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18 October 2018
Issue Sixteen
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From the Principal's desk

Welcome back to Term 4

This term we welcome Lil Ruscoe and Jody Tilley (Tuesdays) to our P/1H classroom for the first 6 weeks as Sue Herlihy enjoys some long service leave overseas. Deb McKeown is also enjoying some long service leave and will return in a couple of weeks.


At our school council meeting this week we looked over and discussed our recent NAPLAN data. As I have mentioned in an earlier newsletter we are very proud of the progress that the children have made, particularly in reading. Below I have attached some screen shots that show the huge jump our Year 3s made in coming closer to the state mean in all areas and also the growth achieved by our Year 5s. In the recent school performance report released by the department we are considered to be an "Influence School" in reading which means that we are on a positive improvement trajectory with the school acting as an influencer and system leader. 84% of our Year 5s showed medium to high growth and we had 34.5 students in the top 2 bands. In Numeracy we are considered to be a "Stretch School" meaning we are improving and on track to be an influencer in this area. 76.9% of our Year 5 students showed medium to high growth with 17.2 students were in the top 2 bands.

So it is great to see the improved approaches in our literacy and numeracy paying dividends this year. Some of the strategies we have used have included increasing the staffing in our intervention program, updating our library and take home readers with more engaging texts, promoting reading across the school, recognising at assembly readers of the week, focusing more heavily on comprehension and fluency in our Prep - 2 area, and our teachers engaging in professional learning and changing classroom practice. This year Jacqi Hope and myself have been completing a Literacy Leaders course and Shantelle Hives, and Jenny Sartoria have completed a course on developing Professional Learning Communities. We have incorporated many of the ideas we have learnt in these courses into our teaching and learning.


Even though we are only two weeks into the term, we are currently preparing for 2019, so we ask that if you are moving out of the area next year please let us know. Our Prep transition program is going smoothly and we already have 30 Preps enrolled for next year. Our next transition day is this Friday at 2.30 pm.


Although it has been great to have rain this week, I do hope it holds off for the Foodbowl Festival on the weekend. Notes went home yesterday concerning the parade. Any students wishing to participate should return their slip on Friday.

What's Happening?

Upcoming Dates


Friday 19th October - Kinder - Prep Transition Session

Saturday 20th October - Numurkah Food Bowl Festival

Sunday 21st October - NPS Working Bee

Wednesday 24th October - Numurkah Show Day - No school for students

Wednesday 31st October - Year 5/6 Personal Development Program Parent Information Session 

Tuesday 6th November - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday - No School for students

Tuesday 6th November to Friday 9th November - Year 5/6 Queenscliff Camp

Wednesday 14th November - Year 5/6 Personal Development Program

Thursday 15th November - Year 5/6 Personal Development Program

Friday 16th November - Kinder - Prep Transition Session


2019 Planning and Organisation

In order to effectively plan our school structure for next year (taking into account budgets, staffing, enrolment, rooms, etc), could the following be considered by parents:

Transfers/enrolments: If there are any parents still to enrol their children, would they please organise enrolment forms as soon as possible. If there are any families moving away from the district, etc and not returning to our school next year, please let Debbie know as soon as possible.

Working Bee

When:           This Sunday 21st Oct 9am – 11am

Where:          Numurkah Primary School Prep-2 Playground

Job:                Spread Soft Fall over the playground

This Sunday morning we need all the help we can get to spread new softfall over the Prep -2 Playground area. Please bring shovels and wheelbarrows if you can otherwise just turn up. Even if you can only make it for half an hour between 9am – 11am that would be greatly appreciated as every little bit helps. Hope to see you there.

Mr Jenner

Footy Colours Day

On Friday 21st September we participated in the Footy Colours Day, a national fundraising campaign held to raise funds for kids with cancer. 


Thank you to all students and staff who came along to school dressed up in their favourite team colours. Due to your support we were able to donate $75 towards this national fundraiser.


Numurkah Foodbowl Festival

The Numurkah Foodbowl festival is on this weekend and Numurkah Primary School Students have been invited to represent the school in the Parade being held on Saturday 20th October.

Students wishing to participate in the Parade are asked to wear full school uniform and meet Ms Oliver at 1.30pm (no later) on Saturday at the V-line carpark/bus stop, at the corner of Meiklejohn Street and Quinn Street. The parade will turn right at Melville Street and finish close to the swimming pool, if parents could please pick their children up from here at the end of the Parade.

A note was sent home with the eldest student yesterday. If students would like to participate please return the slip on the note or let the office know tomorrow, Friday 19th October.


During Term 4 students will be working on some 'Hat' projects. If anyone has any old hats they no longer need we would appreciate some donations to enable students to use them in their artwork. Donations can be left at the school office. Thank you!



Compulsory Bucket  / Wide-brimmed Hats: Thank-you to those students who have remembered to get their school hats organised for the start of Term 4. They must be the bottle green school colour, as per school uniform policy.

Sunglasses: These items are not compulsory, but recommended during summer months. Students need to show sensible wearing of glasses outside. Glasses need to be UV rated and safety rated.

Sunscreen: This is available in classrooms, but often students use their own brands. Please remember to have sunscreen on in the morning and then re-apply at lunchtime. 

Camps Update

Year 5/6 - Thank you to those families who have returned the forms and payment. Permission forms are due back on Tuesday 23rd October and Final Payments are due by Friday 26th October. Full payment must be received for students to be able to attend camp.


Year 3/4 - Numbers for the Year 3/4 camp are being finalised. Thank you to those families who have returned the forms and payment. Permission forms are due back on Friday 26th November and Final Payments are due by Friday 9th November. Full payment must be received for students to be able to attend camp.

Parents & Friends


The next Parents and Friends meeting will take place next Monday 22nd October at 9:30 am after assembly. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Student Awards

Student of the Week - 14/09/2018

Prep/1S - Zavier Moon - For working well all week and always displaying the four school values

Prep/1H - Grace Johnson -  A quiet achiever. Grace you always try your best. you are kind and caring too.

2/3C - Billy Elsegood - For completing all learning tasks on time this week. Great job! 

2/3R - Ava Gundrill - Ava always works responsibly and enjoys sharing her achievements with others. 

3/4S - Lily Patrick - Oudeman - Lily continually applies herself to all learning tasks and is a super  responsible member of our class. 

4/5W - Whole class - Well done on your big improvement on completing written multiplication equations. 

5/6H - Jorjiah Moody - For outstanding improvement in your maths data. You've worked hard to grasp and apply new concepts. Well done!

5/6S - Ryan Vikstrom - for cooperatively working with a partner to effectively organise activities for junior studetns during reading activities. 

Reader of the Week - 14/09/2018

0/1H - Kayden Tetley

0/1S - Larna D'Agostino

2/3C - Isaac Forman

2/3R - Teddy Smith

3/4S - Nate Warrin

4/5W - Aiden Woolley

5/6S - Ainslie Trease

Student of the Week - 21/09/2018

Prep/1S - Whole Class  - For practising well in the last couple of weeks and wonderful performances on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Prep/1H - Eden McIntosh - A super student. Eden is always ready to learn. She works hard and always displays our school values. 

2/3C - Carley Bowen - For being so settled and focused during a very exciting week! Thanks for always following our school values.

2/3R - Whole Class - For practising  hard to produce and amazing performance at the concert.

3/4S - Bella Wayman - For a fantastically focused (and busy!) concert week!

4/5W - Taylah Brand - Well done on the delivery of your speech that you gave about your previous school.

5/6S - Grace Mullane - For producing quality work and demonstrating an excellent cxommitment to your own personal learning. You also work cooperatively with others and take opportunities to extend your great leadership skills. 

Reader of the Week - 21/09/2018

0/1H - Jordan Carter

0/1S - Aiden Power

2/3C - Edith Crozier

2/3R - Adam Gillespie

3/4S - Arthur Smith

4/5W - William Srisoi

5/6S - Imogen Jeanes

Student of the Week - 12/10/2018

Prep/1S - Kyenan Diwell - for asking some great questions about the animals you saw at the zoo. You were so engaged. Well done! 

Prep/1H - Blade Turvey - For working consistently and conscientiously all week and for making Mrs Ruscoe's first week so enjoyable! 

2/3C - Jazmaine Broad - For always being ready and willing to help our fellow class members. 

2/3R - Sienna Kubeil - For showing all the school values during the Melbourne Zoo excursion. 

3/4S - Tommi Wallace - For an excellent settled start to Term Four!

4/5W - Bridget Brown - Great start to Term 4. You follow all the values and enter our classroom everyday with a cheerful smile. 

5/6H - Jasmin Thompson - A solid weeks work in the classroom - you've completed all tasks to a high standard while also helping others in peer-teaching situations. 

5/6S - Sapphire Brown - For showing an excellent understanding of strategies as you accurately completed a range of comprehension tasks. You are also taking opportunities to extend your great leadership skills as you competently assist other students.  

Maths Master Award -

0/1H - Savannah Hooker

0/1S - Joshua Delai

2/3C - Colt Cowan

2/3R - Liam Young

3/4S - Savina D'Agostino

5/6H - Caitrin Harrison

5/6S - Judah Moody

Aussie of the Month - September

Prep/1S - Declan Stockwin - For working sensibly in class by listening to the teacher's instructions. he listens to stories and lets others join in his games.

Prep/1H - Jake Tervit - Jake is a kind and caring friend. He invites people to join in play with him. He transitions well. He is a hard worker. He is respectful and responsible. 

2/3C -Tahnee Tweed - For always being kind and caring and following our school values. We love having you in our class. 

2/3R -Mohammed Abdulamir - Mohammed offers to help others and he is thoughtful and kind. He always gives his best effort and likes challenges in his learning. 

3/4S -Jade Hester - Jade works so hard in the classroom and is a kind and caring friend to all! 

4/5W - Jade Holmes - Your class members feel you help people who need help because you are a caring and friendly person.  

5/6S - Maddi McGraw - Is a diligent, responsible student who has shown great leadership. She plays fairly , makes good choices and is a respectful, caring person. Maddi is a valuable member of our school community. 

Principals Award - Term 3

0/1H - Jake Tervit

0/1S - Zavier Archer

2/3C - Matthew Koeleman

2/3R - Briley Boswell

3/4S - Cooper Tetley

4/5W - Charlie Hodge

5/6H - Breanna Ingliss-Goodliffe

5/6S - Christopher Bodsworth

Art - Maddi McGraw

Science - Eden McIntosh

Music - Ainslie Trease


New Releases on Wheelers

FUNNY KID Prank Wars

by Matt Stanton

'MY NEW ULTIMATE FAVOURITE BOOK!' -- Lachie, aged 11, on Funny Kid for President Every kid wants to laugh, but Max is the boy who can make it happen. As he and his classmates head off on a camping trip, the new boy, Tyson, decides to play some jokes of his own. Max is the funny kid ... and now there's a prank war to be won! Monsters in the lake, smuggling ducks, dig-your-own toilets, capsizing canoes, absolutely not falling in love and beans that give you the runs are just some of the things in store for Max and his friends in this brand-new adventure.For fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates, FUNNY KID is the mega-bestseller from author-illustrator Matt Stanton.

'If you're a fan of the Wimpy Kid series this book is right up your street' -- Mania magazine


By Andy Griffiths

Join Andy and Terry in their wonderfully wild and wacky 104-storey treehouse. You can throw some refrigerators, make some money with the money-making machine (or honey if you'd prefer-it makes that too), climb the never-ending staircase, have a bunfight, deposit some burps in the burp bank, get totally tangled up in the tangled-up level, or just take some time out and relax in the peaceful sunny meadow full of buttercups, butterflies and bluebirds.Well, what are you waiting for? Come on up!


By Morris Gleitzman

Bigger and fatter than all the other microbes in the valley, Wilton feels ostracised and out of place. Then Wilton meets Algy, a tiny microbe small enough to fit on his shoulder who accompanies Wilton to find out why their world is becoming unhealthy and toxic. The funny moving story of an intestinal worm. Ages 7+.


By Erin Hunter

Epic adventures. Fierce warrior cats. A thrilling fantasy world. It all begins here.Read the book that began a phenomenon-and join the legion of fans who have made Erin Hunter's Warriors series a #1 national bestseller.For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their ancestors. But the warrior code has been threatened, and the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger. The sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying-and some deaths are more mysterious than others.In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary housecat named Rusty... who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.


Class Page - 0/1H

Melbourne Zoo Excursion – Friday 12th October 2018


On Friday the 12th of October we were lucky enough to visit the Melbourne Zoo. Meeting at school at 6:10 am was a very early start and there were many sleepyheads, but our excitement soon took over as we boarded the bus and made our way to Melbourne.

We arrived at the zoo just in time for our first activity with Zookeeper Cath.


What was the first activity?

Cooper Lowden ‘We listened to a story on the lawn. I got to hold the pages. It was about the animals in the zoo’


After sharing the story with Zoo Keeper Cath we headed over to the ‘Growing Wild’ exhibit where we got to meet a special creature and then explore an interesting playground.


Which animal did Zoo Keeper Cath show us?

Myllah Koopman Patterson ‘A snake. He could go under the sand. He was little. It felt ticklish’.

Jacob Warriner ‘A Kenyan Sand Boa’


What was special about the ‘Growing Wild’ playground?

Khan-Lee Crowe ‘You looked at stuff from animals. Like their skulls and their skins’

Billie Harris ‘I got to feel an echidna’s skin but it wasn’t sharp’.


It was now time to explore the zoo. Off we went in small groups, carefully following the map to find our favourite animal and to look for treasure boxes along the way.


Can you explain the yellow boxes hidden around the zoo?

Kayden Tetley ‘They were boxes that had stuff in them. You had to find the code to open them. We found some jungle things’.


Which animal was your favourite?

Indy Lourens ‘The black and orange butterfly’

Mya Wayman ‘The leopard because leopards jump high.’

Jake Tervit ‘All of them!’

Harmony Jeanes ‘The butterflies because the butterflies are pretty.’


Before we left for the excursion, we all wrote down the animal we most wanted to see. Our challenge for the day was to spot this animal.


Which animal did you want to find? Did you see it?

Grace Johnson ‘A snake. I saw one in the reptile house.’

Eden McIntosh ‘A sloth. I didn’t find a sloth because they didn’t have them there.’


Did you see any Australian Animals?

Angus Parkinson ‘Yes I saw a koala. It was cute. It was sleeping.’


What was the best part of the day?

Blade Turvey ‘When I got to play on the playground at the zoo and roll down hills’

Savannah Hooker ‘Seeing the lions. The lions were sleeping on the rocks’

Lilliana Barca ‘Going into the butterfly house. No butterflies landed on me.’

If you had to describe your day in one word what would you say?

Jordan Carter ‘Fun’

Caleb Gundrill ‘Fabulous’


At 5:30 pm we arrived home to see our family waiting eagerly for us. We had so much to tell them. What a fabulous day we all had at the zoo!



Student Wellbeing

Numurkah Foodbowl Festival

Congratulations to the Numurkah FoodBowl Festival on its ten-year anniversary! One of the joys of rural living is celebrating our strong local community networks. People ‘do better’ in strong communities; with more opportunities to support and connect with others, both families and individuals feel a greater sense of belonging and purpose. This support is especially important in times of crisis and need, such as a natural disaster or family tragedy.

This weekend, however, is a time of celebration and festivity – a time to enjoy the great produce and people of our region. Make sure to look out for our school’s display! Hope to see you there!


Division Athletics

Athletics Division Report by Lily and Bridget


On the 15th of October Arthur, Breanna, Bridget, Declan, Jay, Lily, Riley and Zac competed in Division Athletics at the Shepparton Sports Stadium. Three of our eight students competing, Bridget, Jay and Lily, made it through to the next stage of Regionals at Albury. Everyone tried their hardest and had a go. Jay and Bridget finished first in the 1500m; Bridget also made it in the 800m as she finished fourth. Lily finished second in the 100m sprints. Breanna competed in the 100m sprints and had a red-hot go. Arthur jumped the hurdles and had a cracker go. Riley pushed the shotput and he was 2cm off, great effort Riley. Zac ran in the 1500 and 800m distance but was out of breath. Declan sprinted to finish line and gave it his all.

It was a long wait for all of the events to get started and to finish but in the end, it was worth it because we were all proud of what we achieved on the day. We interviewed Arthur and Declan and here is what they said:

Q. Arthur what event did you compete in? Arthur - Hurdles and triple jump.

Q. Which event was your favourite? Arthur - Hurdles

Q. What place did you finish? Arthur - 5th on both events.

Q. Declan what event did you compete in? Declan - 100m sprints.

Q. What place did you finish? Declan - 6th place

Q. Did you enjoy it? Declan - Yes

At the end of the day, we were tired from running, throwing and jumping. We all tried our best and congratulations to everyone. 




School Concert 2018

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our school concert! Well done to oour actors, singers, dancers, musicians and those who helped backstage.

Many thanks to our N.P.S. staff and community who made this fantastic event possible.

Viva la Vida!


Michelle Davis




English Competition

2018 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - English Competition

Back in July this year, six Year 3-6 students picked up their pencils and focused on the intriguing questions in the 2018 International Competitions & Assessments for Schools ENGLISH COMPETITION.  ICAS assessments have taken place annually in schools for over thirty years and in 20 countries. Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), who design and deliver the assessments, is the not-for-profit arm of the University of New South Wales.


I am pleased to report that our students performed really well, with Sarah Abdulamir (Yr 6) and Sapphire Brown (Yr 5) receiving a Credit Award and Chloe Lawson (Yr 3), receiving a Merit Award.


PARTICIPATION Awards: Lily Patrick-Oudeman, Caitrin Harrison and Devlin Duncan


Certificates are awarded for each year level in Australia as follows:

High Distinction to the top 1% of students

Distinction to the next 10% of students

Credit to the next 25% of students

Merit to the next 10% of students

Participation to all other students


The school congratulates all these students for “having a go”, and being interested in applying their knowledge and understanding to solve ENGLISH problems.  I am sure all the students benefited from their experience in this extension activity.


Parents please note: on Monday 22nd October the Credit and Merit Certificates will be given out at assembly. The Participation Certificates will be presented to students by their class teacher.   


Jenny Sartoria –                                                                                 

2018 English Competition Coordinator.


Canteen Helpers

Friday 19th October - Selyna Wilson

Monday 22nd October  - Toni Adams

Tuesday 23rd October - Alex Sanderson

Wednesday 24th October - No Canteen

Thursday 25th October - Helper Required

Friday 26th October - Selyna Wilson

Monday 29th October - Junior School Council

Tuesday 30th October - Alex Sanderson

Wednesday 31st October  - Kylie's Leadership Group

Thursday 1st November - Helper Required

Friday 2nd November - Selyna Wilson


Volunteers Required - 

Our school canteen, selling ice creams and icy poles,  is staffed by parent volunteers. If you would like to assist in the school canteen, a volunteer is required each day from 1:30pm - 2:10pm. 


We still require a parent volunteer on Thursday's, if you are able to help out please let the office know.

Canteen Menu

Our Canteen items and prices have remained the same as last year. A price list is attached below.


Lunch Orders


The Lunch Order menu has remained the same as last year. Please see the attachment below if you do not have a copy.



Community Notices

Portsea Camp


Numurkah Lawn Tennis Club - Junior Tennis Program 2018-2019


Fun Junior Hot Shots program

5-10 y/o (Guide only, groups based on ability)

4.30-7pm -30 minute sessions

$80 for the 12 week program including a free T-Shirt

BBQ and drinks available

Starts Friday 2nd November



Junior Mixed Social Tennis

5.45pm warm ups – 6pm Start

3 sets each night, $80 for the 12 weeks

Ideal for casual players

BBQ and drinks available

Starts Friday the 2nd November



20th Oct. 9am-11am Grading Morning

27th Oct. Rd 1 Starts

8.45am Warm up, 9am Start

Positions based on ability

12 weeks of comp PLUS FINALS

$100 for entire comp inc. Full Junior Club M’Ship

Come and practice anytime




All at the Numurkah Lawn Tennis Club

Registration for all Junior Tennis is on:

Friday 19th October 5-6.30pm and Saturday 20th October 9-11am

Which will incorporate practice and grading for new Saturday comp players


Friday 26th October 5-6.30pm

All registration forms available at all registration sessions



Private Lessons also available. For inquiries please call Andrew Storer on

0408621984, or Mark Mills on 0429307373.

Numurkah Primary School
School Lunch Summer Menu .pdf