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26 April 2018
Term 2 Week 2
Dates to remember
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Dates to remember

2018 Important Dates



Friday 27th    -   Return Teeth On Wheels Forms

Friday 27th    -    Power of One Incursion

Monday 30th    -    Mont de Lancey Excursion:   JDS (split), JJC, JKC, JKG

Monday 30th - Friday May 4th   -   Y6 Canberra Tour



Thursday 3rd    -    Mont de Lancey Excursion:   JJL, JJM, JLS

Friday 4th    -     Teddy Bears Buddies Picnic, Preps & Y5

Wednesday 9th    -    John Monash Science School "Mini Mathematicians" (participating students)

Thursday 10th    -    Mothers' Day Stall

Thursday 10th    -    Teeth On Wheels Dental Van Visit

Tuesday 15th    -    Kew Traffic School, Preps

Wednesday 23rd    -    John Monash Science School "Mini Mathematicians" (participating students)

Thursday 24th    -    House Cross Country - Middle & Senior



Wednesday 20th    -    John Monash Science School "Mini Mathematicians" (participating students)

Wednesday 27th    -    John Monash Science School "Mini Mathematicians" (participating students)

Notices sent home this week

Prep PMP Notices

Y6 Camp Reminder - no iPads

Level Newsletters

Teeth On Wheels Application Form


Principal's Report

From Graeme's desk....

Legacy ANZAC Service

Last Friday we had the honour of again having students represent the school at the annual Legacy ANZAC Service at the Shrine. Our Junior School Council and School Captains attended this moving service. 








Gallipoli Oak Planting

As part of ANZAC commemorations this year, we also had the pleasure of holding a short service on Tuesday with some classes to plant our own Gallipoli Oak Tree. The tree is a descendant of an acorn sent from a soldier in Gallipoli to his family in the Western District in 1915. That oak tree is now over 100 years old and its acorns are propagated and offered to schools. We have waited 4 years for ours. We were joined by William Johnson, Vice President of the Croydon RSL and Richard Weekes from Legacy for our planting service.  The tree should grow large but is starting off very small now. We will be nurturing it carefully over the years to come. 

We are very proud to have this constant living reminder for our students of the sacrifices that others have made, which enables the privileged life we lead.  LEST WE FORGET.










On Tuesday evening students and parents gathered in the PAC for the 2018 StageStruck, an opportunity for students to perform in a supportive environment.  It was a wonderful night of entertainment with the students performing in a wide range of ways from singing, instrumental dance and comedy acts.  Our school Rock Band opened the night and the school Choir closed it off in style. It was wonderful to see students taking on the challenge of performing for a large audience.  Thanks to Amana for the hours of auditions and rehearsals ensuring the performances went so smoothly. 







Year 6 Canberra Camp

I am looking forward to joining our Year 6 students as they travel to Canberra to learn all about our system of government and the sights and experiences of Canberra.  We know this is a wonderful opportunity to see the many sights of our National Capital.  

Graeme Caudry  -  Principal

What's happening at CHPS

Sports News  

House Athletics Sports

Last Wednesday and Thursday we held the House Athletics Sports at the Ringwood Athletics Track. Two beautiful days weather-wise made both events much more enjoyable!  The Middle School ran their races on Wednesday and the Senor School on Thursday.  Well done to all the students who had a go at all the events - whether they received a sticker, ribbon or not, they all did their best.   Sincere thanks to all the parents who came out for the two days  to make these events a great success.  Also thank you to the staff who worked all day to get the results from the great performances.  This is the second year we have used technology to make the events move quicker, and next year we will have this perfect!!










Interschool Sports

Interschool Sports for the Winter season starts this week.  We are playing against Good Shepherd.  Good luck to all the teams and thank you once again to all those parents who have volunteered to assist with teams.

Junior Soccer Clinic


This week we saw the first of 4 weeks of Soccer Clinics for the Junior students during their PE sessions.   Lewis and Brendan put the children through their dribbling paces on Tuesday and showed them how to do some tricks.  Thank you to Impact Soccer for delivering these clinics.


Noreen McMenaman  -  Sport / PE

Library News

Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope you managed to read a lot of exiting books (there are so many to choose from!)  Term 2 is an exciting time in the Library, as we will be having our Book Fair later in the Term. Watch the newsletter and Compass for exact dates and times as we get closer to the start date which is the 21st of May.

Please ensure that your children are using their library bags and returning their books on time. Overdues remain a problem and can take up an enormous amount of time which should be spent getting new and exciting books onto the library shelves. Please help your children to become responsible for remembering where their library books are and the day they have library so that they know when to bring their books back to school.

Sue Offer


Fresh-picked from the Yarra Valley - new season Pink Ladies, Golden Delicious, Royal Gala, green & brown pears.  Plus Fuji and Granny Smith.  Apples are $10 for a 5-6kg bag, Pears are $8 for 4-5kg.  

Order and pay at the office by next Wednesday morning - fruit will be delivered on Thursday.

Canteen, Uniform & School Banking News

Canteen News


During the cooler months the Canteen is offering at recess only, a hot milo with a homemade cookie for $1.50 to help warm the kids up.  These can be ordered via Flexischools and will be ready for collection by your child at recess.

FLEXISCHOOLS ONLINE ORDERING IMPORTANT: Please ensure online orders are placed AND confirmed as we have an increasing number of students with no lunch order at lunchtime.  This causes distress to the students and an extra workload at a busy service time for the Canteen staff.   Orders can be placed days in advance.

This service is available from Monday to Friday via the Flexischools website. Lunch orders can be placed online until 9am each day, we do however have a “late orders menu” which is a very limited menu and will be open for 1 hour from 9am -10am. This option is solely for emergencies and not for regular lunch orders. Please plan ahead and place orders early. Due to limited help we would not be able to accommodate a large volume of late orders. Please note – Sustainable Bags are NOT suitable for online ordering. A paper bag will be provided.

NEW… MEAL DEALS Available online only

Monday Meal Deal $4.80

Cheese and Bacon Roll with an Oak Flavoured Milk & Anzac Cookie.

Tuesday Meal Deal $6.00

Bakers Delight Pizza Slab (Hawaiian or Supreme), Juice Box & 2 Homemade Cookies

Wednesday Meal Deal $6.00

Wedges with sour cream or tomato sauce, Oak Flavoured Milk & 2 Homemade Cookies

Thursday Meal Deal $6.00

Nachos with cheese, salsa & sour cream, Oak Flavoured Milk & Honey Joy

Friday Meal Deal $4.80

Warm Cheesymite Scroll, Juice Box & 2 Mini Muffins.


Friday 27th April – Kati Wilkins, Rosy Prashar

Friday 4th May – Narelle Collins, Jenny Trabucco

Karen Cyster  -  Canteen Manager

Uniform News


Due to the increase of online lunch orders, we will NOT be stocking these any more.  If you do want one you can purchase directly from Stickybeaks


Girls Bootleg Pants              -               $15.00

Girls Cardigans (Size 4)       -               $10.00

Boys Trousers                       -               $10.00

Limited sizes - get in quick!


If you are after some spare windcheaters & tracksuit pants to get you through the winter months - we have plenty of second hand items for sale.

2018 Uniform Shop Opening Hours: 

Monday 8.30am to 10am

Thursday 2.30pm to 4pm

Orders can be placed any day through  Your order will be processed during normal opening hours and delivered home via your child’s classroom. Order Forms can also be left at the office.

Orders and enquiries can be made by phoning the Uniform Shop during our opening hours.

All orders will be sent to your child’s classroom, unless otherwise specified.

Jo Lovell  -  Manager

For our students....


All the fun of the Games!


















Mia's MessageBoard

The Resilience Project Parent Seminar

It was so great to see so many parents at the talk last Wednesday night. For those who didn’t make it but are keen to hear about it read on….

How was it?  POWERFUL!!

What were the key messages?

  1. We need to fail to learn resilience. If you protect your kids from failing they are robbed of the opportunity to learn and develop strength of character. In order to grow, and bounce back from adversity we need experiences of failure.  Failure = Growth.  See article attached on teaching kids to fail.
  2. Intrinsic motivation – Definition; Intrinsic motivation refers to behaviour that is driven by internal rewards.  In other words, the motivation to engage in a behaviour arises from within the individual because it is naturally satisfying to you.  So this is opposed to kids only doing things for external reward such as a toy, money, etc.  If kids are asking ‘what is in it for me?’ this is the opposite to empathy/kindness and the more self-centred we are the more our wellbeing suffers.
  3. Asking for Help – 64% of adolescents do not ask for help.  Marten says this is because ‘they do not trust in the process’.  I believe there are two main factors that diminish kids’ trust;
  1. Stigma – Stigma only exists within our own personal beliefs.  If you feel ashamed or embarrassed by your mental struggles you create the stigma yourself.  We need to teach kids that there is nothing to be ashamed of that just like going to the doctors for a rash you go a doctor for brain exercises!
  2. Parents reaction – How you react to your child when they come to you with their struggles can foster a ‘help seeking’ approach or NOT.  If you use the reflective listening style which is where you purely listen without any emotional reaction of your own and allow the child to feel heard and then prompt them to problem-solve rather than tell them what to do.  If you react emotionally, or say ‘there is no need to worry about that’, or jump in with what you think they should do, you will foster a NON-help seeking approach.

Teaching Kids to Fail

I subscribe to Michael Grose’s Newsletter called Happy Kids,

This is his latest and relates to the struggles some kids are having currently around perfectionism, giving up easily, or not trying for fear of failure.

Teach your kids to fail

So much parent energy and time is spent helping our kids be successful that we forget to encourage our kids to fail. It’s counter-intuitive!

But failing is part of the learning process. Just watch an infant learning to walk and you’ll see that for every step forward there are countless stumbles. He fails more than he succeeds. Anything worthwhile learning usually involves many failed attempts to get it right.

There’s a low tolerance for mistakes

Kids learn many things through trial and error including how to walk, how to feed, and how to dress themselves. Then when they’re older children learn how to form friendships, how to read and how to master many skills through trial and error. The difference is that adults tend to be less tolerant of mistakes as children get older. Parents become impatient. Schools assess performance. Kids compare themselves against the progress of their peers.

Develop a positive approach toward failure

Kids take their initial cues from their parents about how they should interact in the world so your attitude to mistakes, both big and small, will have a huge impact on their attitude to failure. How would you feel if your young child sets the table with knives and forks upside down? Would you correct them straight away or would you acknowledge their best effort and next time you remind them how to do it properly? If you want your child to take learning risks then I suggest you take the latter approach. He most likely got it wrong due to lack of skill. He’ll only get the skill he needs if he has confidence to learn. Keep his confidence up by thanking him for his contribution to the family. Patience, like faith, is a virtue if you want your child learn.

Teaching kids to fail is counter-intuitive but it’s important if you want to them to embrace all the wonderful opportunities that world offers, rather than restrict themselves to safe options where success is assured.

Impact of video games….BE INFORMED with this seminar –  

BUGK – Bringing Up Great Kids Term 2 -

Mia Sartori  -  Student Welfare Officer

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