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22 February 2018
Term 1 Week 4 2018
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


19th - 22nd February

Year 9 Camp


Friday, 23rd February

Bus Fees Due


Thursday, 1st March

Year 9 SEISS Basketball


Friday, 2nd March

Clean Up Australia Day


Monday, 5th March

Secondary Athletics Carnival


Tuesday, 6th March

Year 10 SEISS Basketball


Monday, 12th March

Labour Day



13th - 16th March

Year 10 Camp


Tuesday, 13th March

SEISS Swimming Carnival (backup 19th March)


Thursday, 15th March

ASV Years 1-3 Combined Sports Day


Monday, 19th March

Year 8 SEISS Basketball


20th - 25th March

Year 11 Avondale Camp


21st - 23rd March

Year 8 Camp


Wednesday, 21st March 

Harmony Day NWS


Monday, 26th March

National Leaders Day

Year 7 SEISS Basketball


Tuesday, 27th March

Parent/Teacher Interviews

S -v- S Challenge


Wednesday, 28th March

Last Day Term 1


Thursday, 29th March

Curriculum Development & PD Day

General Information

Canteen Return

Please note the canteen will remain closed until further notice.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Thank you.

A Week for Building
Relationships with Him

Last week was Festival of Faith. All of Officer Primary students, Early Learning Centre and Narre Warren South Primary students attended this amazing week of spiritual emphasis. We listened to great stories, sang many songs and had a great time praising and worshipping God. Pastor Lagi told many stories about himself and his family which I really enjoyed. From these stories I learnt how to show excellence. Excellence is not about wanting or being the best it is about doing the best. The Year 6 students also got to lead out the songs in praise each day. It was exciting to see all the students praising and singing to God.



I’m sure all the students in the primary school enjoyed Festival of Faith. Personally, I really liked the stories Pr Lagi presented to us. Many of the stories he told, demonstrated the value of Excellence that he had experienced in his life. The idea of  ‘Doing your best!’ does not necessarily mean the absence of mistakes, but it does mean the using faith and determination to achieve your best. If we live by the idea that ‘God created an excellent world’ , then we should show excellence to others. A focus on excellence means we take the time to work hard and think carefully about the tasks and activity we get involved in. If you strive for excellence, you lay the foundation for a bright future.  May God bless you all.  Ruvesh.

End of Term Finish

The last day of term is Wednesday, 28th March.  School will finish at 12:50pm.


Thank you.

ICAS Tests

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students. The assessments comprise eight Digital Technologies tests, eleven English tests, eleven Maths tests, eleven Science tests, six Spelling tests and ten Writing tests.


Heritage College will again be offering to administer these tests to students and families who choose to participate. The tests are voluntary, each incurring a cost to the family and will be scheduled on specific dates, as outlined below. If you would like your child to participate in one or more tests, please request a payment form from Tam (NWS) or Venitta (OC) and pay the associated costs.


More information is available on their website:  https://www.eaa.unsw.edu.au/icas/about.


2018 ICAS Dates and Prices

If you have further questions regarding registering or administration of the tests, please contact your child’s Deputy Principal.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Bus Drivers Look the Part

Our Bus Drivers changed their look this week, donning uniforms for the first time. We think they look very smart and make a great team. Make sure you say hi when you see them.


Mrs Tam Dobson

Bus Secretary

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 3

The ‘Office of the eSafety Commissioner’ has a new resource available to all parents called ‘Parent Resource Centre’. This fantastic space provides details, facts, top tips and links to learning opportunities that parents can undertake to help better understand the digital world that their children are a part of.


Just a few of the resources on offer are:

  • 7 ways to manage web-connected devices in the home

  • 8 tips to keep on top of your child’s screen time

  • Parents guide to online safety

Head to: https://www.esafety.gov.au/about-the-office/resource-centre#forparents for a complete list.


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 4

The rapid advances in technology have meant rapid changes to the way our children live their lives, and subsequently to the way we parent and educate.


According to research, one in five young Australians are the target of cyberbullying each year, and 49 per cent of teenagers reported they had added people to their social networking ‘friends’ list that they had never met face-to-face.


With that in mind, and with support from Google, the Alannah and Madeline Foundation has developed a ‘Digital Licence’ – an online education tool designed to help protect children from online risks. This engaging resource was designed with cyber safety experts, teachers, and industry leaders in education and technology.


The Digital Licence is the most comprehensive educational resource for online safety and responsibility.


Here at Heritage College we endeavour to embrace the benefits of technology, and at the same time educate and protect our children from cyberbullying and other online risks. Therefore, we are implementing the Digital Licence in Years 4, 5 and 6 and invite you to visit the website digitallicence.com.au to learn more about the program.


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator



Stationery Voucher Winner

As most of you will remember, we ran a special draw for those who attended Registration Day.  The prize was a $200 Officeworks gift card.


Congratulations to Mrs Glenore Clayton, who was the winner and collected her gift card from Mr A earlier this year.

Congratulations again!


Mrs Tam Dobson

Executive Administrator

Dedication Evening


"Australia...Cook Islands...Samoa...Indian...Sri Lankan...Polish...Africa…”  Food from these and other countries were placed on the tables at Narre Warren South on Friday and wow, they tasted so nice!  Thank you to all of our wonderful families who were available to come and share a meal with the rest of your College families and staff.  
At 7pm Pastor Lagi brought all students and families upstairs for a dedication prayer.  


What a way to start 2018!  At the feet of Jesus Christ.  Well done everybody and don’t forget to look for ways to Stand Tall for Jesus!  

Mr Sonny Aiono


School Sport Victoria
Team Vic Online Registration Process


From Narre Warren South

Car Park Safety - Call for Volunteers

To ensure the safety of our children and alleviate some of the time pressures from our teachers, we are seeking volunteers to assist with ‘Lollipop’ duty of a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.


Our NWS Crossing is an area of high risk in the afternoons as students and families cross the road and cars circle our car park. We already have a teacher stationed on the crossing in a hi-vis vest and a stop sign to monitor the flow of pedestrians and cars.


We are seeking parents / grandparents who would be willing to volunteer 20 mins on a given afternoon on a short term / long term or rotating basis to assist with monitoring the crossing. We will kit you out with a vest and stop sign and the teacher on duty will give directions and instruction as required.


We thank the Danha and MacRae families for already volunteering their valuable time on Thursday and Friday afternoons.


If you are able to assist with this vital role please feel free to contact our office or email me your availability.


Email: r.sevenhuysen@heritagecollege.com.au


Thank you.

Coles Sports for Schools


Clean Up Australia Day


Primary School Nurse Program


From the Secondary Campus

Year 7 Information Night

I remember my first day in Year 7, I was definitely nervous and a lot more scared of meeting new people than I am now. 


Year 7 is the first important step in to BIG school and with the help of teachers and families the transition is made much easier. I wish we had an information night back then, and I’m glad that the students I teach now get to have important events like these.


On Monday, 12th February, we held our Year 7 Information Night for our families at the Officer Secondary Campus! Lots of information was shared, new memories were created and plenty of food consumed.


All our Year 7 teachers were present on the night to chat and bond with our Heritage College families.


If you were not able to join us on the evening, simply visit the following link to be kept up to date about all things Year 7!


LINK: http://bit.ly/2o9bFzv 

Mrs Palolo Lafaitele

Years 7/8 Level Leader and

Transition Coordinator

Sweet Expressions of Love

Year 11 celebrated Valentine’s Day last week by sharing some love within the school community. In addition to visiting classes with reminders of God’s love from the Bible, the students spent several lunch times over the previous week making chocolates that were available for purchase.


Continuing their focus on unconditional love, the class elected to donate the money raised to support a friend who is coming to terms with the recent loss of a parent.

Thanks Year 11 for this great reminder that love comes in all forms!


Miss Elyse Taylor

Years 11/12 Level Leader

Year 11 Trip to Avondale - Week 8

Parents, if you have not yet received information from your Year 11 student about the Avondale Camp, please remind them to pass this on.


We will need confirmation of attendance by Monday, 5th March to help with our planning. Thank you


Miss Elyse Taylor

Years 11/12 Level Leader

Year 10 Future Pathways Information Night


Standing Tall in Service

Year 8 students have picked up the mantle of service early this year. At the end of last year, as a Year 7 Encounter class, they raised funds to purchase sports equipment for Officer Campus Primary School students. The Year 8's were very proud to be able to present a cricket set and volleyballs to the excited primary school students. Well done Year 8! We’re all looking forward to the love for service spreading around the school.

Mrs Camilla Christian

Encounter Teacher

The Winter Olympics have come to Officer

For the last two weeks our Year 12 Homeroom has been competing in Winter Olympic style activities with Gold Medal Ceremonies held each day.


There has been much laughter and creativity in competing in events such as Bobsledding, Pairs Figure Skating, Snowman building and Curling.


We thank the Year 12 students for taking on each challenge with enthusiasm and an attitude of excellence.

Miss Jody Lawson and Mr Nathanael Capon

Year 12 Teachers

Festival of Faith

Through the course of Week 3, our Officer Secondary enjoyed the fellowship that was Festival of Faith.


The program kicked off with the staff prelims and an ice-breaker of ‘Standing Tall’ literally with cup stacking. Students in their year levels quickly learnt the lesson that standing tall requires a good foundation. Each day followed with the four houses producing their own prelim session and ice-breaker – such creativity!


Our new Chaplain, Pastor Lagi, spoke each day, giving us moving glimpses of his life experiences and how he allowed God to shaped his life and that of his family. Students were offered commitment cards on the last day. The week ended with the Dedication of Heritage College, held at the Narre Warren South Campus on Friday evening. This also involved a cultural food event attended by many of our parent community.


Thank you to those who participated and made this week a success.

Mr Evan Varty

Secondary Teacher

Swimming Success

Tuesday, 6th February in Week 2, saw the annual House Swimming Carnival, held at Doveton Pool in the Park. Students came on the sunny day donned with their ‘fashions’ to strut the catwalk of fame next to the pool. The creative fashions received cheers from the fans as the judges deliberated.


Next were the pool events in all swimming styles except butterfly. Several students swam multiple events to ensure their house was represented. Even those who were not confident in swimming had a go just to finish the race, showing real resilience. I remember on the day seeing Ryan T and Harry in more races than I could count, even some above their age group.


After this came the ‘biggest bomb’ contest, with some able teachers setting the bar. It was interesting to see the different styles. Once the water slide opened and a period of free swim in the wading pool began, there was no stopping them. Overall the students had a fun time.


We had a great turn out from students and family spectators but as in any competitor sport there can only be one winner. As predicted humbly by myself, yes, it was Jackson who stole the day significantly. Followed by Landy in second place. Well done to all who showed up and especially, those who participated; you showed true service to your houses. Special thanks to Mr S for assisting on the day, teachers and staff for your work in making it all happen.

Mr Evan Varty

Teacher & Photographer

From the Officer Primary Campus

Excellent Start to the Year!

Students at Officer Campus Primary have been hard at work this week as we spend our first week in the classrooms. The Prep and Year 1 students have been focusing on Numbers. Prep students are learning to recognise numbers up to 10 and write them correctly. Year 1 students are focusing on identifying numbers up to 100 and finding them on a 100 chart. Well done Prep/1W on excellent learning this week!


The Year 2/3C class have been busily learning more about number lines and problem solving. This week students were given this problem to solve: When Granny was sick, the doctor gave her a box of tablets to make her better. Granny took 2 tablets every day for 7 days. There are 36 tablets left. How many tablets were in the box that the doctor gave Granny? Can you work this problem out? Are you smarter than a 2nd/3rd grader?

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher, 3ICP

School Banking

Congratulations to Heritage College Officer Campus Primary students who participated in school banking in 2017!  You raised $140.61 for your school, while earning interest on your money and receiving rewards for your deposits.  Well done!


Kyrstelle Kothe

School Banking Coordinator Officer Campus Primary

Clean Up Australia Day

The Officer Campus Primary students are very excited for our Annual ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ Event. We are inviting parents to join us on Friday, 2nd March.


We will have our normal Chapel program at 9am and then afterward, 9:45am, we will begin our “Cleaning Up”! Please ensure students bring gloves, their school hat and their water bottle.


We look forward to another year of excellence in cleaning up our campus and keeping our environment clean!


Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 4/5N Teacher, 3ICP

Mobile March


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