank you to the parents of Year 9 & 10 students who attended interviews with their sons and daughters this week.  Working in partnership helps ensure that students make informed decisions about their choices for the future.


Last night, Year 9 students ran their Community Leadership Celebration event.  Year 9 students have been developing their leadership skills, working in partnership with the Salvation Army over the last 7 weeks, as part of our English program.  We can be very proud of the maturity the students have displayed during this program.


Parent-teacher- student interviews will be held on Thursday September 8th, from 3.30 p.m. (Primary), 4.00 p.m. (Secondary) p.m. until 8.00 p.m.   Students in Years 3 to 12 are expected to attend interviews with their parents.  Appointments need to be made using our online system, “Compass”, via our parent portal which can be accessed through our website.   Please contact the office if you require help with this process.  School will commence at 10.00 a.m. on Friday September 9th, following parent teacher night.


I will be on long service leave for a week from September 12th to September 16th.  Sheila Horn will be acting Principal during my absence.


Term 3 ends on Friday September 16th.  Students will be dismissed at 2.30 p.m.



Bronwyn Hamilton

P-12 News

2016 Presentation Ball

Last Friday night the college held its annual Presentation Ball.

Our couples looked amazing and were presented in front of their families and friends. 

Thanks to Sally Ross and Natasha Tzilantonis, supported by a number of other staff and parents, for their hard work in preparation for the ball.


Art & Technology Show 2016


State School Spectacular


Secondary News


On Friday the 26th of August, several Carwatha students were invited to attend ‘LGBTIQ Ambassadors Training’, an event run by an organisation called Unite Alliance. Unite Alliance helps young people feel comfortable with who they are and teaches people around them to feel the same way.


At the event we learnt how to address those who are transgender, how to support those who have come out and understood the differences between gender, sexuality, expression and orientation.


The main point of the day was to encourage students to raise awareness for the LGBTIQ community around schools. We learnt we could be supportive through proper use of pronouns, showing acceptance and being understanding. Their message of equality inspired us as student representatives to help create a safe place at our school where students can feel that they belong. We are planning lunch time activities to support the students at our school who feel that they cannot express themselves in the way they want to. We encourage you to participate and support us as we strive to make Carwatha College P-12 a proud supporter of the LGBTIQ community.


Ema, Angel & Jacinta.


Primary News

Primary Science Fair

On Thursday 18th August students from Prep to grade 6 participated in the Primary Science Fair. Students either completed experiments or investigations, which they worked on at home, and then created a report to share what they discovered with the school community. Some students found out about what floats and what sinks, the Solar System, circuits, refraction, alternative energy sources, natural disasters, water pressure, illnesses, density of liquids, water tension and the impact of acid on calcium, just to name some. Students spent the morning visiting other classrooms and after lunch opened their own classrooms for parents and secondary classes to visit. It was another fabulous Science Fair and students (and their parents) are congratulated on the effort they made to present and talk about their projects.


Mrs Elias



Primary Art

Grade 5E have been busy stitching a radial design. They needed to design a pattern that included two lines of radial symmetry. The students learnt how to create a cross stitch, satin stitch and running stitch. Outstanding stitching was created by Alisa, Zaki, Yasmin, Kymook, Riley, Manea and Vrudhi.

Christine McAleer

Primary Art Teacher

From the Library

The theme for the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards 2016 is Australia: Story Country.


We have celebrated this in the library by offering a variety of crafts over the last few weeks based on the short listed entries.  This craft is on display in the library.

During the week we also offered the students a quiz and a colouring competition.


The winner of the quiz is Nilu Perera 4S


The winners of the colouring competition are: Din Karupovic 1N, Thu Doan 4S and Non Chawee 7A


Each received a $5.00 canteen voucher.

Mrs Wood and Mrs Sal

Careers News

Career News.....

This week we have had Years 9, 10 and 11 students submitting their course applications for next year’s study. Choosing subjects involves considering future career ideas and looking at strengths and interests. Moving forward it’s important to focus on being organised, giving best effort possible and having a balance between school and rest!



Timely applications through VTAC

   Thursday 29 September,      2016

SEAS applications close                

    Tuesday 4 October, 2016

Scholarships through VTAC         close

    Friday 14 October 2016


Students applying for courses that have extra requirements (i.e. submitting a folio, a pre-selection kit, arranging an interview, etc.) are reminded that failure to meet the deadline date for these means students may no longer be eligible for selection into their desired course. Look under extra requirements on your course information page on VTAC.


Students eligible to apply for SEAS are also reminded that they cannot apply for SEAS until they have made their VTAC application, so putting their VTAC application in soon is vital to allow enough time for you to collect all the information you need for your SEAS and Scholarship applications. 


The VTAC website is  


Apprenticeship Information

An apprenticeship or traineeship is a training contract between an employer and an employee in which the apprentice or trainee learns the skills needed for a particular occupation or trade.


An apprenticeship or traineeship can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis and can be used as a valuable stepping stone to start a career in an industry you want to work in.   We encourage students who are keen to explore apprenticeships to look into a group employer eg MEGT or Sarina Russo to provide further job security.

There are more than 500 occupations offering apprenticeships or traineeships – in traditional areas as well as a diverse range of emerging careers.

Why undertake an Australian Apprenticeship?

You get paid as you work and you gain “Hands on” experience. This is a real alternative to tertiary study

Creates a pathway - Cert  II to Advanced Diploma. The training you receive is relevant to the industry

And is a Nationally Recognized Qualification!


How long does it take to complete an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships used to take up to around four years, depending on the occupation or industry. These days, apprenticeships are ‘competency based’, which means that you can complete your apprenticeship early when you reach the required level of skill.   However, licensed trades – electrical, floristry, plumbing and building – are not yet ‘competency based’ and still require you to be an apprentice for four years in order to obtain registration in that trade. 

Visit Australian Apprenticeships to find out more! Or come into the Careers centre


Congratulations to the students who participated in the GoforIT work experience program last week at Tata Consultancy Services in St Kilda. Dasuni, Nichelle and Nikoleta, all of Year 10, had a fabulous experience. Nichelle was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some time with the Tata Consultancy CIO (Chief Information Officer) and hear about her world of work and career pathway to date. 


A reminder to all Year 10’s that have not found a work experience location and completed their work experience forms that you need to get this done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Work experience runs from Monday 5th- Friday 9th December.


We are always looking out for opportunities to promote to our students which will engage them in a variety of experiences about the world of work. Attached is a news article from The Age and a write up from Year 12 student Jun Min on his recent trip to RMIT. We are very proud of you, Jun Min, for grabbing the opportunity and having such fun in doing so!

" I was a bit overwhelmed to find out that I had been selected as one of only five secondary students, state wide, to be selected to attend Takahiro “Goldy” Sakai's cosplay workshop,  at Brunswick RMIT campus.  All I did to be accepted was write a 300 word essay on why I would like to participate.


Goldy is a famous cosplayer and judge from Japan. He has been making cosplay outfits for 20 years; some took him over 8 months to complete! The lecture he gave was very interesting and beneficial for me.  He motivated us to take part in the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) which is an annual international cosplay event that promotes friendly international exchange in Aichi, Japan. He gave us an understanding of WCS which is something that I would like to experience and represent Australia at this summit.  He gave us  an insight into how people cosplay in Japan.


The highlight of Goldy's speech was, "I see cosplay as a means of communication. As far as I am concerned it's just a great way to meet and make friends with people." This quote really inspired me and keeps me motivated in cosplaying, because interacting with others with shared interests is a great way to meet new friends and I really enjoyed myself.


Special thanks to The Pathways Team for the considering me and giving me a chance to participate in this fantastic experience."


Jun Min


Photography by Justin McManus


Link to article from the Age -




Jodie McCarthy

Parents & Friends News

Fathers' Day Breakfast

The breakfast was a huge success! Many fathers attended with their families.

Thank you to all the volunteers, staff, parents and students.


Fathers' Day Raffle

2016 Fathers' Day Raffle

Tickets 50 cents each

Drawn on Friday 2/9/2016


For more tickets, please contact the office


 Prizes: Hampers, vouchers and lots of assorted gifts

Breakfast Program


Upcoming Events


Friday 2nd                Fathers' Day Stall

Tuesday 6th             Multicultural Assembly

Thursday 8th           Parent Teacher Conferences

Saturday 10th         Victorian State Schools Spectacular (Hisense Arena)

Thurday 15th           Variety Night

Friday 16th               Last day of term 3


Monday 3rd              1st day term 4

Tuesday 11th           Casual dress day

Wednesday 12th    College Art and Technology Show

Wednesday 26th    Prep Transition


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2016 Fee Sheets


2016 Book List


CSEF form


Centrepay form


Ipad Program


Canteen Price List


Anaphylaxis Management Plan


Asthma Management Plan


Primary Mobile Phone Agreement


Community News

Heritage Preschool Celebrates....




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