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30 August 2018
2018 Issue 12
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Principal's Message

What an amazing two weeks we have had in the College. Last week the excitement of Book Week filled the air, and it was a delight to see some of the Secondary teachers join the Primary team in dressing up in theme, as characters from Peter Pan. Children in the Primary were involved in various activities, about which you can read on the Primary Page.


The theme of Book Week was "Find your Treasure", and it got me thinking.

Matthew 6:19-21 says, "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."


What do we treasure in life? Is it as the world would have us believe, to desire after material possessions, wealth, a great job, or even popularity. Or is it something less tangible? Perhaps it is about family, friendships, or even deep values that drive us.


In the sermon on the mount, Jesus reminded us that God knows we need some things to survive, and that he takes care of these. He commended those who would "seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" (Matthew 6:33).


What a privilege it is to partner with parents in Christian education where we can remind one another and train our children to seek first God's will, God's way and God's kingdom. If we find our treasure in Him, then I believe we will also open our hearts to see the treasure of the blessings He gives us every day.


Parent Conferences

We trust that you have taken the opportunity to partner with us and discuss your child/ren's progress at the Parent-Teacher (Primary) and Parent-Student-Teacher (Secondary) Conferences this week. If you were unable to make it, or if the teacher did not have times that worked, please feel free to email the teacher to organise a phone conversation at a mutually convenient time.


Uniform Shop Open

Our new Dobsons uniform shop is open in A2 (to the left of the admin building). It is open on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons.


Toni Steinbergs

Acting Principal

Pray for Bayside

Please join with us praying for the Curtis-Morris family at this time.


Pray that our partnership with you as parents would strengthen during Parent-Teacher and Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences.


Pray that students would develop an attitude of gratitude as we focus on this purpose during Semester 2.


Give thanks for the many great things that have taken place at Bayside the last couple weeks - Book Week (including the Parade), Pioneers' Day, Snow Camp etc.

Primary News

Thank you to all the families for your wonderful support for the Book Week activities last week. Reading Hour was extremely well attended and the teachers were very busy serving hot chocolates and marshmallows. Calvin the Puppet, Mr Elkington and Mrs Coates entertained everyone with the reading of Mr Elkington’s picture story book ‘My Backyard Circus’. The Book Character Parade was enjoyed

by staff, students and families alike. All the effort that was put into helping students dress-up, was really appreciated, and Mrs De Haan and Mrs Coates kept it all moving in their roles

of MCs. Mrs Janienne Woodbridge, our former librarian, returned to help with the difficult job of judging the costumes and writing certificates. Mrs Jennie Champion and Mrs Cathy Underhill coordinated the whole week really well, and we are thankful to them and everyone else involved.


As a thankful response to the work of God in Christ, our students are given opportunities to serve others. This week in the Primary School,

the Year 6 Leaders are busy organising a ‘Can and Sock’ Fundraiser. Primary students are encouraged to bring in cans of food and pairs of new socks to donate to the local charity ‘Mums Supporting Families In Need’ (MSFIN). On Monday 3 September, students are encouraged to wear ‘crazy’ socks, instead of their normal school uniform socks, for the final day of the fundraiser. All families are encouraged to support this fundraising event. It should be fun as well!


At the Parent-Teacher Conferences this week, there is a great opportunity to support students with their school work and to continue to develop relationships between families. I hope that all families have booked their times to attend.


God bless you all,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary School

Busy 5/6s

Our Years 5/6 students have been very busy lately, learning about gravity and air resistance by making hand-gliders for science, building billy carts with Mr Mason as part of their construction unit, some Bike Ed and to top it off some procedural cooking. Check out the photo gallery to see what they've been up to!

Girls AFL Gala Day

Our Years 5/6 Girls AFL side recently participated in a Gala Day at the Woodleigh

School campus. They faced a full day of competition against some serious adversaries. While it was apparent that most schools had a few weekend warriors, Bayside were mostly raw recruits to the game. None-the-less the girls gave their all and battled brilliantly right to the end. The highlights of the day were many. Watching Lily charge through and Millie blind turn brought a surge of pride to this old campaigner. But no doubt the pinnacle moment was a great goal by Chloe K who kept finding space through her powerful running. All of the girls celebrated all of the team's achievements and agreed it was a fun learning experience. 


Russel Svigos

Years 5/6 Teacher

Mad Hatters

Year 6 leaders enjoyed attending the Mad Hatters Tea Party during Book Week. The food was amazing! 


Dexter came to school in a large tub with cover on top. He is a Eastern Bearded dragon aged 7

years old and is a male. He likes his tank at 23 degrees celsius and eats crickets and mealworms as well as tomato broccoli carrot cauliflower. He likes to sit on his log and sun bath in the heat. He will go puffed up and black to tell people to leave him alone, he will often do it when his hunting as well. Dexter will flatten himself when he is sunbathing and is a very beautiful lizard. He is also very good at hunting his crickets down to eat. He is a very calm and friendly lizard as well as wise smart and happy intelligent his scales have a diamondish type look to their pattern.


Krystal  - Year 6 

Across the College

Cyberbullying - Momo Challenge

We would like the parents of the College to be aware of a new cyberbullying threat called the “Momo Challenge” that is intentionally targeting teenagers online. The “Momo Challenge” has been reported to be spreading through several social media sites and gaming platforms, including Minecraft, WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube.


The “Momo Challenge” works by enticing victims to first contact an account through WhatsApp where they then receive threats of violence or blackmail, and are instructed to then perform a series of dangerous or immoral tasks. The threats and messages are usually accompanied by disturbing or gory images.


Parents are encouraged to communicate openly with their children about ‘Momo’, or any other online activities that make their children feel uncomfortable or pressure them into participating in any tasks or activities.


If you would like to speak to someone about cyberbullying issues, we encourage you to first discuss these matters with your child's teacher(s) and/or the College Principal, and to also utilise the resources provided by the Federal Government and other organisations to assist you in learning more about the best ways to address cyberbullying:


Additional Resources

Pioneers' Day

Monday 20 August was a great day for our College as we ran a special assembly to honour  and show our gratitude to our founders. 

Including some amazing musical items and reflections by our students, we paid tribute to the people who, nearly 40 years ago, followed the call of God and began the journey which is now Bayside Christian College. 

Sensational Snow Camp!

On Sunday 12 August, just over 30 students from Years 9 and 10 headed from Bayside to Mt Hotham for our six-day snow camp. We left Bayside under beautiful blue skies, but several hours later, as we approached the mountains, the clouds had gathered and there was snow waiting for us. The landscape changed quickly and the amount of snow that we saw as we drove up towards Mt Hotham was a great sign of the conditions that we would get to experience for the week.

We settled into our lodge and gathered all of our gear on Sunday afternoon, then began our lessons and our first day of skiing or snowboarding on Monday morning. All of the students took part in lessons throughout the week, and they made amazingly fast progress as they explored all of the terrain available. We had students doing the most difficult runs at Mt Hotham on just their second day on the snow, which was an amazing achievement. Because the snow conditions were so good this year, every run at Mt Hotham was open, which meant that the students got to experience a huge variety of challenging terrain during the week. The instructors continued to push the students in every lesson, teaching them new techniques and a few tricks along the way. The students loved doing jumps, and there were lots of highlight videos being shown in the lodge at the end of each day.


During the week the students experienced a huge variety of weather, including some sun and clear visibility on Tuesday, but a mix of blizzard snow and gale force winds during most of the other days. One of the great things about Mt Hotham is that many of the runs drop down into the valley, so the students were able to find plenty of runs that were protected from the winds.


Another fantastic aspect of the camp was seeing the way that the students supported and encouraged each other, as they learnt new skills, and explored and shared great success. Particularly pleasing was the way that some of our students with previous snow experience were so patient and encouraging, as they helped their friends who were experiencing snow sports for the first time.


The 2018 Snow Camp was the best so far, with the most amazing snow conditions that we've ever had, a wonderful group of students who continually challenged themselves, and an awesome experience in one of the most stunning aspects of God's creation.

Thanks everyone!


Andy Lancaster & Ken Berry

Snow camp organisors

Mountain Bike Track

The much anticipated mountain bike track is well underway with large portions of the track under construction. This week the building of the wooden features has begun with the VCAL students designing, planning and now building their features. It has been fantastic to watch the students use their God-given skills in service of others.

Rally Day

9/10 Girls Netball

Bayside sent Years 9 & 10 girls netball teams to

the SEISS inter-school rally day at Dandenong. The girls all showed awesome teamwork and positive attitudes throughout the day. The Year 9 team won every game for the day to take out the pennant, and the Year 10s won several games to place third on the day. Well done to all of our girls who participated.


Ken Berry

Years 9/10 Coordinator


9/10 Boys Touch Rugby

On Tuesday 28 August, the Year 9 and 10 Touch Rugby teams were given the opportunity to

participate in the first ever Year 9 and 10 Touch Rugby Rally Day. Both teams did extremely well on the day, making it to the Grand Final in their own age categories. The Year 10s were undefeated heading into the final where they lost in a close match to finish second. The Year 9s did an excellent job making it to the final, where they went down in a close game. Both teams displayed outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork. Well done boys.  


Dan Briglia

Years 9/10 PE Teacher

Berita Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian News

Why  learn Indonesian?

I have been asked this question in a number of ways over the years, and I have a growing list of answers for it. In the past week a Year 1/2 student added to my list with these words:


“That is the coolest president ever!”


Indonesia is currently hosting the Asian Games, and we have watched highlights of the Opening Ceremony, which led to the above comment. So, what makes Joko Widodo the “coolest president ever”? How about a motor bike stunt grand entry to the games? Of course we want to learn Indonesian now! (And no, I didn’t burst anyone’s bubble by suggesting it may possibly have been a stunt double).


Year 7 students have also watched highlights of a world record breaking public “poco-poco” dance, with the president and the armed forces leading 65,000 people dancing through the streets of Jakarta. Watching Year 7s trying to learn this dance may have been a highlight of my week.


It hasn’t been all motor bike stunts and (attempted) poco-poco dancing, though. Primary students have been busy learning how to use Indonesian vocabulary in the classroom. Year 7s are using language associated with colours and clothing to write about a sports person in their team uniform, and Year 8s are getting hungry because we are having lots of food-related conversations.


And importantly, we are rejoicing that baby Newton made his way safely into the world! Please continue to pray for this little family at this precious time.


Bersyukurlah kepada Tuhan, sebab Ia baik!

Mazmur 136:1


Kelly Davies

Guru Bahasa Indonesia

Design Tech Skills on Show

Throughout Semester 1, there were some

fantastic masterpieces created in the Design Technology Room. It was excellent to see students follow the design process and research, design and then build their products. There were some very unique, high quality and creative designs made.


Dan Briglia

Design Tech Teacher

Years 11/12 Happenings

The last two weeks have been very busy and exciting! Book Week brought about varied activities including the Reading Hour, a trip to ‘The Ideal Husband’, a Mad Hatters Tea Party and, this week, a ‘Literary Evening’ hosted by the Senior Literature students. We also had the Year 12 VCAL students opening up the new Bayside Coffee Corner at the Trades Skills Centre. This will be open on Monday mornings 9.30am-11.30am and Tuesdays between 11.30 am-1pm.


Our Year 11 students have been putting together applications for College leadership next year, and it has been wonderful to see the calibre of applications, and the commitment that these students have to their College.


A big thank you to Mrs Vass who came to speak with the Year 11 students this week about planning their end of Year 11 celebrations. Together with Mrs Gaskell and a committee of interested parents, a fantastic new event is being established to celebrate the end of Year 11 and the beginning of the final year of school.


This week, all VCE parents and students received a schedule for Unit 3-4 exam revision sessions that will be running over the Term 3 break. Students are strongly encouraged to make use of these times to prepare for their VCAA examinations.


As we head towards the end of term, a reminder of a few dates:


Bayside Community Market - Thursday 20 September

VCAL Showcase evening - Tuesday 16 October

Year 12 Final ‘Thank you’ Assembly - Monday morning 22 October

Year 12 Presentation night - Monday evening 22 October

Year 12 Final day - Tuesday 23 October


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11-12 Coordinator

A word from our Captains

The reality of finishing school for Year 12s has begun to sink in as we are beginning to make decisions and plans for end of year celebrations, such as valedictory dinner menu selection and other various projects that we are putting together to thank the school community.


The excitement of the Year 11s has also been buzzing around the senior school this week as they were posed with the decision of what they want their Year 12 jackets to look like. There’s also been ongoing debate between them as suggestions and selections are being made on what nickname they should get embroidered on the back of these final year mementos.


The past few weeks we have also seen ‘The Crew’, which is a bunch of youth group leaders from Peninsula City Youth coming to Bayside at lunch time on Thursdays to spend the time playing games and spreading the love of Christ to our high school community, which is contributing to the building and strengthening of the relationships between all the Secondary students. With only four weeks left of the term and House Athletics now just around the corner, I think we all can agree that this term has flown by.


Annabelle Hames

College Captain

Subject in Focus


It’s ‘zoo season’ in VCE Biology!


Our Year 11 students visited the Melbourne Zoo last week to see and learn about some of 

the endangered species that are being supported in captive breeding programs with the hope of re-releasing them into the wild to boost population numbers. Our case studies included a focus on reproduction and management of the Philippines Crocodile, the Corroboree Frog and the Asian Elephant. With some time left over, we enjoyed many of the other animals, including the friendly lemurs!


In a couple of weeks time, the Year 12 Biology

class will be attending a whole day conference

starting at the zoo and finishing at GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre). They will be studying what geneticists know about the contagious cancerous facial tumor threatening the natural population of the Tasmanian Devil, and how genes can be selected in a captive breeding program to ensure resistance to the disease is maintained and a healthy population is established.

Literary Evening

On Tuesday evening the Years 11 and 12 Literature students (and one Year 10 student!) shared their creative writings with our community. The diversity of the student pieces showcased transported the audience through moments of laughter, tears and joy, all the way to deep consideration. 


We have a very generous community - thank you to those students, parents and friends who offered encouragement before, during and after the evening.


The Lord gives generously and what a wonderful thing it is to experience.  


Sam Waldron

Literature Teacher

Melbourne Writers' Festival

On Wednesday, a dynamic crew from Bayside travelled to ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) for a playwriting workshop, followed by some 'in the moment' poetry. 


The students were encouraged to:

'Not be afraid!'

'To embrace collaboration between writers, editors and actors'




The student plays were diverse: 

A police officer appeared only to strike poses... 

the fireman was little better.

A mother ran around her car before entering her car. 

Children fought over who would be batman. 

Chris was the joker. 


Many cakes were viewed, very few were eaten. 

If you see any students - perhaps ask them to share some of their poetry with you...

Rally Day

Years 11/12 Girls Netball

On Thursday 16 August, some of the Year 11 and Year 12 girls participated in the Netball Rally Day. Our team managed to win all the games we took part in. This included three round robin games, a semi final (18-1) and the grand final (20-8). All the girls played extremely well and showed great enthusiasm towards our team and the other three schools. Special mention to our MVP Brooke who carried the team to victory. 

By Sienna Spark


Year 12 Boys Rugby

Touch Rugby Rally Day’s year 12s has big rig Bahlin Wishart setting up a number of touchdowns for the squad, Trippy Tommy Mac who has absolutely no style but has managed to pass the defenders, weaving through the packs all day racking up 8 touchdowns. Speedster Tah Tafi who managed the lazy 7 touchdowns along with elastic Ethan Lock who seemed to stretch around players racking up the 7 odd touchdowns with some great breakaways and interceptions also, and Winger James Lakasas, who was absolutely smashing it on the wing, with quick runs and gained meters on the wing. Overall an outstanding effort by the whole team, winning all our games including the Granny against the Bayside year 11’s to notch up the premiership winning 4-1 in our last game to win our last ever rally day. Moral of the story: teamwork makes the dreamwork. 

By Year 12 Boys


Year 11 Boys Touch Rugby

Today the Year 11 boys went to play touch rugby at west dandy. It was a great day learning a new sport and we all had a crack. Even better to come away with a win for Bayside. Good job lads!


By Year 11 Boys

Bayside's Coffee Corner

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be served

coffee and treats at Bayside's Coffee Corner this afternoon. As an avid (and fussy) coffee drinker, I highly recommend their wares...and the ambience they provide!

Mrs Cooper

Year 12 VCE English

Year 12 VCE English students are hard at work as they approach their final weeks of high school. Please pray for them as they prepare to finish this part of God's journey for them and embark on the next.


From the Finance Desk

Thinking of Leaving?

It is timely to remind everyone that you must provide one full term’s notice in writing (addressed to the Acting Principal) when you are withdrawing from the College – and this includes when you are finishing at the end of a school year. This gives us advance warning when planning classes and staffing requirements, programs, and setting budgets. As per college policy, a full term’s fees will be charged when less than one full term’s notice is provided.



Term 4 fees are due by no later than Friday 5 October - note that the College office will be open each day of the school holidays to assist families. All 2018 fees are to be paid by no later than 30 November, unless alternative arrangements have been discussed and agreed to by the business manager.

Uniform Shop

Dobsons Uniform Shop is now open at the

College in room A2 (situated near the main office) on Mondays 8:30-11:30am and Thursdays 1:30–4:30pm weekly.  Please feel free to visit and speak with the Manager, Monica, alternatively email: [email protected]. Appointments are also being taken for fittings for the blazers and summer uniform items.

LEAP OF FAITH : The Musical

Based on the hit 1980s film starring Steve Martin.

Featuring the GATEWAY GOSPEL CHOIR  and Rachel and Claire Lomulder,  Karen and Ethan Hooper, Coral, Lachlan and Cory Vass, Callum Osterberg,  Grace and Annabelle Gaskell.


This is a story about the birth of real faith and features fabulous music by the same writer as “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid”.


Dates: September 15, 16, 21, 22, 23


TICKETS  available at:

Resilient Kids Conference

Attention parents, educators, chaplains and youth workers...

The third annual Resilient Kids Conference is coming up in Melbourne! We have assembled some of Australia's best experts in raising young people. This event has sold out in other states so don't miss out - Saturday 8 September.


Book your tickets today at:

Netball Clinic



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