28 November 2019
Issue Nineteen

Inspired by the Spirit, we are a strong community supporting and leading learners in a safe and inclusive environment. 

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From the Principal

The building is coming along nicely with the expected completion date being the start of Term 2 next year. Once the new building is completed we will move the classes along the top corridor into the new building to allow the builders to refurbish these existing four classrooms.

It is interesting to note that the space that brings us together as a school community is not inside the new buildings but the empty space outside, especially in the courtyard. I am certainly missing the interactions with families before and after school. When the building is completed we will certainly have to have a big celebration and get everyone back onto the school grounds.

Tonight will be a good opportunity to gather as a community. We are expecting over 330 people for our COHR Christmas Party on the oval! The evening commences at 5:30pm but please don't put yourselves under pressure to be here at this exact time. Food will be available for a couple of hours before the movie starts at dusk.


We are fast approaching the beginning of Advent and the end of the Church’s liturgical year, so it is appropriate that we take some time to reflect. As we remember Jesus Christ, who was born into human life in the ultimate act of charity, we can contemplate how to lead and serve the communities we live and work in, and how we can be more like Christ.

Our busyness, as our school year winds up, and the preparations for Christmas and the holidays, are a challenge at this time. However, Advent gives us an opportunity to pause and reconsider how we can use our strength and energy to improve the world around us.

In the final weeks of the year the children will lead us in an Advent prayer service each Monday morning at assembly.

In this season of Advent, inspire us to be people of hope.

Encourage us not to be greedy for material possessions, but for justice and truth.

Enflame us with a love for others, which crosses boundaries of race, religion and nationality.

Stir within us a desire to fight for the integrity of creation and appreciate the immense beauty of the earth.

Be with us, Lord, at this time, that we may be people of hope.


Year 4 Camp

Last Thursday and Friday our Year 4's headed to Stringybark Lodge Camp in Gembrook for an overnight camp. Challenged by the hot and windy weather on the first day, the children still managed to have lots of fun and learn from their experiences.



COHR is committed to helping parents keep children safe online. One of the ways we do this is through the delivery of cyber safety lessons in the curriculum and another is providing support to parents through information sessions.

The information session provided on 14th November was excellent, however attendance was extremely low. Karen Wakeling, our ICT Leader, has kindly put together an information page in this week's newsletter. I would certainly encourage you to view this page and access the slides and notes provided on the evening.

2020 Prep Orientation

Yesterday we held our final orientation visit for our 2020 Preps. Our new Preps got to meet their 'Buddy' for next year. They were very excited to meet their buddies who presented them with a welcome card. Each of our new Preps also took home a learning show bag, full of fun activities and a picture story book to enjoy.

COHR Christmas Party


Commencing at 5:30pm, come along for a night of family fun. A free sausage sizzle tea will be provided along with some special treats for the children. This will be followed by a movie night on the big screen on the oval. The film being screened is 'Aladdin'. BYO seats, blankets and drinks. 

Staff News

Next year we have the following movement of staff;

Sadly we farewell Michella Pradel at the end of the year. After 7 years at COHR Michella has decided to look into other ventures (or adventures!) in 2020. Michella is an amazing teacher and leader and she will be sadly missed.

At the end of the year we shall also farewell;

Marisa Lucia, our Italian teacher, who will be retiring after 34 years in education. This is a remarkable achievement and we sincerely thank Marisa all that she has contributed to, not only Christ Our Holy Redeemer but also to Catholic Education over these years.

Sue Jenkins, a Learning Support Officer, will also be retiring after 9 years at COHR.

David Nolan, one of our 5/6 teachers. We congratulate Dave on his new appointment at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School in Craigieburn, Dave and his family are looking to move to the northern suburbs at the end of the year.

Leah Macdonald has resigned from her position here after 12 years of both full time and part time teaching. Leah is looking at working closer to home in the coming years.

We also thank and farewell Ashleigh McLellan and Elle Counihan who have have assisted us this year in some fixed-term positions.

We sincerely thank all of these staff members for the enormous contribution they have made to our school in their respective roles. We will certainly miss them and we wish them much happiness and success for the future.


In 2020 we welcome Mrs Jo Cowan to Christ Our Holy Redeemer. Jo will be taking on the role as Deputy Principal and Religious Education Leader. Jo is currently the Literacy Leader at St Mary’s Dandenong.

We also welcome Mrs Clare Inwood as a new 5/6 teacher. Clare is an experienced teacher of 19 years, currently working at St Simon’s Rowville.

The appointment of an Italian teacher and an additional Learning Support Officer is still being considered.

A full 2020 staff list will be communicated in our next newsletter.

'The Redeemers' on tour!

The school choir, aptly named ‘The Redeemers’, will be going ‘on tour’ on Friday 6th December. Travelling by  our walking school bus, the children will perform at 3 Bees Early Learning Centre, St John’s Kinder and Estia Aged Care, singing a small number of Christmas songs.


School Closure Day

A reminder that TOMORROW is a school closure day. Staff will will be working on planning for next year.

Student Wellbeing

Season's For Growth 2020

On Wednesday the 13th November and Thursday the 14th November, Kim Goddard and myself traveled down to Geelong to participate in the Season's for Growth Companion Training Course. This means that we now have four staff members trained to run the Season's for Growth Program at COHR in 2020.


What is Season's for Growth?

Season's for Growth is based on the belief that change and loss are part of life, and grief is a normal response to these losses. Children, young people and adults need the opportunity to learn about how death, separation, divorce or other significant loss events may impact on their lives.

The Season's for Growth program provides an opportunity for participants to learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to understand and respond well to such experiences.


Overview of the program

The program helps participants in the following ways:

  • supports children and young people to understand and respond well to issues they experience as a result of death, separation, divorce or other significant change and loss in their lives
  • assists children and young people to understand that their feelings and other reactions are normal
  • develops skills for coping, problem solving and decision making
  • builds a peer support network 
  • helps restore self-confidence and self-esteem
  • educates children and young people about the grief process.

If you think your child may benefit from this program, please speak to your child's classroom teacher, or contact myself or Kim Goddard at the school. You may also want to have a look as the website Good Grief - Season's for Growth for more information.

Myself and Kim are looking forward to running the program in 2020, as we have already had some parents express interest, if you have any questions or wish to email me please do so:


- Emily Faella (Wellbeing Leader)

School Wide Expectations

In 2017, we developed our School Wide Expectations. These expectation encompass all the values that we as a school think should be shown to/by all individuals.

These values are: Show Respect, Be Safe, Try Your Best, Be A Team and Follow Christ.


Each week at our Friday Assembly, Mr. Welsford selects an expectation that the school will focus on. Teachers will choose one student in their class who have shown that expectation to receive acknowledgment and the SEL award.

Parents are encouraged to use these expectations at home with the children, as this will help them develop the language and behaviours that accompany the school expectations. 


Some behaviours that students may show which demonstrate the  school expectations are:

Show Respect: Taking turns, being patient, listening to adults  and one another

Be Safe: Holding mum or dads hand when crossing the road, wearing helmets when riding bikes or scooters, being aware of their surroundings

Try Your Best: Completing their reading and homework to the best of their ability, showing persistence with jobs/chores at home

Be A Team: Playing nicely with siblings and/or family members, showing sportsmanship and positive attitudes at after school activities

Follow Christ: Showing kindness to family and friends, sharing toys with their siblings, using manners when speaking to others. 


Emily Faella - Wellbeing Leader


Cyber Safety



COHR hosted a Cybersafety evening with Sacred Heart on Thursday 14th November. The evening was run by Carly McGauran a family psychologist and Martin McGauran an education consultant and primary teacher, who presented many important tips and tricks in helping keep children safe in an online environment and  informing and empowering parents on the technical and psychological side of cybersafety.  Whilst disappointed with the parent attendance, it certainly was an informative presentation.


Helping children to stay safe online is something many parents should be concerned about. As a parent, your ability to set limitations, provide guidance and help, as well as supporting your child to gain confidence to ask for advice and help are all very important. Children need to be equipped with the tools to manage risks associated with being online. A major concern is the reluctance of children to discuss cyber safety issues with their parents through fear of retribution, loss of access to devices and subsequently the loss of access to their friends and the potential damage to their relationships.


Most of our students have access to at least one, if not more devices which have access to the internet, whether it be a smartphone, Chromebook, home computer, smart T.V., gaming console or iPad. Therefore the importance of staying safe online is crucial.


Three important issues presented to us on the night is the age limit for many of the social apps/ games, especially the Tik Tok app and the importance to not have access to the internet in bedrooms.

  1. The age to create accounts is 13 & over; Lying online = Lying. 

  2. Tik Tok ( - is an app that primary students should not have - to put it bluntly, this app is full of predators/ pornography!

  3. Internet not to be accessed in bedrooms, to be supervised at all times.

We know we have students that have signed up to these apps / games -  Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, You Tube, Twitch, Likee, Funimate, Clash of Clans. Students have told us about some cybersafety issues they have had. As parents, have you read the privacy settings, have you read the parent guides? Have you set parental controls on devices? We strongly advise that you communicate, supervise and set boundaries with your children.  Slides from the Cybersafety presentation can be found here, outlining how to access parent guides and what controls you can set. These slides are updated regularly.


In weeks 8 & 9, Mrs Torrisi will once again run Cybersafety lessons with all grades. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides many tools and excellent advice to parents for protecting your children online. Common Sense Media is another informative site for online behaviour - sign up to the parent blog.


As we get nearer to the holiday time there probably will be more screen time happening, it is a timely reminder for all of us to be vigilant with the cybersafety of  our children. The most important path a parent can take is to be involved. Explore the internet together, find out what games and websites your children enjoy and get to know their friends both online and offline. 


If you have any questions or want further explanation, please come and have a chat. Mrs Georgina Torrisi and Mrs Karen Wakeling are passionate about helping our students navigate and being responsible online users.




Kanga Cricket Finalists - Senior Girls



Date: Mon 25th November 2019

Result: 4 games -  won 2, lost 2 

Team/people: Annalise, Chanel, Anastasia, Sophie, Isabella, Brianna, Sienna, Julia, Jess, Sienna, Mia, Ava

Coach: Mrs Tobin  & Mr Nolan

Level: Regional


On Monday, the 25th, our girls cricket team, The Diamonds, competed in a regional cricket tournament. We played 4 games, and came out with the amazing result of fifth, meaning; two games won and two lost. We couldn’t have come out with our amazing result without the help and support of our fantastic coaches, Mrs Tobin & Mr Nolan. Unfortunately we did not make it through although it was worth every second because of our encouraging teammates, the experiences and memories we’ll treasure forever. 


Written by Sophie & Ana

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St James College and St Bedes College Amalgamation






Thursday 28th         COHR  Movie Night on school oval

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Thursday 12th        Graduation Dinner & Mass

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