16 August 2018
Issue 39:24  16th August 2018
pharaoh vs God
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pharaoh vs God

Maybe you have heard the story of Pharaoh and the ten plagues in Egypt, or perhaps you have watched the Disney movie "Prince of Egypt".


At that time, Pharaoh was perhaps the most powerful person in the world. He was the Egyptian god's representative on earth. He had advisors, administrators and magicians of the mystic arts at his beck and call. He had a powerful military and a strong economy.


But when he enslaved God’s people - the Israelites, he found himself fighting against the Lord. Pharaoh discovered that there is no point fighting against God you will always fail.


On the other hand if our mighty God stands by your side you have nothing to fear.


Pastor Joel Cramer

many thanks

Good Shepherd Wine and Cheese Night 2018

Wow, what a night!

Many thanks to this outstanding community for supporting our major fundraiser.  It was an absolute celebration of our community and a night of night’s.  

A big "thank you" is extended to:

  • The 91 people who attended the sensational night.
  • All those from our community who donated items for the raffle or auction (see the list below).  Please support these businesses who supported our major fundraiser.
  • The hardworking committee for many hours of planning, setting and cleaning up - Lucinda Munro, Cathy Ramsay, Kazzira Paxtyn, Natalie Gschwandtner, Ash Schmidt and Matt Schmidt.
  • Those who purchased a raffle ticket/s.
  • Those who purchased a wine wall bottle.
  • Winning bidders from our generous major auction and auctioneer/coordinator Matt Schmidt.
  • Others who worked on the bar or helped with clean up on the night or the next day - especially Mr Wilksch.
  • The front office staff who were busy selling tickets for the night, raffle tickets and wine wall bottles prior to the event, and making paywave available.


Thanks to those involved in creating such an amazing community event, and raising over $5,500 to go towards the immediate upgrade of our exciting outdoor learning spaces.  We value your support.


But wait ... there's more!

Soon we will release another way in which we can grow the funds raised, through the sale of some quality wine and drinks.

Stay tuned for details.


If you missed out on this event this year, make sure you can get behind the event next year!

Thanks to our Sponsors / Helpers


The Wine and Cheese night planning team

positive education

‘The Strength Switch’ by Dr Lea Waters

Strength-Based Parenting


The Strength Switch challenges us as parents to look at how we’re super-good at seeing what our children do wrong and jumping onto the negativity train. We have four negative defaults that are wired into our brains.

  • Selective attention [actively attending on something to the exclusion of much else] 
  • Negative bias [programmed to see what’s wrong, what’s right] 
  • Projection [not see weaknesses in ourselves, blame shifting, subconsciously displace our weaknesses onto others] 
  • Binary thinking when we place our children into categories. We think our kids either have strengths or they don’t.

Whereas a strength sits along a continuum from high to low, so a strength may be present AND growable.


This is the strength switch!  An excellent resource for your strength-based parenting, which can help your child and teen to flourish.  We have copies available of this book in the parent library. If you do not have a library card, please see Karen or Wendy to find out how to borrow.


The Positive Education team

parent information

Returning in 2019?

 An email has been sent to all families with the link to a short survey seeking an indication as to whether you will be returning next year.

If you haven't already done so, please respond as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Connected Worship

Parents are invited to attend the Connected Schools Worship service at Endeavour College on Friday, 17 August, arriving at 10:00 am for a 10:15 start. We expect the service to go to 11:00 followed by morning tea. There will also be an opportunity to go on a tour of the College with the Endeavour College Captains.

Daffodils for Maranatha

Mrs Verrall has kindly donated daffodils and jonquils from their family garden which are available in the front office from Monday.  For a donation of $2.00 per bunch, you can brighten someone's day with a floral gift.  Proceeds to Maranatha Health.

Next Week is Science Week

Science Week is nearly here and students will have the opportunity to participate in activities around the Science Theme of Game Changers and Change makers.  Some classes will focus on ‘Change and Effect.’


Stage 1 & 2:  During the week, students will engage in rotational activities.  An incursion around ‘Bubbles’ will happen in the gymnasium after Chapel on Friday morning.


Stage 3 & 4:  During the week classes will engage in rotational activities.

An incursion around Forensic science will take place on Wednesday in the gym.


Father's Day Gift Stall

A Father's Day market will be available to students on Wednesday and Thursday, 29th and 30th August.  Gifts range from $2.00 to $6.00.  If you would like your child to make a purchase, please provide them with money on the day, or for younger children, in a named envelope and handed to their teacher.

Emily's Cards

Emily from Stage 4 has personally made a variety of  greeting cards which are available for purchase from the front office.   Your purchase of these cards will support Maranatha Health.

Supporting Learning Support

We are putting a call out to any one in our school community that can lend some time to support one of our literacy programs at Good Shepherd called MULTILIT.  We are fairly flexible as to when the support could be provided.

If you are interested, please contact Sue Otto at school, in person or  email her on [email protected].   Full training will be provided.

School Banking

A reminder to parents that LLL school banking is available every Thursday during the school term.  If you would like to open a savings account for your child, please see office staff.

Uniform Shop

In 2018 the uniform shop will be open the following times:

Monday:        Closed

Tuesday:       1.30pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday: 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Thursday:     1.30pm to 3.30pm

Friday:            8.15am to 9.15am


Email orders and enquiries are also welcome, [ click here ] with goods being held at the office until payment is made.


The canteen is open for business each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Lunch order bags are available from classrooms.

Soup for next week will be chicken noodle.


Volunteer Roster:

Wednesday 22 August

L Wake-Dyster / M Chavda / H Kaur

Thursday 23 August

S Hulme / S Bradshaw

Friday 24 August

V Fieldhouse / S Anthony / E McElroy / K Paxtyn

Kids Commando Course



Sport Fees Due

Netball and Basketball fees for Term 3 are now overdue

EFTPOS facilities are not available for these payments. 

Please send cash to the office in a marked envelope.  Thank you.

Netball $80.00

Basketball $55.00

Netball Results

U9  GS Champs

This week the Champs welcomed Jessie to the team, and what a first game to enjoy!  A few minutes into the game and you all found your rhythm, with the quick passes continuing down the court. With some strong defending from the Kings Sapphires, your skills were tested and you shone through!

We can see how you continue to grow and develop, and it's always nice to receive these compliments from the Opposition's Coach - you not only impressed us on Monday night, but also the Sapphires!

Well done to all the girls, with special mention this week to goal scorers Lilly, Jess and Lucy.

Go Champs!

Karen Bloffwitch (Team Manager)

U11 GS Tiger Bolts

What an amazing game. The Tiger Bolts played their best against the OLOH Magic, even though we were short a player for the whole game. The passes were fast and the plays were great. We won 18 - 1. Well done to everyone on court!

Jo Holland (Team Manager)

Basketball Results

U8  GS Thunder

Well played by all the boys. They fought really hard and really worked well as a team. It was close for the whole game, but we didn’t quite get there and lost by 2. Great game boys! Score 8-10. Scorers: Lucas 4pts, Fyn and Thomas 2pts each.

Adam DeLongville (Coach)

U10 GS Heat

This week was a tough game with a few taller opponents making it hard to capitalise on any opportunities. You all worked hard in defence and certainly ran with determination!  Scorers: Stuart 4pts and Mitchell 4pts.

Vanessa Duns (Team Manager)

U10 GS Rockets

The boys were a bit shell shocked from the beginning of the game because of the skill level of their opponents. We didn’t play our usual game and felt the pressure by rushing our game and forgetting what we have learnt. They fought hard though! Unfortunately no scorers. I’m confident we will learn from this game and show our true colours next week!

Adam DeLongville (Coach)

U12 GS Shooter

Entering into the game tonight I wasn't sure how the game would swing.  Both of our school teams have equal amounts of talent and it could have gone either way.  

Everyone made some fantastic intercepts and the red faces at the end showed that you all were out for a good match. 

Well done to Magic 5. You played a good game and gave our Shooters a competitive run and an enjoyable game to cheer on.   

Final score 27 to 22.  Scorers: Owen 10pts, Riley 6pts,  Kyle 5pts,  jye 4pts and Cameron 2pts.

Renee Modra  (Coach)

U12 GS Magic 5

We played our buddies tonight and it was so much fun! The game was tight and the play was fast.  Both teams put up a great fight but unfortunately Magic couldn't quite catch the Shooters.
Keep practising those shots Magic!  'Til next round Shooters!
Final score Shooters 27 to Magic 22.  Scorers: Saje 11pts, Micah 5pts, Brodie 2pts, Lachy 2pts and Memphis 2pts.

Jodi Hueppauff  (Coach)

diary dates

Diary Dates


      17 Aug     Connected Worship

20-24 Aug    Science week

      20 Aug     ACE Tennis - Junior Primary

      20 Aug     Stage 3 + 4 Cyber Presentation

      22 Aug     Stage 3 & 4 Science incursion

      24 Aug     Stage 1 & 2 Bubble show

      24 Aug     Stage 1 Tea and Teddies

      24 Aug     Stage 3 Zoo excursion

      27 Aug     ACE Tennis - Junior Primary

      27 Aug     Groovy Garden Market

      28 Aug     Assembly led by Stage 3 KE

      28 Aug     School Council meeting

29-30 Aug     Fathers Day stall

      31 Aug     Pupil Free Day (Staff conference)

       2 Sept     Fathers Day

       3 Sept     ACE Tennis - Junior Primary

       3 Sept     Stage 3 & 4 Football clinic

       7 Sept     Stage 2 Camp In (2H, 2F)

     10 Sept     Stage 3 & 4 Football clinic

     11 Sept     Assembly led by Stage 1

     13 Sept     Sport photos

     14 Sept     Stage 2 Camp in (2C, 2P, 2I)

     17 Sept     Stage 3 & 4 Football clinic


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