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16 February 2018
Issue One
Principal's Messages
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Principal's Messages

Leaders Investiture

This morning, we inducted our school captains, house captains and student council members.  We were very lucky to have the Deputy Mayor, Mrs Sonia Bennetto attend the ceremony and assist with the proceedings.  Our school leaders for 2018 are;


School Captains – Mika and Pela (Yr 6)


House Captains

Billabong – Shakira and Cayden (Yr 5)

Coolabah – Kasey and Bianca (Yr 5)

Matilda – James and Gypsy (Yr 5)


Student Council – Ava & Oscar (1), Elliot & Shayla (2), Marliah & Valerie (2/3/4), Amlen & Seth (3), Meliegha & Paxton (4), Brooke & Lilly (5), Shelby & Tyler (5/6), Lykisha & Matthew (6).

We wish all of these students the best in their roles for 2018.


Behaviour Workshop

Thank you to the parents who attended the parent workshop on behavior on Wednesday night.  Mr Moore and myself hope that it was an informative evening and that some useful information was received.  We certainly took on board some useful feedback and are hopeful we will be able to use it to improve our school.

Collecting Students

If you have your students being collected from school by someone other than yourself, as parent or guardian, can you please inform the office exactly who is collecting the child.  It saves issues arising over child safety and anxiety and embarrassment for everyone involved.  Similarly, if an emergency should arise and you are unable to collect your child at three o’clock please phone the office and we will organize for the child to be monitored at the bus stop by the Teacher Aides on duty.  Again, please inform us if someone different is collecting your child for you.  If students have not been collected by twenty minutes past three then they will be taken to the office to wait until someone arrives.

Playground Equipment

Can I ask parents to not let their children play on the playground equipment after school hours?  There are a few reasons for this but primarily students are required to leave the school grounds straight after school and go straight home.  It is very difficult for staff to know if and who children are being supervised by.  If there is an injury on the equipment then the school and myself will be liable for not providing a duty of care for that student.  It also helps us to know which students have and have not been collected.

Ultimately, students need to be seated if they are waiting to be collected or with parents otherwise they need to leave the school grounds as soon as possible and make their way home safely.

Upcoming Events


Monday 19 - Parade 2:30pm in the Hall

Monday 19 - Tuckshop

Tuesday 20 - School Banking

Wednesday 21 - Tuckshop

Wednesday 21 - Rugby League Training 3:00pm - 4:00pm on the Oval

Thursday 22 - Rugby League Training 3:00pm - 4:00pm on the Oval

Friday 23 - Netball/League Round 3

Monday 26 - Parade 2:30pm in the Hall

Monday 26 - Tuckshop

Tuesday 27 - School Banking

Tuesday 27 - Netball/League Trials

Wednesday 28 - Tuckshop

Wednesday 28 - Rugby League Training 3:00pm - 4:00pm on the Oval


Thursday 1 - Netball/League Trials

Friday 2 - Clean Up Australia Day

Monday 5 - Parade 2:30pm in the Hall

Monday 5 - Tuckshop

Tuesday 6 - School Banking

Tuesday 6 - Arts Council

SWPBL Expectations


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