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21 November 2017
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Dates To Remember


Thursday 23 November

Year Geography Fieldwork

Monday 27 November

Year 10 Study Day

Tuesday 28  November - Friday 1 December

Year 10 Exams

School Council

Wednesday 29 November

Year 8 - Ed Earth 

Friday 1 December

Year 11 Last Day

Year 12 (2018) Headstart

Year 12 (2017) Graduation Dinner

Monday 4 to Friday 8 December

Year 11 (2018) Headstart VCE/VCAL

Tuesday 5 December

Year 10 VCAL - Headstart Tree Adventure

Friday 8 December

Year 10 Last Day

Tuesday 12 December

Year 7 (2018)  - Orientation Day (No classes for Year 7)

Wednesday 20 December

Awards Night

Friday 22 December

Term 4 Ends



Friday 1 December

Year 8A - Earth Ed

Year 11 Last Day

Year 12 (2018) Headstart

Year 12 (2017) Graduation Dinner

Monday 4 to Friday 8 December

Year 11 (2018) Headstart VCE/VCAL

Tuesday 5 December

Year 10 VCAL - Headstart Tree Adventure


Friday 8 December

Year 10 Last Day

Tuesday 12 December

Year 7 (2018)  - Orientation Day (No classes for Year 7)

Friday 15 December

MSC Community Event - 5.30 to 6.45pm

Wednesday 20 December

Awards Night

Friday 22 December

Term 4 Ends


Principal's Report


Congratulations 2017 Year 12s!

Following a great farewell assembly, our year 12 students are now well into their exams and final assessments. Year 12 is a demanding year and our students have applied themselves well to the challenges it has presented.

College Facilities Development 

As a result of increasing enrollments, the College has received 10 relocatable classrooms over the past few months. These classrooms provide excellent space for student learning and are in brand new condition. The extra classrooms will relieve pressures on our rooming timetable and mean that classes can be scheduled in rooms that are appropriate for the subjects students are studying.

We expect to see building work starting on our new administration building during the January holidays. The new building will be located at the front of the school and the work site will require changes to the the flow of traffic at the Coburns Road entrance. Parents and students will be updated with a traffic management plan as soon as a builder is appointed to the project and the plan can be finalised.

Warmer Weather

With summer getting closer, we have started to get some warmer days. As a result of additional classrooms being added, the Department has identified that the demand on the College power supply exceeds its capacity and this has meant that it is not possible to have air conditioners on in every classroom at all parts of the day. The Department is working with the energy supplier to install a new power supply, but it is unlikely that this will happen until  next year. All classrooms have fans installed and air conditioning will be used where possible.

Anyone of my generation will know that air conditioning in schools is a relatively new thing.  

There are many practical steps that can be taken to prevent over-heating with or without air conditioning.  I ask that you help your child to make these choices and make their day at school more comfortable on warmer days.

1. Wear the summer uniform. Many students are continuing to wear the winter jackets and many layers of clothing underneath. 

2. Buy and wear a college hat whenever outside.

3. Use the shaded outdoor areas to keep out of the sun.

4. Drink more water. Bring a water bottle to school, refill it before the warning bell goes and take it to class. Students should not expect to be given permission to go to the taps during a lesson unless it is an emergency.

2018 New School Schedule

From the start of 2018 students will experience some changes to the daily school schedule. These changes have been brought in to support high levels of learning in every classroom. The new daily schedule is listed below:

2018 School Day Schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

8.45   am Locker bell (School day starts)

9.00   am Period 1

10.10 am Period 2

11.20 am Period 3*

11.40 am Lunch

12.20 pm Period 4

1.30   pm  Recess

2.00   pm  Period 5

3.10   pm  End of school day

* There will be a sub-school assembly period 3 every Gold Monday. This will result in a 30 minute lunch.

Wednesday Early Finish

The school day will finish at 2.30 pm every Wednesday. This is to allow planning time for teachers. An after school activities program will operate every Wednesday from 2.30 - 3.30 pm. Parents who wish their child to participate will be invited to contact the General Office.

Wednesday Schedule

8.45   am Locker bell (School day starts)

9.00   am Period 1

10.10 am Period 2

11.20 am Period 3

11.40 am Lunch

12.10 pm Period 3

1.20   pm  Period 4

2.30   pm  End of school day

The changes will require students to make some adjustments to their routines. Parents are asked to support their child/ren to be clear about the changes so they are punctual to school and each lesson of the day. 

2018 School Captains

Congratulations to our 2018 School Captains, Winona Duka, Jacob Azzopardi, Ashley Tia and Aaron Churchman. All four have proven themselves to be excellent student leaders who have already done a great deal to support and set an excellent example for their fellow students

Assistant Principals' Report

Mr Alan Devine

Mrs Jenny Buckle

Ms Andrèe Poulter


College Values - AMBITION

In week one of this term I presented at the Sub School Assemblies our termly College Value of – AMBITION. At the assembly we tried an ambitious activity where everyone contributed to shouting out the word ambition, it worked! We all did ourselves, and the school, proud with our challenging goal!


Demonstrating and applying our College STARR values is an important and achievable part of being a member of the Melton Secondary College community, they are also an effective building block on which to commence future study and careers around. Set yourself challenging learning goals this term and strive to meet them! Good luck everyone.

Sub Schools

Junior Sub School

 Transition for Year 6 to Year 7

We welcomed our new Grade 6 students and their families during our recent enrolment afternoons. We appreciated our families attending the sessions and our staff who gave generously with their time

Orientation Day for Grade 6 students will be held on Tuesday 12th December. As Grade 6 students will be replacing Year 7 students on this day, Year 7 students will not be required at school. Students will be able to complete their Learning Tasks at home.

A parent/guardian meet and greet morning will take place in the Conference room from approximately 9.00 am. Tea, coffee and nibbles will be available.



Year 8 2018 Information Evening

A Year 7 to 8 Parent Information evening will be held at Melton Secondary College on Thursday 23rd November from 5.30 pm to approximately 6.15 pm. Information regarding BYOD, booklists and our Camping program will be provided.

Middle Sub School

Term 4 is an important time for students in the Middle Sub-school. For students in Year 10 it is a time for decisions in regards to pathways that will impact their future careers and prospects. They have a choice to follow a VCE or VCAL pathway and we ask parents to discuss this with their students to ensure they understand the choices they have made. For students in Year 9 they need to start selecting subjects that will guide them towards a career path of their choosing.

The Middle Sub-School will be reviewing student data from both semesters in order to make decisions for pathways for students. If you are concerned about your students’ progress, please contact the team at the Middle Sub-School to arrange a meeting.



Exams will be the focus of Term 4 and we encourage students to develop a revision program that will allow them to achieve success in these exams. This is particularly important for students in Year 10 as exams results play a pivotal role in making decisions in regards to pathways in Year 11.

The exams for both Year 9 and 10 will be held in Week 8 and an exam timetable will be handed out in the next few weeks.

Senior Sub School

We would like to wish our 2017 Yr12 students the very best wishes while finishing their time with MSC. Good luck with exams, job applications, university, TAFE and all the opportunities that present in your future.


Year 12 Celebration Day

The last day Celebration was held on Wed 25th Oct with Yr12s dressing up for a school assembly and excursion to Watergardens Bowling and Laser Tag.


Don’t forget to purchase your Graduation tickets at the office.

                Luxor Reception Centre

                Friday 1st December

                $75 per head


Year 11 Visits to Year 10 Tutorial

Recently groups of Yr11 students have visited Yr10 Tutorial classes to answer questions about the senior school, VCE, VCAL, and expectations. These Yr11 students represented the STARR values in the senior school with such helpful information to the Yr10s. thank you to: Molly Hayes, Devon Harrowfield, Tayla Hulston, Ken Esekia, Jade Coyle, Winona Duka, JiLian Ng, Aluel Manyok, Agau Madit Biar Kuek, Aluong Madit Biar, Maya Lalovic, Josh Miranda, Ryan Mullins, Esther Ledua.


Year 11 VCE Exams and Head Start

Tues 21st Nov – Fri 1st Dec with a home study day on Mon 20th November.

The following week will be the 2018 Yr12 Headstart program. All students enrolling in Yr12 VCE studies are required to attend a full week of classes which represents week 1 of Yr12. Students are encouraged to seek second hand resources and text books to be used in this Head Start week and over the summer.

Yr11 students will now be finalising their Unit 2 VCE and VCAL studies and preparing for VCE Exams or VCAL work placements.


Key VTAC dates for 2017/2018 Applications

Applications open:

9am, Monday 7 August 2017
Timely applications close:

5pm, Thursday 28 September 2017
SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme) closing date:

5pm, Tuesday 10 October 2017
Scholarships closing date:

5pm, Friday 13 October 2017
Release of ATAR and VCE results:

7am, Friday 15 December 2017
Change of preference closing date (Round 1):

12pm, Wednesday 20 December 2017
Release of Round 1 offers:

Wednesday 17 January 2018

 MSC Information 

General Office 

Office hours:  8:15 am - 4:30 pm


Parents visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children must always make contact with the General Office first.

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop hours are:


Mondays:             8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm


Wednesdays:      3:00 to 4:00 pm


Fridays:                 8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm



Parents and guardians are reminded that the Department of Education and Training (DET) does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident/insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.  The DET cannot provide advice to parents or guardians on the purchase of individual student accident policy or ambulance cover.  Insurance policies can be purchased from commercial insurers.  Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.  As the DET does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property, students and staff are discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.


October 100% Attendance

Congratulations to the students listed below who received a 100 percent attendance record for the month of August.  This highlights the dedication to their studies and are commitment to their own learning.  Well done!

Year 7


BEARE, Jameson

BECKWITH, Nateisha





CECIL, Makayla

COLLINS, Zachary

CURIC, Brooke

DUKE, Chloe


FALZON, Mikayla



HEVEY, Michael

JONES, Phoebe




LAYTON, Jackson


MAGRI, Jaxson

MAUGA, Katie


MEDLEY, Kaidyn


MUKOMBE, Rukudzo


OSBORN, Mitchell


RIGBY, Jemma






SMITH, Connor



TANNER, Alisha



TE'0, Bezalel


TROTT, Charli

TRUONG, Joshua


ULUGIA, Trisha





Year 8


BAKER, Kaydence

BATES, Tayla


BIBBY, Jarrod

BONIC, Mateo



CASSAR, Bailey




DAWO, Beatrice


ELY, Tianna

FRASER, Indiana

GARRO, Chantal

HAMMILL, Michkayla








KINCAID, Jasmine

KUOT, Bakita

LITTLE, Brianna


MABOK, Yohana


MEDLEY, Makayla


MORGAN, Jamieson


PAHULU, Chaylen


PATULLO, Shaeden

POA, Gabrielle

RYAN, Taylah

SAMAU, Riccardo

SASUK, Innocent




SMITH, Bryson






TAYLOR, Kirstyn



ULUGIA, Margret



WHEELER, Vanessa

Year 9

BUSH, Tiria


DIMECH, Daniel



HUNT, Arleah


KELLY, Jordja

KILSBY, Trisha


LEWIS, Rhian


MARTIN, Hannah

MOWATT, Shantal


SILVA, Sophia

TAHI, Tuhiwai


Year 10

ALIZADA, Farahnaz


APECH, Apech








GURLU, Yasemin




HEARD, Keeley

JORDAN, Christian

LAL, Shivani




MEDLEY, Tahlia


PETEROS, Maverick

RAAMS, Christian


REA, Amber

REEVE, Emily

SANGAR, Lovettee

TESEMA, Asmiret


TUNG, Isaac


Year 11

AH CHING, Rosabelle



BLAKE, Denise

BRIERTY, Jessica

BROWN, Keshayna





DUKA, Winona


HAYES, Molly


KALIA, Danny

KERSHAW, Maddison

LAURIE, Alesha

LUNN, Jamie



MEDLEY, Brodie





ODGERS, Kiarna



SUNGA, Pamela

SUNGA, Patricia


Year 12

LOFT, Tyson




College News

MSC Upcoming Community Event


All students, parents and community members are welcome to attend a Community evening on Friday 15th December from 5.30pm to approximately 6.45pm.

Full on Theatre, under the direction of Dave Thurston have developed a play called Racism and Belonging. Some students from Melton Secondary College play a key role in the production. They will perform this play.

Festival of Healthy Living Year 7 group will perform various acts, including stilt walking and juggling.

VICSEG will present their student project, including money raised to support the United Nations refugee cause.

A Sausage sizzle and stall is available from 5.00pm to sell sausages, vegetable burgers, popcorn and other items.

MSC Rock Eisteddford Reunion



2018 State School's Relief Changes  

State Schools’ Relief helps students across the state with uniform support. They have been assisting MSC students and their families for a number of years.

In 2017, MSC and State Schools’ Relief have worked together on some changes to how this service runs and how to best support our students into the future.

Please note: There is an eligibility criteria to get support through this service. Please contact a member of the Wellbeing Team to see if you meet the criteria. (The criteria is the same as 2017)


2018 Changes

  • Students who meet the eligibility criteria will now only be able to get ONE (1) of each of the items below per year.
  • Students will be able to get Two (2) white shirts per year.
  • Applications are now broken up into summer uniform and winter uniform application periods. The timing for these applications and the items are indicated in the table below. (Please note that whilst these are the times when applications can be made, students are able to wear uniform items throughout the year).

MSC will no longer be able to make applications for Jackets through SSR

  • Please be aware that the gap families will need to cover has increased. This is due to a change pricing of vouchers from State Schools’ Relief.  The Wellbeing team will be able to provide you with an indication of the amount that you will be required to cover.
  • Closing date for applications to be processed and received by the end of the year is Friday December 8th
  • The Wellbeing Team will be available from Wednesday January 23rd to help with applications. The earlier we make the application, the earlier you’ll be able to receive the items.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact a member of the Wellbeing Team (Chris, Dani and Stacey) who will be able to help further by phone (9743 3322) or they will be available between 3:15-4:15pm in person to help with any enquiries.

Teen Triple P Online Project



VCAL 2017 

There have been many great achievements from the VCAL students of 2017. Students in the Year 11 and 12 levels have worked very hard to develop and improve skills required to prepare themselves for further studies, trade opportunities and the workforce. Students have challenged themselves and stepped out of their comfort zones on many occasions in an effort to improve their skills and prepare themselves for the world post Secondary School. Examples of such skills are literacy and numeracy skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication skills, working within a budget, planning and goal setting.


VCAL students have carried out various projects through the year to both develop their own skills but also to help contribute to building and strengthening connections with the community and engaging students and parents. Some examples of these projects are:

  • Peer Support Program –Students were intensively trained over 4 days to prepare them to step into leadership roles, working with the Year 7 students at Melton Secondary College. During Term 1 VCAL students delivered classroom activities to Year 7 students in an effort to teach the students about resilience and how to improve it. They also ran various lunchtime activities, activities during Harmony Day and organised and held a picnic with various team building activities at Brimbank Park in Keilor. The PSP was effective in teaching resilience, however even more beneficial in building relationships within the school and community.
  • Homelessness Project – After learning about Homelessness and its impacts within Melbourne, students sought ideas which they could run to help raise awareness to the issue and possibly help contribute to raising funds or goods to help people in need. Some successful projects were;
    • A staff car wash where students signed up teachers who wished to get their cars washed for an $8 fee. In excess of $350 was raised to create hampers for homeless.
    • A bake sale where students cooked a multitude of cupcakes and brownies and sold them at the school for a gold coin donation. In excess of $300 was raised to create hampers for the homeless.
    • A ‘Sleep in at Melton Secondary’ was organised, inspired from the ‘Sleep in at the G’ where students from Year 7 were invited to sleep in at the school to experience (to an extent) how homeless people have to live. As part of the night, a speaker from the Salvation Army came in and gave a brief presentation about homelessness in the Melton region, and the students watched ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ which is a story about a father and his son who are homeless and their struggle to get out of it.
  • School Fair. Once again the MSC Fair was a whole lot of laughs with students given the opportunity to throw wet sponges and cream plates at teachers, dance with music and win various prizes. This has been deisgned and planned by VCAL students to engage students, build relationships with their teachers and raise money to be donated for a great cause.
  • Landscaping/Construction Project – 11A worked extremely well together as a team to complete a number of construction projects to help improve the aesthetic appearance of the school as well as provide areas where students can spend time to help build relationships and enjoy their time with others. They completed a bench seated area and vertical garden cube. They worked hard through numerous barriers such as weather, time constraints, budget and policies to ensure their projects were complete within their goals set. They were involved in all aspects of the project from brainstorming any ideas and researching and planning on how it’s done. They had to source materials and apply for any resources required. Bunnings Melton were extremely supportive in donating tools and giving discounts on materials. They also learnt skills in building, brick laying and gardening.
  • Pacifika Week – A week organised by VCAL students, was a massive success with students from Year 7 – 12 coming together to share their cultures within the school. This was a first for Melton Secondary College with students working tirelessly for months, after school and during lunchtimes in preparation for it. The week involved a performance in front of Years 7 -10 students and parents from the community. The groups represented were Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii and Tonga. The students represented their culture with pride and put on a performance that gave goose bumps and had the attention of all. Special thanks goes out to Tina David and Mareta Simanu Sapolu, for their assistance with the preparation for the performance. The other big event was an Umu, a traditional Samoan method of cooking on hot rocks. This was a great day, both for the those who had never heard of it before, as well as teaching and strengthening culture for those Samoans involved. The food was delicious and we thank the Faoagali family for their involvement as it would not have happened without them.
  •  Horticulture and Food Technology – This was the first year that VCAL students have been able to choose a VCE subject within their program and there was a great response from it. Within Food Technology class students participated in cooking once a week, practicing skills to cook a variety of foods from around the world, some are design your own pie and pavolva. During Horticulture students were able to plan and design a production garden. This enabled them to learn about production horticulture and complete a business plan for their vegetable gardens. They also constructed some raised garden beds and built a greenhouse to grow plants in. They potted a range of plants and planted them in a variety of gardens beds in the horticulture area.


Not only have the students developed vital skills that they will use in the future, but they have shown great enthusiasm and have gone above and beyond expected behaviours. Students have spent their own money on bricks and sourced bricks on their weekends, have given up lunchtimes and after school hours to work on their project, students were in school till 5 pm on the last day of term 3 practicing for their multicultural performance and others in the same afternoon came in at 5.30 to drop off materials for their Umu, students slept over night at the school to raise awareness of homelessness, came in during holidays to organise their project.


VCAL has progressed with leaps and bounds during 2017 and we can’t wait to see what next year brings.




Successful VCAL Outcome


Students in Yr 10 have the choice of 2 programs for their Senior Studies – VCAL or VCE. VCAL is a great opportunity for students to develop the necessary employment skills required to secure apprenticeships.


Here is an example of one our Year 12 student’s journey to achieve his goal of starting an apprenticeship after the completion of Year 12.


Saleh Kasinguvu has been aiming for an Automotive apprenticeship through his commitment to making the most of opportunities offered through the 2  year VCAL program.


As part of his Year 11 VCAL program in 2016 he commenced his Cert II  Automotive Studies at Kangan Docklands. He also completed 3 rounds of Structured Workplace Learning with various employers including: Alan Mance Footscray, Melton Automotive Service Centre and Elite Tyres & Wheels Melton.

In Year 12 Saleh has been undertaking an SBAT with AGA Deer Park continuing his Cert II  in Automotive Studies. He commenced the year working 1 day per week at CS Automotive in Laverton and then transferred to Alan Mance Melton.

I have received confirmation that Saleh has been successful in his application & interview for a full time Auto Apprenticeship with VACC commencing Feb 2018.

We wish Saleh all the best for his chosen pathway to complete qualifications to be a licensed Mechanic.


Visit to Jetstar Facilities

On 27th October May Yuen, Shanelka Rajendran and Akual Akok of Year 10 attended the Jetstar training facilities in Airport West.


Shanelka described the event as follows: “The ABCN High Flyers program that we attended is a program designed to empower females to improve the outcomes and opportunities available to them. The mentoring sessions with pilots, engineers and flight attendants, teaching leadership and the skill-building techniques were very valuable and beneficial. We had the chance to look around the Flight Training Centre and even enter a flight stimulator. The High Flyers program gave us a beneficial insight into the modern workplace in this field of work.”

Air Force Cadet Scheme


The local unit of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) in Sunshine now has vacancies for young men and women aged between 13-18 who are interested in a career in aviation or the military. The unit meets every Wednesday night during school terms at the army depot on 101 Duke St, Sunshine.

There will be an information evening at the premises for interested teenagers and their families to attend on Wed 22nd Nov at 7pm sharp. Find us on Facebook for further details - 405sqn AAFC recruiting. Please direct any inquiries to Sergeant (AAFC) James Brennan via email [email protected]



Do any of these sound like you????

  • Are you indigenous?
  • Moving out of home to attend University or TAFE next year?
  • Identify as LGBTQI+
  • Experiencing financial hardship?
  • Work at McDonalds?
  • Was your Father/ grandfather in the Defence Force?

Please see Maria in the Career Room to make an application for a scholarship that is right for YOU!!!

Career with Victoria Police

Interested in a career with Victoria Police, there will be an information night held on Wednesday 22 November.


Art Specialism

Arts Specialism October 2017

It has been an exciting start to Term 4 with Year 12 students finishing their classes and preparing for exams, as well as, students and staff also working on organising several events and activities including the Year 10 Photography Exhibition (17 November), Arts Week (20-24 November), and the Bounzn Dance Co performance.

Since the end of last term, Year 10 Photography students have been developing their skills and knowledge to create photographic artworks and have decided to have an exhibition with their most recent photographic images that explore the theme of ‘Change’ during week 6. Watch this space for further information.


In week 7 this term, we are hosting Arts Week to promote the Arts Specialism and to celebrate student belonging at MSC. Several exciting activities and workshops that will be running include a mural painting, airbrush display, dance and music performances, mini film festival and a silent lunchtime disco with a student DJ competition.


Finally, we would like to wish the departing Year 12 Music, Media and Studio Arts students all the best for their exams and future endeavours. Each year we see the quality of student work and performances progressing and we are proud of the achievements of every student.


Arts Specialism Team

Science Specialism

WOWOW (World of Work on Wheels) Tour

On 16 October selected Year 9 students were invited to attend a special event funded by the Department of Education and organised by Careers Education and Science Specialism.


The WOWOW Tour aims to encourage students to explore technology of the future, how it will affect their future careers and consider VET as a post school pathway option. A team of 4 enthusiastic presenters from CEAV (Career Education Association of Victoria) engaged students in 4 fully interactive workshops.


Students interacted with new technology including a NAO the Humanoid Robot, which responded to voice commands and could even dance and play soccer.


Students had the opportunity to explore programming with Choreographe Coding, which is a tool used in some development studios for programming the motion of complex devices such as factory robots.


Students worked with EZRobots & Spheros, simple robots which can respond to commands and react to the environment in controlled ways. This technology is part of the development of automation which will be an important part of many future workplaces.



Finally, they explored different environments and careers with Virtual Reality Glasses, which included how VR will affect careers such as energy generation, food production and the Defence industries.

All students received a Workbook with activities to compliment the sessions and extend their understanding of career development.


Andrew Grichting and Joanne Galea

Sports Specialism

Congratulations and Farewell

The end of the year is fast approaching for our senior students. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our departing athletes for your contribution to the Sports Specialism – Athlete Development Program and wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

Welcome - Grace Valele

As our senior students depart, we would also like to introduce and welcome our newest member to the Athlete Development Program (ADP). Grace Valele (Year 9) earned her position through demonstrating a positive attitude, her high level of sporting accomplishments and contribution to the college sports program.  As you can see in the ‘Individual Achievements’ section below, Grace has been excelling in netball at multiple levels. She recently won the U19 Best & Fairest at her local club, represented and led the school team at the Victoria Schools Netball State Final and was recently selected in the 2017 School Sports Victoria Team Vic U15 Girls Netball team to compete in the National Championships later this year.

Western Region Athletics

A large number of students recently competed in the recent Western Region Athletics carnival at Moonee Valley Athletics Track. It was a very successful day with Melton Secondary College finishing 4th overall. We also had numerous students achieve personal bests and placings. For full details, please refer to the Sports section.


Athlete Development Program (ADP) members Trinity Skenderis and Harvey Green reaped the rewards for their consistency at training. Trinity demonstrated grit and determination to win the 400m event in a personal best time and Harvey Green jumped a massive 10cm PB to win the High Jump. Trinity was also part of the victorious U14 girls relay with Gloria, Paskazia and Beatrice. Harvey, Trinity and the team will now compete at the upcoming SSV State Track & Field Championships.

Individual Achievments

We must also acknowledge the individual achievements of the following ADP athletes:

Ebony Carter

  • Continues to demonstrate positive progress in the Netball Victoria Zone Academy Program
  • Member of the Intermediate Girls Squash team - Champion – SSV State Finals (4th year in a row)
  • Member of the Intermediate Girls team at the Victoria Schools Netball State Final – 3rd place

Abby Froy

  • Member of the Intermediate Girls Squashteam -   Champion – SSV State Finals (4thyear in a row)
  • Member of the Intermediate Girls team at the Victoria Schools Netball State Final – 3rd place

Sydney Hayes

  • Member of the Intermediate Girls team at the Victoria Schools Netball State Final – 3rd place

Trinity Skenderis

  •   400m & 4x100m relay at Western Ranges Athletics – 1st
  • Qualified for SSV State Track & Field Athletics
  • Selected in the U16 Girls Victorian Country squad to participate in the Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup (ACJBC)
  • MVP at the recent U16 Victorian Basketball Championship Grand Finals

Harvey Green

  • High Jump Western Ranges Athletics – 1st
  • Qualified for SSV State Track & Field Athletics

Katie Bibby

  • Recipient of the Pierre de Coubertin Award

Grace Valele

  • 2017 School Sports Victoria Team Vic U15 Girls Netball team competing in the National Championships
  •  Melton South Football & Netball Club – U19 Best & Fairest
  • Member of the Intermediate Girls team at the Victoria Schools Netball State Final – 3rd place


Sister School Visit

On Saturday 30th September, Kayla Bopp-Taylor, Elijah Cashen, Noah Collins, Kiara Churchman, Jake Merry, Calvin Nguyen, Kyle Williams along with Mr. Reynolds and Mrs. Mori left for Japan. They arrived at Kansai Airport next morning and had a half day travel including Bullet Train to our Sister School, Showa Junior High School. When we arrived at Minagi Train Station, all host families, staff members from Showa Junior High School, the principals in Showa Area, The Soja City Mayer and the top of Soja Education on Board welcomed us. 

The students fit in the new school environment quickly and made a lot of new friends. Mr. Reynolds and Ms. Mori were pleased to see how the students enjoyed their school life in Japan. They participated in a variety of activities at Showa Junior High School. They enjoyed the cultural lessons including Tatami mat making, Koto (Japanese guitar), Kendo (Japanese martial art) and Japanese cooking lesson. They also attended Year 7, 8 and 9 classes. Some students showed a great potential of playing Koto, and all students enjoyed hitting the manikin with Kendo sword with no hesitation. All students were allocated in a home group and they enjoyed eating Kyuushoku for lunch in their home room. Kiara and Kayla took a role of serving food.

The excursion to Hofuku-Temple was excellent. We went with Year 9 Japanese students and we were lucky to be picked up by the local TV and Calvin and Kayla were interviewed about how they felt the Zazen experience. We also visited Showa Primary School on Thursday and enjoyed playing Japanese traditional games.

All participants including the staff members stayed in a homestay and enjoyed having a lot of cultural experiences. Kyle went to the Sushi restaurant with his host family and he enjoyed many kinds of Sushi! Noah and Jake were invited to experience the Japanese event – Moon Viewing.


On the last day, many people saw us off at Minagi Station. Mr. Reynolds and Mrs. Mori were glad to hear all students would become homesick after they come back to Australia, but they didn’t expect three students tried to escape when the train was approaching… they didn’t want to leave! Mrs. Mori had to ask the host families to make sure our students got on the train.

We went shopping at Aeon Okayama Mall. Elijah bought a Pikachu hat and he wore it everywhere at the rest of the trip. Satomi who was the assistant teacher at M.S.C in 2014 came to Kyoto to see us, and we went to Fushimi Inari Shrine and Golden Temple. We enjoyed “Express Ticket” at Universal Studio Japan, which enable us to ride the most popular 7 rides without any waiting time. Mrs. Mori tried all rides, but she got emotional sickness after the while.

We all enjoyed the trip to Japan. All students improved their Japanese language skills and gained a lot of cultural experience. The next trip is happening in October 2019 and Year 9, 10 and 11 students who are learning Japanese are invited.


Loving the Library @

Welcome to the Library for Term Four. Our new library team includes Sherie Halil, Elaine Moran and Matt DeLeon.  Things are moving along in the library with some physical changes, along with some new initiatives that are in the planning stage.  We are working towards creating a more inviting and dynamic learning area to support the recreational and academic needs of our students.

A library housekeeping reminder that students can borrow up to 4 books for a 2 week timeslot.  After this time the student can re-borrow the book for an additional 2 weeks or return in the foyer of the RSC or at the Library Counter.

The library is open from 8.20am until 4.30 every day, students are welcome to come in before/after school or during lunchtime/recess to read or work.

We would like to wish everyone the best of luck in their preparation for the end of year assessments and exams.

Watch this space for all of the exciting upcoming changes!


Book Review

500 Minutes of Danger

Ten different kids are facing 10 different hair-raising situations, fighting to save their own lives and, in some cases, the lives of others in their community. At first these short stories appear to be random tales about brave young people facing incredible danger: a pool of quicksand, a cave-in, a monstrous beast, spies and crooked politicians and more. But eventually we realise that a common thread links all these situations and all these kids. Jack Heath is known for his adventure stories that drag the reader along at breakneck pace. His many fans will love this book and, as suggested on the back cover, they will probably read it in half an hour or less. Then they’ll read it again. If it’s excitement, danger and clever, brave characters that you’re looking for, then Jack Heath is the author for you and 500 Minutes of Danger is a good book with which to start.

Reviewed by Wendy Noble 


Book review from:-




Western Region Athletics

Our results were excellent. As a school, we finished a fabulous 4th overall (out of 58 competing schools) behind Maribyrnong, Buckley Park and Belmont. Individually the large majority achieved personal bests. Trinity Skenderis, a massive PB, to win her 400 after being headed then fought back to win. Harvey Green, enormous PB of 10cm in high jump to win. 14yrs girls relay team - Trinity Skenderis, Gloria Win, Beatrice Dawo and Paskazia Muhindo - sensational win in the relay - More than a dozen others finished in the placings, including individual multiple placings. Some field event loses by only a cm or two. Really positive work by all the team. Well done. Off to the State final now, early next term.

State athletics qualifiers:


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School Sport Victoria State Athletics Finals

Congratulations Harvey, Trinity, Paskazia, Gloria and Beatrice! These five athletes did the school proud with their efforts at the SSV State Track & Field Championships at Albert Park. Harvey managed 7th place (on countback) in the High Jump clearing 1.65m.
Trinity finished 5th in 400m with a time of 1:04 and the team of Paskazia, Beatrice, Gloria and Trinity just missed out on a medal in the 4x100m relay, finishing 4th (approx 0.4sec behind 3rd) with a time of 56.01sec.
A wonderful effort and looking forward to more successes next year!

Intermediate girls – def Staughton 7-2, def Bacchus Marsh 27-4, def Kurunjang 15-11 but lost the  final to Sunbury Downs 6-17

Yr 7 boys – lost to Staughton 8-9, drew with Kurunjang 10-10, def Bacchus Marsh 23-8

Yr 8 boys – lost to Staughton 12-38, def Kurunjang 15-11, def Bacchus Marsh 39-16

Intermediate boys – def Staughton 22-9, lost to Kurunjang 15-22, def Bacchus Marsh 34-16

Team Sports

Yr 7 girls  - def Bacchus Marsh 23-7, def Kurunjang 45-13 and def Sunbury in the final 12-11 to

                    qualify for the Western Region final.

Yr 8 girls – def Staughton 18-4, def Bacchus marsh 37-4 and def Sunbury in the final 14-11 to qualify

                    for the Western Region final

Intermediate girls – def Staughton 7-2, def Bacchus Marsh 27-4, def Kurunjang 15-11 but lost the  final to Sunbury Downs 6-17

Yr 7 boys – lost to Staughton 8-9, drew with Kurunjang 10-10, def Bacchus Marsh 23-8

Yr 8 boys – lost to Staughton 12-38, def Kurunjang 15-11, def Bacchus Marsh 39-16

Intermediate boys – def Staughton 22-9, lost to Kurunjang 15-22, def Bacchus Marsh 34-16


Melton SC Sport Facebook page

We have a facebook page dedicated to our Interschool Sport and the Athlete Development Program (ADP) participants. Please have a look and ‘like” us to keep up to date with the many outstanding achievements by our students in sport. The page name is - Melton Secondary College - Sport/Sport Specialism.

Melton Secondary College - Sport/Sport Specialism)

School Sport Victoria Important Announcement

School Sport Victoria will provide both single and mixed gender, sporting competition opportunities in all their sports for all schools to enter. Effective immediately will be the replacement of Boys events, to now read Boys/Mixed in all sports for most age groups.

Please note School Sport Victoria place paramount consideration on safety for all students in all of these opportunities. Therefore, community sport rules put in place for the safety of participation for both genders will be adhered to. This will mean girls will be able to participate in Boys/Mixed competition for all sports across all age groups with the exception of the following sports where restrictions will apply:

Australian Football – Boys/Mixed for Years 7 and 8 competition single gender competition thereafter

Netball – Boys/Mixed for Years 7 and 8 competition single gender competition thereafter.

Please Note: the intent of this rule change is to either;

  • ensure girls get an opportunity to participate when a school can’t enter a girls only event, or
  • to ensure when limited numbers of boys available, that the boys can now participate in a boys/mixed event.

It is not the intention to limit boys participation or for schools to ‘load’ one team at the expense of boys participation and should only be a mixed team when addressing the above stated conditions.

General Information

Amart Sports - Melton SC has joined the community kickbacks program with Amart Sports in Woodgrove. Every time you make a purchase just mention our school and we will receive 5% of the purchase amount. If you join online you will receive a loyalty and receive discounts etc as well as already having registered our school as your preferred community kickback. We have the same arrangement with REBEL SPORTS and their Season Pass kickback.


School Sport Information  -  All information regarding School Sport information and State team selection trials can be found on the website –

Information on national events can be found at the Team Vic page on the School Sport Victoria website,, or the School Sport Australia website,

Registrations are now open to nominate to trial for a number of sports:

Swimming and Volleyball are currently open.

Their monthly bulletin is sent on the last Tuesday of every month.

You can find all the latest bulletins, on the ebulletins page of the SSV website.


Football Empowerment


Melton Mail