09 November 2018
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From the Principal

Enjoying the success of others

One of the really positive signs of friendship is the capacity to enjoy the success of others. There can be a natural tendency to be envious but I was interested to recently read that feeling inspired by the achievements of others can lead to a ‘growth mindset’ and ultimate improvement. I am always pleased when our students show genuine appreciation of the talents and abilities of fellow students.


Earlier this year I was in Melbourne specifically to listen to Sir Ken Robinson and his ideas on ‘creativity in schools’. Several other presenters provided interesting insights on the distinction between fixed and growth mindsets. A fixed view would suggest absolute statements such as ‘I can’t dance’ or ‘I am no good at Maths’. A growth mindset suggests there is always room for growth and improvement.


Last week I attended a meeting of Loreto Principals in Brisbane. John XXIII College and Loreto, Nedlands are co-educational and the other six Australian Loreto schools educate young women. Understandably, the schools draw from the inspiration of the women who have paved the way for others. Loreto schools are part of a 400 year tradition of education, begun in 1609 by Mary Ward, who drew on Ignatian spirituality, and the practice of the newly begun Jesuit schools.


Mary Ward certainly exhibited a ‘growth mindset’. Her commitment to the Church and equality for women has certainly provided an edge to Loreto schools. Seeking out challenge, persisting, revelling in the struggle and learning from the feedback/critique of others are all tendencies of a growth mindset and very pertinent to an effective Loreto and Jesuit education. In 2018, Mary Ward schools, justice, outreach, spiritual and pastoral ministries can be found in 44 different countries around the world.


Robert Henderson


Around The Primary

Dear Parents

This morning the Year 3-6 students participated in a Remembrance Day service with the Secondary students. Ruby Purcell (6B) and Finn Levy (6G) shared some of their insights from their Year 6 trip to the Australian War Memorial. Our Junior students commemorated this occasion with a class prayer liturgy.


Congratulations to all our Year 6 students who represented our school at the IPSHA Touch Rugby Carnival on Thursday. We are very proud of the students’ effort and achievement, however, even more importantly, we celebrate our students’ growing understanding of what it means to be part of a team; of representing our school by showing good sportsmanship, being gracious in defeat and celebrating the success of others. A sincere thank you to Mr Alderman and Miss Graves for their hard work on the day and to parents who were able to attend.


We are looking forward to seeing all our wonderful parent volunteers at the Wembley Golf Course next Wednesday evening.


Kind regards


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

Gardening Club

Many students attend Gardening Club at lunch-time each week with our parent volunteer, Mrs Woodland.


This week our young gardening gurus proudly presented some of the Secondary staff with bunches of fresh herbs. They also shared the big news that the ‘working worms’ produced four buckets of worm wee for the garden. The gardening club will be in full swing again next week with all that goodness, love and sunshine that comes with Spring. 


Australian Mathematics Competition

Well done to all the students that participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Congratulations to the student who received a distinction.


Year 3

Lydia Defrancesco (3G)
Sophie Litic (3B)
George Foster (3G)
Joshua Standen (3G)
James Bradock (3G)
Tahj Arundell (3B)


Year 4

Thomas Walsh (4B)
Carla Kavanagh (4G)
Lauren McLernon (4G)
Oscar Croudace (4G)
Poppy Finucane (4G)
Oliver Byrnes (4G)


Year 5

Bianca Petsos (5G)

Thomas Townsend (5B)
Jennifer Ong (5B)
Sofia Lamattina (5B)
Joshua Tyson (5B)
Austin Vujcich (5B)
Jackson Bosnich (5G)


Year 6
Jonathan Foster (6B)
Jude Knowles (6B)
Riel Abrio (6G)

Remembrance Day Reflections

Ruby Purcell (6B) and Finn Levy (6G) shared their insights from their Year 6 trip to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.


I learnt how hard it was to be a soldier in the world wars. There was a display that made us see what being in the Airforce was really like. We experienced lights, loud sounds and voices which were very intense.  It really made us wonder what it would actually be like to fight in the war with all that commotion going on.


Like our school there are many examples of others showing ‘competence, conscience and compassion’ at the Australian War Memorial. Just as we try to show these values every day, all the people that fought in the world wars tried extremely hard to demonstrate these no matter how difficult.


Ruby Purcell (6B)


Our visit to the Australian War Memorial consisted of a guided tour, where we learned about everything from World War One to the modern-day battles occurring in Afghanistan.


At the close of the day, a respectful silence fell upon the attending schools as we learnt about a fighter pilot who passed away in the line of duty. We laid a wreath at the base of the Pool of Reflection to express our gratitude to the this pilot and others who died.


We all left the memorial with a heightened appreciation and respect for those who have laid down their lives to fight for our freedom. It was a very humbling experience.


Finn Levy (6G)


Primary Sport

The IPSHA Year 6 Touch Rugby Carnival was held at the College on Thursday. We had 32 Year 6 competitors consisting of 16 boys and 16 girls. Our mixed teams performed outstandingly well, although there were no points scored or a shield to be won, we were highly competitive against the eight other schools. In fact, one of are teams won all seven rounds of fixtures and the other team only lost one game. A big thank you to our Year 6 teacher, Miss Graves for her fabulous assistance both at the Carnival and the Touch games leading-up to the Carnival and special thanks to the parents who supported our competitors during the day.


We have two more significant sports events remaining this term. In Week 7 our Year 6 students will be competing in a Milo T20 Cricket Carnival at Melvista Oval, Nedlands. They are training very hard after school on Tuesday afternoons.


From 19 November, PP-3 students will commence Swimming Lessons at Claremont Pools.


John Alderman
Primary Sports Coordinator


Dates to Remember

Thursday 15 November                 Volunteers Thank You Evening (Parent Assoc) 7pm                         

Friday 16 November                       4G Mass 9am (Chapel)



Men of John XXIII College Social Night

Get a unique insight from highly-awarded AFL player & coach, Adam Simpson on how he deals with managing the pressures of fathering and a high-performance work-life at our upcoming Men of John XXIII College social night taking place on 16 November. Tickets available via Trybooking.



John XXIII College Christmas Appeal

Please donate generously to the John XXIII College Christmas appeal.

Please bring in money and items from the list below to support the St Vincent de Paul and Shopfront Christmas appeal. Bags need to be dropped into Mrs Murphy’s office on Wed 14 November.

The following items are needed for the Gift Bags (please note, smaller sizes are more useful):


2018 'Companions' yearbook

Our John XXIII College yearbook for 2018, ‘Companions’ has been distributed this week.

There is one copy per family with the youngest in the family receiving the copy, with the exception of Year 12 students who all receive a copy.


For students in Years 11 and 12, their copy can be collected from student reception during College opening hours from 8:00am -4:00pm. 

Have fun flicking through the pages! 

Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp

The Year 9 Outdoor Education students spent last Thursday and Friday camping at the Manjedal Activity Centre in Byford.


Outdoor Education experiences are without parallel in their capacity to develop resilience, problem solving ability, team work and communication skills. The 45 students attending the camp were outstanding; actively involved in the activities, inclusive and considerate of each other and respectful of the beautiful environment we were camping in.


With only a limited amount of time away from the College, the students were kept busy completing challenging activities such as a blind trail, confidence course and high ropes course. Students traversed the bush site while orienteering and also learnt how to make bush damper on an open fire.


The camp was well supported with a very experienced group of staff in attendance. Thank you to Danny Platts, Darren Kowal, Marnie Barrett, Aaron Peters, Tony Yates and Carla Tripi for supporting the Year 9 students, we are fortunate to have staff so willing to volunteer their time to assist.

Cameron Tremayne

Head of Learning Area – Health and Physical Education

Year 7 Religious Education

The Year 7 students have been busy creating picture books in Religious Education. They enjoyed visiting the Junior Primary classes to share these stories and to have some fun with their young buddies. 


Season of Creation

The Season of Creation, which ran over the last three weeks of Term 3, is an annual celebration of the Church, where the Catholic community is encouraged to unite in prayer and action to protect creation. At John XXIII College the season was marked by two lunchtime events. The first was a labyrinth walk, were students were encouraged to engage in some prayerful reflection whilst completing a silent walk amongst the beauty of the indigenous trees and plants. The next week, Mr Thompson performed a lunchtime set of environmentally themed songs on the chapel lawn as students relaxed in the sunshine on the College lawn.


In the final week of term students were invited to attend a spiritual gathering on the chapel lawn where they engaged in prayer and conversation and encouraged to reflect on the value of creation in their lives. They recounted memorable aspects of their relationship with creation and considered the reality of God working in their lives through the beauty of the nature. With a mix of Year 12 students and younger students in attendance, a circle in the middle of the chapel lawn and proceeding to relate with one another and in new and meaningful ways through their shared experience of nature, the gathering embodied the goals of the Season of Creation and were an appropriate way to mark its end.

Remembrance Ceremony

The College celebrated a special Remembrance service to mark the centenary of the signing of the Armistice.


Students from Years 3 to 10 took part in the ceremony on our beautiful Chapel Lawn. The String Orchestra and Chamber Choir learnt a new song to mark the occasion and drummers from Year 10 accompanied the placing of the wreath. We were delighted that some members of the 2019 SRC took time out of their study break to lead the ceremony; thanks to Faith & Mission Captains, Lucy Jenkins and James Vardanega and to Head Boy, Alex Kirwan. (Ella Fracaro, Head Girl, was sitting an exam at that time).


Once again, we were thrilled to welcome back Head Boy from 2012, James Mazza, to play the trumpet calls. James has generously returned to the College many times and his playing always brings a great sense of ceremony and beauty to our services of Remembrance and ANZAC Day.


We were especially honoured this year to have as our guest speaker Warrant Officer Paul Vardanega, who is the father of James and William. Warrant Officer Vardanega is a currently serving soldier in the Australian Army and is a veteran of campaigns in Somalia, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. Warrant Officer Vardanega’s address outlined the sacrifice of Australian service men and women in many conflicts and campaigns to protect some of the values important to Australians: independence and ‘freedom to think, to move, to speak, to worship, to have a say in the election of governments, to love and to raise a family.’


Warrant Officer Vardanega summed up the ANZAC Spirit and what it means for young Australians living one hundred years later. The following is an extract from the last part of his address and is used with kind permission.

 “The actions of Australian soldiers in in World War One forged what has become known as the ANZAC spirit and today, one hundred years later, we commemorate that spirit.       


This spirit represents a sense of purpose and direction. Those soldiers knew what they had to do.  They lived with the misery of trench warfare and they understood the dangers and the difficulties of their day to day tasks but they did not let those difficulties stop them from obeying their orders and achieving their goals.  It is true that there had been many setbacks and at times, various missions did not achieve what was hoped for, but the soldiers on the ground continued their operations and met each setback with renewed energy and even greater effort.


You can apply this to your own life.  You know what work you have to do at school and what jobs your parents may have set for you at home.  No matter what obstacles you think are in your way, take a moment to think of those soldiers and push those difficulties to one side and complete your task.


Secondly, this spirit represents an acceptance of responsibility.  This is another quality you should apply in your everyday lives.  Take responsibility for everything you do.  It is easy to say 'I did that' or 'that's my work' when everything goes well.  We all know that sometimes things do not go as we planned.  Sometimes you do something which is against the wishes of your parents and teachers.   Remember the ANZAC spirit and take responsibility for everything you do, right or wrong.


Lastly, this spirit also includes being kind and considerate.  This has been summed up in the Australian experience as mateship.  This means to watch out for your friend, help him or her at all times and display respect and consideration for all other people regardless of their background.

These three simple things are what we mean when we remember the deeds of those soldiers from 100 years ago.


Now I, like every other person, hope that Australia will never be involved in another major war and that you will never have to experience the things your ancestors went through.  You should however, use these examples that I have talked about - a sense of purpose, acceptance of responsibility, and consideration for others, not only while you are at school, but in whatever you do in your lives.  When you do this, you will be keeping faith with those soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom and you will be helping to make sure that their spirit is always part of life in Australia.


Lest we forget.”

2018 Sustainability Scholarship Winner and New Sustainability Captain for 2019

As the College farewelled the Year 12s at the Leavers Assembly, our 2018 Sustainability Captain Kinia O'Brien was announced as the recipient of the Dr Yoon Sustainability Scholarship.  Kinia efforts and passion for sustainability this year has been inspiring and motivating for all at the College and her dedicated service in the role is to be commended and she is a thoroughly deserving winner.


As is tradition, at this assembly the 2019 SRC was announced, with the role of Sustainability Captain going to Harry Sapsworth. Harry will continue to provide leadership to the student cohort around sustainability issues and provide innovative opportunities to engage with environmental issues in 2019 and he is to be congratulated for securing this role.

Running down of Canteen Food stock in preparation of year end

We will start to run down our stock items in preparation for year end closing, which is only four weeks away.  As certain items are depleted we will remove them from the menu. During the last week of term and especially the last few days of term, some items may be substituted for a similar food item, if large volumes are ordered. We will do our best to accommodate everyone and apologise ahead of time, should someone not receive exactly what they have ordered.


Dianne Combrink
Canteen Manager

2019 Student computer device information

Student computer device information for next year, was emailed to 2019 Years 7 to 12 families. Copies can be found on SEQTA under categories:  General Secondary.

Family Zone & Cyber Safety

Download Family Zone 

Make use of the Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit


Family Zone - cyber safety webinars

Family Zone have some upcoming cyber safety webinars: 

First up is an Instagram special - Wednesday 21 November at 6.30pm WST 


Are you kids obsessed with likes & followers?? 
In this free webinar, Jessica Hill from Family Zone & cyber expert Pete Brown from Cyber Safety Teacher discuss not only what Instagram is, what parents need to know, PLUS give some practical tips on how manage it in your household.

Join other parents and register for this webinar now to learn;

  • What is Instagram, why its so popular & what parents need to know
  • Is your child Insta-ready? 
  • Cyber Bullying and Instagram; Why has it become the number one app used to bully?? 
  • Selfie-esteem; Instagram and body image 
  • How to use Family Zone to balance screen-time and social media such as Instagram 
  • How a cyber expert can help keep your family safe

Register to attend here


Please find attached a digital flyer with further details. Those interested in participating will need to register via the link in the flyer.

The following webinar is about  Fortnite and will take place on Wednesday 5 December at 6.30pm WST.  We will share further information on this closer to the date.


These are two are very topical webinars that are available to you from the comfort of your own lounge room

Music - Week 35

Year 7 Recital Night

The Year 7 Recital Night will be held on the evening of Wednesday 14 November in the GBLT. Commencing at 7:00pm, this free one-hour concert features Year 7 soloists and small groups performing to an audience of peers, family and friends. Applications to perform are currently open, and will close on Monday 12 November at 4:00pm. All are welcome to attend!

Primary Soiree

On Wednesday 21 November at 6:00pm the ensembles of the Primary will perform in the beautiful surrounds of the Primary Amphitheatre. Featuring performances from Wanju Voices, Primary Singers, the Years 5 and 6 Bands, String Orchestra and Mini Minors – as well as some Christmas Carols – this concert is not to be missed!

2019 Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Applications for instrumental and vocal lessons in 2019 are currently open. Forms are available in the Music Office, via the College website and on SEQTA. Current enrolments will automatically renew for 2019.


Coming soon

  • Year 10 Drama Night – Quality Assortment
    Tuesday 20 November, Roncalli Hall, 7pm
  • Year 9 Musical – Hairspray
    Tuesday 27 November, Roncalli Hall, 7pm
  • Year 8 Drama Night – Let’s Play
    Monday 3 December, Roncalli Hall, 5pm



Next week sees two major Magis events, the Quest competition at the University of Western Australia, where John XXIII College will field two Year 8 and one Year 9 teams, and the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions in Yale, U.S.A. where our Year 10 team of Ben Linsten , Emily Tyson and Alex Panther will compete. In America the students will also visit New York, Washington and both Yale and Harvard Universities. Good luck to all students representing the College in both events. Special thanks to 2017 Magis captain Tom Paparo, along with Skye MacMillan, Genevieve Fergson-Allen and Gabriel Kaye, who assisted the Yale team at their final practice debate this week.


Personal Project certificates and awards will be presented at assemblies in two weeks’ time.  The Personal process journals have now been marked, and these are a requirement for students to receive the Personal Project Certificate, or the higher Merit or honours awards. Awards will also be presented for best process journals.


The Magis Chronicle is now close to completion and will be emailed out in PDF Form when I return after the America Tour. The 44-page hard cover book can also be purchased. It contains reports on all Magis Program events for the year, along with results and over one hundred colour photos to celebrate the outstanding performances of students in the different gifted and talented competitions, along with the special Magis events such as the Camp, Breakfasts, Melbourne Tour, seminars and special events like Bell Shakespeare.


Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator


Community Liturgy

Next week’s Community Mass is a celebration for Secondary as it will be prepared by the 2018 Homeroom leaders from Years 7-10.  Everyone is always welcome to our Friday Community liturgies.


During this month of November, we join with the Universal Church in praying for our beloved dead.  There is a Remembrance book in the Chapel for writing the names of people we have known and loved who have died. During November we especially pray for those people at our Friday liturgies. 



  • When: Fridays in Term Time
  • Time: 8:00-8:30am
  • Where: College Chapel

If you have any queries about Community Liturgy, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.


GOOD NEWS for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 12:38-44

The reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel is part of a longer reflection by Greg Sunter.  Greg Sunter is a member of the Evangelisation and Spiritual Formation team with Brisbane Catholic Education. He has extensive experience with young people and is the author of books on adolescent faith.  


We would normally hear or read the second half of this week’s gospel as a stand alone example of generosity and faith – often without the section that immediately precedes it. Whilst the actions of the widow are certainly worthy of comment, when we read it in the context of the condemnation that immediately precedes it, the widow’s offering is placed in a different light. Jesus condemns the scribes who parade their wealth and seek trappings of earthly power and glory: being recognised and greeted as they walk the streets; taking the front seats in synagogue; and expecting to be seated in the place of honour at banquets. Whilst parading their wealth and feasting at banquets, they are also swallowing up the property of widows – taking advantage of those in need. We often hear widows and orphans named in the scriptures as those in need. Widows and orphans (and strangers in the land) are marked out for special attention in the Torah. They are named as deserving of special care – the lost and broken of society. So despite holding a special place in Jewish Law and tradition, the widows are being taken advantage of by the scribes, who are taking over their property for their own gain. One of the duties of the scribes was to administer the proper payment of Temple taxes. The treasury referred to in the passage is the Temple treasury. Rather than a great act of generosity, we can now see the widow’s payment of Temple tax as a burdensome, heart-wrenching obligation to pay the very last coins she had to a corrupt, uncaring system. We usually read praise into Jesus’ comments about the widow’s offering, but it can also be read as moral outrage at the system that demands this woman pay all that she possesses to the Temple.


© Greg Sunter  

Men Of John XXIII College

Parents' Association

Thank you to all the parents and staff that attended our Term 4 Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting. We are pleased to announce the funding proposal of $10,807.50 for seven sewing machines for the Technologies and Enterprise Department was passed with a significant majority.


In addition the roles of the Committee were put up for re-election and we are proud to present below your Parents’ Association Committee for 2019, with a particular welcome to  Sharon Aquino and Jason Waller as our incoming Vice Presidents.


2019 Parents’ Association Committee:

President: Simon Fracaro

VP Male: Jason Waller

VP Female: Sharon Aquino

Treasurer: Matt Edmondson

Secretary: Paula Hackett

General: Celia Gardner

General: Catherine A-King

General: Lucette Quinlan

General: Caroline Ireland

General: Kerry Tudori


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Liz Blaxell for her year as Vice President whilst heading up the Parents’ Association Liaison. Any Committee is only as strong as the people who are on it – and we have been very fortunate to have such an organised, professional and personable members on our team.


We wish you all a safe and happy remainder of the Term and look forward to seeing you at our meetings next year.

Your 2018 Parents’ Association Committee


Gastroenteritis awareness

Please note there have been some students presenting with Gastroenteritis symptoms.

Symptoms can include: nausea and/or vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pain/cramps, fever, generally feeling unwell, including tiredness and body aches. It is important to practice good hand hygiene and it is advised not to return to school for 48 hours after symptoms have finished.


If you are concerned  please consult your Doctor.

Please read Gastroenteritis fact sheet attached from Department of Health.

Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Uniform Shop

During Term 4 we are open the following hours:

  • Monday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 11:45 am

New sports shorts for boys

We have introduced new sport shorts for boys in secondary school.

These are now available at the shop for $35.

As usual there will be a two year phase-in period for this new item.

Bev Sainsbury

Uniform Shop Coordinator

Charter Bus

College Charter Bus



Summer Canteen Menu 

Please see the attached Summer Canteen Menu, which is available for Term 4.

There has been a very small price increase on a couple of items. 


We thank you for your continued support and look forwards to being of service to you.

Running down of Canteen Food stock in preparation of year end

We will start to run down our stock items in preparation for year end closing, which is only four weeks away.  As certain items are depleted we will remove them from the menu. During the last week of term and especially the last few days of term, some items may be substituted for a similar food item, if large volumes are ordered. We will do our best to accommodate everyone and apologise ahead of time, should someone not receive exactly what they have ordered.


Dianne Combrink
​Canteen Manager

John XXIII College Alumni 

Loreto Past Pupils - Wine fundraiser

Families are invited to participate in a fundraising drive to raise funds for a Women’s Safe House in Fremantle. Also to enable us to provide school books to be sent to Zambia for the Loreto Sister who have set up a small school in an isolated village in Africa.


The wine being offered are quality Margaret River wines made by Hay Shed Hill Winemaker Michael Kerrigan. Hay Shed Hill is rated a Red Five Star James Halliday winery rating. The wines are offered at a generous discount and Hay Shed Hill will donate $40-$50 for every dozen sold.


CINI Australia Movie Night

Windsor Cinema, Nedlands
"The Children Act" with Emma Thompson
Tickets $25
Book now:
We are fundraising for CINI Australia's village development programs in India

TWO MOVIE TICKETS will give nutritional support to four children for a whole month

EIGHT MOVIE TICKETS will cover a month's salary for our outreach workers who work in 12 villages to improve the health of the children  

 6 pm for drinks, nibbles and raffle
 6:30 pm screening of "The Children Act"

We look forward to seeing you there !

Gastroenteritis Fact sheet.pdf
MOJTC Adam Simpson Social Event 161118.pdf
CRICKET rep team players Flyer.pdf
Canteen Term 4 Menu 2018.pdf
© Jenny Close
Webinar instagram special.pdf
Personal Project 2018 Display Catalogue Semester Two.pdf
MOJTC Adam Simpson Social Event 161118.pdf
Loreto Past Pupils December 2018 order form.pdf