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14 March 2019
Issue Three
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Important Dates


Friday 15 March 

Year 8 Round Robin

6pm, Year 7 Parents & Students Welcome Picnic


Tuesday 19 March

Year 7 Round Robin


Thursday 21 March

9am, College Tour

Cultural Diversity & Harmony Week Food Market Day 


Friday 22 March

2.15pm, Year 7 & 12 Fancy Dress Dance Competition


Monday 25 March 

All day, Athletics Carnival, Dolamore Reserve


Tuesday 26 March

6pm, Year 9 My Migrant Story Expo


Wednesday 27 March

2pm to 6pm, VCE Parent Teachers Student Interviews

Classes finish at 1.05pm (No period 4 classes)


Thursday 28 March

SMR Swimming Carnival


Friday 29 March - Student Free

Staff Professional Development Day

6pm, VCE Ball


Saturday 30 March

9am to Noon Working Bee Garden bed preparation


Thursday 4 April - No scheduled classes 

1.30pm to 8pm Year 7 to 10 Parent Teacher Student interviews

(dinner break 5-6pm) 


Friday 5 April - Term 1 ends

Early finish

Principal's Message

Dear parents, families & guardians


International Women’s Day: Celebrating the purple, green and white

The College has recently celebrated a very special day in our school calendar. This is the day that our students get to share the spotlight with all the girls and women around the world in commemorating International Women’s Day.


This year the United Nations are encouraging us to reflect on the progress that ordinary women have made over the last 100 years. In 2019, the United Nations' theme for International Women’s Day is "Think Equal. Build Smart. Innovate for Change". These are powerful and inspiring words for us all to ponder.


We may think that the struggle for equality is in the past but there is still more to be done to improve the lives of girls and women around the globe. The goal is that one day, hopefully not too far in the future, that every girl and woman will have the same rights to safety, education and work opportunities as men do all over the globe.


We often read stories in glossy magazines featuring ‘inspiring’, ‘brilliant’ and often glamorous women who appear to have it all. But if you look beyond the airbrushed photographs you will find that there is often adversity, self-doubt, determination and grit sitting behind their accomplishments.  


The road to equality is paved with the efforts and sacrifices of bold and visionary women who lead ordinary lives until they championed this cause. These women spoke out about discrimination based on their sex. Change happens because a significant number of the general population see that the current situation is untenable or discriminatory.


It is easy to forget that International Women’s Day first arose out of the very unglamorous and sometimes dangerous fight for the rights of ordinary women all around the world.


The first International Women’s Day was observed on March 1911 when more than one million women and men attended rallies in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland to demand the right to vote and hold public office, the right to work and receive an education and an end to discrimination against women.


You may find it interesting to know that by this time, women in New Zealand had already had the vote for 17 years and women in Australia had had it for eight years. Good on New Zealand and Australia!

So – what are the colours of International Women’s Day?

  • Purple to represent dignity and self-respect.
  • Green to represent hope and new life.
  • And white to represented purity in public and private life.

Together, the colours of purple, green and white have come to represent sisterhood and solidarity and are used to symbolise International Women’s Year in Australia. 


On this day we should all pause to remember that there was a struggle and that courageous women stood firm in their beliefs so that we could have the rights that we have today. The journey isn’t over yet. Students from Mentone Girls’ Secondary College are changing the perception of what girls and women are capable of every day.


To this I add congratulations and welcome to Mia Evans (Year 10) who was this week elected by her peers as their representative on the College Council. She joins Sinead Garry (Year 10) who was elected for a two year term in 2018.  My thanks to Nazy Jalali (Year 11) for her service on the Council over 12 months.  The College Council membership is complete. I welcome all the members and look forward to working with them in 2019. 


Kind regards

Linda Brown 


IWD, footy, international students and MGSC  

A winning combination 

MGSC Australian Rules team members and our international students together with Melbourne Football Club past and present players have featured in a video promoting our national sport and local obsession. It was posted on IWD by the DET international student program and shared at


College Matters

Compass for payments and approvals for excursions

Compass is now being used for payments and to give approval for excursions/camps/events. To do so, log into your parent portal. Any payments and consents that are due will be visible on your home page, above the news items. These items are highlighted in green. If all payments have been made and all approvals given, there will be no items to view.


To refer back to these events, click on the Organisation tab on the dashboard of your parent portal and select Events. You will then be able to see the details of all the excursions and camps for which you have given approval.

We are continuing to use Compass for News feeds, monitoring attendance, providing feedback on learning tasks and booking parent/teacher interviews.

Please ensure that only you are the only one to access the parent portal, especially when entering student illnesses and appointments.

If you do not recall your Compass ID and/or password, please send an email to the ICT Helpdesk to request your Compass login and password[email protected]


Parent/Teacher/Student interview

There will be two separate Parent/Teacher/Student sessions in term 1, 2019. The first is for VCE students (this includes any Year 10 student studying a Year 11 subject) and will be held on Wednesday 27 March between 2pm and 6pm.

Please note that period 1-3 classes will run on this day. There are no period 4 classes. All students will be dismissed at lunchtime. If VCE parents are unable to attend this session, they may attend the second one.


Bookings open for students in Unit 3 subjects at 3.30pm on Friday 22 March.

Bookings open for students in Unit 1 subjects at 3.30pm on Monday 25 March.


The second session is for Year 7-10 students and will be held on Thursday 4 April between 1.30pm and 8pm, with a break between 5pm and 6pm. Please note that there are no scheduled classes on this day.

Bookings open for Year 7-10 students at 3.30pm on Friday 29 March.


VCE parents who were unable to attend the VCE interviews will have an opportunity to book an appointment at this session after 3.30pm on Tuesday 2 April.

Year 7 Family Welcome Picnic

Friday 15 March on the school oval from 6pm - 8pm

This is an opportunity for Year 7 families to meet one another. BYO picnic dinner and drinks, picnic rug/chairs. Please do not bring glass or other breakables. Parking is available on school grounds. Senior music students will be performing 

Parents & Friends’ Association (PFA)

New committee members

President: Emma Walker

Vice President: Elizabeth Semmel

Secretary: Linda McIntyre

Treasurer: Rosa Ferrari

Thanks to Jo Baxas for her work as President over the past two years.


Second-hand Uniform Shop

Gifts have been given to Annette, Val, Donna and Diane to thank them for their work. 


Year 7 Parent information evening - Tuesday 12 February

Thanks to Ales, Elizabeth, Emma, Linda and Marissa for their assistance at this event. There was a good atmosphere amongst the parents who stayed back to socialise.


MGSC Book Swap and Sell Facebook page

This page has been closed and will reopen in time for the 2020 booklist.


Next PFA meeting - Tuesday 23 April at 7pm

At the meeting we will be discussing:

  • the proposal for a new bike shelter
  • using PFA funds to support a school initiative such as project funding, prizes for House events
  • ideas for more social events

All parents are welcome to attend.

Working Bee - Saturday 30 March

Our parent and families are invited to volunteers to assist at the MGSC Working Bee on Saturday 30 March (9am - 12pm). The focus of the working bee will be moving soil in readiness for planting. Volunteers will be asked to bring a wheel barrow, rake and shovel for this MGSC community event. There will be more information about arrangements on the day closer to the event. 
If you are able to assist please email 
Carol Duggan by 25 March: 

[email protected] 

Carol Duggan & Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principals

Uniforms - Supplier

Change of Uniform Supplier 

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College has appointed Bob Stewart Uniform Specialist Mentone as the College’s uniform supplier. The uniform is not changing, only the official supplier. 


Bob Stewart's Mentone store will have all MGSC uniforms items available to purchase from Saturday 13 April. Costume World will continue to sell MGSC uniforms until 30 March. There will be a two week period when new uniforms cannot be purchased from either supplier.


The Department of Education and Training (DET) requires schools to undergo a tender process before entering into contracts over a certain value. This is to ensure that the school and the community receive the best value for money. As a result of our procurement process undertaken in 2018, Bob Stewart were appointed as the MGSC uniform supplier on the expiry of the current contract with Costume World. Bob Stewart is an experienced and specialist uniform supplier with stores serving schools across Melbourne. They supply a number of schools in the local area and have a store in Balcombe Road, Mentone. Bob Stewart met a number of critical criteria in the tender including price, location and support for school families.


Costume World has provided excellent service over many years as the official uniform supplier.  This was a period of significant changes to the uniform including the introduction of a new logo and additional uniform options such as shorts and pants. We thank Sherrin and the Costume World team for their work and support for our community and wish them well.

Carol Duggan

Assistant Principal

Costume World Uniform Clearance Sale

All uniform prices have been greatly reduced to clear. Final weeks as all stock needs to be cleared by Saturday 30 March.


This is a great opportunity to buy in advance for students starting next year or to top up on extra items. If your daughter is in Year 10, they are able to start wearing the VCE jumper towards the end of this year. Consider purchasing now while they are reduced.


Some of the savings available include:

Winter skirts save $25

Blazers save $51

Dresses save $25

Socks $5.50 each or buy 5 for $25

VCE jumpers save $20

Navy Jumpers save $15

Every item is reduced. See the full Costume World sale price list attached. 

If you have unused credit notes or SSR vouchers, these must be used before 30 March.

Where to get your uniform summary

Costume Worlduntil 30 March

1291 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham

9584 7006 

Monday 10am - 6:30 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 10am - 6pm

Thursday & Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm


Bob Stewart Mentone from 13 April 

93 Balcombe Road, Mentone

9036 7367

Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm

Saturdays 9.30am - 12.30pm


PFA Second-hand Uniform Shop - during school term

Tuesday afternoon 2.45pm - 3.45pm

Friday morning 8.15am - 9.15am


Carol Duggan

Assistant Principal

Student Leadership

Year 10 Peer Support Leaders at Year 7 Camp

Across two days and in two groups, 40 Peer Support leaders from Year 10 attended the Year 7 camps. This was intended as a trial of an idea of expanding the role of Peer Support leaders and strengthen the capabilities of both our leaders and the new students in the school. Overwhelmingly, students felt the initiative was a positive one and an expansion of the program is being considered for 2020.


The Year 10 Peer Support leader experience

At the Year 7 camp at Arrabri, the  Peer Support leaders spent two days with the Year 7s, in separate groups. The idea was to give the Peer Support leaders a larger role apart from the weekly sessions with the Year 7 students.


Personally, I think it was a success. When we got there in the morning, we split into two groups, conducting a particular activity with them. It was a great opportunity to have conversations, get to know the Year 7s and work with students from other Peer Support groups.


The river walk  was another great opportunity to mix with students we didn’t know. Once we got to the river, it got crazy, in the best way. We were all splashing each other and getting absolutely soaked, but what made the largest impression was that we were just a group of girls having a bunch of fun. Our year level or age made no difference. I think it was here that we really befriended the new Year 7s. 


Back at camp, we conducted the leadership speeches and it was amazing to see how many Year 7s were putting their hands up for leadership positions. The Year 10s helped to build their confidence and showed them positive examples of leadership which encouraged our newest students to get involved.  


Once afternoon tea was over, we had some free time, another great opportunity to just hang out with the Year 7s and get to know them before we went back home.


The Peer Support Leaders are now friends with such a large number of Year 7s. I’ve already said hi to so many of them during school and a friend of mine sat with some of them at recess. I think the camp was a really great opportunity to get closer to them because we’re not just their ‘Peer Support Leaders’ now, we’re their friends.

Nisha Makam  (Year 10)

IWD - Breakfast with Level Crossing Project Group

Eighteen students, Sian Sharpe and myself attended a breakfast at the Mentone RSL last Tuesday celebrating IWD. The breakfast gave students from all of the local secondary schools the opportunity to hear from key personnel working on the project, which will commence later this year. Not only were there a variety of guest speakers, but additional staff to sit at each table enabling a more personal experience and more detailed conversation about the vast array of roles required for such a project. Students were able to ask specific questions about the various types of roles and how they might pursue them. Most students were unaware of the diversity of roles.

IWD Assembly at MGSC – Friday March 8

All of our student leaders received their badges at the assembly on Friday. Senior teams also received a presentation from the office representing the Hon. Mark Dreyfus. Former MGSC student, Rianna Turner was our guest speaker, sharing with us her story of going into the construction industry as an engineer. It was interesting to hear her progression from MGSC, not knowing then what she wanted to do, nor really what engineering was, to find herself in her current role.


Wendy Harvey

Director of Student Leadership & Engagement

Performing Arts

House Music reimagined as House Performance   

House Performance is coming, and it's going to be different! The House Performance competition on Thursday 16 May will have: 

  • No Set Choral Song
  • Drama Performances
  • Dance Performances

Each House will still have their own choral song that will be rehearsed prior to the competition. 
The other categories are: 

  • Instrumental Ensemble
  • Drama solo or group
  • Music solo or group
  • Dance solo or group

Students need to apply to direct or perform for their House. Categories will be:

  • Choral director
  • Instrumental ensemble director
  • Vocal or Instrumental solo or small group
  • Drama solo or small group
  • Dance solo or small group

Forms are available from the Music Office and must be returned by Friday 15 March

Any questions, email Mr Tim Veevers [email protected]


Tim Veevers

Director of Performing Arts 

Adjudicator Alicia 

The guest adjudicator for the House Performance will need be a 'triple threat'. Someone who understands and has professional experience as a singer, dancer and actor. We have found that multi-talented person. The 2019  House Performance adjudicator will be Alicia Gardiner.

Best known for her lead roles in television shows, which include Offspring, Wolf Creek, Kath & Kim and The Secret Life of Us, Alicia has performed as an actor, singer and dancer in numerous films, TV shows and theatre productions. Alicia's most recent stage role has been 'Rosie' in Mamma Mia the Musical.

We look forward to welcoming Alicia into our school.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

A big thankyou to all of the students and parents who gave up their time to cook, serve, chop onions or make runs to the shops for more supplies at our Bunning Sausage Sizzle on Saturday. 

Thanks also to those families who were happy to stay for an extra hour at the end of the day while we cooked and sold more sausages. A big thank you also to Jemila and Issy for organising the free bread from Bakers Delight and to AJ's family for the donation of drink cans.

It was very busy with a  steady flow of customers which contributed to a healthy $2391.90 for the NZ Music Tour 


Tim Veevers

Director of Performance Arts 

Science Forum Fun

National Youth Science Forum 2019 

In January an impressive seven students from Mentone Girls' Secondary College (now in their final year of high school) attended the exciting and heavily respected annual national science Year 12 program – the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF).


NYSF is a non-profit organisation that runs a number of science outreach activities, including its flagship NYSF Year 12 Program. This program was initiated by Rotary and has been running since 1984. It is also funded by an impressive collection of government, corporate and university partners which has helped more than 12,000 participants attend over 36 years. Here are just some of the partners who support NYSF:

The Year 12 program includes three sessions during January in either Canberra or Brisbane where the participants stay on campus at a host university. During the 12-day program, participants get to experience an abundance of laboratory or site visits, lectures, workshops, networking opportunities and university life.


This experience is shared with participants from all across Australia who have a passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). As a result, participants gain significant insights into the variety of study and career opportunities available across the STEAM fields.


Below, the students who attended most recently, have shared highlights of their experiences. They all strongly encourage current Year 11 students interested in STEAM fields to apply (applications are open from 1 March to 31 May). They hope to see another impressive number of MGSC students attend NYSF in January 2020. 

Refections from 2019 participants 

Caity Morris Session B (Brisbane). Interest Group: Biology

In my opinion, the best part of NYFS is the friendships and connections you make. Within 2 weeks strangers have turned into best friends for life which is absolutely amazing. NYSF also gave me such a strong insight to life beyond high school and inspired me with so many ideas of what my future could hold!


Casey Boswell - Session A (Canberra). Interest Group: Computer Science

What I loved about NYSF was the people I got to meet and the exposure I gained from the countless industry partners who support NYSF. I talked with the head of the Australian Space Agency! You learn so much in one place, it opens your eyes to more opportunities. I would recommend NYSF for anyone with an interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) fields to show you how exciting they are and to have a fun time with new friends!


Charlotte Collins - Session B (Brisbane). Interest Group: Ecology and Environmental Science

For me NYSF was such a great experience to meet so many other passionate young people that I will stay friends with for a long time. It also helped open my eyes to how many careers there actually are in science and broadened my university/career plans.


Katie BarnshawSession A (Canberra). Interest Group: Physics

NYSF was a transformative experience which enabled me to meet a ton of science nerds from all over Australia, and gain precious insight into future careers in science. The session also taught me a lot about the value of teamwork and communication in our ever-changing world. I especially enjoyed visiting Mount Stromlo, and meeting scientists working in astrophysics (a field I’m eager to work in). I would recommend NYSF to any student who is looking to further explore their interest in science, technology, the environment or engineering.


Natalie Hooper Session B (Brisbane). Interest Group: Health and Medical Science

NYSF was a very special and memorable experience, being able to see and do things we can’t at school and be able to experience real world science and its breadth with many like-minded science fans. My favourite part of NYSF was visiting Integrated Pathology at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and Griffith University where we had the opportunity to learn about medical science, diagnosing what was wrong with particular preserved specimens and organs and conducting medical tests. I would recommend NYSF as an opportunity to see what is outside of school and Victoria. We are able to visit many institutes and universities and see what is actually out there, without having to be dictated by curriculum. It is also an opportunity to learn about yourself and what you want to do in the future.


Issy JacquesSession C (Canberra). Interest Group: Chemistry

NYSF was truly one of the best experiences of my life. It was so eye-opening and inspiring and helped me realise what different pathways I could pursue in science (not just a research job or a doctor). My highlight of NYSF would be all the lifelong friends I made from all across Australia while on session and networking/talking to people who currently hold jobs in the science field. I would encourage anyone who is possibly even the slightest bit interested in pursuing a career in science, no matter how high your marks are in school because it’s not about academic ability at all.


Zahra MacKenzieSession B (Brisbane). Interest Group: Engineering

For me this was an opportunity to experience science in real life practises. Going to workplaces involved with science and maths and being able to talk to real world professionals allowed me to have insight into what a career in science is truly like, which you cannot learn in a classroom. However, NYSF is made valuable through the people you meet and the friends you make from all over Australia. Everyone involved in NYSF is bright, funny and creative; people who make the whole experience one you will cherish. The people you meet and the friends you make are the highlight of NYSF.

Space Camp

On Saturday 8 December 2018, we began our journey by boarding the 14 hour flight to America. We landed in LA, and after a short stop over, we flew to Huntsville Alabama where we spent the first week of our stay. We were fortunate to experience a Space Camp program. Here we got to stay in a cabin which was designed to replicate staying in a space training program facility. These cabins were on campus of the US Space and Rocket Centre. Here we got to do a variety of once in a lifetime activities including:

  • Mission simulations (where we were each given a position e.g. pilot, flight director, paycom and worked together to complete a mission that involved real life problems which we had to work together to solve).
  • One sixth gravity chair which simulated walking on the moon
  • Multi-axis trainer which replicated the feeling of an astronaut coming back to earth
  • Lots of engaging presentations where we learnt about many space related topics

At the end we graduated with a certificate, a badge and and many memories which we will never forget.


Our second destination was Houston, Texas. Here we stayed at a four star hotel and got to explore much more of America. Each day was filled with exciting activities, including:

  • Dissecting a shark
  • visiting the National Health and Science museum
  • exploring the Johnston Space Centre
  • discovering the Cell Lab

Throughout our stay at Houston we got to complete a group project, and met lots of interesting people, including Nicole Stott, a former astronaut.


The plane ride home was a sad time, as we had to say farewell to many new friends that we made along the way.


We will never forget all of the amazing opportunities and experiences that this trip brought us.


Selina Slamin, Tilde Verhoeven and Trixie Sumpter (Year 9)



Interschool Round Robins 

Congratulations to all students who have represented the college so far as part of our Interschool Sport program. Your positive attitude towards your peers, your opponents and respect towards the staff and student coaches is one to be proud of. Keep up the good work MGSC!


This Friday is the Year 8 Round Robin with students competing in Softball, Tennis, Lawn Bowls, Cricket and Volleyball. All students involved should have received an email containing the relevant information and can view further details on the compass event on their schedule. Thank you also to the following staff coaches who have put in time to coach the teams before their round robin day: Mrs Harvey, Mr Hull, Mrs Mathews, Miss Erwin and Miss Peach. Good luck to all students.


On Tuesday 19 March the final of the term 1 Round Robins will be held with the Year 7s heading out. Year 7 students are reminded that their day will be a full day out playing a sport. However, if they return to school prior to the end of the day, they are expected to return to class so please bring to school all the necessary equipment for period 4 on this day. Please ensure that you check your emails as all information is included in the email.

Congratulations Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott (Year 9) participated in the Victorian Schools Triathlon Championship at Elwood on Sunday 3 March achieving some outstanding results. Mackenzie came first in Girls 15-16 and was an amazing third over all in the female category; a brilliant achievement. 

Congratulations and well done to Mackenzie for representing MGSC so capably. 

We wish Mackenzie well for the remaining events for the triathlon season.  



Ilana Parker

Interschools Sports Coordinator

Athletics  Carnival - Monday 25 March 

As an important and exciting part of the House program, all Year 7-12 students will be participating in our Annual Athletics Carnival on Monday 25 March.  This is a compulsory school event. Students need to wear sporting clothing in their house colours, or alternatively they may wear their Physical Education uniform.  There will be House points awarded in every event as well as for the House Chant, Dance Off and novelty games.


All students are required to make their own way to Dolamore Reserve ready for roll call at 8.45am. Students are reminded to bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, wet weather gear (if necessary), a water bottle and some lunch and/or money as there will be a BBQ available on the day with sausages, drinks and icy poles.


Students are not allowed to leave Dolamore Reserve until they are released at the end of the day. Dismissal will be at 2.45pm from the reserve.  Throughout the day parents are asked not to buy take away food for their daughters. They should be bringing their own food or money. We also ask that tents and portable speakers be left at home so that announcements can be heard.


MGSC has a growing tradition of student participation in carnivals and we continue to encourage all year levels to actively participate in as many events as possible. We look forward to seeing all the students and as many parents as possible cheering on their daughter/s.


If you have any queries please contact Ms Fiona Faulkes at the College on 9581 5200.

Beachside Swimming Carnival

Following the school Swim Carnival our most competitive swimmers represented MGSC at the Beachside Swimming Carnival at Oakleigh Pool on Tuesday 5 March with some strong results. Well done! 

Fiona Faulkes

Carnivals Coordinator 

Photo: Year 7 Camp

Junior School News

Photo: Year 7 Camp

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 students are going to The Summit camp in Trafalgar East in May. The camp dates are as follows:


CAMP 1 - 8A, B, C & D - Monday 20 May – Wednesday 22 May

CAMP 2 - 8E, F & G - Wednesday 22 May – Friday 24 May


This year all medical and consent forms will be completed via Compass, parent portal. When you log in to your parent portal you will see a notification on the top right hand side saying


Event Consent/Payment Required

There is one event awaiting your consent and/or payment.

Click here for more information.


It is essential that these forms are completed by the end of term 1. If you have any difficulties with this process please contact Steve Williams, Melanie Erwin or Emma Holman in the Junior School, 9581 5244.


Students will receive a hard copy of the packing list closer to the date of camp, however this can be accessed now by clicking on the calendar event for the camp.


If you would like to watch a video clip on the camp please go to


Emma Holman

Director of Junior School 


Cate Kennedy visit Wednesday 13 March

The Year 12 English mainstream and Literature students enjoyed the privilege of a visit from the author of their short stories collection - Cate Kennedy. She spoke to them regarding this genre and how she crafts stories, in addition to providing the girls with specific information and interpretations of the text they're studying.


Cate also fielded questions from the students and teachers and this should prove invaluable to them in respect of their ongoing engagement with the anthology and their preparation for the CAT which involves a creative exploration of Kennedy's stories.


Anne Gamble

English Domain Leader.  

2020 Enrolments 

Open Evening - Tuesday 30 April 


The annual Open Evening is an opportunities for families and the community to gather information about the 2020 enrolment process and to see our school and students 'on show'. We encourage any families considering MGSC for their secondary schooling, especially those with daughters in year 5 and 6, to attend the Open Evening or one of the regular College Tours.  The website has a list of tour dates. 


Year 7 2020, Enhancement Program 

Introduced this year, the Enhancement Program will run from Years 7 to 9 and will provide students with the opportunity to learn through higher-order thinking, inquiry and rich tasks as part of an enhanced curriculum in English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science.


For more information about the Enhancement Program see the website or contact Mr Sam Haines, Director of Curriculum and Enhancement on [email protected] 

In our community

Family life workshop


I feel I can fly - this Sunday 


Gnome Festival - this Sunday 


Footy is coming


Cricket goes indoors for winter 


School information 

General Office

8.15am to 4.15pm

Monday to Friday 

Tel 03 9581 5200

Principal Team & Sub-School Directors

Principal - Linda Brown

Assistant Principal - Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principal - Carol Duggan


Director of Junior School - Emma Holman

Director of Middle School - Deb Jarvis

Director of  Senior School - Sylvia Christopoulos

Attendance & Absences

Students should aim for a 100% attendance record. They are expected to attend school regularly and remain at school and in class until officially dismissed.

Year 7-10 absences: Parents/guardians are asked to use Compass to log absences. 

VCE student absences:  Parents/guardians contact the VCE Office on 9581 5231 before 9am and update attendance on Compass. If contact is not made on the day of absence, an explanatory note must be brought from home on the day the VCE student returns and handed into the VCE Office. 

Late arrival - after 8.50am

Years 7-10 must sign the arrival book at the General Office and take the white late slip to class. 

VCE students sign in at the VCE Office.


It is your responsibility to ensure your child attends school every day. Learn about your responsibilities and what you can do to help your child's attendance. Schooling is compulsory for children and young people aged from 6 -17 years. School participation will help your child develop important skills, knowledge and values to further their learning and participation in the community. Attending school every day also helps your child develop crucial social and emotional skills such as good communication, resilience and the ability to work in teams.

Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives. 

For more information see:  DET Attendance and missing school.


Second Hand Uniform Shop hours:

Tuesday 2.45pm - 3.45pm

Friday  8.15am - 9.15am

Reimbursement after sale of items is by bank transfer.

Please label all items for the second-hand uniform shop clearly with: 

  • Seller's name and contact details
  • BSB and Account Number

Please hand in items to the General Office.  If you have any financial queries please, contact the school. 


Uniform Supplier - Costume World - until 30 March 

Shop 5 1291 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham

T: 9584 7006

Assessment & Reporting

A parents' guide to assessment and reporting can be found on Compass under School Documentation, which is located in the Community tab on the menu at the top of the page. The guide is also on the website under the Curriculum tab.  Guide for parents.

Library hours

8.30am to 4.30pm, school days

Facilities Hire

Many of the school's spaces are available to hire including the gym and lecture theatre. 

For information on hire rates and availability, contact Bronwen Peterson, Facilities Manager on 9581 5200.


Online ordering is available through the canteen operators, Bocca Foods. Orders must be placed before 10am on the same day and receive a 5% discount. Register at

  1. Select “Register now” to register yourself as a parent account.
  2. You will be required to complete all relevant details within the parent account before selecting to register your child/children. This will ensure that we have a way of contacting you should it be required for any reason.
  3. Select the checkbox “I will l be ordering for multiple students” (Even if you will only be ordering for 1 child).
  4. And select “Add Student”.
  5. Complete their details ensuring you select the correct school for your child, (multiple schools can be entered for multiple children) and fill in their year level and class information.
  6. Here you should also complete any relevant Dietary Requirements or options that will ensure the food provided to your child meets their specific needs.
  7. Once completed select “Save” and you are ready to begin ordering.

Student accident insurance, ambulance cover and private property brought to

Parents are reminded that the Department of Education does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs.

Statement of commitment to child safety 

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making.

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College has zero tolerance for child abuse. Mentone Girls’ Secondary College is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.

Every person involved in Mentone Girls’ Secondary College has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role he/she plays individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people is at the forefront of all they do and every decision they make.  Please refer to our policies on our website: for detailed information.

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