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23 November 2017
Term 4 Week 7 2017
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From the Principal

We All Make Mistakes...

Two weeks ago I emceed the piano recital at the Narre Warren South Campus Chapel.  The students were very well drilled and practised and the performances, including the curtsy and bow, were brilliant.  However, there were some mistakes.  I made it very clear to our audience that “...we all make mistakes, even monkeys fall out of trees...and monkeys are professional tree climbers!” Of course that sentence came immediately after making a mistake myself as I left a student off the list and had to return to him later in the program! 


Here at Heritage College we don’t want to coerce students to make deliberate mistakes, but we do realise that mistakes will be a natural aspect of student learning.  Why?  Because learning is about taking risks, giving new tasks or projects a go, trying a new math equation, attempting that new writing piece, learning a new song in Music or designing and redesigning in Visual Arts - all of these wonderful experiences require an element of risk.  If students are afraid of making mistakes, there will be little risk, and no attempt to give learning a go, and likely, no learning taking place.


Did you know that Albert Einstein was unable to speak fluently until age 12 and was expelled from high school at age 16 for failing several subjects?  It wasn’t until he reached 18 that he pursued his interest in calculus and physics, and used his unconventional mind to formulate the ground-breaking theory of relativity, and change the face of modern physics.


Did you know that all of our patriarchs and prophets in the Bible also made mistakes - and some of those mistakes were really, really bad!  However, God showed unfathomable mercy and helped those icons of faith return to Him and become faithful warriors for the Kingdom of God. 


So what about you?  How many mistakes have you made today?  What about our students - how many risks are you taking in your learning? 

Remember this:
“A person who never made a mistake...never tried anything new”  Albert Einstein


Mr Sonny Aiono


Dates to Remember


Friday, 24th November

VCE Exams Conclude

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Sunday, 26th November

Pathfinder Waterski Day (invite only)


Monday, 27th November

Library closed for the year


Friday, 1st December

Pathfinder Investiture

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Thursday, 7th December

Year 6 Celebration Dinner


Friday, 8th December

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Saturday, 9th December

Student Baptism


Monday, 11th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Presentation Night - Primary


Tuesday, 12th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Presentation Night - Secondary

Term 4 Finishes


Friday, 15th December

Staff Christmas Brunch

Term 4 Finishes for Staff


Tuesday, 19th December

Offices Close

General Information

PB4L Value for Term 4

Year 2/3/4N - Kaitlyn

Prep DH - Rhys

Year 1/2K - Loretta

Year 4W - Amish

Year 4/5RC - Micah

Year 6MJ - Vicky

Merit Awards

Year 4/5RC - Rose and Kayla

From the Library

It's almost the end of 2017.  The library will be closed starting 27th November 2017 for stocktake. 


Please remember to return all your books before then.  You can pass them either to the front office or to your teacher/s.


Thank you. 


Mrs Penny Tan


We Celebrate!

We celebrated our Maintenance Staff and Bus Drivers this week. 


We are incredibly grateful for their hard work and dedication to their roles.


Thank you to Bob, Stan, Don, Sheila, Ruth, Jeff, John and Tony.  We appreciate all that you do.

From the Heritage College Staff, Students and Community


Second Hand Uniform Needs

Our secondhand hand uniform ‘shop’ is in need of supplies. If your child has grown out of any uniform item, of any size, that still has some life left in it, we would appreciate if you would consider donating it to our cupboard.


We have families that may benefit from purchasing secondhand uniform items to help with their financial situation.


Please ensure the uniform item is clean when presenting it to the Administration Office on your campus. 


We thank you in advance for your generous donations as we provide this vital service to our college community.


Thank you.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 8 has been distributed to students. This will be the last issue for 2017. 


All cash orders need to be handed to the Office by 28th November 2017. Don't forget you can order and pay with your credit card online through the LOOP system. Just follow the instructions on the order form.


Any queries can be directed to Penny Tan at p.tan@heritagecollege.com.au.


Thank you.


Mrs Penny Tan

Book Club Coordinator

From Secondary Student Leadership

 As previously mentioned before, SERVICE is the value for this term and as the school year is coming to a gradual end, there is no better time than now to serve others.  Although we may be busy and excited for the holidays, let us not forget about our annual service days that Heritage College holds for us.  These days are specially set for us, so that we may have the chance to give back to those in need during the Christmas season.


We are privileged with 2 days of service.  Service days are often recognised as days off by students and most students don't feel the need to show up.  But we as followers of God should look at these days as being like Jesus.  We must work hard and help the weak and remember the words of the Lord, how He Himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35. Serving others usually requires no special talent or ability, all we need is a servant attitude.


The reason most of us do not see the opportunities to serve is that we are continually thinking about ourselves instead of others. We have not learned that we are to look not only to our own interests but also to the interests of others.  We must respond to every opportunity to serve which He places before us. We should not pick or choose our occasions for serving others, if we truly want to adopt a servant’s heart.


“As you, my brothers and sisters were called to be free, but do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh, rather to serve one another humbly in love.” Galatians 5:13
Vimbai & Rachael
Year 11 Students 

ADRA Christmas Hamper Collection 2017


From Narre Warren South

NWS Campus Swimming Program


Water Safety Day will be on Thursday, 30th November.  We would ask that all students from Years 3-6 bring old clothes they can wear in the pool.


Swimming Fun Day (last day of swimming) will be on Thursday, 7th December.

Brekkie Bar


Chinese Museum Visit

Last week Year 6 students travelled by train to Chinatown to visit the Chinese Museum.


Students had a tour of the four levels that began with how the Chinese people came to Australia during the Gold rush and continued through to the modern exhibition on the Hun Dynasty, loaned to the museum by a collector. Students also attended a Chinese character workshop and learnt how to write in Chinese which will help them complete this term's assessment. Here is what students had to say about their day:


"My favourite part about the Chinese Musuem was the Gold Rush Era exhibition, since Australia’s history fascinates me. Especially the Gold Rush".  Ryan G


"My favourite part of the excursion was writing Chinese words and seeing the long dragon.  I learnt that if you didn't have a certain hairstyle in China, you would get your head cut off.....that's sad". Leah S

"My favourite part about the museum would have to be seeing the 63 metre dragon that they use two times a year. Also the earthquake seismograph.  That was really interesting because the pendulum would rock back and forth, or side to side, and would hit a dragon and make a marble fall into a frog's mouth.  That had to be the most interesting thing that I heard in the museum". Joel


"I think that the best part of the Chinese Museum was when we got to look around the amazing statues and other interesting things, like the Dragons Phoenix". Alex


"My favourite part of today was doing the Chinese characters. It was cool to learn how to write things in the right orders. Today I learnt that men can not wear a dragon on their shirt unless they are associated with royalty". Max


"My favourite part of our great day at the Chinese museum, oh, it's so hard to choose but my absolute favourite bit would have to be photographing the huge dragon and walking 63 metres just to see how long it was". Eden

"Today the interesting thing that I admired was the Chinese dragon, because it was so unbelievable that 50 people have to help carry the dragon". Vicky


"My favourite part of today was the Chinese writing workshop and the most interesting fact I learnt was that the Chinese dragon they use is 63-64 metres". Yadveer


"My favourite part of today was when we did calligraphy writing. We got to write Chinese characters and learnt the meaning of them". Michelle


"My favourite thing was the Jade suit that people of royalty were buried in". Faith

"Something I learnt was that you had to work or be a relative of the emperor to wear a dragon or a Phoenix on your clothes, or when getting married". Jeremy


Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 6MJ Teacher

Native Animal Adaptations Incursion

Last Thursday, Brandon from Wildlife Xposure brought his interactive presentation to the Chapel to share with the Year 5 students. 


During Integrated Studies this term, Year 5 have been studying animal adaptations. Brandon showed the students many native animals and discussed many of the adaptations they have to help them survive in a range of Australian environments.


Students were encouraged to pat and hold a parrot, a Tawny Frogmouth Owl, a Ringtail Possum, a Shingleback Lizard, a goanna, a turtle, a frog, two types of pythons AND a Saltwater crocodile! (Don’t worry, it was only a baby!)


The students had many questions and we learnt lots of fascinating details about these amazing animals that are right in our Aussie backyard!


Many students also challenged their fears by interacting with these beautiful creatures God has made!

Mrs Aloma Camps

Year 4/5RC Teacher

Legoland Fun!

It was a ‘bricktastic’ Wednesday last week, when Year 3CM and 3K visited the Legoland Discovery Centre in Chadstone.  After an expectant ‘build up’ to the excursion, we were all so excited, that we were about to jump out of our skins.  After waiting in line to enter, we made virtual Minifigs of ourselves and learnt some information about the Lego factory.  We then walked into a miniature version of the city of Melbourne made entirely out of Lego.  We saw Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, the MCG and many other famous Melbourne landmarks.  We tried to get a goal at the MCG by playing a pinball game, and raced Lego horses at the Caulfield Racecourse.  It was so amazing how the designers had managed to make the buildings look so much like the real thing.  


Inside the Discovery Centre there were lots of activities to do, but our first activity was to learn about gears.  We went into a special room and sat at tables.  Each table had a set of Technic Lego that we had to use to make a model.  After we’d made our model, we learnt the difference between a drive gear and a driven gear as we turned the handle of our model.  We experimented with different sized gears to see if we could make the driven gear turn faster, and learnt how to change the direction of a gear by adding more.  We also used our eight times tables to work out how many times the smallest gear would turn with one turn of our big gear.  


After our session about gears, we explored the different parts of the Discovery Centre.  We visited the Lego Friends area, where some of us took pictures with the Lego built models of Emma and Stephanie.  The houses and buildings in the display were very colourful and detailed.  There were also rides that we could go on.  For one of the rides, we had to pedal really fast to try and make our plane lift up high in the air as we went around.  It was really fun but also hard work.  Mr and Mrs Capon, who are really big fans of Lego, talked to one of the workers who took them into the small room that designers use to create models for the displays around the centre.  It was very interesting, particularly as two designers work in the same small room and some of the models they were experimenting with were on the benches.  There were also models of game characters, such as Mario, Kirby, and a villager from Minecraft.  


Later on, we went into a movie theatre and watched a 4D movie about Emmet and Wildstyle from the Lego Movie. Not only was the movie in 3D, we also got wet and blown on by fans, which made us feel like we were part of the movie too.  It was really funny, especially when we got wet or tried to grab the blocks that we thought were coming towards us.   


After the movie, we continued to move around the Discovery Centre.  In one of the areas, we were able to make different cars and try them out on a sloped racetrack.  We also tried to see if we could get our cars to fly through the air on a steep jump.  In another part of the Discovery Centre, we tried building different tower designs to test if we could make it earthquake proof.  We had to build the tower on a special basemat, that moved around like an earthquake would when we pressed a button.  We could even choose how much the basemat moved to test how strong our towers were.  It was hilarious to see the buildings moving around and then slowly bending and falling over when it got too fast.  


However, all too soon, it was time to leave and head back to school.  We had the most Lego-tacular time and we want to thank some special helpers that came with us on the day.  Firstly, thank you to Mrs Ngwenya and Mrs Sokaluk for taking time out of your day to spend it with us.  We would also like to say thank you to Mr Capon, Don and Mrs Stadnik, for joining us to help supervise students.  Thank you all for making our day such an awesome one.  We are now inspired to create some Lego designs of our own, especially ones with gears.  

Mrs Jo Capon

Year 3CM Teacher

From the Secondary Campus



From the Officer Primary Campus

Swimming Lessons at Cardinia Life

Officer Campus Primary students enjoyed their final swimming lesson thoroughly! They participated in a range of safety lessons that exposed them to different safety situations that may occur in rivers, lakes and the ocean.


Students enjoyed saving each other with a range of items, swimming through pretend seaweed and using lifejackets to survive in the water. All students spent the lesson with large grins on their faces.


We want to say a special 'Thank You' to the excellent swimming teachers at Cardinia Life. You were patient, kind and fun! The kids loved swimming each week and enjoyed the many challenges! 

Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 2/3/4N Teacher

Thank You!

We would like to thank all of our students who have participated in the CommBank School Banking program this year.


Our final School Banking day for 2017 will be Thursday, 7th December. If your child is eligible to order a reward item please ensure that the reward coupon is completed and returned prior to this. Any tokens that have not been redeemed this year can be used in 2018.


Thank you.


Mrs Krystelle Kothe

OCP School Banking

From the ELC


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