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21 March 2019
Issue Eight 21st March 2019
Diary Dates
Principal's Report
Assistant Principal Report
From the Sport Desk
Student News
Easter Raffle
Fun in the sun at OSHC
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Diary Dates

March 2019

13th - 29th Swimming Year 3-4 

22nd Syndal District Athletics carnival


April 2019

5th Last day of Term 1

23rd First day of Term 2

25th Anzac Day Public Holiday

29th School Photos


May 2019

6th Prep 2020 information night

27th Curriculum Day


Victorian School Dates 2019

Term 1 - 29 (Teachers only) - 30 January - 5 April 2019

Term 2 - 23 April - 28 June

Term 3 - 15 July - 20 September

Term 4 - 7 October - 20 December

Principal's Report

The end of term is fast approaching and what a great term it has been for SSPS.


House Athletics

On Monday it was the conclusion of the very successful House Athletics and what a marvellous celebration it was. Medals were presented to our age group champions and certificates to our record breakers. The house captains of Anyula, Albin and Stephanie were presented with the winners shield. Our House Captains did an outstanding job preparing their houses for the ‘House Chant Off’.  All students were encouraged to wear their house colours. Each house had the opportunity to perform their chant and then all houses engaged in their chant together.  I’m sure our neighbours would have been wondering where the noise was coming from, it was electric! The traditional house captain’s water balloon relay was run, which again provided fun, engaging entertainment for all of us. The school athletics team has now been finalised and are heading off tomorrow to compete in the District Athletics Meet.  We wish all our competitors the very best of luck.



Parents as Helpers

This term I have noticed an increase in the number of parents attending our volunteer induction sessions and would just like to acknowledge how much we all at Syndal South greatly appreciate and value the assistance given to us by parents, grandparents and previous staff members. I am in the special position that I see firsthand across the school the invaluable assistance that our students are enjoying.


Some of the assistance that parents provide includes preparing for activities, working with small groups on special activities, accompanying groups of students to swimming, assisting on sports days, accompanying a class on an excursion, attend and assist on school camp just to name a few.  Thank you for all that you do for us.



There will be some noticeable changes to the program next week for all our students. Each team of teachers will be released for a day so that they can plan together in readiness for Term Two. The children enjoy this week as they have the opportunity to rotate around a variety of specialist activities.


Foundation Enrolments for 2020

Already we have conducted a number of school tours for prospective Foundation families for 2020. On Monday 6th May we will be holding our first Information Night at 7.00pm. If you have a child to be enrolled for 2020 or know of a neighbour or friend who has a child ready for school in 2020, please let them know that enrolment packs are available from the Office.


Professional Learning Communities

I am extremely excited to share with you that SSPS is this year participating in the Victorian Professional Learning Community (PLC) initiative which is supporting all Victorian government schools to build effective PLCs. Following a successful pilot involving 65 schools the Victorian Government is making a significant investment to scale-up the PLC initiative to more than 800 government schools.  Participating schools are at the forefront of working collaboratively to improve student learning outcomes.


Being a Victorian PLC school we commit to using a consistent and structured cycle of data-driven inquiry to inform classroom practice.  Each annual intake of over 200 schools benefits from a comprehensive program of professional learning alongside expert advice from regionally-based teams. We will also receive frequent feedback about the impact of PLC implementation on teacher practice and student perception to track progress and identify areas for improvement.


Becoming a Victorian PLC gives us the opportunity to take advantage of this intensive support to embed a culture of continuous improvement focused on improving student learning outcomes in our school.


The PLC professional learning program is evidenced by best practice for leading cultural change, collaborative teams and the continuous improvement of teacher practice.


We are in Intake 3 with Wheelers Hill Primary, Burwood East Primary, Belgrave South Primary, Gembrook Primary, Kallista Primary and Mount Dandenong Primary.


On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March we began the professional learning program, which focuses on building our instructional leaders’ capacity to build the internal capacity of each team in order to collaborate effectively, adopt an inquiry cycle when interrogating multiple sources of students’ data, analyse the impact of their teaching and identify areas of need with regards their professional learning. The PLC team consisting of Clare Searle, Danielle Canavan, Amber Panagopoulos, Kate Simpson, Rebecca Stonehouse-Melke and myself attended Module 1 and Module 2 off site.


Yesterday, we completed Module 3 at school. In total, Rebecca and I will complete four modules of offsite training over four days and our PLC instructional leaders, will attend five modules of offsite training over five days, and three modules of school-based activities over three days. We are extremely fortunate that all costs associated with the professional learning modules are fully subsidised by the Department. I look forward to keeping you all updated on our progression with the implementation of this highly successful initiative at SSPS.



Finally, can you please make a note in your diary that we will be having a Curriculum Day on Monday 27th May, students are not required to attend school on this day. OSHC will be available for those families who require it.


Have fabulous fortnight everyone!



Assistant Principal Report

Naplan 2019

Dear Parents,

Naplan 2019 will be held again in May.  This year Syndal South Primary school will be completing all Naplan tests, (except Year 3 writing) online. Today a Naplan Online-information for parents and carers brochure was distributed to all our students in Year 3 and Year 5. It is important that all parents of students in these year levels take the time to read carefully the information brochure. The brochure is also accessible at:


For schools conducting  the Naplan online tests there will be a two week period commencing from the 14th May until the 24th May in which to complete the tests. The dates that Syndal South has scheduled to complete the Naplan tests are:  14th, 15th and 16th May 2019. We have also scheduled make up sessions for students who are absent on the days of the tests.


To ensure that the technical efficiency of the online platform which the students will be using during the Naplan testing period, there is a scheduled practice Naplan familiarisation test being conducted in all schools next Thursday morning.


It is a requirement that students have the opportunity to become familiar with the question types contained in the Naplan online tests. During the practice tests on Thursday 28th March, students will be given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with example questions. The test is not designed to cover all areas in Naplan Online tests. The students will also be given the opportunity to become familiar with the different function features for each test. The teachers will be demonstrating these features to the students during the familiarisation period.


All School Netbooks have been installed with a special lockdown browser by the school ICT technician, which the students will use to complete their Online Naplan tests. This lockdown browser is a feature which ensures that students cannot access online sites during the Naplan tests.


The practice tests next week are only for students to learn how to operate the online system, so we will not be receiving any data about the answers the students input into the tests.


Students will be required to wear headphones for the Naplan tests, except reading, so we ask all parents to ensure their child has brought a set to use at school by next week.


A compass reminder will be sent to parents as well.


If you have any questions about the process please speak to either myself or our level leaders - Clare Searle or Danielle Cananvan.


From the Sport Desk

PMP News

PMP for both Foundation and Year 1/2 has finished for Term 1. Thank you to all those parents who came along and helped.


If you have a WWCC and have completed a school induction and would like to assist next term please let me know as I will be sending out a roster for next term shortly.

Year 3-6 House Athletics Carnival Results

Congratulations to ANYULA, winners of the House Athletics Carnival 2019 with 685 points. Only 50 points separated the first and last in a very tight finish.


Congratulations also to the following students who were age group champions and received medals at Monday's special Assembly:


8 & 9 yo boys       Mason 

8 & 9 yo girls        Blaene

10 yo boys            Emmett & Methul

10 yo girls             Ava

11 yo boys            Jackson 

11 yo girls             Eryn 

12 & 13 yo boys  Xavier

12 & 13 yo girls   Kayden & Krisha



Ride2 School Awards

Congratulations to Timmy for receiving his certificate for riding to school on 10 days.

3/4 Swimming Programme

The Year 3/4 swimming programme continues with the last 3 sessions on Monday, Wednesday & Friday next week. 



District Athletics Carnival

Good luck to the 60 + students heading off tomorrow to the Bill Sewart Oval, Nunawading to represent SSPS at the District Athletics Carnival. 

District Tennis Tournament

Good luck to Markas, Kayden, Sai, Wenxi and Athena who are taking part in the District Tennis Tournament on Monday 25th March. 

National Ride2School Day 2019

Friday 22nd March is National Ride2 School Day 2019, however it is also the same day as our District Athletics Carnival. We will celebrate early next term with special lunch time activities for students who bring their bikes . Watch this space for confirmation of the date.

Student News

Student of the Week

Prep R



  • Resilience – Being brave and going to all specialist classes with a smile on his face.

Prep S


  • Respect – By being courteous and polite to everyone and always using good manners.




  • Resilience – For her stupendous effort when writing about her trip to the chocolate factory.




  • Curiosity – By asking inquisitive questions during reading to find out more about characters.




  • Resilience – For always giving each task a go & showing her peers that giving up isn’t an option.  Superstar!




  • Curiosity – By using her imagination to make a fantastic persuasive poster.




  • By helping a friend in time of need.  Well done.



  • With a fantastic idea and was able to explain her thinking.




  • Curiosity – Excelling at his maths work.  Ziyad showed a curios approach to rounding a variety of complex numbers.




  • Resilience – Getting himself back on task and completing his Big Write narrative.  Fantastic self managing!!




  • Resilience – Shayla showed resilience through her Big Write, where she persevered and never gave up, even when she faced some difficulties in writing.  Keep up the good work!



  • Integrity – Bronte has displayed a very mature attitude to learning and her leadership responsibilities.  She is a confident and organised leader who is super quick at solving problems!  Terrific work, Bronte!




  • Resilience – Sophie has worked hard towards her maths target.  Congratulations on your 100% result.  Fabulous resilience!




  • Respect – Jay has worked hard to put in his opinion and complete his tasks.




  • Respect – Fiona has risen to the challenges of Year 5.  She shows confidence and diligence with all tasks.



  • Care – Finlay is a delight to have in the classroom as she always thinks of others before herself.



  • Resilience – Nathan is showing more confidence when asking questions and solving problems.




  • Resilience – By always giving your best efforts in all work tasks, no matter what else is happening.

School Photos

School photos will be held on Monday 29th April.  Photo envelopes will be going home on the first day on Term 2.  Family envelopes will be available at the office.

Easter Raffle

The school is again organising a fantastic Easter Raffle!!  To make it bigger and better we are asking that families kindly donate Easter eggs, chocolates and Easter giftware.  From these donations Easter hampers will be made to be offered as prizes.


The Easter donations need to be brought into class before Friday 29th March.


Raffle tickets will be 50c each and one book of 10 has been be sent home to each family.   We kindly ask that if all sold and unsold tickets, along with the money, are brought back to school by 4th April.  Additional books will be available from the office.


The raffle will be drawn on the last day of Term (5th April) at the final assembly at 2pm, with lots of prizes up for grabs!



Fun in the sun at OSHC

Shaurya is our helper of the week.  Thank you for offering to clean and sort out the book corner. 




Avnika is our creator of the week with this wonderful pink foam pig with peg legs.



Monday:  Autumn glass leaves

Tuesday:  Blow painting with straws

Wednesday:  Naughts and crosses

Thursday:  Tisssue paper craft

Friday:  Flower collage

Afternoon Snack

Monday:  Salada's with spreads

Tuesday:  Pizza

Wednesday:  Yoghurt with fruit

Thursday:  Pita bread chips/dips

Friday:  Cheese and vegemite scrolls



Community Advertising

Violin Lessons

Are you looking for a local violin teacher? Are you interested in providing your child with a musical education that extends beyond school?


I am a qualified and experienced private violin teacher, teaching beginner to intermediate levels in violin and music theory.  I am situated in Glen Waverley, only minutes from Syndal South Primary School.


If you are interested, want to discuss price and availability, or have any other queries, please contact me via

Mobile: 0434706726


First lessons are free of charge.





School Community Information

Second Hand Uniform

Our second hand uniform shop is run by volunteer parents and is open monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month from 9.00 to 10.00am. It is located next to the OSHC rooms.


Please note:  payments are now cash only. 


Our uniform is available at the PSW store in Mt Waverley.  Please see attached forms for further details.



Contribute to The Rocket

For all enquiries please call the office on

03 9802 5277 or email


Ad rates:  

Inserts - $35.00                                                             

Small items for school families -$3.00

Non-profit organisations  - No charge

School Banking

Thursday is School Banking Day!!


Lunch Orders

Students are able to order their lunch via Classroom Cuisine – Monday through Friday, except Tuesdays. Classroom Cuisine is an online lunch order provider.

Community Contacts

School Office / Newsletter
Phone: 03 9802 5277


Helen Freeman

Assistant Principal

Rebecca Stonehouse-Melke

School Council President

Sandy Delaney

Parents' Association President

Lisa Macdermott

Phys Ed Co-ordinator

Charlie Kenez

Facilities Convenor

Peter Roach


Maree Sier

Phone: 03 9886 8483

The Rocket
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