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29 June 2018
Issue Two
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Report from the Principal

Term 2

Dear parents and community members,  

We have no doubt that many of you would be aware of what a busy time we have had so far this term. Students and staff have been involved in lots of different activities – the Athletics Carnival, Year 8 Camp, the Year 9 CBD experience, Year 12 Formal, Debating, School Production and the ANZAC Day ceremony as well as many others.  In all of these events, we have been so proud of our students for the leadership they have shown, their sense of community, and the way in which they have modelled the school values. They are a real credit to themselves, their families and their teachers.

Thank you also to all of the parents who took the time to provide us with very positive feedback on the first edition of the newsletter last term. Your enthusiastic responses were inspiring and rewarding.

Farewell to staff

At the end of Semester 1, we are saying farewell to several members of our staff.  Teachers - Martin Jellinek and Meryl Andrews, and Education Support Office Team member -Jenni Mills,  are completing their time here with us at Box Hill High School. They have all made significant contributions to our school community over many years and we wish them all the very best.


The Principal Team, Kellie Ind, Theresa Iacopino and I,  attended two conferences recently.

The first was the Riversdale Inner East Network Principals’ Conference in May, which focused on "Growth: Changing Minds, Changing Habits".

The conference presenters over the two days were Professor Lea Waters (Ph.D.) from the University of Melbourne and Glen Pearsall, Educational Consultant. Professor Waters spoke passionately about child and adolescent mental health, visible wellbeing and her new book – ‘The Strength Switch'. She shared many strategies around how we might continue to enhance wellbeing in schools and how to throw the 'strength switch', so we can help our students build resilience, optimism and achievement. 

For more information on how you can use this approach as a parent, please see our "Wellbeing and Strength Based Parenting" page in this edition of the newsletter.


Glen Pearsall was a leading teacher in the Government School System and a Board member of the Curriculum Assessment Authority in Victoria, Australia. He is a bestselling author and works throughout Australia as an educational consultant, specializing in feedback and assessment, workload reduction for teachers and instructional practice. His engaging and interactive presentations over three workshops provided fantastic strategies for leadership teams to work with their teaching teams.

 The Principal Team also attended the two-day North Eastern Victorian Region Principals’ conference on 4-5 June.  Titled ‘Unleashing Greatness Together’, the conference brought together over 400 schools to acknowledge and reflect on the achievements made over the first three years of the Government’s ten year education strategy, and to consider how to further strengthen the work we, as a system, are doing to improve teaching practice and the learning of our students. The Victorian Government School system is one of the top performing systems in the world, and it was really pleasing to hear that parent confidence in, and satisfaction with,  government schools have increased, as have enrolments across the state.

 Both conferences provided important opportunities for collegiate discussions and strategic planning over the two days. Box Hill High School highly values these opportunities and prioritises building strong relationships with the other secondary schools and our major feeder primary schools in the Network. The Principal Team returned to school  proud that our continuing focus on high expectations, staff collaboration, wellbeing, student voice and student-centered learning was affirmed throughout the sessions and discussions. In our absence, the school was ably led by our team of leading teachers and senior staff and I thank them for supporting our professional learning in this way.

Premier's VCE Awards

I was delighted to accompany Ms Diana Willshire and Mr Peter Apostolou to the annual Premier’s VCE Awards on Tuesday 15th May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Premier’s Awards are given to the top students in each VCE study, the numbers depending on the size of the cohort. I am extremely proud to announce to our school community that two of our students have been presented with an award:  Michael Zhao (Maths Methods)  and Trish Kaur (Further Maths). They were amongst 274 students who received a total of 302 awards across 85 subjects. Congratulations to both these students on a magnificent effort.


School Council - Student Representative elected

We are very pleased to welcome Tom Yakubowski (Year 11 - two year term) and Ananya Sehgal (Year 11-one year term)  to our School Council as student member representatives. They will have full voting rights at school council and commence their term of office in Term 3.  Both Tom and Ananya have been active  student leaders  participating in members of the Student Representative Council and are strong advocates for their peers and for students having a voice in all aspects of the school’s core business. Being members of School Council will enhance their capacity to do this, and, importantly, it will strengthen the role of students in contributing to policy planning at the whole school level. Congratulations Tom and Ananya! We look forward to working with you. We thank all students who nominated and also voted in this election, as part of a mandated process which was introduced by the Department of Education and Training earlier this term.


All students in Year 7 and 9 completed their NAPLAN tests over 3 days in May.  Students completed language conventions and writing tasks, reading tasks and numeracy tasks.  We congratulate all students on their dedication and commitment to the different tasks through the week. The NAPLAN results provide a snapshot of student achievement and together with other forms of data and evidence, they provide valuable information about student’s numeracy and literacy skills. Teachers take this information into account when planning teaching and differentiating learning for their students.

Semester ONE Exams and Reports

Year 10 and Unit 1 examinations began during Week 7 commencing 28 May and concluded on Friday 8 June. Teachers have been working hard to ensure that the examinations reflect the curriculum and the skills that the students have been studying during Semester 1. Teachers work to ensure that, as far as practicable, the examinations replicate the experience that students will have during the state-wide Unit 3 & 4 examinations which are externally supervised under strict VCAA guidelines.

The end-of-semester reports will be available on the last day of Term 2.  The reports provide valuable information on the student’s progress and achievement for the first semester of this year and should be discussed with your son or daughter.  A focus of these discussions could be on developing strategies to assist with implementation of the recommended areas for improvement that are included for each subject. Please contact the relevant Engagement Leader should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress this semester.


The past few weeks have been a very busy time in the Careers department. Year 10, 11 and 12 students have completed their Managed Individual Pathways interviews and have made initial decisions regarding their course selection for 2019.  Year 10 students will also have completed two weeks of work experience at the end of this term.  Please contact our Careers Coordinator, Ms Thea Kamvissis if you have any questions on the careers program.

General Achievement Test (GAT)

All students undertaking the study of any Unit 3 subject completed the GAT on Wednesday 13 June. The GAT is a three hour examination, with 15 minutes reading time, commencing at 10.00am and concluding at 1.15pm. It is conducted according to Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) examination guidelines. It is a public examination that is undertaken by all VCE students across Victoria and abroad. For many students, this was their first experience of a public examination and enabled them to familiarise themselves with the formal procedures.  The results of the GAT are used by VCAA to standardise assessment results as well as to derive final scores in the event that students cannot sit their final exams.

Funding for Building 

Having modern and up‐to‐date classrooms and facilities in our school is a fundamental part of ensuring that every child has the best possible education.  I am pleased to confirm that the Andrews Government has allocated $500,000 in capital works funding to our school. This funding allocation is for all the costs associated with a building project including professional fees and all building‐related costs. We will be working closely with our School Council, students and staff as well as the Victorian School Building Authority to ensure the successful completion of this project.

Winter Uniform

Over the last couple of weeks, we have certainly felt the arrival of some colder weather. The school uniform includes plenty of options for winter, including a woollen jumper, jacket, and long sleeved tops. The school uniform plays an important role in maintaining the excellent image that we have in the community and also helps students to demonstrate pride in and connection to the school.  We ask that all parents please ensure that your child has the correct uniform and is prepared for the colder weather that lies ahead.  


Thank You

Finally, I wish to acknowledge and thank the Leadership Team, all teaching and administrative staff and Box Hill High School families who support all of our students and contribute to the ‘culture of excellence’ that we are so very proud of as a school community.




Losh Pillay

School Council 

School Council President's Report-June 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the official opening of our new Performing Arts Precinct built in the old school hall. We were lucky enough to have along for the evening the State Member for Box Hill Mr Robert Clark, The Federal Member for Chisolm, Ms Julia Banks and our former Principal Ms Kate Mitchell, who were all treated to a wonderful performance from our school band.

The new precinct is wonderful and will no doubt give many years of great service to our present and future students and teachers. Given the state of the old hall which had fundamentally not been touched since the builders handed it over in 1961, our architects have made a mockery of the old saying “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. The new area is marvellous and it is worth keeping in mind, was partially funded out of the donations made to our building fund by our school community. This upgrade is on top of the new science rooms we created a couple of years ago, which were also partially funded by our building fund donations. We should be very grateful we have a school community that, where possible, is able to support our school in such a positive manner.

We should also be thankful to our school leadership team who have managed the affairs of the school so well that we have been able to put these donations to such good use and get such great value for our money.

The protective nets at the eastern goals on the oval are scheduled to be installed in June. It will be up to a two-week process, meaning some of the areas of the oval will be a work-site and will be barricaded off during that time to keep our students out of harm’s way.

The Department of Education and Training recently completed its four-day audit of our school finances. I received glowing feedback from the auditor stating that he was unable to find even one minor non-compliance anywhere within our systems and documentation. In fact, he commented that this is unprecedented and it was the best result for a school he had ever had in all his time as an auditor. Well done to our Business Manager and her team for doing such a great job and serving Box Hill High School with such dedication and distinction.

Mr Marcus Balon

School Council President

School Council Members

Ex-Officio- Executive Officer

Principal: Ms Losh Pillay


Parent Members:

President: Mr Marcus Balon -can be contacted via email  at:  marcus@balon.com.au

Vice-President: Mr Colin Lewis

Treasurer: Mr Brendan Smith

Mr Daniel Buick

Mr Simon Andersson

Ms Roopa Reddivari


Staff Members:

Ms Kellie Ind

Mr Tobias Wilkins

Mr Hamish Thomas

Mr Nicholas Carr


Student Members:

Mr Tom Yakubowski

Ms Ananya Sehgal


School Council meets twice per term. 
The meeting schedule for the rest of this year is:

15th August

19th September

21st November

12th December



Important Dates and Calendar

Dates to remember


Monday 16 July 

First Day of Term 3


Monday 16 to Friday 20 July

Immersion Week


Thursday 19 July

World Challenge Launch Night


Wednesday 25 July 

Senior School Expo


Friday 27 July

Year 7 Engagement Program - Cyber Bullying

Year 8 Engagement Program - Bullying


Tuesday 31 July 

Intermediate Basketball, Hockey and Table Tennis



Wednesday 1 August

Course Advising Year 9 and 10


Thursday 2 August 

Music - Voice Concert


Monday 6 August 

Year 10 Meningococcal Vaccinations


Wednesday 15 August 

School Council Meeting


Monday 20 August 

Curriculum Day - Student free day


Tuesday 28 August 

Sport: Division Track and Field


Wednesday 29 August

GAPP Parent Evening


Friday 31 August

Year 8 Girls and Boys Wellbeing Day


Monday 3 September 

Year 9 Citizenship Presentation 


Wednesday 5 September

Jazz Night


Tuesday 11 September 

Sport: Year 8 Basketball Hockey, Hockey and Table Tennis


Thursday 13 September 

3 Way Parent Teacher Conferences


Wednesday 19 September 

School Council Meeting


Thursday 20 September 

Sport: Year 7 Basketball, Hockey and Table Tennis


Thursday 20 September

Senior Concert


Friday 21 September 

Last Day of Term 3



GAPP Program

GAPP Testing and Parent Support Evening

Box Hill High School has a history of a strong and highly successful SEAL program. This unique learning environment has always been cherished by the students, parents and the broader Box Hill Community. Moving forward the school is strongly committed to preserving this wonderful program offered to many students at the school. Teachers, Leaders and the Principal team continue to maintain a high-quality GAPP program. Many domains have begun reviewing and updating their GAPP curriculum to ensure it provides students with an engaging educational experience whilst being appropriately challenging and rigorous.


We began planning for the 2019 GAPP program this term by holding a day of testing for future year 7 students. On Saturday 19 May the school was host to 100 local grade 6 students. Many of the students arrived with their parents on the day full of nerves, but quickly discovered that our ‘High School’ wasn’t like any other.  Fifteen Year 9 Box Hill High School students were present to talk, mix and support our future students through the testing day. It is certainly a special school that has Year 9 students volunteer to come in on a Saturday to help out. This again highlights just how successful and nurturing our program is.


We also held a very successful parent support evening on Thursday 31 May in week 7. Parents dedicated their night to come in to our Satern facility for an informative VCE pathways session. They were not only lead through the VCE pathways available to our GAPP students, but were offered the opportunity to ask specific questions of our expert panel. Parent attendance was very impressive and again highlighted how supportive and appreciative our GAPP parents are of the program offered at Box Hill.


Upcoming events for GAPP:

Wed 29 August - Term 3 Parent Support Evening

End of Term 3- Information about Year 8 mainstream testing to fill spots in the 2019 Year 9 GAPP program, to be posted on the school website

Start of Term 4- Testing for Year 8 students to fill spots in Year 9 GAPP for 2019


Jessica Goodwin

GAPP Coordinator

Teaching and Learning Program at Box Hill High

Our commitment to Professional Learning

All staff at Box Hill High School are committed to ongoing professional learning and development. As education is a changing field, we need to continue to keep up to date with new developments.

We value opportunities to engage in dialogue  with our colleagues, to develop our knowledge and practice and to maximise opportunities for student learning.

 This term staff had several opportunities to focus on their individual professional growth.

Professional Learning Modules

All teachers participated in a Professional Learning Module (PLM) in week 6. The sessions on offer were ‘High Quality Assessment and Feedback in Year 10 and 11 Exams’ and ‘How to write effective developmental rubrics.’

Curriculum Day 

All teachers participated in a whole school curriculum day in week 7. Teachers developed an understanding around the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS). HITS are ten instructional practices that increase student learning based on research. These HITS are not new to teachers, however, during two sessions we worked collaboratively to discuss how we were using them in the classroom to effectively support students learning. Part of this day was also dedicated to reviewing and planning school curriculum within domain groups.


High Quality Assessment on Year 10 and 11 Exams

This professional learning session provided staff with an overview of command terms, learning taxonomies and the importance of providing effective exam feedback for students. Staff spent time analysing the alignment of command terms across year 10-12 exams to ensure consistent practice within our senior school. This session also provided staff with the opportunity to discuss the importance of providing effective feedback on student performance in exams, with a key focus on providing key improvement strategies. Examination feedback has the potential to make an important contribution to enhance both the learning experience within a subject and improve student performance on future assessments.

How to write effective developmental Rubrics

The PLM consolidated teacher's skills in creating and designing developmental rubrics that are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. Teachers worked on being able to write effective rubrics to assist students in understanding what their skill level is and what they need to do to improve and develop. Rubrics can be used throughout the learning process to support students’ growth and achievement. Students can also use rubrics to assess and set their own learning goals. We use rubrics to improve students' performance and enable students to self-regulate. Effective rubrics provide clear statements of expected performance to allow teachers to make consistent and comparable assessment of students learning across multiple classes.


In 2018 our Pedagogical focus has been on Literacy skills, Setting Goals and Lesson Structure. Teachers are participating in open classrooms where they are observing and giving each other feedback to continue their high level teaching practice.

Junior Team
Reaching Great Heights

Year 7 News

Term 2 has been a busy one for Year 7 students with a series of NAPLAN tests as well as the usual school-work. Students have been keenly participating in extra curricular activities such as being Tour Guides and Speakers at the Open Night and performing in the School Musical ‘Peter Pan’.


This term we had an assembly celebrating the opportunities that students have taken advantage of over the year so far. In addition to those already mentioned we have had students participating as Class Captains, SRC Representatives and Junior House Captains. Students participated in interschool sporting events, Debating, Solar Car and Robocup. We have Techcrew members and student Digital Team members. Year 7 students are performing in Wind Symphony, Senior Strings, Junior Jazz band, Junior Band, Intermediate Strings, Concert Band and Choir. We’ve been delighted to see students ‘Take a Chance’ and take on a new activity or try a new thing. We would like to congratulate not only those students who have achieved great results but all of those who made an effort to challenge themselves.


In addition to enjoying the video celebrating the Year 7 camp at the assembly, we were privileged to have the assembly run by five Class Captains; Jesse Wheeler, Emma Hunter, Alejandra Machillanda Flechas, Sam Montgomery and Tiffany Ding with Chloe Ong in charge of the technology. Tiffany also spoke to the 197 Year 7 students about a time she challenged herself and was happy that she had.


This term is important for Year 7 as it is the first time they will be receiving official written feedback about how they’re going in all of their subjects in their end of semester report. I’d like students to think not only about what they’ve done well but also about how they can do better. Everyone can improve in some way, whether it’s in their organisation, preparing for tests or reading books to improve English. Students can challenge themselves by asking more questions in class or taking more of a leadership role in group-work.


Next semester, Year 7 students will undertake new electives. They will swap German and Chinese and swap between Music, IT, Food Technology and Art. This is a great opportunity for students to try new things and solidify their interests ready for choosing electives in 2019.


The other big events in term 3 are the “Cyberia” presentation on the dangers of technology and ‘Go Girl’ a day at Deakin University promoting the IT industry to girls. In addition to these events, students will be choosing their Year 8 electives next term. They will continue to do the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, PE and Respect. In addition, they choose one language and four other electives from Art, VCD, 3D Art, Food Technology, Electrical Technology/Mechanical Technology, Drama, Sport, ICT and Business Studies. Information regarding this will be provided next term.

Year 8 News

The Year 8 Camp news is just too big for this page, so it has its own page in this newsletter - "Year 8 Camp-Unleashing Greatness".

Year 9 News 

Term 2 has been a fantastic one for Year 9 students at Box Hill High School. Students have participated in many of the positive extra-curricular activities that our school offers.


Many Year 9 students were  engaged as active contributors in the school production, where many of the students shared their performance and production skill-sets with the wider community. All students were amazing at multitasking their academic commitment with production commitments, and producing an incredible show.


From 23-25 May 2018, Box Hill High School Year 9 students participated in six curriculum specific STREAMS, targeted towards student passions on the CBD Experience. Students experienced many of the fantastic experiences on offer in the greatest city in the world.  Ms Pillay, STREAM Leaders and I have received fantastic feedback about the exceptional way that our students conducted themselves on the CBD Experience.

I would like to thank students for their participation and Box Hill High School teaching staff for giving up their personal time to enrich the lives of our students.


In the Term One Newsletter I highlighted the Year 9 Positive Education themes of Resilience and Empathy. Students have continued their development in these areas through the CBD Experience, the Respect Program and our whole year level assemblies. In Week 7, all Year 9 students attended an assembly that recognised students for their achievements and the effort that pre-empted student accomplishments. Students reported that they loved the dynamic new environment in the Hall that has recently been completed.


Parents will be able to access the end of semester reports via Compass in coming weeks. I encourage parents to sit down with their child and have constructive conversations about next semester, as well as setting short and long term goals towards their VCE or alternate pathways.  In Week 1 of Semester 2, all Year 9 students will be attending an assembly to be informed on the Course Advising process for Term 3. This process will enable students to map out their time at Box Hill High School. Further information will be available for both parents and students via Compass in due course.


I look forward to seeing the continued growth that Year 9 students will exhibit in Semester Two.

Mr Gary Warton, Engagement Leader Year 9 


Upcoming Events:

Bullying Seminar Term 3:  27 July 2018


Students in Year 7 and 8 will be participating in a Bullying information seminar run by Brainstorm productions  in the Hall.  More information closer to the event.

Senior Team Report 

Year 10 Report 

It seems incredible, but we have already finished the first semester. The students have had a busy term with the School Production, Open Night, the Year 10 Focus Group meeting, VCE and Careers Expo, MIPS,  Athletics Carnival and, of course, exams.

The exam period was a great experience for students and will increase their exam skills. Students have received productive feedback and will hopefully take this on board to improve in their end-of-year exams.

Work Experience

Work experience and volunteering gives students time with an employer to learn about a specific job role or industry. This may include watching others perform the role, performing the role themselves or a combination of both.

There are a number of reasons why taking part in work experience or volunteering may be beneficial. Some are mentioned below:

  • to improve or demonstrate employable skills
  • to get experience for job applications
  • to network and form relationships in a specific sector
  • to decide whether a particular sector is a good fit

Most excitingly, Year 10 students completed work experience in the last week of term. We had lots of students visit a variety of interesting placements around Melbourne, including Victoria Police, CSIRO, the Department of Defence, ACMI, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Mercy Hospital. We hope that all students had a rewarding time experiencing a taste of their potential careers.  

Georgia was kind enough share some insights of her work experience week - see below.

Work Experience at William Angliss Institute

I did my year 10 work experience at William Angliss Institute in the city! They are a Tafe.   I worked with those across all areas ranging between Librarians and Psychologists. I mainly worked with a group of girls in the student services department, helping them do all sorts of activities for the students. They included me in all that they were doing and even allowed me to make a power point for an event they were hosting!! I really enjoyed working with them and I learnt all about their jobs and tasks they have to do on a daily basis.

I appreciate my week at William Angliss as it really did give me an indication of what my future career will be like, as well as helping me build on my people skills and my ability to work with others. I thought my week was well spent and hope everyone else who does their Work Experience enjoys it as much as I did.

- Georgia Lagos, year 10

Careers and pathways

This term has been a busy term for our careers program. All students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have had their careers interviews, where they have had the opportunity to discuss their future pathway plans with a teacher. These interviews will inform subject choices for our Year 10 and 11 students, which will be made early next term. Year 12s attended a tertiary information session at Deakin University, where they were also provided with the opportunity to speak to representatives from many different universities around Victoria. This is all in preparation to make their VTAC applications, which open on 6 August.  


Alumni - Journey into Medicine

On Wednesday June 27, three Box Hill High School Alumni- Rebecca Roberton, Lachlan Turnley and Tom Nicolls were invited by “Careers” to return to Box Hill High, to speak to interested Year 11 and 12 students about their journey into undergraduate Medicine. They offered valuable tips and insights about the Monash University selection process, in particular the UMAT and the Multiple Interviews. The lunchtime presentation was well received by our Year 11 and 12 students, with approx 40 students attending. Sincerest thanks to our alumni - Rebecca, Lachlan and Tom. We congratulate them on their achievements so far, and wish them all the very best with their future.

We hope to provide students with more opportunities like this in future. 

Year 11

Our Year 11 students have been hard at work finishing off their Unit 1 subjects. Exam week in week 8 was a huge week with lots of our students getting their first taste of VCE exams. We were really happy with the effort and performance of our students who had some great practice and preparation for what is coming up over the next 18 months.



Many of our Year 11 students have received awards and been recognised for their achievements this year. Congratulations to our year 11 leaders: Lexi Cairns, Sean Cormick, Diego Machillanda Flechas, Michael Scandurra, Ananya Sehgal, William Wang, Izzy Webster and Tom Yakubowksi. Their effort was amazing with our recent YEET Week activities, and they are also hard at work preparing our Year 11 day next term. Please see any of those students if you have any ideas for Year 11 events or anything else around the school.


MUNA Events

Four of our students - Lexi Cairns, Diego Machillanda, Aashna Shah and Tom Yakubowski represented Box Hill High school admirably at the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) event held at Parliament House in Melbourne. Reports from the event said that all four students spoke eloquently and intelligently on a number of topics with Aashna and Tom being selected to travel to Parliament House in Canberra next term to represent Eastern and Southern Melbourne at the National event.


Duke Of Edinburgh

17 of our Year 11 students recently received their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award which they began in Year 10. Congratulations to Emily Bland, Nicholas Bowers, Harrison Broadbent, Chao Yi Cheng, Zoe Choo, Sean Cormick, Tex Craven, Lucas Deichsel, Dayne Dioguardi, Henry Evans, Cody Lewis, Jessica Ng, Zahra O’Dea, Anastasia Polesskiy, Prajah Sivayoganathan, Ilanda Tran and William Wang. There is still an opportunity for any other students who have not yet finished their award to complete it this year. See Mr Rogers if you are interested.


Central Australia Trip

Finally, 33 of our students are heading to Central Australia on our Year 11 camp in the July holidays. No doubt, they will have a fantastic time and have lots of photos to show and stories to tell when they get back in term 3.

Year 12

Year 12 students have had an incredibly busy term of study, with some slightly more exciting events scattered throughout.


Year 12 Formal

The most notable event was of course the Year 12 Formal, which was attended by nearly 300 students, staff and guests at the Lincoln of Toorak on 25 May.  Students (and teachers!) dressed up in their finest attire, enjoyed a three-course meal and danced the night away. There were awards presented to those best dressed, our class clowns, favourite couples and the student most likely to end up as Prime Minister. The formal committee did an outstanding job of organising a smoothly-run night. The "James Bond: 007" theme was evident throughout all of their planning; the venue was beautifully decorated with gold balloons, poker chips on the tables and themed stationery. Well done to all of the Year 12 students involved in the planning and execution of this fabulous event. 


SACs and GAT

We also had SAC week in Week 9 of this term, so that students had a chance to sit many of their SACs over three days without having to go to classes. This gave them a well-deserved opportunity to complete some independent study at home, which hopefully meant they felt more prepared to tackle many SACs in the very busy period. All students completing a Unit 3/4 subject also completed the General Achievement Test (GAT) in the same week.  


As usual, the prefects have been busy trying to create positive changes and engaging opportunities for students at Box Hill. This term, they have coordinated the Talent Show, acted as tour guides on Open Night, helped host the grand opening of our new Performing Arts Centre, helped organise the Wellbeing Theme Week (YEET week) and organised a pancake morning for all Year 12s.


Talent Show

The Talent Show was wildly successful, with acts from students in every year level and some superb hosting from the prefects. The hall was packed out on each of the four days and the top acts went through to the final on the last day of term.  


Well done, Year 12s, on another successful semester.  


Important Dates

Week 1: 16th - 20th July:                              

Immersion week (teachers inform students about the subjects in their domain/faculty

Week 1: Tue, 17th July, period 4               

Year 10 Assembly (VCE talk)

Week 1: Thu, 19th July                                   

World Challenge Launch Night

Week 2: Wed, 25th July, 5-7pm                 

Senior School Expo

Week 3: Wed, 1st Aug, p4-6                        

Year10/G4 Course Advising

Week 4: Mon, 6th Aug, p1-p3                      

Meningococcal Vaccinations

Week 4: Fri, 10th Aug                                     

Final day for student online course selection

Week 9: Thu, 13th Aug                                   

Three-way Parent Teacher Conferences

Open Night

Open Night 2018

Our Grade 6 Open Night on Thursday 19 April was a huge success, as we christened the new hall with not one, but two, parent sessions, and a comprehensive school tour, led by our enthusiastic student tour leaders. Our Class and School Captains spoke passionately about the school and their experiences here. They also expressed their appreciation for the work of all staff in supporting them to  achieve their goals and aspirations. The Music team  provided wonderful entertainment for the evening.  All the Domain displays were very impressive, providing  parents and prospective students with valuable insight into the work that we do at Box Hill High School. Parents  also spoke very highly of the passion and enthusiasm of the teachers they met during the evening activities.  A large scale event like this one is not possible without the hard work of  many staff- Junior team, all Domain leaders and their support staff,  Admin team, Canteen team,  Music Department and all students (speakers, tour guides, prefects). A huge thank you to all who attended and contributed.   Parents left at the end of the evening  appreciating the pride and positivity demonstrated by all staff and students.

Here is an example of one such email from a parent.


Just a brief note to express my appreciation to you and your school community after attending your Information Evening last night.  

It was a fine evening – shining a light on student performance through public speaking, dramatic and musical performance, demonstrations of fine project work and the use of teaching and technology spaces that reflected wonderful student engagement. In listening to the introductory talks of teachers and their thoughtful responses to questions, it became very clear that they displayed both professional pride and a clear respect for the diversity of their student community.

A last minute visit to the school library also reminded me of how special a well-cared for library can be in the life of a school community – not simply as a learning and reading space, but also as a place for reflection and retreat. It also seemed most apt that it was placed in the centre of the school – even in close proximity to a ‘Tech Free Friday’ games and activities space.

 The sense of pride and self-confidence conveyed by the students – on stage and on school tours – offered a very real reflection of shared ideals and shared practices. As the evening proceeded, it became most apparent that the school values of positivity and engagement had contributed to a very real sense of belonging among both staff and students.

The work undertaken by your staff in preparing for this evening is greatly valued. Please do convey my thanks to your staff and students for their time and effort in making this event such a warm and informative occasion.  

(parent's name withheld)


Drama, Media and Music

Drama, Media and Music - Term 2

The Drama, Media and Music domain has continued to go from strength to strength during Term 2, with the incredibly successful musical performance of Peter Pan under our belt, Year 12 Drama ensemble performances, the start of senior Media’s substantial productions, Music’s highly anticipated Winter Concert… the list goes on and on!


In the opening weeks of Term 2, Ms Trollope, Ms Robinson, Ms De Blasio and Mr Wilkins along with 90 talented actors, singers, musicians and crew committed to an extra 75 hours of work outside of school to produce Peter Pan, A Musical Adventure. A roaring success, during the hall’s ‘soft opening’ we had 1500 students, parents and staff come along to enjoy the new facilities across the five performances. If you were there you’ll attest to the extraordinarily high quality of the student’s work. Not to rest on their laurels, Ms Robinson and Ms Trollope are already deep in planning for next year’s play, due May 2019! 



Ms Trollope’s senior Drama class undertook their VCE ensemble performances exploring ‘urban legends’ half way through Term 2 to immense critical acclaim and a captivated audience. Their talents seem boundless and the Drama Department is thrilled with their progress having watched these students go from strength to strength over the years. Ms Robinson and Mr Wilkins’ Year 10 Drama class have also continued to impress, undertaking Theatre Studies style performances where small groups of designers, directors and actors were tasked with producing monologues that were given to Year 12 students across the state only in the previous year. Their efforts were immense and their work was fabulous.

Ms Robinson and Mr Wilkins have also just wrapped up their work with the first cohort of Year 9 Drama students, and are looking forward to working with the second cohort next semester. Mr Wilkins is also keen to see students who, for the first time have the opportunity to undertake a second semester of Year 9 Drama with a brand-new curriculum! He is hopeful that the opportunity to undertake a year of Drama across Year 9 will even better prepare our students for their senior years.


Ms Muston, Mr Thomas, Ms Robinson and Mr Wilkins have continued to develop and refine the new study designs for Media in Years 11 and 12 in 2018. We have finally settled into our new classroom, with our Mac computers still going strong for Year 12s to use to edit their major pieces, and some new camera and sound equipment will soon be on the way!

Mr Wilkins and Ms Robinson’s Year 11 students have finished their first major group-based productions – creating products representing the Australian cultural zeitgeist: everything from hipsters to vegemite! They are now exploring narrative and new media; they will be producing complex and substantial media texts across Term 3.

Ms Robinson’s Year 10 students have also undertaken some terrific documentary work across Term 2, including an exposé on the seething political underbelly that is students wearing branded socks, and a poignant exploration of some of the teachers' more hilarious classroom experiences at Box Hill High School.


Music too, has gone from strength to strength with Ms De Blasio and her stage band invited to perform at the official opening to the hall with State and Federal Ministers, School Council members, teachers, parents and friends all in attendance.

The brilliant music department has gone full steam ahead into their new rooms with instrumental music teachers working tirelessly to get the best out of their students towards the Winter Concert. An enormous achievement, the Winter Concert had students of all year

levels across the school presenting some of their best work for a packed-out hall. Mr Rogers and Ms De Blasio’s tireless efforts alongside our enormously talented instrumental staff have been able to produce a concert of astounding quality that showcases just how gifted and clever our music students are. If you missed it, you well and truly missed out!

With continued successes and achievements across Term 2 - producing, teaching, learning, striving and creating [with a few brief moments to rest], we can’t wait to see what further accomplishments our staff and students will achieve next term!

Tobias C Wilkins

Domain Leader: Drama, Media & Music 

Peter Pan Excellence 

Congratulations on another wonderful BHHS production! "Peter Pan - A Musical Adventure" was a great choice of show allowing so many students to participate in so many ways from band and tech crew to cast, marketing and directing (assisting and choreography). The trust that Kaitlyn and the drama/music team have in the students to achieve high standards shows a quality of BHHS which places faith in students to challenge themselves, achieve and shine. As a parent, I could not ask more of school in providing such an opportunity. The productions you have mounted at BHHS create unique opportunities within each show for growth, bonding, learning and importantly the value of team work and team support. These are excellent life skills and provide valuable broadening experience for the students. I am sure the school will continue to support these annual productions and with the fantastic resource of the newly refurbished hall and Arts Precinct, I look forward to more great work from the drama/music departments.

Thank you so much to Kaitlyn, Toby, Cally and Grace for the huge amount of work you put into "Peter Pan". I am sure you invested many more hours than you were paid for out of love for the work that you do. This is a wonderful team of teachers and BHHS is very lucky to have you!
(Parent's name withheld)


J.M Barrie’s character Peter Pan first flew across stages in London in 1902, and has been a cultural symbol of youthfulness, escapism and childhood imagination ever since. ‘The boy who never grew up’ first captured my heart as a very small girl; I often dreamt of flying through the clouds over the mermaid’s lagoon or of hoarding a secret pouch of pixie dust away for a day I would need it most. It is this innocent and unwavering belief that is intrinsically linked to the magic of the story of Peter Pan, and that formed the underlying premise of our show – childhood imagination is powerful.


It was in the early weeks of December last year that we found our exceptionally talented cast of students, and they successfully weaved their own brand of magic into this much loved classic tirelessly across the 15 week period. This production was not without its challenges – having created a large portion of our content in make shift spaces around the school while we waited in anticipation for our gorgeous new hall to be available. But it is the beautiful sense of community that surrounded this cast that spurred us forward and helped to achieve a result that we are truly proud of.


We enjoyed a very successful season with more than 1500 people viewing the show over the five performances, and an additional 250 very excited Laburnum Primary School students who got a special sneak peak of our Dress Rehearsal. We received some glowing reviews from audience members and the wider community about how impressed they were with the professionalism of the actors, the incredible musical talent of the all-student band, the brilliant execution of the technical aspects by our student-run and operated Tech Crew, and the outstanding leadership from our own student Choreographer, Assistant Director, Stage Manager and Publicity Head.


As a creative team, we view Production as an opportunity to expose as many students as possible to the theatrical workings of what a true professional performance requires and delight in allowing them to take ownership. It is easy to appreciate the exciting spectacle of the finished product, but to learn how to contribute to the process of creating a show is an invaluable life skill. Production brings students from all areas of the school together, and watching this exceptional group of young people support each other to grow into stronger performers was this show’s true star. We look forward to doing it all again in 2019!


A message of thanks to our village; for your unwavering support of the heights we try to reach we are forever grateful.

J.M Barrie once wrote that “the moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” So with that, I hope we allowed you to suspend your disbelief and to watch this show through the eyes of your childhood self. For after all, what is life without a little bit of magic?


Kaitlyn Trollope


Mainly Music

Music, Music
and more Music

It has been a very busy term 2 in the Music Department as we settled into the new Music Department under the Hall. A fantastic space for our wonderful music students to work in. Performances for the term included Open Night where the Senior Strings and Stage Band entertained the audience, Stage Band workshop with Kew High School, the Regional Concert at Hamer Hall, and the Victorian School Music Festival for Stringed Orchestras, all culminating in the Winter Concert in the refurbished Hall.

Production Band
- Peter Pan

The term began with the School Production, Peter Pan. The band, made up with students from the String Program and Concert Band Program, proved to be a cohesive group which more than ably supported the students on stage. These students played through over 20 pieces and only had ten weeks to learn the lot. Many of these students already have a busy music schedule, playing in various ensembles, but were still willing to step up to the task. They all had a fantastic experience which is sure to enhance their overall musical abilities. Thanks to Ms Grace De Blasio for taking on the role of Musical Director as Mr Troy Rogers went on personal leave. A fantastic effort to learn all of the music in such a short amount of time. Also thanks to Liam Broeksteeg for his assistance with the Musical Direction.  A very talented music student!

Stage and Band Workshop

Members of the Senior Stage Band went to Kew High School and rehearsed with the Kew High School Stage Band. We spent the day working with special guest conductors and mixing with other like-minded students.  We had a very worthwhile day expanding the experiences of our keen musicians.

Regional Concert
- Hamer Hall

15 of our Box Hill High School students took part in the annual Regional Concert at Hamer Hall,  a great experience for students to work with other conductors and perform in Melbourne’s premiere performance venue.  Students participated in the Choir, Rookie Band, Wind Symphony and Orchestra. Well done to those who chose to better themselves and participate in this concert.

Victorian School Music Festival
- String Orchestra Section 

The Senior Strings and Intermediate Strings Ensembles took part in this year’s festival, held at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. A great day was had by all who had the opportunity to perform on stage, listen to other school groups perform and be adjudicated by the experts. The special guest adjudicator this year was Dr Mark Laycock, a Professor of Music at Wichita State University, where he holds the Ann Walenta Faculty of Distinction Endowed Professorship. He has been recognized with the WSU Excellence in Creative Activity Award (2012) and the College of Fine Arts Excellence in Teaching Award (2007). Both ensembles this year received a Silver Award. Congratulations to students from both ensembles.

Winter Concert

The Winter Concert was a great success, thanks to the students, staff and parents who supported the event. All school-based ensembles performed including the Choir, Junior Band, Concert Band, Wind Symphony, Stage Band, Senior Strings, Intermediate Strings and Year 12 Ensemble. We also heard from the Miceli 3, a String Trio made up of the Miceli family – Vincent (year 7), Ingrid (Strings teacher) and Nicholas (Year 12). A lovely family moment and an incredibly musical performance. Congratulations to all 220 students who performed on the night.


Our main fundraising in the Music Department is through music concerts at school.  We have been able to replace our classroom piano with a new upright Yamaha piano last year through these funds. The money raised from concerts this year will go towards new percussion equipment and amplifiers. Thanks for your support.

Goodbye Vivienne Tate

Ms Tate is leaving us after 15 years at Box Hill High School. She arrived when the school population was only about 500 students, the music department only had four teachers, the music department building was in a small house located where SATERN is now located (the school cleaners used to live in the house) and the School Principal was Mr Robert Jenkin. Ms Tate has worked in the Education Department for over 30 years, working in many schools across Melbourne, teaching all woodwind instruments and conducting concert bands. We wish Ms Tate well as she travels the world and takes the time to explore her other artistic passions.

Term 3 Dates 

Monday 6 August  (Session 3) 
4.45pm – 7.30pm​

Choir Victorian School Music Festival


Tuesday 14 August  (Session 1)
10.30am - 12.45pm

Concert Band Victorian School Music Festival     


Tuesday 21 August  (Session 2)
1.45pm - 4.00pm

Wind Symphony Victorian School Music Festival    


Tuesday 21 August (Session 3)
4-15pm – 7.15pm

Stage Band Victorian School Music Festival    


TBA  (Usually in the final week of August)

Concert Band  - Royal South Street Eisteddfod  Ballarat  


TBA  (Usually in the first week of September)

Wind Symphony - Royal South Street Eisteddfod  Ballarat  


Wednesday 5 September  

 Jazz Night -  Fountains Restaurant  7.30pm



VCE Solo Performances 25 minute Recitals 


Thursday 20 September     

Senior Music Night  - Hall  7.30pm



Chinese Declamation Competition May 2018

Well done to Ariana Ding and Juliana Sun for representing our school in the 2018 Chinese Declamation Competition this term. They were up against fierce competition from all over Victoria and admirably performed their prepared material in front of judges and a large audience.


German Careers Day 

Secondary students of German from Victoria were invited to get first-hand insight into the career paths their German language skills can lead them. 33 Box Hill High School students were among the 500 strong group of students coming together to explore careers pathways on a bitter cold mid-June morning.

Students visited the University of Melbourne and spent the day making their way through a program of workshops and presentations. The Year 10 and 11 students enjoyed the opportunity to network with experts from a variety of academic fields. Swiss medical researcher Dr Ueli Nachbur captivated students by describing his leading research, the international nature of science, and the opportunities languages can open.  Students left musician DYKO’s workshop  with new perspectives, and sessions from ‘Bo&MeRanG’ and the DAAD about opportunities for further study in Germany across many fields,  informed the students of the wide variety of programs and scholarships available to help facilitate international study.

This event was generously sponsored by the Goethe Institut Australien and the Victorian Government, enabling students to attend at no cost. The Languages Domain would like to thank them for offering this wonderful opportunity to students.

If you are interested in more information about scholarships or future study, see your German teacher.

Mr Nathaniel Smith

Languages Domain Leader


Model UN Congress in German 

Congratulations to Thomas Yakubowski, Lucas Deichsel, Iona Easton and Bernhard Andersson for participating in the German UN Congress  representing Jordan. The presented their country's stance on asylum seekers and discussed various issues surrounding the present global refugee problem - all in German. It was a rewarding experience at the Treasury Theatre with three resolutions out of five passed.


New German Language Assistant 

Hello there! My name is Cheryl and I’m from Germany. I live and study in a city in East Germany called Leipzig. I’m studying English and French to become a teacher. I’m here in Melbourne until the end of September and I’ll be the German assistant teacher at Box Hill High School. I’ve never been to Australia or an Australian school before and I’m very excited to become a part of everyday school life. I’m very curious about how school works here Down Under. I’ll be assisting in German lessons and helping the German faculty to prepare materials for classes.  I’ll also be working one-on-one with students to help them improve their German and introduce them to German culture. I’m looking forward to a great time and loads of new experiences.

Cheryl Blessing

German Language Assistant




Business Technology 

Term 2 has been a busy semester for the Humanities Domain with a variety of events and experiences throughout the school. Year 9 Business Technology students and Year 11 Business Management students held their very successful Market Days while 50 students engaged in the Humanities-based activities in the Year 9 CBD Experience in the city.  The Civics and Citizenship Presentation evening was also held for the Year 9 students and Geography fieldwork excursions for the Year 8 and 11 students.

While the semester has been busy, it has been fantastic to see so many students, teachers and parents engaged and involved in the school community. Term 3 promises to hold just as many exciting and educational opportunities for Box Hill High School Humanities students!



Year 11 Business Management
Market Day

Our business, Jonah’s Jaffles, ran a café on Market Day as a part of our Unit 1 Business Management course. Our café’s products included jaffles, milkshakes, hot chocolate, coffee and tea. The most popular product that was sold was the ham and cheese jaffles and milkshakes, in particular the caramel and strawberry flavours.

The individual roles within our group were carried out effectively, each person made sure their responsibilities were executed well. Our finances and operations was completed with detail, so we knew exactly what products to buy, however the estimates of how much was going to be sold were not as accurate, this meant we ended up buying more coffee pods and tea bags than we needed. Overall each of our team members fulfilled their roles to a high standard.

Our mission was to have “all customers leave with a smile and a satisfied tummy, while still making a profit and donating it to World Vision.” We achieved our financial target as we ended up making $83.45 in profit to donate to World Vision. We also achieved our goal to satisfy customers as many came back for more toasties and milkshakes which means that they were pleased with the products we sold and wanted more.

We also had corporate social responsibility objectives. We encouraged our customers to return their disposable cups and we didn’t provide drinking straws. We spent slightly more money on products, such as ham from the deli, instead in plastic packaging, to ensure that we were being environmentally conscious.

Over all, Jonah’s Jaffles fulfilled our mission and produced a profit that was donated to World Vision. I think we really considered our corporate social responsibility, and really learned how this is a major factor that more businesses should consider.




Humanities Stream
-Year 9 CBD Experience

The Humanities Stream was very fun. We did many activities such as going to CERES and visiting the Melbourne Museum. I enjoyed all the activities, especially the pizza dinner on Lygon Street. All my friends and I had a lot of fun doing things together such as the ice-skating. Overall, CBD Experience a great time. 

Jeremy Lau 


The three days of the CBD Humanities experience was fun. We participated in many eye-opening experiences such as CERES which taught us about the history of the land around us. We also were involved in a Eureka Skydeck Experience which taught us to face our fears by looking straight down 91 floors from the edge. Overall a great and wonderful experience to be a part of. 

Jamie Wiener 


Year 9 Citizenship Project

The Year 9 Geography students had to create a presentation based on a current issue in our society today. There were many topics chosen such as Gender Inequality, Homelessness, Animal Cruelty, Domestic Violence, Over Fishing and Racism to name a few. These issues were explored by the students who made a display to present to parents one evening. The night consisted of many stalls which students had put together allowing parents and teachers alike to explore the issues and hear the research and findings of the groups.

Students also had to create a change campaign in which they aimed to inspire positive change within the school. Many campaigns included the placement and distribution of posters, online surveys, social media pages and informative videos that were shared through Box Hill High School Compass. Overall, these campaigns were very successful and were able to raise awareness on a variety of important issues.

The students had to work in groups of  four or five, where we faced many challenges in terms of communication, work distribution and productivity. The students learnt to express their opinions and share and challenge each others ideas. The shared work meant it had to be divided into equal amounts and this was achieved in many groups, which led to high quality work. Freedom in the work could have led to laziness and lack of productivity. This was the case in some groups, however the leadership shown by many in the groups surpassed the issue of unfair work and little productivity. Overall, the groups flourished and learnt many things about working with others and developing skills of teamwork. We highly encourage parents to come to the next one as it can also teach a valuable lesson to the older generation,  including raising awareness to issues that are prominent today and that everyone can make an impact. Though we may not realise it, many people are struggling and the Civics and Citizenship project spreads awareness about the truth of issues, therefore we can all learn from the research and findings of the students.

Natalie Smith & Aurora McKie, 9A



Our aim throughout the project was to educate either our local community or the students of Box Hill High School on a global issue of our choice. The project took place over six school weeks and the Easter holidays. Our group did our project on LGBTQIA+ Rights. Other topics included Australian refugees, fair trade, food insecurity, sustainability and animal testing. First, students had to research their issue and create a poster with their newfound knowledge. The next phase of our project was our change campaigns. We ran events at Box Hill High School to raise the school community’s awareness of , and to get them thinking about, our issues. Finally, we had to collate all that we had learned to create and present a display at a presentation night on Monday 14th May.

Sam Ford & Jasmine Pengelly, S3X



From our experience, we found that the citizenship project was very educational. Not only did it help us improve our skills of teamwork, organisation and presentation, it was also entertaining. Some of the challenging aspects of this project, was working with people you wouldn’t normally work with.

Carlos Weffer Perez & Suhayl Shiraz, 9C

Duke of Edinburgh and ACE

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Team is excited to see 25 students finish their Bronze Award in Term 2 this year. A number of Year 11 and 12 students are in the final stages of completing their award and we look forward to presenting these students at the next round of Year Level Assemblies.

In the Year 10 Program, students have had a busy term. They have participated in a number of activities including:

* completing a Level 2 Workplace First Aid Course

* acting as teacher’s aids at the Box Hill branch of the Australian Migrant Education Service (AMES)

* refined their navigation skills using maps, natural features and route planning

* bushwalking in Lysterfield State Park, the 1000 Steps and Mount Dandenong

* working through Career Planning Sessions in preparation for their week of Work Experience

Coming up next term will be an opportunity for students to test their teamwork skills in an Escape Room and City Photography, learn more about outdoor equipment in Gear Store Visits, refine their cooking skills with a special ingredient and fusion cooking sessions, be introduced to sustainable camping principles as well as basic camp craft skills. This is all in preparation for two independent end-of-year camps running during Camps Week in Term 4.

We look forward to helping students achieve their awards and continue to contribute to their community.


The Duke of Edinburgh Team

Mr Paul Rogers, Mr Neil Hamley, Mr Drew Howlett and Ms Emma Natoli



Duke of Ed - Not Just for Year 10 Students…

Are you interested in what you have read about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Program? Are you a senior school student (Year 10 and above) and interested in having all your extra-curricular commitments formally recognised. Did you know that completing this award can grant you priority access to La Trobe University or even boost your ATAR! http://www.dukeofed.com.au/about-the-award/award-benefits/tertiary-results/  For general information visit Duke of Ed Victoria at: http://www.dukeofedvic.org.au/about/awards/  or contact Mr Paul Rogers (rogers.paul.p@edumail.vic.gov.au)

ACEing Term 2

This term in ACE has been greatly focused on career planning and preparing students for work experience. Students have been fortunate to undertake several skill development sessions that have focused on developing their exam study habits and resume-writing abilities.

Students have fully engaged in these sessions and, as a result, have learnt new life-long skills that will assist them in their future study/career endeavours. Furthermore, students have been exposed to career planning sessions run by Ms Kamvissis (Box Hill High School’s new Careers guru) and now have a better idea of what career they would like to pursue after finishing Year 12.

To finish off the term, students participated in a tour of Swinburne University, exposing students to courses they offer and some of the wonderful facilities that are available.

The other focus for ACE this term has been the weekly respectful relationships sessions. We have explored topics covering a broad range of issues including; sexual harassment, gender identity and relationship qualities. Students have fully engaged in these topics which is evident through the sharing of their opinions during class discussions. In order to reflect on these sessions, students have been keeping a weekly journal. After each session students have been writing a paragraph that reflects on what they have learnt for the session. Upon reading these journals, it is clear to see students are taking a genuine interest in the topics.

Term 3 will have more of a focus on collaborative activities outside of the classroom. The focus will be about further developing positive relationships with their fellow students outside of the usual classroom setting.


Mr Connor O’Sullivan

ACE Program Co-ordinator

DoE students at AMES


World Challenge

World Challenge

Box Hill High School is delighted to announce that we are launching another very exciting program which offers students the opportunity to plan, fund and ultimately lead their own 21-day long expedition to Vietnam and Cambodia in December 2019. The school has selected 34 Year 9 and 10 students to travel internationally and participate in the World Challenge Program. The expedition has a focus on community project work in the developing world where they will work alongside a local community and undertake sustainable and meaningful projects.


Students will challenge themselves through participating in a trek and immersing themselves within a local community where they will have the chance to understand some of the issues facing parts of our world. Not only is World Challenge a chance to travel throughout some developing countries and see how lucky we are to live in Australia, students will work within a small team of adolescents, ensure they develop real-world leadership and grow communication skills in a country where English is not commonly spoken.


The official launch of the Box Hill High School program is in the first week of Term 3 with both teams having a say in the major destinations of their trip. Following this, students will be engaging in fundraising activities, over the next 18 months, to raise funds for local initiatives within these countries. Keep an eye out for events and opportunities to contribute to those in need.


If you like the sound of what you have read so far, check out a video put together by one of the 2016/17 teams that travelled to India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIZE2JJftSI or view it here on this page.


We thank all who applied to be part of the program in 2019/20 and look forward to a wonderful trip.

Ms Jessica Goodwin and Mr Paul Rogers

BHHS World Challenge Trip Coordinators


Library News

Library News


You can always tell when the weather gets cooler because our popular school Library gets busier. Open before and after school, many students make the library a point of call during the school day as it is a warm, friendly space with new books to see, competitions to enter and friends to meet.

Homework Club

Homework Club runs each afternoon except Fridays, with teachers and a Teacher Librarian in attendance to help, as well as some older students who are happy to act as mentors.


Our Bookclubs have been running this term, either Tuesdays or Thursdays, with a small band of enthusiastic readers. Students help choose new titles to add to the collection, recommend favourites to their classmates and are beginning to prepare for Book Week which takes place early next term. There will be always be a Compass Newsfeed to announce the next meeting.

Inky Awards

This term we were very happy to hear that one of our students in Year 11 was chosen as a teen judge for the prestigious Inky Awards run by the State Library. She will have the opportunity to read all the teen books on the longlist and submit her votes for the shortlisted books. Check out the latest news at the State Library’s special website for teens, Insideadog  at  https://insideadog.com.au/  Any student can submit their votes for the 20 books on the longlist, after August 10.

Library Competitions

Our recent competitions have included inviting students to match the teacher to their favourite childhood book. With perennials like the Harry Potter series, Anne of Green Gables and some of Roald Dahl’s titles like Matilda and The Witches, this is a hard task. Last month, students had to unravel some sneaky riddles. The current popular competition recognises the great interest in the World Cup, and students have to match countries with their flags.

Speed-dating (with books)

We are continuing with our wide reading program and the Year 7s and 8s have been enjoying ‘Speed dating’ with some new books. This ensures they get exposure to a variety of novels from lots of different genres, and may or may not choose to borrow a book that they perhaps wouldn’t otherwise choose to read.


Screen-free Fridays

On Fridays, the school community is reminded about Screen-free time, to give everyone a chance to take a break from their screens, and chat and enjoy some other friendly activities, just reading, or playing boardgames, which are available outside the Library in the Gallery space. The Library is always looking for donations of old games or chess sets, if ever you have any at home that are no longer used.

Overdue notices

Overdue notices will be sent home this week so please take this chance to check whether you have a book to return. We are always happy to renew loans for books required for projects, or if you just need a bit longer to finish a favourite. We have been stocktaking both our fiction and non-fiction this term, so returns are important.


There is still a great interest in our eBook collection, (https://boxhillhs.wheelers.co/) especially with the holidays coming up. Even if you haven’t borrowed a book before, it’s easy to login, either via the Wheelers app, searching for Box Hill High School, or go directly from the Library News page (Go to Compass, look for the star on the menu and choose Library to see our Catalogue) Your Compass username will let you log in, with the password, Library1

Student input

We are also lucky to have two Year 10 students who will complete their work experience with us in the last week of Term 2, and a couple of Year 7 students who volunteer as monitors for us during our busy lunchtimes. We really appreciate their support and interest in helping out in our busy environment.


Happy reading

Ms McQueen and Ms Pearson


Wellbeing and
Strength Based Parenting 

Talking about strength-based parenting

Here is a brilliant article written by Lea Waters, registered psychologist, professor and founding director of the Positive Psychology Centre at the University of Melbourne.   This is reprinted from the following link on the Kids Matter website. 



Professor Lea Waters is a registered psychologist, professor and founding director of the Positive Psychology Centre at the University of Melbourne. Lea has been a psychology researcher for over 20 years, with a focus on positive parenting, positive education, and in recent years, strength-based parenting. Lea is one of the co-founders of The Strength Exchange, a strength-based parenting resource and is bringing out a book “The Strength Switch: Using the new science of strength-based parenting to help you and your child flourish“ in the coming months. KidsMatter has been lucky enough to be able to sit down with Lea for her professional insight into the following questions.

Why focus on children’s strengths?

We can sometimes focus too much on things our children don’t do as well as other children. While there’s no doubt that parents can help children improve in these areas, an emerging field of research reveals that focusing on children’s strengths means they’re more likely to enjoy higher levels of life satisfaction and wellbeing. It means placing more emphasis on amplifying your children’s potential than fixing their shortcomings. Focusing on children’s strengths can help build things like their confidence, resilience, competence, coping abilities and self-worth, which can help provide the skills to develop some of their weaknesses and reduce the risk of mental health difficulties developing.

In the past a strength has been seen as something your child is good at, but two decades of psychological research shows us that it is more than that. A strength has three elements:

  • Performance – a child is good at it
  • Energy – it leaves them feeling energized and motivated
  • Use – a child will naturally choose to use that strength

For example, my 13-year-old son is good at piano, but it’s not a true strength because he never finishes his practice. The ‘energy’ and ‘use’ elements are missing. When you see your child do something well, do it with energy and do it a lot, you will know you have unearthed a strength. This doesn’t only apply to activities such as music or sport but more importantly it applies to our character strengths. Character strengths are our positive personality qualities such as kindness, persistence, curiosity and bravery. Every child has character strengths and you’ll notice that your child has some aspects of their character that they perform well, e.g. high levels of emotional intelligence. A character strength will also evoke high levels of energy when used and the child will naturally use that strength over and over.

You can learn more about character strengths at the Values in Action Institute website.

What is strengths-based parenting and what are the benefits?

Strength-based parenting (SBP) is an approach where parents deliberately identify and cultivate positive states, processes and qualities in their children. It’s about connecting your kids with their inborn strengths in their character (e.g. humour, kindness) as well as their pursuits such as writing or sporting ability.

SBP is a style of parenting that encourages you to intentionally and regularly build upon your child’s positive qualities. It is about noticing what your kids have done right before you look at what they have done wrong. Rather than clearing a path for children or ‘helicopter parenting’, it’s about helping children develop inner resources and strengths that allow them to clear their own pathways. Let’s say you notice your child shows an aptitude for creativity and art. You might try to create environments where your child can play to their strengths by enrolling them in an art class and making sure you’ve got good quality pencils and paint at home. You could display the artwork in your home or suggest that your child give it to a family member as a gift.

SBP is also helpful during challenging times and is particularly helpful when children are experiencing problems. Let’s say your daughter is going through friendship issues. You might talk to her about the strengths she has that will help her navigate the problem, such as forgiveness, empathy or bravery. Discuss how she’s managed stressful times in the past – perhaps she’s a good listener, negotiator or, in a worst-case scenario, makes new friends easily.

Children whose parents use SBP techniques cope better with conflict, use their strengths to meet homework deadlines and have lower levels of stress. Unsurprisingly, they also have a better understanding of their own strengths. SBP is also associated with higher levels of life satisfaction, positive emotions and confidence in the ability to cope with stress.

Can you give us a few tips for strengths-based parenting?

1. Label their strengths. I call it the ‘See It and Say It’ approach. Let’s say your child wants to share a toy. Instead of just saying ‘Thank you for sharing’, a strength-based parent will add a strength-based sentence like ‘That’s kind of you’. You’re letting your child know ‘You have an inner strength called kindness’.

2. Provide experiences and the environment to foster that strength. When you start to see a hint of a strength – chess, say, or a strong sense of social justice, or a love of nature – start to get your child involved in it. Buy them a chess set, help them fundraise for a cause they choose or enrol them in a community garden.

3. Give them the right equipment. It might sound simple but it’s easily overlooked. For example, when my daughter is watching TV, she always has a pencil in her hand drawing the cartoons. Her Creativity strength has the ‘performance’ element but also ‘energy’ and ‘use’. I always keep the craft box full.

4. Practise. Even though our strengths may be partly genetic, we need practise to develop them.

5. Role model. Connect your children with role models who possess the same strength, either in real life or through biographies in books, websites or YouTube. If they’re too young to read, talk to them about figures instead, like Mother Teresa if your child’s strength is compassion.

What can this mean for parents?

Being a strengths-based parent is about using your own strengths too. Ask yourself ‘What are my strengths? What do I do well, get energy from and would choose to do, and how can I bring that to my parenting?’ You might have a variety of character strengths that you can bring to parenting and to help your child develop their strengths. You might also be the creative parent who signs up to design the costumes for the school concert, or the prudent parent who helps a teenager craft a monthly budget. It’s a strength if these things are energising for you.

Strength-based parenting doesn’t just benefit our children; it also improves the life satisfaction and confidence of the parents themselves. In one of my studies, parents who went through a four week strength-based parenting program found parenting more interesting, felt more confident in their role as a parent and experienced more positive emotions toward their children.

While the importance of providing love and emotional support to children is well understood, we now know the importance of deliberately identifying and building strengths in our children.

Can you suggest some practical tips, resources and links?

Strengths surveys: There are a number of online surveys that children can take to help them identify and think about their strengths. The Gallup Institute has the StrengthsExplorer for children aged 10-14 and the StrengthsQuest for children aged 15-25. If parents and children are interested in identifying personality strengths, they can go to The Values in Action Institute and complete the free online VIA-Youth survey.

Strengths spotting: Think about the strengths that underpin your child’s actions and let them know what you see. Spot the kindness that underpins them sharing with their friends, their self-control to finish homework on time rather than watch TV and the persistence they are using in sports training.

Strengths letter: Write a letter to your child letting them know about the strengths you see in them and how these strengths will help them cope with challenging times as well as helping them to thrive during the good time.

Strengths role model: It always helps to see how other parents and kids are using their strengths. Visit the The Strengths Exchange and discover how parents and children of all ages apply character strengths to everyday.

Wellbeing Team and YEET

Youth Engagement Entertainment Teamwork (YEET) Week 

This term, the Student Leaders from across the school came together to organise our healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul week. From conception to production, this team met weekly in the months leading up to the event and came up with not only the original name of YEET Week (Youth Engagement Entertainment and Teamwork), but also created all the activities that would run to promote positive relationships. From Dodgeball and Trivia to Speed Friending and a whole school Scavenger Hunt, the Prefects, Year 11 Leaders, SRC, House Captains and Class Captains all lent a hand to get students to sign up and participate. These young leaders also showed great capacity in running the events. Other teams of students got involved and collated the music to play each day instead of bells and if the excitement all got too much, there was also the Sleep Centre to attend where you could escape from all the excitement and relax the mind. 


Thank-you to all the students who came along and participated, earning points for your house and making the whole week of events such a success. But an even bigger thanks needs to go to all the Student Leaders who helped with everything from planning and promotions to running each event, particularly the Year 11 Leaders who took on much of the work load. 


A big thank-you also to Woolworths in Blackburn South for providing us with two large boxes of fruit to support healthy eating habits. 


Respect Classes

Year 7 

Year 7 students have been exploring different ways to build and maintain positive relationships, including help-seeking behaviours when encountering difficulties and providing help to friends. Activities have included role-plays, problem-solving scenarios and sharing the positive relationships they have developed in their lives so far and the factors that make these relationships positive. 


Year 8 

Gratitude was the positive education theme for Year 8 students this term. This connects to the activities in the year 8 camp held this semester. Students explored ideas around the need to challenge negative bias and to practice seeking out positive interpretations to event; the difference between fixed and growth mindset and how mindsets affect our goals, efforts and meaning of failure. The year 8 students also had to write a letter of gratitude to someone who has had a great impact on their lives, and to consider how different acts of kindness can provide positive peer support. 

A strategy parents can use at home to support the development of this important quality is to ask ‘what went well today?’ followed by ‘why?’ 


Year 9

The Year 9 students investigated emotional literacy and problem-solving this term. They were presented with real-life scenarios that required creative, critical and reflective thinking.  Learning how to work with a variety of people and seeing situations from alternative perspectives also lead to empathy-building. A focus this term was also on coaching the skill of being assertive, as opposed to being aggressive or submissive when friends or others cause offence.  


Getting to know the Wellbeing Team

We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard-working team of supportive staff in the wellbeing team! This is a little more about some of the staff who may be supporting your child at some stage in their time at Box Hill High School. 


Mr Neil Hamley 

Contact: 9875 9107 

Student Wellbeing Coordinator 


I have been working in this area for around 20 years. I first became interested when I started seeing distressed young people and I wanted to try and help them whilst at school. The job and work needed at schools has grown enormously in that time and continues to grow. We are very lucky at this school that our leaders have placed a priority on helping and supporting the Wellbeing Team. 

I help manage our team and ensure that our students have access to appropriate help if they experience challenges whilst at school. This means we have four different psychologists coming in to the school during every week of the year. We have a social worker, a Chinese speaking counsellor plus other experts as the need arises.  

I manage my own wellbeing by staying fit and active, listening to music and getting plenty of quality sleep! 


Mr Colin Osborn 

Student Counsellor  


I started in student wellbeing because I have always seen the value in all people and I like to talk. Social pressures say be strong and happy but this isn't always the case. Poor mental health can be a taboo topic and can go unseen and become very damaging but everybody experiences pain and loss or sadness at some point in life; I work towards dealing with the struggles in life so we are not scared of emotions but can look at them and understand them and how emotions fit in the world around us.  

I look after my own wellbeing by trying new things most days, not being too hard on myself and playing sport and maybe coffee.  


Ms Apurva Nargundkar 
Wellbeing Coordinator and Provisional Psychologist 


Having recently been a student myself, I often experienced the stress and anxieties of school assignments, exams and expectations. High school is a time where children experience a lot of personal growth and change right through to early adulthood in just a few short years.  

As a provisional psychologist, I realised the value and importance of supporting young people during these prime years, and to help equip them with the support and tools needed to handle life’s challenges and difficulties in an adaptive and timely manner. 

Mental health is as important as physical health. We all take care of ourselves by eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, staying current on medical exams and checkups, and getting enough sleep. Similarly, mental illness is very common. One in five Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year (Black Dog Institute), with disorders such as anxiety, depression and panic having devastating impacts on our daily life and functioning.  

However, we tend to forget to look after our mental health when we think about taking care of ourselves. It’s time for us to change that. The mantra is simple –treating mental illness/ill-health should be given the same importance as going to the doctor for a physical ailment or illness! 

Some of the different ways I support student wellbeing at Box Hill High School include running a support group for LGBTQIA+ students on Monday lunchtimes to provide a safe and judgement free space! I also help students with study stress management, homework/study planning and scheduling, and exam preparation. 

I look after my own wellbeing by practising what I preach! It is always too easy to be bogged down by daily pressures, stressors and anxieties. Therefore, I ensure that I practice mindfulness every day, exercise regularly, socialise with friends whenever I can, and immerse myself in music as often as possible.  




State Swimming Championships

HUGE congratulations to the following students on their performance at the State Swimming Championships held at MSAC on Wednesday 18 April.  They made it through several rounds of competitions to represent Box Hill against students from all over Victoria!
Isabelle Chong-Nguyen - 4th 50m freestyle and 4th 50m backstroke 
Jason Ly - 5th 50m breaststroke 
Ky Braun, Kobe Cook, Blake Crichton, Felix Sun - 3rd place 4x50m relay 
Well done guys!

SSV Diving 


Congratulations to Lucy Kelly and Ethan Newnham for their efforts at the SSV Diving Competition on Thursday 19 April.

They both competed with students from all over the state and received some amazing results.
Lucy for finished 3rd in the state final.
Ethan finished first in the state final 
It is a huge achievement for both students and we are very proud of them!!

Great effort by the Intermediate Girls AFL

After smashing East Doncaster by a whopping 81 points, spirits were high! Unfortunately however, we couldn't get the job done over Koonung who eventually progressed through to the Regional finals. A massive thank you to all the Year 9 and 10 girls who represented the school so well at the Intermediate Girls AFL event, it was a great day!


Senior Boys Soccer

Well done to the Senior Boys Soccer team - we had a great day on Tuesday 24 April.  We scored within seconds of our first two matches and scored more than ten goals overall.  We won two out of three games, falling two games short to East Doncaster (ending up equal-top).  Thanks to the amazing team for outstanding sportsmanship, amazing skills and many great laughs!



Intermediate Boys Baseball Team

Congratulations to the Intermediate Boys Baseball team on finishing Runners-Up in the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Baseball Tournament!! The boys dominated the opposition teams in their pool, but came up against a well-drilled Wantirna SC in the final, and unfortunately weren't able to get the job done. Well done boys on a fantastic performance!!


Cross Country 


District Cross Country 


Success at Regional Cross Country

A group of 25 runners went to Yarra Valley Racecourse on Thursday 19 June to compete in the Eastern Metropolitan Region Final. Students ran well despite the cold conditions. Congratulations to the following students who had a top 20 finishing position:

Kennedy Chen (Yr10) - 14th U17-20 Boys
Jessica Ng (Yr 11) - 3rd U17-20 Girls
Anna Cerins (Yr 11) 5th U17-20 Girls
Kate Taylor (Yr 12) 17th U7-20 Girls
Harrison Broadbent (Yr11) - 5th U16 Boys
Lily Hart (Yr 8) 3rd U14 Girls
Zoe Pandey 18th U13 Girls
Four of these students have qualified for the State Cross Country Event on July 19. We wish these students well.


Senior Boys AFL Advance to Regionals

Congratulations to all students who proudly represented the school at Senior Boys AFL on 2 May.   With only 17 players after losing Josh May to injury halfway through the second game, everyone played a massive role in getting three big wins. The team advances through to the Eastern Metropolitan Regionals which will be played in July. Below is a match report from each game, well done boys! 

BHHS: 10.11.71
East Doncaster: 0.1.1
Goal Kickers: Porteous 3, Hubber 2, Lovemore 2, Crisfield, May, Kotsonis
Best: Porteous, Crisfield, Ryan
BHHS: 12.8.80
Blackburn: 5.4.34
Goal Kickers: Kotsonis 4, Crisfield 2, Lovemore 2, Ryan-Simmons 2, Porteous, Simpson
Best: Crisfield, Kotsonis, Ryan-Simmons
BHHS: 5.2.32
Koonung: 1.6.12
Goal Kickers: Porteous 2, Ryan-Simmons, Crisfield, Hubber
Best: Hubber, Porteous, Smith


Senior Boys Badminton Team

Well done to the Senior Boys Badminton A-Team (Amarnath Sangeetha Menon, Enoch Lau, Dixon Tan and Zhe-Wei Shen) on finishing runner-up in a very competitive Whitehorse Division round-robin tournament on 1 May. The boys played out of their skin against some seriously talented opposition, only to miss out on top spot by two games.

Also a big shoutout to the Boys B Team (Isuru Ranatunga, Chris Lewis & Daniel Wicki), who all played great games and had great fun in their pool with some mixed results on the day. Great job!

House Ranking Update


Basketball Program 

New to Box Hill High School this year is the Tuesday afternoon Basketball Program. This program runs for an hour straight after school and has been an instant success, with over 25 students attending each session. The program provides an environment where students of all abilities can participate and advance their basketball skills. It is based around improving fundamental basketball techniques, teamwork and having fun being active. Utilising healthy competition has allowed students to create interpersonal skills as well as meet new students from different year levels throughout the school. It has been pleasing to see the consistent members of the program significantly improve their individual skills and knowledge of the game over the semester. Looking forward, the program is set to continue in Semester 2. The focus will continue to prioritise the development of individual basketball intelligence and proficiency of skill execution. This involves activities based around shooting, dribbling, passing, defensive structure, offensive movement and of course, games!

The program is always open to any students of Box Hill High School who would like to get active, learn about basketball and have fun!


Program Coordinators:

Mr Nic Rees and Mr Connor O’Sullivan


Laburnum Primary School
Physical Education Lesson 

Earlier this term a number of our students attended an excursion to Laburnum Primary School as part of their Year 10 PE Coaching Unit. These students were met by 25 young prep faces, eagerly anticipating their morning PE lesson, where they would be focusing on Fundamental Motor Skill development. The Year 10 students had worked together throughout the week to develop engaging lesson plans, incorporating the skills of throwing and catching. Our students did an amazing job working in pairs to run sessions, control the chaos of the preps whilst still managing to complete meaningful and fun activities for them!

This was a great opportunity for our students to work with children outside their peer group to continue developing their own coaching skills they had been working on throughout the semester. We received much positive feedback from Laburnum’s staff who were extremely impressed with our students approach to the lesson. Their maturity and ability to create a range of enjoyable activities linking to fundamental motor skills exceeded their age. We have been welcomed back for future collaboration opportunities with the Primary School where our students will be able to apply and further develop skills that are similar to coaching. Congratulations to all involved for representing the school so magnificently.


Sport at Box Hill High School

It has been another exciting term of interschool sport at Box Hill High School. We have teams representing our school in Soccer, Badminton, AFL and Netball. We have had a huge amount of participation from students across all year level, often sending out multiple teams for each sport.  

A big congratulations to our Senior boys AFL,  Junior girls AFL and Year 8 boys AFL teams who won the District Final and will move on to compete at Regionals.  

Term 3  will give the opportunity for students to compete in 

  • Intermediate- Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis 

  • Year 8- Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis 

  • Year 7- Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis 

Sporting Carnivals

On Thursday 21 June we had our annual Athletics Carnival at Box Hill Athletics Track. Despite the terrible weather we had all week, the sun came out and gave us a beautiful day! The carnival was a huge success with excellent participation across all year levels. It was a tight battle all day, but congratulations to Batman House, which won the Carnival finishing with a huge score of 2,151 points. Deakin came in second with 1,900 points, followed by Forrest on 1,684 and Mawson on 1,671.  

Congratulations to the following students who were named as age group champions 

Abbey Wijaya, Enoch Curyer, Hannah Lee, Jacob Allison, Erin Woodford, Xiang Xu, Emma Chamberlain, Harrison Broadbent, Jessica Ng, Sean Cormick, Sally Tang and Michael De Lange. 

The District Carnival will be held in August where our school team will compete against schools from around our division.  

FET Update

What's happening in FET?

Ever wondered how energy from the sun can be transformed into the electrical energy that we use every day? As the spotlight on renewable energy grows brighter, our young minds are delving into the world of solar energy and electrical/mechanical engineering in our extracurricular Model Solar Car Program. A massive 84 students meet every Wednesday afternoon, and one day every second weekend, to design and build a solar car to compete in the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle competition. In the event, which is held at Scienceworks in October, students race their cars on a track against students from schools across Victoria.

This year’s Solar Car teams, typically comprising of three or four students, are off to a great start designing up a storm. Cars built in 2018 are required to carry an empty 200ml drink box and allow room for two 60 gram eggs. Students are looking at innovative ways to meet the design requirements whist considering factors such as weight, aerodynamics, stability and time frames. 

The students of all year levels are given the responsibility and creative freedom to manage and create their own projects. They are however well supported by an exceptional team. Many teachers, parents and friends volunteer their time and bring expertise from working in a diverse range of engineering industries. Also in the mix of volunteers are Box Hill High School alumni who have all completed many years of our solar car program and bring all the skills and knowledge they have acquired in various engineering degrees at university. 

After developing the solar car design and their folios, students come to the construction stage where they are trained in all the machines needed to build every element of their car. This includes turning wheels and guide rollers on the lathe. The bulk of the construction and testing is done in Term 3 and we are all very excited so see what our fabulous students can achieve.


Student Leadership 

Student Voice 

Metropolitan Partnerships Youth Forum 

On 7 May 2018, Ani Prakash (12E) and Zoe Picking (12D) took part in the 2018 Metropolitan Partnerships Youth Forum to discuss what they see as the challenges and opportunities for a liveable Melbourne. 

During their session, the duo delivered strategies concerning the youth of  Eastern Melbourne. They raised issues such as; Life Skills in the Education System, Mental Health and Public Safety. 

The duo was also chosen by Metropolitan Partnerships to be in their YouTube Video as they presented themselves and Box Hill High School to the highest manner. The link is attached below and shows in detail what they have achieved. 

Ani Prakash 


SRC Update

Throughout Term 2, the BHHS Student Representative Council (SRC)  have been in the process of undergoing many internal changes, including the implementation of a new Box Hill High School Leadership process to make the jump from idea to implementation quick and reliable.  

Furthermore, the SRC is involved in external leadership opportunities such as having representation in the School Council and Metropolitan Youth Assembly. SRC also raised funds for their future projects by providing food and drinks at the school production of Peter Pan, and providing a BBQ at the school Athletics Carnival. The SRC would like to acknowledge Year 7 SRC representative, Noah Rostan for his altruistic fund-raising effort by collecting donations of $500 to Syrian Refugees. 

Other projects currently being pursued by the Box Hill High School SRC include ‘Straight out of the 80’s’, a project set to revitalize the school to push our classrooms and rooms into the 21st century, and advocating for an Indigenous flagpole for the school. 

Thank you to all SRC Representatives, Ms Wilkinson and the school for having trust in us while we continue to better the school in both big and small ways. 

Ani Prakash, SRC President 

From Korea
to our Maths Class

Korean Maths teachers visit to Box Hill High School

On Thursday 14 June, a delegation of 20 Korean Maths teachers on secondment at the Korean Institute of Creativity and Innovation visited Box Hill High School as part of their Australian tour. Throughout the day, Korean and Australian Maths teachers exchanged ideas and experiences about what high quality mathematics teaching looks like in the classroom and tried to learn from what each education system does well. It was wonderful to see that teachers from vastly different backgrounds were able to come together and share their passion for mathematics and learning.

Whilst they were here, the Korean teachers observed a Year 8 Maths lesson and several commented that they were very impressed by the questions our students asked and their level of collaboration and teamwork – a hallmark of Box Hill High School students.

After a morning tea, a handful of the Korean teachers ran a special class for our Year 7 GAPP students in which the students created and built some amazing 3D models using mathematical ideas, including constructing a soccer ball – just in time for the kick off of the 2018 World Cup! Our students loved the experience and were able to go home with their 3D models as souvenirs.



Anzac Day

On the afternoon of April 19, a group of Box Hill High School students attended an ANZAC Day Service in Box Hill Gardens organised by the local RSL. Box Hill High School students joined hundreds more from around Whitehorse, as well as Local, State and Federal politicians and Veterans.     

The afternoon featured a range of speeches by those who have served Australia in war and peacekeeping operations as well as wreath-laying. In all, the event provided everyone with a chance to reflect on the atrocities of war, recognise the service of those who have served our country and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in Australian society.

Tom Yakubowski, 11E


Congratulations Maria

Congratulations to Maria on being presented with the "Rotary Club of Forest Hill, Youth Community Service Award." Maria was presented with her award at a recent ceremony. Maria has received the award for ongoing work within both the school and wider community. Well done Maria.


Good Friday Appeal

A big thank you for all the students and parents who volunteered to collect money on Good Friday for the Royal Children's Hospital Appeal. A local charity organisation, the Pied Pipers, organise schools to be involved in the collection and this year our students collected over $2,300.00.  A fantastic achievement.

Model United Nations Assembly Success

A huge congratulations to Tom Yakubowski, Aashna Shah, Diego Machillanda Flechas and Lewis Douketis who spent a weekend in early May  diplomatically debating global issues at Parliament House as part of Rotary's Model United Nations Assembly. By all accounts they did a fantastic job of representing the school, and Tom and Aashna came away as victors of the competition, which means they will be representing us again at the national MUNA competition in Canberra this August. This is a wonderful reward for the hard work they invested in preparing for the competition. Well done to all four of these students.



Impacting lives


Congratulations to Noah Mead for making an impact on the lives of women fleeing extreme violence at home, by assisting in packing 1000 Bags of Love on Mothers Day 2018.

Young Leaders to China

Culture, friendship and Karaoke

At the end of term 2,  ten Year 9 students went on a six-week trip to China with the aim of improving our Chinese language and intercultural understanding. The itinerary included two weeks in Beijing, four weeks in Nanjing and three days in Shanghai. The first two weeks in Beijing was spent attending Beijing Language and Culture University with another VYLC group. Our comradery with students, teachers and past VYLC members was an amazing experience and left our days a little brighter and our hearts a little more full.

School work there turned our language learning steps into leaps and bounds. Excursions were each weekend and were breath-taking to look at. Each part of the architecture was thought through and their beliefs often played a part in the design. I’m sure many of us have a new-found love of photography after the amount of scenic locations we visited.

After Beijing we headed to Nanjing where we stayed at a high school with fabulous students. Many lively conversations about our lives here and their lives there helped us really understand how school and weekends functioned and what things they liked to do. Although they spoke a little English and we spoke little Mandarin we quickly became very close and many of us still keep in contact. Every Sunday we could go around Nanjing city with our buddies to do what we wanted. Karaoke and visiting the local big supermarket and discovering all new Chinese treats. The entire trip was an amazing experience that I’m sure anyone who went would love to re-experience.

Jazz Taylor

Course in Culture and Fun

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a part of the six weeks long Victorian Young Leaders to China Program with nine other students from BHHS and 28 from other schools around Victoria. During this program I was lucky enough to be able to travel to China (specifically Beijing for two weeks, Nanjing for three weeks and then a final few days in Shanghai) for an intensive language and culture course. The time I spent in these wonderful and interesting places immensely improved both my Chinese language skills and my cultural understanding of China and its’ surrounding culture. Over such a short period of time I was absolutely amazed just how far my Chinese language skills had come, just from daily classes and being able to fully immerse myself in the Chinese culture. On top of the valuable learning experience the trip was, the trip was one of the most fun things I have ever done and I will treasure the memories that I made with my friends, old and new, forever.

Henry Chapman

Bullet Train, Dumplings and the Circus 

China was the experience of a lifetime. I’ll tell you one thing, you don’t experience what you do in China every day!

We started off in Beijing where we studied at BLCU, Beijing Languages and Culture University which was so exciting. We did three hours of classes in the morning and then extracurricular activities in the afternoon. These activities varied from dragon dancing to going on excursions to places like the Great Wall of China. We learnt a lot and immersed ourselves in the culture. The Great Wall of China was my highlight of Beijing because once you climbed thousands of stairs the view was miraculous. It was a shame when our visit to Beijing came to an end because the people we met and places we went to had to come to an end.

We then all got on a flight to Nanjing where we stayed for about three weeks. We stayed at a high school in the Lishui district which had over 4000 students attending. We were greeted on our first day of school with their flag raising ceremony where everyone in that assembly were looking at us and thinking who are these people? Some people were so shocked that we were here that they would come give us postcards and presents at 10 and 11 o’clock at night! We went to classes everyday apart from on some days we went on excursions to museums. We had our own buddies in China who took us on day trips which was so much fun. We learned how to make dumplings and a couple of times we went out to the countryside. After those three weeks it kicked in that we were leaving China in three days. I was sad because the time went so quickly.

We spent those last three days in Shanghai after getting there by Bullet Train. In Shanghai, we had the opportunity to go to the circus and we went to a giant shopping centre where everyone spent the rest of their money on clothes, shoes and most of all souvenirs. This trip was something that has changed everyone for the better and is a time we won’t forget because the places and the people we met are unforgettable.

Taylor Mead

Lion Dancing, Kung Fu and Calligraphy

"大家好! On 17 March, along with nine other students from Box Hill and many students from other schools all over Victoria, I participated in the Victorian Young Leaders To China program. We spent a great six weeks in China, seeing famous sights, learning Chinese, and meeting new people, sometimes at the same time.

In Beijing, volunteers from the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) put in endless work to make the experience a great one, and teachers from BLCU gave us daily Chinese lessons in classes based on ability, as well as cultural lessons about calligraphy, lion and dragon dancing, and Kung Fu.

In Nanjing we stayed at a local High School where we again had daily language lessons as well as cultural lessons. In Nanjing we were around more people our own age, and so made lots of other friends. We were assigned buddies who we visited three times. Some people went to see a movie, some went shopping, some went to KTV. We made good friends not only with them, but also with lots of other high school and primary school students. They were all really excited to see us, someone even saying "you bring colour to our black and white world".

We only stayed in Shanghai for three days, where we did lots of cheap shopping. We had a tour guide who told us a lot about the city of Shanghai. We also saw a heart-stopping acrobatics show, and went to the top floor of the Shanghai World Trade Centre, AKA "the bottle opener", the 9th tallest building in the world, with the observation deck being 474 m in the air.

Our Chinese skills have improved so much, and we have made lasting friends overseas. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and one that I would highly recommend.

Rachel Baillie


Year 8 Camp
Unleashing Greatness 

The Summit: Unleashing Greatness

The highlight of the term so far has of course been the Year 8 camp. “The Summit” in Trafalgar East in Gippsland is a well-established camp, which focuses on unleashing greatness in everyone and harnessing your strengths to achieve things you once thought impossible.


We began by meeting Team Leaders, responsible for running the camp. Students were soon introduced to the concept that failing is not a bad thing, but failure to try anything is true failure. Students were encouraged to ‘play all in’ for everything they did at the camp and the message was to approach life with the same mindset. ‘Play all in’ refers to giving 100% in everything you do.


Next students explored goal setting and stepping outside their comfort zone, with the ‘target, stretch, super stretch’ model practiced by the camp. Students were encouraged to set goals and targets for each activity. During debriefing students discussed their accomplishments and identified things to improve or aim for next time.


To reinforce key messages students tried new and exciting camp activities, challenging them in new and exciting ways. The culmination of two days working as a team and supporting each other throughout the camp was ‘The Monster Course.’ This obstacle course aimed to challenge students to work as a team, in testing conditions’ to achieve greatness by beating their first round time. The team with the biggest improvement won the challenge reinforcing the message of improvement rather than achievement.


The last day the heavens opened but students still completed their rotations and we arrived back at school around 2.30pm. I cannot be more proud of all 219 Year 8 students who attended the camp. They are a credit to themselves and our school. Not one student misbehaved or was rude. Parents should be very proud of their children and how they embraced the camp, the staff and the messages.


Thank you to all staff who attended, Ms Trollope, Ms Natoli, Ms Grant, Ms Weyenberg, Ms Young, Ms Smith, Ms Muston, Mr Rees, Mr O’Sullivan, Mr Aisbett, Mr Bailey, Mr Kruger, Mr Carr, Colin, Brooke, Lauren and Yvonne.


Some quotes from the students:

“I enjoyed camp, it was good, my favourite part about it was breakfast. It was yum."


“The activities in which my group all participated in were fun, challenging and some used teamwork. The activities I enjoyed the most were summit window, laser skirmish and monster course.”


“It was great to allow us to choose our own cabins as we knew who we worked well with. Me and my friends had a lot of fun and would definitely recommend The Summit as a camp for future Year 8’s”


“I enjoyed the summit window as it was really good to get rid of my fear of heights. It was also good to cheer on your friends and get them out of their comfort zone."


“Lastly I would like to thank you for organising the monster run, as it was fun and it tested our teamwork”



Positive Ed Focus:  Year 8 Gratitude

The year our focus for positive education at BHHS is "Gratitude". Embedded within the camp during debrief, morning intentions and gratitude sessions, students were asked to consider things they are grateful for, people, opportunities and achievements. You can continue to focus on this at home by talking about gratitude around the dinner table, gratitude diary or just by simply telling someone why you are grateful they are part of your life.

Bullying Seminar 

Friday 27 July 

Students will be participating in a Bullying information seminar run by Brainstorm productions during periods 5 and 6 in the Hall. More information closer to the event.


End of Year Program

End of Year Program Update

This year, there will be many new and exciting opportunities on offer for the End of Year Program. The week will run from Monday 10 to Friday 14 December 2018.

Students will have a choice of attending a full week overnight camp, a workshop of daily activities or activities week.
These include:

  • Echuca- Horse Riding Camp
  • Warrnambool-Surf and Sea Camp
  • Tennis Workshop
  • Games Workshop
  • Designer Toy Workshop
  • Photography Workshop
  • Vocal Workshop
  • Band Workshop
  • Production Workshop (for students who are a part of the 2019 production)
  • Activities Week

Further details and information about each activity will be provided at the beginning of next term via Compass Newsfeed. Students will then be required to indicate their preferences. 


Payments for the entire week will be made via Compass events and will be due by the end of Week 8 (Friday 7th September).


If you have any remaining CSEF funding on your family account, this can be used to help pay for these events.  Contact the office at the time of payment.


Further details will be available early next term.

Gifts Benefits and Hospitality

Gifts Benefits and Hospitality -
Information for School Communities

Teachers, principals and members of school councils sometimes receive offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality from members of the school community. By declaring such offers, school staff support integrity, protect their reputation, reduce complaints and build public confidence in schools.

Department policy

Whole of Government rules for accepting gifts, benefits and hospitality by Government personnel are changing. The Department of Education and Training’s Policy has been changed to reflect this and at the same time adapted for schools.

The Department’s policy can be viewed at: Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy

All personnel that represent the school or conduct business on behalf of the school must:

  • not seek or solicit gifts, benefits and hospitality for themselves or others
  • refuse offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality that may adversely affect their standing as a public official.

Gifts of Appreciation to school staff

Teachers often receive gifts from families and students who want to express their appreciation of the teacher’s contribution to the education of a student or students.

Where the value of such a Gift of Appreciation is $100 or less, it does not need to be declared.

A Gift of Appreciation with a value above $100 is considered by the Policy as non-token and must be declared by the recipient.

The Whole of Government rules prohibit any public sector and school-based personnel from accepting vouchers, including retail debit cards and gift cards. The Department appreciates that teachers, families and the business community will require time to adjust to the declaration process and the rules around what gifts and hospitality can and cannot be accepted by school personnel.

For more information, see: Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy


‘Thanks is enough’ for suppliers of goods and services

When school staff receive an offer from current or prospective suppliers of goods or services, the standard and desirable response is to politely decline, and say ‘Thanks is Enough’.

This simple gesture politely shows that staff members understand the importance of ensuring impartiality in the school’s decision-making.

While gift, benefit and hospitality offers, such as hampers, football tickets or invitations to corporate functions from suppliers, may be gestures of goodwill, they may be perceived to give businesses and suppliers a commercial edge in the future.

Accepting such offers can give rise to a conflict of interest; lead to the perception of bias among colleagues and communities; and call a staff member’s objectivity and integrity into doubt.

For more information, see: Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy


How do school staff declare offers?

Any and all non-token gift, benefit or hospitality offers (whether accepted or declined) and accepted Ceremonial Gifts are declared in the Department’s online Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Registry system.  

Consolidated school-based data is published annually on the Department’s website.

For more information, see: Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy




Enrolment Information


Box Hill High School is committed to providing academic excellence and we cater for the individual needs of students through both our traditional and innovative programs.  The curriculum is challenging and flexible.  Students are encouraged to be the best they can be in a stimulating and competitive environment. 

Year 7 2019 Application from Primary Schools

At present Box Hill High School is following the Department of Education and Training (DET) process of receiving applications from Primary Schools for Year 7 2019 enrolments. This year, parents of Grade 6 students will be notified of their Secondary School offer by their child’s primary school on Wednesday 8 August.   After an offer of enrolment is made,  families will be provided with a detailed enrolment package and the student’s permanent residential evidence documents will be required (for enrolment offers made on neighbourhood grounds).

The Transition Coordinator at a child’s Primary School will assist parents with the application process for enrolment at a Government Secondary School. 

Tours and Open Evening

At the commencement of Term 2, we welcomed students and parents of prospective students to the annual Box Hill High School Open Evening. Visitors had the opportunity to tour the school and to hear additional information about enrolment and our Gifted and Academic Potential Program (GAPP). Next year’s event details and tour bookings will be made available on our website during Term 1 next year:   www.boxhillhs@vic.edu.au  

Box Hill High School Priority Order

When you are requesting a place a Box Hill High School, please be aware that a “designated neighbourhood boundary” has been allocated by the Regional Director.  To view additional enrolment information, a map and a list of related enrolment documents please refer to our school website.


Students will be enrolled according to the DET regulations, which stipulate the following criteria in order of priority.

Where there is insufficient accommodation at a school for all students who seek entry, students must be enrolled in the following priority order:

  • Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.
  • Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.
  • Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest the school.
  • Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
  • All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.
  • In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds. 

2019 Enrolment Applications for
Year 8 - Year 12

Students who are interested in Box Hill High School enrolment for 2019 are advised to review the enrolment criteria and process that is published on our school website at the commencement of Term 4 2018.

Website:     www.boxhillhs.vic.edu.au

Box Hill High School endeavour to update the website when DET occasionally alter the conditions of enrolment.

School Information,
Contacts and Uniform

Box Hill High School

Address: 1180 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill VIC 3128

Phone: 03 9877 1177

School website: http://www.boxhillhs.vic.edu.au/

Compass link: https://boxhillhs-vic.compass.education/


Staff contacts

Principal Team

Ms Losh Pillay  - Principal 

9877 1177 - pillay.losh.l@edumail.vic.gov.au

Ms Theresa Iacopino - Assistant Principal

9877 1177 - iacopino.theresa.t@edumail.vic.gov.au

Mr Neil Davis - Assistant Principal (currently on leave)

9877 1177 - davis.neil.n@edumail.vic.gov.au

Ms Kellie Ind - Acting Assistant Principal

9877 1177 - ind.kellie.l@edumail.vic.gov.au


Student Engagement Leaders

Year 7 - Ms Diana Willshire

9875 9114 - willshire.diana.d@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year 8 - Mr Justin Bond

9875 9113 - bond.justin.p@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year 9 - Mr Gary Warton

9875 9151 - warton.gary.m@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year 10 - Ms Erica Sporri

9875 9132 - sporri.erica.f@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year 11 - Mr John Middenway

9875 9152 - middenway.john.l@edumail.vic.gov.au

Year 12 - Ms Jessica Sheppard

9875 9115 - sheppard.jessica.e@edumail.vic.gov.au


Junior School Support Co-ordinator - Ms Kaitlyn Trollope

9875 9111 - trollope.kaitlyn.v@edumail.vic.gov.au

Senior School Support Co-ordinator - Mr Drew Howlett

9875 9131 - howlett.andrew.b@edumail.vic.gov.au 


GAPP/SEAL Coordinator - Ms Jess Goodwin

9875 9128 - goodwin.jessica.f@edumail.vic.gov.au


Student Welfare Coordinators - Student Engagement

Mr Neil Hamley

 9875 9107 - hamley.neil.s@edumail.vic.gov.au

Ms Kellie Ind

9875 9109 - ind.kellie.l@edumail.vic.gov.au

Mr Colin Osborn

9875 9108 - osborn.colin.w@edumail.vic.gov.au


Absences/Attendance Support - Ms Sonia Francis

9875 9133 - francis.sonia.s@edumail.vic.gov.au

Enrolment Administration Support - Ms Dianne Trengove

9875 9154 - trengove.dianne.r@edumail.vic.gov.au 



Our uniforms are supplied by PSW in Kew East, and they can be purchased either on-line or in-store.  The most recent price list is available on our website - boxhillhs.vic.edu.au  under the Parents/Uniforms tabs.

Out of the Box