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10 March 2017
Issue Three
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Principal's Report

From the Principal...

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,

What a fantastic start to the new school year! As a new member of the Carwatha College P-12 community, I have been extremely impressed by our students and the orderly start we have had.  Many people from all areas of the community have approached me to welcome me to the school and tell me about their experiences at Carwatha College P-12. It has been a pleasure to hear from students, staff, and parents about the various programs, subjects, and activities that provide unique opportunities for our students to excel.


The vast majority of students are wearing our uniform with pride and exhibiting our school values in their day-to-day interactions around the school. I do ask for Parental Support in this area, please send you children in full school uniform or with a note explaining why they are, temporarily, not in uniform.


In recent weeks, I have spoken at the Year 7 Information Night; and met many parents informally at the Primary Twilight Sports night.


Parent Teacher Conferences are on Tuesday the 27th of March and I encourage all parents to make appointments, via COMPASS,  to see their children’s teachers. EXCELLENCE is one of our core school values and the research is clear that when parents, students, and teachers work together each student’s personal best is far more likely to be achieved. Parent Teacher Conferences provide us with that opportunity to work together to support the learning of our children. A reminder that school will start at 10.00 am  on Wednesday the 28th of March, the day after parent Teacher night.


The College Athletics Carnival is next week on Friday the 17th of March. It is a school day so the expectation is that all students, from year 4-12, will attend. Parents, please ensure your students take  a hat, water bottle and sunscreen.


Parents, when dropping your children at the front of the school in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon please ensure  they follow all road rules; it is a very busy period of the day and I want to ensure that all our students are safe at all times.


I am excited to announce a new mentoring program which will start within the coming weeks. This program will ensure that every senior student studying a unit 3 and 4 subject will have a mentor to support them throughout their studies this year. Parents will be informed via compass who their child’s mentor i.s The mentor will meet informally with their students regularly, checking they are up to date with work requirements, attending regularly and managing the workload involved in studying a year 12 subject. I believe this program will support our students to perform at their best.




Pat Mulcahy

College Principal

P-12 News

Financial Statements...

Financial statements have now been emailed to all the families.

Please check your emails.

If your email address has changed, please contact the college office.

Essential items and Excursion levies are due and were payable at the start of the College year.

Some families may wish to pay by instalments. This facility is made available by completing a “Payment

Plan” form available at the office.

For those who do not have email address, statements will be posted.

Payments can also be made through QKR app and Bpay.

Payments can be made at the general office at any time between 8:30am and 4:00pm.


College Year book 'Takari' 2017...

The Takari is a magazine highlighting the year at Carwatha College P-12 for 2017.

Every student is featured.

60 Pages of photos and reports including some of the following 2017 highlights:

  • Swimming Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Variety Night
  • Presentation ball
  • Primary PE
  • Primary Art
  • Primary STEM
  • Multicultural Day
  • VCAL
  • Valedictory Dinner
  • All class group photos
  • Each class/year level has their own page with photos from the year                     

Orders are due by end of term 1, 2017.

Magazines will be distributed in December, 2017.

You can order your copy using Qkr or see the main office.


Thank you...

A big thank you to Jackie, who has been helping out with accounts at Carwatha College this term.


PSW Uniform Shop... 

PSW is operating in the main staffroom on Thursday mornings before school from 8.15am to 9.00am.


Secondary News

SRC Leadership Profiles...

My name is Vy and this year I have been elected by my peers to represent them as an SRC member. I am also the SRC president for 2017. I am currently in Year 11, studying English, Maths Methods, Biology, Chemistry and LOTE. My eventual goal is to score a high ATAR score and get into Nursing at Monash University. I have been at Carwatha for 7 years and I believe Carwatha is a great school.  I enjoy coming to school every day and learning new things. Personally, I enjoy listening to music in different languages, such as K-pop, playing basketball and also hanging out with my friends. In the past, I have taken many leadership roles such as a House captain in grade 6, as an JSC representative in grade 3, an SRC represenatative in year 10 and this year. Taking on the role of the SRC president for 2017, I will try my best and will always be willing to help others, listen to everyone’s concerns, try to give everyone a student voice and organise fun events along with the SRC Team to support my fellow students.

Vy Than

SRC President


My name is Emilia Alvarez Chaves and I have been elected as the SRC President for 2017. I have been attending Carwatha College since year 7. This year I will be studying Literature,  Psychology, Visual Communication and Studio Arts. I aspire to continue my art subjects because I enjoy them the most and hope to become an architect one day. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, while also partaking in some of my hobbies, such as, drawing, dancing, drumming, and other performing arts activities. One of the most memorable moments I have had at Carwatha was being able to experience the pride of becoming the SRC President for the school. I wanted to become a leader because I wish to do more for the school in any way I can, especially because being in year 11, I am running out of years to do so. I saw SRC as a great opportunity to bring the best parts of myself forward for the betterment of the school. My message to the college community is not to expect anything, but to always strive for the best.

Emilia Alvarez Chaves

SRC President


My name is Adela Srebric and I have attended Carwatha College P-12 for 5 years now. The subjects I have taken up this year are English, Business Management, Further Maths, Psychology and Health and Human Development. I am a proud to be chosen as the College Council Representative this year.

I have chosen to be part of the SRC council because I am a shy person, and I want to improve my public speaking. I want to be remembered as a student who made a change and stood out in the crowd, even though I already stand out because of my height. I may come across as a very confident person, but I am not. I love making new friends and I love having people approach me with their opinions.

I have been involved in various leadership roles; such as the primary reading program where I read to and taught prep students how to read. I was also involved in the peer support program where I worked with a class of year 7 students and taught them how to resolve their issues, make friends, etc.

I am excited to see what this year will bring and I am certain I will enjoy working with the other SRC members.

Adela Srebric
College Council Representative


My name is Anoushka Sharma and I have been elected as the College Council Representative for 2017. I have been a part of Carwatha College P-12 since Year 7. This year I will be completing Year-11 and the subjects I have taken up are; English 1&2, Chemistry 3&4, Maths Methods 1&2  and Food Technology 1&2. I aim to continue my maths and science subjects throughout Year 12 and hopefully become a doctor one day. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, while taking part in hobbies such as baking, listening to music and working part- time. My most memorable moment at Carwatha College P-12 was receiving a leadership role in the SRC executive because this allows me to share the student voice in front of teachers and parents. In this role I excitedly look forward to working with the school community so I can improve and make this school even better than before!

Anoushka Sharma

College Council Representative

House Captain Profiles...

Hi, my name is Chelsie Collard. I am the Sport and Laver Captain for 2017.  I would describe myself as an approachable, enthusiastic and confident individual who is ready for new challenges, whatever they may be. This year as a leader, I intend to encourage and support my peers who do or do not involve themselves in sporting activities. I am working hard to make this year an enjoyable one for students by introducing new and exciting ideas to embrace the Carwatha sporting culture.

I have been at Carwatha College since Year 8 where my most memorable experience involves expanding my friendship groups throughout my time here and meeting new people from different backgrounds. In 2016 I completed two Year 12 subjects, which included Legal ¾ and Psychology ¾ whilst this year I will be completing four subjects, which are ¾ Literature, Health and Human Development, History Revolutions and Product and Design Technology. Following Year 12, I hope to go on to university to study Psychology taking my first steps towards my dream career. When I’m not at school or studying, I enjoy working and playing field hockey. My extra- curricular activities have allowed me to expand my leadership skills and express my enjoyment of being part of a team while embracing my competitive nature. I am very excited to have a leadership position this year and take advantage of all the opportunities offered to me whilst contributing and working closely with the whole school community as the year continues.

Chelsie Collard

Sports Captain & Laver House Captain


My name is William Nguyen and I am the Cuthbert House Captain for 2017. Last year I studied 3 VCE 3/4 subjects including Informatics, English and Vietnamese. This year I will be studying Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Physics as I am striving to become an Engineer.

I have begun my education at Carwatha College in Year 7, taking on the role of Form Captain for my class. This role exposed me to the responsibilities and skills needed to become a successful leader and gave me many opportunities to work alongside other leaders. In 2015, I was chosen as a Year 10 Leader for my year level and  currently, I am the College Council Representative. I feel very honoured to have served and continue to serve in these positions of responsibility where I continue to develop and build on my skills.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, playing sports and other outdoor activities such as jogging and bike riding. Other than that, I am also very interested in computers and technology.

A memorable moment from my time at Carwatha was when I was given the chance to work with the grade 1/2’s as part of a reading program in 2014. It was a wonderful experience to be able to interact with other members of the school community and support our younger students’ education. The group of children who I worked with were very eager to learn and had a great attitude so it was a very unforgettable experience.

It was very important for me to be part of the leadership team in my final year of school as I wanted to be more involved in the school community, being able to play an active role in many aspects of the College. Within this role, I am able to build my organisation and communication skills, as I focus on learning and developing the qualities of a leader. I would like to organise fun activities for our students such as lunch time games or other requested activities as well as being able to aid them with their studies.

If I can give advice to our younger students as they progress through their studies, I will recommend for them to put themselves out there by applying for leadership positions as well as take every opportunity to contribute by doing other extra-curricular activities such as SRC, volunteering and participating in music nights, productions and interschool sports. Students will find that they will benefit so much whilst contributing and interacting with so many different people having lots of fun.

William Nguyen

Cuthbert House Captain


Hi, my name is Prithviram, the captain of the house, Bradman, in 2017. I made my first appearance at Carwatha College in 2012, to commence my higher education with a lot of nerves. Time has flown quick and while it sometimes feels like my second day at school, I am standing perplexed as this year marks the last year of my schooling.

Through my journey, I have met with amazing people of vast diversities and made countless invaluable memories which I’m forever grateful for. There is no one memory that I value more than the others, as all of them are very close to my heart. However, breaking the memories down to moments can make way to some favourite moments. One of my favourite moments in my time at this school was winning an interschool sports game of soccer and brining victory back to our school.

Looking at my final year at Carwatha, I aim to complete the rest of my subjects successfully which consist are Chemistry, Physics, English and Specialist Mathematics. The V3 program was unbelievably beneficial to the students of this school as some students including myself completed two or three 3&4 subjects in Year 11. I myself successfully completed Mathematical Methods and Informatics in 2016.

In the future, I am looking forward to enter the engineering field but additionally have the line of medicine as a backup. Away from school, I am what you can expect of a normal teenager, always hungry and always sleepy.  My interest in cricket is unexplainable and I play for the North Dandenong CC. My divine interest in sports encouraged me to consider being the house captain in 2017.                     Co-incidentally, I am the house captain of a house named after a cricket player! I aim to lift my house to the next dimension, not only in terms of the ladder board, but to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for fellow Bradmans to participate, but most importantly to enjoy. Furthermore, I would like to encourage the students of Carwatha to energetically participate in house events as they provide a platform to make spectacular memories.  

Prithvi Prabhuram

Bradman House Captain


My name is Viktoria Karkatzoulis and I am honoured to say that I am the Fraser house captain of Carwatha College 2017. The V3 program has given me the opportunity to complete units 3/4 of English, Maths Further and Biology a year ahead. This year I will be studying Maths Methods, Psychology, Greek and Media. I am happy to say that the V3 program has given me a significant advantage in my VCE studies. 
I have been at Carwatha College since Year 7. My aspiration is to attend Monash University and undertake a Bachelor of Science degree to either become a criminologist or a biostatistician.  I wanted to be a leader as I want to participate in as many events as possible and make my last year of school the most enjoyable. I also want to be a good role model for the younger year levels and lead my house colour to success. 
I feel very privileged as I have made friends at Carwatha College, who I know, I will be friends with for a long time. My school has given me so many opportunities to learn, develop and excel and I feel a deep sense of pride to say that I'm a student at Carwatha. I begin my Year 12 journey feeling really excited and I cannot wait to get to know everyone in our school community.  I am a very bubbly, energetic, quirky, friendly and loud individual so if you ever see me around school just say Hi!

Viktoria Karkatzoulis

Fraser House Captain

Year 7 News...

Year 7 students participated in their very first Swimming Carnival at Carwatha College.  It was great to see so many of our year 7 students participating in the varied events.  A number of the year 7’s produced great times in the events.  Congratulations to all the students who put in their best efforts but also to all the year 7 students as a whole who encouraged and cheered one another on the day.


The Year 7 Welcome BBQ was a great success with a large number of parents attending.  It was an opportunity for parents to meet the teachers, be mesmerised  by  a musical performance given by 3 of our talented Year 11 students and  listen to our Year 12 college leaders talk about their experiences at Carwatha.  Our new parents also found out about the curriculum that is delivered at year 7 and enjoyed the BBQ which was cooked and hosted by a group of year 11 students.


Georgia Rentzis

Year 7 Coordinator


Year 7 Drama...

Year 7 Drama has got off to a great start this year. The students have been working on how they use movement in mime to tell stories. A group of boys in 7C performed a mime scene where they had to build a raft from different materials. It was very entertaining.  

All of this work is going to lead into learning about the Italian style of mime Commedia Dell’Arte during Term 2 and many more performances including some masks and a lot of comedy.

Kate Whitaker


Year 12 Food Technology...

Cooking is underway in Year 12 Food Tech with the class making flourless orange cakes this week.


Year 8 Science...

On Thursday March 9th, 9A students got their (very fashionable) safety gear on to investigate the pH of household acids and bases! They used universal indicator to find the pH of items such as vinegar, toothpaste and bleach. Students also learnt about the properties of acids and bases and the pH scale.

Mrs Crawford 

Science Teacher

V3 Year 11 Biology...

On Thursday March the 9th, V3 students in Yr 11 Biology set up an experiment to investigate how to bring celery ‘back to life’.

Theory regarding terms such as ‘xylem’, ‘stomata’ and ‘transpiration’ were essential to understanding this process.

Students will see if their Hypotheses made today were accurate on Wednesday next week, when they observe their results.

Mrs Crawford 

Science Teacher

Variety Night Sign Up...

Variety night will be held on Tuesday the 16th of May and we are looking for our performers for 2017.


This year the focus is on VARIETY.


Are you a budding comic?

Do you dance out of school?

Do you play an instrument?

Are you an actor with a solo or group with an act you could perform?

Could you do a martial arts display?

Or… can you do all of this at once??


Singing places will be limited this year, an audition process will be followed for all singers.

The sign up meeting will be held in the DTS at the beginning of lunchtime on Thursday the 23rd of March.

Students in V3 have the option of assisting with the technical side of the night, backstage help and lighting. If you are interested in this, please attend the meeting

Kate Whitaker

Year 8 French Excursion Reminder...

Our French film excursion is on Tuesday 21st March, which involves the entire year level, not just French students. Consent can be given on-line through compass or students can return their forms to the office, before the 16th March.


 Koreyna Friend

Primary News

From The Assistant Principal....

Book Packs and class materials

There are still a number of students who do not have all stationery items as listed in the book pack. The items are specifically selected for specific year levels so it is important that every student has the appropriate items. If you have not yet purchased a book pack, please do so as soon as possible as students need the materials in them. If you have any difficulties in purchasing the book pack, please do not hesitate to come and see me.


A reminder to all families; that it is a College expectation, and part of the uniform policy, that any runners worn to school must be black or white.   If you are having difficulty in sourcing appropriate runners, please see me and I will organise appropriate footwear.  The T-shirt with College logo is also the approved t-shirt for school. If you need to purchase one, the uniform shop is open each Thursday morning.

Junior School Council

Congratulations to the class representatives who received their badges at assembly last week. The students were excited at being selected and are looking forward to working with Mrs McAleer this year.


Sheila Horn

Assistant Principal


Student Of The Week...


Twilight Sports...

The Twilight Sports evening was a huge success!

Many families enjoyed the beautiful weather and delicious sausage sizzle.

Then the activities began, parents, children, grandparents and younger siblings all joined in.

It was wonderful to see older children helping the younger ones and everyone working together as a team to complete the activities.

A big thank you to Mark and Louise from Educational Sports Carnival who supplied the equipment and supported the children during the evening.

Thanks also to all the staff who attended and enjoyed the night with our wonderful Carwatha College families.

Thanks to all who participated!

Sonia McPhie


The PMP program has begun in Prep/1 M. The PMP program is a perceptual motor program designed to develop motor skills using a variety of fun activities.

The activities also develop space awareness, confidence and memory. I would like to thank the Year 10 students and Susan Hodgkinson for helping students during the activities and packing away the equipment at the end of the session.

The program has been  a huge success!

Sonia McPhie

Marine Ambassador Excursion – Run by the Dolphin Research Institute...

On the 2nd of March the four primary school captains, along with Mrs Elias, went to Ricketts Point. We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to become Marine Ambassadors for our school. Our role will be to inform the students at Carwatha College primary about the importance of caring for our marine environment.

Our day began with a walk to Silverton Primary School where we caught a bus with students from 4 other schools. When we arrived, we met the students from the other schools and travelled to Rickets Point. When we were there we were told that we would participate in three different activities. The activities were snorkelling, looking through seagrass and looking through rock pools.

Our favourite activity was snorkelling. The snorkelling was amazing and, for some of us, a little frightening to begin with but we soon saw the wonder of the underwater world. The opportunities we had while snorkelling were holding a sea urchin and an exoskeleton of a sea urchin and we saw other marine life too like a variety of fish and even a jelly-fish.

After snorkelling we looked through sea grass and found different sea creatures which we looked at under electronic microscopes. Finding the tiny sea creatures in the sea-grass was difficult but we did find a tiny anemone.

Later we met Christine who told us all about the inter-tidal zone, which included the rockpools. She instructed us about the area and told us what to lookout for. She told us about a sighting of blue ringed octopi and we all got so excited. In the rockpools we found starfish, fish, crabs and lots of seaweed but ... sadly no blue ringed octopi. We also saw a unique plant that absorbs salt. The plant had a red tip and when it was full of salt the tip dropped off the plant.

The day sadly came to an end and we had to return to school. We were all very tired by the end of the day but very privileged to have had this opportunity and we will never forget it.

We look forward to sharing more information about our day at the next Primary assembly.


Prerana, Georgia, Sandeep and Christian

Passions Club...

On Friday afternoons Primary students participate in an activity of their choice. They knit, do yoga, garden, play board games, create craft works- just to name a few of the activities. Students enjoy working with other like minded students from across all primary grades. They certainly have a lot of fun!


Primary Art News...

Grade Prep/1 M

Blotter Butterflies

Students used a painting technique – blotting – to fold paper over and create symmetrical paint blobs. The following week they practised their cutting skills and were amazed to open up their work to reveal beautiful butterflies! They used oil pastels to draw grass and flowers for their beautiful butterflies to fly around.


Christine McAleer

Primary Art Teacher

Primary Stem News...

In STEM last week Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students were challenged to make their names using different materials. It was great to see their creative problem solving when faced with making curved letters.

Remember to start collecting materials to bring along to help stock our STEM room with great making supplies!

Emma Braybon

Lunchtimes In The Library...

The Carwatha College P-12 Library is open at lunchtimes for students. Every day we offer the students cards, board games, jigsaws, study computers and, of course, great books. In addition on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, students in Grade 4 and above may play computer games. On Tuesday we run a craft group and on Thursday students may colour in and draw.

Parents are welcome to join our library too. We have a good range of older reading books.


Mrs Sal

Lunchtime Playground Fun...

What do we do at lunchtimes?

We took some photos showing what the fun Primary students have during lunchtime.

Some of the activites were...

  • Playing 4 square
  • Fun on the upstairs playground
  • Sand pit creations
  • Sitting at the lunch tables
  • Racing toy cars on the ramp
  • Reading
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Enjoying a quite spot
  • Hanging on the monkey bars
  • Swinging on the flying fox
  • Climbing the chain ladder
  • Soccer on the oval
  • Rolling in the grass

What ever they did - they had fun!

Donna Azzopardi

Variety Night Sign Up...

Variety night will be held on Tuesday the 16th of May and we are looking for our performers for 2017.


This year the focus is on VARIETY.


Are you a budding comic?

Do you dance out of school?

Do you play an instrument?

Are you an actor with a solo or group with an act you could perform?

Could you do a martial arts display?

Or… can you do all of this at once??


Singing places will be limited this year, an audition process will be followed for all singers.


Primary students in grade 5 and 6 have the opportunity to perform and will have a meeting with Miss. Zelazo to sign up on Wednesday 22nd March at start of lunchtime in P3-4.

Kate Whitaker

Parents & Friends News

New Addition,  Thanks To Fundraising...

Money raised from fundraising has paid for a new addition to the primary area.

Fun, colourful, new benches have been placed in the primary area for students to sit at and enjoy lunch or have a chat. The benches are a hit with students!


Easter Raffle...


Upcoming Events


Tues    14th         Greater Dandenong Swimming Carnival

Wed    15th          Year 7 Team Building Day

Fri        17th          College Athletics Carnival

Fri        17th          Primary Assembly Prep - year 3

Tues    21st          Year 8 French Film Excursion

Wed    22nd         Year 8 Interschool Sport

Fri        24th          Year 7 to 9 Lunchtime Activities

Tues    28th          Year 7 Interschool Sports

Tues    28th          Parent Teacher Conferences

Wed     29th         Southern Metro Swimming Carnival

Fri        31st           Year 7 to 9 Lunchtime Activities

Fri        31st           Term 1 Ends - 2.30pm


Tues    18th           Term 2 Begins 

Useful forms

Book List and Parent Payment Forms


Qkr: How To Form


International Student Homestay Program


Centrepay form


Canteen Price List


Uniform Price Lists


Anaphylaxis Management Plan


Asthma Management Plan


Primary Mobile Phone Agreement


College Photos 2017


Edrolo Information


Community News

Cat Show


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