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10 May 2018
2018 Issue 6
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Principal's Message

I have repeatedly written and said that one of the joys as College Principal is being able to be present when student character and giftedness are on display. This can happen in the everyday class experiences, when students demonstrate understanding and/or skills in a particular aspect of the curriculum, or when a student encourages another in a task. It can also happen in some of the outside of classroom events of school life such as our recent Cross Country or in the College Production of "The Secret Garden". While our children are rarely gifted in every area of the curriculum, it is important that we find ways to notice and encourage them in the areas that they do show promise, and also support them to work in areas where they may appear to be struggling. With respect to this, having just had our Open Day, it is wonderful to have visiting families comment so favourably on our students who guided them through the College on tours. I certainly look forward to seeing the giftedness of our students this week at The Secret Garden and next week when I get the pleasure of visiting the VCAL students on their camp!


If you are interested in finding out a little more about the College, we will soon have the Annual General Meeting of the Association for Christian Education of Frankston. Founded by Christian parents, the Association is the group of present and past Christian parents who are responsible for governing the College. The AGM will be on the evening of Thursday 24 May.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please continue to pray for our talented production team as they bring to life the story of "The Secret Garden" this week.


Pray for all those in our community who are struggling with ill health.


Please pray for our VCAL students as they head off to camp next week.


Pray in thanks for the way God has blessed us as a community.

From the Deputy's Desk

Thank you to all the families who supported us last Saturday for our annual College Open Day. One of the great privileges of working at Bayside is that we are able to work with teachers, students and families in challenging culture and re-framing thinking to a biblical view of the world and life. As I led tours of prospective families, one of the questions I was most asked was, "So what is different about Bayside?" The answer? It is the way that all of life is approached from a Christian worldview in order to train students to be disciples of Christ, not just in Bible study, but in every subject of the curriculum, as well as in the playground and in interacting with the community. What a privilege we have!


Safety Reminders

Please be reminded that the exit to the College has a stop sign for both directions. While we are keen to keep traffic moving, we are keener to keep our students safe.


Also in keeping students safe, please be reminded that after school supervision by teachers finishes at 3:35pm. The Primary playground is closed and all Primary students who are not with a parent/carer should be in After School Care. Enrolment forms are available at the College Office.


Students should not be staying late without parental supervision. Many students are lingering well after the school day is finished, and we cannot provide supervision to keep them safe. Please ensure all students are collected in a timely manner each day.


Parenting Ideas - Free Webinar for Parents

As a Parenting Ideas Schools member, we have special access to vouchers for parent webinars. The webinar available next week is on sibling fighting and what parents can do about it.

About the webinar:


Parents often don’t know how to react when children fight. Often their reactions simply promote more fighting rather than reduce it. So what parents do when kids fight is critical to relationship-building and family harmony.

Healthy families know how to manage tensions well. When parents take an active approach to helping their children resolve their fights, they are teaching them a valuable life skill as well as reducing the incidence of fighting over the long term.

Spend a rare hour with premier parenting educator Michael Grose as he explores the weird and wonderful world of sibling relationships. He’ll help you develop an active approach to resolving sibling disputes so they learn valuable life skills and will provide you with some handy schoolyard survival skills.


When: Tuesday 15 May 2018 7:30pm – 8:30pm AEST

Price: This webinar is valued at $37 per person to attend, and is free of charge when you register using the code word: HARMONY

This webinar will be hosted by Dr Jodi Richardson with presenter Michael Grose.

Use this link and the code word to access more information and to register:



This is a reminder that the formal NAPLAN testing will take place from next week between 15 and 25 May, with provision for online catch-ups the following week. Information has been sent to parents of children in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.


Please  ensure your children in those year levels are at school for these government-required assessments. Students in Years 7 and 9 must ensure their Chromebooks are charged each day, and have their headphones.


If you have particular reasons you wish to have your child withdrawn from the testing, please email me at to discuss further.



Our production of "The Secret Garden" opened last night with amazing performances from our talented cast, supported by the dedicated crew. Tickets are still available for tonight and Friday's shows. Please support their efforts, and enjoy the talents of our incredible cast and crew, by purchasing your tickets. It would be wonderful to see the theatre full.


Book tickets here.


School Photos

Please remember that school photos are coming up on Tuesday 22 May. All students should be in full winter uniform. If students have PE on the day, they should wear the formal uniform to school. Primary students will have a modified PE lesson and Secondary will need to bring the PE uniform to change into if necessary after their photo is taken.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Last Saturday, it was wonderful going on tours through the different parts of the school with prospective families and being able to talk about the blessings we have with our facilities. It was also great to explain how different areas of the school are used by the students.  One family was particularly taken with the ‘Friendship Bench’ up in the Primary School playground where students may go when they need a friend. Our newly appointed peer mediators called ‘The Peacemakers’ will be out in the yard from next Monday to help students when needed, prior to seeking the assistance of a teacher. They will be wearing fluorescent orange vests and carrying clipboards, making them easily identifiable by the other students.


Display at Karingal Hub

Next Wednesday, our display from G Block foyer is being taken to Karingal Hub where it

will be on show for a week. If you happen to be at Karingal, then take the time to look at the

special ‘Friendship Wall’ that was made by all the students in the Primary School, explaining ways that they can help to build each other up.


Mother’s Day Stall

On Friday 11 May, students may bring along $5 to purchase a gift from the stall which is being organised by some very hard-working parents, to whom we are very grateful.


Lost Property

Last Friday, there were no unclaimed items in the Primary Lost Property Bin, but two school days later, there were ten! These cool mornings, leading into sunny days, mean that students take off a layer and don’t always look after the item.  Please make sure that everything is labelled clearly as my aim is to have an empty lost property bin!


The Secret Garden

Have you purchased your ticket for the production?  An enormous amount of time and energy has gone into the production and it tells a beautiful story.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for those who are able to participate, and you can imagine that there will be quite a deal of excitement behind the scenes as some young Primary students wait for their first turn on the stage at the George Jenkins Theatre.  



Next week the NAPLAN tests will be held.  They give us a snapshot of student achievement and are useful for looking at overall school trends.  The students have all practise using the online system and just need to be encouraged to do their best on the day.  Let’s pray for them that they feel a sense of peace as they do the tests. NAPLAN results are only a very small part of student assessment as teachers use a wide range of other methods to ascertain what has been learnt.


May God bless you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Chicks in the ELC

Our ELC have had an egg hatching program the last couple of weeks and both groups have enjoyed watching the eggs hatch and the chicks grow. Having cuddles with the chicks was of course everyone's favourite!

Years 5/6 hit the shops

The weather held out beautifully when the

Years 5/6 students enjoyed a walk to Karingal Hub to explore the different advertising techniques used in the shopping centre. The students also enthusiastically participated in a meal budgeting activity. This excursion was part of the Money, Media and Me Integrated Studies unit. 


Sara Wright

Years 5/6 Co-ordinator

Safety first for our Preps

On Tuesday 1 May all the Prep students went to Casey Safety Village.

It was an excellent way to learn about road safety and fire safety. We learned to "Stop, Look, Listen and Think' when crossing the road.

We were reminded that in an emergency you dial 000.


The children practised, "Get down low and go go go!" in case of a fire.


Thanks to all the parents that came along to help.


Donna Martin

Prep - Year 2 Co-ordinator

3/4E hands-on Maths

Year 3/4E have been engaging in a number of different Maths rotations on a weekly basis. We have been learning all about addition and subtraction. 


The students have found these hands -n activities valuable to their learning.


Chris Elkington

Years 3/4 Co-ordinator

Years 5/6 cooking up a storm

Our Years 5/6 students looked at how to budget for a meal and then enjoyed sharing the meal together after spending time cooking it!


Potato wedges and Tacos!


Sara Wright

Years 5/6 Co-ordinator

Years 5/6 Winter Sport - Mixed AFL

The last quarter of footy against Woodleigh

At the start of the last quarter we were all very tired . We were all playing well. We started the last quarter but they got a goal in the first 40 seconds. We bounced back quickly and Jarrett took a great mark at the back of the pack and ran into an open goal. Woodleigh just knew how to respond every time we got a goal which was frustrating. We were going forward with about 5 minutes to go. The ball was sent forward with a big kick and Jarrett plucked a ripping pack mark,  unfortunately it wasn’t paid so Woodleigh cleared the ball out. It wasn’t the greatest kick which meant Kyan was able to take a good mark about 20m out, slight angle. He went back and slotted the goal which meant Woodleigh led by just 12 points. After a few minutes of ruffle in the middle Maison got a massive kick out to Sam in and 1 on 1 the ball went over their heads. Sam ran onto kept it in from the boundary extremely well and he did a little dinky kick to Kyan at the top of the goal square and he slammed a goal from the goal line so it was a 6 point lead to Woodleigh with about a minute to go. They won the tap and got a goal straight away and led by 12 then the full time siren went.


After the game

It was such a great game between the two schools so players from both sides lined up and shook hands and thanked each other for the game. It was a very even game and everybody enjoyed themselves. After Woodleigh left, our coach [Mr Svigos] told us that we all played very well and he couldn’t even pick a best player which proves we all played very well.


Marcus & Kyan - Year 6 students

Years 5/6 Winter Sport - Mixed Netball

On Friday 4 May the mixed netball team did a wonderful job playing against Woodleigh. In the end, the final score was 18-0.


Special thanks goes to Mrs Harvey who was refereeing the match. Congratulations to everybody who tried their best and had fun!


Ryland and Ryan - Year 6 students

Across the College

From the Head of Secondary

The Importance of Teaching our Teens the Qualities of Perseverance and Commitment

Today is a world of instant gratification, and this has played a very significant role in reducing the resilience and determination of this generation of teens. We do know, however, that life always at some time or another throws difficulties and challenges our way. God has not promised that we will not suffer in this world but that He will be with us.



He gives power to the weak
and strength to the powerless.
Even youths will become weak and tired,
and young men will fall in exhaustion.
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:29-31


What got me thinking about this topic was that my youngest son has just had to have surgery to his clavicle bone, which broke into six separate pieces. I have had time to sit with him in hospital and help shape his thinking in a positive way through talking through this big setback with him; by reminding him what it says in the Bible when we face suffering.


These are the things that are worth discussing with our teenagers:

  • To learn the importance of remaining “steadfast under trial” (James 1:12)

  • The importance of not giving up (Galatians 6:9).

  • That "suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope” (Romans 5:3-4)

  • How to "take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ" (Rom. 12:21); how to confront their disabling thoughts. Teach them how to turn them over to God. Explain to them that it will take hard work to bring their thoughts captive each time they pop into their minds, but that it is indeed possible with the help of the Holy Spirit.


How wonderful it is that we can ask Him for His strength when we sometimes feel like giving up. When we are weak, He is strong and He will be there for us and for our teens.




Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary

Year 9 brave the elements

On 2 May, 18 brave Year 9 OES students and 3 teachers set off on a 3-day hike at the Cathedral Ranges. On arrival the weather was beautiful and everyone was excited to be on their way. Arriving at the first night's camp the students did an amazing job of setting up camp and cooking dinner. We woke up to a beautiful morning and embarked on the very steep and challenging hill climb up to the top of the range. The students all worked together, supporting and helping one another. There were even students who would walk up and then come back and help others with their packs. It was incredible to watch.


The rain finally arrived Thursday night and did not stop for the next day and a half. Students did very well not to be flooded in the challenging weather and did an incredible job packing up in rainy conditions, and we were underway by 7am.

What followed on Friday was the stuff of legend. Students carried packs that were getting heavier by the second from the rain across rocky and muddy terrain. Students once again did an outstanding job helping others and did an amazing job in challenging conditions. Climbing across the rugged razor back with wet packs was an absolute team effort. 


We made it back to the bus on time, only for the bus to get bogged and then the trailer and the bus break down a number of times making our eventual arrival time back at Bayside 7:30pm instead of 3:15pm. Both students and teachers had an amazing time and are truly thankful to God for his wondrous creation.


Dan Briglia

Year 9 OES Teacher

House and Secondary Cross Country Carnivals

Over the past two weeks, Bayside students have taken part in, firstly, our whole school House Cross Country Carnival, on Monday 30 April, and then Secondary students who were successful at this event took part in the SEISS Inter-School Cross Country event at Robinsons Reserve, on Tuesday 8 May. Both days were fantastic!


We were blessed with a stunning sunny day for our House Cross Country Carnival, and it was fantastic to see students from every year level working really hard, as they made their way around several laps of the Bayside Cross Country track. Year 7 and 8 students ran a 3km course, and students from Years 9 to 12 completed a 4km course. The Primary students were amazing and very competitive, with so many students giving their best effort. It was also great to see the gorgeous Prep running as fast as they could in the final event of the day!


The House Carnival also doubled as selection for the SEISS Secondary Inter-School event, and a team of 45 students represented Bayside on Tuesday 8 May. We were again blessed with sensational weather, and our students were fantastic in the effort that they gave during their races, and also in marshalling and helping out with lots of other jobs during the day, as Bayside was hosting this event. 


We had many successful runners across all of the age groups:

Anya Stapp was 2nd in the 13 Girls event, with Charlie Stamp, Isaac Lomulder, Tom Matheson and Deacon Sayers finishing in places 4 to 7 in the 13 Boys event.

In the 14 Girls race, Maddie Bownds placed 2nd and Jade Walker 4th. Cooper Howie was our best runner in the 14 Boys race, placing 8th. 

Kate Oborn won the 15 Girls race, with Rufaro Muduwa finishing 4th. Tom Garth won the 15 Boys race, with Tim Roberts coming 3rd and Will Spark 4th.

The 16 and Over Girls race saw Lucy Waring take 2nd, with Monica Mills in 6th. Going into the last race of the day, the 16 and Over Boys event, Bayside was just behind MECS (which had a much larger team of runners) and needed a huge effort to overtake them - and the result was awesome! Hayden Berechree won the race, Charlie Matheson was 2nd, and Tom Hutchison, Deklin Edmondson and Noah Popplestone finished in places 5 to 7. This was enough to elevate Bayside into the lead and take the overall trophy, as well as taking the Merit award for the highest average points per student.


Both events were very successful and a great reward for persistence, resilience and supporting each other. Well done and thanks to everyone involved.




Andy Lancaster 

Secondary PE Teacher

Year 9 Industrial Revolution

As part of history studies, the Year 9 students created models based on the inventions of the Industrial Revolution. This year the Bell Rock Lighthouse and Steam Train were most popular.

Students brought their models to class and gave presentations examining the ingenious ways people overcame problems and exercised our God-given ingenuity. 


Jay Johnstone

Year 9 History Teacher

Year 10 VCAL students selling their handmade products at the Hastings Market


Years 11/12 Happenings

This is a very busy time in the life of the College! It was so wonderful to see several of our Years 11 and 12 students here on Saturday serving as Open Day guides, as well as to see many involved in Cross Country and in the production this week.  Our students all have such varied gifts and abilities, and it is lovely to see them use these.


Community Groups also ran this Monday, with all our Years 11/12 students sharing their gifts and connecting with the Years 7-10 students. These will run again next Monday, and students are encouraged to build these connections throughout the week.


A special congratulations to Kristen Mackenzie and Rebeccah de Chalain, our resident authors, who entered the ‘Write4fun’ competition and have been told that their work will be published in the ‘Horizon of Dreams’ compilation. What a fantastic recognition of these young ladies’ gifts!


Over the last week, I have been meeting with our Year 11 students. This has been a lovely opportunity for me to hear from these students about their experience thus far in the Senior School, and to hear where they believe God is calling them in the future. For many students, the importance of time management was identified as a goal for improvement. They have been encouraged to develop homework and project schedules, and to put these on the fridge at home. So parents, I hope schedules are appearing in your homes!! Please encourage your child by asking them about what they have coming up in class, and how you can help them manage their time.


Next week our VCAL students will be heading off on student-led camps, which will be a brilliant opportunity for them to show their leadership and problem solving capacity!


On Thursday all students completing a Units 3-4 subject are required to attend a lunchtime information session in preparation for the GAT. The GAT will be held on 13 June, with the trial GAT being held on 1 June.


As winter approaches, and we begin to have many students fight off illnesses, please ensure that medical certificates are supplied for any absence on the day of an assessment. Re-sits for SACs are only held on Wednesday afternoons after school.


I look forward to seeing you all at "The Secret Garden" this week.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Co-ordinator

A word from our Captains

This week I had the pleasure of leading tours around our amazing school and showing potential future students and parents what Bayside Christian College is all about. During the tours, I realised how many times I brought up how Bayside is not just a school but is a community that is working together to grow in not only our educational learning, but also grow in faith, and develop our God-given gifts and talents, so that we can all impact the surrounding community in our own special way, while spreading the love of Christ. As people gushed over our new facilities over the road and the future plans we have in place, I realised how blessed all of us students are, to be going to school in such an incredible place with amazing opportunities to expand our skills with incredible teachers that genuinely want us to not only succeed in our time at Bayside, but also thrive when our time comes to leave. With such a rich future ahead of our College, it is a privilege for all of us to witness and contribute. So this week make sure to appreciate and utilise the opportunities and privileges you do have.

Have a great week!


Annabelle Hames

College Captain

Top Arts & Top Designs

On Monday 7 May, the VCE Studio Art, Media, Design Technology and Visual Communication students travelled into the city to see the Top Arts and Top Design exhibition.

This exhibition showcases some of the top student work in the State for 2017. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to get inspiration for their own folios and we look forward to seeing what they produce over the course of the year when they showcase their work in the Arts and Technology Expo.


Chay Williamson

VCE Art Teacher

Years 11/12 Futsal Rally Day

The Boys

On 1 May, the Years 11/12 boys went to

Futsal Oz in Mt Evelyn to rival the other schools. It was a thrilling day filled with lots of cheers and wins. By the end of the day, the boys ‘A’ team found themselves in the Grand Final, unfortunately they didn't come through with the win losing 1-3, but it was a fantastic game otherwise.


Great job boys on all your efforts and better luck for next year.


Lachlan Vass - Year 11 student


The Girls

The girls had two teams A and B for the Futsal Rally Day and they both did extremely well.

The A team only won a couple of games and the games were all really close.  The B team drew a couple of games and won a couple of games. The B team made it to the semi finals but lost by 1 goal. It was a close game with our team scoring a goal just after the buzzer went so the goal didn't count.


Overall it was a great day and we all had a lot of fun playing Futsal.


Jacinta Harrison - Year 11 student

Subject in focus - Biology

On  26 April, Year 11 Biology students, Mrs Mathews and Mr Briglia headed off to Western Victoria to experience two very opposing environments that our state has.

We called in at Great Otway National Park and walked through the treetops of an ancient rainforest, finishing our time there collecting data for fieldwork studies. We then made the journey to Little Desert National Park, where we stayed at the Lodge and learned about the animals and plants that live in an arid region. We looked at what features and adaptations they have that enables them to survive with minimal water. We were thrilled to have had the illusive and endangered Mallee Fowl visit her mound while we were there, and the bettongs at the Lodge were friendly and hungry for their food. Students then completed their fieldwork whilst keeping an eye on "George" the resident emu who was stealing our grapes!


Angie Mathews

VCE Biology Teacher

Subject in Focus - Literature

In Year 11 Literature students have traversed the seas of






            and even the fantastic.


Studies have revealed writing styles and themes adopted by writers at different points throughout history. We can notice how some elements of these tendencies are maintained or disregarded, and how we might apply them in response to God’s grace.


It was a great pleasure also to have two Primary students, Ava and Sean from Year 1/2, read to our class. It is great to be so quickly reminded of the purpose and joy that can be experienced through reading and sharing ideas. The experience revealed some student ideas for further fostering of reading and writing in the College.


Students have also been developing and challenging their poetic capabilities. We are currently writing and sharing  poetry on patience. More to come...


Sam Waldron

VCE Literature Teacher


The Secret Garden

Tickets are available for Thursday and Friday night shows of the College Production - "The Secret Garden".


Book your tickets here

An invitation for all Parents and Carers of Bayside Christian College

You are warmly invited to join us next Wednesday at 9am for morning tea and an introduction to our parenting workshops that we will be hosting at Bayside. 

This will be an informal gathering to share ideas and make new friendships while we gain knowledge. 

We would love to see you all there. 

Bless you,

Kathy Scott


School Photo Day

School Photo Day is Tuesday, 22 May.


All students will need to be in full winter uniform including College windcheater for the Primary and the College tie and blazer for Secondary.


PE on photo day

Primary students should remain in winter uniform all day and will have a modified PE class. Secondary students should bring their PE uniform to school to change if necessary after they have had their photo taken.

Position Vacant - New Peninsula Baptist church

Administration Manager Vacancy

A part-time position (20 to 25 hours) will be available from July 1st for the above position. The successful applicant will have excellent communication and organisational ability; experience in staff supervision; knowledge of compliance, risk management and OHS processes; a working knowledge of social media; project management and strategic planning abilities.


A Position Description can be obtained from Associate Pastor Glenda Holbrook by emailing [email protected].  

Applications and CVs are to be forwarded by email to Glenda Holbrook by Friday 24th May 2018.

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