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17 August 2018
Issue Nine
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Principal's Post 

From Mr Phillips

The Addams Family

It has been wonderful to see so many families enjoying the performances of our students in this quirky production.

The audience reactions have been superb too. I would like to congratulate all of the students involved for their hard work dedication and creativity, whether as a cast member, technical crew person, backstage/makeup person or as a musician in the orchestra.

The support of so many staff and parents has been another highlight and contributes greatly to the quality performances that our students achieve. A special thankyou to the Director of The Addams Family, Mr Karl McNamara for creating such a wonderful experience for our students. He was certainly able to reinforce the excellence and importance of the Performing Arts at Ringwood SC. 

Car Parking at Ringwood

The safety of all our students is of paramount importance. Be mindful when dropping off or picking up your children that the streets surrounding the school can become congested with cars and pedestrians. Note carefully the street signs and please avoid parking over the driveways of our neighbours. This is particularly important in the Hill St precinct.

No Stopping Signs

Means no stopping at all. Stopping to let someone out of or into a car regardless of whether you leave the engine running or stay in the vehicle is not allowed.

No Parking Signs

You can stop in a No Parking area for up to two minutes, provided that you are setting down or picking up a passenger or loading or unloading.


 Parent Opinion Survey

A reminder to parents/guardians who have received an email with a link to our Parent Opinion Survey, that it is open to Sunday 26 August 2018.  The survey is conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.


Please be assured that your responses are anonymous.  The college will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

Thank you for your support.


Course Selection and Student Progress

There is a great deal of activity in the college in regard to subject and course selections for 2019. In the coming fortnight, many students will be finalising their senior pathway choices.


There will be a further opportunity for reflection on progress during the current semester on Wednesday August 29th, with parent teacher and student conferences scheduled on that date. Classes will not operate on that date to allow teachers the time to conduct conferences between 12.00 and 8pm.


The next stage of our building program is now being firmed up, despite the challenges of budget. We will be able to provide you details of the proposed program for the $6.5million following further consultation and agreement with our architects and the Department of Education, in the next newsletter report.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Learning Reflections

As we approach the middle of Term 3 we have an opportunity to reflect on our achievements and to make plans for further empowerment through teaching and learning. This applies equally to students and teachers- through sharing a vision of the optimum conditions of learning and through the relationships we form in our community, we support one another to achieve our best. The opportunity for reflections and discussions on further improvement takes place on August 29th at the Parent Teacher Student Interviews at the college. On this occasion, parents will have their child’s Progress Report and will discuss their child’s academic results with the teachers. We encourage students to be present during this time to contribute to the discussions. The online portal to book interviews will open on Monday 20th August.


Leadership Conference

I attended the recent Victorian Association of Secondary School Principal’s Conference and learnt a lot about the current thinking around Big and Small Data by Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish educator and researcher. His argument is that to improve school performance, schools should do a number of things he defines as Small Data including: increasing their formative and other school- based assessments; involving students in assessing and reflecting on their own learning; giving teachers autonomy from bureaucracy and investing in collaborative teams in schools. Pasi’s presentation resonated with me. Collecting data from students to check the status of their learning is a practice that I believe in.

Here is a sample of student responses to the question: ‘What do you do when things become difficult in French?’

Go onto quizlet or linguascope to help me relearn things and deepen my knowledge.

Refer back to my exercise book to look over information

Ask my peers and if needed, teacher.

Use the internet for more help.

Look back at my previous work, then ask for help

I look over the previous information and try to piece together the words I know and don’t know. I’ll ask for help from my classmates or teacher.

I look at my notes or make an ‘educated’ guess judging by what I already know.

What this data tells me is that students are using effective strategies to face the challenging periods in their learning and that it is vitally important that the notes they take and the resources they consult support their knowledge and understanding.


Co curricular

The school council attended the opening night of The Addams Family and it was spectacular display of talent from students, staff and parents. Congratulations to all involved in a most exciting performance. Student talent is particularly notable in many areas including dance and voice and in the orchestra and technical department.


Parent Citizens Teachers Association- Debutante Ball 2019

The Year 11 Debutante Ball has been booked for March 2nd 2019 at The Grand, Cathies Lane, Wantirna.  Current Year 10 students will be informed of a Parent/Student Information night which will take place in October of this year via Compass later this term.


Eleni Stathatos


From Mr Barut

Ringwood Secondary College continues to thrive as a learning community. All our students are involved in their learning, their friendships, their whole school engagement and all the extracurricular programs that the College has to offer. Students from Year 8 upwards will be entering their subject selections over the next couple of weeks that will assist with college planning for 2019!


The Year 12 cohort are busy! busy! busy! – The final weeks of a secondary education are nigh and this time is so, so important in setting up study notes, working out what’s best for each individual student as a study routine and completing old VCAA exam papers. The best way forward here is that there should be a three step method in exam prep:

  1. Attempt an old paper, untimed, open book. Check answers for accuracy and clarity with the VCAA examiners’ report at the same time.
  2. Complete the same exam, closed book and untimed – this one goes to the teacher for a quick turnaround and feedback.
  3. Complete exam paper under timed conditions, closed book, as per the same conditions that will be stipulated in November – submit for raw score feedback.

This is not Barut’s ground breaking study tip – this method has data and educational merit to support success in exams. Thousands of highly successful VCE students were surveyed and the two main defining factors to success was the above exam prep and teacher relationship/feedback. Please share this information with your son/daughter.


Please remember that the College always welcomes parents to communicate with the co-ordinators and teaching staff to best support the students in their learning. The list of Heads of Sub School and the House Co – ordinators is set out below:


Year 7/8 – Junior School Sub Leader – Anna Urbano

Frazer House – Marissa Lee

Freeman House – Jessica Friend

Mabo House – Kim Watson

Jackman House – Faith Stepniewski


Year 9/10 – Middle School Sub School Leader – Matthew Tucker

Frazer House – Krissi Friedli

Freeman House – Benn Jamieson

Mabo House – Jackie Godfrey

Jackman House – Peter Vlahos


Year 11/12 – Senior School Sub School Leader – Cathy Menz

Frazer House – Caitlin May

Freeman House – Emma Lim

Mabo House – Matthew Saunders

Jackman House – Lucy Moore



Please be mindful that the College is working in a climate of positive psychology and respectful relationships. As such, we expect interactions between co-ordinators, staff  and parents to be professional, respectful and solution/action focussed.


And finally, congratulations to all the students and staff involved in the latest RSC Production of ‘The Addams Family’ – the show is amazing and we have so many talented students here at the College.


James Barut

From Mrs Allison

2019 Leadership positions

Students in years 7-11 are encouraged to apply for the 2019 leaderships positions that will be advertised in the next few weeks.


The Addams Family

Congratulations to all students and staff involved in The Addams Family

musical production. It is another high-quality Ringwood Secondary College production that showcases the wonderful talent of our hardworking students. I am looking forward to the Junior production later this year and the World Tour Performances in 2019.


Wellbeing Focus for this week…Sleep and Rest


Wellbeing Element: Exercise and Health

Character Strength: Love

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Strengths Spotting


Sleep deprivation is a massive issue amongst 21st century adolescents and it has a profound effect on their wellbeing. Expecting them to concentrate well and be engaged in class is unrealistic because it’s almost humanly impossible to do so when lacking sleep.


Their 24/7 addiction of being electronically connected to their peer groups and having their phones on throughout the night communicating with others, makes deep sleep more than difficult. Interestingly, studies have revealed that some 60% of adolescents are unhappy with and exhausted from being 24/7 connected and also understand the consequences of a lack of sleep and rest. Yet in spite of this, the reason they continue to stay connected is FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out.


Insisting of no mobile or computer use after 9.00 pm is the answer. It may lead to defiance, but to improve their health and wellbeing it is well worth weathering the storm. At least nine hours deep sleep and rest are non-negotiable essentials for the healthy all-round development of young people because they provide timeout for their eyes and vital organs and essential growth hormones are released and learnt material is stored in their long-term memory during REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement.


Exercise can help students to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly—as long as it's done at the right time. Exercise stimulates the body to secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which helps activate the alerting mechanism in the brain. This is fine, unless you're trying to fall asleep so aim to finish exercising at least three hours before bed or work out earlier in the day.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt


Maria Allison


From the Office

Facilities report

Following the highly successful term holidays, the facilities team has been very busy around the school, endeavouring to improve the teaching and learning environment for the school community. The following list highlights the most recent activities. A reminder to the Facilities Committee of the upcoming meeting on Thursday 30th August and a big thank-you to Terry Bebe for his invaluable assistance with the new hall heater pump.


Recent activities

  • Garden fencing installed and landscaping of major garden behind library
  • Weatherboard repairs and painting to old Junior School office
  • New pump installed on the hall heater
  • Replacement lights installed in Rooms 416/417 under warranty
  • New grasses planted around the Junior School
  • Hall locks refurbished to new master key system


OH & S

  • Electrical tagging in hall prior to production
  • Replacement of faulty exit lights in RT

Chris Salisbury


RSC Work Futures EXPO 2019 

We have made great progress in the past month; some people were keen to accept our invitations to speak to the students and parents on the expo evening, sharing new experiences from their changing workplaces with the young people on how the changes may affect their futures.


RSC obtained a grant from the Bendigo Community Bank (Ringwood) to assist with this first ever expo to be offered by the college — perhaps the first of many similar events to assist students entering the workforce.


On Wednesday 19th June 2019, the Ringwood Secondary College’s Expo 2019 will provide a great opportunity for those leaving school to see how this new work mindset may provide new pathways and opportunities for employment into the future.


The Principal, Michael Phillips, has invited some high profile Australians to be Keynote speakers to launch the evening.  We hope that they will be able to find time for our event in their 2019 diaries.


We have also prepared questionnaires to send to presenters seeking their presentation details to ensure we cover as many of the job types in the seven Work Clusters to answer any questions posed by those who attend our Expo.


We still need to find some presenters from industry, hospitality and commerce to talk about changes in their workplaces as new technologies affect both employers and employees.  On television recently, a program on building the Tesla electric car showed how manual work was transferred to robots, programmed to minimise the heavy work usually done by workers, therefore reducing injury on the assembly line.  Those assembly line workers were re-trained with new IT skills to help program the robots.  The Tesla plant is a good example of new technology changing the workplace.  I am sure there are other examples much closer to home, and some of you may be willing to share your experiences with the students of Years 10 to 12 on those changes.  Please contact me or the college if you can help.


We will be offering Q&A sessions at the end of the presentations for those who would like their questions answered by the presenters.


For further details contact the school or the convenor, Barry Ring, at [email protected]

Ringwood Training

Vet In Schools Applications

We are now accepting all Vet in Schools Applications. Please ensure that your VET Coordinator or Careers Teacher completes Section D - School VET Coordinators Endorsement before returning to the Ringwood Training Office.  


Ringwood Training Tours

Every Thursday between 3 and 4 pm we have tours from our Admin Office where you can see the Automotive, Engineering (Fabrication) and IT Departments. Other Arrangements can be made by Appointment.


Welding Short Course

The next Welding Short Course is comencing Thursday 30th August, four sessions, 6 – 9pm.







YEARS 7-10

  • Ring the attendance line each time your child is absent from school.  Alternatively, update Compass on the day of the absence.
  • If you are leaving a message on the line please give a reason for the absence.
  • Please provide a note or ring the school if you know your child will be late for any reason.  Too many unapproved late arrivals may result in a lunchtime detention.
  • Ongoing absences due to illness or medical conditions will require a medical certificate or letter from a treating health professional otherwise, the absences may not be approved. Please notify the school if this is the case as soon as possible.



  • Notification of absences is essential for Year 11 and 12 students as their attendance is monitored on a daily basis.
  • For medical absences longer than two days it is wise to provide a medical certificate.
  • Please contact your child’s Coordinator if there is a likelihood of ongoing long term absences for any reason.
  • Students who are absent on days where they have a SAC must provide a medical certificate to cover this period otherwise no allowance will be made to do the SAC at a later date



Why Regular Attendance is Important

Poor patterns of attendance place students at risk of not achieving their educational, social and psychological potential.  Children also need time to socialise with his peers and to build friendships.

Regular attendance at school is particularly important in the transition from primary to secondary school as it can be a stressful time for some children and a consistent pattern of attendance makes this process easier and helps them to overcome some of the initial concerns around being at a new school.  Regular attendance also gives children the opportunity to develop important relationships with their teachers and the school community in general.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns about your child’s /children’s attendance.


Kay Priestly



Junior School

Year 8 Wellbeing Days

As noted in our last newsletter, all of our Year 8 students attended a Wellbeing Day at EV’s in Croydon last month. One of the participants, Jessica Suares had this to share about her experience:

From the 24-26th of July, all of the Year Eight students travelled to EV’s Youth Centre in Croydon for the day to participate in REL8, a wellbeing excursion. On these days, the Year Eights were involved in three activities: a boot camp, a session on Respectful Relationships, and a session on Sexting, Cyber Bullying and the Law.

The boot camp session was conducted by a personal trainer at Aquahub. In this session, we did many exercises so we could see how physical activity can impact our mental health. The Respectful Relationships session was conducted by Relationships Australia. In this session, we witnessed a presentation called ‘I Like, Like You’ and we learned about what a respectful relationship is and what goes into making a relationship respectful. The session on Sexting, Cyber Bullying and the Law was conducted by Legal Aid Ringwood. In this session, we learnt about what has to happen to make sexting illegal and under which circumstances sexting is legal. We also touched on cyber bullying and how the law can affect this issue. I think all of the Year Eights enjoyed this excursion a lot and we all learnt something new that we will take into the future.

Year 7 Incursion ‘The Hurting Game’

As part of the ongoing transition program, all year 7 students watched a performance of "The Hurting Game" by Brainstorm productions. The play encouraged students to consider how ongoing negative relationships at school and online can affect their self-esteem and their future. Students were clearly engaged in the performance which ran in the last session of the day and made a nice way to end their shortened week.


Junior School Awards

On Wednesday 1st of August we celebrated the academic achievement of over 100 of our Year 7 and 8s. Students who earned a High Distinction or Distinction in all but one of their subjects were honoured for their endeavour at our bi -annual Awards assembly. It was delightful to see so many parents and grandparents supporting their children and grandchildren and enjoying the delicious afternoon tea which followed the awards ceremony. Thanks to conductors Dane Sorenson and Elizabeth Nicholls and the beautiful performances of their amazing Training and Junior Stage bands.


Dance unit in Physical Education

Over the last two weeks our Junior School students have been doing a unit of dance in their Physical Education classes. Some groups have been mixing with the Year 10s to learn a variety of new dances, both traditional and modern. Most enjoyed the opportunity to work with a variety of their classmates and especially the chance to choreograph their own hip hop dance routine.

Junior School Assemblies

Year 7 students did some thinking about the importance of goal setting in their most recent assembly. Miss Friend provided some useful information about identifying goals and shared valuable tips for ensuring that students stay motivated and organised enough to accomplish them. Students wrote their goals on sticky notes which they placed on our communal white board as a shared reminder.

In their most recent assembly, Year 8s were informed about the process for subject selection for Year 9. Head of Middle School, Mr. Tucker spoke with the cohort about how to access the Middle School Course selection handbook and what was required in making their subject selections for next year. This booklet can be downloaded at:

Please note that subject selections have to made on-line via the following link:


Once this is completed students will receive a hard copy confirmation sheet to be signed by their parent or guardian and this form is due no later than the 25th of August.


Monitoring iPad usage

Parents sometimes ask us for advice on how they can monitor their child’s screen time on iPads outside of school hours. The new iOS 12 software update offers tools to help you and your child better understand and control the time they spend with apps and websites. Screen Time creates detailed daily and weekly Activity Reports that show the total you’re your child spends in each app they use, their usage across categories of apps, how many notifications they receive and how often they pick up their iPhone or iPad.   By understanding how your child interacts with their iOS devices, you can take control of how much time they spend in a particular app, website or category of apps. The App Limits feature allows you to set a specific amount of time to be in an app, and sends users a notification when a time limit is about to expire. More information can be found at:



Middle School


Term 3

It has been a very busy and exciting beginning to term for many students at the College.  There has been a range of extra-curricular activities such as production, music and inter-school sport all featuring heavily.  Students have also been receiving information and support with their course selections for 2019.


There are a number of key dates upcoming in the near future, so please refer to the list below to ensure students and parents are aware of these and other important information.


Tues. 21st August:     

Year 10 into 11 Student Course Selection input


Wed. 22nd August:    

Year 8 into 9 online Student Course Selection closes


Wed. 22nd August:    

Year 9 into 10 Student Course Selection input


Thur. 23rd August:    

Year 9 City Experience Parent Information Evening  (6:30pm)


Wed. 29th August:     

Parent Teacher Interviews  (12pm – 8pm)


Mon. 10th – 14th September:

Year 9 City Experience


I hope students have had a great start to term by working hard to stay up to date with their studies.  With so many extra-curricular activities occurring, students must be responsible in completing work from classes they may have missed.  I look forward to some excellent performances from students, both in the classroom and the activities they may be involved in throughout the term.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader


Year 9 Careers Day

Year 9 students recently participated in a Careers Day within the interGREAT Program.  Students had the opportunity to attend two selected sessions throughout the day, which focused on different careers and pathways.  Students also had a number of different speakers present to them during the day, sharing their career journeys.

On Tuesday, the 7th August the entire Year 9 cohort participated in careers discovery day. The two sessions I did were social work and child care they were both really good in social work we did a lot of activity’s that made us get to know some of the other students and work with them and in child care we learnt about what you have to do to get into child care and the different jobs you can get from it and got to play with play dough and make animals. Overall Careers Discovery Day was really fun and exciting.

  • Dayna Ryan

On Tuesday the 7th of August 2018, all the Year 9s attended Careers Discovery Day sessions that they had chosen. I attended a social work and a business traineeship workshop. I enjoyed social work because it was a lot of fun and the speaker we had made it really interesting and it seems like a really cool job, although I wouldn’t want it as career I still really enjoyed it. I found the business traineeship one super interesting, I love that field of work and its definitely something that I’d love to do as a career pathway.

  • Leylah Revell


Careers Discovery Day took place on Tuesday 7th August, involving the entire Year 9 cohort to take part in attending a maximum of two different sessions for the day. I attended the paramedic as my first session which I found out to be helpful with making me decide that I'm not interested in that part of the medical area, since the job requires you to work shifts at night. The second session I attended was the banking/finance session. I found this session very informative as I found out that there's a whole variety of jobs in that industry that appealed to me.

  • Tiffany Hayes


On Tuesday the 7thof August all the Year 9 classes of 2018 were evolved Careers Discovery Day. This day is for us to hear and learn from people in different industries and help us find out what we want to do when we are older. We got to choose from 14 jobs and we got to hear from 2. I really liked Careers day because I got to realise what I would like to be when I’m older and what path and subjects I’m am going to have to choose to have the best possible chance of being a firefighter when I’m older. Careers Discovery Day was a blast and I loved learning about heaps of things for the future!

  • Amber Hart



Senior School

Senior School

Term 3 is particularly busy for Senior School. We are in the final months for the Year 12s, and both Year 11 and Year 10 students will be choosing their subjects next week for 2019. We remind the Year 12s to keep persisting through their numerous SACs and assessments, knowing they are very close to that finishing line!


Year 11 – 12 Subject Selection

Current Year 11 students will be choosing their subjects for Year 12 on Monday 20th August. A timetable will be emailed to students later this week. Any student who wishes to speak to someone about their subjects needs to either approach Senior School, or make an appointment with a member of the Careers team. VCAL interviews are being held this week, and students will be advised of the outcome of these prior to Subject Selection next Monday.


Yr. 12 VTAC Interviews

Current Year 12s have just started their VTAC Interviews. Every Year 12 must attend their interview, regardless of whether or not they are applying for courses through VTAC. Careers will assist with whatever pathway students are planning for in 2019. Every students individual appointment is on Compass for them.


Year 12 Revision – September Holidays

During the September holidays, there will be a number of revision sessions and practice exams held. It is vital anyone studying a Year 12 subject attends and actively engages in these sessions. A recent post on Compass outlined some sessions being run by the Maroondah Secondary Schools Partnership. These will be held at Norwood, with a cost of $30 per student per session. There will be other sessions and practice exams held here at RSC. Teachers are currently signing up for these, and a timetable will be published the week starting 3rd September.


Year 12 Celebration Day

As the year is rapidly flying past, there is some important information regarding the final weeks of Year 12 classes. In term 4, Year 12 classes will run from Monday 8th October to Monday 22nd October inclusive. Celebration Day is Tuesday 23rd October. On this day, parents are invited to a breakfast on the Tuesday morning. Further details will be provided on Compass. Additionally, students have the option to continue their Celebration Day at Funfields. The event is on Compass, at a cost of $60 which covers buses, entry to Funfields and a BBQ lunch. A minimum of 110 students is required for the event to proceed. There is a strict date for payment of 19th September. No late payments can be accepted.


Valedictory Reminder

A reminder that the Year 12 Valedictory is on Friday 23rd November at Melbourne Park. It will be a fantastic night to celebrate the achievements of all Year 12 RSC students this year. Tickets are still available through TryBooking. Please use the following link to book, if you haven’t as yet.


Cathy Menz

Senior Sub School Leader

Around the School

Year 7 Geography

Yr 7 Geography is studying world resources and water usage. As part of the unit Mr Salisbury took 7J and 7C around the school to see how Ringwood Secondary Colleges uses sustainable practices.


Here is the report by Chloe Fisken 7C


RSC is one of the best schools in the state for water usage as every student uses under one litre of water per day. What an achievement! How do we do this? When it rains, our new building captures the water in the gutters, and brings it down towards a 105,000 litre tank. The water in this tank is used to water the oval in summer and to flush the toilets. There are also secret bladders under the 500 that hold around 35000L.


You should notice when you walk into our amazing school that there are not many pretty flowers or large flowering plants. The reason for this is because we want to plants trees and grasses that need less water. This means plants get a fairer chance of staying alive.


Our new junior school block is a masterpiece that includes very sustainable double-glazed windows, LED lights (very energy efficient) and one of our major successes is our 63 kilowatts of solar powered energy. 32 of these solar panels rest on the top of our multi-million dollar building and the other 31 are on the RTTF building. These solar panels created 120 kw of power yesterday just off the school roof. At Ringwood we create 10% of our energy pa. That is magnificent!

Ringwood is such a sustainable school and we really appreciate all the choices made.



Music Department

It has been a very busy start to term 3 with day camps, masterclasses and already performances at Victorian Schools Music Festival, with more to come over the next week.


Both our choirs performed at Victorian Schools Music Festival the Monday before last, where they each gave a sterling performance, both achieving Silver for their efforts.


Junior Concert Band also performed at Hawthorn Town Hall, last Tuesday 14 August, and all four stage bands will be forming Friday 24 August at the Australian Institute of Music. Parents, friends are most welcome to attend performances and all events are free. The festival will be streamed live on for parents and supporters who are unable to attend the event.


All ensembles are also preparing for the Royal South Street Competitions, which will be held, this year, at the Founders Theatre, Federation University, St Helen’s Campus which is just south of Ballarat. Her Majesty’s Theatre is currently being renovated. Dates for performances are as follows:


Royal South Street Competitions


Tuesday 28 August

Senior Choir 6.30am- 2.30pm

Junior Choir 11.00am-6.15pm


Friday 31 August

Training Strings 6.00am -1.15pm

Intermediate Strings 7.00am-1.45pm


Saturday 1 September

Senior Strings 9.00am-4.45pm

Symphony Orchestra 1.30pm-11.30pm


Monday 3 September

Training Band 6.15am-2.30pm

Junior Concert Band 9.00am-5pm


Thursday 6 September

Training and Junior Stage Bands 7.00am-5.30pm


Friday 7 September

Intermediate Stage Band 7.00am-1.15pm

Senior Stage Band 2.00pm -11.15pm


Saturday 8 September

Symphonic Band and Intermediate Concert Band 11.00am- 8.30pm


Please refer to COMPASS events for further details.


Locally this week our jazz combo performed for Ringwood RSL as part of their Long Tan Day luncheon.


During this coming week auditions will be held for our Band Tour, which will be travelling to North East Victoria, staying at The Old Priory at Beechworth. Successful applicants will be notified by the week after next. Please check audition and application criteria carefully on published COMPASS event.


Don’t forget to place in your diaries our upcoming Gala Concert at Yarra Valley Grammar Performing Arts Centre, Thursday 20 September, 7.30pm. This night showcases all our ensembles’ achievements for 2018. A night not to be missed! More details to follow soon.


Jazz Combo

The combo playing at the RSL for Long Tan commemoration luncheon


Junior and Middle School Award Ceremonies

The bands enjoyed entertaining parents at the recent awards ceremonies for both Junior and Middle School.


Janine Pero

Director of Music

Performing Arts 

Well Thats a Wrap!:

‘The unknown may be frightening, the darkness overwhelming, but if we don't run from it, we may see our mysterious, miraculous lives finally illuminated. If we move toward the darkness, we might find love and acceptance. For when it is dark enough, we can see the stars.’ -Rick Elice, book writer for The Addams Family.

When I first started this journey as director for The Addams Family, I looked to this quote as a bit of guidance in the way I wanted to take this show. This show is a campy, fun-loving musical that draws us into a family of ‘unique’ characters that we all know from their cartoon forms, television or movies. My goal was to find a side of the characters that we have not seen before, and their struggles that would make them seem like just any normal family.

Wednesday is not a little girl anymore, and she is starting to find her own place, but still wants her parents' approval.
Pugsley is learning that he may lose someone he thought would always be by his side. Gomez and Morticia struggle with their relationship, as any couple does. However, through those darkest moments, they find themselves, and discover that love will always triumph- love for family, love for each other, and love for the unknown.

Something we should all look towards as humans in a world of chaos: some semblance of peace in the darkness.
2018 has been a wonderfully positive year with an amazing amount of support from RSC staff and parents. The show you are about to see would not have made it on stage without the dedication of so many. I would like to give a genuine and hearty THANK YOU to all who helped out with sets, painting, wigs, costumes make up, props, rigging, lighting, sound, shoes, hats, gaffa tape, ushering, OHS, encouraging, engineering, puppeteering, finger snapping and hundreds of other elements that make up this massive event that has been embraced by such a supportive community. 

Watch out for more photos of 'ADDAMS FAMILY 2018' in the next newsletter.


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts


Student Voice

Can you Contribute?

Hi all,

The Philanthropic Captains have been working on getting a student page available in the RSC newsletter, with a focus on it being work or a write up of an activity that they have been a part of and would like to contribute. They will be accepting the student contributions, reading them to ensure they are appropriate (including discussing and emailing them to me for approval) before being submitted. They would like for your assistance in keeping this in mind and encouraging your students to send submissions in and even making that time in class if possible.

They are looking for any work that is completed in class that students would like shared, which may include short stories, pictures of artwork, photos from a class presentation etc.

Below is the email that all students have received. In the next two weeks if there is something happening in your class, please encourage your students to email it through to Alice D’Arcy: [email protected]


Thank you for your support.


Hi Students,


Are you wanting to get involved at RSC but don’t know how to, or don’t want to have to stand up in front of an assembly to make a difference at school? Well, as some of you may have seen in the recent newsletter, a new page exclusively for students has been created. This page was given to students to give us an opportunity to share our voice with the wider community. So, we are calling on you to help us get this page up and running. 


What does this mean for you? To fill our page up with student only content, we will accept any student made products, such as articles, poems, artworks, photographs, etc. or student news, whether it be some fun project you’re completing in class, or a recount of a recent excursion. We are looking for anything student based, so if you think that you possibly have something that we could publish, send us an email, we would love to hear from you! This page will be running until the end of this year, so if you can’t think of anything now, don’t worry, we will be accepting your emails for the rest of the year.


Please send your email to: [email protected]


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Philanthropy Captains,

Maddison Groves-Berry, Lucy Philp and Alice D'Arcy


Mission Australia

Mission Australia is a national non-for profit community service organisation with more than 155 years' experience in standing together with Australians. We support young people, families, adults and communities to access the same opportunities, resources and social connections that most of us take for granted – affordable housing, a steady job, an adequate income, a decent education, health and wellbeing, and a change to participate in society.


As a Community Engagement Co-ordinator, I foster collaboration with the local community to help vulnerable people with Disability, such as ASD, Depression, Anxiety or other physical limitations and any additions (eg. Drug and Alcohol), to get their life back on track through education, case management, financial assistance, employment opportunities and ongoing support.



Community Notices

Maroondah Cycle Training Club

The Maroondah Cycle Training Club (MCTC) offers a safe, legal and friendly environment for all families to learn and enjoy the sport of
motorcycle riding. The club has regular training sessions for members along with regular social and riding opportunities outside the clubs facilities at Kilsyth.


Bully Zero Parent Seminar

Everyone can be empowered to put an end to bullying, by educating school communities, students, parents and teachers, we can ensure the message is consistent and reinforced.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." NELSON MANDELLA

Healthy and Nutritious Intake At Ringwood Secondary College

This survey has been created by Devesh Bahuguna and Molly Phillips-Stone, as part of the SWAT (Student Wellbeing Action Team) leadership program, run by the Maroondah City Council. The main catalyst of our assignment is to combat the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases in Australia, most notably, Type 2 Diabetes. We would like to create tangible change around an issue in our local school community.


After analysing data from the Maroondah area, we have settled upon the topic of "Unhealthy Food Intake". We feel that this is an area where vast improvements can be made, and as a school, we are more than capable of making nutritional changes. We will commence by directing our efforts towards the college canteen, so we are working industriously to make a DIFFERENCE towards the health of students at Ringwood Secondary College. We would greatly appreciate your feedback by completing this short survey.

Yours Sincerely,
Devesh Bahuguna and Molly Phillips-Stone.

Cricket Trade Fair

Cricket season is fast approaching,  we would like to  let the community know there are options on where they can play and what programs are available, so we have developed this ‘Cricket Trade Fair’.

We would like to  offer this opportunity to everyone, get children active and open up possibilities for families to become part of new support systems.



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