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07 December 2018
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Principal News

Principal News

It is hard to believe that we are entering into the last few weeks of the year and the Summer vacation beckons. This edition of the Newsletter captures some but not all of the great activities that have been taking place over the last few weeks.


Next year we will have a Principal’s log that will provide the community with even more day-to-day news about life in and around the College.


Parent Volunteers Celebration


Brookside College has always benefitted from the support of parent volunteers whether it is in the classroom helping with learning, in Hands On Learning, big College festivals or supporting Administration – parent volunteers have given so much. This year under the leadership of Seral Fehmi we have had more volunteers working at the College than ever before. In particular we have introduced the new Parent representative Program; giving more voice to our parents.


This week I had the pleasure of celebrating the work of our Volunteers at a morning tea. With over 40 parents attending it was a wonderful way to acknowledge the contribution made by parents to the life of the College.


Our Community Engagement Program will continue to develop next year as we aspire to ever bigger and better outcomes for our children.


Our new spaces - Portables


Last Friday we received handover of the new Portables. The interior spaces are excellent with high quality finishes, good lighting and efficient heating and cooling.

We won’t be able to use the new spaces until next year – the furniture is on its way!


Thank you for your resilience during the construction phase. In particular I would like to thank our Facilities Manager, Jack Troost, who liaised with the contractors and made sure we were all safe.

Our new learning spaces will enable us to provide new learning experiences including a dedicated Wellbeing and Intervention Centre.


The Q Project


Last week I had the pleasure of representing the College at Monash University for the launch of the Q Project. The Q Project is being supported by the Paul Ramsay Foundation and has the backing of DET.


In an Australian first, The Q Project will investigate high quality evidence use in varied school settings, and equip educators to use quality evidence to improve their teaching and bring out the best in Australia’s students.


Teachers have a crucial role in our society, empowering generations of students with the knowledge and skills they need to choose life-defining pathways. Yet as a profession, teaching lags behind other fields, such as health and criminal justice, in systematically using research evidence to improve its practice.


This issue is particularly marked in Australia, where use of research evidence in schools is not well understood or widely supported. It is in addressing this critical need that Monash in partnership with a major philanthropic has a vital part to play, and an opportunity to contribute to a broader goal of improving the quality of teaching nationwide.


Our invitation to participate in this Project is recognition of the high quality teaching and learning already taking place at Brookside and our desire to continually improve.


2019 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)


Speaking of teaching and learning, last week the College Executive worked on evaluating the 2018 AIP and construction of the 2019 AIP. The AIP is a formal document that sets out the College’s priorities over the coming year. It is not a summary of all the work we are doing – that would be a very long document! Instead the AIP outlines the most important areas we want to focus on.


The 2019 AIP will have a very narrow focus on;

  • Whole-College explicit teaching of reading
  • The continued development of our Numeracy teaching and,
  • Assessment for Learning

Last Day of Term 4 - Friday 21st December Arrangements


Please find below the outline for the last day of the year.


Session 1              9.00-10.00          (Per Timetable)

Session 2             10.00- 11.00        (Per Timetable)

Lunch                   11.00-11.45

Session 3             11.45-12.30         (45 minutes  - Home Group Teacher)

Recess                 12.30-1.00

Session 4             1.00 – 1.15          (Home Group Teacher Dismissal)








Curriculum Days 2019

Finally, I am pleased to be able to provide the community with the Curriculum Days for next year (subject to final College Council Approval). Our Curriculum days next year are as follows;


29th January – First day of School Year for teachers only

8th March – Berry Street Character Domain

26th April – Assessment for Learning

15th July – Assessment for Learning


Simon Sherlock - Principal

School Council Report (October and November 2018)

Hello everyone.


School Council met in October and November to discuss and decide upon the following:


  • Activities to be run by the Parents and Friends Committee in 2019 including a BBQ at Bunnings and the Entertainment Book fundraiser
  • The School’s operating budget for 2019
  • The status of the new portables (including the purchase of new equipment and furniture) and their impact on the play spaces for the year 3s and 4s.


In addition, I want to acknowledge and thank Council Vice-President Carly Marriner for stepping in to chair the October meeting in my absence.


School Council welcomes members of the school community to attend School Council meetings. If you are interested, please contact myself or Mr Sherlock (School Principal) at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. If you are interested in joining Council's sub-committees, please contact me directly or Mr Sherlock to express your interest.


If you have any feedback or questions about School Council, I encourage you to email me directly ([email protected]).


Before I sign off, I want to acknowledge the contributions made by all School Council members this year. Their input into Council business has been valuable and their support for me as President has been greatly appreciated.


On behalf of everyone on School Council, I wish you and your loved ones a safe and pleasant summer break and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2019.


Christian Anderson

School Council President

Prep - 2 Sector

Prep News

Preps students have begun term 4 with a positive start! The prep breakfast in week 3 was a massive hit with students having the opportunity to come to school in their pyjamas and enjoy a yummy breakfast prepared for them by their teachers. This event aims to help develop students’ independence and organisational skills when getting ready for school.


Students have been continuing their development of writing skills by exploring what makes up a narrative. They have been creating their own short stories focusing on, in particular, ideas and events using familiar words and writing knowledge.


In math, students have been focusing on modelling, drawing and writing numbers up to 20 and beyond. Students have explored using counters and tens frames to demonstrate their understanding of numbers. Students have also been presented with math stories to model and solve.


This term prep students will have the opportunity to splash into action when they participate in the P-2, swimming program. Professional instructors will provide children with activities to develop and improve water awareness, water familiarisation, stroke technique, safety and survival skills.


For the remainder of term, we will be focusing on student report writing. To acknowledge the students' hard work and achievement throughout the year, we will be having an end of year celebration; held at the Werribee Zoo on the 12th of December.




Jessica & Jelena

Year 2 Sleep Over



Year 3-6 Sector

AP News

Hello everyone,


Wow, I can’t believe we are already at the end of 2018. It has been a very successful year at Brookside College. The students in the 3-6 Sector should be very proud of all their hard work and efforts this year.


One of the biggest changes in the 3-6 Sector this year has been the introduction of Project Based Learning. This has been a huge highlight for the students, teachers and wider community. The students have been so engaged in these projects. Today I was lucky enough to work with the Year 4 students as they worked on their designs for a new playground.


Their creativity and collaboration was on show and they are super excited about sharing their proposals over the next week. This is just one example of the many projects the students have been involved in. I would like to thank the teachers for all their work in creating such rich, engaging projects and the students for all their hard work. I’d also like to thank all our parents and guardians for their support, from coming into school to view the Public Products to late night visits to Officeworks to buy supplies the kids have loved having you involved in their learning.


The last two weeks of school for the year are always a very exciting time. Students and staff will be out on their end of year celebrations which promise to be heaps of fun. Our students will also be involved in Step Up Day when they go into their next year level for part of the day. The students will also have Meet the Teacher Day, where they will meet their 2019 teacher. 



I would like to congratulate the Year 6 students who move into the Secondary Sector of the school next year. This cohort of students have been a fantastic bunch! They look out for each other, enjoy their schooling and are dedicated to their studies. Good luck in Year 7.
Finally I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. I hope you all have a great and restful break and I look forward to seeing you all back at Brookside in 2019.










Adam Bright

Assistant Principal




Year 3 News

The Year 3 cohort attended their first camp at Log Cabins in Creswick.  It was their first time away from their families.  They experienced new activities including canoeing, zip lining and giant swing amongst other activities.  Everyone had lots of fun including the teachers.


I think canoeing was the best because I nearly got tipped into the water and that we saw something big in the water. It looked like a turtle. There were fish in the pond.  We went on the big giant swing and I went 18 metres up.   In the morning when we ate breakfast, we got to talk with our friends.

Logan 3A


Camp was fun on the giant swing and pretty fast when Jazz and I did the commando course.    It was cool in canoeing because it was good to see the mini island in the middle of the dam.  I was proud of myself when we won the game of how many balls we go in canoeing. 

Ryder 3A

I enjoyed going upside down on the giant swing.  The ziplines were awesome.

Ben 3B


I love canoeing because Adem and I fell in. We got very wet and had to have a shower.

Ashleigh Rose 3B

The possum glide was great as you got to go up like a possum and go down a little bit and go back up.

Beza 3C


I really enjoyed the food because it was mouth-watering. My favourite meal was the chicken schnitzel.

 Zara 3B

The food as camp was delicious, everybody liked it. There was such a range of different foods that we got to eat.

Amelie 3C


My favourite 2 activates were canoeing because we got wet and it was such a laugh. I also liked the zip line because I got to go upside down. I loved camp, had loads of fun and wished it went a little longer.

Mikayla A 3C

Year 3 camp was phenomenal. I learnt about bravery and responsibility. The giant swing was the best, when I was being lifted up I wasn’t scared but when I pulled the rope I was terrified as I was falling down.

Bhuvan 3C

Year 5 News

Dear Parents and Families,


Can you believe that it is already the end of Term Four. We have had a super busy term where we’ve gone on an excursion and camp. We’ve learnt all about Measurement and Probability in Maths, Narrative writing and perspectives in Writing, and Inferring in Reading. In PBL we have been working hard to produce our products which will be on sale during the Summer Fest on Thursday 13th December from 2.30pm – 3.45pm.


On the 17th of December we will be heading off to Zone Bowling at Watergardens as our end of year celebration where we will participate in bowling and laser tag – we will even have lunch provided. There are many fun and exciting things happening as we wrap up 2018.


We would like to thank all the families for such a positive year and wish the children all the best for 2019 and beyond.

Year 7-9 Sector

AP News

Dear Parents and Carers,


The students are working through the last month of completing their teaching and learning programs, concluding for the most part with Key Learning Area  Exams, this is always a busy time for students completing their curriculum requirements and studying. Just a reminder that during this time we encourage students to attend study club each Wednesday night to receive the extra support for their studies. Following this it will be time to celebrate our learning and finish the year with a series of events and activities.


Among the activities, alternative programs and Step-Up, the year 7 and 8 students head off to Adventure Park Geelong. The year 9 students will complete transition programs at their respective senior colleges then have a week of activities, culminating in their Graduation.


I would like to remind and welcome parents to our ‘7-9 Sector Assembly’ at 2:15pm on Thursday the 15th of November. The focus of the assembly will be on Resilience while also celebrating individual student excellence.  


I would also like to invite all Grade 6 parents to the ‘Year 7 2019 Information Evening’ on Thursday the 15th of November. If you are unable to make it please contact me at the college and I can share any information electronically.


Thank you as always for your support of the kids.









Michael Heyne

Assistant Principal



Year 7 News


Firstly we’d like to congratulate the year 7 girl’s volleyball, boy’s basketball and girl’s table tennis teams for making it to the next stage of the finals for interschool sports.  It was a big effort and great to see so many talented athletes.


This term in Math we have been learning ratios and started our unit on transformation. In Science, we have been making Rube Goldberg contraptions using simple machines, and we have just finished our own science expo projects, which were all on display on Tuesday night’s annual Science expo.  Everyone put in a lot of effort to present some amazing investigations and experiments.  In English we have been focusing on personal identity through the characters of the movie Wreck-it-Ralph.  And in Economics, we have been learning about jobs and careers and what qualifications are required in order to get specific jobs.  Lastly, in PE we have been learning about water safety.


This has been heaps of fun as we have just started a 3-week long swimming program, where we are learning about water danger statistics, and dangers of water.  We have been practicing types of safe entries, how to perform rescue techniques, and which techniques are suitable for the condition of the person being rescued.  A big thanks to all of our teachers for making our subjects as fun as possible.


As we said earlier, this will be a very busy term for the year 7s and there are a lot of things coming up.  On Tuesday 23rd of October, we had Brookside’s annual Science expo.  There were a large amount of creative and original experiments on the day.  A more detailed report on this day will be coming up soon, but we’d like to give a big thanks to Mr Clark and the other science teachers for holding this event and setting up all of the projects.  It was an awesome night!


In week 8, we had our second round of exam revision before our semester two Math and English exams.  These exams will include everything from terms 3 and 4.  Exams will start on the following week (week 9).

In week 10 we will have our 7 to 8 step up day.  This is a day where we will be stepping into the shoes of a year 8 student, to learn what the responsibilities and challenges will be for next year.  Also in week 10 is Brookside summer fest. This is an event to celebrate everything Brookside related, with music, food and fun games for our community.

Our last week of school is week 11.  To celebrate all of the hard work we have done this year, we will be going to Adventure Park in Geelong.  We are all super eager for this day and cannot wait for all the fun that awaits.   Mr Hermanson has also promised to run a number of fun activities during this term, including a lip sync battle, graffiti wall competition and our last homeroom competition for the year ‘Soldiers and Medics’. 

Thanks to all of our teachers for making year 7 so fun.  We hope everyone has a great term 4 and enjoys all of the year 7 activities coming up!

Written by Rudyna S, Adriana C, Indianah A and Joanne K (7C)

Melbourne Zoo Excursion


On Thursday 8 November, the year 7 cohort went to the Melbourne zoo for a Science excursion.  The teachers were Mr Hermansson, Miss Spain, Mr Finnigan, Miss Karras, Miss Salvadori, and Miss Warren.  We all met on the basketball courts and got into six learning groups for the day.  Then we jumped on the bus.  When we arrived, we got off the bus and met at the giant Peppercorn tree in the centre of the zoo.  Here we met Chris, one of the Melbourne zoo keepers.  He led us into the seal viewing room and talked us through the day.  We were all given lanyards that had a map of the zoo and the animals that we needed to visit and research. 

The program for the day was called Call of the Wild, and we needed to classify animals and decide which ones were the most important to save.  After our introduction, we got the chance to wander around the Zoo looking at different types of animals.  We each had a dichotomous key to fill out, classifying 14 different animals of our choice.  Partway through our walk we also got to do an educational visit where everyone got to touch a snake and lizard!  Some of us were so scared we needed to leave the room, but others were brave and stayed.  We were all able to see as many animals as we could, depending on how fast we walked!  We saw everything from Giraffes and Elephants, to seals, butterflies and Bengal tigers.  By the end of the day we were exhausted.  It was a lot of walking!

We learnt that many animals have different characteristics which they use for defence, offence and other reasons.  We also learnt that sadly, many animals are endangered and are in need of our help.  Some of these endangered species include the Snow leopard, Asian elephant, Orang-utan and more.

We would like to thank the Melbourne Zoo staff and all our teachers for organising this event!  It was a great day!

Written By Andre Santos (7B), Daniel Williamson (7B), Indianah Attard (7C) and Joanne Kloppenburg (7C).


Science Expo


On Tuesday the 23rd of October, Brookside’s annual science expo took place in the gymnasium after school.  


It was a great opportunity for students to create their own experiments based on topics of their choice, and to collaborate with others using the scientific method.  It was also a great opportunity to practice conducting fair tests to learn about new things and expand our science knowledge.  


The expo was open for all students who are enrolled in Brookside from prep to year 9, and parents and families from the community were welcome to attend from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.  It was great to see so many year 7s show off their hard work and present their findings and demonstrations! 


Thanks to all of the science legends for their participation and for all their effort in putting projects and experiments together to make it such an amazing night!  Please see the photos attached for some of our year 7 students and projects.


Written by Rudyna S (7C) and Shenora J (7A).


Start typing your article in here...

Year 8 News

Humanities Update-Lisa Spain

The National History Challenge



For the first time this year, Brookside participated in the National History Challenge. The National History Challenge is an initiative by the Australian Government that is designed to allow students to be creative when investigating history. Since April, students worked hard on projects and essays that were about this year’s History Challenge theme of Turning Points.

A small number of students worked tirelessly during Study Clubs and their own time to complete their entries to the best of their abilities. When submissions closed on 31st of August, we had four complete projects to send away. Congratulations to the following students for completing their projects:

  • Eliana S (5A) who wrote an essay about Martin Luther King
  • Arya M-H (7E) who created a documentary about the Cuban Revolution
  • Isabella S (9D) who wrote an essay about Michael Jackson’s influence on music
  • Jonathan M (9E) who wrote an essay about the American Revolution

A special congratulations goes to Arya M-H and Isabella S who were selected as State Finalists for the challenge. Arya and Isabella spent a Sunday morning travelling out to Melbourne Grammar to present their finished projects to a


panel of judges and talk about what they learned through the project.

Unfortunately Arya and Isabella were not selected for the next stage of the competition but they have a lot to be proud of – being a state finalist is an amazing achievement!

Well done to those students who completed the National History Challenge.



Secondary Humanities Leader

Year 8 Medieval Games Incursion

On Friday 10 October, the year 8 had an incursion about medieval Europe. We had two people come teach us about the games that were played in medieval Europe. We had so much fun in our hour that we had. We learnt the different games that were played and why they were played. We saw that the games are every different for the games played today.

The games we play today are mostly all on online, but in those days they had no electricity. The games we tried were played by the people that would mostly work on the farms and lived just outside the kingdom. This was one of the only sources of entertainment they had. The games that we played were played with axes and can be every dangerous, so we didn’t us axes, we just used wood blocks. We had so much fun and everyone loved it. The day as filled with lots of laughter.

Millie S (8B)


Year 9 News

The year 9s are coming to the end of their time at Brookside and are keeping busy getting all their assessment tasks completed before their exams. To see current tasks to be working on, please ensure that you are checking Compass for due dates and resources to help with completing the work on time. Formal classes will conclude on the 7th of December – less than one month away!

From now until the end of term, the year 9s have a lot on! In week 8 (week starting the 26th November) students will be undergoing revision for Maths, English, Science and Humanities in preparation for their last lot of Brookside exams the following week.


In week 10 (the week starting 10th December), the year 9s attending Lakeview in 2019 are invited to the senior college for a three day transition. During this time, students will meet their new classes, teachers and become familiar with year 10 content. They will also be given holiday homework, but will be given the opportunity to complete this back at Brookside with teacher support.


To help assist with transition to Lakeview, Raj and the wellbeing team are taking a group of students to visit the senior college and meet with future coordinators before the official transition.


Finally, week 11 will be an activities week, culminating in the student-organised graduation on Thursday the 20th of December. Payment and consent for these events are up on Compass and need to be provided before December the 3rd.


We give our thanks to Seral Fehmi and the events elective students who have worked together to plan, organise and run the activities and events for the year 9s in their last week of school.


Other events to look forward to include the Young Warriors performance and 7-9 Sector assembly both being held on Thursday the 15th of November and the Brookside Summer Best Fest being held on Thursday the 13th of December. We would also like to reflect on the success of the year 9s’ experiments for the annual Science Expo. Congratulations to those who got to see the end product of their hard work and thank you to Patrick Clark, Michelle Krell and Ryan Peceli who helped support the students every step of the way while also running the expo. The year 9 students have had a massive impact on all the events being held and we have loved seeing their involvement. 


We would finally like to pass on our congratulations to all year 9 students that were successful in obtaining a place in the AFL and Soccer Programs and/or an Accelerated VCE Subject for next year. We are very proud of all our year 9s and their achievements so far, and we are very aware that this is only the beginning of some great things to come from this cohort. 



Rebecca Lucas, Grant Puxley and the year 9 team.

 (Year 9 coordinators, 2018)

DOE & Event Electives-Morton Homestead

As part of Miss Krell’s Duke of Edinburgh elective’s Community Service component and Miss Fehmi’s Events elective, students have been meeting and engaging with Morton Homestead Community members every Wednesday for the past 3 weeks. During our visits, students have had the opportunity to get to know different members, hear real life stories and memories they treasure and are willing to share, laugh together and even share stories of our own.

Last week Morton Homestead visited Brookside College. Year 9 students provided morning tea, including coffees, tea, hot chocolate and cakes all made on premises, by students in the HOL Café. These cakes and coffees were received with smiles and appreciation and compliments were given to those students who made delicious treats. To close our visit with Morton Homestead members and as an added entertainment, the Primary Dance class who practice after school performed in their very first performance for us and Morton Homestead members. It was great to see so many smiling faces and clapping hands throughout this performance and students who performed were enthusiastic and energetic.

Within the community, Morton Homestead is a place where the elderly are able to gather, share skills and experiences, establish friendships and connections and take part in many activities the workers make attainable for its members.

Through this program, Brookside students are putting together either a scrap book or poster, representing the information gathered and show casing photos provided by Morton Homestead embers titled ‘This is Your Life’.


Food Technology
Year 7 & 8

Year 7 created their Pancake stack ILT last week and did an amazing job as evident in the pictures. Some students went over & beyond and presented their food in style. They were required to produce a creative and exciting pancake stack suitable for one person and incorporate at least one additional ingredient to give the pancake a new flavour. Fruit was necessary as instructed by the design brief. It was a challenging experience for the year 7s but all of them did a commendable job under pressure!



Year 8s prepared a Special Breakfast for their ILT this term. They outdid themselves and made amazing dishes including Caesar salad, waffles, pancakes and poached eggs. Each breakfast produced was based on a theme such as Father’s day, Mother’s day, a special birthday and party themes.

This is what one of our students had to say:

In year 8, our ILT was to create a breakfast for a design brief of our choosing. We all brainstormed ideas as to what we would make and how we could make it healthier. We planned in detail and when the time came, we were prepared to cook our amazing breakfasts. We all worked using teamwork and skills we have learned from class. It was a good challenge to be on our own and have the freedom to cook whatever we wanted. We all worked hard and the outcome was rewarding. We were all proud of ourselves and the healthy breakfasts we had made.

                                                                                                                                Amy G 8A



Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden News

The students expressed how much they loved eating pizza so it was the perfect opportunity to show that pizza can be healthy. We made dough using 3 main ingredients of self-raising flour, natural yogurt and salt. It was so easy that it was child’s play, literally. Then we topped our pizza with cauliflower, broccoli, silverbeet and herbs harvested from the garden. We also harvested heads of cos lettuce to turn into green salad because we always serve a healthy accompaniment with main course.


See below for pizza recipe and toppings suggestions.




Equipment required :


1 large bowl, measuring spoons, 1 oven tray, wooden spoon, scraper, pot holder or oven mitt



1 cup self-raising flour

¼ teaspoon salt

1/2 cup greek-style yogurt


1. Preheat oven to 250◦C

2. Combine flour, salt and yogurt in a bowl until a soft dough forms. Add more yogurt if the dough is too dry. Don’t knead the dough or the pizza will be tough.

3. Line baking tray with baking paper.

4. Scrape dough onto baking tray lined with baking paper

5. Using the tips of fingers to push dough to form a round and 5 mm base. Make sure there are no holes.

6. Brush dough with olive oil or top with tomato sauce and toppings.

7. Cook for about 15 minutes.

8. Remove trays from oven and allow to cool for about 5 minutes.

9. Slide each pizza onto the chopping board.



Toppings suggestions:

  • 1 cup cauliflower, 1/4 red onion, ½ c herbs, 2tbls olive oil, 100g feta
  • 1 potato sliced, 1/4 red onion, ½ c herbs, 2 tbls olive oil, 1 c cheese
  • ½ zucchini, ¼ capsicum, ½ c tomato sauce, ½ c herbs, 1 c cheese


SAKG has been fun, especially making the breads and salad. Our favourite recipe this term was the lentil soup and bread.

This week we made Pumpkin Risotto, Tomato and Vegetable and salads (see recipe for Pumpkin Risotto below), we diced vegetables using the bridge and claw techniques.

By Amara and Tina 3B


Pumpkin Risotto

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 400g pumpkin, peeled and diced into 2cm pieces
  • 1 medium brown onion, finely diced
  • 2 stalks of celery, diced
  • 1 and 1/2  cups Arborio rice
  • 4 cups chicken liquid stock
  • 1/2 cup frozen peas (optional)
  • 1/4 cup fresh herbs, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon butter







Step 1

Heat oil in large saucepan over medium heat. Cook pumpkin, stirring, for 5 minutes or until golden and almost tender.

Step 2

Add onion and celery to pan. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until onion and celery has softened.

Step 3

Add rice. Stir to coat for about 5 minutes.

Step 4

Add half the stock. Bring to the boil. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 7 minutes or until stock has absorbed. Add remaining stock. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 8 to 10 minutes or until liquid has absorbed.

Step 5

Stir in peas. Cook for 5 minutes or until peas are heated through.

Step 6

Stir in herbs and butter. Serve.­­­



Chicken Club News


Sadly, Pearl, our white chicken, passed away last week, and we had to say goodbye.

We had been keeping a close eye on her over the past week and had noticed that she was not growing as well as her coop-mates.






She had removed herself from the other chickens and had been less active this week.

We will monitor Penny and Pretzel to see how they cope with the loss of their coop-mate, before introducing a new chicken to the flock.

Each Monday, selected students from P-6 are invited to join ‘Chicken Club’, where they get to help care for the chickens.




They are responsible for filling up the food containers, cleaning out water bowls and scooping poop from the coop! As a reward for their hard work, students get the chance to have a pat or cuddle with our feathered friends.



Art News



Middle Years Visual Arts Update


In Term 3, the year 6’s were looking at sustainability and created creatures out of recycle items. This idea was based off the short film “The Lost Thing” by Shaun Tan. They are now working through the process of creating their own abstract artwork which is inspired by Kandinsky and Mondrian. They have enjoyed this unit as we have been listening to a range of music to help gain inspiration for their abstract art piece.


The year 7’s have studied the theme of Portraiture. During the first lesson of art students drew a self-portrait. They then studied different drawing techniques and materials to be able to draw a realistic face. The growth over these few weeks was amazing! Students compared their first drawing to their second drawing and were shocked at how much they had grown and developed their drawing skills. They then investigated Pop Art where they experimented with paint and bright colours.


The year 7’s are now looking at typography and working through the process of creating a quote poster where they will be creating their own fonts and illustrations.

The year 8’s have studied the theme of Still Life. They started the unit similar to the year 7’s where they completed a drawing of still life objects. Over the next few weeks they learnt drawing techniques and strategies to be able to draw objects in 3D and the correct Proportion.


They then applied all these techniques and created another still life drawing. Again the development of skill was fantastic! Students then investigated painting skills to create wacky still life paintings. To finish the unit they created hybrid object sculptures using air drying clay which all the students thoroughly enjoyed. The year 8’s are now creating poster designs for a food truck company where the owner of the company will choose a few poster to be featured on their Instagram page.


Art is now starting to pop up around the Northern Building and then hopefully the rest of the school. Anyone who would like to contribute to creating art for the school please come along to the Creative Hub program which is on at lunchtime in Art2.


Also to anyone in the community who has any art ideas or expertise in the art field who would like to help out with some collaborative art projects, please feel free to contact Miss Drinkall.



It is an exciting time for Soundgarage students, as they will be performing at the ‘Best Fest’ at 5.30pm on December 13th.

Thank you to all the families who have been involved with Soundgarage this year. If you would like to re-enrol your child for Soundgarage lessons in 2019 please pick up an enrolment form from the office and return it before the end of this term.

If you would like to begin Soundgarage in 2019 then we would love to have you part of the team. Students don’t need any prior knowledge, they just need to want to come along and have fun making music! Please pick up an enrolment form from the office and return it before the end of this term.



Any further questions or queries please feel free to contact Maddie Owen at [email protected] or 0401 844 522


French News

At the P-2 sector assembly on Tuesday, students in Year 2 show-cased their French language learning by performing the AIM puppet show La Poule Maboule (Chicken Little). They have been using the text as a basis for oral and written practice that includes the play, songs and gestures. The Year 2 students displayed commitment by rehearsing the play during many lunch and recess breaks. Bravo!


Student Wellbeing 





This term, a number of students from Year 4 – Year 9 have been participating in the Martial Arts Therapy (MAT) Program which is run by non-profit organisation TESSA Inc.

The program combines the principles of physical and mental wellbeing with those of traditional martial art training techniques. Facilitated by a trained Martial Arts Therapy instructor, its format engages and empowers young people to learn life skills, and to better manage the challenges in their lives. The sessions are non-contact and the weekly sessions are continuing for the next few weeks.


Through a range of exercises and fun activities the students have been learning about:

  • Expressing their emotions appropriately
  • How and when to express their frustrations
  • Making choices
  • Learning from their mistakes

         ~ Claire Volpe, Brookside School Counsellor


Feedback from Matthew Renehan, a participant in Year 8:


‘I like going to the MAT program because it teaches us the life skills to do well in whatever we choose to do. We have fun and it’s not just routine and boring. Guy (the instructor) doesn’t tell us what we need to do, but gives us the tools to help form us as young adults.

We communicate our struggles and help each other to try and be more understanding, and lift each other up. Sharing our ideas helps us learn and benefit from each other.

I’ve learnt that we don’t have to do physical harm to each other to learn some martial arts skills and that it’s not always a competition. It’s important with palm strikes to focus on technique rather than strength and to learn how to do it correctly rather than just beating the other person. We learn to bring other people up so we can make each other better.

With school and with my siblings it’s helping to build my mental resilience and to think of situations differently. ‘The Rock’ activity teaches us how to manage our emotions, to take a breather and is helping me to improve how I react to situations.

Guy (the instructor) is relatable - we can have fun but also have serious conversations at the same time. Sometimes there’s a stigma about going to therapy that you have to have something really wrong with you…but with Martial Arts Therapy it’s really about learning from an activity that you enjoy.’


Please contact a member of the Brookside Student Wellbeing Team if you would like further information about the MAT Program.



White Ribbon Day at Brookside College

Last week, from Monday to Thursday Brookside staff and students took pride in promoting White Ribbon Day.  Every class in Years 7 to 9 was shown a brief but moving presentation about why we support and promote this day at school and indeed all around Australia.


There were four days of combined student and teacher-student sports activities with great support and participation by students to show their endorsement of White Ribbon Day!  There was absolutely superb involvement, sportsmanship, and skills shown by all and a beautiful atmosphere of common goals to enjoy. 

On Monday 19th students and teachers signed a pledge to stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women, and family violence, which will be displayed. 


On Tuesday the Year 7 students and their teachers had an energetic and enthusiastic game of Downball in the gym loudly enjoyed by all! 

Wednesday was the turn of the Year 8 students and teachers who had a thrilling and very skilled game of soccer to the delight of the crowd.

Year 9 students and teachers had an enthusiastic game of basketball with loads of cheering and spectators enjoying the opportunity to watch the combined game.


So why do we support White Ribbon Day?  The shocking statistics show that every week at least one woman is killed by a partner or former partner, and this has to stop.   In 2018 so far we have lost 61 women and 16 children. Eleven of the women during just two weeks in October alone. That is way more than one woman a week.


White Ribbon Day’s aim is to not only raise awareness but to motivate and encourage men who witness violence to stand up, speak out and take action against it in a safe way. Men doing this is incredibly powerful, and makes a life changing difference. Taking a stand helps to remove the silence around disrespect and violence.  Disrespectful attitudes towards women can turn into violence. We all deserve respect and safety.


All of our students have the right to be safe now and when they are adults. The riskiest age for women is 18 to 28 years old. Our community needs to be safe and free of the threat of gender based violence.   This includes children, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, grandmothers, cousins, nieces, family friends and community members.  We do it for the women and children who should not have been killed. They should still be here with their families.



Health Centre

Health Centre News

Health Centre Reminders

  • Please ensure you have your Ambulance Victoria Membership up to date. Please be aware that if a student is deemed/assessed as needing an ambulance, an ambulance will be called and parents/gurardians will need to cover the cost of the service.
  • You may receive paperwork from the Health Centre – if it could please be returned ASAP that would be greatly appreciated. Having up to date medical information about the students is imperative to allow us to provide the appropriate care for them when/if required.

Many thanks,

The Health Centre Team



Are your emergency contact details up to date?

It is vital that the College has up to date contact details for both yourself and listed emergency contacts in case of an emergency or other health issue that the College feels should be communicated to you.  Updates to your child's record can easily be done by emailing the college at [email protected] or by completing the attached form and handing it into the General Office.

Fact Sheets


Administration News

Office Hours

8:15am - 4:00pm

(Closed during school holidays)

Telephone: 7379 1555

Email: [email protected]

Camps, Excursion & Incursion Payments
We are continually trying to improve the way we organise and communicate events to the Brookside community. Part of this process is to ensure that Parents/Carers are given sufficient time to provide payment and consent for upcoming excursions and incursions.

The safety of our students is paramount and having these processes in place helps ensure that we have all of our bases covered when students leave the College under our care.


Visitors to the College

A reminder that all visitors to the College (including Parent Helpers) must report to Reception prior to signing in to the visitor register. In 2018, all Parent Helpers must compete a volunteer induction program and have a valid Working with Children card prior to being allowed to assist in the classroom. For further information on what this involves, please contact the General office or Mrs Seral Fehmi.

Updating contact details

Have you or your family circumstances changed? Mobile phone and email addresses can be updated on Compass. For all other changes, please notify the General Office either in person or via email at

[email protected]

Term Dates 


October 8 2018 - December 21 2018




January 29 2019 - April 5 2019


April 23 2019 - June 28 2019


July 15 2019 - September 20 2019


October 7 2019 - December 20 2019

Community Partnerships


Teenage Holiday Program

It’s that time again and the Teenage Holiday Program is here!


TEENAGE HOLIDAY PROGRAM JANUARY 2019 will be running from 7TH - 25TH JANUARY 2019.


Bookings open at 10:30 AM on WEDNESDAY 12TH December 2018. Bookings will only be accepted via online bookings



Please note the booking system is now online and customers are no longer able to call customer service to make bookings.


Due to the popular demand of the program and to make sure there is equity amongst all participants, each participant can only book a maximum of 2 activities on the booking day. Additional activities requested will be added to a WAITING LIST. Participants who are on the waiting list will be notified if a spot becomes available after the booking date.


Please find attached flyer for uploading on your schools’ Facebook pages, Compass and distribution to students and parents.


If you have any questions regarding Teenage Holiday Program, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Many Thanks

Kind Regards


Katriona Gauci

Team Leader Youth Engagement and Activation | Melton City Council

Stevenson House and surrounding Neighbourhood Programs October-December


School Canteen

Please find attached the new updated Canteen price list.



Caroline Springs Farmers Market




Looking for a real Christmas Tree



Attendance Office

Attendance Office Hours


Direct line: 7379 1556

Did you know that absences can be entered directly into Compass by Parents/Carers? This is our preferred method of communication, however Parents/Carers can also call our direct line to discuss attendance issues or report a student absence (preferably before 8.50am).


Students arriving LATE or DEPARTING early MUST report to the Attendance Office.

Important Announcement for Apple iPhone/iPad Users:

Compass App - iPhone/iPad iOS update


Dear Parents/Carers,

Going forward, all updates to our Compass App will no longer support iOS versions below iOS 9. This means that any device running iOS 8 or below will no longer be supported.

If your iPhone/iPad allows updates beyond iOS 8, please ensure your device is updated immediately to ensure you receive the latest enhancements to the Compass App and ensure you do not miss any important school notifications.

Update Instructions:  select Settings + General + Software Update

Please ensure your mobile number is correct in Compass to ensure the school can contact you in an emergency and you receive an SMS text message if your'e child does not attend school without an explanation.

Attendance Officer
Brookside P-9 College

Parents and Friends

Brookside Recipe Book - 'The Tastes of Brookside'

Congratulations to the winners of our art competition. First prize, and on the cover of the Recipe book, is a collection of works by Sienna F. (5B). The brightly coloured back cover flame artwork was created by Reggee A. (7E), whilst the inside front cover spread is a fantastic picture by Jolanta K. one of our talented staff members!



Congratulations to our other finalists: Katie C. (2A), Megan L. (4F), Lisa C. (6A), Aryan D. (7D) and Joselyn B. (7E). All these artworks, plus all the original artworks submitted by students have been included throughout the book.


Thank you to the following companies who provided prizes for the competition: Bakers Delight, Hoyts, Hog's Breath Cafe and the Pancake Parlour! Very much appreciated!


It's not too late to get your very own copy of the recipe book. It's an ideal Christmas gift and a lasting memory of Brookside College. How about a present for your teacher?


To order: Pay by cash/card at the front office or fill in an order form and return with cash/credit card details in a clearly marked envelope to the front office or your child’s classroom teacher.


Books are only $25 each.

Books will be delivered in early December.



Halloween Disco

Boo! We hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween disco!

Thank you to all our parent and teacher volunteers who helped on the night.

Congratulations to the organisers who put in the time and effort to make the evening such an amazing event! Well done!




Next Parents and Friends Committee meeting:

9am Friday November 30, 2018 

College Staff Room.     

All welcome!

AfterSchool Clubs & ExtraCurricula Activities

Little Monsters Dance Club

LMDC has landed at Brookside College with their afterschool program, The Travelling Monster Drama and Dance Program. The program was designed to give all children the chance to use performing arts as a platform for building confidence, creativity and community. 

So far the classes have started in Term 4 with a bang! Children involved will have opportunities to perform and share their talent with the community.

They will be performing for the Morton Homestead Planned Activity Group (elderly), the kids will also be performing at the Frank Fitzpatrick Auditorium in Essendon for the Little Monsters Dance Club Recital “It’s Stage Time!”. They will also make a guest appearance at the BEST FEST FESTIVAL! So many wonderful opportunities

If you would like to support Little Monsters Dance Club live onstage in their end of year recital on Friday December 7th at 6pm, tickets can be purchased via Try Booking at:,

Keep an eye out on compass for 2019 classes, as places are limited and fill up very fast!

We also have a little something for the mum’s, our Dance Date Series is a Tuesday Session run at the Brookside Community Centre 10:15-11:00am, $10 a session. This is a great way to keep fit, have a dance, laugh and make a friend or two!


For more info contact: [email protected]

Looking forward to seeing you.....

                                        Miss Jacquie and Miss Natasha



LMCD Flyers


Jane's Fitness Program

Tuesday Night - Fitness  3:30pm-4:30pm 


Thursday Night - Boxing  3:30pm-4:30pm


This is a voluntary after-school program, students will participate in different fitness activities each week that will be run by a qualified staff member.

Consent must be given via Compass.

Study Club

Wednesday afternoon from 3:15pm – 4pm


Voluntary Study Club will run every Wednesday afternoon from 3:15pm – 4pm downstairs in the Northern Building. Study Club provides students with an opportunity to complete class work and/or assessments with the support of their teachers. This program has been designed to help students create good study habits within a positive and supportive learning environment. 

Consent must be given via Compass.


If you are interested in allowing your child to attend Study Club please provide consent via compass. By providing consent you are consenting for your child to attend study club for the duration of the term, however they do not need to attend all Study Club sessions.

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