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25 August 2017
Issue Eight
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Message from the Board of Management





During out Annual Leadership Day, President of the Board of Management, Mr Angelo Sardellis announced our beloved Principal's ongoing tenure as Head of our School.


"The progress of our School is attributable to the exemplary and inspiring leadership of our Principal Mark Robertson.  Mark is an outstanding educator who has provided outstanding leadership at a time of enormous change.


I am delighted at today's Leadership Day, to convey the Board's overall joy that we have assured a long-term partnership with Mark Robertson. Mark has had a profound impact on educational leadership and is the right person to continue to oversee Oakleigh Grammar's transformation. I would like to add my own personal congratulations to Mark," Mr Sardellis remarked.


Our Principal was appointed in December 2010 and joined a Board of Management who were passionate about their Community and School. The relationship between the Board and Principal quickly developed into an enduring partnership.


This partnership that would see much courage in decision making including a re-brand of our School and a will and determination to provide a learning environment and culture that would be unique, contemporary and importantly Community focussed.


Six years down the track our School is internationally recognised for our programs, our enrolments have doubled with waiting lists at the majority of year levels, our focus on neuro-science, character development and thought leadership has transformed our school into a School of Choice for so many families.


"I am grateful to the Board for their enormous support of me and my team and I am very excited about the prospect of Leading our Community to achieve our vision and dreams together," Mr Robertson remarked.


School Improvement is marked by key events and importantly by key people and relationships.

From the Principal




I wish to devote this edition of the Grammar News to our Junior School Leadership Day on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Assessors from the Franklin Covey Institute were present and our students authentically demonstrated the virtue of the Leader in Me process through their outstanding presentations. I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Kathy Haramis, 7 Habits Facilitator, Mrs Lauren Cummins, Head of Junior School and all Junior School staff for their commitment to this process.

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Deputy Principal


Deputy Principal


Choose Your Subjects and Choose to Learn

Planning for 2018 is well under way across the School with respect to curriculum, timetable, and professional learning of staff, to name just a few of the areas that are occupying our attention at present.


Teachers undertake a range of important services to support student learning and personal growth. However, they all plan and write curriculum, teach that curriculum and assess and report on the progress of their students. At this time of the year, we are in the process of planning the curriculum programs for next year with an emphasis on providing elective subjects that will stimulate and engage our students.  


This is in keeping with one of the key outcomes of the 2016-20 Strategic Plan that is to improve student learning, and for our students to value learning, and in doing so become active participants in their own learning. A key way to achieve this is to implement a quality curriculum that addresses the learning needs and interests of all students.

Following the success of the introduction of the Music Program in the Middle School this year, planning is underway for the expansion of the program in 2018. Participation by students in ensembles and individual performances at assemblies and other school events has been a welcome feature of the growth of the Middle School Music Program this year.

Year 6 Music will continue as an elective in 2018. Students have the option of participating in music as a semester based unit that involves the study of music styles and instrumental experience.

Next year we will be introducing a ‘music stream’ in both Year 7 and Year 8. Here students will have the opportunity to study the subject for the full year. The program focuses on music theory, instrumental experience, instrumental music tuition, musicianship, musical styles, creation and performance, stage production, and composing and arranging.

In 2018, all the elective subjects in Years 6 and 7 will be proper electives where students can elect which subjects they would like to study. In Year 6, students will have the choice of Drama or Music (as their Performing Arts subject) and for Design, the choices are Food, Wood or Information Technology Studies.

For Years 7, 8 and 9 students will have the choice of Art and Media (as their Visual Arts subject) and Drama and Music (Performing Arts). The Design choices include Food, Wood, Information Technology or Robotics Studies. For language Acquisition, students can choose either Greek or Mandarin.

The Year 10 Program has five core MYP subjects (Language Acquisition, Language & Literature, Individuals & Societies, Mathematics & Science) plus three MYP elective subjects (Arts, Design and Physical and Health Education). In addition to this, there is a VCE block where students can choose from a range of Unit 1 and 2 subjects. The Year 11 and 12 program has a full range of the popular VCE subjects and links to VCE VET options.

We encourage our students to choose subjects that are of interest to them and then choose to learn!

Important Dates & Notices

School Safety Tips

The following is an excerpt from the July 2017 Monash Bulletin:


A parent or carer is often the first role model for children to learn about being safe and travelling to and from school.


However, sometimes parents or carers rushing to drop children off can make poor decisions that compromise the safety of their child and other children.


Whether you're a parent or carer walking, driving, cycling or as a passenger in a vehicle, remember who is watching you and learning from your behaviour.


Some key tips include:

  • Try to stay calm particularly when driving and always allow enough time to avoid rushing
  • Always obey reduced speed limits around schools
  • Take extra care to be alert and on the lookout for children (they can be unpredictable) when you drive or park near a school
  • Obey parking restriction signs, keep clear of school crossings and never double park. Don't overstay the drop-off / pick-up short term parking areas
  • Parking is not allowed within 20 metres of the approach side and 10 metres of the departure side of a school crossing. Parking in this space makes it difficult and dangerous for children and the crossing supervisor to get a clear view of the road and any approaching vehicles
  • When you drive to school, get your children into the habit of using the kerbside doors, away from traffic
  • Try parking a few streets away from the school and walking the rest of the way. This helps reduce the traffic around the school
  • When walking to school, where there is a school crossing, use it! Crossing the road anywhere else creates a risk and sends the wrong message to your child.

Absentee Line

The Absentee Phone Line and e-mail address can be used by parents to report student absences promptly and conveniently.  


Simply phone the line and state your child's name, year level, estimated duration of and reason for absence after the tone. 


Your message will be sent directly to Student Services so that your child's absence can be recorded. Reports of absences WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED via any other means other than those listed below.


Absentee Line: 03 8554 0050

Email: [email protected]

Skoolbag: Select 'eForms' then 'Absentee Form'.

Leaving us in 2017?

Remember - one terms notice is required in writing to the Admissions Office if your child is not returning to Oakleigh Grammar.


For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team to discuss on (03) 8554 0014 or [email protected]

Greek Independence Day March - Professional Photo for Sale

Professional Photographer and parent of the school Peter Psarros of Smile for Peter Photography took these stunning photos at the Greek Independence Day March on the 25th of March 2017, and is selling the photos in poster form (850mm x 390mm).


Option 1

Option 2

You can purchase the posters for $50 each, and Peter is generously donating all profits to the school.


To purchase a copy, please email Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer:

[email protected]

indicating which option you would like to order. 


(Note: if you would like the poster framed, please indicate this in your email for more information on this pricing).

Spare Clothing for First Aid Office

If you have any old or outgrown uniforms, particularly pants, the First Aid Office is looking for donations for children that may need a change of clothes throughout the day.


Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to drop them in at any time.

Parking Courtesy

Please be mindful of our neighbours when parking your car at drop-off and / or pick-up times. We understand that parking is limited in the area, especially at this time, however please avoid parking across or partially blocking residents' driveways.


Please do not double park cars at any time - a number of staff and community members have been blocked in many times and this is should be avoided.


Please also be mindful of pedestrians in the area. It is a 40KM/HR zone at all times, and there is a lot of foot traffic around the school, presenting a number of hazards to be aware of. Safety first!


We thank you for your cooperation.

Junior School Musical



Marty McFly, a typical teenager of the 1980s and his close friend, scientist Doc Brown who invented the Delorean Time Machine, decide to go on another adventure in 2017.


Whist on their journey, something goes wrong in the space time continuum and the pair end up in the 1920s.


In their efforts to get back to the future, they go on a musical journey through time, from decade to decade until they reach their destination.


Join the students from Oakleigh Grammar who will entertain you with drama performances, dances and songs from various eras. Buckle your seat belts and be prepared to...blast into the past!

Date: Wednesday 20 September

Time: 6PM (First Sitting) & 7:45PM (Second Sitting)*
Location: Drum Theatre, Dandenong

Tickets: https://purchase.drumtheatre.com.au/en-AU/shows/blast%20into%20the%20past/events


*Note - both sittings are exactly the same. The Musical will be performed twice on the same evening.

Lost Property

Please check your child’s school uniform to ensure they have not accidentally taken a peer’s blazer / sport jacket / etc. home with them by mistake.


Please also ensure all of your children’s uniforms are clearly named to ensure the correct uniform is returned to them if found in the playground or taken to lost property at the front office.

Update Your Email Address

A reminder to families to please ensure that you are not missing out on important information for your child/children and please ensure your email contact details are current as all correspondence from the School is via Email, Parent Paperwork and Skoolbag .


As of Term 2, 2017, we are no longer providing hard copies of electronic correspondence.


Please update your email address with our Admissions Team, via [email protected]


Please check your spam folder. If you find any emails from us, make sure you mark them as 'not spam' or 'trusted' to ensure they are delivered directly to your inbox.

Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory

We are proud to announce the launch of the official Oakleigh Grammar Business Directory. Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, staff members and past students are invited to list their business on the directory! Head to http://businessdirectory.oakleighgrammar.vic.edu.au for more information and to list your business.


Conference Centre & Arrowsmith Centre Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & Arrowsmith Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 8554 0001 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]


Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

School Mobile App

Download our ‘Skoolbag’ App to stay informed!


We send push notifications straight to your phone regarding news, events and updates.


You can also report absences easily and conveniently using the app.


Download for iPhone

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Places Filling Fast

Places are filling fast for Prep, Year 7 and Year 9 for 2018.


If you or a family member are interested in enrolling your child in these year levels, please contact our Admissions team as soon as possible on (03) 8554 0014 or via email to [email protected]

Senior School

Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School


Week six already! For our Year 12 students that means they have just four weeks, a little over 20 days left before the completion of all instruction and assessment for their Unit 3 and 4 studies is done.


Each year it seems to go a little faster than the previous year. Serious preparation for the November examinations has begun in earnest for students undertaking Unit 3 and 4 VCE sequences. As part of this preparation we have commenced the process of assisting students to complete their VTAC registration necessary for them to receive an offer for tertiary placement in January.  Decisions are about to be made and students will be provided with as much guidance as required to assist them to make wise choices.


Subject Selections for 2017 in the Senior School have commenced. Students are encouraged to talk to our Career Advisor, Michelle Mascaro about the potential career they are interested in and find out what they need to do to work towards this goal.


For those entering the world of VCE studies for the first time, help is a phone call or email away. Parents are encouraged to join their children at these appointments and as always, are more than welcome to contact us should they have questions or concerns about the study program chosen by their child.


EISM Sport for Senior School concludes this week with a large number of teams participating in Grand Finals. Extra classes for Year 12 students will be scheduled for this time to allow SACs to be completed, additional revision classes or catch up lessons to take place. As most students in Year 11 are completing their first 3/4 subject this year, they will be included in the planning. A note will be sent home shortly outlining the plans for Wednesday afternoons until the end of the term.


Trial English Examinations for Year 12 have been scheduled for Friday 22nd September and Wednesday 11th October. English is a three-hour examination and students need the experience to develop the required time management skills, to cope with the demands of an examination of this length. Trial VCE examinations have been scheduled for the second week of the term break and will run from Monday 2nd October to Thursday 5th October. Timetables are currently being finalised and will be distributed shortly.


Parent Teacher Interviews for Year 10 students will take place on Thursday 7th September and Tuesday 12th September. Interim reports will be forwarded home shortly. I encourage you to make the time and an appointment with your child’s teachers to discuss their progress. 

Year 10 & 11 2018 Cultural Tour - Japan: Expressions of Interest

Dependent on student interest, a cultural tour of Japan will be held in 2018. It is anticipated that students will depart on, or about, Sunday 24th June 2018 and will return on, or about, Tuesday 3rd July 2018, and will be visiting the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyahima and Tokyo.


For more information and to register your interest, download the Expression of Interest form below.


Middle School

Head of Middle School


Occasionally I refer to a website run by the Department of Education and Training, promoting parental engagement in children’s education. Here is a link to this website.


An important area discussed on the site is regular student attendance. Below is an excerpt from the website addressing this issue, and some tips for parents on how to encourage regular attendance at school.


To get the most out of education, children need to go to school every day. School attendance has a major influence on educational outcomes. Students who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve better results, and are more likely to complete their schooling. Parents can encourage their child to attend school by having a positive attitude to learning and education.


Poor school attendance patterns can start as early as Year 1. It is important that from the first day of school parents set an expectation that their children will be at school every day. Missing an average of 10 days of school a term adds up to missing two full years of schooling by the end of Year 10.


Things You Can Do to Support School Attendance

  • Talk positively about learning and attending school
  • Help your child get into a routine to make getting ready to go to school stress-free
  • Help your child to get ready for school in the morning
  • Talk about the positive social aspect of the school environment:
    • Friends
    • Favourite classes
    • Favourite teachers

For Teenagers

  • Talk with your teenager about their long term goals and dreams, and how school can help them achieve this

I encourage all parents to have a look at the other information on the website.


Science Week

Last week was Science Week at Oakleigh Grammar. Students were entertained and wowed by the Science staff, all in the name of celebrating all things Science!


On Monday, Mr Harbis created Lava Lamps. On Tuesday Mr Wengier dazzled students with the magic of electricity, on Wednesday Mr Gridley played with students’ minds in “Psychology Games”, on Thursday Mr Damatopoulos got dissecting and on Friday, to finish the week off with a bang, Mr Patel amazed everyone by setting students' “hands on fire” (safely of course). The week was a great opportunity to have fun with Science, and many students took the opportunity to get involved. Thanks go to all the Science faculty for organising and running the weeks' activities.


Blackheath and Thornburgh Visit

We look forward to welcoming 14 students from Blackheath and Thornburgh College on Friday 8th September, who are taking the chance to come and have a taste of life in the big city. Our own students, who visited BTC earlier in the year, will be greeting the BTC students and getting the chance to renew friendships made earlier in the year.


Dormition of the Theotokos Services

On Monday 15 August, our Middle School students represented Oakleigh Grammar at Dormition of the Theotokos services at the Orthodox churches of Bentleigh, Dandenong, and Malvern, as well as at our own St Anagiri’s Church in Oakleigh. The students were fine ambassadors for the school and were warmly welcomed by members of the wider Orthodox community. Thanks to Ms Spanos for organising this opportunity for the students.


Arts Week

Arts week was a huge success at Oakleigh Grammar this year, and a wonderful display of the creativity and talent alive among our student population, as well as the dedication and skill of our Arts staff, and their ability to encourage and nurture the talent of our students.


Arts week was a celebration of all things creative; celebrating music, drama, arts and performance. The Annual Art Show, held on Tuesday evening was an amazing display of colour and texture. Congratulations to all students who were awarded for their dedication to the subject, skill, and execution of a technique or simple creative flair.


Arts week concluded with Oakleigh Grammar Has Talent, the Middle School talent show that is quickly becoming a calendar highlight for the school. The range of talent in dramatic and musical performance, from such a small group of students displayed at the show was simply astounding. The appreciation and support for the performers provided by the audience was, for me, the highlight of the afternoon, and a wonderful display of community spirit from the students.


Congratulations to all who were involved in organising, performing or supporting from the audience, for you contribution to the success of the event. I am already looking forward to next year’s show.


Atkinson Street Carpark Artwork Unveiling

Over the past two months a number of Middle School students including: Georgianna Petridis, Stephen Pliatsikas, Maria Patrikiou and Keerat Kaur,  have been collaborating with the artist Michael Fikaris, in the production of street artworks in the Atkinson Street Carpark, in Oakleigh. This week the artworks were officially unveiled. Read more.


Upcoming events

Year 6 2018 MYP Parent information Evening – Wednesday 30th August 7pm

9Ways City Experience – Tuning in – Wednesday – Thursday 6 & 7th September

Y6 – 11 Parent Teacher Interviews - Thursday 7th September, 4 – 6pm

Y6 – 11 Parent Teacher Interviews - Tuesday 12th September, 4 – 8pm

Year 7 Camp – Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th September

Year 8 Camp – Monday 18th – Friday 22nd September

9Ways City Experience– Monday 18th – Friday 22nd September

Junior School

Head of Junior School


Head of Junior School


Arts Week

Arts week made Oakleigh Grammar come alive with creativity. The Karaoke was a blast, lunch time activities were bustling and we had some stunning pieces of work on display at the Art Gallery. A huge congratulations to the Arts Department for running such an inspired week for the students celebrating the Arts. Where have the arts in education gone? Over the past several years there has become a trend of schools cutting the arts from their curriculum. Music, art, theater—gone for so many. There is no doubt that the arts are alive at Oakleigh Grammar.

Read more here


Ten Minute Tutor Reminder

‘The Ten Minute Tutor’ is a video and work sheet program with a real teacher that is done over the internet. Your child will log into the program from any computing device including tablets and smartphones, watch the tutorials and follow along with the worksheets. Your child will start at the appropriate level for their skills. They can do the program at their own pace, at a time that suits them and go back and repeat lessons as required.

Find out more


National Book Week

National Book Week commenced on Monday 21 August and the theme for this year is “Escape to Everywhere”. Our book character dress up day was today and we had the opportunity to see all the fabulous outfits at the Book Week parade, held in the Conference Centre. Each year across Australia, The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) brings children and books together to celebrate Children’s Book Week. During this time schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian Children's Literature. I thank the Year 1 teachers for doing a fabulous job organising such a fun-filled week of literature, along with the library staff and arts staff. Our students were lucky to have an illustrator visit the library, a Book Week performance, and also completing cross age activities from ELC to Year 5 based on the nominated books.

Leadership Day

A huge thank you to Mrs. Haramis for her wonderful coordination of our Leadership Day held yesterday. The teachers, students and Mrs. Haramis put together a morning of Leadership events within our school, to highlight our lighthouse journey with the community. Please speak with your children at home on ways the 7 Habits can effectively work in your family. I would like to “fill your buckets” by thanking you for your attendance, as it means so much to your children and us as a school to have you visit our classrooms, and see the students present items on the 7 habits while teaching each other.


Other School Happenings

ELC Science Week – Make it Rain!

ELC Grandparents Day

Year 1 Fizzics Education

After School Care Reminder


Bentleigh Districts Inter-School Athletics

I would like to congratulate Ms Caroline Leach for her organisation and execution of the Bentleigh Districts Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 15 August. The Oakleigh Grammar team selection and training leading up to the inter-school carnival was invaluable. Thank you to the staff for their efforts on training days, and to those who attended the carnival on Tuesday, assisting with events and marshaling of students. The competition was of a very high standard with Oakleigh Grammar having a handful of individual students receiving a place in some events. 


Year 6 information Evening – Transition to Middle School

Parents of Year 5 students are warmly invited to attend our Middle Years Programme event, on Wednesday 30th August at 7pm in the Conference Centre. Read more here


ELC and Prep First Year of School

Partnerships with parents have a significant impact on the success of your child’s first year of school. Principals, teachers and parents must be partners to help each other, and in turn help their children. The cornerstone of successful partnerships is shared knowledge. ‘Your Child’s First Year of School’ is a guide published for parents that provides information for getting off to a good start, and assisting with the journey.  This book has been written in consultation with parents themselves, as well as teachers, principals and other relevant experts. If you are interested in a copy of this book the school has a promotion code of FY3 to use when you place an order. You can order a copy online here or email: [email protected]


Academic Extension Programs

Congratulations to all students who enthusiastically sat the University of New South Wales competitions this term. It is wonderful to see such enthusiasm for academic extension programs, and students endeavoring to advance their skills and opportunities. Chess club is currently running on a Monday and Robotics Club on Wednesdays. Year 5 students will also begin their debating experience in order to introduce them to debating, and how it's structured.

Read more about it here!

Junior School Musical



Marty McFly, a typical teenager of the 1980s and his close friend, scientist Doc Brown who invented the Delorean Time Machine, decide to go on another adventure in 2017.


Whist on their journey, something goes wrong in the space time continuum and the pair end up in the 1920s.


In their efforts to get back to the future, they go on a musical journey through time, from decade to decade until they reach their destination.


Join the students from Oakleigh Grammar who will entertain you with drama performances, dances and songs from various eras. Buckle your seat belts and be prepared to...blast into the past!

Date: Wednesday 20 September

Time: 6PM (First Sitting) & 7:45PM (Second Sitting)*
Location: Drum Theatre, Dandenong

Tickets: https://purchase.drumtheatre.com.au/en-AU/shows/blast%20into%20the%20past/events


*Note - both sittings are exactly the same. The Musical will be performed twice on the same evening.

The Leader In Me


Leadership Facilitator



Once again our Leadership Day was a huge success and continues to grow from strength to strength. Our Conference Centre was full to capacity, with over 350 guests attending to celebrate our leadership journey in the Junior School. Mrs Cummins, Head of Junior School gave an inspirational speech and her support of The Leader in Me was applauded by all.


Mrs Knox from FranklinCovey Australia and New Zealand and Mr George Danson were also present, who are our Leader in Me Lighthouse auditors. They stayed with us not only to celebrate the event, but also to determine whether our Junior School’s journey pertaining to The Leader in me has met all the stringent criteria, so we can obtain the much coveted status of becoming a Lighthouse School of Leadership. Areas examined included collaboration, leadership environment, parent involvement, student engagement and measurable data.


Our leadership journey has been a vibrant and authentic one for over six years now, culminating every year in all Junior school students participating and performing in this unique event. Year 5 students confidently deliver their speeches, write, plan and teach their 7 Habits lessons to their peers during the classroom tours. Prep students recite poems and Year 4 students enjoy participating in the annual Leadership play, written by our very talented Mrs Des Maramis. All students have a voice!   


It's inspiring to see how children thrive and grow when we believe in them, and communicate to them their potential. Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who continue to support our leadership journey, and our efforts to ensure that we teach academics through the lenses of character and life skills.


Enjoy the visuals and we hope to inform you over the next month about our results with regards to Lighthouse status.

[Click the gallery to view all images]

The Arrowsmith Program

Head of Arrowsmith

Head of the Arrowsmith Program


Talking About Failure: What Parents Can Do to Motivate Kids in School


Is failure a positive opportunity to learn and grow, or is it a negative experience that hinders success? How parents answer that question has a big influence on how much children think they can improve their intelligence through hard work, a study says.


“Parents are a really critical force in child development when you think about how motivation and mindsets develop,” says Kyla Haimovitz, a professor of psychology at Stanford University. She coauthored the study, published in Psychological Science with colleague Carol Dweck, who pioneered research on mindsets.


“Parents have this powerful effect really early on and throughout childhood to send messages about what is failure, how to respond to it.”

Although there’s been a lot of research on how these forces play out, relatively little looks at what parents can do to motivate their kids in school, Haimovitz says. This study begins filling that gap.


“There is a fair amount of evidence showing that when children view their abilities as more malleable and something they can change over time, then they deal with obstacles in a more constructive way,” says Gail Heyman, a Professor of Psychology at the University of California in San Diego, who was not involved in this study. But communicating that message to children is not simple.


“Parents need to represent this to their kids in the ways they react about their kids’ failures and setbacks,” Haimovitz says. “We need to really think about what’s visible to the other person, what message I’m sending in terms of my words and my deeds.” In other words, if a child comes home with a D on a maths test, how a parent responds will influence how the child perceives their own ability to learn maths. Even a well-intentioned, comforting response of “It’s okay, you’re still a great writer” may send the message that it’s time to give up on math rather than learn from the problems they got wrong, Haimovitz explains.


She and Dweck conducted a series of smaller studies to explore how the interactions between parents’ failure and intelligence mindsets affected their children’s beliefs about intelligence.


First they interviewed 73 parents and their fourth- and fifth-grade children, about their beliefs on failure and intelligence. The parents were mostly mothers with at least a college degree; they lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. The questions focused on whether they viewed intelligence as something that could change and whether they saw failure as positive, facilitating growth and enhancing productivity, or as negative, debilitating and inhibiting learning.


The way children perceived “being smart” was not related to how their parents perceived intelligence, but it was related to how their parents reacted toward failure. “Parents who had more of a failure-is-debilitating mindset had children who were significantly more likely to believe that intelligence is fixed,” they found, even after accounting for how parents perceived their children’s academic success.


“The more parents believed that failure is debilitating, the more likely their children were to see them as concerned with their performance outcomes and grades, rather than their learning and improvement,” the study found.


Then the researchers surveyed 160 different parents online to find out how they would respond to their child coming home with a failing quiz grade. Those who saw failure as negative were more likely to worry about their child’s abilities in that subject, or to comfort their child about not being talented in all subjects. But parents who saw failure as an opportunity were more likely to ask their child what they learned from the quiz, what they still can learn, and whether asking the teacher for help would be useful.


Through two more surveys of 102 Bay Area parents, their children and 100 fourth and fifth grade students, the researchers found that children could correctly identify their parents’ beliefs about failure, but not necessarily about intelligence — it was the former that matched up with the children’s own beliefs about intelligence.


Finally, the researchers conducted a randomized experiment with 132 parents to discover whether parents’ failure beliefs, directly cause their children’s beliefs through parents’ reactions to failure: they did. “The takeaway is that when your child is struggling on something or has setbacks, don’t focus on their abilities, focus on what they can learn from it,” Haimovitz says. One way, she says, is to ask a child: “How can you use this as a jumping-off point?” But it’s unclear how much the study’s findings relate to children of various ethnic, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Related research Heyman has done in China revealed a mixed bag in terms of results. “Cultures have very different beliefs about effort and ability, and asking subtly different questions you can get different answers,” Heyman says. Whereas academic success often correlates with athletic or social success among white students, the same is not necessarily true among black or Latino students, according to Cleopatra Abdou, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern California.


What is consistent across cultures, however, is the powerful influence that beliefs people internalize as children follow them through life. “The messages we get from our parents, whether explicitly or symbolically or subconsciously, stay with us and are very hard to unlearn and to overcome” if they’re not helpful, she says. “Sometimes we have internalized faulty beliefs or beliefs that don’t serve us.”


Further, taking the learn-from-failure message too far might backfire eventually. “If you’re being told this message you can learn anything and you’ve done everything you can and you’re not getting anywhere, then maybe at a certain point you say you’re going to say I just don’t believe this,” she adds.


Further, children’s mindsets can also be influenced by their temperament, such as their tolerance for frustration, Heyman says. “One thing we do know in recent years, there’s too much blaming of parents,” Heyman says. “Temperament is extremely important and it’s biologically based, and to deny that causes all kinds of problems.”


The challenge for parents is to support children without setting them up for failure. “There’s this very difficult fine line between parents and teachers helping children enough, so that they can do things on their own that they couldn’t do otherwise, but not to help them so much that they expect other people to do it for them, and don’t get pulled up to a higher level,” Heyman says. “You slowly pull back as the kids get better on their own, but not let them flail around so much that they get frustrated and give up.”


Head of Sport


Head of Sport


Junior School Athletics Carnival (Years 3-6)

On Tuesday 1st August, students from Years 3-6 participated in the annual Junior School House Athletics Carnival. The venue was the local Duncan MacKinnon Athletics Track.


Year 9 students were also involved on the day. As part of the MYP ‘Service as Action’ requirement, the Year 9 students provided valuable assistance to staff, and undertook a variety of officiating roles (group leaders, event assistants, timekeepers, recorders).   


Students from Years 3 to 6 were grouped in year levels and competed in a Standardised Athletics Program. Each student competed in eight different track and field events (100m, 200m, 800m, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Discus and Shot Put) in which they gained points for their House according to the standard they achieved in each event.


Students in Years 4 to 6 were also invited to compete in an additional event, the 80m Hurdles.

The major focus of the day was participation, enjoyment and athletic skill development.


Prep-Year 2 Modified Athletics Activities 

Students in Prep to Year 2 also got into the spirit of the House Athletics Day by participating in a number of modified athletics activities in the Sports Complex. Students competed in modified Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, Sprint Race, Hurdle Race, an Endurance Run, Javelin and a Baton Relay.      


Results obtained on the day formed part of the selection process used to select our athletics team that competed at the Bentleigh District Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 15th August.    


Many thanks to the staff, parents and Year 9 students who helped make the day a successful one.                                  


Thanks also to Mr Peter Tsarros for providing the excellent photos of the House and District Athletics Days.  


Junior School House Athletics Results

1st Place: Bradman House - 364 points

2nd Place: Rose House - 332 points

3rd Place: Fraser House - 326 points


Bentleigh District Athletics Carnival (Years 3-6)

Well done to all students who were selected and participated at the Bentleigh District Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 15th August. Great commitment to sport was displayed, as this was a student free day for the Junior School. Thank you to the parents that came along to support our students on the day.


Our placegetters were:

1st Place:

Christos Babatsias: 11 Boys 80m Hurdles

Xavier Harpur: 12/13 Boys Discus & Shot Put


2nd Place:

Dimitrios Vlanes: 9/10 Boys 100m B

Rajkaran Sidhu: 9/10 Boys 100m C

Jaeda Louw: 11 Girls Shot Put & 80m Hurdles

Christos Babatsias: 11 Boys High Jump


3rd Place:

Lexi Bergheier: 9/10 Girls Shot Put

Stefan Pegiou: 9/10 Boys 100m A

Rajkaran Sidhu: 9/10 Boys 80m Hurdles


4th Place:

Veronica Micallef: 9/10 Girls 80m Hurdles & 800m

Stephanie Karagiannis: 11 Girls High Jump

Kai Di Natale: 12/13 Boys 80m Hurdles

Isabella Anastopoulos: 12/13 Girls Discus

Jasmine Nicopoulos: 12/13 Girls Shot Put


Good luck to the following students who have qualified for the School Sport Victoria Beachside Division Athletics Carnival, on Friday 8th September.


Xavier Harpur: 12/13 Boys Discus and Shot Put

Christos Babatsias: 11 Boys 80m Hurdles & High Jump

Jaeda Louw: 11 Girls Shot Put and 80m Hurdles


Faculty News

Careers News


Career Advisor





Inside Monash – Aug 31st Education; 31st Science and Careers, Sept 5th Education; Register 


VTAC Applications are open for Year 12; OG applications close 21 September and officially close 28 September.  Make a VTAC appointment with me ASAP


VTAC Closing Application Due for Some VCA Courses

Applications for Animation, Dance, Film and Television, and for Screenwriting close on VTAC on 31st August


SEAS applications close for Year 12 on 10th October (5pm) – see Mrs. Frame ASAP for statements of support


Open Days Still to Come

Deakin University – Sun 27th Aug

Australian Catholic University (ACU) – Sun 27th Aug (Ballarat)

Federation University – Sun 27th August (Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland)

La Trobe University –  Sun 27th August (Bendigo)


Year 12 News

As per VTAC Briefing I remind you that applications for courses for 2018 are now open on the VTAC website. Timely applications at OG close on 21st September, and officially 28th September (cost $35.00). Late applications cost $103.00.


Please make an appointment with me ASAP and see Mrs. Frame regarding Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) applications, which are also open and can be completed following a VTAC course application (close 10th October). Scholarship applications done through VTAC also closed on 13th October. If you would like a copy of the power point presentation from the VTAC briefing I presented to you, please email me [email protected]



CASPer: For Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Courses

As I mentioned to you in the VTAC Briefing, applicants for all Victorian teaching courses must undertake the CASPer test. The test requires applicants to demonstrate personal attributes such as motivation to teach, strong interpersonal skills, willingness to learn, resilience, self-efficacy, conscientiousness and organisational skills.


CASPer is taken online and is composed of 12 sections. Each section contains video or word-based scenarios followed by three open-ended, follow-up questions. CASPer can only be taken online; international students must complete it by 10th November 2017, and applicants for undergraduate and graduate-entry teaching Round 1 offers must complete it by 30th November 2017. See me for further details. 


NOTE:  When applying for teaching courses, you should put some pathway courses in your preference list as you will not know the outcome of your CASPer test and therefore, whether you will be accepted into teaching courses. e.g. a Bachelor of Arts may be suitable for those interested in primary teaching, or teaching Humanities or Studies of Society and Environment.


Access Melbourne 2018

Guaranteed entry for Access Melbourne applicants have been approved for 2018. Students from a rural or isolated area, or those who have a disadvantaged financial background could be eligible for a guaranteed place in Melbourne by applying through Access Melbourne – even if their ATAR is below the clearly-in rank.



  • Students must have completed Year 12 in Australia or in 2017
  • Student is eligible for the consideration in one or both of the categories 
  • The student satisfies for their chosen course
  • Achieved an ATAR or notional ATAR in 2017 of:
  • 78+ guarantees a place in Design or Science
  • 80+ guarantees a place in Arts
  • 88+ guarantees a place in Commerce
  • 92+ guarantees a place in Biomedicine
  • For more information click here 

Dookie Open Day

For students interested in studying Agriculture at Melbourne, the university is offering an opportunity for prospective students to visit their farm at Dookie. There will be course and career advice, information sessions, farmers market and various activities.

When: Wednesday 18th October.


Monash University News

Free VCE HHD and Psychology revision lectures at Monash. The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences is offering VCE revision lectures to assist Year 12 students prepare for exams. The lectures, delivered by qualified VCE teachers, are designed to reinforce each term’s learnings. When: Health and Human Development, 10am-3pm, Tues 26th Sept; Psychology: 10am-3pm, Wed 27th Sept. Click here for more details.


Careers and Creativity Day for Art, Design and Architecture

The Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA) Careers and Creativity Day is a great way to find out more about the courses available and the varied careers to which they can lead.


The day will start with a panel discussion between MADA’s lecturers and alumni about their career paths and job prospects. The afternoon session will provide the opportunity to take part in a hands-on workshop focusing on different areas of interest. Students interested in Fine Art will have the application process explained, covering the folio and what happens in the interview.

When: Sat 16th September

Where: Caulfield campus

Information and bookings here.


Upcoming Event for Year 11-12 Students
Oakleigh Grammar Careers Morning Tea with special guest Peter Hitchener of Channel 9, who will be talking about his career. A delicious morning tea will be provided courtesy of McDonald’s McCafe Menu.


When: Tuesday 4th September

Time: 9.15am-10.30am

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Student Representative Council (SRC)


SRC Coordinator


Oakleigh Grammar was invited to attend the 2nd Anniversary of the unveiling of the Lemnos Gallipoli Memorial on Saturday 12th August. SRC members represented the school and laid a wreath on behalf of Oakleigh Grammar.


The ceremony took place at the Memorial located at “Lemnos Square” in Albert Park. This Memorial recognises the important role of the Greek island of Lemnos in Australia's ANZAC story, and is dedicated to the Australian nurses and soldiers who served there during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915, to the 148 Australian soldiers who remain buried there, and the local community who supported them.

On Tuesday 15 August, the Orthodox Church commemorated the Dormition of the Theotokos.  Middle School students represented the School at services in a number of surrounding churches including Dandenong, East Bentleigh and Malvern. Members of the Byzantine Choir as well as Year 9 students attended Sts Anargiri Church, and took part in the service by chanting. Well done to all students who represented Oakleigh Grammar.


On Friday 25 August the SRC organised a Yellow Day for the Junior School and ELC. Students came to school dressed as their Book Week character, and also wore a touch of yellow. Each student made a gold coin donation. All money raised was donated to the Ronald McDonald House, Monash. Students and staff had so much fun dressed in yellow!




LOTE Teacher


The LOTE Department has been very busy over the last three weeks, with students involved in a number of activities.


A group of Year 7 students completed their video for the Greek Student Film Festival. Students worked very hard during their Greek lessons to create their own video based on this year’s topic: “Only the children know what they are looking for”. The Greek Student Film Festival offers students the opportunity to use the Greek language in creative and innovative ways, whilst simultaneously encouraging the preservation of Greek culture. Good luck to our Year 7 students!


Our Unit 4 LOTE Greek students are currently getting prepared for their Oral Examination which is in October. On Wednesday 9th August, students had the opportunity to interview Mr Tony Tsourdalakis as part of their 'Detailed Study'. The students obtained a lot of useful information regarding mass migration and the first, second and third generation of Greeks in Australia. Our sincere thanks are extended to Mr Tsourdalakis for visiting our Unit 4 Greek Class, and for participating in this worthwhile interview for our students!

Whilst Mr Tsourdalakis attended the Greek lesson, he also visited our new library, and on behalf of the Pancretan Association he donated a number of resources which will be accessible for our students to use. The resources are related to the history and the traditions of Crete. On behalf of Oakleigh Grammar I would like to thank the Pancetan Association for their ongoing support of our school.

On Monday 21st August Years 8 ,9 and 10 LOTE Greek students participated in a workshop for the SBS National Languages Competition 2017. Mr Panos Apostolou, reporter for the SBS Greek Radio Program, visited Oakleigh Grammar and explained to students the importance of participating in this competition.


The competition is an exciting initiative to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. It’s a nationwide competition to engage school children and reflect on the cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity of Australia's multicultural society.


All students aged four to 18 years across Australia who are learning a language other than English can participate. To enter, students need to upload a video (maximum 30 seconds long) describing ‘What learning a language means to you’. The video is to be in any language other than English, and the more creative the better! Good luck to Oakleigh Grammar students who choose to participate in this competition!


Chaplain's Corner


School Chaplain


In the last few weeks our students from all year levels attended church services, including the Paraklesis of the Holy Theotokos, Divine Liturgy of the Dormition of the Theotokos 15 August, and our Junior School attended the Apodosis of the Dormition of the Theotokos on the 23rd of August.


The students of the Junior School spoke about book week, and how exciting it is to celebrate and share our knowledge about the books we read. I spoke to the students about spiritual books such as the Bible, and also the life of Saints, and encouraged them to read the wonderful stories.


The lives of our Saints give us examples of living the life of Christ, so that we can become Christ- like. We have in the Orthodox Christian Church wonderful books of new Saints of our time, such as Saint Paisios and Saint Porphyrios. Here are a list of a few books that you can read and have in your book collection:

  • Children's Bible Reader
  • From I-ville to You-ville: Drawn from the teachings of Elder Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (1924–1994), these lessons can be of tremendous spiritual benefit for young and old alike. The journey of young Stubborn is one that all of us must take, and which all of us can accomplish—if only we shrink our "I" and put "You" first!
  • St Seraphim's Beatitudes
  • My Warrior Saints: an Illustrated Synaxarion for Children, containing CD.
  • Story of Holy Hierarch Nectarios, the Wonderworker
  • The Life of Saint Patrick, Enlightener of the Irish by Zachary Lynch

 You may browse the website for many other enlightening spiritual books of your choice. 


“For, a psalm is the work of angels, a heavenly institution, the spiritual incense.”

  • St. Basil the Great ( 330 AD - January 1, 379 AD)

While numerous early writers may have written about education of the young, there are not too many one could quote, other than St. Basil the Great who addressed the youth.


St Basil the Great shares with us the benefits of reading literature. We could also adapt his teachings to our contemporary literature, books, stories etc. He teaches us how to discern what is beneficial for our knowledge and for our soul.


He gives a wonderful metaphor in explaining:  “For just as bees know how to extract honey from flowers, which to men are agreeable only for their fragrance and color, even so here also those who look for something more than pleasure and enjoyment in such writers may derive profit for their souls. Now, then, altogether after the manner of bees must we use these writings, for the bees do not visit all the flowers without discrimination, nor indeed do they seek to carry away entire those upon which they light, but rather, having taken so much as is adapted to their needs, they let the rest go. So we, if wise, shall take from heathen books whatever befits us and is allied to the truth, and shall pass over the rest. And just as in culling roses we avoid the thorns, from such writings as these we will gather everything useful, and guard against the noxious. So, from the very beginning, we must examine each of their teachings, to harmonize it with our ultimate purpose, according to the Doric proverb, testing each stone by the measuring-line.” (Book: Address to Youth On How They Might Benefit from Classical Greek Literature)

Find out more about who St Basil is here.


Learning Enhancement


Head of Learning Enhancement




OnPsych Counselling Services

Childhood and adolescence can be a difficult and challenging time for some students. Fortunately, school support staff are in a position to help students deal with these challenges by linking them to specialist staff on school grounds.


OnPsych services is available at  Oakleigh Grammar.  OnPsych offer services to students and their families at no cost under the GP Health Plan. This will entitle the student/family member to a maximum of 10 sessions per year with the psychologist.


If you would like to access the OnPsych counselling service for your child, then please speak with your child’s teacher or Head of School for a referral letter to your child’s GP. 


For further information about OnPsych services, feel free to contact me at the school on 9569 6128 or email me at [email protected] or visit their website

Speech and Language Therapy

At Oakleigh Grammar we provide Speech and Language Therapy which specializes in the assessment and treatment of:

  • Receptive Language: understanding questions, concepts and instructions, auditory memory difficulties
  • Expressive Language: vocabulary development, formulating sentences, using correct grammar and syntax, story/narrative and descriptive skills development
  • Literacy & Learning Difficulties: pre-reading skills, reading fluency and comprehension, spelling and writing skills
  • Speech Sound Disorders: articulation, phonology, dyspraxia
  • Stuttering/Fluency Difficulties
  • Pragmatics: use of language in a social context

The school has a Speech Pathologist from More Than Hearing Clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Speech Pathologist is available to conduct a speech and language screening, at a small cost to you, at the school. The screening will provide a snapshot of your child’s current speech and language skills. The screening is conducted 1:1 and takes approximately 20 minutes.


A brief report will be sent to your email or to home with the Speech Pathologist’s feedback and recommendations. Parents/Guardians will then have the option to receive further assessment and/or therapy through the service at the school.


If you wish to have your child to have a speech therapy screening then please notify your child’s class teacher or home group teacher or to Joanne Zacharopoulos at [email protected] and the school will arrange the screening for your child.



Head of Science


Science Week
This week MS and SS celebrated Science Week. This year’s theme was “Future Earth” and focused on global sustainability.


Science is recognised as critical learning, and the week-long educational activities hosted by our dedicated science teachers were aimed at getting our students excited about Science, and the positive contribution they can make to ”Future Earth”.


Our students were involved in a variety of educational activities, including dissections, circuit building, sensational chemistry experiments, daily quizzes, and many more exciting lunchtime practical classes.


I Lava Chemistry Lava Lamps Mr. Andrew Harbis

Electricity is it? Mr. Michael Wengier

Psychology Games Mr. Leigh Gridley

Dissections Mr. Dean Damatopoulos

Goodness Gracious My Hands are on Fire! Mr. Manoj Patel


Parents' Association


The Entertainment Book

We are raising as much as we can to support our cause, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!


For a limited time, everyone who purchases an Entertainment Membership from you through your Online Order Page, will receive a bonus $10 Woolworths WISH eGift Card! In addition, FREE DELIVERY is also available until the end of August!





Community Board




Oakleigh Grammar News 
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