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17 June 2016
Issue Seven
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

The past few weeks have really been focused on revision and exams, especially for our Year 10 and 11 students and the completion of the GAT and SACs for Year 12. Our Year10 students will be undertaking work experience during the last week of term and a record number of Year 11 students head to Central Australia at the same time. 


The term concludes at 2.30pm on Friday June 24 and Term 3 commences on Monday July 11. Reports for Years 7-12 will be distributed online through Compass and will available from 2pm on June 24. This year we have introduced continuous reporting and so the traditional end of semester comment will no longer appear on Year 7 and 8 reports and in selected studies across Years 9 to 12.

Last week the Minister for Education and Acting Premier, the Honorable James Merlino, joined with our Head Prefects, Year 7 and 8 ambassadors, staff, our architect and builder to officially turn the first sod for our building project.



There will be a lot of action in Term 3, including the need to relocate some of the lockers to allow the project to proceed efficiently. Please also be aware of increased traffic in Rosewarne Lane and Bedford Park during the program. It may prove easier to drop and pick up students in nearby locations. A short few minute walk is healthy too!


I was pleased to attend the Deakin Community Awards hosted by Federal MP Michael Sukkar. Mrs Sandra Kitching was a nominated finalist in the open section. Sandra has provided over 20 years of continuous service to both Ringwood Secondary College and Kalinda Primary School in a range of roles including School Council President at both. Congratulations and thank-you Sandra for such an outstanding contribution.

Three of our Year 10 and 11 students, Priya Manders, Rebecca Hall and Henry Heather have been selected to join other young people in Sydney in the coming school holidays as part of the Magic Moments Youth Leadership summit. These students will participate in five days of inspirational workshops designed to encourage confidence and personal growth as well as to give them the skills to become outstanding communicators, create a powerful identity and develop leadership skills and positive choices.


The Magic Moments Foundation Australia has strong links with the Bendigo Community Bank and all of the student travel, accommodation and workshop participation, has been sponsored by the Ringwood Branch. Our college is proud to partner with this local organization and thanks Mr Mark Stewart and Mrs Sue Sadler for their support of our students. 

Finally a reminder to parents, that our teachers are generally not available before 8.30am unless there has been a mutually arranged appointment organized. Please be respectful of this and not expect to be able to automatically see someone before then.


Michael Phillips


From College Council

Gonski Funding

College Council  considered the issue of future school funding at its recent meeting. The Gonski funding model, which was implemented in 2014 provides additional needs-based funding to schools such as ours. According to figures provided by the Department of Education and Training, Ringwood Secondary College stands to gain more than $1 million during the final two years of Gonski funding (2018 & 2019), if it is fully implemented. The upcoming Federal election gives members of our community the opportunity to consider the importance of this matter as candidates may differ in their support for additional school funding. Further information regarding Gonski is provided in the attached brochure for your consideration. You are encouraged to question your local candidates as to their commitment to ongoing funding growth for Ringwood Secondary College.

Craig Guscott

College Council President



Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

With Semester 1 reports available at the end of this term, we hope that students review their progress and reflect upon achievements and challenges with the scope of making improvements in Semester 2.

As we transition from the traditional summative reports at the end of a semester to continuous feedback via Learning Tasks in Compass, parents will notice that the current reports for their child will differ in the written comments they contain. For subjects involved in the continuous feedback, comments are in Learning tasks and parents are encouraged to refer to them. For subjects reporting in the traditional way there will be a summative report for parents to read. All reports will contain work habits, attendance data, outcomes and grades as well as the AUSVELS progression points for Years 7-10. The list of subjects participating in continuous feedback will be provided with the reports. Teacher leaders who are supporting the administration of the reporting process have worked very hard in this transition period and I would like to acknowledge the support they have given staff. Thank you to Annette Niven, Agatha Fedrizzi, Andrew Hansen and Graham Harris.


Parent Teacher Student Interviews

The opportunity for a 3 way conversation between teachers, parents and students to speak about the learning progress of the student will take place on August 18 at the College. Parents will be informed about booking online via Conference Booking on Compass in Term 3.



Curriculum Design and Assessment was the focus of a 2 day professional development workshop at the Bastow Institute in early June. James Barut, Agatha Fedrizzi, Jonathon Rogers and I attended the workshop which concentrated on analysing the pre investigation evidence we had gathered from our students, new staff and teacher leaders and discussing the findings with a range of leaders from schools across Victoria. A major learning focus area was discovering how to approach curriculum and assessment so that students experience deep learning that enables them to progress. New insights and ideas were gained about ways to advance curriculum design and assessment to improve student learning.



Along with a number of other large schools in Victoria we are participating in the NAPLAN Online Item Trial in August. Two classes have been selected for the trial, one Year 7 class and one Year 9 class. The trial is a valuable opportunity for schools to set up and utilise the system, as well as to provide feedback regarding any suggested changes or issues in order to improve the administration of NAPLAN. The trial will inform the guidelines of operation for the online NAPLAN pilot which will be held next year. Further information will be provided to the students and parents of the selected classes.


Wishing everyone happy holidays and a restful break.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Simkin

As we approach the end of the first semester, now is the perfect time to reflect on the achievements of our students. Reports will be available on Compass on the last day of term and we ask that you discuss with your child the progress they have made this semester and work with them to set goals for the second half of the year.


Year 10 students have just completed their mid-year exams and have hopefully gained valuable experience through revising for these assessments and from completing them in the same exam conditions as our VCE students. This coming week our Year 10 cohort will be joining the workforce as part of the Work Experience program, working for a wide variety of employers. We trust that this experience will assist them in making decisions about their future careers and will also give them a glimpse into the reality of joining the working community. Year 10 staff are looking forward to visiting students at their work placements and often comment on how the students have responded positively to the different roles and responsibilities they experience during their placement. Thank you again to the Work Experience coordinator Ms. Boutsikakis and the Career and Coordination teams who have ensured that over 250 Year 10 students have successfully secured a work experience placement.


Year 9 students have just completed their Community Engagement projects and have made some extremely worthwhile connections with the community and improvements to our own college. The vegetable patch near the Art building is a very visible example of the great work undertaken by one of the groups, whilst there was some very positive feedback from the groups who worked within local primary schools and aged care facilities. As a result of one of the projects, that involved Year 9 students teaching technology skills to older members of the community, the school is investigating an ongoing partnership with the Active Health and Ageing initiative conducted by Maroondah Council. Another project will culminate in the screening of a film, Your DNA, at Karralyka Theatre, which will be attended by all Year 9’s. For more details on these projects and many of the other exciting things happening in the Middle School, please read Ms. Watson’s Middle School Report, which is featured later in this newsletter.


Subject Selection

Early next term our current Year 8 and Year 9 students and their families will turn their attention towards the subjects they wish to undertake in 2017. Parent information evenings will be held on the 18th or 19th of July for students entering Year 10 in 2017 (9A to 9E on 18th July, 9F to 9J on 19th July) and on the 1st or 2nd of August for students entering Year 9 (8A to 8E on 1st August, 8F to 8J on 2nd August). All sessions will commence at 7pm in the Ringwood Training Facility (RTF) building and are scheduled to conclude at 8pm. It would be great to see as many families as possible at these information evenings, in order to ensure a smooth transition for students into 2017.


Additional information, including the Middle School Handbook and subject selection videos can be accessed via the Middle School page on the school’s website. Both resources include information about the subjects offered for next year and the handbook also includes other information relevant to Year 9 and 10 students and their families.


Heritage Committee News

Bunnings BBQ

On Sunday 21st August the Heritage Committee will be conducting a fundraising BBQ at the new Bunnings store at Ringwood Square Shopping Centre. The money raised will support the activities of the Heritage Committee and help fund the Heritage Perpetual Scholarship, which is awarded to a student or students who would benefit from additional assistance as they complete their VCE studies.

Please come and support the school by purchasing a sausage or drink. The Committee would also welcome assistance from anyone in the school community who is willing to give up an hour or two on the Sunday. If you are available to help, please contact the school on 9870 2002 or at [email protected]


Past Students

The Heritage Committee is keen to update the school records of past and current students of both Ringwood High School and Ringwood Secondary College.  The original records for the early years were lost due to disastrous fires in 1990 and 1992.  Some of the early students have provided photographs to help rebuild the historical records, now we would like to know of any family members of current students who attended the College in previous years.


If you have any family members who studied at the College previously, please select the link below and complete the two page survey.



I would like to thank the Middle School students and families, as well as the Middle School coordination team for the opportunity to work with them this term as an Assistant Principal. It has been a great experience to see the hard work of students and teachers alike and I wish Mr. Jonathon Rogers all the best as he takes on the role during Term 3.


Finally, congratulations to all our students on all that you have achieved thus far in 2016 and I hope everybody has a happy, safe and restful holiday period.

From Mrs Allison


As this term draws to a close, it is a timely reminder for all students to reflect upon their academic performance. Taking note of suggestions by teachers, and then working towards improvement is encouraged, so students build on their strengths. Every student is advised to create a study timetable to consolidate their classroom learning. Reports will be available via Compass on the last day of this term and parent teacher interviews will be held in Term 3, Week 6.


Thank you to all students, staff and parents for making the first half of the year such a positive, productive, energetic and exciting time. So many events have been made available that give students breadth of learning through extra curricular activities and the College aims to make each student a global citizen. Remember that it is never too late to join a sporting team, help out with fundraising activities and do something positive!


I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to the Junior School coordination team who have worked tirelessly all semester to provide such wonderful support and direction to all our Year 7 and 8 students. Next term will be a very busy one, with the movement of lockers that will signify the commencement of the Junior School building program.


Throughout this term, the College has focused on ‘random acts of kindness’.


‘Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around’.

Leo Buscaglia

Mrs Maria Allison

Assistant Principal





Junior School

Olympic Village Art Program

In Term 1, William Dalburn, Mitchell Frith, Justin Pomponio and Cosmo Marshall from Year 8, created a series of digital artworks for the Olympic Village Art program. Eleven artworks were produced in total, combining the art movement of Cubism with a sport related theme. 

I would like to congratulate these students on their efforts as these artworks have been selected to decorate the apartments in Rio for the athletes of the Australian Olympic Team.  

These students now go in the running to win $1000 thanks to Woolworths.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator

D.A.V. Interschool Debating Continues Apace

Congratulations to our Year 8, D grade debaters – Grace Veenman, Nick Freeman and Nidhi Sobron who debated Yarra Valley Grammar on Monday night and won by a single point! They argued the negative side of the prompt ‘That we should ban internet gambling’.

Debating requires careful planning, research, inner confidence and the ability to think on your feet.  Each of the three debaters is to be commended for rising to this challenge and performing so strongly in their first debate.  Special congratulations to Grace who was awarded best speaker for the debate.


On the same evening, many of our C-Grade debaters were participating in their first ‘secret topic’ debate; both teams arguing against the proposition. The team consisting of Moksh Dave, Max Hennessey and Nelson White were awarded the debate against Luther College, with Nelson White being acclaimed as ‘best speaker’ even though he (like Grace) was participating in his very first debate. The team consisting of Akanksha Singh, Astrid Hickey and Caitlin Dellow were pipped by a single point debating against a well prepared team from Yarra Valley Grammar. Special mention needs to go to Caitlin, a Year 8 student, who found herself debating in a grade typically reserved for students in Year 10.


Perhaps more important than the simple idea of ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ a debate; we as debating coaches are always impressed by the camaraderie and willing spirit of our debating teams. During our lunchtime planning sessions, good cheer always reigns and friendships are strengthened.

Education Week Event - "The Great Debate"

Traditional education earns a gutsy draw, pitted against the allure of 21st century technology

During Education Week, the English Faculty hosted a debate between three of the College’s prefects and three teachers. Head prefects and rookie debaters Caleb Lindner and Rebecca Allsopp were anchored by the ever-reliable former debater Chris Young; and they found themselves arguing against the proposition that “the use of technology in the classroom is a waste of time.” 

The College’s current C-Grade and D-Grade debating teams were sprinkled amongst a large crowd of onlookers, as two of their debating coaches - Ms. May and Mr. Morley - joined Ms. Friend on the affirmative side of a lively, fun debate. 


Unlike conventional debates, visual aids and props were allowed to be used in support and this unusual privilege was certainly subject to abuse. In the end, battle lines were drawn over the divide between the technological dream and the classroom reality. Along the way, many audience members found themselves unexpectedly caught up in the crossfire of an unfortunate “technology is a tool, like a machine gun is a tool” analogy gone awry. 


The audience and the unofficial adjudicators found it difficult to split the two teams on the day; but others clearly awarded the debate to the negative, noting that Mr. Morley had flagrantly abused the three minute speaking limit he himself imposed upon the debate. Consequently, at the time of publication, Mr. Morley could not be reached for comment on whether or not he would step down as Debating Co-ordinator.

On a more serious note, the English Faculty would very much like to thank Chris, Bec and Caleb for their all their efforts in helping to make the Education Week debate a memorable one.

Registration Now Open For Junior-School Debating

Every year the Debater’s Association hosts a four week training program, hosted at Melba College’s junior campus in Croydon. This is the ideal way for students in Years 7 and 8 to learn the tricks of the trade and become involved with the Interschool-program in 2017.


The dates are as follows:

Training night: Wednesday August 10th, 2016

Round 1: Monday October 24th, 2016

Round 2: Monday November 7th, 2016

Round 3: Monday November 14th, 2016

Times are TBC, but typically begin around 6pm.


Mrs. Wilkins,  Ms. May and Ms. Wintle and Mr. Morley


Middle School

Middle School News

Middle School Assessment and Reporting

As the term draws to a close it seems timely to remind parents of the information that Compass can provide regarding your child’s academic progress. Student achievements and feedback are provided on the portal as well as information about overdue or upcoming work. Some classes have been trialling continuous reporting and feedback this Semester, in particular Year 9 C&C classes. This means that students are provided with ongoing feedback and results instead of the traditional end of semester report, allowing them to act on this feedback immediately.


Year 10 Exams

The Year 10 exams have now been completed and teachers are busy marking these in readiness to write reports. We were really pleased with both the attendance and behaviour of the students and thank them for their commitment to this most important part of their learning journey. Thanks also to the staff who assisted in this process.


Year 10 Work Experience

We would like to remind parents that Year 10 students will be undertaking their Work Experience during the last week of this term, from Monday 20th of June. Students will have the opportunity to get a taste of what it is like in the workforce and in an area that is related to a potential career.  All placements have now been finalised and students can expect a visit from a member of staff at Ringwood Secondary during their week.


School for Student Leadership

As already mentioned in a previous newsletter, four of our Year 9 students are currently attending the Snowy River Campus of the School for Student Leadership in Marlo. Portia King-Smith, Declan Caldecoat, Gideon Davidson and Georgia Scotto have spent the last few months at the residential school learning outdoor skills and personal, community and leadership development. They wrote the following report:


We are the Ringwood team from the Snowy River School for Student Leadership campus. We came to the School for Student Leadership because we heard about this amazing opportunity to come and learn new personal and leadership development skills. We want to become people that others can look up to and learn some new life skills that will help us in our futures.


We have been having a great time. Our journey here at the Snowy River campus is coming to a close as we have only two weeks left. The School for Student Leadership is a very different type of school from our normal school, one thing is we don’t go home; we stay here all the time. We have two Student Leaders each day that run the day so the teachers can stand in the back and let us develop our leadership and presenting skills. We have duties each day, after breakfast, lunch and dinner. People with duties on at these times have to do the washing up. There are 4 people on common who sweep the floor and clean the tables, and four on wash up duty, which involves cleaning all of the dishes.


Here at Snowy we have evening classes. I know what you’re thinking, classes at night!? But it isn’t bad, we do fun things like listen to a guest speaker or watch a movie, or make presentations. Around campus we have different committees that do different things, like there’s the music committee that plays music for our concert and community fire nights, there’s a food committee that cooks food for us we are having an Alice in Wonderland themed lunch, there’s a bike committee that takes care of the bikes, CLP committee, these committees are all lots of fun too! We have 5 meals a day; breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. And the food is great! Thanks to our cooks there is always a delicious meal ready for us to eat.


We share our rooms with our roommate and we have all gotten to know them very well. We have a bunk bed in our room, two closets and a desk. One of the best activities we have here is our Expo, short for expedition. We have two Expo’s, and we just came back from our second one. It was great experience we hiked and canoed to the top of Mt Raymond it was a great view from the top! Our time here at Snowy is great and is sadly soon coming to its end we are trying to make the most of this great opportunity. I would definitely recommend this life changing experience for anyone who has the opportunity presented to them. Our stay here at Snowy has been like the deep blue ocean - the opportunities are endless.

Portia King Smith, Gideon Davidson, Georgia Scotto and Declan Caldecoat. 


InterGREAT News

Community Engagements

Students have now finished their fourth and final week of Community Engagements in InterGREAT. We have been delighted by the enormous amount of positive feedback that we have received, not just from students and parents, but also from members of the local community who have benefited as a result of this program.  

For Community Engagement there were many activities to choose from, but we decided to work with Your DNA, a creative arts school in Ringwood. We walk down there every Tuesday morning to talk to the students at Your DNA. We have really enjoyed this experience and learnt so much while doing this. While we are there we talk to all the students, one of the students I talked to was Mitchell. He was a lovely guy and loved talking about his beloved Richmond Tigers. We also got to walk the Tuesday Drama Group down to another building where we participated in many activities with them. This is when they also practice for their end of year concert. This experience has been extremely enjoyable and super rewarding for all of us who participated.

Sam Timmer

Every Tuesday for the last 4 weeks, Ringwood Secondary College students have been walking to Your DNA, a creative arts school in Ringwood for all abilities. We got to know some of the Your DNA students, and participated in drama activities with them. It has been a lot of fun, and we have made lots of good memories. The students at Your DNA are all wonderful people and it has been awesome getting to know them. It has changed the way some of us saw people with disabilities, and improved us as people. We hope we made a positive difference to these peoples lives, and we hope that we can change the way other people see them as well. It has been a great experience, and we would gladly do it again.

Holly Thatcher & Steph Henry


Over the last four weeks in interGREAT we have been walking to Heathmont East Primary School to work with the Foundation class, boys and girls in what used to be called Prep. All of the kids and the teacher loved having Darci, Piper and I in their class. We helped with their literacy groups and worked one on one with them to listen to them read their readers. While it was a long walk to get there, it really was an amazing experience and it was so nice to feel like we gave something back to the community.

Sarah McInerney



I was involved in the knitting group and our aim was to knit scarves and blanket squares to donate to people in need. At first it was really frustrating as I have never done any knitting before and it was much harder than I thought it would be. After a while I got some thicker wool and better needles and thus made it easier. We also brought snacks and Angie brought in a radio and it was so much more fun after that. I finished my square, which admittedly looked a bit like a trapezium but I still donated something and this felt good.

Jamie Seeber



Our Community Engagement involved working with elderly members of the community to help them understand the technology of today.

Some of the problems that they were having involved importing photos from their iPhones to their computer and burning songs onto a CD. These are things, which we can do easily and take for granted and it was nice to be able to help others do this. They were also really keen to just talk to us about all sorts of things like sports and school, especially comparing how things have changed since they were our age. This was an added bonus of the activity which we enjoyed.

Ash Dalton & Lucas Prescott



For my Community Engagement I drew a piece of artwork on canvas using oil pastels. We were given a theme which was ‘Self in the Community’ and so I drew a tree to show the green nature of Maroondah. All of the leaves on my tree were a different color which represented the various types of people in the community. We are going to display five of these art works at The Village Food Store in Heathmont and the rest are being auctioned off for sale at school. All money raised is being donated to Headspace.  I enjoyed the art trail walk we did at the start and also being able to give back just by drawing.

Daniel McMartin






Just a reminder to all Parents and Guardians about the importance of regularly using Compass to assist the school in the management of your child’s/children’s attendance.


Please: - Update Compass on the morning of the absence – ideally before 10am or an SMS will be sent

  • If you receive an SMS please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible
  • As well as entering any absences on Compass, contact the attendance line if a student will be absent for any reason for more than 2 days or if the absence will be ongoing for an extended period of time so that staff can be notified and assist where necessary
  • Students doing VCE do require a Medical Certificate for absences of 2 days or more and particularly if they miss a SAC

NB: Regularly updating any absences for VCE students will assist in maintaining the required average of 80% for their classes

  • Taking holidays outside of the official term breaks can be entered by parents, but do contact the school as well, as  work may need to be arranged before the leave is taken
  • Contact the school if you have any concerns at all in relation to your child’s attendance

Class absences for periods 2 & 3 cannot be approved by a parent  - call the attendance line if you think they may have been absent due to a school activity so it can be updated.


With thanks

Attendance Officer


We are looking for a voluntary host family for an international cultural exchange student from Japan.

The student (male) arrived at Ringwood SC at the end for January 2016 and has made good friends. We are now looking for a host family in the school’s area so the student can continue with his studies at the school until November.

To become a volunteer host family you need to hold a valid working with children check and we will visit you in your home.


If you think this sounds fantastic and you would be able to help out, please get urgently in touch with Inga Hoeltz at Southern Cross Cultural Exchange for more information. Thank you!


S.C.C.E National Office - 1800 500 501 or email: [email protected]


RSC Music Dept. Chocolate Drive

The 2016 Chocolate Drive has now concluded and the money is overdue to be returned to the General Office.


Please return next week to make sure you will be in the Prize Draw.

Thank you once again for all your support.


Bernadette Holt

President RSC Music Association

Year 7’s Second Immunisation

Year 7’s second immunisation will take place on Tuesday 21st June.  Parents could you please ensure that your child wears their PE uniform on the day.  If you have any queries, please contact Heather or Kerrie in First Aid.


Entertainment Books For Sale

Please see above attachments for Entertainment Book order forms.







Indonesian News


This term the Year 7’s have very enthusiastically learned all about the tropical island of Bali. Students have even been able to plan their own mock trip to Bali and create a Bali brochure to share with friends and family! Here’s what three of our students from 7H had to say about what they have learned this term:


In Indonesian at the moment we are learning about the Balinese culture and we have learnt a lot. The Balinese culture is amazing to learn. We have learnt all about the ceremonies that the Balinese people do. There are wedding ceremonies as well as funerals, which are not a sad occasion in Bali because they are celebrating the life of a wonderful person. They also file the teeth of teenagers also known as ‘Potong Gigi’. The Balinese people live in a big compound with their whole family. They have a temple in the compound. In Bali there are really nice beaches, rivers and waterfalls such as the Nungnung waterfall, the Gitgit waterfall and Dreamland beach. Balinese people are mainly Hindu and are very cultural and spiritual. When a baby is born it is not allowed to touch the ground for 105 days and the umbilical cord and placenta is placed in a hollowed out coconut and buried outside their temple in the compound. Once a child is 210 days old they are then officially one year old.

Mitch Barr 7H


Throughout the past few weeks, the Year 7’s that study Indonesian as their chosen language have been studying about Bali. We have found out many interesting things and watched many videos about the different attractions and culture of Bali. Did you know that when a child is born in Bali, they're not allowed to be on the ground for the first 105 days of their life, or else they will resemble into an animal? Also, when a child is born they get an empty coconut and put their umbilical cord inside the coconut and bury it. Pretty crazy hey? During our time spent learning about Bali, we watched an episode of The Amazing Race and saw them making fruit toppers, in Balinese cultural temples. We also saw monkeys opening coconuts, and many of Bali's beaches and surrounding landscapes. A lot of Bali's beaches have cliffs, and would take a while getting down to the actual water. Bali is right near the equator, which makes it very humid and hot, just like the rest of Indonesia. Overall, my whole class has had a fun time learning and exploring about Bali, we've all taken heaps from it and learnt some new interesting information.

Summer Croft 7H










This term in Year 7 Indonesian, we have been looking at where Bali is, how to get there and all of the different cultures. Hang on a second, where is Bali you may ask?! Well, Bali is located between the islands of Java and Lombok. Also on the island of Bali most people follow the Hindu religion! We have found out that babies are not allowed to touch the ground for the first 105 days of their lives because they do not believe they are ready to touch the ground yet and the Balinese think they will resemble an animal. So the family members have to carry the little infant around everywhere and when the baby has been born, they get the babies placenta/umbilical cord and they wrap it around a hollow coconut, after that they dig a hole and put it in the ground with a rock on top. You would not want to dig one of those up! Did you know, there are 210 days in a Balinese year? That is 154 less days than in Australia! After a delicious dinner feast, commonly you would find the family sitting outside on their veranda talking and having a grouse time! Thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit about what I have learnt this term in Indonesian.

Finlay Wright 7H


Wishing everyone a safe holiday! Looking forward to another fun term next term!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

Indonesian Teacher



On Monday 30th May approximately 90 RSC students ventured to HE Parker for our annual divisional cross-country. The U/13 age group dominated the 3km track and this continued throughout the day with our U/20 boys over the 5km course.

Of the ten teams competing, 9 teams qualified for regionals, along with a number of individuals at each age group.

Congratulations to the following medallists:



U/13 Lachlan Sanchez-Legg

U/13 Olivia Henry

U/14 Caitlin Dellow

U/15 Tess Patterson

U/16 Jonathan Murphy

U/20 Sophie Caldwell



U/13 Jackson Krstic

U/13 Keeley Sherer

U/14 Jasmin Hass

U/15 Harry Norman

U/15 Ibe Ali

U/20 Holly Mayne

U/20 Finley Brown



U/13 Lachlan Stewart

U/15 Amber Shearn

U/20 Maddison Lacy

U/20 Isaac PArlas


4th place

U/13 Nicholas Day

U/14 Jack Stelfox

U/14 Jasmine Lacy

U/16 Lee Fletcher

U/15 Ciara Lumsden

U/20 Georgia Copeland

U/20 Mitchell Watson


This Tuesday June14th we have 59 students competing at the Eastern Metropolitan Regionals. Wishing them all the very best.


On Tuesday June 7th, over 100 RSC Year 7 students participated in our Maroondah Division Competition.  Ringwood Secondary College certainly dominated as we finished the day with a CLEAN SWEEP, outright winners in every sport.

Congratulations to the following Year 7 teams:


Boys Football

Two very comfortable wins, a terrific effort by the whole team. Special mention to: Lachlan Saunders-Emerson, Judson Clarke, Sahaf Ali and Tyson Petrie for their tireless efforts throughout the day.


Girls Netball

A huge thank you for our awesome Year 9 coaching team – Olivia Ricci, Pyper Ross, Piper Copelend, Stella Parkinson. We had over 70 talented girls express interest in representing the College in one of our 3 teams in the district netball competition.  

Our girls displayed all the qualites we look for in school sport including perseverance by playing in  the pouring rain, to take home the winning pennants  for both A & B sections. The B section was hotly contested as we had 2 teams in that pool with our school coming first and second.

The A team now progresses  to Zone on August 3rd. 


Sharlene Hetherington


Girls Soccer

With a 2-0 win, the girls demonstrated excellent team work on the field.  Our strong defence was lead by Jada Gunstone, whilst Mal Sawn Zual was certainly prepared to stop the opposition from scoring with her terrific goal keeping skills. With a strong offence, Erin Wynne dominated with her two scoring shots.


Boys Soccer

With three easy games played the boys were aware that the final match against Norwood was going to be a tough one. The boys showed, resilience and courage to hold off a fired up Norwood team.

Congratulations to the whole team with a special mention to: Sunny Karutz, Jackson Krstic, Ethan Allsopp and Charlie Collins for their endless commitment on the field.

Girls/Boys Badminton

Congratulations to all participants on your win, and having a great day at Melba SC. Thank you, Tim Steenhuizen  (Year 8) for assisting Mr. Houben throughout the event.  Special mention to: Kyle Charles, Hau Deih Mang, Tian Sang and Honey Zaathang for your dedication and enthusiasm representing the team.



Congratulations Mitchell Dielemans of Year 12, on being selected to represent School Sport Victoria at the School Sport Australian Basketball Championships. Mitchell will travel to NSW to compete in the second week of August. We wish him all the very best on what is a sensational achievement.


Music Report


Thank you to all ensembles, staff and Music Association members who collectively made our recent Junior Concert and our Senior Concert, last night, so successful.  Thank you to all those friends and family who came out on such a chilly evening to support our senior students’ most dazzling performances last night.


It has been a very busy and productive month or so.


Our Symphony Orchestra combined forces with Glen Waverley Secondary College Senior Strings, 87 piece orchestra, and our Intermediate Strings joined with other regional string players to perform at the North Eastern Region of Victorian Youth Concert held at Hamer Hall. Both were fine ambassadors for the College and the Music Department.



Congratulation to Rosemary Kenna and her flute groups who did extremely well in the recent Victorian Flute Guild Flute Ensemble Competition. Ben Holland and Abbey James came first in 16 yrs. and Under Duet Section. Alanah Brewster and Tiffany Hayes came 3rd in 14 yrs. and Under Duet Section. Ben Holland, Abbey James, Victoria Sutton and Angie Symon received an Honourable Mention in the 16 yrs. and Under Small Ensemble Section. Tiffany Hayes, Alanah Brewster, Alana Purcell and Jasmin Hass gained the Performance Award in the 14 yrs. and Under Small Ensemble.


We have just commenced the Victorian Schools Music Festival with our Symphony Orchestra and Senior Strings last week. Both received a Silver Shield.


A reminder:

Stage Band Day camps over the holidays are as follow:


SSB - Fri 8 July

ISB & TSB - Sat 9 July

All are expected to attend unless otherwise negotiated with each conductor prior to the days.


The entry forms for the AMEB Practical Exams Session 5 (3 Oct to 13 Nov) are now available through the PAC office.

Mrs. Sedergreen has also emailed the application form and fees to parents of prospective candidates. Students who are presenting for practical exams are required to pay the fees for the exam by Friday 24 June. Any queries relating to this area please contact the Music Office 98702002 or contact Ms. Pero via email [email protected]


Performance dates for the Victorian School Music Festival have arrived for the following ensembles. Events will be published on COMPASS soon.


Junior Concert Band:  Monday 25 July – 7.30 – 9.45pm

Junior Choir:  Monday 8 August 12.30 - 2.45pm

Senior Choir: Monday 8 August 7.35 - 10.15pm

Intermediate Concert Band: Tuesday 16 August, 7.45 - 10.00pm

Symphonic  Band: Wednesday 17 August, 6.15 – 9.45pm

Intermediate Stage Band: Tuesday 23 August, 6.30 - 9.15pm

Senior Stage Band: Wednesday 24 August, 7.30pm –10.30pm. (TBC)

Training Stage Band: Friday 26 August , 9.30am - 12.15pm 

Junior Stage Band:  Friday 26 August, 1.00pm  - 3.45pm


Choirs are at the Hawthorn Arts Centre, Burwood Road Hawthorn.

Junior Concert Band section is also at the Hawthorn Arts Centre.  Intermediate Concert and Symphonic Bands are at Deakin Edge.


All Stage Band competitions are being held at the "The Australian Institute of Music", 120 King Street, Melbourne.


Parents are welcome to watch and admission is free. As the ensemble groups are expected to be there for the entire performance period, we cannot advise you of the performance order of individual groups on the respective days.


Thank you to all for a very productive Term 2.


Janine Pero

Director of Music

Upcoming Events:

Term 3:


 Fri 8 July  -  SSB Day Camp


Sat 9 July  -  TSB & ISB Day Camps               


Mon 11 July  - JSB & SSB rehearsals after school


Tues 12 July - TSB & ISB rehearsals after school. Final date for AMEB exam enrolment


Mon 18 July ISB Masterclass - 3.30-6.30pm in Room 702


Wed 20 July JSB Masterclass - 3.30-6.30pm in 702


Thurs 21 July SSB Masterclass -  3.30-6.30pm


Thursday 28 July TSB Masterclass rehearsal - 3.30- 6.30pm TBC


Sat 20 August Symphonic Band Super Saturday


Sun 21 – Tues 23 August - Royal South Street Competitions Ballarat – Choral


Thurs 25 August - Almost Spring Jnr/Interim./Snr Concert


Fri 26 Aug – Sat 3 Sept -  Royal South Street Competitions Ballarat – Orchestras and Bands


Wed 7 Sept -  Unit 4 VCE Performance recital (School based)


Thurs 15 Sept - Gala final rehearsal & concert










Junior School Construction

The excitement builds in anticipation of the Junior School construction now that the first sod has been turned. Get ready for lots of action! Other key jobs going on around the college:

  • Oval tiers-Concrete sleepers for the lower tier have arrived. Work commences after the long weekend
  • Hall lighting bars-Commences late Term 2
  • Girls’ changerooms- Cubicles installation occurring at the end of term holidays after the floor is recoated and walls painted
  • Vegie garden-recently installed by Ms Godfrey and Year 9 students
  • Blinds installed in several new portables
  • New tables installed in Rooms 811/812
  • New furniture installed in Chaplaincy/International office

OH & S

  • Workplace Inspection – new program set for launching at the start of Term 3


Careers Newsletter

Year 10

Students should be preparing for their work experience, which will take place in the last week of term. RSC staff will endeavour to visit all students, so it is important that if students are ill that they contact their work place as well as Ms Boutsikakis on 9870 2002 /or email [email protected] and [email protected]


Work Experience is a great opportunity to explore future options and we are looking forward to hearing the students’ stories from their work places.  

If students are unsure of their future directions, then completing an interest test is a great starting point. The College has access to WIRL, a great web based resource for students who may wish to explore careers. To access the site use the following log in and password.
Website :
School Login: ringsc Password:galaxy87


VCE/VCAL/VET Information Evening

Students and parents are invited to an information session that will explain both the VCE and VCAL programs.  The Information Evening is scheduled for Wednesday 13th July, in the RT building. (First Wednesday week back Term 3)

The evening will be divided into two parts between

  • 7.00 to 7.20 VCAL and VET programs will be explained and
  • 7.30 to 8.00pm VCE programs will be discussed

Parents and students are welcomed to select one or both sessions. There will also be an opportunity for parents and students to tour the RT building and examine their programs on offer.


Year 10, 11 and 12

Final Information Night for Mid-Year VCAL @ Swinburne - Thursday 16th June 6:00pm to 6:45pm Croydon campus, CE Building (see map)

 There are currently vacancies for Intermediate and Senior level at both Croydon and Wantirna campuses. Only Intermediate Croydon is starting to get full.

VCAL Programs Croydon Campus Norton Road Enter via Gate 2, ample parking available (you don’t need to go to visitors car park)

Follow the arrows to find your way. You can walk through the building, or following the garden path!


Experience University Life

Many Universities and Institutes are offering students the opportunity to visit their campuses and experience life at university.  Students need to register at a particular institute.


University TAFE Open Days

Students intending to study at university or TAFE have the opportunity to discuss subjects, requirements and get a general feel for the institution at the Open Days.  A list of open days has been emailed to all Year 10, 11 and 12 students and they should start to plan their visits. Parents are also encouraged to attend the Open Days.


The John Button Schools Prize

The Melbourne School of Government is proud to announce The John Button Schools Prize for 2016. The Prize is a $2500 award for a Victorian student, Years 10-12 and a further $2000 is given to the student's school.   
The Prize was created to encourage young Victorians to express their ideas about Australian politics and public policy. The subject might be Australia’s population, climate change, reconciliation with Indigenous Australians, water, asylum seekers, education, health, or the state of the Arts. 
Students need to apply online through the Faculty of Arts web page at The John Button Schools Prize.  More details on the John Button School Prize can be found at The John Button Fund


Urban Futures Competition

The world needs you to be a leader in creating vibrant, liveable and resilient cities for the future.  With Melbourne’s population moving beyond four million, significant challenges and opportunities for planning, designing and managing our city arise. How will you help urban environments adapt to meet the future needs of our population?

RMIT is running a competition for to Year 10, 11 and 12 Victorian students and the task is as follows:
Provide a photo or image to communicate an identified urban problem and explain your ideas for a solution in 200-300 words. The competition is open, and closes on midnight on Sunday 28 August 2016.  The best entries will be shortlisted, with winners announced at the Urban Futures Awards ceremony at the RMIT University City Campus on Wednesday 14 September 2016. Find out more at Urban Futures Competition Email a submission


Year 11

Students are presently being interviewed, to ensure they are on track with their studies.  For students who are still unsure, completing an interest should be a priority.  Interest tests can be found on the RSC Careers website accessible through the portal. Drop by the Careers room if you require any assistance.


Year 12

It is important that students attend the TIS event at Deakin University on the Thursday 23rd June.  Please complete the details on Compass. This event will explain the VTAC application process and provide the opportunity for students to chat to university and TAFE representatives. 


Deakin University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery are holding information sessions at Melbourne Burwood Campus on Wednesday 20 July 2016 at 6.00-8.00 pm and Saturday 23 July 2016 2.30-4.30 pm. For further details please explore Deakin’s website.


Students should be thinking about the early university entry programs available. Check out the La Trobe Aspire Program and the Early Achievers Program at ACU.


What Legacy Are You Passing On?

It’s funny how some things we own can take on a special part of our life and cause great pain when we have to let them go.  I experienced this recently.  Nine years ago we purchased a 1989 model Toyota Camry. Despite it being baby blue and not much to look at it would be, in many ways, the best car I have ever owned.  It had it’s own character and would crunch as you changed between 2nd and 3rd but that car never missed a beat and was fun to drive.  It definitely didn’t have much street cred. I even remember going out to a mens event once and when the guy I was talking to heard that it was my car he no longer wanted anything to do with me and was quite dismissive.  It got me thinking how quickly we can come to conclusions based on appearances and what is on the outside.  We are challenged more and more these days to look a certain way to fit in, or own the right things to be accepted and we lose focus of the quality of what we have despite it's appearance.  It's not what’s on the outside that matters but what comes from within. It's the character of an individual that shapes the person. Billy Graham once said, "The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character. It is certainly an interesting challenge to consider, what legacy are leaving for our children?  Adam

 Adam Bryant


Eating Disorders Victoria


SONGWRITING COMPETITION - "Change the world with your song"


Feel strongly about a current social issue?

Have you ever wanted to be the next Bob Dylan, Peter Garrett or Tim Minchin? 
Write a song that helps change the way people think about important issues and you could have your song recorded on CD with professional artists or win other prizes such as a guitar! 


Song categories include:
* Social Justice

* Environment
* Political satire

* War and Peace


Open to all ages: Primary, Secondary and Open Age section

Check out this website for more details:
songwriting competition - Change the World With Your Song 



Jump Deck Winter Deal


Sarah Louise School of Dance


The show features songs from Enchanted, Catch me if you can and The Addams Family! Come along and watch this amazing show!!

Chloe Horrabin

Year 10

Eastern Ranges School Holiday Training Camp

The Eastern Ranges School Holiday Training Camp will give all junior players aged 12 to 15 (male & female) a taste of AFL style training. The program will include:

  • AFL Draft Combine style testing including AFL agility, 20m sprints, vertical leap and more
  • Skill development session with Eastern Ranges coaches
  • Individualised detailed fitness testing report
  • Certificate of completion
  • High performance nutrition advice
  • Injury prevention & recovery session with Eastern Ranges High Performance team member
  • Talent pathways to the AFL discussed with Eastern Ranges Talent Manager, Len Villani
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks provided




Date: Friday, 8 July 2016. 9.30am-3pm

Venue: Rowville Secondary College, Eastern Campus

Humphreys Way, Rowville 3178

Age: 12-15 year olds

Cost $100 per player

Montrose Community Festival


RSC News
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