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22 November 2018
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Quick Dates

Week 8, Term 4


Monday 26 November

Year 7, 2019 Parent Information Evening  (6.30pm - San Damiano Centre)


Thursday 29 November

Year 7, 2019 Orientation Day

Year 10 Social

Last Day for Year 10 and 11

Friday 30 November
Year 7, 8 and 9 Celebration Day

Last Day of Term 4


From the Desk of the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers, Staff and Students, and Friends of Mount Alvernia College,


Last week we farewelled the Senior Class of 2018. All the transition ceremonies culminated in a joyful assembly on Friday. I am very proud of this group of remarkable young women.


As is my practice at this assembly, I tell a story to illustrate an important message, so I am sharing this with you in this week’s News and Views. It is difficult to credit that this is the last edition for 2018. Where has the year gone?


The Black Dot

One day, a professor entered her classroom and asked her students to prepare for a surprise test. They all waited anxiously at their desks for the exam to begin.

The professor handed out the exams with the text facing down, as usual. Once she handed them all out, she asked the students to turn over the papers.

To everyone’s surprise, there were no questions–just a black dot in the centre of the paper. The professor, seeing the expression on everyone’s faces, told them the following: “I want you to write about what you see there”. The students, confused, got started on the inexplicable task.

At the end of the class, the professor took all the exams, and started reading each one of them out loud in front of all the students.

All of them, with no exception, defined the black dot, trying to explain its position in the centre of the sheet. After all had been read, the classroom silent, the professor started to explain:

“I’m not going to mark you on this, I just wanted to give you something to think about. No one wrote about the white part of the paper. Everyone focused on the black dot – and the same thing happens in our lives. However, we insist on focusing only on the black dot – the health issues that bother us, the lack of money, the complicated relationship with a family member, the disappointment with a friend. The dark spots are very small when compared to everything we have in our lives, but they are the ones that pollute our minds. Take the eyes away from the black dots in your lives. Enjoy each one of your blessings, each moment that life gives you. Be happy and live a life filled with love!”


And so I leave you with the Blessing of St Clare of Assisi

“Go forth without fear, for you will have a good escort on your journey.

Go forth with God who created you and sanctified you.

God has protected you as a mother does her child

And has loved you with a tender love.

Go forth without fear.”


Thank you for your support of our 2018 Seniors and for all of us at the College


Peace and all good things 
Take care


[email protected]


Deputy Principal
Student Development

At Mount Alvernia, we realise that community includes not only the girls and their teachers, but the many parents and carers who make an impact on the daily running of the College. I believe Mount Alvernia is a rare secondary school in how we invite - no, almost expect - parents to be part of a child’s journey and not an outsider looking in. More often than not, we hold wrap-around meetings with parents and guardians because we want to honour the role that we all play in supporting the young girls with whom we are associated.  The implication of wrapping around our girls means that together we can work for the interest of each child in our care. As the old adage says: "It takes a village to raise a child".


I dedicate this article to the parents and carers in our community. It is an opportunity to honour and thank, at the end of 2018, all the people who are first and foremost the educators of their daughters and who go above and beyond to show how much their child means to them.


Firstly, to the parents or carers who have been blessed with the luxury of being involved in helping out in classrooms, working at La Cucina, coaching or managing a sporting team, being a pastoral care parent, or being part of the parent network group.  We, the community of Mount Alvernia, thank you.

To the parents who have strived every day to ensure their daughters are respectful of the ethos and procedures that have been created as a representation of what we are trying to develop. We thank you.

To the parents who have struggled to pay fees but do so because they know that Mount Alvernia is a college that will help their daughter reach their potential even when the girl doesn’t know it herself. We thank you.

To the parents who are separated but have maintained a healthy relationship in the best interest of their child so that they too can feel the wrap-around effect of school and family. We thank you.

To the families who have strived every day to provide not only the material needs for their daughters but the emotional support as well. We thank you.  

To the parents who have taken the time to consider how we can address things differently in the interest of all the children in our care.  We thank you.

And, finally, to the parents who have parented. To those who know that firm and fair is not just a slogan but a way to ensure the girls themselves will know how to parent well because of the positive role models in their lives. The same parents who know that friendship is for peers and rewards are earned, not delivered on a silver platter. We thank you.


As we approach the end of the school year, there will be many parents who will look forward to the time that will be created to see their daughters take a well-earned rest and for themselves to not worry about keeping tabs on what is happening in the school community. Let us hope that you and your daughters are all able to take a breath and delight in the joys of being a family, no matter what shape or form it may be.


Just keep on parenting and we will all benefit from the delight of our children.

Annette Butterworth

Deputy Principal
Staff Development

Spotlight on Staff

Bravo Bonaventure Awards

This year we initiated a more formal process of staff recognition of excellence through the establishment of the Bravo Bonaventure Awards. These have been awarded each term, and our recent Term 4 recipients are outlined below. Congratulations to these staff members, and thank you for your contribution to our community.

Excellence in Service Award: Jodi Walsh

As the first point of contact for future students and families, Mrs Walsh has fulfilled her role as Enrolments Officer with distinction. She regularly goes above and beyond to provide exemplary service to her colleagues, students, and wider community. She is often seen conducting tours for prospective families with great enthusiasm and is an outstanding advocate for all things Mount Alvernia. After ten years of excellent service to Mount Alvernia College, she will be missed in the future.

Collaborator: Skubi Testa

Always willing to assist in any way, Mrs Testa is always willing to collaborate. From her work in assisting with the coordination of the College Art Show, to her role as part of the Staff Uniform Committee, to her recent development of the Year 12 Gift – Generosity Meter, she ably contributes to the College. She works well with her team members and builds positive relationships to bring the best to our Mount Alvernia community.

Motivator: Karen Farrow

Mrs Farrow is committed to providing outstanding care for the students in her Pastoral cohort, while maintaining ceaseless enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and engaging her colleagues. She is constantly reflecting on her practice and uses her bubbly personality to keep the energy in teams high. Mrs Farrow is tireless in her commitment to ensuring the team ‘goes the distance’ for the betterment of our students’ social and emotional wellbeing.

Innovator: Krystal Gagen-Spriggs

Ms Gagen-Spriggs has been instrumental in collaboratively leading STEM initiatives at the College. As an active member of the STEM Professional Learning Team, she has been instrumental in arranging a designated maker-space in the school, assisted with the Read like a Girl events, organised STEM-a-con (an overnight sleepover in the iCentre), and initiated augmented reality in the classroom. Ms Gagen-Spriggs is consistently motivated to provide the best educational experiences for her students and is innovative in her thinking and practice.


Staff Farewells

As we come to the end of the year we thank and farewell the staff who have been on contract. In addition, two of our permanent staff members are moving on. After ten years as the Executive to the Principal and Enrolments Officer, Jodi Walsh will be finishing at the end of the year. Also, Learning Area Advisor: Mathematics Dan Martin has accepted a position as Curriculum Leader at St Benedict’s College, Mango Hill. We wish them all the very best for their journey ahead and thank them for the way they have enriched our community through their service.


As we journey towards Christmas, I wish all our families a wonderful festive season. Have a safe, happy, and holy Christmas period.


Daniel Crump

Assistant Principal
Student Learning

Review, Refine, Reflect

As we come to the end of this academic year, it is with pride that we can look back on the many achievements of our young women and our staff. The many values that have been on display throughout the year have particularly come to the fore as we end the year – resilience when tackling a particularly tricky problem, whether it is in class or a problem between friends; courage in coping with changes; love and compassion towards all members of the school community; appreciation and happiness for each other and all the opportunities provided within our college– which all strengthen our character and ability to make the most of every aspect of school life.  All the Franciscan values of joy, trust, service, respect, peace, love, simplicity, and compassion have definitely been front and centre this year.


The end of a school year brings many feelings and emotions for all people working in a school. As cohorts finish, and new ones step up; as individuals decide to move on; as we finish marking and reporting; and as we as teachers begin planning for the next year, we reflect, review, and refine. Of course, foremost, we see the evidence of our students' success and hard work; and for that we are extremely proud.


It is human nature, as we reflect upon a year, to consider those aspects that may not have worked so effectively and to dwell upon them; however, it is important to direct our energy and attention to what worked, what went well, and what we feel was successful. One of the only things in life that we have control over is how we tell our own story -- how we interpret our experiences and make sense of them. It is beneficial to consider this in the context of learning, growth, and empowerment.  This certainly assists in the way we work towards the future.


So, for me, I feel that we have had a wonderful year! I learned so much and grew tremendously as an educator and leader. I worked with wonderful colleagues and valued their support and the work they did. It was a hard year (I, and all of us, worked a lot!) but it was worth it; I can see so much evidence of growth and positive impact on our young women. That makes me excited about our future.


I would like to thank all parents and carers for their support this year.  A great deal of what we do in school cannot be achieved without you and your co-operation and care.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all students on the commitment and efforts you have put in this year.  I hope that you feel that you have accomplished much and progressed effectively. 


Queensland Core Skills Results for 2018

I would like to congratulate all Year 12s who sat the QCS Tests this year.  Results this year showed improvement, with higher percentages of As and Cs, equal percentages of Bs, and lower percentages in the D range, which is an excellent result.  Well done to all our young women on their efforts leading up to, and in the completion of, these tests. We have one more year of QCS testing, and thus we will continue to work with the girls to ensure their success with this. As well, congratulations to the teachers who worked with them on this journey.


Parent Surveys - 2018

I invite all parents to provide us with your feedback.  It is important for us to gather your insights so that we can consider modifications for the future. As such, I ask that you complete the relevant survey via the appropriate link.  Be sure to choose the relevant year level survey. Thank you for your input.

Francis School (Year 7 and 8) Parents/carers

Clare School (Year 9 and 10) Parents/carers

Elizabeth Hayes School (Year 11 and 12) Parents/carers


Have a very happy, safe, and holy Christmas and holiday period.

Debra Evans

Christmas Hamper Appeal

Can you help?

We are still in need of some volunteer students and parents to help deliver our SVDP Christmas hampers on Monday 10 December, from 1.00 pm until around 3.00 pm.


Are you able to help? There is no obligation to stay for the whole time - any amount of time you can give will be much appreciated.


If you and/or your daughter can help, please ask your daughter to collect a permission letter from Student Services ASAP.

Everyone is to meet here at the College at 1.00pm between C and F blocks.

Sport News

Please see attachments below for important information regarding Sport at Mount Alvernia for 2019

Josh White

Sport Development Leader

Careers News

Another fortnight, another Careers update!


See attached for information on the following:

    Pre-apprenticeship Courses at TAFE Queensland SkillsTech
     Resources to Help You Find an Apprenticeship/Traineeship
     How do I find a Job with Good Employment Prospects? 
     Graduate Stats and Salaries
     Skills for Finding a Job – Full-time/Part-time/Casual
     What are Employers Looking For? 
     ANU: Australian National University Scholarship
     Education Scholarships
     How to Save Money when You’re a Student
     Queensland Government: Aspiring Teacher Grants 2019
     Spotcap Fintech Scholarship
     UQ: St Leo’s College Scholarships and Bursaries
     You to Uni: Scholarships
     Selected Gap Program Updates
     SAE Qantm Creative Media Institute Summer Program
     Indigenous Scholarships at Griffith University
     More Indigenous Scholarships
     The Drone Industry
     The Retail Industry
     Interested in Leadership and Community Service? 
     Queensland Government Youth Page
     AICD: Australian Institute of Creative Design Open Day
     Endeavour College of Natural Health Open Day
     JMC Academy: Undergraduate Information Evening
     SAE Qantm Creative Media Institute Info Night
     Australasian College of Natural Therapies Health Open Day for 2019
     NIDA: Applications are Open for Young Actors Studio 2019 in Brisbane
     Qld Agricultural Training Colleges: TASTE Program for School Leavers
     UQ College: Tertiary Preparation Program for January 2019
     Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting University
     Connect with QTAC
     Five Podcasts to which Every University Student Should Be Listening
     General Tips for a Successful Transition to University
     How does QTAC work out if You’ll Receive an Offer? 
     How will I Know if I have an Offer? 
     Offers for Year 12 students
     Snippets for Beginning University Students
     Key Dates for Year 12 Students
     Student Connect Hotline
     Fee-free TAFE Queensland Qualifications for Year 12 Graduates
     TAFE: Certificate III in Health Services Assistance Qualification
     TAFE: Don’t Miss Out on Cre8 Festival
     Australian Catholic University (ACU) 
          Have a Question about ACU? 
          Know Your Options Information Session
     Bond University 
     Central Queensland University (CQU) 
         Information Sessions following the Release of Year 12 Results
            New Students
         Online Chat Session
     Griffith University (GU) 
          Student Support
          VET Pathways for School Leavers
     Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 
          Helping You into Your Course  
          Information for Parents
          Real Choices Event
     University of Queensland (UQ) 
          Campus Tours
          2019 UQ Science Ambassador Program
          Criminology and Criminal Justice at UQ
          OP Results Advice Night
          Need to Talk about your OP before OP Results Advice Night? 
          Sunflower Competition
     University of Southern Queensland (USQ) 
          Accelerated Entry Pathway Program (AEPP) 
          Degrees in Information Technology Open for Semester 3
     University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) 
          International Students
          Semester 1 2019 Orientation
          Support Services at USC
Australian Government: Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme
Brisbane Universities Languages Alliance


Melissa Loveday


Family Christmas Carols


UQ Girls in Computer Science

Find out what girls can do with a career in technology!

The University of Queensland invites girls in Years 8 to 12 and their parents to a night of inspiration and empowerment.


What's involved:

  1. Inspiring Presentations
    Student sessions: Hear from current female students and alumni speakers about their experiences of studying technology and working in the computer science industry.
    Parent sessions: Hear from industry leaders as they share their experiences and provide advice for you as a parent of the next tech generation.
  2. Fun Hands-on Activities
    Create your own binary bracelet, view UQ student displays, experience virtual reality and more.
  3. Information Booths
    Talk to representatives from Virgin, Women in Engineering, ilab and the UQ Idea Hub.




La Cucina


Monday 26 November

Cathy Conaghan

Christina Knight


Tuesday 27 November

Jo Galvin


To all of our generous volunteers

we wish you a wonderful break with your families

and look forward to working with you again in 2019

Community Notices

Santa Paws - Pet Photos with Santa


Kedron Veterinary Clinic, Sunday 25 November 8.00am-3.00pm

77 Leckie Road, Kedron

Bookings are essential - call today 3857 1785

Meaanjin Markets


Free Back to School Health Checks for Kids


Invitation to past students of Geebung C&K Kindergarten

Lorraine Douglas has been a teacher and Director at Geebung C&K Kindergarten for over twenty years. To celebrate such a wonderful career and to thank Lorraine for her unwavering commitment to the education of our children, we would like to invite past and present families and students to write a ‘Letter for Lorraine’. Letters sharing Kindy experiences and saying thank you can be addressed to:

Letters to Lorraine

PO Box 27, Geebung Qld 4034

Or emailed to: [email protected]

Letters received by 10 December will be presented to her at the end of the term (13 December 2018)

Enquiries can be directed to Sarah 0400 062 552 or Jen 0439 811 778

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