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28 July 2017
Issue Six
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What you need to know! 

Let's hear from the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers


It is with great excitement that I have resumed work at Castlemaine Secondary College this term. I am truly appreciative of the support I have received since my appointment as Principal late last term. I have always known that there has been very strong community support for our school, but this has been particularly evident to me over the past month. I look forward to working with our entire school community as we build on our school’s many strengths and work to make it an even better school for all young people in the Mt Alexander Shire.


The start of Term Three is always a busy period of time as we begin the process for selecting subject preferences for the following year. Following the parent information sessions that have just been held, all parents and students are encouraged to make an interview with the appropriate Mentor Teacher on Tuesday 1 August to submit their 2018 subject selections. Information has already been sent home about this interview day, but there are also further reminders included later in this newsletter. Although our current Year 7 and 12 students will not be required to enter subject selections for 2018, the mentors of these students will still be available for interviews on Tuesday. This will provide Year 7 and 12 students, along with their parents or carers, an opportunity to meet with their mentors to discuss general progress, review any issues from the mid-year report and to discuss goals for the remainder of the year. These interviews will run from 12pm – 7pm next Tuesday 1 August, and there will be no classes occurring on this day.


Paul Frye


Educational Pathways at CSC
Subject Selection for 2018

This term, CSC students select their subjects for 2018. This will occur on the Pathways Interview Day on Tuesday, 1st August from 12-7 pm. No classes will be held for students on this day. On this day, students and parents/carers meet with the student’s Mentor teacher to discuss their program and submit their subject selections for 2018.  Appointments of 20 minute duration can be booked online through XUNO (see Booking Instructions below for further information).  Although students in Years 7 and 12 will not be involved in selecting CSC electives for 2018, this will still be an opportunity for parents and carers of Years 7 and 12 students to meet with the mentor of their young person to discuss their progress.

CSC’s Course Selection Handbook, 2017-2018 for Years 9-12 This guide describes the extensive range of subjects offered at CSC as well as career pathways available through these subjects. The handbook is available in hardcopy from CSC Reception and online at  under “Subject Selection Handbook” or on the webpage  under “Publications/Subject Selection Handbook”


Year Level Information Sessions were held this week at support students and their families to select programs appropriate to their desired pathways and offer an opportunity for families to ask questions.

Subject “Speed Dating” During school time on the following dates, students will attend a short small group session with subject teachers to learn more about their preferred subject choices. 

• Year 9 – 24 July

• Year 10 – 31 July



Booking Instructions

XUNO bookings are now open, and will close at 2pm on Monday, 31 July.  If you do not have access to the internet please contact CSC on 5479 1111 and we will arrange your interview times for you.  


Please access the system as follows:

• Go to and enter in your username and password;  or

• Go to the school’s home page

• Click the SMT link on the home page

• Enter your username and password.  If you have forgotten your log in details, please click on “forgotten your username or password?” and follow the prompts to generate a new one.

• Once you are logged into XUNO you will see your Home Screen with basic information about your child/children. 

From the Home Screen, select ‘Parent Teacher Interviews’ from the left hand menu.  Select the interview times that best suit you for each Mentor teacher you would like to meet with.


If you have any issues with logging into XUNO, please email ICT Manager Sam Murphy on [email protected].


 If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Judith McLean, Assistant Principal or myself on 5479 1111.



School Council is working with Sustainability Victoria, the Student Representative Council, the school’s sustainability group, and the Growing Abundance Canteen to become a Resource Smart School.


One of the first things you can do to help is reduce the amount of waste that is coming in with students for lunch. We’d like to have a NUDE FOOD SCHOOL, which means no wrappers. And the other most important thing is that students need to take their waste home with them.


Please discuss these simple waste reduction issues with your children and help us get started towards becoming Resource Smart.



We recently worked with the Department of Land Water and Environment (DELWP) to remove a huge section of weeds along the roadside of Lawson Parade. DELWP employed a crew of volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) who not only cleaned up the roadside weeds, but also did some work taking out a dense section of blackberry and gorse on the school grounds.

Our next activity will be to plant some native grasses along the drain lines. Stay tuned for the date of the working bee.


Elizabeth Mellick

CSC Council President




Have a look at what's
happening at school


Planting the Fruits Tree is in our Sustainability Garden.

We had five classes up there today. Year 9 Steiner class, VCAL, FLO, Mr Cev’s year 9 Science, Ms Artssen’s year 7 Science class and parent helpers.

It was raining at the beginning, but then the sun was shining and it ended up being the perfect planting day. It was very special having classes working together and having ownership over our beautiful schools garden.

Thanks everyone for helping,

Happy planting.

Kath Coff

Free meningococcal ACWY vaccine for Years 10, 11 and 12

In 2017 the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program will offer free meningococcal ACWY vaccine to students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The vaccine provides protection against four strains of meningococcal disease (ACWY) and is administered as a single dose.


Parents/guardians of Year 10, 11 and 12 students should look out for the Meningococcal ACWY Secondary School Vaccine Program consent card coming home from school with your child. You need to read the information, complete and return the card regardless of whether your child is being vaccinated at school.


Adolescents are at increased risk of meningococcal disease. Although uncommon, it can become life-threatening, very quickly. There are different strains of meningococcal bacteria known by letters of the alphabet, including meningococcal A, B, C, W and Y. In recent years, the meningococcal W strain has increased across Australia, with Victoria experiencing 11 cases to date in 2017 and 48 cases in 2016, compared to 17 cases in 2015, four in 2014 and one in 2013. It is now the predominant strain in Victoria.


The Mount Alexander Shire Council immunisation service may contact you about the meningococcal ACWY vaccine program. Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose. Contact the school by 15 as soon as possible if you do not want your contact details given to the Mount Alexander Shire Council immunisation service.


To learn more about meningococcal disease, the meningococcal ACWY vaccine and how you can prepare your child for vaccination, visit or  

Global Citizens

Cooking for a Cause!

 Year 12 VET Kitchen Operations students are working towards their VCE/VET qualification whilst supporting the building of a primary school in the remote Hudad region of Ethiopia.  The students are cooking Ethiopian food to be served at the Friends of the Hudad Benefit in Melbourne on Saturday, and are expecting to feed up to 250 people whilst raising funds to support the school building project.  You can find out more about this initiative, or even support the cause, at:

The photographs show students preparing food in the Etty Street kitchen, the Ethiopian food to be served, and the Hudad children awaiting a new school building!

Caroline Cook

Youth Parliament Success

On the first week of school holidays on Tuesday the 4th a team of strong and enthusiastic Castlemaine Secondary College debaters set out to pass our Environmental Footprint of Edible Consumables Classification Bill early in the morning. It was a strong debate and when it came down to the final vote it was an almost unanimous vote in favour of the Bill and we give a big thanks to the Glen Waverley team for their strong opposing debating. On the Thursday we also had to refute Glen Waverley's team and it was an incredibly well written Bill and almost impossible to refute. Now that our Bill is through the Youth Parliament Process it was handed onto the Youth Minister and she can choose if to pursue the Bill. The rest of the YMCA program was absolutely amazing and an experience that I would recommend highly to everyone interested. Throughout this journey we had so much support and encouragement and our whole team would love to give a huge thanks to Mr Samuel our school mentor through out this whole process who has helped us so much!!! We would also love to give Ally from the Youth Parliament training team a big thanks for helping put together our Bill. And lastly a huge thanks to everyone in the broader community for getting behind us and for your incredible support. No mater how this Bill pans out, we are still going to try and continue and improve our school canteen model, in the hope that we can show the broader school community how far and where their canteen food comes from. On a last note I would love to personally thank my whole team for all their enthusiasm and support to not only the Bill but to me through out the entirety of this program!!!

-Sidney Showell Media Editor


Check out some of media articles:

What have students been up to?

Q&A SRC Excursion 2017

On Monday evening(24th of July) myself and eight other members of the SRC (Nioka Mellick-Cooper, Abigail Gunter, Meaghan Ferguson, Cohen Saunders, Owen Shooter, Georgia Ely, Gabe Gaunt, Holly Brook) went in the Docklands Studio audience to watch, and hopefully partake, in the discussion on this week’s Q&A, the question presented being If young people ran Australia.


Despite none of us being fortunate enough to get our questions answered, the experience was a great one and was fun for all. 


Year 6 Experience Days

Earlier this week CSC hosted Experience days for Grade 6 students. Over two days, 110 students participated in activities for Drama and Music, Art and Sport. They even designed their own fidget spinners in an Engineering challenge.


Grade 6 students were encouraged to meet new people and to be a part of the school for the day. Many visited the library, tried the sporting facilities and ordered lunch at the canteen. We were very pleased that every Year 6 student felt safe in the yard during break times -- in fact, it seemed to be a highly enjoyable part of their day!


Thank you to our many Year 7 ambassadors who hosted the Year 6 students and made sure that no-one became lost, and to Karli Showell, our official Experience Day Photographer.



We loved having our visitors and hope to see them back again for our next transition day in December!

Kathryn Goodes







& Kate Young

CSC Transition Team

Yr 12 Quantum Excursion

Some happy snaps taken on a recent visit to Quantum with our Unit 3 Biology revision session.


Vanessa Robinson


Castlemaine Housing Service - (formally CADARG)

Location: 12 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine, 3450

Open hours: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

Phone 5479 1082

Castlemaine Housing Service provides homelessness services for Castlemaine and surrounding districts.

This includes:

  •  Assistance to fill in public housing applications and to apply for other Social Housing options
  • Supporting applications for private rental
  • Access to share housing options
  • Support to access emergency accommodation and Transitional Housing
  • Linkages to Family Violence services
  •  Linkages to a large range of community agencies and programs
  • Follow up with health, income and safety issues


The Homelessness Assistance Program also provides youth support five days per week.
Workers can assist with things like:

• Income support access
• Family mediation
• Referral to youth specific services

We can also provide access to visiting services such as Consumer Affairs Victoria, Victoria Legal Aid and Office of Housing.


During Term 3, the Wellbeing Team at Castlemaine Secondary College will be offering the Seasons for Growth program. Seasons for Growth is an innovative grief and loss program that uses the imagery of the seasons to illustrate the experience of grief.

Seasons for Growth aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people who are dealing with significant life changes by exploring the impact of the change and loss on everyday life and learning new ways to respond to these changes.

The program supports young people affected by change and loss, including:

• Friendship changes

• Loss of someone or something you love

• Parents and families separation

• Moving to a new place

• Impact of illness

• Family work-life changes

The program will run during school hours and will take place in a small group context. Interested students and parents can contact Lisa Cochrane, Chaplain and Student Wellbeing Worker, on 5479 1111 for further information.



The Arts

On the Move Concert

 Capital Theatre, Bendigo on Thursday 20 July


12 students from Years 7 & 8 went to hear a concert presented by an orchestra of about 100 performers, with students and teachers from several local secondary schools. This concert was the final event in a three-day workshop where musicians from Orchestra Victoria tutored and inspired our local students.


It was a most impressive concert, with ten pieces from a grand opera overture to a James Bond movie theme and Lord of the Dance Celtic music. Everything was played superbly with the big sound of a full symphony orchestra. The conductor was Dominic Harvey who regularly conducts Orchestra Victoria. 


Students from Castlemaine Secondary College who played in the orchestra were: Isadora Anderson, Gracie Carroll, Eva & Palmira Demaria O'Sullivan, Uma Dingemans, Emmanuel & Eli Hall, Declan Kennedy, Alex Marney, Lloyd Meadows,  Dante Michielin and Danielle Rodier. Between them our students played a wide range of instruments: violin, viola, cello, trumpet, trombone and percussion. Wendy Laidler, our brass teacher, played horn in the orchestra and supported our students during the workshop.


Congratulations to these students for their hard work over the three days. Thank you to Anthony van Emmerik.

By Frances Gall

Skull & Fish Art Show Images


Little Shop Of Horrors
Get Your Tickets NOW!

We are very excited as the date for our School Musical approaches. Staff and students are working incredibly hard and some fantastic work, fun and magic is coming to form.

Please speak to Joanne Tsakoumagos or Darren Lowe if you are interested in a T-shirt for the musical. Orders will have to be finalised early next week. So, let us know by Monday.

Please clock in the following Performance Dates and book your tickets early. If you are involved in the show, please record the following rehearsal times also.



Thursday 31st August,

Friday  1st September

Saturday 2nd September.


Bookings (click on link to go to online ticket sale):


All cast and crew to be at Castlemaine Town Hall,by 6:00pm


“Little Shop Of Horrors” Rehearsal Schedule- Term 3

This is a schedule of rehearsals leading up to the performance at the Castlemaine Town Hall Theatre during Term 3.

  • NOTE DATE CHANGE: Wednesday August 2 : 3:30 – 5:00 pm – Full cast run through, WHOLE CAST,  Drama101/Music, Blakeley Rd
  • Monday August 7: WHOLE CAST, Etty St 9:00am – 3:15pm
  • Tuesday August 8 : 3:30 – 5:00 pm – Full cast run through, WHOLE CAST,  Drama101/Music, Blakeley Rd
  • Tuesday August 15 : 3:30 – 5:00 pm – Full cast run through, WHOLE CAST,  Drama101/Music, Blakeley Rd
  • Friday August 18: WHOLE CAST, Etty St 9:00am – 3:15pm
  • SUNDAY August 20 : 10:00am – 4 :00pm,  WHOLE CAST, Etty St
  • Tuesday August 22 : 3 30 pm – 4:30 pm , WHOLE CAST , Drama 101/Music , Blakeley Rd
  • BUMP IN, August 27, WHOLE CAST/CREW, Castlemaine Town Hall, 10:00am – 5:00pm


Music Camp

Another fabulous camp filled with talented students, carers and teachers. This year the camp was held at Howmans Gap Falls Creek and yes we had snow. The concert on Friday 30th June in the Castlemaine Town Hall showcased the hard work each participant had achieved and that is also a result of the dedicated  staff who give their time to attend.

So what did some of kids think about camp?.....

One of the best things about music camp is the sense of community, socialising with people who share your interests, people your age, as well as kids from other years. Amazing experience, would recommend very strongly to anyone with a passion for music.

Adeline Johnston, Year 9


Fast paced explosion of learning, fun and creativity. Students connected with one another and forming friendships with big kids, little kids and teacher alike.



The best thing about camp is everyone shares your interests and yu can make new friends. Anyone who enjoys music would love it! 10/10 would be my recommendation.

Claire Retallick, Year 9


Music Camp this year sure was a blast it had so many amazing things, like it actually snowed! My favourite part had to be of course the brilliant talent show, with Zac’s finale act of waxing, poetry, traditional haiku, screaming in German and Otis in female attire?

Karli Showell, Year 9


Whilst on music camp I discovered myself. We had an extraordinary and I don’t mean EXTRA Ordinary, I mean Extraordinary Time. I had a blast and a half and many laughs where shared between newly found companions.

I think it’s fair to say that we had a gay ol’ thyme.


Bridie Edgar & Ada Levis, Year 9

Music Camp is 3 days of intense learning and growth but more importantly it is a camp that has it’s root utter fun. Friendships are formed between students of all ages. Epic snow fight are conquered and it’s all stuffed full of happy fun times.



#Music   #Fun  #Snow  #slumber party   #Talent Quest #CSC   #Musicians  #Snowball Fights

Community Notices


Eaglehawk Hockey Club to celebrate 50th Anniversary

Eaglehawk Hockey Club, which is now the longest running hockey club in Bendigo, will celebrate 50 years on 5th August 2017 at The Exchange Bendigo, Shop 11 The Bendigo Bank Centre, and invites current & former players and members to attend.


Life Memberships have been awarded to Kaye Trimble and Sue Andrews, and membership now exceeds 150 males and females, playing in all age levels from 7 to 70+ years.


We look forward to sharing the evening with ALL present & past members and friends, and would really appreciate the contribution of any items, past equipment, records, memorabilia, stories and photos to share.  Kindly contact Kaye Trimble (03) 5443 0596, find us on Facebook, or email: [email protected]




Castlemaine Art Gallery

On Friday the 21st of July the year 12 VCAL class went to the Castlemaine Art Gallery to see Graham.

So, who is Graham?

Graham is a lifelike interactive sculpture demonstrating human vulnerability in car accidents developed by the TAC for the Towards Zero campaign.

 Graham is the culmination of the ideas and insights of three experts in three different fields. David Logan is a Senior Researcher at the Monash University Accident Research Centre. Patricia Piccininin is an Australian contemporary artist, and Dr Christian Kenfield is a trauma surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. These three collaborated to design Graham,

The students used tablets to interact with Graham. They hold the tablet up to Graham and tapped on icons to go beneath his skin and watched quick videos about parts of the body that have been altered to show what a human might look like if designed to survive on our roads.

It was a very practical way to get you thinking about some of the different sorts of accidents and trauma you can have on the roads.


Mural project

When a poor piece of graffiti appeared over summer on the wall of the Etty St library, a student suggested we do something decent that represents VCAL students.


And so, the planning began. Many students did the Art V Street elective in Yr9 and enjoyed it so much they wanted to continue with the paste-up method that has become so popular around Castlemaine. By developing some activities around calculating, measuring, budgeting, scale drawing and enlargement, we were able to develop an activity that incorporated both Numeracy and Personal Development.

The challenge was for each person to selct and image that in some way represented them or their interests. The finished product (hopefully) will be a design made of different images capturing the spirit of VCAL. Fingers crossed.

Dirt Jumps.

Bikes: who would have thought so much of a curriculum could be developed around a single concept? A group of Yr11 students wanted a ‘hands-on’ challenge and wanted to build some jumps behind the old gym. Apart from the physical challenge, we were able to align a number of VCAL outcomes with the idea including:

  • Numeracy Outcome 1- Design
  • Numeracy Outcome 2- Measurement
  • Personal Development LO1- Develop a complex project
  • Personal Development LO 3- Apply communication strategies
  • Personal Development LO4- Demonstrate leadership
  • Work Related Skills LO 2- Communicate ideas around OHS
  • Work Related Skills LO 4- Develop an OHS plan
  • Literacy Outcome 3- Write an explanatory  text

I knew when I arrived at work at 8.00am on a frosty winter’s morning and saw a student who’d bought his own shovel and mattick from home and was digging holes, that we had student ‘buy-in’. A few phone calls to order dirt saw a truckload of soil donated from our new best-friends at Leechs Earthmoving.

Connecting with students passion for extreme bike riding, is the opportunity for work experience placements when construction starts on the development of the Mt Alexander Mountain Bike in Harcourt, later this year.

Another emerging development with this project is collecting old bikes from the tip or donations and repurposing them into functional machines. Stay tuned for further developments on this one.

Who would have thought?

VCAL- Literacy

Every year Dad and I go to the Castlemaine truck show on the third weekend in November. They get all kind of trucks: Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, Western Star and many more. They come from Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and one has come from Western Australia twice. 


On the Saturday Dad and I go to the Campbells Creek footy oval around 12:15 to look at the trucks on display. I feel happy that I get to spend time with Dad on both days. When we are looking at the trucks on display we can smell the chemicals that the drivers use to clean the trucks and we can see them polishing the trucks ready for judging. They have bands playing throughout the day to entertain the public.


On Sunday I get up around 8:00 to watch the trucks head up for the street parade. They blast their horns on the way up to where the parade starts. Sometimes they get a lot of trucks in the parade, in 2012 they got 110 trucks. You can hear the trucks before you can see them. Watching the trucks and the driver’s parade from the other side of town back to Campbells Creek, you can see the driver’s faces as they go past. They show they are happy to be part of a parade by blasting their horns. When they come around the bend the drivers apply their Jake brake. When the Jake brake is activated it opens exhaust valves in the cylinders after the compression cycle, releasing the compressed air trapped in the cylinders, and slowing the vehicle.

The truck show is not what it used to be. They used to have a Ute show on the Saturday, they used to have the truck pull, they used to have bands playing on the Saturday night, but they don’t do that anymore. The only major thing about the truck show now is the street parade on Sunday morning.        By Brad Retallick



Steve Carroll

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