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From the Principal

Sport Presentation Evening

“A famous golfer, Gary Player, was once told by a sport journalist that ‘he had a lot of luck on the course today’.

Gary Player’s response was enlightening:

The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get”.


It is a busy term with a multitude of celebratory events which acknowledge the contributions and achievements of our students throughout 2018. This week we congratulated many of our athletes through our Annual Sport Presentation evening. Just as important is the promotion of the values that can be attained playing sport.


Being humble in victory and gracious in defeat is easy to articulate but sometimes harder to perform. Many in our community are basking in the glory of a West Coast Eagles’ premiership. As well as acknowledging the excellence of their performance on the field, it has also been enlightening to witness the values that the club has displayed since the conclusion of the big game. Images of the players cleaning the changerooms after the celebrations and being humble with the wider community has won the club many supporters. The Collingwood Football Club has been equally impressive showing tremendous grace despite the disappointment of losing a Grand Final.


Domenic Sheldrick (class of 1985) was this year’s special guest. He was an elite swimmer at the Australian Institute of Sport representing Australia and then faced enormous challenges when diagnosed with a serious illness. Dominic’s health issues enabled him to empathise with others facing challenges in their lives. His message of hope and persistence was very pertinent.


Congratulations to all athletes whom we acknowledged this week and a special thank you to our Sport Coordinator, Mr Dave Maxwell, and all other staff and coaches who have helped guide our students.

Robert Henderson


Expressions of Interest: The College Council's Property and Planning Committee

The College Council is establishing a pool of qualified and interested College parents from which to seek members for the Property and Planning Committee, as positions become available.  Skill sets in the architectural, environmental, town planning, engineering, building, facility management, maintenance, property law and project management areas are sought. 


Presently the College Council is looking to appoint a new member to the Property and Planning Committee with expertise in the architectural field.


The Committee's responsibilities include ensuring that the physical condition of the School is kept in good repair, with provision for on-going maintenance and planning for future needs, developments and acquisitions.  Meetings are held bi-monthly, generally early on a Thursday morning.  This is a great opportunity to get involved in the governance of the College.  


Expressions of interest and initial inquiries should be directed to the Business Manager, Mr John Cumming by Friday, 26 October 2018.



Direct: (08) 9383 0402


Pilgramage Reflections


Our pilgrimage started in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. On our first day we were immersed into the culture by first learning the devastating history of the Khmer Rouge Regime through our visit to Tuol Sleng and The Killing Fields. Whilst in Phnom Penh we visited two non profit organisations aimed at helping Cambodian men and women. Friends Cafe provides training and employment for children on the streets to aid in giving them greater opportunities. The Daughters of Cambodia organisation saves girls from the sex industry and supplies them with dignified employment and rehabilitative services including counselling and free medical care. After these confronting experiences, our spirits were lifted by the children we met whilst staying at St Peter Apostle Parish with Father Rajat and Father Carlos. He took us to visit Vietnamese children who lived on the floating villages in KomPong Chhnang. Despite the language barrier there was no difficulty in forming a connection. We danced and sang together, and taught each other games and short phrases.


Before we left Father Rajat’s, we helped some of the students plant mango trees around the Parish and helped build a kitchen for a local family. In our final stop at Sister Denise’s, we travelled to the Thai boarder to a town called O’smach where we built a house for a family, with the assistance of our friend Rhett, a victim of landmines. On our final day we had some quiet time to reflect whilst we made three wheelchairs for more victims of landmines who stay with Sister Denise.



We started our Indian journey in Kolkata attending a beautiful mass each day at the ‘Mother House’ where Mother Theresa lived and worked. We visited the Child in Need Institute and the Mary Ward multi-purpose activity centres which have been set up to provide basic educational opportunities in slum areas.


After an overnight train ride to Hazaribargh we were warmly welcomed by the Jesuits and our companion Father Bob Billings.  We visited schools in small villages set up by the Jesuits who continually work towards creating better opportunities within these communities. It was heart-warming to see these kids laughing and having fun. They openly included us in their traditional dance during their Muharram festival. An extremely rewarding experience to see the output of the funds raised making a difference to people’s lives.


We had the opportunity to celebrate village mass with the Santhali people and shared a meal with this community and exchanged stories and laughter, A special part of this experience was the local welcoming we received, which included the formal traditional washing of our feet.


One of the most memorable days was visiting our host families where we got to see India through the eyes of the locals and experience its true culture. Leaving India we have all taken back a new outlook on life and have truly seen the value in kindness and the power of a simple smile, as Mother Theresa said “Smiles generate smiles just as love generates love.” This quote is located at the entrance of the museum of Mother Theresa in Kolkata, where we had the opportunity to celebrate mass and visit this inspiring museum and tomb which reflects on the beginning of her order. During our time in Hazaribargh we managed to see the extension of her works in the Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity.


Northern Territory, Australia

As a group of nine Year 11 students and three staff members we had the privilege of being welcomed into the Indigenous community of Beswick, known to the Indigenous people as ‘Wugularr’. We were touched by the people’s willingness and openness to share their culture with us through partaking in various traditions and practices. This helped us to better understand and appreciate their incredible connection to the land and the way in which they use its resources.


The girls had the opportunity to collect, strip, dye and weave pandanus leaves with female elders. Meanwhile two of the male elders, Freddy and Andy took the boys out bush to share their in depth knowledge of the land and the traditional art of didgeridoo making. Both were lengthy processes but the knowledge and skills they shared through laughing and telling stories was priceless.


Overall the trip was something we will never forget and an experience each of us will carry into the rest of our lives. We spent the last few days at Kakadu National Park learning more about the land and how to preserve it as well as understanding the stories shared in the form of rock art. We are extremely grateful for the whole Wugualrr Community, especially those at Djilpin Arts as well as Gavin Castiglioni, Ruth O’Donnell and Ms Murphy who accompanied us for the two weeks.


Timor Leste

The Timor-Leste Pilgrimage was an incredibly profound experience. The pilgrimage offered an opportunity for us to expand our horizons from our comfortable lives in Perth and to be involved in and try to understand the lives of people whose experience of life is wildly different to our own.


Most of our pilgrimage was spent in Baucau. Here we visited and spent time with the school children from local communities at Garuwai and Buibau, teaching and interacting with students as well as painting classrooms and a new toilet block. At Baucau’s Ponte Leste English School we met students our own age and were able to garner an appreciation for what their everyday life is like. We also experienced traditional Timorese music, dance and art through Cecilia’s Music School and Rita’s Tai making. We all feel immensely grateful to have been wholeheartedly welcomed into the homes and schools of everyday Timorese people.


On pilgrimage we formed new and lasting friendships, learnt about a different culture and were inspired by the hope and resilience of the Timorese people. These rich memories and a drive to stand with those less fortunate will stay with us all for life.

Around The Primary

Dear Parents

Welcome back to Term 4!


We are really looking forward to another great term – children and staff are all rested and ready for the next nine weeks of learning and teaching.


We have some special events coming up, please put all the important dates for your family into your calendar. The Term 4 calendar is attached for your convenience.

We had an amazing turn-out today for our Grandparents’ Picnic. It was wonderful to see so many grandparents visiting our classrooms, appreciating the musical entertainment and most importantly enjoying the company of their delightful grandchildren.



Meeting new and different people is a part of life and it is our role as parents and teachers to support children through change rather than protect them from it. I ask all parents to trust that the class your child is going into next year is one in which they will thrive. It is important to note that parental requests can only be met in exceptional circumstances and emails or letters requesting a particular teacher or placement with a best friend does not constitute an exceptional circumstance. Early notification of class lists will not be provided. Parents can feel confident that their children will always be in good hands and receive an excellent education at John XXIII.

Kind regards


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


As you will see by the movie clip below, our ‘Footsteps’ dance program was very much enjoyed by our students and also all of who were lucky enough to be there for the ‘Footsteps Finale’.


Art Exhibition

The College Visual Art Exhibition runs from Tuesday 16 (Opening Night) to Saturday 20 October in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre. The Exhibition features artwork from both the Secondary and Primary students.


Our Year 3-6 students participate in a Visual Art lesson each week and have prepared a piece of artwork for the Exhibition. A small selection from the Early Years will also be displayed. It is a great opportunity for parents and the community to view artwork across all years and for students to showcase their artwork.


We hope all families will come and celebrate the students’ design and creativity with both 2D and 3D work from a range of forms being exhibited.


I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the week.


Fiona Blaauw

Primary Visual Art Specialist Teacher



Sports News

Junior Primary Athletics Carnival

This Carnival for Kindy-Year 2 students will be held on Thursday 25 October from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm. An email containing all information including the program of events will be sent out early next week. Parents are welcome to take their children home at the end of the Carnival. Supervision will be provided for those children remaining at school.


Tennis Coaching

Our PP-Year 2 students will have three weeks of coaching with Nick Kirkbride (tennis coach) and myself. These sessions were a huge hit with the students last year.


Swimming Lessons

After the tennis lessons have been completed, the PP-Year 3  will be participating in swimming lessons at Claremont Pools. These will run from Monday 19 November and conclude on Tuesday 27 November. More information will be sent home shortly.


IPSHA Touch Rugby Carnival

This Carnival for Year 6 participants will be held on Thursday 8 on the College grounds. There will be at least 9 IPSHA schools involved in this carnival.


All in all, it promises to be an exciting and busy term to wrap up the year. I am looking forward to the wonderful support that you always give.


John Alderman
Primary Sports Coordinator

Super Swimmers

Five of our Primary students attended the Swimming WA Junior Short Course State Championships during the holidays and produced some amazing personal best times and awarded medals for their efforts. Congratulations to all our super swimmers. 



Sylvia Czajko (5G)

Girls 8-10 Freestyle Relay - Gold Medal

Mixed 8-10 Freestyle Relay - Gold Medal

Girls 8-10 Medley Relay - Silver Medal

50 Freestyle - Silver Medal

100 Freestyle - Bronze Medal 

5 Personal Best Times


Braden Fyneman (6B)

7 Personal Best Times

Competed in 9 Individual Events and a Relay


Matthew Mignacca (4B)

1 Personal Best Time

Competed in 1 Individual Event and a Relay 



Bianca Petsos (5G)
Girls 8-10 Freestyle Relay - Gold Medal

Mixed 8-10 Freestyle Relay - Gold Medal

Girls 8-10 Medley Relay - Silver Medal

50 Freestyle - Bronze Medal

100 Freestyle - Silver Medal 

200 Freestyle - Gold Medal & State Record

50 Backstroke - Bronze Medal

100 Backstroke - Bronze Medal

200 Backstroke - Gold Medal

100 Individual Medley - Silver Medal

200 Individual Medley - Bronze Medal

Personal Bests Times in all 8 Individual events swum 
Archie Ryan (5G)
3 Personal Best Times

Competed in 3 Individual Events and a Relay

Counsellor Corner

I hope everyone enjoyed a welcomed break from the school routine over the holidays and your children have settled back well into term 4. The end of the holidays, after the play dates and sleepovers, is a good time to check in on what’s going on in the children’s digital world. Parenting Ideas recently had this blog which I thought might be of interest.


If you have any concerns about your child you are most welcome to contact me at the College.


Anne Murphy

Primary Counsellor


Staying Relevant In Your Child’s Digital World

  • Positive Parenting
    By Martine Oglethorpe

As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed and our lives become more deeply immersed in the digital world, the challenges faced by parents in this uncharted territory can often feel overwhelming.


As a parent, worrying comes naturally. We hear so much about the dangers of the digital age: the predators, the pornography, the gaming obsessions, the screen addictions and the cyber bullying.


We hear so much about the pitfalls and dangers of the connected world, we often overlook the vast possibilities digital technology can offer. 
Through digital devices, we now have countless amazing ways to connect and collaborate, raise awareness, create, learn and share. For young minds, this is a tremendous opportunity, and making full use of these tools can give them a big lead in today’s competitive world.


So how can we ensure that our kids can reap the very best of what technology has to offer, while at the same time protecting them from those negative elements?

Take an interest in current tech trends. Talk to your kids, make them feel secure enough to discuss difficult topics with you, and put yourself in the best position to remain relevant to your child’s world. Be the one they come to should things go wrong. Be the one they come to share the positive experiences they have online.


Make time to talk

Kids may well have a lot of knowledge when it comes to all things digital. But they are not necessarily as wise as their parents. Generally speaking, parents have a much deeper understanding of the world, the intricacies of different interactions, relationships and the complexities of human behaviour than kids do. Our kids are interacting and connecting with others in a world that is often beyond what they are developmentally and emotionally ready for. We need to help them cope with that.


Play and interact more

Sure, we all love the babysitting power of an iPad to ensure we can finish our coffee while its hot, or get dinner cooked without any interruptions. But if we also take the time to play with our kids and their devices, and take an interest in their digital playground, we can get a whole new perspective about what they enjoy. We get the bonus of staying current with interactive technology, as well as time to bond with them and enjoy some family time together. We also put ourselves in a much better position to set relevant boundaries and help kids understand those boundaries.


Listen to others, and listen to your child

If your friend’s child is playing a certain game, has a social media account or enjoys certain websites, then there is a good chance your child does too. Just as we would play at the park or hang out at the milk bar where our friends were when we were young, so too our kids will hang out where their mates are playing. So listen to those parents in the playground. Listen in to which popular apps and games are being talked about in the media. 
Listen to your child. Ask them what they like to do. Ask them about their concerns and their challenges. You may never keep up with every single app or site that your child visits, but if you have a good understanding of the ways kids are using technology and the sorts of things technology is capable of, then you are in a much better position to help them use it safely and smartly.


Be open and honest about what’s out there

While there are times we get nostalgic about the good old days when screens and social media were not such an integral part of our lives, we can’t afford to live in denial about the role technology is playing and will continue to play in the lives of our children. 
So rather than ignoring it completely or trying to avoid it, we need to be ready to have conversations that we may prefer not to have. We need to face the fact that the average age a child first sees pornography is about 11, and understand that this is a very real possibility for our children. So how do we prepare them for that? What conversations would we need to have if we suspect this has happened? Because we want to make sure that the education they are getting comes from us, and not from some random online source that we have no way of checking.


So seek out knowledge. Take an interest in current tech trends. Talk to your kids, make them feel secure enough to discuss difficult topics with you, and put yourself in the best position to remain relevant to your child’s world. Be the one they come to should things go wrong. Be the one they come to share the positive experiences they have online.


Our role as parents is not to shut down the internet accounts and take away the screens, but rather to ensure we are giving them the skills, the support, the understanding and the critical thinking skills to make the very best decisions every time they go online.


Martine Oglethorpe

Martine Oglethorpe is an accredited speaker with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and has presented to numerous parent groups, schools and teachers. She is a speaker, counsellor and educator with a passion for building resilient kids in a digital world. Contact details:,,

Dates to Remember

Monday 15 October                        Year 2 Art Gallery Excursion

Wednesday 17 October                Annual Art Exhibition Begins (TMEC)
Saturday 20 October                      Annual Art Exhibition Closes at 2:00pm


Media Night

Our Media Viewing Night will showcase the many talents of our students, with a variety of genres and styles of films on showcase, from short films, documentary style to art and music genre. 

Come along for an entertaining and enjoyable evening. Light refreshments will be served at intermission. This is also a valuable opportunity for upcoming media students to gain insight into Media as a course.

Some films are rated M - parental guidance advised for younger viewers.

Free tickets are available through TryBooking:

Sign-up to our learn to sail course

During Term 4 John XXIII College is offering a six-week sailing course for those wishing to learn to sail or for those wanting to improve their sailing skills.

  • This course will be run at Nedlands Yacht Club each Wednesday afternoon starting Week 2, Wednesday 17 October from 4:00 pm till 6:15 pm. 
  • This course will be offered at the hugely discounted rate of $200 per student and is available to students in Year 6 and above. 
  • Parents interested in enrolling their child in this course are asked to contact Mrs Lisa Taylor at for further information about the course and how to register with the Club.
  • Please note as there is an enrolment capacity for the course you are advised to express your interest as soon as possible.


Visual Arts Exhibition

The Visual Art courses at John XXIII College strive to harbour creativity and expression in students of all year groups. Producing a diverse range of artworks, from painting, drawing and printmaking to ceramics and sculptural mediums.

Come and explore the creative expression of our students.


Official opening: Tuesday 16 October at 6:30pm

Thomas More Exhibition Centre

To be officially opened by Western Australian artist Jacob ‘Shakey’ Butler


The exhibition will be open:

Tuesday 16 to Friday 19 October 9:00am -4:00pm

Saturday 20 October 11:00am-2:00pm

Tournament of Minds International Final

Please join me in wishing the John XXIII College STEM team all the very best as they travel to Darwin for the Australasian Pacific Final this weekend. The team are not only representing John XXIII College but are part of the larger Team WA! 

The STEM team is made up of students across Years 7-9

Year 7

  • Jack Brett
  • Tiffany Cesare

Year 8

  • Lily Convery
  • Lucinda Tassone

Year 9

  • Jason Ko
  • Akash Parekh
  • Cohen Rafiq

The team have done extremely well to reach this final and a big thank you to Mr Damien Connellan and Miss Carla Tripi who will travel with the team.


Let  us hope for a successful trip and watch this space!

Stuart Massey

Tournament of Minds Facilitator

Bake Sale for Charity

At the end of last Term, Year 7 Koolyangarra organised a bake sale fundraiser at our College. Each student is commended for baking goods and selling them at recess and lunch. Overall, they raised $260 for Vincent de Paul.


Family Zone & Cyber Safety Information Night

Digital technology has opened up a world of possibilities for our children. At the same time, it has multiplied potential risks.


The College has partnered with Australia’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness services, Family Zone. Our goal is to protect every student from exposure to online threats - from inappropriate content to cyberbullying.


We invite you to attend our Cyber Safety Information Evening with Cyber Experts from ySafe

  • Tuesday 23 October at 7:00pm
  • Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre
    John XXIII College, John XXIII Avenue, Mt Claremont, WA 6010
  • Please register to attend at

We have also managed to secure a number of Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit


JTC Student Computer Device requirements 2019

2019 John XXIII Family Purchased Student Device

At John XXIII College we are constantly re-imagining what a Catholic education in the Ignatian tradition should look like in the years to come. There is ongoing assessment of what level of technology needs to be incorporated in the learning process. Good learning programs will always provide a balance between traditional learning methodologies and modern student learning devices.

The table below outlines computer device requirements for student devices in 2019. Our current focus is on enhancing educational outcomes using age appropriate technologies and cloud-based services.

John XXIII College families have the option of sourcing their device from a vendor of choice. However, the College is currently investigating partnerships with vendors who will offer educational products at competitive prices. We will contact you in early November with this information. The table above gives minimum requirements. Upgrading these requirements is optional.

Current Year 7 and Year 8 families who have purchased an iPad under the existing program, may continue to use their iPad in 2019 and beyond or purchase a laptop.

This document is available in SEQTA Documents under the categories: General Secondary; Year 03; Year 04; Year 05 and Year 06 and below as a PDF attachment.

Bill Quartermaine
Director of Inquiry and Innovation

Family Zone & Cyber Safety

We invite you to a Cyber Safety Information Night

Digital technology has opened up a world of possibilities for our children. At the same time, it has multiplied potential risks.


The College has partnered with Australia’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness services, Family Zone. Our goal is to protect every student from exposure to online threats - from inappropriate content to cyberbullying.


We invite you to attend our Cyber Safety Information Evening with Cyber Experts from ySafe

  • Tuesday 23 October at 7:00pm
  • Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre
  • John XXIII College, John XXIII Avenue, Mt Claremont, WA 6010
  • Please register to attend at


We have also managed to secure a number of Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit



Shawn Redhage Basketball Coaching

This Term there will be an opportunity for any students in Years 7 to 10 interested in attending basketball coaching/training sessions with former Perth Wildcat and Olympian Shawn Redhage. 


Calling all students keen to learn to sail

During Term 4 John XXIII College is offering a six-week sailing course for those wishing to learn to sail or for those wanting to improve their sailing skills.

  • This course will be run at Nedlands Yacht Club each Wednesday afternoon during Term 4 starting Week 2 Wednesday 17 October from 4:00 pm till 6:15 pm. 
  • This course will be offered at the hugely discounted rate of $200 per student and is available to students in Year 6 and above. 
  • Parents interested in enrolling their child in this course are asked to contact Mrs Taylor at for further information about the course and how to register with the Club.
  • Please note as there is an enrolment capacity for the course you are advised to express your interest as soon as possible.


Sports Presentation Evening​

On Thursday 11 October we celebrated the sporting achievements of our secondary students.


We were delighted that Alumni, Dominic Sheldrick (Class 1985), was our guest speaker for the event. He was an elite swimmer at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra who was representing Australia when he was shockingly diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in the late 1980’s. He faced enormous challenges during his successful battle with the disease via Bone Marrow Transplant and subsequently returned to competitive swimming. These experiences allow him to empathise with seemingly insurmountable challenges and he is passionate about helping others to understand the simple approach to success that many of us miss in our hectic lives.

Dominic has previously held management positions with Fremantle Football Club and with the Australian Olympic Swimming Team Seoul 1988.  He has been a long-standing part of the John XXIII College community and back in March 1992 he officially opened the College Pool.


Thanks to our compere for the evening, Mr Glenn Mitchell (current parent).


Congratulations to all the students on their fabulous achievements and sporting participation throughout the year.

Year 7 Summer Sport MVPs

  • 7 Girls Basketball A – Summer Rule
  • 7 Girls Basketball B – Isabel Menzies
  • 7 Boys Basketball A – Liam Davis
  • 7 Boys Basketball B – Zak McGuire
  • 7 Girls Beach Volleyball A – Cleo Zuvela
  • 7 Girls Beach Volleyball B – Summer Burton
  • 7 Boys Beach Volleyball A – Robert Brigg
  • 7 Boys Beach Volleyball B – Jack Brett
  • 7 Boys Cricket – Austin van der Struyf
  • 7 Girls Indoor Soccer – Niamh McGoldrick
  • 7 Boys Touch Rugby – Xavier Henderson

Year 8 Summer Sport MVPs

  • 8 Girls Basketball – Perri Edwards
  • 8 Boys Basketball – Jamie Floyd
  • 8 Girls Beach Volleyball – Indi Korczynskyj
  • 8 Boys Beach Volleyball – Xavier Smith
  • 8 Boys Cricket – Art Walsh
  • 8 Girls Indoor Soccer – Neve Fyneman
  • 8 Boys Touch Rugby – Will Everett

Year 9 Summer Sport MVPs

  • 9 Girls Basketball – Georgia Than-Htay
  • 9 Boys Basketball – Joel Khoo
  • 9 Girls Beach Volleyball – Lucy Taylor
  • 9 Boys Beach Volleyball – Daniel Hugo
  • 9 Boys Cricket – James Wearden
  • 9 Girls Indoor Soccer – Allie Simpson
  • 9 Boys Touch Rugby – Jacob Foley
  • 9 Girls Touch Rugby – Chloe Anning

Years 10–12 Summer Sport MVPs

  • 10 Girls Basketball – Ashleigh Smith
  • 10 Boys Basketball – Nick Floyd
  • Girls Sailing – Mackenzie Taylor
  • Boys Sailing – Aaron de Longville
  • Champions League Girls Basketball – Dara Fournier
  • Champions League Boys Basketball – Harrison Lennon
  • 10–12 Girls Beach Volleyball – Ruby Nichols
  • 10–12 Boys Beach Volleyball – Dylan Paull
  • First XI Cricket – Zachary Barrett
  • 10–12 Girls Indoor Soccer – Amelia MacMillan
  • Champions League Girls Touch Rugby – Hannah Barry
  • Champions League Boys Touch Rugby – Luka Seabourne-Carlin

Year 7 Winter Sport MVPs

  • 7 Girls Netball A – Teresa Majok
  • 7 Girls Netball B – Cleo Zuvela
  • 7 Boys AFL – Samuel Laing
  • 7 Girls Badminton A – Amerie Chai
  • 7 Boys Badminton A – Xavier Chee
  • 7 Boys Badminton B – Reid Hartley
  • 7 Girls Floorball – Sarah Hurley
  • 7 Boys Floorball – Lawrence McNeilly
  • 7 Girls Soccer – Niamh McGoldrick
  • 7 Boys Soccer – Arie Limnios

Year 8 Winter Sport MVPs

  • 8 Girls Netball A – Laura Bantock
  • 8 Girls Netball B – Sophie Baron - Hay
  • 8 Boys AFL – Bailey van der Struyf
  • 8 Boys Soccer – Judd Macdougall
  • 7/8 Boys Rugby – Will Everett
  • 8/9 Girls Soccer – Neve Fyneman

Year 9 Winter Sport MVPs

  • 9 Girls Netball A – Charlotte Preston
  • 9 Girls Netball B – Cheynne Cusma
  • 9 Boys AFL Eagles Cup – Oliver Fisher
  • 8/9 Boys Badminton – Kyle Yeo
  • 8/9 Girls Badminton – Lucy Taylor
  • 8/9 Boys Floorball – Oscar Hegge
  • Junior Hockey – Kanan Miranda
  • 8/9 Girls Floorball – Eve Pownall
  • 9 Boys Soccer – Mason Crocker

Years 10–12 Winter Sport MVPs

  • 10 Girls Netball – Emily Bantock
  • 10 Boys AFL – Lachlan Brearley
  • 10 Boys Soccer – James Brigg
  • ACC Girls Hockey – Alice Kenny
  • ACC Boys Hockey – James Hackett
  • First XVIII Boys AFL – Jake Willson
  • First XVIII Boys Rugby – Billy Browne
  • Champions League Girls Netball A – Sloan Burton
  • Champions League Girls Netball B – Tahlia Kommer
  • Champions League Girls Badminton – Lavinia Tran
  • Champions League Boys Badminton – Ryan Tan
  • Champions League Girls Soccer – Lauren Harding
  • Champions League Boys Soccer – Ashley Rowson
  • Inclusive Soccer – Joseph Salt
  • Inclusive Soccer – Isabella Holland

Sister Mary Murray Cup House Carnival Swimming Champions

  • Year 7 Boys – Charlie Hodge
  • Year 7 Girls – Morgan Stevenson
  • Year 8 Boys – Owen Lilleyman
  • Year 8 Girls – Neve Fyneman
  • Year 9 Boys – Jacob Bell
  • Year 9 Girls – Maddy Parchewsky
  • Year 10 Boys – Timothy Gillman
  • Year 10 Girls – Emily Bantock and Tiala Slatter
  • Year 11 Boys – Sasha Bell
  • Year 11 Girls – Jamie Cannon
  • Year 12 Boys – Drew Lilleyman
  • Year 12 Girls – Chloe Hogan

Father Gaetan Pereira Cup House Carnival Cross Country Champions

  • Year 7 Boys – Alex Petsos
  • Year 7 Girls – Elizabeth Edwards
  • Year 8 Boys – Max Willson
  • Year 8 Girls – Grace Johnston
  • Year 9 Boys – Matthew Thomas
  • Year 9 Girls – Holly Cannon
  • Year 10 Boys – Nick Floyd
  • Year 10 Girls – Sophie Male
  • Year 11 Boys – Zac Thomas
  • Year 11 Girls – Lucy Jenkins
  • Year 12 Boy – Sebastian Guerrera
  • Year 12 Girls – Ceri Ellis

Father Kevin King Cup House Carnival Athletics Champions

  • Year 7 Boys – Austin van der Struyf
  • Year 7 Girls – Leila Barker
  • Year 8 Boys – Bailey van der Struyf
  • Year 8 Girls – Neve Fyneman
  • Year 9 Boys – Sam Byrne
  • Year 9 Girls – Lucy Gleghorn
  • Year 10 Boys – Patrick Williams
  • Year 10 Girls – Aislinn Morris
  • Year 11 Boys – Lachlan Byrd
  • Year 11 Girls – Imogen Hooke
  • Year 12 Boys – Sebastian Guerrera
  • Year 12 Girls – Sophie Durrant

ACC All Stars 2018

  • ACC Swimming – Charlie Hodge
  • ACC Swimming – Asher Stevenson
  • ACC Swimming – Neve Fyneman
  • ACC Swimming – Maddy Parchewsky
  • ACC Swimming – Jacob Bell
  • ACC Swimming – Tiala Slatter
  • ACC Swimming – Timothy Gillman
  • ACC Swimming – Sasha Bell
  • ACC Swimming – Madeline Brown
  • ACC Athletics – Leila Barker
  • ACC Athletics – Austin van der Struyf
  • ACC Athletics – Lucy Gleghorn
  • ACC Athletics – Laura Hopkyns

John XXIII College Rowing Club Awards

  • Year 9 Girls – Holly Cannon
  • Year 9 Boys – Andrew Zhao
  • Year 10 Girls – Zoe Broderick
  • Year 10 Boys – Jordan Lummis
  • Senior Girls – Ceri Ellis
  • Senior Boys – Benson Mangini
  • Best Clubperson Girls – Georgia Wholley
  • Best Clubperson Boys – Matthew Clement

John XXIII College Netball Club MVPs

  • Citrine – Ava McLernon
  • Zirconia – Emily Barbour
  • Peridot – Asha Huggins
  • Jet – Eve Alvarez
  • Iolite – Kate Fisher
  • Jade – Sophie Baron - Hay
  • Garnet – Zoe Koong
  • Amber – Milla Varner
  • Jasper – Gabby Panther
  • Tiger Eye – Lucy Taylor
  • Crystal – Allie Simpson & Ailish Beckwith
  • Amethyst – Charlotte Preston
  • Emerald – Emily Tyson
  • Ruby – Madison Whittle
  • Sapphire – Ruby Parker
  • Topaz – Olivia Birbeck
  • Pearl – Marketa Baker
  • Opal – Bryanna Paterson
  • Silver – Lili Morgan
  • Quartz – Isabella Corompt
  • Gold – Sophie Leverington
  • Diamond – Paige Bajada
  • Junior Achiever – Bryanna Paterson
  • Club Champion – Amelia MacMillan


Music - Week 31

Year 11 Recital Night

The Year 11 Recital Night will be held on the evening of Wednesday 17 October  in the Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre. Commencing at 7:00pm, this concert features Year 11 soloists performing to an audience of peers, family and friends. Applications to perform are currently open, and will close on Monday, October 15 at 4:00pm. All are welcome to attend!


Singing in the City – Treble Choir

The dates for the annual Singing in the City festival have been announced as Sunday, 21 October. John XXIII College Treble Choir will be performing a half-hour program of choral works at Wesley Church in the heart of the city, from 2:00pm. This performance is unticketed, with free entry on the day, and all parents and family friends are invited to attend.


Small Ensemble Soiree

The annual Small Ensemble Soiree will be held on Sunday 28 October in the Performing Arts Centre. Commencing at 5:30pm and featuring clarinet, flute, saxophone, percussion, string and vocal small ensembles, this concert will feature some of the College’s finest musical talent! All family and friends are invited to attend the soiree and to join in a shared supper, afterwards.

Music Ensemble Photos

Parents wishing to purchase photos of 2018 Music Ensembles are able to do so using the following information:

1.     Go to

2.     Click on the John XXIII College - Senior logo

3.     Enter password :  murd55


Coming soon

  • Year 9 Drama Night – Gobsmacked!
    Thursday 8 November, Roncalli Hall, 7pm
  • Year 10 Drama Night – Quality Assortment
    Tuesday 20 November, Roncalli Hall, 7pm
  • Year 9 Musical – Hairspray
    Tuesday 27 November, Roncalli Hall, 7pm
  • Year 8 Drama Night – Let’s Play
    Monday 3 December, Roncalli Hall, 5pm



Although most of the major Magis Interschool and College competitive events and challenges have now concluded for the year,  there are however several important key Magis events in Term 4:


  • The Magis Awards Breakfast in Week 3, on Wednesday 24 October where many Magis Awards will be presented including certificates for all Term 3 Interschool and College Magis competitions, the major Magis Trophies for each year group, and a number of special awards.  Invitations will be sent out to all families of students receiving awards.
  • The Years 7 and 8  Personal Project Opening which will take place straight after the Magis Awards Breakfast. It will feature personal projects completed by 30 students as part of the GATE option.
  • The announcement of the Magis Scholar and election of the new Magis committee for 2019.
  • A comprehensive review of the 2018 Magis program, and planning for next year. As part of this, current students will be invited to nominate as active participants in Magis or Altiora for 2019. This of course includes those who were not active participants this year.
  • Our first ever World Scholar’s Tournament of Champions team will compete at the international final at Yale University in the USA. The team will also have tours of Boston and New York, as well as another famous American University, Harvard.
  • Teams are being formed for the Gifted and Talented Quest competition to be held at the University of Western Australia on 12 & 13 November. This is run by Brainways in conjunction with the Universities of Western Australia and Queensland and involves one day of preparation in the  UWA Science, Mathematics or Humanities faculties,  followed by a day of competition.
  • Over the holidays six Years 10 and 11 Magis students will have the opportunity to participate over in the Notre Dame University’s Cultural Decoding program which runs for three days in late January.
  •  A hard cover Magis Chronicle will be available this term. This colourful 48 page book will provide a comprehensive record of Magis highlights, results, events, camps and tours for 2018.

Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator


Community Liturgy

It is always a joy to attend the Community Liturgy on Friday mornings, 8:00am-8:30am. Students prepare the readings and prayers; the Chapel Choir joyfully leads the singing; students, parents, staff and friends come together to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Many parents take the opportunity to share a coffee and chat afterwards.


Next week’s Mass will be prepared by students in Year 8, you are welcome to attend whether or not you have a son or daughter in Year 8!



  • When: Fridays in Term Time
  • Time: 8:00-8:30am
  • Where: College Chapel

If you have any queries about Community Liturgy, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.

GOOD NEWS for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 10:17-30

The reflection is part of Fr Michael Tate’s homily for this Sunday's Gospel and is printed here, with kind permission. Fr Michael Tate is a Parish Priest in the Archdiocese of Hobart and is Catholic Chaplain to the University of Tasmania where he is an Honorary Professor of Law, lecturing in International Humanitarian Law.    


The Loving Gaze

Let’s go straight to the protagonist in this story who at the end is called a man of great wealth. In that society this meant a landowner with extensive holdings. But this wealth had corrupted his whole personality and way of thinking. There was no deep-down hunger because whenever he craved anything, he knew he could buy it or use his status or power to bend others to his will.


The man boasts about all the commandments he has kept but Jesus is not satisfied with that minimum. Jesus is not a minimalist. Jesus tunes into the man’s wavelength and says: ‘There is one thing you lack.’


That would have got the rich man’s attention: the suggestion that he was missing something.

But to his shock he was to hear that what he was lacking was a big heart, a very big heart: ‘Go, sell everything you own and give everything to the poor.’ He had to get rid of his possessions and the security and status they bought because they were shrivelling up his heart.


Jesus is saying to you and to me: ‘Yes, you keep the commandments, more or less. At least you try. Okay. But that is really the bare minimum. The real question is: What do you have to do to expand your heart: to become big hearted enough to allow my heartbeat to become your heartbeat?’


We each know what is holding us back from being one heart with Jesus Christ. For some, to be a true follower will require giving up all possessions, as with St Francis of Assisi. For others, a real hurting redistribution of wealth is required. Our taxes do a fair bit of that, and then our voluntary response to need and injustice on top of that.


But at some stage in our lives, we have known, or know now, or will know what it is we are hanging on to: the one thing we cannot or will not give up. The one thing that is so much part of our personality we cannot imagine what it would be like to get up and get rid of it.


There is only one factor that can give us, give you, give me, the courage and trust that is needed.

Note in the Gospel story, and the only time in Mark, it says: ‘Jesus looked steadily at him and loved him.’ …


Those eyes, that gaze, is directed at you, and at me personally, totally, directly, but most of all lovingly. It is not the glare of the critical eye but the look full of the possibility of who you could be as a follower of Jesus Christ. That, and only that, can give us the courage…


© Michael Tate

Parents' Association

Parents’ Association Term 4 - Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Term 4 Parents’ Association meeting will be held at 7pm on Monday 5 November in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre. This will be our Annual General Meeting and the final meeting for 2018. All parents and guardians of John XXIII College students are invited to attend. Please come along to hear updates from the school leadership team, have your say on how our Parents' Association funds are allocated, and nominate for one of the positions on our Committee for 2019 if you would like.

As a member of the Parents’ Association, if you have any ideas for how our funds could be spent in Term 4 please complete the Guidelines for Funding Proposal Form. This may be obtained by emailing the Association on or you can download one from the school website, or below. 

The deadline for Term 4 Funding submissions is next Friday 19 October, and all funding proposals or special agenda items to be presented at the Term 4 meeting will be announced in the newsletter on Friday 26 October. We hope you have had a smooth start to Term 4 and look forward to seeing you at our final meeting for the year. 

Your 2018 Parents’ Association Committee


College medication procedure​

If a parent requests the College Nurse administer medication to their child, they must complete a Medication Request Form, this is available from the Health Centre. The medication must be in its original container or packaging and clearly labelled with the following:   

  • Child’s name
  • Name of medication              
  • Expiry date
  • Dose and time to be given
  • If a student is required to carry and self-administer medication while at school, only a single measured dose for one school day can brought onto the College premises. Medication must be locked in that student’s locker.
  • Students with diagnosed asthma must carry their reliever medication with them at all times.
  • Students with diagnosed anaphylaxis are advised to have their Epipen (adrenaline autoinjector) with them at all times if age appropriate.
  • Students with diagnosed Type 1 diabetes must carry their “hypo Kit”at all times.

Updating student medical information

Please inform the College Nurse if there are any changes to your child’s medical information.


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Uniform Shop

During Term 4 we are open the following hours:

  • Monday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 11:45 am

Bev Sainsbury

Uniform Shop Coordinator

Charter Bus

College Charter Bus



Summer Canteen Menu 

Please see the attached Summer Canteen Menu, which is available for Term 4.

There has been a very small price increase on a couple of items. 


We thank you for your continued support and look forwards to being of service to you.

Community Notices

Subscribe to Sustain

Subscribe to receive Mary Ward International Australia's SUSTAIN Magazine at


Tennis Coaching - Term 4 for Pre-Primary to Year 6

A school tennis program is being offered to the children of John XXIII College Primary School. This program will run for eight (8) weeks.


  • Years PP-2 Monday 15 October, 7.45-8.30am
  • Years 3-6 Monday 15 October, 7.30-8.30am


  • Years PP-2 $100.00
  • Years 3-7 $130.00
  • 15% discount 2 children in same family enrolled     

VENUE: School Tennis Courts.

RACQUETS: Will be available at a price of $35.00 on the first day of coaching.



Glenn Mitchell (current parent), Dominic Sheldrick (Class 1985) and Robert Henderson.
Primary Parent Term 4 Calendar 2018.pdf
Primary Parent Term 4 Calendar 2018.pdf
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Canteen Term 4 Menu 2018.pdf
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