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17 May 2016
What's Coming Up Summary
Acting Principal's report
Coming Up - Assessment
Coming Up -Exams
Coming Up - next Night Sky Viewing 
Coming Up - Yr 9 Excursion 7 June
Coming Up - Yr 11 Social
Coming Up -Uniform 
Coming Up - Raising Resilient Teenagers
Coming Up - Yr 9 & 10 Subjects & Careers
Using the Library services
Coming Up - Yr 9 Growth Mindset
Report - Literary Talkfest
Report - Leanna's Premier's Award
Report on Music
Report -Yr 11 Drama Ensembles
Report- Costume making
Report - Yr 10 H & PE – Lifelong Physical Activity
Report - VET Sport & Rec
Report - International Student Camp
Pathways and Careers
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What's Coming Up Summary

Photo: NHS students as extras for ACMA commercials

Summary of upcoming events

Wed May 18 - NT Trip Info session 6 pm GCC

 Year 9 & 10 Central Australia Project Camp Info Session

Wed May 18 & Thurs May 19 - VCE Music Soirees

Frid May 20 - IDAHOT Day

Mon May 23- Public Speaking Comp

Thurs May 26 - Night Sky Viewing

Thurs May 26 - End of Yr 10,11 Assessment

Frid May 27 - Yr 10 & 11 Exams Commence (to 3 June)


Mon May 30 - Yr 9 English Exam

Thurs June 2 - Yr 9 Maths Exam

Mon June 6 - VCE Unit 3 Music Solo Soiree

Tues June 7 - Yr 9 Excursion, Yr 7 fun Day
GAT for all VCE 3/4 students. No classes for Yrs 10-12.

Thurs June 9 - 2016 Yr 11 Social.

Frid June 10 - Staff Development. No school for students

Mon June 13 - Queens birthday. No school for students 

Wed June 15 - Yr 11 Melb Uni experience

Thurs 16 June- String ensembles, Orchestra, World Sounds Ensemble & Vocal Groups
7pm Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds

Friday 17 June - Concert Bands & Stage Bands
7pm Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds
(Tickets on sale Monday 16th May -


Tues 21 June - Yr 10 Careers

Thurs 23 June - VCE Solstice Celebration

Frid 24 June - Last day Term 2 - 2 pm dismissal

(Special printable VCE dates Summary)

Coming up Term 3


Term 3 - Exploring what matters "Action for Happiness" Course for parents. 8 week course

Thurs August 4 - Comedy night  @  Thornbury Theatre
More info soon! 



Acting Principal's report

Curriculum Refresh - Language provision 2017.


Over the next 5 years Northcote High will transition to offering only French and Mandarin within the standard curriculum program.


This change will have no impact on current students.


Northcote will continue to provide a languages program that facilitates learning skills in language acquisition as well as the intercultural skills to excel in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual world. These two skills are essential for future citizens living and interacting in their working lives with people around the globe. 


Our school is currently home to students with community backgrounds in a wide array of languages and students choose to pursue a variety of languages (from German to Hindi and many others) in the senior school by accessing Community Language Schools, Victorian School of Languages or Distance Education. The school supports our students to access this wide variety of language opportunities. 


For students in Year 8 or 9 in 2017, Northcote High School continues to offer four languages [French, Greek, Italian and Mandarin] within a compulsory program. As is current practice, from year 10 Languages become an elective option and if sufficient students choose to study a language it will run as a subject through to VCE. 


For students starting year 7 in 2017 the school will offer French and Mandarin.


This change will mean the school can focus curriculum and pedagogical development more precisely and better guarantee the viability of the programs through to year 12 into the future while also offering access to a European and a character based Asian language.

Sean Butler
Acting Principal

School Council Profiles

Gabby Ostrognay


It’s been really rewarding being involved in NHS as I a better understanding about how the school operates, met many parents, students and staff and also had the opportunity to influence the direction of the school.


Inspired by the schools work in preparing staff, students and the physical work environment to adapt to fast changing world, I decided to join School Council in 2013.  I’m delighted to serve as School Council president this year.


I have two daughters, Rebecca now at University, and Bella completing VCE this year.


With a PhD in Psychology, I’ve been able to support the school in developing its values and leader capability.


I welcome your input if you would like to contact me via email on [email protected]

Coming Up - Assessment

Feedback on-line


As highlighted in previous newsletters, students and parents will receive feedback on student assessment performance throughout each term.  This will occur as tasks are completed rather than waiting until the end of semester reports.


Teachers have been working very hard to provide students with assessment feedback online through our myNorthcoteHigh portal.


For students in Year 7 to 10, major assessment items are known as Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) and students receive feedback on the skills and knowledge they have shown in the CAT via a rubric, which outlines the level of achievement across the task, along with a comment highlighting areas for improvement and future focus. This feedback is all available in the myNorthcoteHigh portal.


VCE students and parents will be able to see marks and feedback (highlighting areas for improvement and future focus) for each School Assessed Coursework task (SACs) or School Assessed Tasks (SATs, usually portfolios in the arts subjects) as they are completed throughout the year.


The end of Semester Report will be a summary of each subject and will not contain comments for each of the CATs, SACs or SATs, so it is important you regularly log in to myNorthcoteHigh to review and discuss your child’s achievements an next level of focus on a regular basis.


To visit myNorthcoteHigh please click here


For information on how to access online assessment feedback please click here


Please Note:  GPA Feedback regarding learning behaviours through GPAs (Grade Point Average) is ongoing and can be reviewed via Compass then the Reports Tab.


Below are some screenshots of what you should expect to see once you log in. (Click on the image to enlarge it)



Mr Josh McDonald


Coming Up -Exams

Supporting your young person during exams and assessments

Information for Year 9 & 10 Families.  

Please see the attached document for tips to help your young person prepare for and manage exam time. Written by Felicity Marlowe – Year 9 & 10 Student Services Coordinator.

Click to download “Year 9 & 10 Exam Tips for Parents"

Year 9 Exams: Semester 1


Year 9 students will be sitting an exam for English and Mathematics at the following times:

·       English Exam - Monday 30th May during Daily Connect & Period 3.

·       Mathematics Exam - Thursday 2nd June during Daily Connect & Period 3. Students will need calculator and an A4 double-sided summary note sheet.


Students will also be sitting exams for Science and Humanities, however these will be delivered during student’s regular class time.  Classroom teachers will inform students of the date for these exams.


Please note: Students will attend classes as normal outside these times. 


Any queries please contact:


·      Jamie Lethborg and Sarah Green - 9488 2382


 Year 10 & 11 Exams: Semester 1


Year 10 and 11 Exams are being held between Friday 27th May and Friday 3rd June.  The exam timetable is currently available on the Year 10 and Year 11 Year Level pages on myNorthcoteHigh.


Please see the process for students and important reminders below:


Exam timetable clashes

·    If students have an exam clash they must complete an Exam Clash Form and return it to their YLPL by Wednesday the 18th of May.



Important reminders for students:


·      There are no Year 10 or Year 11 classes running between Friday 27/5 through to Friday 3/6.

·      Students are to be in FULL school uniform, no uniform passes will be issued

·      No bags permitted in exam rooms.  Please arrive early enough to place items in your locker

·      If absent for an exam due to illness, a medical certificate is required. 
(Please contact YLPL on the day of absence to inform them of the absence and to arrange an alternative time to sit the exam)

·      Students are to attend school for their exams only

·      Students are to study for exams during this period at home OR in the designated study room that will be made available to students during the exam week.


Any queries please contact: 

·      Jane Lange & Paul Micah Sullivan - 9488 2327



·      Carolyn Richards & Colm Reale - 9488 2386

Coming Up - next Night Sky Viewing 

Photo: Is such a photo even possible....?



Our terrific telescope (courtesy of the Telescopes in Schools program) will be set up in the courtyard near D13 on

  • Thursday 26th May 7.00pm to 8.00pm*


This May is a great month for planet spotting. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn should all be visible. Bring your cameras!

Students, teachers and families all welcome.

For more information please see Ms Hutchens.

*Weather permitting. If it is a cloudy evening we will reschedule.

Coming Up - Yr 9 Excursion 7 June

Year 9 Families and students

Darebin Multicultural / Intercultural Understanding excursion- Tuesday 7th June.


All Year 9 students will be exploring Multiculturalism and Intercultural Understanding for our Philanthropic project. On Tuesday 7th June we will be launching this project by visiting different places within Darebin. 


On this day, each Year 9 tutorial group will be broken into 5 groups. Each group will have a specific destination within the Darebin area. They will need to work as a group to find how to get to each location by a certain time. Students will be making their way independently to each site, either walking or on Public transport. They will find out where they are going on the day. At each site they will meet with a Northcote High School teacher, and then participate in the activities at each site.


Once they are finished with the activities they will be dismissed from the site to get lunch from a café/shop in the Northcote/ Thornbury area. They will be expected to eat a ‘multicultural’ meal and take a selfie as evidence. By a ‘multicultural’ meal we mean something different to their own culture's cuisine, and not a fast food chain.


They will return to school by 1.45 and join their tutorial groups. During this time they will report back to their class about what they learned from the site they visited.


Each class will be awarded points for their participation, teamwork, timeliness, and other factors. The tutorial groups that gain enough points will be given a reward to be announced later in the term.


The purpose of this day is as preparation for a class project in Term 3, where students will be completing a project about raising awareness about an aspect of Multiculturalism & Intercultural understanding. Students will be developing important skills for City school in Term 4 when students will be moving independently around the city, either walking or on PT.


Important issues

Cost – there will be a small cost for this excursion. Some of the locations charge an entrance fee so all student will need to pay a small amount to cover the cost for this. Any extra money that we have will be donated to a relevant organisation. The two charges (cost and donation) will be separated as the donation is entirely voluntary.

Students will need to have some extra money for lunch. They will be buying  this independently and at their own cost.


If students have any food allergies that prevent them from eating out, then they can bring their own food. But we would ask that they remain with their group during the lunch period.

Transport and safety: Students will be travelling independently between school and the sites they are visiting. Some students will be walking, but most will need to catch public transport. So they will need a Myki card with credit. Safe and respectful behaviour is required at all times.

Students will be expected to stay with their group that has a minimum of 3 students. Each group will provide the teachers with a contact mobile number, and will be given a school mobile number to contact if required.



Activities: Students will be visiting a range of sites in the Darebin area to learn about Intercultural understanding and Multiculturalism in Darebin, and explore issues about identity and belonging.

These are the sites the students are visiting.

  • Darebin Council Intercultural Understanding Centre.
  • Darebin Ethnic Communities Council.
  • Islamic museum.
  • Chua Linh Son Buddhist temple.
  • Darebin Parklands Indigenous Spiritual Healing pathway

We ask that students and families support this program. Families will need to approve and pay for this excursion by Friday 3rd June. Student that have not paid by this date will be doing an alternative program back at school. Please understand that we are not able to accept payments and approval after this time.


As the students will be moving independently through our community and visiting these places, it is vital that they are in full uniform and behaving appropriately. Please support us by making it clear that this is what is expected.

If you have any queries about this excursion please contact Sarah Green or Jamie Lethborg on 9488 2382 or email [email protected] or [email protected].



Coming Up - Yr 11 Social

Photo: The Yr 11 Social 2015

Where and When?



The Thornbury Theatre

859 High Street


Thursday the 9th of June,
from 7.00pm till 11.00pm.



We look forward to celebrating the student’s achievements with canapés, soft drink and great music! Please be aware, by law, this is a drug and alcohol free event. We would like you to partner with us in ensuring that this event will continue running for years to come.

  • Security personnel will be present
  • Any student who is affected by or carrying alcohol or other illicit substances will be refused entry and parents/guardians contacted immediately.
  • Only Northcote High School Students with valid tickets will be permitted entry.
  • There are no “pass outs” and students will not be permitted to re-enter the venue.

Thankyou in advance for supporting this event.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the year level program leaders, Carolyn Richards, Colm Reale or Senior School Leader Shane Gemmola.
OR (if Link 1 does not work)


Coming Up -Uniform 

Term 2 uniform


Northcote High School is a uniform school therefore all students are expected to wear every day. We appreciate the support of the NHS Community – parents, students and teachers, to ensure the students represent themselves and the school in a positive manner in the wearing of the uniform.



All items of uniform are to be kept clean and in good condition at all times. Shoes must be cleaned and polished

SHOES: Black school shoes as per diagram below

Skirts / dresses/ shorts no more than 5cm above the knee

All clothing is to be worn as designed with the cut – skirt worn on the hip, shorts and shirts not rolled up

- Navy blue, purple or white hair ribbons / ties are permitted

- Ear sleepers / studs/ jewellery must be small and unobtrusive

- Students not wearing the full school uniform must present a signed note to their Year Level Program Leader before   8:45am requesting a uniform pass (daily). There is an amnesty until recess for students to obtain a pass.


Students not in full school uniform and without a Uniform Pass will be asked to remove the non-uniform item.

Students may be sent home to change following a phone call to the student’s family.


Black Leather (to be indistinguishable in style from the school shoe samples attached)


Navy Backpack – crested. Laptop capacity


Bucket style (navy) with circular logo

Beanie (navy) with circular logo

Cap (navy) with rectangular logo


Available from the uniform shop or the general office


Coming Up - Raising Resilient Teenagers

Free Online Program for Parents


Researchers at Monash University and the University of Melbourne are pleased to offer parents of students aged 12 to 15 a free online parenting program designed to empower parents to make sense of adolescence and parent their teenager with confidence. This program provides strategies for parents to raise a resilient teenager, which are supported by research evidence and international experts in the field. It is based on Parenting Guidelines that were published in partnership with beyondblue and have been accessed by thousands of parents internationally, many of whom have found them very useful.


If you are a parent or guardian of a child aged 12 to 15, you may be eligible to participate in a free trial of the program. After completing a survey, you will receive your parenting program, comprising of either a personalised feedback report and interactive online modules, or a set of five factsheets about parenting adolescents. Participation will take a few hours of yours and your child’s time over 12 months. Both you and your child will be reimbursed for your time. 


To sign up for a free trial of this program, please visit:


If you have any specific queries about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the Partners in Parenting team via email, [email protected] or phone, (03) 9905 1250.


Dr Marie Yap

NHMRC Career Development Fellow

Senior Research Fellow and Psychologist

School of Psychological Sciences

Monash University



Coming Up - Yr 9 & 10 Subjects & Careers

Yr 10 Careers

Tuesday 21 June we will be hosting a Year 10 Careers Program during Periods 1-3 to assist students with their course counselling and future pathway decisions.


Outline of the Day: 

9:00 – 10:00am – Guest Speaker to discuss what it takes to be successful in life, regardless of their chosen education or career path.


10:00 – 10:54am – Kylie Witt our Careers Practitioner will be working students through the different pathway options including VCE, VET & VCAL. 


10:54 – 11:21am – Recess 


11:24am – 12:32pm – Career Workshops – Students will attend two different workshops focused on careers/industries of their interest.  Students will hear about the person’s career background and the skills and knowledge required and/or suitable for their career or industry. Students will also participate in an activity as a representation of what is required in the career or industry.



In order to make these Career Workshops a success and to give our students variety in their selections we are looking for 12-16 people to host a careers workshop. 


If you (or someone you know) would like to speak with a small group of Year 10 students about your chosen career, and are:


·       Available on Tuesday 21st June from 10:45am – 12:40pm

·       Happy to run 2 x 30min workshops:

·       10 min discussion on career background and the skills and knowledge required and/or suitable for the career or industry

·       10 – 15 min activity for students that represents what is required in the career or industry (we can assist with ideas and/or any resources for this)

·       5 min questions from the group

We would love to hear from you!! Please contact a member of our Year 10 team.


Year 10 Team:  Airlie Tudhope, Jane Lange, Paul-Micah Sullivan

9488 2327


Year 9 & 10 - Sem 2 Subject Change Requests



As a follow up to the email that was sent in Week 4, students have now received their semester two subjects. This is so they can begin to prepare for these classes as they commence in Week 10 of this term (Tuesday 14th June).


Thank you to the students who have submitted subject change request form. Throughout this week we will do our best to accommodate requests, however please be mindful there is a very limited opportunity for changes to be made.  


Feedback to students will occur in Week 7 of this term (by Friday 27th May).
Ms Airlie Tudhope


Using the Library services

From the John Cain Library

Did you know that you can search our books from the school website?

If you go to the Northcote High School website and log in as a parent or student on the opening page, you can then navigate to the school library website via the school favourites.


You can browse through our new books on the Top Picks carousel.

You can also search the library resources.

You can make reservations, or review a book that you have enjoyed reading and may wish to recommend.


We also strongly recommend that you join your local library and we have links here to the community libraries where you can find more resources or study after our library closes. Check out City of Melbourne’s, Library at the Dock with it’s table tennis room, recording studio and 3D printing facilities!


In Databases and Digital resources you can find a selection of eBooks for your enjoyment and online journals for research.



Northcote High School and Darebin Libraries are working together to encourage students to join their local library, where they can access more resources and study spaces after school hours.  Links to a number of community libraries have been added to the NHS John Cain Library webpage.

Check out Darebin Libraries resources and services, most available 24/7.  The Northcote branch will open its newly refurbished youth area on the 23rd May.  They have expanded the youth space, added extra study tables with power and USB ports, free Wi Fi, and moved the youth collection so it is all in one area. The Reservoir Library also has the Decibels Youth Music Studio for the musically inclined.   


If your child is not currently a Darebin Library member you can download the attached membership from in pdf, fill it in with your child including parent authorisation and return it to the NHS Library or scan and email it to [email protected].  We will verify your details, take the form to the Darebin Library, collect your child’s card and deliver it to them in their tutorial group.   

Come and speak to us about special requests, we look forward to meeting you…

Coming Up - Yr 9 Growth Mindset

Parent Information


Our Year 9 students are currently learning about the Growth Mindset advantage during Term 2 Connect sessions. 


Over thirty years of research suggests that a growth mindset has a positive effect on student academic performance and motivation levels. Students are more likely to want to learn when they believe they will succeed if they apply reasonable effort.


To find out more about the research behind the lessons and the Growth Mindset advantage, please watch the following 11min Tedx video:  The Power of Belief – Mindset and Success:


Youtube clip


During their first lesson on Monday 2nd May, Year 9 students learnt how to identify between fixed and growth mindsets and the impact a growth mindset can have on their achievement and motivation, particularly during challenging situations. They also learnt that mindset can be changed and were able to identify strategies to develop a growth mindset.


Mindset can be changed by:

·       Understanding that the brain is like a muscle, and grows stronger with use

·       Emphasizing our effort over final outcomes

·       Seeing challenging activities as fun

·       Understanding that mistakes are valuable and a part of learning

Student Reflections from Lesson 1:


I learnt what a growth mindset consisted of and how I can become a better learner: Nadine Robinson-Danckert 9E


I learnt that it doesn’t matter if you have a fixed or growth mindset because you can always change: Emmie Kolobaric 9A


Praise – How We Can Help


As teachers and parents, we can help support a growth mindset by praising for effort rather than perceptions of intelligence.  Students can learn either a fixed or growth mindset based upon the type of praise they receive.  Giving praise for intelligence such as “You must be smart at this” fosters a fixed mindset, whereas giving praise for effort such as “You must have worked hard at this” fosters a growth mindset. Praising students for their engagement, effort, strategies, choices and persistence fosters hardy motivation. When students are praised for their effort we are telling them it’s okay to risk making mistakes, and allows students to see themselves in control of their success.  


To read more about praise, please see the attached article: The Perils and Promises of Praise - Dweck, C. S. (2007).


In future lessons students will learn how the brain learns new information and the importance of effort in learning. They will be able to explain how we can improve our intelligence and describe how they can use the growth mindset advantage at school, in friendships/relationships and at home.


In summary,


·       Students who foster a growth mindset have improved motivation in school, value learning and can increase academic performance

·       Teaching students a growth mindset gives them the confidence to believe that with hard work, perseverance and effort they can improve.

·       A growth mindset allows students to be more resilient when encountering challenges, setbacks and the many rigorous learning opportunities presented to them

·       Praising children for their effort rather than intelligence can lead to long-term positive effects on student achievement.



Report - Literary Talkfest

Another triumph!

The 2016 Literary Talkfest was another fantastic occasion! Special thanks to Clare Wright who fostered and hosted the event, and to our wonderful guests - Steve Carroll, Ruth Clare, Emily Bitto and Christos Tsiolkas, who all spoke of writing about masculinity. 250 people attended - while another 70 attended the Yr 8 resilience workshop for parents held at the same time (due to speaker commitments).


Special thanks also due to Head of English Paul Gilby, Fairfield Books and The Stella Prize, which arranged prizes and givaways.


Report - Leanna's Premier's Award

Well done Leanna!

Northcote High School congratulates Leanna Dinh on receiving a Premier’s Award for outstanding results in her VCE Vietnamese study in 2015.

Leanna shares her experience below.

“It was an honour to be one of the recipients of the Premier's VCE Award. The ceremony was an amazing opportunity for me to meet many other students who have gone through challenges and have succeeded, and to be inspired by their achievements. The award was not just an encouragement, but also a motivation for me to keep moving forward and trying my best in my last year of VCE.”


Report on Music



Over the weekend our Senior Stage Band, Intermediate Stage Band and Senior Vocal group participated in the annual Generations in Jazz competition. The competition involves over 6000 students from all around Australia and New Zealand and took place in Mt Gambier. The students involved have been working hard all year (and in some instances, last year too) on their performance pieces. The weekend was a huge success, all three groups performed at their best and the adjudication reflected this.



Division 1 “Superband” (the musicians the adjudicators select as being the best in Division one Stage Bands section)

Dylan Vogel- 1st trumpet

Joshua Torcasio- 1st alto saxophone


Division 3 “Superband” (the musicians the adjudicators select as being the best in Division three Stage Bands section)

Anthony Cavalieri – Guitar


Future Finalist (6 students chosen from all Division one musicians as being the best improvisers)

Calllum McKinnon-Mintzis


Golden mouthpiece recipient (best trumpet player in Division 1- a prestigious award that is not given every year, only when truly deserving)

Dylan Vogel


Divison 1 Stage Bands

3rd place- NHS Senior Stage Band


The results reflect the dedication and passion of the Directors and students of these ensembles.

Ms Jackie Brogan

Report -Yr 11 Drama Ensembles

Fantastic intro to ensemble performances

Well done to Ms Metcalf's VCE Drama class. 


Thank you to all family, friends and teachers who attended the performances of our Year 11 Drama students last Wednesday night. The evening was well attended and the young actors were very impressive in the way they conveyed this year’s Ensemble topic of “The Teenage Voyage”.

We were very proud of the way the students stayed focused and controlled in front of an large audience, particularly as this was their first large group performance.

Thanks again to all involved for coming along to support Drama at Northcote High School. 

Ms Metcalf and Year 11 Drama

Report- Costume making

"Bring It On"

Over the past month, around 20 students across years 7 to 11 have been donating their time to the bigger-than-Ben-Hur challenge of making over 80 cheerleading costumes for the 2016 school production "Bring It On". Students, and some very generous parents, have come to costume making workshops over the school holidays, on weekends and after school, bringing with them a keenness to learn new skills and a cheerfulness that makes the huge task a pleasure for all involved. Students have been making circle skirts and A-line skirts, making and using patterns, screen-printing, trying their hands at the overlocker and the straight sewing machine and thinking creatively the whole way along about how to solve problems and be most efficient in achieving the designs.


Both the directing team and the cast have been blown away by the results so far and are so excited to see their visions of their characters come to light.


BUT...we're only half way there! 

Workshops happen weekly on Thursday afternoons from 3.30 til 5 in B6 (the textiles room) and our next full day workshop will be Saturday May 21. If anyone - students, parents, siblings - is keen to be involved in this hands-on experience, please contact Ms. Healy. 


Ms Jo Healy


Report - Yr 10 H & PE – Lifelong Physical Activity

Spiritual Healing Trail

Year 10 students have been analyzing physical activity participation for both children and adults in Australia. The most popular physical activities for children include soccer, dancing, swimming, AFL, basketball, netball, tennis and cricket. For adults however, walking for exercise is most popular activity, followed by fitness/gym activities. Students have been discussing the importance of lifelong physical activity, the reasons we participate in physical activity and barriers we may face. On Thursday 12th May, students had the opportunity to visit the Darebin Parklands with their friends to walk along the Spiritual Healing Trail. Whilst walking for exercise and promoting lifelong physical activity was one aspect of the trip, the Spiritual Healing Trail aims to promote personal good health through improving our emotional and spiritual well-being and a sense of being connected to the land where we reside, to others and most importantly ourselves. The Spiritual Healing Trail was a gift from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community as a gesture of reconciliation.  To find our more about the Spiritual Healing Trail please see the attached brochure.


Report - VET Sport & Rec

VET Sport & Recreation – Escape Room Experience



VET Sport and Recreation students are currently working on the unit BSBCRT301 – Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills. Students had the opportunity to test their thinking skills by working in teams to complete an Escape Room challenge at Xcapade in Fairfield.


Reflection by Jasmine Kennedy 10K:

As a Vet Sport and Rec excursion, we went to an escape room in Fairfield called Xcapade. We were split into four groups. Two groups went into the escape rooms and the other two went down to Bean Counter, the cafe directly under Xcapade, and played a board game called ‘The Resistance’. It required us to use a lot of critical and strategic thinking. The escape room involved being locked in a room with our group of six and then using clues, hints and teamwork. We needed to get combinations or keys to unlock padlocks or to unlock a suitcase that then has more clues or equipment in it to help us open more locks, to eventually unlock the door and escape from the room. Both of these activities linked to our topic of creative thinking and gave us all a better understanding of thinking outside the box.


At the Sports Carnivals

This year at the athletics carnival the students studying VET Sport and Recreation had the chance to help run the events. We were all assigned a job for the day, ranging from track and field events, to helping at the results table. I was assigned to help run shot put on the day. It involved a lot of measuring, name calling and collecting the shot put. The whole day ran extremely smooth, and everyone did their jobs to an excellent standard making all competitions fair and having the day run perfectly.


Connor Oxley 10I 




Report - International Student Camp

Marysville 27th-29th April


The year 11 International Student group enjoyed the 3 days of outdoor education experience at Marysville Camp. Camp highlights included claiming, abseiling, canoeing, bush- walking and environmental sustainability education. Students thoroughly immersed in the eye-opening and very stimulating outdoor experience and were appreciative to the opportunity to experience more of Australian lifestyle.
Ms Lixia Wang


Pathways and Careers

Important dates for Year 12 students:




Students interested in the following fields should look into these great opportunities to experience life at the VCA and MCM, and to further develop your skills! Be quick, as places will fill quickly.

Music Theatre
Film & TV
Visual Art


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for structured studio-based training that can take your performing and visual arts dreams to the next level!  Book via this link:



RMIT invites VCE (Units 3/4) students of art and design subjects to participate in their Ready Set Design series of workshops during the holidays. Students can learn about careers and tertiary programs in Design, develop their folio, and practise their interview and presentation skills. Limited places, so be quick – register here:

Work Experience Guidelines 2016


Year 10 students have started to organise their work experience placements. An outline of the procedure is attached here for your information.





Presented by Ivan Neville from the Department of Employment (Branch Manager, Labour Market Research and Analysis Branch), the Department of Education and the Australian Centre for Career Education have made this informative webinar aimed at parents available to the public via the link below. If you have any trouble accessing the recording, try cutting and pasting the link into your browser:



Passcode: pwjobs2016



According to a thought-provoking new report recently completed by the Foundation for Young Australians, the “New Work Order” is already upon us. We all know the world is changing constantly and rapidly, but this document highlights a number of important transferable skills that students will need to master in addition to the more traditional technical or knowledge-related skills that may have been enough to secure a job in the past. Collectively known as enterprise skills, the following skills have been identified as crucial keys to future employment and financial security: problem solving, communications, financial literacy, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, digital literacy and presentation skills. There is some food for thought for all members of the NHS community in this publication.


Events & Workshops


Whilst all the tertiary institutions run open days later in the year, many of them also run special activities in the holidays. These shorter activities are often more targeted, and there are fewer visitors, so you can get more individualised information. We will promote them at school, but you should make a habit of actively looking for them as well.

A couple of examples are listed below:

  • Meet Melbourne – events, seminars, holiday programs, – go to  and sign up for their newsletters.
  • Inside Monash Seminar Series –  information on all study areas, spread out through the year. March offerings include Business & Economics, Science, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – more info at
  • RMIT – runs workshops throughout the year – follow this link to see what kind of events take place, bearing in mind that some of them are during school hours -


Community News

Kumon Services


Blue Light Disco 27 May



Action for Happiness


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