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29 March 2018
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On Thursday 29 March 2018 school finishes for Term 2.  For the Church Holy Thursday night begins the great celebration of the Paschal Mystery with the Easter Triduum.  This is the three days where we recall the passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord for the salvation of all.  These days are the centre point of the Church’s year and the most sacred of days.
The three days present us with a commemoration of Our Lord’s last supper and the institution of the Eucharist and the first Mass, the Celebration of His Passion and Death on Good Friday and the joy of His Resurrection with the Easter Vigil on Saturday Night.
As Catholics we are so blessed to have the liturgy to remember God’s love and saving action in our lives and express our gratitude for this.  The liturgy allows us to be present to the presence of God in our lives and to open our hearts to the future and look forward with hope as we invite God to come more deeply into our lives and bless and sanctify them.
We strongly encourage all students and their families to attend the Easter Ceremonies in your local parish.  At Easter Our Lord show His great love for us with His self sacrifice and gift of His love for us on the cross and in the Eucharist. On Easter Sunday Our Risen Lord also shows His power and glory and wants to come more deeply into our hearts and fill them with His Risen Life and Love.  ‘God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son’ (John 3:16). The only fitting and appropriate response to love is love.  The most concrete gift of love we have to give is our time.  In response to God’s love let us take some time to be with Him, to open our hearts and pray.  Let us come before Him in the Easter Triduum in the opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in your parish, in reading and meditating on His Holy Word and in your own personal prayer.  Let us open our hearts this Easter to God’s love and allow ourselves to be surprised as God comes to work in them, to shape them and mould them to be more like His Heart which is ablaze with love for all.
Prayers for a blessed and Holy Easter for you and your family.
Holy Family of Nazareth – Be our inspiration and our guide.
Jesus of Nazareth – Help us to grow in faith, wisdom and knowledge.

Principal's Report

Dear Families and Friends of Nazareth College

We enter the most significant period in the liturgical year.  The Easter-tide : the events that transpire over the coming period are very much in the hearts of the Nazareth Family.

After we proclaim the arrival of Jesus on Palm Sunday, we then enter a period of reflection, denial, betrayal and, finally, death. Three days later, Christ is alive again, He has risen and this marks the beginning of new life.

At Nazareth, all students have had a prayer service and are encouraged to attend their Parish Masses and services over the Easter period.  For those who are of other religious denominations, we hope it will also be a time to reflect on the significance of Easter.

St Elizabeth’s, Dandenong North

Holy Thursday (29 March): 7.30pm

Good Friday Stations of the Cross (30 March): 10.00am

Good Friday (30 March): 3.00pm

Easter Vigil (31 March): 7.30pm

Easter Sunday (1 April): 8.30am and 10.30am


St Simon’s, Rowville

Mass Times
Saturday Vigil: 6:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am, 9.30am, 11:00am

Weekday Mass Times
Monday - Saturday: Morning 9:15am
Tuesday Evening: 7.00pm


St Justin’s, Wheelers Hill

Good Friday Way of the Cross (30 March): 10.00am

Liturgy of the Passion of Christ: 3.00pm

Holy Saturday (31 March): Easter Vigil Mass 7.00pm

Easter Sunday (1 April): 8.30am and 10.30am


St Gerard’s, Dandenong North

Regular Mass Times

Sunday:                            7.00am (Latin) 8.30am 10.30am 5.30pm

Monday to Thursday:  9.15am

Friday:                               9.15am and 7.00pm

Saturday:                         9.15am and 5.30pm (Vigil Mass)


St Anthony’s, Noble Park

Holy Thursday (29 March): 7.30pm

Good Friday (30 March): 11.00am Interfaith Stations of the Cross on Princes Highway outside Springvale Cemetery / Passion Service 3.00pm / Evening Prayer 6.00pm

Holy Saturday (31 March): Easter Vigil Mass 7.30pm

Easter Sunday (1 April):  8.15am 9.30am 11.00am


St Joseph’s, Springvale

Holy Thursday (29 March): 6.00pm (Vietnamese) 8.00pm (English)
Good Friday Stations of the Cross (30 March): 9.00am (English) 11.00am (Vietnamese)
Good Friday (30 March): 3.00pm (English) 5.00pm (Vietnamese)
Easter Vigil (31 March): 7.00pm (English) 9.30pm (Vietnamese)
Easter Sunday (1 April): 8.00am 9.30am 11.00am 3.00pm (Vietnamese)


Resurrection, Keysborough

Holy Thursday (29) March): 7.30pm

Good Friday Stations of the Cross (30 March): 11.00am Interfaith Stations of the Cross on Princes Highway outside Springvale Cemetery

Good Friday (30 March): 3.00pm Good Friday Service

Holy Saturday (31 March): 10.00am Prayer Reflection

Easter Sunday (1 April):  5.00am 9.00am 11.00am


St John Vianney’s, Mulgrave

Holy Thursday (29 March): 7.30pm

Good Friday Stations of the Cross (30 March): 10.00am

Good Friday (30 March): 3.00pm

Easter Vigil (31 March): 7.30pm

Easter Sunday (1 April): 8.30am and 10.00am


Since the last Newsletter, many different activities have taken place.

Shibuya (Japan) Visit

Students from Year 9 Shibuya High School arrived and were billeted out to Nazareth host families.  On behalf of the College, I would like to thank each of the families for their generosity and exceptional care.  The students were extremely grateful and developed close relationships with each family and host Nazareth students.

They were very much involved in Australian culture and were fortunate to visit the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne city sites and a variety of other tourist attractions with their host families.

It is hoped that, in the future, a representative group from Nazareth College will travel to Japan and, in return, be hosted by Shibuya families.

Thank you to our main organiser, Mrs Lenka Zallmann, who was solely responsible for making it happen.  I know that she was supported by Mr Brendan Hermon, Mrs Sue Hatley-Smith and Mrs Heather Wearne, along with nine Nazareth families.


Year 7 Camp

Last week, all Year 7s engaged in the Year 7 Camp, just on the outskirts of Bright.  This was, for many, a challenging Camp that allowed students to engage in activities that they normally would not engage in.

It was fantastic to see students giving things a go and feeling a sense of achievement.  New friendships were formed and many other existing friendships were consolidated.

I thank the students for their outstanding behaviour and the manner in which they appreciated the efforts of the staff who attended.  I thank each of them and, in particular, Mr Brendan McAleer for coordinating the entire Year 7 Camp experience.


Easter Fair and NCPA

What a tremendous evening!  It ensured that the entire Nazareth Community and friends came together to have some fun and mingle with other Nazareth families – past, present and future.

Congratulations to the Nazareth College Parents’ Association  organising Committee for hosting this inaugural event.  We hope that this will become a regular biannual event.


Current NCPA membership includes:

  • Helene Diamantopoulos (President)
  • Toni Faxio (Vice President)
  • Judith Burgess (Secretary)
  • Penny Adams (Treasurer
  • Michelle Wong
  • Jerome Chandrasekera
  • Geethi Chandrasekera
  • Sheba Gurm
  • Josie White
  • Sue Hatley-Smith
  • Caroline Murray
  • Vicky Rabak

Activity Days

Again, we have seen a number of students from St Gerard’s and Resurrection Primary Schools, along with other students from a multitude of government schools, enjoy a day at Nazareth.

This completes our Activity Day events for over 500+ Grade 5 students who all have experienced a day in the life of a Nazarene.

I thank each of the staff, parents and students for making the most of their experience and look forward to seeing many of them in 2020 as Nazareth students.

These days would not be possible without the work of Mrs Emilia Roberts, Mr Garry Giese, Mrs Helene Diamantopoulos, Ms Lauren Conlon and our volunteer staff and students.  I thank each of them for their fantastic work.

Staff Changes

I thank Ms Lorenza Arestia for taking classes whilst Ms Mirella Venturini was on leave.

Ms Venturini will be returning on a part-time basis and Mr Nigel Mallet will continue to teach Media Studies and English.

I thank Mr Casper Pieters who has taken on a six week short term contract this term.

Also, we farewell Ms Jackie Ousalkas, the College Receptionist, who begins her Maternity Leave at the beginning of Term 2.  We wish Jackie, Matt and Sienna the best of luck on the arrival of their new baby in the coming weeks.

At the beginning of next term, we will welcome a new College Receptionist.

We will also welcome Mrs Emilia Fields, our new Director of Global Innovation/International Programs.  Emilia comes to us from Whitefriars College where she has led the International Program for many years.  She will lead our Program and develop and introduce a new ‘bridging English’ school for International students to help them achieve their English competencies. 

Emilia comes with fantastic credentials – amongst these are:

  • Winner of Business Woman of the Year 2016 – CV Global Magazine UK
  • Winner of Executive of the Year / Education Industry Australia – Business Worldwide CEO Awards 2017
  • Winner of 2017 International Business Woman of the Year Australia – CV Corporate Excellence Awards UK

Congratulations to Hamed Afshin Azar (Year 12 MacKillop 4) for being selected in the National Swimming Championships taking place in Sydney from 18 to 29 April 2018.


Finally, I wish everyone a holy and safe Easter.  May you all enjoy the term holidays and take time to enjoy a break from the normal routine of every day school.


God Bless

Mr Sam Cosentino


Upcoming dates


29 - Mass in the Chapel at 8:10am

         Easter Prayer Service (Extended Pastoral Time)

         Term 1 Concludes

30 - Good Friday (School closed)


2 - School closed (until 6/04)

9 - Library open (10am - 1pm)

10 - Library open (10am - 1pm)

11 - Library open (10am - 1pm)

16 - Staff PD Day (no classes)

17 - Term 2 Commences

         Easter Prayer Service (Extended Pastoral Time)

18 - Student Progress Meetings (3pm - 6pm)

19 - Mass in the Chapel at 8:10am

         Year 10 History Excursion

         SIS Swimming Squad Training

22 - Open School (11am - 2pm)

24 - ANZAC Day Ceremony

        Student Progress Meetings (4pm - 8pm)

25 - ANZAC Day (no classes)

26 - Mass in the Chapel at 8:10am

        SIS Div B Swimming Carnival


Learning Assistant Principal's Report

NAPLAN – May 15, 16 & 17

On May 15, 16 & 17, our Year 7 and 9 students will be sitting the series of Literacy and Numeracy tests, collectively referred to as NAPLAN (National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy).  The results of these assessments will not be available to the college nor to parents until September.  These tests provide a snapshot of student skills as measured on the day of the testing.  This information can be useful to staff to assist in corroborating their own assessment and monitoring of student skills as displayed by students in the classroom.

Student improvement can be reliably measured when the same students sit the same type of test in different years.  The Year 9 ‘Student Gain’ is the most useful of the NAPLAN data available on the MySchool website as this takes place after more than two years of Nazareth College education.  For our 2017 Year 9 students, Nazareth College student improvement was above the national median in measured areas of Reading, Writing and Numeracy, with Writing indicating the greatest positive differential.

Whilst it is pleasing to have an external measure of the progress of our students, the feedback parents receive via our formal reports at the end of each semester and through Student Progress Meetings are easily the best ways to gauge your child’s progress in their learning at Nazareth College (Please note that bookings for the 18 April and 24 April Student Progress Meetings are now open on PAM).  All parents are encouraged to contact staff for feedback on their child’s progress at any time: email is often the most reliable and convenient as teachers spend most of their day in class and other related teaching and learning duties.

Examinations Preparation – there is no such thing as “it’s too early”!

While the mid-year examination period for Years 9, 10 and 11 students takes place in mid-June, students who will be most successful in these examinations will already have started their study routine (and for those who have not, the upcoming mid-Semester break provides the perfect time to begin this habit!).  Moving knowledge from short-term to long-term memory and maintaining skills require repetition and re-processing.

As this diagram based on the research of psychologist Ebbinghaus indicates, information and skills re-visited frequently can be retained and reproduced readily.  However, when it is not studied again, little of the learning and skill remains.  It’s never too early to start studying or create better study habits!


For more details about Ebbinghaus’s “forgetting curve” and some tips to improve memory please visit The Forgetting Curve.


Mr David Broadbent

Assistant Principal - Learning

Faith and Wellbeing Assistant Principal's Report

Winter Uniform

As students return for Term 2 we have the change from summer to winter uniform.  Please refer to the table below and contact your child’s Pastoral Teacher or Head of House if there are any concerns with the uniform.  Please note the most significant changes:

  • Blazers are to be worn to and from school each day (into morning Homeroom)
  • College long pants for boys
  • College tie for boys 
  • Girls to wear the Nazareth skirt or trousers and shirt
  • Girls have the option of the College tie or the College crossover tie
  • The option of navy gloves and scarves for cold days (not to be worn in class)

Students are to be expected to be in full winter uniform for the first day of Term 2 2018.


Year 12 BBQ

On Thursday 29 March 2018 the Year 12 students will be celebrating the end of their Term with a BBQ in the new BBQ area at the rear of the Café.

Easter Liturgies

Students will recall and reflect on Our Lord’s Last Supper and Passion and Death with a Prayer Service during an Extended Morning Homeroom on Thursday 29 March 2018.

There will also be a Prayer Service on Tuesday 17 April 2018, day two of Term 2 for students to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord. 

We strongly encourage students and their families to celebrate Our Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection in their Parishes this Easter.


End of Term 1

It has been a busy Term and students and staff are ready for a break.  Thank you to parents for your support throughout the Term.  We hope and pray Easter is blessed for you and your family and you have a great holiday.


Mr Justin Duckett
Assistant Principal – Faith & Wellbeing

Director of Wellbeing Report

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

This year we are increasing our attention to the explicit teaching of social and emotional skills.

Social and emotional learning is the process of developing and practising important social and emotional understandings and skills. These understandings and skills can be grouped into five key areas.

  • Self-awareness skills help us to recognise and understand our feelings and value our strengths and abilities.
  • Self-management skills enable us to handle and direct our emotions in appropriate ways.
  • Social awareness skills help us to be aware and respectful of the feelings and perspectives of others.
  • Relationship skills aid us in dealing positively with relationship problems and other social conflicts.
  • Social decision-making skills allow us to consider the consequences of our actions for ourselves and others and make thoughtful, effective decisions.

Students with well-developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, develop resilience and a sense of self-worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork and feel positive about themselves and the world around them. The development of personal and social capability is a foundation for learning and for citizenship, which provides them with useful skills well beyond their school years.

Improving social and emotional skills has a positive influence on children and adolescents’ attitudes, behaviours and performance. Social and emotional learning improves participants’ coping skills and resistance to negative peer pressure, encourages more positive attitudes about themselves and others, improves social behaviours and cooperation with others, decreases risky, antisocial and aggressive behaviours and decreases emotional problems.

This week we have started learning about setting goals, becoming organised and developing study habits. When students set their own goals, they take ownership and become more responsible for their learning, providing direction, focus, motivation and satisfaction.


Ms Jackie Kol

Director of Wellbeing

Term 1 Sport

Intermediate Boys Handball

What a great season for the Inter Boys Handball team. Many of the boys played last year and had a successful year and they carried that experience and great form into this season. The team had a few new editions in 2018 who brought flare and skill to an already dynamic team, with special mention to Kevin Ho and Zane Hayek, who skills and knowledge of the game increased throughout the season. A big mention to our main score holders of the competition, Jack Craig and Luca Albanese, whose strength was hard to match against our fellow SIS schools. The boys played as a team and got behind each other even in times of frustration, displayed great teamwork and sportsmanship and developed a great love for the game. It is will great pleasure that I announce that the Inter Boys Handball team won the Pennant for the SIS competition. Such a great journey and group of boys to coach. I am very proud of you all, congratulations. Go NAZ!

Ms Emily Morris


Intermediate Girls Volleyball

Term 1, 2018 saw a team of 12 girls represented from Years 9 and 10 band together to form the Intermediate Girls Volleyball team. Over a period of 5 weeks the girls took on a number of schools including Flinders and St Francis Xavier College. The girls were competitive in many games but unfortunately only walked away with one win. To their credit the girls displayed enthusiasm throughout the competition and were always gracious in their losses. Well done team.


Mr John Brenton


Senior Girls Soccer

It has been a great pleasure this year to coach the Senior Girls Soccer Team. The Team won it’s first two games despite being short of players, showing great courage against adversity. As well as being a team with great heart and commitment, we also showed ourselves to be a most skill full team and a very united and supportive one.
Maya Stankovic was outstanding and scored goals at times dribbling around players that made them look like witches hats in a training drill. Louisa Giannetti showed enormous courage as goalkeeper and Claudia Di Domenico was very strong in defence.
Unfortunately we missed some games (for a range of reasons) and although undefeated, were not able to win the title again.
I would like to thank all the girls for their efforts. We had a very strong team with all players contributing their part. They are very skilled soccer players and great people to work with. It has been a gift for me to work with them.


Mr Justin Duckett


Senior Girls Basketball

The senior girls basketball team finished the SIS competition with two wins and three losses. Our first game saw a good win against St. Johns, 51-5. We followed this with two losses against the top two teams, where our defence was tested by the strong opposition. Our next game, at Casey Stadium, against St. Peter's East saw a return to another high scoring win for us, 42 - 9.
We took this momentum into the last game, a hard fought encounter, which saw St. Peter's West win by two points in the last seconds of the game. 
Although we shared the scoring between all players, well done to our leading points scorers, Jacinta Ashby (7 pts avg/game) and Isabelle Di Ciero (5 pts avg/game). Congratulations to all the players on your display of good skills, commitment at training and great sportsmanship! 

Ms Kathleen Shea


Senior Boys Soccer

The Senior Boys Soccer team set out to defend their title in 2018 but came up against some tough opposition in the process. After defeat in the opening game, the boys put in a much better performance and secured a two all draw against Flinders, with Yiek Wawa and Mark Maruneac getting on the score sheet. With only ten players, the boys put in another committed effort in very hot conditions but were overrun by a very strong St Peters team. They did however save their best performance to the end and with new additions in Joffri Lako, Trent Andre and Luke Gonsalves the boys ran out 5-1 winners against Woodleigh. Mark Maruneac produced the goal of the season and Thot Thot came off the bench to bag a brace. Well done boys and I look forward to working with you next year.

Mr Brendan McAleer

The Gaffer


Around the College

Attention Year 11 Students


Group Photo ordering

Student Leader Group photos can now be ordered from the SchoolPix website. Use the order code previously provided (contact the school if you have misplaced your code), or use the generic code available on display in the Resource Centre.

Year 5 Activities Day

It has been wonderful to open our College up to our community primary schools over the past term. We have welcomed Year 5 students from the following primary schools:

  • St Anthony's
  • St Elizabeth's
  • St Gerard's
  • St Simon's
  • St Justin's
  • St Joseph's
  • Resurrection Primary

We also had a number of students join us from local government primary schools.
The Year 5 students got to experience life as a secondary student. Each student chose 3 subjects from the areas of Food Technology, Wood Technology, Music, PE, Soccer School of Excellence Clinic, Media and STEM. Not only did they get to use our facilities, but they also got to meet our students and staff and begin to develop relationships and the feeling of acceptance within out College community. Students took part in lessons where they were able to use new tools, equipment and experience how our lessons are taught here at Nazareth. They each left at the end of the day with stories and examples of what they had made and been taught. They were Nazareth students for a day and their smiles barely left their faces!

Our students did a wonderful job in their role of leading school tours, acting as student helpers and leading groups of primary students. Feedback from the primary schools has been extremely positive and all very complimentary of our great College, students and staff.

A big thank you to all staff and students involved. A huge team effort that I certainly appreciate. 
I look forward to planning another experience for our feeder schools in the future and welcoming them back. If you have a child in your family who you think would benefit from or enjoy our Activity Day, please feel free to contact me at the College


Ms Emilia Roberts

Transition Coordinator

Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize

The University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize is awarded for a short film that communicates a scientific concept in an accessible and engaging way.
First prize: $4,000 plus a $500 book voucher from Abbey's Bookshop, Sydney
Second Prize: $2,000
Third Prize: $1,000

Purpose: The idea is to communicate a scientific concept(s) in a way that is accessible and entertaining to the public as a whole, while painlessly increasing their science knowledge or, as Dr Karl and Adam like to say, "Learn something without even noticing".
Entries may be submitted by an individual student or a team of no more than six students. Class entries comprising more than six students are ineligible.
Video length: An entry should be no less than one minute (minimum) and no longer than three minutes (maximum). Minimum of 5 seconds of black before the start and after the end of your program. These 10 seconds are not included in your time limit.
Entries can either be submitted via upload to Vimeo or in hard copy through the mail.
Due date for entry : Complete the online entry form by 7pm AEST Friday 4 May 2018

Please contact Miss Gurm by 18th of April if you are interested in this competition.


Miss Sheba Gurm

Learning Leader - Science

National Youth Science Forum 2019

The Rotary Club of Noble Park - Keysborough are interested in assisting students to attend NYSF 2019.

If you are a Year 11 student and are interested or have queries please contact Rex Carter

Youth Services Director 2017/2018

The Rotary Club of Noble Park - Keysborough

District 9810

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0400 969 980


Miss Sheba Gurm

Learning Leader - Science

Year 8 English Excursion to Richmond

The annual Year 8 English excursion to Richmond and East Melbourne was a highlight of the term. By exploring the historical sites featured in the class novel, Runner by Melbourne author Robert Newton, students were able to immerse themselves in the world of Charlie Feehan, the protagonist of the novel. 

Set in the slums of Richmond post World War I, the novel follows sixteen year old Charlie as takes on the role of Squizzy Taylor’s runner. Students walked the streets that Charlie would have walked, noting the changes that come with gentrification and progress, as well as seeing firsthand the many heritage listed properties that remain. Additionally, students were able to compare the living conditions of the poor who lived in the flood prone slums of Cremorne by the Yarra River, with the privileged that lived in mansions or more ornate and spacious properties in Richmond Hill. The excursion culminated with a reading of one of the novel’s climactic chapters in the very setting featured in the novel, The Fitzroy Gardens situated in East Melbourne. 
Students were blessed with beautiful sunshine and conditions ideal for this walking tour. Data was collected to enable students to work in small groups back at school to produce a multi-modal presentation for assessment. The excursion and the associated assessment task were very worthwhile and rewarding for all involved.


Ms Mish Mackay
Year 8 English Teacher

Whitehouse Institute of design Australia- Product Design and Technology Textiles Incursion 

On Thursday 15th March we were very lucky to have a full day workshop of fashion illustration with the VCE Product Design and Technology (Textiles) students and Todd Heggie from Whitehouse Institute of design Australia. 
Whitehouse Institute of design Australia Melbourne campus in Bourke Street, offer courses in Interior Design, Creative direction & styling and Fashion design and a variety of workshops. 
The students had a great day learning techniques using copic markers and pencils. They had the experience to try to recreate the look of cotton, sheer silk, denim, leather and silk satin lace beading. How to draw hands, heads and feet always are difficult but Todd show simple techniques to overcome these problems with great results.

These skills that the students gained over the day in this workshop has designed to enhance the students’ knowledge of the design industry and given them a greater understanding enabling them to have the confidence for developing their folios in all Units 1-4. 
We had a fun day listening to the insightful stories from Todd. 
Each year Whitehouse selects a student during the day to attend the Melbourne campus during the school holidays for a free workshop that is worth hundreds of dollars. Todd couldn’t choose only one so the lucky two students are Ashleigh Pereira and Alyssa Boric from year 12.
All of the students produced beautiful work that they should be very proud of. We were fortunate to have Mr Consentino visit the workshop to see how it was going. 
This workshop is something that the Textiles department look forward having at Nazareth college each year. 


Ms Sue Formanek 
Head of Textiles 

Careers News

Access Monash Mentoring Launch

On Monday 5th March twelve of our Year 11 and 12 students participated in the launch of the Access Monash Mentoring Program, which pairs them with a university student mentor for the year.
The program aims to build relationships between university and secondary school students to help prepare the school students for university life, explore their career and study options and develop future plans based on those options. It does this by building their skills in study techniques, goal- setting, effective communication, motivation and resilience.
The launch was an opportunity for the students to meet with their mentoring counterparts for the first time. Together with their mentors, the students discussed their goals for the program and what areas they needed the most support in.
The most exciting part was to have two of our past students return as mentors to give back to our Nazareth Community. Emma Bau and Jakub Grzelac were graduating students of 2015. Both are undertaking double degrees at Monash. Jakub is studying a Bachelor of Law/Commerce and Emma is undertaking a Bachelor Accounting /Business. During their time at Nazareth, both students were exceptionally hard workers with clear goals and a determined attitude. They, like the other Monash Mentors, will be a great asset to the program.
The students left the launch feeling confident and excited for the program, and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop over the year!

Workshops and Information sessions

Over the School holidays and the coming months there are a number of workshops and information sessions available for senior students to attend to give them some insight or experiences to assist them with their career goals and decisions. These are always advertised on the display board in the Joseph Centre foyer and also emailed to senior students in Career Newsletters


In the meantime, here are a few of note ….


Box Hill Institute

A “day in the life of a Creative Artist” -  Free

A “Day in the life of a Fashion Illustrator and Developing Your Fashion Portfolio - 11th April - $75


William Angliss Experiences

School Holiday Program – Hospitality, Events & Tourism and food - $15



Experience Clever -6th April – Participate in interactive workshops, lectures and seminars – Free (lunch and entertainment provided)


University of Melbourne

A Day at Melbourne –information day - April 6th –Free



Step on Campus – Thursday 5th&12th April – Have a personalised tour of the campus and hear about Deakins study areas, campus life and transitioning into university - Free



Inside Monash information seminars – Free


19  Design

19  Law

23  Fine Art

24  Biomedical Science and MD

24  Media Communication

26  Architecture

26  Business

26  Science


8  Arts, Criminology and Global Studies

8  Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

9  Public Health and Health Science

10  Advanced Science - Global Challenges and Research

16  Biomedical Science, Radiography, Radiation Science and Nutrition

17  Education

17  Information Technology

22  Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Paramedicine

24  Education

24  Engineering


All these opportunities come highly recommended. Remember, the more informed you are the easier your career decision are ….. Do yourselves a favour – BE PROACTIVE – it’s never too early to start.


Elena Flodstrom
Pathways Co-ordiator

Applied Learning News

Clean Up Australia Day

On the 2nd of March 2018, the Year 10 LEAP – Community Action team participated in Clean Up Australia Day. In small groups, the students were able to clean up the College grounds to make the school a neater environment. The students used tongs and buckets to collect a variety of paper and plastic rubbish which were then placed in the recycle bins. As part of the Community Action program, students participate in excursions and incursions that not only help the Nazareth Community but also our local community. Students will be seen assisting in local Nursing Homes, assisting those in need and gardening projects around campus.

Ms Laura Langmead

Applied Learning Teacher

Year 10 LEAP - Dandenong Ranges Excursion

On Wednesday 21st March, the Year 10 LEAP – Community Action class participated in an excursion to the Dandenong Ranges, where they undertook the challenge of the Kokoda 1,000 Steps. This excursion emphasised the importance of Teamwork, Sacrifice, Mateship and Courage, which are the 4 key principles of the spirit of Kokoda. The students learned about the history of the battle of Kokoda, the harsh conditions the ANZAC’s fought in and the importance of working as a team. After surviving the challenge of the 1,000 stairs, the students prepared a delicious BBQ lunch - a much deserve treat after a challenging task.

Ms Laura Langmead

Applied Learning Teacher

Year 10 LEAP - Sustainability

On Friday 23rd March, the Year 10 LEAP - Community Action class had a guest speaker from the City of Dandenong, Ms Louise Donaghey. Louise spoke to the students about composting, worm farms and sustainability in schools. Currently, the students are actively involved in maintaining the functioning of the schools compost bins and vegetable gardens. During Term 2, the students will participate in an Audit, where they will research and collect data on Nazareth College's waste and how they can improve on the amount of waste that goes to landfill. 

Ms Laura Langmead

Applied Learning Teacher

Library News

Holiday Reading

Holidays can be a perfect time to catch  up on some reading for pleasure. Why not take the opportunity to visit your public library or read that book that has been sitting on your bedside table since Christmas?
Reading is like a virtual holiday. We can visit another country, another time in history or the future or experience the adventure of a lifetime; all from the comfort of an armchair and at no cost. Add to this the value of reading to our expression, vocabulary and literacy in general and you could not ask for a better way to spend a few hours.
There is a book to suit everyone. Your library staff would love to help you find it!


Library Ambassadors

Library Ambassadors play an important role in the smooth running and operation of our Library. We have appreciated the support of our team this term and welcome six new trainees for term 2. Students earn 100 House points for each term of service.


MyReading House Tallies


Business Matters

School Fees

We would like to remind families that Term 1 payments were due on Friday 16 February 2018.  If you have not made a payment yet please do so immediately.  Families that are experiencing financial difficulty should contact the College Business Manager, Mr Rob Malone, on 9790 8104 to discuss payment options.

Due dates are listed on the 2018 Fee Schedule.

Reminder statements for Term 2 2018 payments will be emailed during the second week of April.

Fee Payment Option forms

All families should have completed and returned the Fee Payment Option form.  Completion of this form is compulsory for all families, current and new.  If you have not returned the form to the Accounts Office please do so immediately.  Blank forms are available at the Accounts Office or below.


Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Victorian Government offers a yearly payment, known as the CSEF, to low income families to help them with school related costs.  Families with a means-tested Health Care Card may be eligible and should complete the form below and return it to the Accounts Office as soon as possible.


Other News

Coles Sports for Schools program

Nazareth College is participating in the Coles Sports for Schools program!
When shopping at Coles you should receive a voucher for every $10 that you spend.
Vouchers can be placed in the collection box located in Student Services or next to the Service Desk at Waverley Garden's Coles.
At the end of the program we will be able to exchange the vouchers for sports equipment. More information can be found at the Coles Sports for Schools website.

Please return your vouchers to a collection box by Tuesday the 24th of April, to ensure we can have them counted in time. Vouchers will not be accepted after Tuesday the 24th of April.
Thank you for supporting your school's sports program!


Easter Fair
What a day it was!
The weather held out with a very sunny 25C day and many joined us for our first Easter Fair.
The food vans moved in to feed the hungry crowds, market stalls tempted us with their exquisite wares, many children were seen enjoying the jumping castle and obstacle course etc. and of course who can forget the drenching of our staff, especially the Principal who drew a huge crowd.
The NCPA would like to thank everyone involved. To all our volunteers who delivered pamphlets, helped set up run a stall offered or sourced donations or helped pack up we are sincerely grateful for your generous contribution to this event. To the staff who worked with us in so many ways, Thank-you is was a team effort! Of course our wonderful Nazareth community you showed up, soaked up the atmosphere and had a great time. You made it happen.
Many hours of work went into this event and I would like to recognise the NCPA committee for their dedication and commitment to making this a success. Special thanks must go to Caroline Murray who co-ordinated the Stalls, food vans and rosters. What an amazing effort. We sincerely thank you for all your hard work.

Tickets for the Nazareth & GWS Community raffle are on sale for only $2.

1st prize 2018 Kia Picante, valued at $19 0516
2nd prize $1000 BP Voucher  
3rd prize window tint valued @ $495.
If you would like to sell a book of 10 tickets please email [email protected].


On Tuesday 27 March the AGM was held for the NCPA. Announcements will be made after this meeting regarding the new executive committee.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing executive committee for their contribution to the College during the past 2 years. You have worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the Nazareth College Parents Association and volunteered on so many occasions to benefit our College. You should be proud of your achievements. We wish you well as you retire from your positions.
As I step down as President of NCPA I would like to acknowledge the support of the current executive and general committee, the many volunteers who have helped out during my tenure, staff and my family. It has been a privilege to work with you all. Thank-you

The Nazarene
Fee Payment Option Form.pdf
csefapplicationform 2018.pdf