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01 February 2019
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Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Friends of McGuire College,

Welcome to our 2019 year of living and learning at McGuire College!


Thank you to all of the families who supported our First Day Conferences – it was great to see so many families embracing the opportunity to meet with Home Room teachers, Year Level Leaders and members of our Wellbeing Team to support our young people's transition to the new school year.


We have welcomed more than 147 Year Seven Students who have settled beautifully into their new school community.


As a caring learning community we look forward to supporting your family this year. McGuire College works to an agreed set of school rules and behavioural rewards, centred on our ‘REAL” values which are:

•             Respect

•             Environment

•             Accountability

•             Learning


In 2019 our College mantra is – Work hard! Be kind! – all staff and all students will strive to live out our mantra through all of their words and actions each day.


Wellbeing- Your concern is our concern!

Your child’s happiness is extremely important to us at McGuire College. Bullying is never acceptable. As we can only deal with problems we are made aware of, please always let us know when there is a concern. We are always eager to listen to students, parents and families and we encourage you to talk to us first if there is a concern or problem.


Friendly Reminders

•             Please name all student’s clothing

•             Students are asked to have the required named equipment for  class

•             Students are required to wear a broad brimmed school uniform hat in Terms One and Four

•             A written note should be handed to the Year Level Leader if your child is out of uniform stating when they shall be back in uniform

•             Water bottles with water only are encouraged to be used in class throughout the day, especially during extreme hot weather. Leaving to get a drink during class time is discouraged


Signing In and Attendance

Students are required to be at school by 8:55am.  Any student who arrives after this time will be marked late/absent and will be required to make up the lost learning time eg. If 5 minutes late students will be required to stay in for 5 minutes at recess/lunch.  At McGuire we value school attendance. Students must achieve an attendance rate of 85% or above to be able to participate in inter school winter/summer sports and the end of year activities program. Poor attendance can affect your child’s learning so please contact the office if your child is away. We will celebrate successes in student attendance.


Ready to Learn

At McGuire College we endeavour to support your child with skills that future employers will be looking for.  We encourage organisation and accountability by asking students to come prepared, on time and ready to learn for each lesson.

Each student is required to have the following equipment for class:

•     A pencil case with pens, grey leads pencils, textas, glue sticks,                  erasers, scissors, etc

•      Book/folder to write in

•       2019 student planner - Students must have their planner signed in order to leave the class for any reason during class time. We offer students the best opportunity at learning by encouraging them to use recess or lunchtime to go to the bathroom and by bringing a drink bottle to class. At the beginning of the year, your child is provided with a planner, if this is misplaced a new one will need to be purchased at the general office.

•       The sharing of equipment is discouraged.


Lunch Orders

Lunch orders can be ordered from the canteen before school and during recess.


Mobile Phones

At McGuire College, we value mobile phones as a communication device and when used appropriately, they offer students and parents ease of communication and a sense of personal safety.


Students are expected to use mobile devices in a safe, responsible and ethical manner reflective of our REAL Values and in accordance with the College’s mobile phone policy Guidelines:

•             During class times all mobile phones must be on silent, as a phone ring or beep during a class is highly disruptive

•             Students are asked to leave their mobile phones in their locker, pocket or pencil case during class time. Mobile phones sitting on tables are discouraged as they are often a distraction

•             Teachers may permit the use of mobile phones in class for educational purposes but generally a laptop or other electronic device is a suitable alternative Any student using their device incorrectly shall be asked to place it in the classroom tub to be collected at the end of the session

•             Students who continually use their mobile phones/electronic devices inappropriately including, but not restricted to, bullying or harassing others through SMS, voice or picture will receive immediate consequences which shall increase in severity depending on nature of the offence. (Please refer to the McGuire College PED Policy)


We encourage the home and school partnership to be a strong one. XUNO is a portal for parents to check regularly on your child’s learning journey.  Let’s work together to support your child through their time at school!


Kind regards

Claire Kelly







Shepparton Education Plan



Further to previous articles in school newsletters regarding the Shepparton Education Plan, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Genevieve Simson to the Executive Principal position for the new secondary school for Greater Shepparton.


The Shepparton Education Plan and the development of a revitalised secondary school model which will improve learning opportunities and educational outcomes for students, has been the outcome of collaborative work across schools and consultation with the community.


The recruitment process for this position attracted high calibre applications from across Australia.

Genevieve has an impressive track record of leadership in secondary school settings and has twenty years experience in successfully leading complex change projects. Genevieve’s most recent principal position has been at Victoria University Secondary College which was formed following the merger of three secondary colleges in Melbourne, and where she has been the inaugural principal since 2010.  

Genevieve commenced in this exciting role as of 30 January 2019 and plans to spend time within each of the secondary schools in coming weeks. There is much to be done, and we look forward to seeing this important work progress during the year.


Cord Sadler | Area Executive Director | Goulburn | North East Victoria region
Department of Education & Training |


School Council Information

School Council Elections

McGuire College is seeking to fill 3 Parent member vacancies on College Council.   This is an exciting opportunity to work as part of a team to ensure the best possible outcomes for the College, it’s students and staff, in addition to shaping the future of the College. 

Please do not hesitate in speaking with our College Principal, Claire Kelly to find out more information.


Attached to this edition of the newsletter is an information sheet for Parents on School Council Elections, nomination forms for our Parent Member category and a Notice of Election.


Nominations for Council close at 4 pm on February 9th and completed  nomination forms should be submitted to the College Office.


Upcoming Events

Swimming Sports

McGuire College Swimming Sports will be held on Wednesday 20th February at Aquamoves swimming pool. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for events next week during house meetings and we encourage all students to take the opportunity to participate in the swimming sports. Students are also encouraged to wear their house colours, Crane – yellow; Heron – red; Swan – green; Teal – blue, to demonstrate their house and school spirit.  A kiosk will be run by Aquamoves staff on the day and any student wishing to purchase food is reminded to bring  money with them. No student will be permitted to exit the venue prior to the end of the swimming sports without the prior written consent of their parent/guardian.

Any parents/guardians wishing to attend the swimming sports are welcome to do so. Students will be bussed to and from the venue and will be back at McGuire College before 3.15pm.


Mr James Griffin – Sports Coordinator

Important Dates


Friday 8th: School Photo Day

  • 2019 school photos will be taken next Friday, 8th of February. The Year 12 individual and group photos will be taken on Friday, 15th February at 8:45 am. The envelopes to place orders were given out at the first day conference meetings, if you don't have an envelope please see your DT Teacher or the general office.  Envelopes should be handed to the photographers on the day of the photos.

Wednesday 20th:  Swimming Sports

Thursday 21st:  School Council Meeting

Year 7 Welcome BBQ



Monday 11th: Labour Day Holiday

Friday 15th: Senior Summer Sports

Thursday 28th: School Council Meeting

Friday 29th: Year 7 Immunisations


Wednesday 3rd: Parent Teacher Interviews, 4.00-6pm

Thursday 4th: School Closure Day

Friday 5th: Parent Teacher Interviews, 10am - 1pm

Student Vaccine Program

Secondary School Vaccine Program for Year 7 & 10 students


The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to help make sure students and communities are protected from diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, human papillomavirus (HPV) and meningococcal A,C,W,Y. 


Local councils deliver the program and schools distribute the information and consent card booklets.


The Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 authorises secondary schools to provide their local council with student and parent/guardian contact information for any student scheduled to receive a vaccination. This information assists local councils to follow-up parents/guardians of students with incomplete or missing consent cards.


What information goes to local council?

Schools provide the following basic student and parent/guardian contact information:

  • Student name, gender, date of birth, year level, class, language(s) spoken at home
  • Parent/guardian names, phone numbers, email and postal addresses

Why do schools provide this information?

  • To ensure all Year 7 and 10 students are offered the opportunity to access free vaccinations at school.
  • To improve communication with parents/guardians regarding their child’s vaccination needs
  • To reduce the administrative burden on school staff to follow-up consent cards


What do I need to do?

  1. Your information will be provided to The City of Greater Shepparton in March 2018. If you do not wish for your details to be provided, please advise the school in writing before 28 February 2018.
  2. Read the information provided in your child’s consent card booklet and complete all sections, regardless of whether or not you consent for your child to be vaccinated as part of the school-based program.
  3. Detach Part A of the consent card booklet with all fields completed, and return to school.

Every day vaccination saves lives and makes it possible for Victorians to live free from the illness and disability caused by many infectious diseases. All Year 7 and 10 Victorian secondary students can receive these vaccines for free.


For further information please go to the following links:




Student Dress Code

At McGuire College all students are expected to be in full school uniform each day.  Please refer to the student dress code listed below.  


Rationale or Purpose

We believe that the student dress code fosters a sense of identification and pride, minimises fashion competition between students, promotes the school image and provides a practical and less expensive form of clothing than other alternatives. 


Policy Statement

McGuire College requires that all students in Years 7-12 comply with the dress code at school and while travelling to and from school. All items of clothing need to be named for identification purposes.

The Physical Education and Sports Policy at McGuire College states “students should wear a sports uniform in physical education classes where personal hygiene and safety are important considerations.”  Students are required to wear the official Sport and P.E. uniform to all inter-school competitive sporting events, unless an official team uniform is provided.  All items of uniform will be in accordance with the policy of College Council.



Girls Uniform:

DRESS:             Niceline (Cleolene design No 8125), worn at or below knee-length when standing. In cooler weather black or navy blue tights or leggings may be worn under the dress.

SKIRT:              Full length navy skirt or full length plain navy coat. 

SHORTS:          Navy dress shorts.

SLACKS:           Black or Navy pants. No leggings/active wear.

SHIRT:              Navy/Burgundy polo with white College logo. Students have the option of an alternative white business shirt and must be worn with a neatly tied school tie (available from the College)

JUMPER:           Navy windcheater with maroon and white stripes on all bands, white school logo OR navy knitted College Jumper.

JACKET:          Maroon, navy and white, featuring the College logo. Only available for purchase from the College Uniform Shop.

HEADSCARF:  Head scarves, as appropriate, must be plain white or navy blue. Black hijabs may only be worn during the mourning period for relatives and a note must be brought from home.

HAT:                Wide brimmed. Available for purchase from the College and must be worn Terms 1 and 4.

BEANIE:           Any dark coloured beanie woollen or polar fleece beanie without logos or embellishments.

SOCKS:             Plain white or black ankle length.

SHOES:             Black, flat, lace-up, T-Bar or single strap shoes. Boots are not permitted.


Boy's Uniform:

TROUSERS:      Black or Navy pants, Dark grey—720’s. Cargo pants, side zips or pockets on legs are not permitted.

SHORTS:         Dark grey—720’s.  Cargo pants, side zips or pockets on legs are not permitted.

SHIRT:              Navy/Burgundy polo with white College logo. Students have the option of an alternative white business shirt and must be worn with a neatly tied school tie (available from the College)

JUMPER:           Navy windcheater with maroon and white stripes on all bands, white school logo OR navy knitted College Jumper.

JACKET:           Maroon, navy and white, featuring the College logo. Only available for purchase from the College uniform shop.

HAT:                Wide brimmed navy. Available for purchase from the College and must be worn Terms 1 and 4.

BEANIE:           Plain navy blue woolen or polar fleece beanie without logos or embellishments.

SOCKS:             Dark grey or plain white, ankle length.

SHOES:             Black, flat, lace-up. Boots are not permitted.


In Addition:

  • Jewellery should not be obvious or extreme.  Ear sleepers/studs must be small and unobtrusive.
  • Facial piercing is not acceptable.  Extreme hairstyles & colours are not permitted.  Inappropriate symbols, which may include but not limited to badges, jewellery or hairstyles are not permitted.  This is at the discretion of the College Principal.
  • Cosmetics and make-up should not be obvious.
  • Uniform style should not be modified.
  • All teaching staff are required to enforce the Dress Code-Student Uniform Policy.

All Students Sports Uniform:

Burgundy/Navy Polo Top with logo available at uniform shops; Plain navy sports style shorts or plain navy track pants; Navy wide brimmed hat.


All Students:

Neck scarves or head bands that are maroon, navy, white or combinations thereof, may be worn.


ALL VET Students will have the option of a VET polo top with their surname embroidered on the back to be worn on VET days.


All Outdoor and Environmental Education Students will have the option of an Outdoor Ed. polo top with their surname embroidered on the back to be worn on outdoor activities.


All Year 12 students will have the option of a Year 12 polo top and jumper.


The McGuire College Uniform Shop (Ph. 5858 9800) has a number of second hand uniforms for sale.  It also sells new plain, navy wide brimmed hats, College jackets and navy College knitted jumpers.


The School Uniform Shop, 179 Corio Street, Shepparton.  Phone: 5821 3232

Goulburn Valley School Uniforms, 55 High Street, Shepparton. Phone: 5831 3355



Information for Parents

Sick Bay

All students and parents/guardians are reminded of the procedure to follow if a student is feeling unwell at school.

Students who feel unwell should go to the General Office/Sickbay.  If this occurs during class time, students must have their student planner signed or a note from their teacher.

The staff will make the student comfortable and contact parents/guardians to collect the student from school, if it is determined that this is the best course of action.

Students are NOT to text/ring parents/guardians directly during school times to advise if they feel unwell.

Lost Property

Please ensure that all items of clothing and personal items are clearly labeled  with your child's name . Students should check at the general office as soon as possible if they have misplaced something.  Named items are returned to the rightful owner asap.


Centrepay is a free direct bill paying service available to customers who receive an:

  • Australian Government Department of Human Services Centrelink payment
  • Family Assistance Payment
  • Parental Leave Pay

If you are interested in paying $10.00 or $20.00 per fortnight off your child’s school account with Centrepay please contact the McGuire College general office on 58589800.

Sunsmart Policy

McGuire College is a Sunsmart School, and as such, during Terms 1 & 4  students must wear a broad brimmed hat when outside, whether it be walking from the lockers to the canteen, playing sport on the oval or simply walking around the school.

Navy broad-brimmed hats are available for purchase from the general office for $11.00.

Student Absences

Parents who call the office to notify of their child/s absence are now required to provide a signed hand written note or medical certificate to have the absence approved.

Family Email address

It is important that families provide the school with a current email address so that parents can access and receive important school information (student reports, absences, accounts, newsletters).

 You can notify us by calling the office, send an email or a note from home

Privacy Policy

The Victorian privacy laws, the Information Privacy Act 2000, and Health Records Act 2001, provide for the protection of personal and health information. The school will at all times adhere to the privacy requirements. From time to time photographs are taken of students participating in sports events, school productions or special events, or other activities around the school. These photographs may be used in our school newsletter, school magazine, school website and our facebook page. They may also be used by the local media for an article about the activity, or they may be placed on our home page on the internet. If the photograph is published, it will only be in the context of the activity in which the child is participating, and whilst names may be used, no other information will be provided.

If any parent does not wish their child’s photograph to be published in any of the mediums outlined above, please complete a form at the general office.

Contact Us

Principal Team

Claire Kelly - Principal

Anna Sloane - Assistant Principal: Year 7-9

Megan Michalaidis -Assistant Principal: Year 10 -12

Leadership Team

Carly Bostanciouglu - Learning Specialist

Jamason Miller - Learning Specialist

Deanne Dewar - Coaching Leading Teacher

Matt Koutroubas - Transformation and Transition Leader

Stacie Lundberg - New Staff Mentor

Paige Martin – Senior Transition & Pathways Leader

Julie Hannan – Junior Transition & Pathways Leader

Sam Owen – Student Wellbeing, Engagement & Agency -Junior School

Vince Branigan – Student Wellbeing, Engagement & Agency - Senior School

Sharon Wagstaff – Business Manager

Year Level Leaders

Emma O'Keeffe -Year 7

Kristen Pritchett - Year 8

Callum French - Year 9

Jack Collins - Year 10

Jim Sheehan - Year 11

Georgie Schofield - Year 12


Lynda Bruce

Community Notices

Swimming Lessons

Swim lessons at Tatura Pool of a Tuesday between 4pm and 6pm and Mooroopna of a Wednesday also between 4pm and 6pm. We will be happy to offer more times if the demand was there.


Registration forms are at the pool or you can email Tess at [email protected]


Tessa Whelan

Work Group Co-ordinator- Seasonal Outdoor Pools

Greater Shepparton City Council

Phone:        (03) 5832 9483

Fax:             (03) 5831 8189

Mobile:        0430 666 225

Email:          [email protected]



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